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Full text of "Edwards' ... annual directory ... of Chicago"

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v. - f *??!> ' r x ." 








JjjT/ ^->V >^i> 

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. '. /' V%?W 











SIR: The fourteenth volume of the Chicago City Directory is re- 
spectfully dedicated to you as a token of the esteem in which you 
are held by your fellow -citizens, for many public services performed, 
during a long residence in a city which owes much of its prosperity 
and greatness to yourself and associates. 

Very respectfully, 







Strictly Pure White Lead 



Castor Oil and Acetic Acid. 




Though the CHICAGO CITY DIRECTORY, for 1871, is somewhat later in 
making its appearance than has been its wont under the management of the 
present publisher, it is presumed that it will be cordially welcomed by our 
professional and business men, and all due allowance made for the delay in 
publication, which has been entirely unavoidable, growing out of more than 
usual labor displayed upon its compilation, its mechanical execution, and the 
vast extent of territory over which canvassers had to travel in making the 
canvass. If, however, we compare the time in which the work for 1871 has 
been issued, with that consumed in the publication of the Directory for 1861, 
the delay will not appear so extraordinary. In the latter year over four months 
of time were occupied in the publication ; this year but three months have 
been consumed since the canvass was actually commenced, with more than 
double the labor and nearly three times the expense upon it than upon the 
volume for 1861, and yet the price remains the same, $5. 

The publisher takes the occasion this year to call the attention of busi- 
ness men of the city to the completeness and usefulness of the business classi- 
fication in this volume. Here they will find all trades, occupations, and pro- 
fessions represented. In none of the so-called small business directories pub- 
ished in this city can the same amount of information be gathered. In these 
works the information is but partial, confined chiefly to advertisers and the 
balance copied from the regular Directory. Unusual pains have every year 
been taken by the publisher with that portion of the Chicago Directory, he 
knowing its importance and usefulness to the people, and that no Directory 
would be complete or in the least degree valuable without it. Hence, as this 
is the only publication of the kind in Chicago complete within itself, all 
others are valueless and useless. 

The publisher congratulates the residents of the Garden City upon the 
increased amount of business in every department of trade, as is clearly 
exhibited by a comparison between the present and last year's issue of the 
Directory. A large increase of population unprecedented activity in build- 
inga system of public improvements, combining the ornamental with the 
useful the sanitary condition of the city all that is desirable, rendered so by' 
the complete purification of the river the activity of our business men, and 
the general air of prosperity in all our surroundings, surely should call from 
our people thanksgiving and praise to the Dispenser of all these gifts and 


Merchants' Insurance Co, 


fffictin MjOmnanji's Jnuiltling, ft|. |fj. or. of lajnlle # ifjasltmgton His. 
V <T 77 Y 'T "7 TT "7 



S. A. KENT, 




W. E. DO&GrETT, President, 

GEO. ARMOU5, Vice Pres't and Treas. 

WM. E. ROLLO, Secretary, 
JOHN NACJHTEiT, Ass't Secretary. 

Assets, Jan'y 1st, 1871, $878,252.25. 


Loans on Bond and Mortgage, (chiefly Chicago City property, duly recorded, and 
being first liens on the fee simple,) upon which not more than one year's inter- 
est is due... $310,300 00 

Value of the buildings conveyed by said Mortgages, (insured for 

$190 000 by Fire policies duly transferred to the Company $310.000 00 

Value of Lands conveyed by said mortgage, excluding buildings 700.000 00 

Total value of said mortgaged premises, including the buildings 

thereon $1,010,000 00 

Unincumbered Real Estate, (Company's Building) 250.00000 

Company's Building and Lot, Davenport, Iowa, (unincumbered) 13,000 00 

United States Government Bonds, 5-20s fil.216 50 

Loans secured by National Bank, and Chicago Dock Co. Stocks 28.500 00 

Bills Receivable ' 12.853 38 

Cash in Bank 30,286 00 

Cash in bands of Agents and in course of transmission 25,!>SO 00 

Bank Stocks, Iowa Bond -t, Evanston School Bonds, Ac 38,858 05 

Beloit and Madison, Galena and Chicago Union Rail Road Bonds 20,000 00 

Reclamations and Salvages 15,785 00 

City Collections, Fire and Marine Premiums 22,89440 

Rents due and accrued 6,590 50 

Office Furniture, including one Burglar-proof and three Fire-proof Sfee>, and 

Boston Office 7,44750 

Cash on hand 10,59874 

Schooner Melvina, Company's Interest 7,959 33 

Interest accrued 10,482 25 

Losses adjusted and due, NONE. Unadjusted Claims, $24,500. 

$878,252 25 










FOR 1871. 





National Bank 


*< */ ^f ' 


And all parts of the United States, 
Sold and Collections attended to 



President. Vice President 


Cashier. Asst. Cashier. 

Board of Directors : 

P. R. Westfall, Albert Keep, 

H. F. Eames, Alfred Cowles, 

H. Z. Culver, H. W. King, 

Bacon Wheeler, S. W. Rawson, 

Wm. H. Ferry, Henry H. Taylor, 

E. F. Pulsifer, IT. 0. Williams. 



Abbreviations 65 

Business Directory 977 

City and County liecord :... 33 

Dedication 19 

General Directory of Names 65 

Illustrated Title 17 

Index to Bn si nesa Headings 27 

Introductory 91 

Names too late for regular Insertion .1^. 32 

Street and Avenue Guide /*... 66 


Academies, Seminaries, etc.-: 48 

Banking Institutions; Express; Insurance; 
Railroad and Telegraph Companies ; News- 
papers and Publications and Transporta- 
tion Lines and Agencies (see Business 


Board of Aldermen ; 38 

Board of Health 34 

Board of Police 34 

Board of Public Works 34 

Board of Supervisors 37 

Board of TraUe 40 

Cemeteries^ 45 

Chamber of Commerce 40 

Chicago Exchange 40 

Churches 40 

City Boundaries 35 

City Government 33 

City Railways and Omnibuses 53 

Collectors 37 

Commissioners of Highways 37 

County Assessors 37 

County Constables 87 

County Organization 6 

C ustom House .yt 83 

Educational Institutions f... 46 

Fire Department .> 84 

Foreign Consuls in Chicago rcT/. 89 

Hack Ordinance yy* ....... 86 

Hospitals. Asylums, etc Jiff. 48 

Incorporated Companies (see General Direc- 
tory of Names) 

Justices of the Peace K 37 

Libraries, Reading Rooms, etc .v^. 48 

Miscellaneous Societies ff?. 53 

Missions A 41 

Police Department . 34 

Post Office Department ITT 39 

Public Halls, Blocks, etc ./? 64 

Schools, Independent 47 

Secret and Benevolent Societies 48 

The Courts 38 

Theatres 68 

Town Clerks 87 

U. 8. Offices in Chicago 38 


American Bridge Co. 

Inside front cover and page 992 

American Builder 897 

merican Wine Co 1077 

Amick Pleasant, real estate dlr. and loan agt.. 1116 

Andrews A. H. & Co. school furniture 1089 

Bassett Ira, piano tuner 1066 

Bauer J. & Co. musical instruments, 

Card front cover and 1118 

Beckert L. sign, banner, etc. painter 1057 

Berranser Charles, gold and silver plater 1020 

Bliss, Tillotson & Co. telegraph supplies 1102 

Bolter A. iron railings, etc 1037 

Boston Clothing House. 

Right hand side lines and front cover 
Bradstreet J. M. & Son, mercantile agency 1114 
Brazelton W. P. & Co. ice cream and soda 

water mnfrs 1031 

Brethaur C. W. silverware, etc 1120 

Brown Andrew, packer 1071 

Buschick A. F. pres. Chicago Steam Boiler 

Mnfe. Co Frontfly leaf E 

Butler 5. W. & Co. paper 1060 

Chad wick H. A. at. B. R. Phillips & Son .... 1095 

Chase L. C. & Co. tio&e clothing, etc. 

9 Opp. page 194 

Chicago, Alton and St. Louis R. R. 

Back fly leaves 
Chicago Billiard Table Mnfy. R. Kleemann & 

Co 985 

Chicago Evening Mail Back fly leaves 

Chicago Fire Ins. Co Left hand side lines 

Chicago Iron Works, Letz & Co. proprs 1067 

Chicago Scale Co 1117 

Chicago Steam Boiler Mnfg.Co. Front fly leaf E 

Chicago Tvpo Foundry 1014 

Chicago Wood Engraving Co. 

Left hand side linei 
Chicago and Michigan Lake Shore R. R. 

Back fly leaves 
Chicago and Northwestern Railway. 

Back fly leaves 
Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 

Left hand top corner cards 
Cleveland Paper Co. 

Right hand top corner cards 
Collier White Lead and Oil Co. 

Opp. Introductory 




Commercial Nat. Bank of Chicago, 

Opp. Index 
Cornell, Ward & Comings, Willcox & Gibbs' 

Sewing Machines 1093 

Covert D. 8. gen. agt. Diebold & Kienzle. 

Left hand bottom comer cards and 1097 

Dearborn Seminary Inset 

Dee W. M. sewer builder. 

Right hand top lines and 1091 
Dennison & Co. shipping tags. etc. 

Front fly leaf G and back bone 
Devine & Brother, bollermkrs. 

Opp. back paster 
Diebold & Kienzle, safes. 

Left hand bottom corner cards and 1097 

Douglas W. & B.pumpmnfrg 1071 

Drew& WadsVorth, spectacles 1094 

Dnn R. G. & Co. mercantile agency. 1115 

Engle WormMnfg. Co 285 

Elgin WatcHfes (National Watch Co.) 

Inset opp. 659 

Ely, Burnham A Bartlett, short hand repor- 
ters 1039 

Evening Mail>Company Back fly leaves 

Excelsior Tucjc Marker Co 1116 

Fairbanks, 'Greenleaf & Co. scales. 

Right haftd top corner cards, and card 
back bone 

Frisbie Mortimer L. haydlr 1029 

Garretson DJ?i stencils 1099 

German NaL^ank Back fly leaves 

Gilbert HntToard & Co. ship chandlers 451 

Gladding Charles, sewer builder. 

Card front cover 

Globe Ins. Co Card front cover 

Goit & Curtis* coal Card back cover 

Goldsmid A. &'(>. pawnbrokers 1062 

Greenebaum Henry & Co Back fly leaves 

Greenebaum <S',Foreman, bankers 30 

Griffith Robert, roofer 1078 

Hannis George W. fire apparatus. 

Back cover and 397 

Harris S. H. safes Left hand bottom lines 

Hartt H. <fe Co.' printing press machine shop. . . 1069 

Hatch, Holbro^j & Co. hardwood lumber 1028 

Haythorn Wm. steamboat supplies. 1097 

Holden Henry N. Hardwood lumber, 

Card back cover and 988 
Holmes, Pyott & Co., Washington Foundry 

and machineshop 1047 

Hornick, Kimball & Co. undertakers 1106 

Hoyne, Philip A., U. S. commissioner. 

Left hand top lines and 1003 

Hubbard Gilbert & Co. ship chandlers. 451 

Hull Morton, agt. Victor scales. 

Right hand bottom corner cards and 1090 

HuntW. F. rags and old metals 1072 

Illinois Iron Works, A. BotWSr, propr 1037 

Interior Bottom lines and back fly leaves 

Iron Mountain R. R. Back fly leaf 

Jacobs E. A. cords and tassels 1006 

Jordan C. H. undertaker.. :.f 1107 

Kavanagh, Merriman & Co.fgntstone, etc 1098 

Kellogg & Co. coal Card back cover 

Kerfoot Wm. D. real estate 81 

Kerr Wm. & Co. lime etc...; 1043 

Eieserling R. engraver, etc. , 

Bottom lines Business Dept. and 1013 
Kimball W. W. pianos, etc. 

Right Ifcd bottom lines 

King Simeon W. com. of deeas 1041 

Kleemann R. & Co. billiardtable mnfrs 985 

Laclede Hotel, J. W. Malin <fe Son, proprs 1119 

Laflin G. H. & L. paper 1059 

Letz & Co. Chicago Iron Works 1067 

Marder, Luse & Co. type founders 1014 

Marine Company, Bank Opp. Dedication 

Matteson House Front fly leaf E 

McDermott J. & Bro. painters 1116 

Mead & Coe. realestate Left hand top lines 
Meeker A. B. & Co. coal, pig iron, etc 1067 

Merchant & Holden. lime, etc 1043 

Merchants' Insurance Co Opp. Title Page 

Mississippi Central R. R Back fly leaves 

Mississippi & Tennessee R.R..Back fly leaves 

Mobile and Ohio R. R Back fly leaves 

Monticello Female Seminary 30 

Morgan M. H. music teacher 31 

Mosher C. D. photographer 31 

Murphy J. K. sec. Chicago Fire Ins. Co. 

Left hand side lines 
National Loan and Trust Co. 

Inside front and back covers 

National Watch Co Inset opp. 659 

Neely Albert E. & Co. salt, lime cement, etc. 

Front fly leaf F 

New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern R. R. 
Back fly leaves 
New Orleans, Mobile and Texas R. R. 

Back fly leaves 
Palmer, Fuller & Co. eash, doors and blinds. 699 

Peck & Miatt, patent attorneys 1061 

Peshtigo Company, lumber 983 

Phillips 8. R. & Son, H. A. Chadwick, agt. 

harness, saddlery, etc 1095 

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago R. R. 

Back fly leaves 

Phoenix Cord and Tassel Mnfy 1006 

Powell, Getchell & Co. roofers 1079 

Pricket & Drvsdale. Chicago Foundry 1048 

Reed's Temple of Music.... 1053 and 1065 

Rhodes & Bradley, coal and plgiron. 

Left hand bottom corner cards 

Rowe, Graves & Co. vinegar mnfrs 1108 

Sampson Wm. H. realestate 1075 

Sard Grange, merchant tailor, 

Card back cover 

Schrader Theodor, mnfg. jeweler 1038 

Sea & Bruner, real estate exchange. 

Back fly leaves 

Sharp & Thain, advertising agts 1113 

Shipherd Jacob R. & Co. bankers. 

Right hand top corner cards 

Smith James P. & Co. ice 1031 

SpoonerF. E. lime 1043 

St. Ignatius College Front fly leaves C and D 

Stonehouse & Flag's.', sign and banner painters. 1057 
Strong W. W. furniture, 

Opp. back paster, and card back cover 

Taylor J. M. & Co. lime 1043 

The American Bridge Co. 

Inside front cover and 999 

The American Builder 697 

The Chicago Evening Mail. ... Back fly leaves 
The Interior, 

Right hand bottom lines and back fly leaves 
The Iron Mountain Rail Road. .Back fly leaves 

The Peshtigo Company, lumber 983 

Ulrich Jacob, boxmnfr 990 

Victor scales. 

Right hand bottom corner cards and 1090 

Wadhams, Willard & Co. ice 1032 

Walker S. J. real estate Card back cover 

Washington Foundry and Machine Shop 1047 

Weigle Frederick, vinegar mnfr 1108 

Western Bank Note and Engraving Co. 

Inset opp. 658 
Wilder J. Davis, liquid elating, blackboards, 

etc Back fly leaves 

Willcox & Gibbs' sewing machines 1093 

Willoughby, Hill & Co. Boston Clothing 

Right hand side lines and card front cover 
Wilmarth H. M. & Bro. gas fixtures, 

Right hand bottom corner cards and 1019 
Wilmington Star Coal Co.. Left hand top lines 

Wollensak John F. locksmith 1067 

Wood Walter A. Mowing and Reaping Ma- 
chine Co 1052 

Wright James, undertaker 1105 

Zeese & Rand, electrotypers and stereotypers. 1014 
Zeller A. billiardtable mufr... 985 


Academies, etc., (See City and County Record.) 

Accountants, Professional 977 

Advertising Agencies 977 

Agents, Insurance, (See Ins. Agts.) 1082 

Agents, Real Estate, (See Real Estate Agts.).. 1073 

Agricultural Implements 977 

Amusements, Places of 978 

Architects and Superintendents 978 

Art Galleries 978 

Artificial Flowers 978 

Artificial Limbs 978 

Artificial Stone 978 

Artists 978 

Attorneys, (See Lawyers) 103S 

Auction and Commission 979 

Awning Manufacturers 979 

Bag Manufacturers, (See also Paper Bags) 979 & 1058 

Eateries 979 

Baking Powder 980 

Bands 980 

Banks, Bankers 980 

Barbers 981 

Basket Makers, (See Willow Ware, etc.) 1110 

Baths 98-2 

Bedding 982 

Bellows Manufacturers 982 

Belting, Rubber and Leather 982 

Bill Posters 982 

Billiard Halls 982 

Billiard Table Manufacturers 984 

Bird Fanciers 984 

Bitters Manufacturers 984 

Blacksmiths 984 

Boarding Houses 986 

Boiler Makers 98(5 

Bolt Makers 986 

BookBinders 987 

Booksellers and Stationers 987 

Boots and Shoes, M ntrs., Dealers, etc 987 to 989 

Bottlers 990 

Box Makers 990 

Brass Founders 9!K) 

Brewers 990 

Brick Makers nud Dealers 991 

Bridge Builders 991 

Brokers 991 

Broom Makers 991 

Brush Makers 991 

Builders 993 

Butter, Esrgs, etc 993 

Cabinet Makers 993 

Candy Makers, (See Confectioners) 1004 

Carpenters and Builders 993 

Carpet Weavers 994 

Carpets, etc 994 

Carriage Builders and Dealers 994 

Cast Steel Manufacturers 994 

Chain Manufacturers 994 

Chair Manufacturers 994 

Charcoal 964 

Chemists 995 

China, Glass and Queensware and Crockery and 

Glassware 995 & 1107 

Chocolate Manufacturers 996 

Cigar Mnkers, Dealers, etc 995 & 996 

Cistern Makers 997 

Civil Engineers 997 

Clothing Manufacturers, Dealers, etc 997 & 998 

Cloths, etc 998 

Coal Dealers 998 

Coffee and Spice Mills 999 

Collectors 999 

Commission Merchants 999 

Commissioners of Deeds 1002 

Confectionery Manufacturers, etc 1004 

Contractors 1005 

Conveyancers 1005 

Coopers 1005 

Cords and Tassels 1006 

Corset Makers 1006 


Costumers 1016 

Crockery and Glassware 1007 

Cutlery Manufacturers, etc 1007 

(See also Hardware and Cutlery) 1027 

Dancing Masters 1007 

Dental Depots 1007 

Dentists 1007 

Detective Agencies 1008 

Distil lors 1008 

Dock Companies 1008 

Dress Makers 1 008 

Druggists, Whol. Ret. etc 1009 

Dry Goods, Whol. Ret. etc 1010 



Earth Closets 1011 

Electrotypers 1012 

Elevators 101* 

Emigration Agencies 1012 

Employment Agencies > 1012 

Engravers 1012 

Express Companies. 1012 

Fancy Goods 1012 & 1015 

Farm Machinery 1015 

Fast Freight Lines 1015 

Feathers, Whol. and Ret 1015 

Fertilizers 1015 

Files, Manufacturers and Whol. Dealers 1015 

Fire Apparatus 1016 

Fire Brick 1016 

Fire Engines, Extinguishers, etc 1016 

Fire Works " 1016 

Fish, Whol 1016 

Flavoring Extracts 1016 

Florists 1016 

Flour Mills, Flour Dealers, etc .... 1016 

Foundries 1017 

Fruits, 1017 (See also Confectionery and Frnit).1004 

Furnaces 1017 

Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers 1018 

Furriers 1019 

Gas Companies 1019 

Gas Fixtures 1019 

Gas Fitters, (See Plumbers, Gas and Steam 

Pipe Fitters) 1068 

Gents' Furnishing Goooda 1020 

Glass Stainers 1020 

Glove Manufacturers 1020 

Glue Manufacturers 1030 

Gold Pen Manufacturers 1020 

Gold and Silver Platers 1020 

Grain Brokers, Dealers, etc 1021 

Grocers, Whol. Ret. etc 1021 & 1022 

Gunpowder, Gunsmiths, etc 1026 

Hair Dressers, etc 1026 

Hardware and Cutlery, Whol. Ret. etc 1027 

Harness Makers, (See Saddle and Harness Ma- 
kers) 1080 

Hats, Caps, etc., Mnfrs. Whol. and Ret. Deal- 
ers 1028 & 1029 

Hay Dealers 1029 

Hides, Pelts, Leather, etc 1029 

Hoisting Machines 1029 

Homoeopathic Pharmacies 1029 

Hop Dealers 1029 

Horse Collar Manufacturers 1030 

Horse Nails, Shoers, etc 1030 

Hosiery 1030 

Hotels 1030 

House Movers. 1031 

Ice Cream Manufacturers 1031 

Ice Dealers 1031 

Ink Manufacturers 1032 

Insurance Agents and Brokers 1032 & 1033 

Insurance Companies, Accident 1033 

Insurance Companies, Fire 1033 

Insurance Companies, Fire and Marine 1034 

Insurance Companies, Life 1035 

Insurance Companies, Marine 1036 

Insurance Companies, Plate Glass 1036 

Insurance Companies, Steam Boiler 1036 



Iron Merchants, Works, etc 1036 

Japamicrs 1036 

Jewelers, 1036 (See also Watchmakers and 

Jewelers) 1109 

Jewelry- Manufacturers 1038 

Junk Dealers 1038 

Justices 1038 

Lamp Manufacturers, Dealers, etc 1038 

Land Agents 1039 

Lard Oil 1039 

Last Manufacturers . 1039 

Laundries 1039 

Lawyers ;...1039 

Leather Dealers, 1042 (See also Tanners) 1102 

Lightning Rods 1043 

Lime Manufacturers and Dealers 1043 

Linseed Oil 1044 

Liquors, 1044 (See also Wines and Liquors) 1111 

Lithographers 1044 

Live Stock Commission 1044 

Livery, Boarding and Sale Stables 1044 

Loan Agents and Brokers 1045 

Locksmiths and Bellhangere 1045 

Lumbei, Commission, Dealers and Manufactur- 
ers 1045 & 1946 

Machinery Depots and Machinists 1047 

Malsters 1047 

Manufacturers Agents 1048 

Map Publishers and Colorers 1048 

Marble Workers and Dealers 1048 

Match Manufacturers 1048 

Meat Markets 1048 

Mercantile Agencies 1050 

Merchandise Brokers 1650 

Metals 1050 

Mill Furnishing 1050 

Millinery and Millinery Goods 1051 

Millinery and Straw Goods, Whol 1051 

Mineral Water 1052 

Model and Pattern Makers 1052 

Money Broken* 1052 

Mouldings find Frames 1052 

Mowers and Reapers 1052 

Music and Musical Instruments 1052 & 1053 

Necktie Manufacturers 1053 

News Depots 1053 

Newspapers and Publications 1053 

Notaries Public 1054 

Notions. Wbol 1055 

Oakum 1055 

Oculists and Aurists 1055 

Oil Manufacturers, Dealers, etc 1055 & 1056 

Opticians 1056 

Organs and Melodeons 1056 

Oyster Depots 1056 

Packers, Beef, Pork, etc 1056 

Paint Manufacturers 1056 

Painters 1056 to 1058 

Paints, Oils and Glass 1058 

Paper Bag Manufacturers 1058 

Paper Box Manufacturers 1058 

Paper Col lar Manufacturers 1058 

Paper Dealers 1058 

Paper Hangings 1061 

Paper Manufacturers 1061 

Paper Stock 1061 

Patent Medicines 1061 

Patent Solicitors 1081 

Pawn Brokers 1062 

Phonographers 1062 

Photographers 10b2 

Physicians 1063 

Piano Fortes 1065 

Pickle Manufacturers 1066 

Picture Frame Manufacturers 1066 

Pig Iron 1066 

Planing Mills 1066 

Plasterers, Ornamental 1066 

Plated Ware Manufacturers 1066 

Plumbers, Gas and Steam Pipe Fitters 1068 

Potteries 1068 

Poultry, etc 1068 

Powder, Whol 1068 

Printers, Book, Job, etc 1068 

Printing Presses, Ink, etc 1070 

Provision Brokers, Dealers, etc 1070 

Publishers 1070 

Pump Manufacturers and Dealers 1071 

Bag Dealers 1071 

Railroad Car Builders, etc 1072 

Railroad Companies and Offices 1072 

Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Dealers, etc. 

1073 to 1076 

Reporters, Short Hand 1076 

Restaurants 1076 

Rolling Mills 1077 

Roofers 1078 & 1079 

Rubber Goods 1078 

Saddle and Harness Makers 1080 

Safes. Manufacturers and Dealers ...1080 

Saloons 1080 

Salt Dealers 1088 

Sand Paper Manufacturers 10 

Sash. Doors and Blinds 1088 

Saw Makers and Dealers , 1088 

Scale Manufacturers and Dealers 1088 

Sculptors 1068 

School Furniture 1088 

Second Hand Stores 1088 

Seed Stores 1090 

Sewer Builders 1090 

Sewing Machine Companies, etc 1090 

Shingle Manufacturers 1092 

Ship Chandlers 1092 

ShipYards 1092 

Shirt Manufacturers 109 

Shot Manufacturers 1094 

Show Card Manufacturers 1094 

Show Case Manufacturers 1094 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers 1094 

Soda Water Manufacturers 1094 

Spring Beds 1094 

Stationers 108 

Steam Engine Builders lOti 

Steam Forges 1098 

Steam Warming Apparatus 1096 

Steamboat and Steamship Lines 1096 

Steam Fitters 1096 

(See also Plumbers, Gas and 

Steam Pipe Fitters) 1068 

Stencil Cutters, 1098 

Stone Yards 108 

Storage 10 

Stove Manufacturers : 1098 

Stoves and Hollow Ware 1698 

Sugar, Wholesale and Refiners 11C 

Surveyors 1100 

Tag Manufacturers 1100 

Tailors 1100 and 1101 

Tanners and Curriers 1102 

Teas 1103 

Telegraph Companies 1103 

Tin, Copper, etc. Workers 1103 

Tinners' Stock 1103 

Tobacco Mnfrs. and Dealers 1103 

Toys, Wholesale 1103 

Transportation Lines and Agencies 1103 

Trunk Manufacturers and Dealers 1104 

Truss Manufacturers 1104 

Tuck Markers 1104 

Type Founders 1106 

Umbrella Makers and Repairers 1106 

Undertakers 1106 

Upholsterers 1108 

Varnish Manu facturere 1108 

Vessel Agents 1108 

Veterinary Surgeons 1108 

Vinegar Manufacturers 1108 

Vise and Tool Manufacturers 1109 

Wagon Makers 1109 

Wall Paper and Window Shades 1109 

Washing Machines 1109 

W T atches and Jewelry, and Watchmakers and 

Jewelers 1109 

Whip Makers 1110 

White Lead Manufacturers 1110 

Willow Ware , 1110 

Window Shade Manufacturers 1111 

Wines and Liquors 1111 

Wire Workers. Dealers, etc 1112 

Wood Carvers 1112 

Wood Working Machinery 1112 

Wood and Coal 1112 

Wooden and Willowware 1113 

Wool Commission 1113 

Worsted Goods 1113 

Yeast Manufacturers 1113 

Zinc Manufacturers 1113 

325 & 327 Wabash Ave. and 35, 37, 39, 41 & 43 Congress St. 

I O jA* Gr O. 


Novelty Carriage Works 

Manufacturers of First-class Light Work for road and track 
use, of our own designs and styles, and warranted to be the best 
made in the United States. Also keep on hand Carriages of the 

Latest and Most Approved Styles 


J. B. BREVSTEE & CO,, 25th St., New York, 



Harvey & Wallace^ Buffalo, JY. 

And other First-Class Manufacturers. 

A full stock of First-Class Harness at reasonable prices. 

Female Seminary 

DAUGHTERS combining all the advantages of education phy 
sical, mental and moral, with healthfulness and security, would do 
well to inquire into the character and history of this institution. 

In grade and character, not a whit behind the very first schools on our 
Continent, it has steadily held on its way, ever since it was started, now for 
about a third of a century, generally full to its capacity, and often overflow- 
ing. About three thousand young ladies have been educated, wholly or in 
part, within its time-honored walls. Many of them have been, and are now 
occupying positions of influence and usefulness, and all seem proud of their 
Alma Matre. 

The institute is five miles from Alton, on the Chicago road; and for 
healthfulness, as well as for attractiveness and beautiful scenery, is unsurpassed 
by any locality in the country. The death of a pupil has never occurred in 
the Seminary. 

Catalogues, with terms and full particulars, will be sent on application to 
the Principal, Miss H. N. HASKELL, 

Or to the subscriber, 

A. W. COKEY, Agent, 

April 7, 1870. 


C* B. 




Editorial. The most beautiful Photographs within the scope of the 
most Skillful and accomplished Artist, are executed by Mr. Mosher. For 
life-like expression, for clearness of finish, and for general excellence they are 
not excelled in this or any other country. 



Greenetonm & Foreman, 


No. 42 Clark St., CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 


Do a General Banking Business and Invest Moneys in Real Estate Securities 

m. H. 

Teacher of t lie 


23 Washington st. CHICAGO. 


89 Washington St., CHICAGO. 

- o - 
Special Attention given to the INTERESTS OF NON-RESIDENTS. 

Property Sold, Rented, and Generally Rfauaged. 




t DAMS S. F. & CO. clothiers, 161 and 158 Clark 

Allen Moses M. builder, r. 1148 Michigan av. 
Armstrong George D. lawyer, 108 LaSalle, r. 526 
Wabash av. 

T>ARRET E. J. supt. The Union Lithographing 

JJ Co. 14 Clark 

Barton J. F. (Barton & Coombs), r. 573 Burnside 

Barton & Coombs, druggists, 1453 State 

Bean Edwin (Wilkinson, Sackett & Bean), r. 841 

Benham John & Co. mnfrs. cotton batting, 245 and 
247 Archer av. office, with C. H. Fargo & Co. 44 
and 46 Randolph 

Berger Fred, with Downer, Bemis Co. r. 249 Calu- 
met av. 

Bindig Catherine, wid. Henry, saloon, 266% Clark 

Bogart E. H. stock dlr. Stock Yards Exchange, r. 
64 Oakwood av. 

Bond F. M. (Kinne & Bond), r. St. Carolines Ct. 

BOWLES THOMAS G. newspaper advertis- 
ing agt. room 4, Tribune bldg.r.1354 Wabash av. 

Boyle C. C. (Charles Gossage & Co.), r. 182 S. 

Bracket! William, lawyer, 2^ Portland blk. r. Col- 
fax av. n. of Douglas pi. 

Brown J. R. (Richardson & Brown), r. 859 W. Lake 

Burrill C. W. druggist, 1158 State 

Bnshnell Asa S. (Warder, Mitchell & Co.), r. Spring- 
field, Ohio 

CAMPBELL GEORGE C. (Winston, Campbell & 

\j Wiilard), and sec. Decatnr & State Line Ry. r. 
1123 Indiana av. 

Cartel M. M. Mrs. supt. Woman's Suffrage Bureau, 
room 31, 145 Madison 

CASE S. S. &, CO. (S. S. and T. L. Case), cigar 
and leaf tobacco dealers, 149 S. Water 

Clarke Clinton C. (Waite & Clarke;, room 10, Port- 
land blk. 

Cook County National Bank, D. D. Spencer, pros. 
D. F. Cameron, cash. Dearborn, &w. cor. Monroe 

Coombs Henry M. (Barton & Coombs), r. 214 S. 

binders and blank book manufacturers, 164 
Clark, and 10 I and 106 Dearborn 

Cragin Bros. & Co. tinners stock, 139 Lake 

DALE GEORGE (Horton & Dale), r. 471 Went- 
worth av. 
DAMOIV O. B. physician and surgeon, office and 

res. 785 W. Madison, cor. Robey 
Davis Edwin R. Rev. r. 290 W. Washington 
DePalm J. H.(H. W. Quitzon Jt Co.), 16, P. 

O. blk. 

Dexter Hubert C. elk. Horton & Dale, r. 1295 State 
Dickinson G. D. com. mer. 1638. Water, r. 45 Van 



LY D. J. & Co. coffee dlrs. 20 S. Water 

T7ORSYTH ROBERT, eupt. U. S. Foremanizing 
i ' Co. r. 71 26th 
Fulton H. P. law clerk, r. 151 S. Halsted 

ri LOVER O. R. treas. Decatur & State Line Ry. 
\J Co. r. 1115 Indiana av. 

Gray E. B. books, 81 and 83 Lake, r. 8 Langley 
Grous L. & Co. bittersmnfrs. 11 LaSalle 

TJ ALL CHARLES T. salesman, Smith, Mason & 
11 Co. 33 S. Water 
Hobart H. R. managing editor, Evening Mail, bds. 

Briggs House 
Hoover E. W. printer, Jameson & Morse, r. 390 


Hotchkiss Mary H. wid. Henry, r. 462 W. Randolph 
Hunneman James C. r. 1143 Michigan av. 

TNNESS A. G. (Inness Bros. & Co.), r. 195 Indiana 

Inness Bros. A Co. (A. G. and William Inness), 
hats, caps, furs and straw goods, 85 Michigan 

Inness William (Inness Bros. & Co.), r. 195 Indi- 

TTAEFERM. brushmnfr. 184 Lake 


Kuight George C. realestate, 95 Washington, r. 187 
S. Ashland av. 

Knight Hale, agt. Dlinois Soap Stone Co. 222 Wash- 

"1 CcKENTY H. realestate, room 1, 192 Clark 

McVickar J. L. lumber, 20 S. Canal, r. 229 W. 

Michaelis Richard, editor, Die Frie Presse, r. 481 N. 

Miller, Smith & Co. metallic boot heel mnfrs. 122 
and 124 Clark 

Mills L. L. & W. N. wool and domestic woolens, 66 

Mills M. E. Mrs. dressmkr. 145 22d 

Mizner Thomas W. lawyer, 2 Major blk. r. 365 Wa- 
bash av. 

VTOYES HORATIO, 140 LaSalle, r. 947 
_L\ Indiana av. 

OSGOOD & COLOUHOUN, proprs. Union 
House, Canal, cor. Madison 

T)LUMMER W. L. solicitor, J. M. Bradstreet & 


Plummer E. H. solicitor, J. M. Bradstreet & Son, r. 
Highland Park 

REID J. A. physician, room 5, 114 Madison, r. 489 

Richardson <6 Brown, coal, 94 N. Sangamon 
Rommel 'Frederick (Schreider & Rommel), r. 95 
and 97 S. Canal 

QjCHREIDER & ROMMEL, proprs. Arctic House, 
O 95 and 97 Canal 

Schwarzbach B. B. physician, r. 86 Randolph 
Slocum Jonathan A. teacher, r. 299 W. Lake 

mRIMBLE D. B. physician, 156 N. Clark 

WILMARTH THOMAS W. (H. M. Wilmarth * 
liro ), T. 760 Wabash ay. 

Rffp^rffim^y Pg jjJBP . V ft f ^?]iPr^ 



After a very successful experience of fifteen years, in the building erect- 
ed for its special use, at 81 & 83 Wabash Ave., it has become necessary 
(on account of the encroachments of business), to remove the Seminary to a 
more favorable localitv, and, fortunately, there has been secured for it the 
elegant and capacious residence of C. FOI.LANSBEE, 

-OT. Walbasl Ave, aM Tweiity^Seecmcl Street, 

Standing in the midst of ample grounds, filled with trees and shrubbery; 
with lines of omnibuses and street cars passing directly by its doors: it 
presents one of the most pleasant, convenient and accessible places to be 
found in the city, for a first-class school. Here the next year of the school 
will open on September 18, 187 1. 

The School is divided into Three Departments : 





$108 Per Year, or $36 Per Term 
$90 " $30 " 

$60 " $20 " 


French and German, each 
Drawing and Painting, 
Music, from 

$24 Per Year 
$36 " 
$25 to $40 Per Quarter 

Pupils coming from the North or West Side will be furnished with 
South Side Stage or Car Tickets without charge. 

A few boarding pupils will be received into the family of the Prin- 

The Department of Music will be under the direction of Mr. Robert 

For catalogues apply to 




HON. R. B. MASON, Mayor, 

C. T. HOTCHKISS, City Clerk.. . . 
GEORGE TAYLOR, Comptroller,. 
DAVID A. GAGE, Treasurer, 

City Officers. 

City Clerk G. T. Hotchkiss, office, No. 10, Court 

Comptroller George Taylor, office, No. 6, Court 

Treasurer David A. Gage, office, No. 9, Court 

Counsel to the Corporation til. Tooley, office. No. 
11, Court House. 

City Attorney I. M. Stiles, office, No. 11, Court 

Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Grosvenor, office, 
No. 11. Court House. 

City Collector Vim. J. Onahan, office, west wing 
Court House. 

Police Justices A.. A. Banyon and John Summer- 
field, xMty Armory, Franklin, corner Adams ; 
Charles E. Moore. West Side Police Court ; Green- 
ville J. Dresser, North Side Police Court. 

Clerk of the Police Court Canute R. Matson ; dep. 
uty for the West Division. Adam L. Amberg ; dep- 
uty for North Division, Martin Scully. 

Bmlewell Keener George B. Mansur, Sth'av. corner 

Superintendent of Public Schools J. R. Pickard, 
room 1, Commercial Building. 

School Agents C. C. Chase, office No. 2, Court 

Inspector of Fish .John C. Winkelman. 

Staler of Weights and Measures Patrick Raffeity 

City Printers Republican Company, No. 93 Wash 
irrgton, and Steals Zeitnng, 104 Madison. 

Police Constables William Yelvertson, North Divis- 
ion; John Tunison, South Division; Benjamins. 
Norton, West Division. 

Commissioner C. N. Holden. 

Assessors W. B. H. Gray, South Division ; Lu. H. 
Drury, West Division ; Chas. Dennehy, North Di- 
vision ; Jag. N. Clark, Ass't. Ass'r. West Division. 

City G-uager Aug. Bournique., 

Wood Inspector M.. Hallinun. 

Inspector of Steam Boiler* James B. Kimball. 

Oil Inspector David Wylie. 

CUy Physician H. S. Hahn. 

CUy Timekeeper Giles Bros. 

Office, No. 8, Court House. 

Office, No. 10, Court House. 

Office, No. 6. Court House. 

Office, No. 7, Court House, 

Board of Aldermen. 

1st Ward John J. Knickerbocker and Richard So- 

2d Ward Arthur Dixon and Joseph E. Otis. 

3d Ward J. A. Montgomery and David Coey. 

4th Ward J. H. McAvoy ai'd Harvey M. Thomp- 

5th Ward Peter Daggy and G. S. Whitaker. 

6th Ward William Tracey and Michael Smitz. 

7th Ward P. J. Hickey and William Batterman. 

8th Ward W. S. Powell and M. B. Bailey. 

9th Ward George Powell and W. B. Bateham. 
10th Ward C. C. P. Holden and Thomas Wilce. 
llth Ward James Walsh and H. Glade. 
12th Ward Samuel McCotter and Henry Witbeck 
13th Ward J. L. Campbell and S. S. Gardner. 
14th Ward B. G. Gill and P. B. Sheil. 
1 5th Ward John Buehler and J. J. McGrath. 
16th Ward-K. G. Schmidt and James D. Tyler. 
17th Ward Theodore Schintz and Louis Schaffner. 
18th Ward Thomas Carney and John McCaffrey. 
19th Ward James McCauley and Wm. M. Clarke. 
20th Ward M. A. Devine and G. A. Busse. 

Standing Committees. 

Finance Wilce, Otis, Beuhler. Devine and Somers. 

Eailroads Walsh, Somers, W. B. Powell, Tyler 
and McAvoy. 

Judiciary Schintz, Daggy, Campbell,Montgomery 
and Witbeck. 

Fire antl Water McGrath, Devine, Schmitz, Bate- 
ham and McCaffrey. 

Schools McCotter,McAvoy, Busse, Walsh and Dag- 

Streets and Alleys, South Division Tmccy, Daggy, 
Thompson, Coey, Otis and Knickerbocker. 

Streets and Alleys, North Division Schmidt, 
Schaffner, McCaffrey, Clarke and Devine. 

Streets untl, Alley*, West Division Bailey, Gill, 
Buehler, Witbeck, Geo. Powell, Hickey. Glade, 
Wilce and Campbell 

Wharves and Public Grounds Whitaker, Bate- 
ham, Witbeck, Schaffner and McGrath. 

Wharfing Privileges Gill, Tracy, Carney, Bailey 
and Dixon. 



ireets; John Bans, M. Bischoff, sergeants; 30 
atrolmen. Webster av. Sub-station, sergeant, 
[acauley ; 19 patrolmen. 

Local Assessments Dixon, W.S. Powell, McCauley, 

Gill and Montgomery. 
Bridewell Somers McCotter, Schint/, Thompson, 

and Bailey. 
Police McAvoy, McCanley, Glade, Whitaker and 

and Geo. Powell. 
Licences-~ Tyler, Thompson, flickey, McGrath and 

Gait LigM-~Gdo. Powell, Knickerbocker, Carney, 

Sheil and Schsffner. 
Harbors and Bridges Basse, Bateham, Gardner, 

Schmitz and Carnery. 
Printing Montgomery, Schmidt, Batterman,Dixon 

and Buehler. 
Jfa/*efe-Batterman,McCaffrey,Shell, Knickerbocker 

and Gardner. 
Public Buildings Gardner, Schmitz, Coey, Schintz 

and McCotter. 
County Relations Clarke, Sheil, Batterman Glade 

and Coey. 

Board of Public Works. 

Office, westwingof City Hall. 

Commissioners -K. Pnndiville, W. H. Carter, J. 
McArthur, president ; W. H. Carter, treasurer, F. 
H. Bailey, secretary of the board. 

City Engineer E. 8. Chesbrough. 

Assistant Engineer Water and Sewerage W. H. 

Engineer Pumping Department D. C. Cregier. 

Superintendent Streets and Bridges J. K. Thomp- 

Assistant Engineer Streets and Bridges A. M. 

Special Assessor F. H. Bailey. 

Board of Health. 

Office, 44Jand 45 Court House, R. B. Mason, presi- 
dent. ; Dr. John H. Haueh. sanitary superintend- 
ent; Jacob W. Russell, secretary; Dr. A. J. John- 
son, Dr. Geo. Schleetzer, Samuel Hoard, A. B. 
Reynolds, Geo. Von Hollen, commissioners, 
Board of Health ; H. P. Wright, clerk ; G. H. 
Germain, health Jofficer; I. RosentliraL, clerk. 

Board of Police. 

Office, basement, west wing of Court House. 

Commissioners Thos. B. Brown, West Division ; 
Mark Sheridan, South Division; Fred Gund, 
North Division ; fire department, Thos B. Brown, 
president ; E. P. Ward, secretary ; W. W. Kenne- 
dy, superintendent ; Wells Sherman, deputy su- 
perintendent; W. H. Carman, custodian stolen 
property; Thos. A. Moore, sergeant detective; 
John B. Paine, clerk, police department. 

Police Court, 

Is held in the First precinct police station, corner 
Adams and Franklin streets. Time of session, 
daily at 8 a. m. and 2 p.m., John Summerfield and 
A. H. Banyon, justices. Second precinct, police 
station, Madison and Union, Chas. E. Moore, jus- 
tice. Aleo in the Third precinct at the Huron 
street station, between Clark and Dearborn, G. J. 
Dresser, justice. 

Stations and Precincts. 

Central Station, basement, west wing Court House. 
First precinct station. Armory b'dg. Franklin, 
corner Adams street. M. C. Hickey, captain; Wm. 
Buckley, Louis J. Lull, sergeants; 70 patrolmen, 
sub-station, First precinct, Twenty-second street, 

cor. Archeravenue; Thomas Clayton, Mergen- 

thaler, sergeants; 24 patrolmen. Sub-station, 
First precinct. Cottage Grove avenue, between 
25th and 26th ; Thos. Barrett, sergeant ; 23 patrol- 
men. South Branch Sub station, sergeant Ed.W. 
Wood; 16 patrolmen. Second precinct station, 
corner Union and Madison streets ; George Miller, 
captain; Jonas W. Johnson, Chas. H. French; 
56 patrolmen Sub-station, second pricinct, cor- 
ner West Lake and Paulina streets ; W. M. Dong- 
las, sergeant ; 21 patrolmen. Sub-station, Second 
precinct, corner Twelfth and Johnson street- ; 
N. A. Briscoe and Simon O'Donnell, sergeants; 
26 patrolmen. Sub-station, Second precinct, Chi- 
cago avenue, near Milwaukee avenue : Chas. Ber- 
dell, sergeant ; 20 patrolmen. North Branch Sub- 
station, sergeant Jos. Garrity; 10 patrolmen. Third 
precinct station, Huron, between Clark and Dear- 
born streets ; Thos. D. Fox, captain ; Chas. Rehne 
and A. W. Hathaway, sergeants ; 48 patrolmen. 
Sub-station, corner North avenue ana Larrabee 

st. _ _ - 

patrolmen. Webster a 

Macauley; 19 patrolmen 


Robert A. Williams, chief flre marshal, office, room 
3, City Hall, John Schank. first assistant marshal ; 
Lorens Walter, second assistant marshal ; Mathias 
Benner, third assistant marshal ; Hiram Amick, 
clerk : Gnstavus Haenisch, fire warden. North 
Division ; Benjamin F. McCartv, flre warden. 
South Division ; Wiliiaai Homer, fire warden, West 
Division ; number of steamers, 17 ; hose carts, 23; 
hook and ladder trucks. 7 ; men, 194 ; horses, 91. 

IVame and Location of Apparatus. 

Long John No. 1, A. McMonagle. foreman. No. 121 
LaSalle street ; Wanbansia No. 2, Nicholas Du- 
bach, foreman, Sanger, near McGregor street; 
Wm. James No. 3, John McLean, foreman, 235 W. 
Chicago avenue ; Jacob Rehm No. 4, JohnRhein- 
wald, foreman, corner of Larrabee street and 
North avenue ; Chicago No. 5, Christian Schimals, 
foreman, 31 Blue Island avenue ; Little Grant No. 
6, William Musham, foreman, 147 Maxwell street; 
Liberty, No. 7, Levi A. Forester, engineer, used 
as a relief engine ; Economy No. 8, Thomas Barry, 
foreman, 284 Twenty. second street ; Frank Sher- 
man No. 9, J. A. Kiuney, foreman, 173 Cottage 
Grove avenue ; J. B. Rice No. 10. James J. Walsn, 
foreman. 338 State street ; A. C. Coventry No. 11, 
L. J. Walsh, foreman. 225 Michigan street; T. B. 
Brown No. 12, F. W. Taplin, foreman, 611 W. 
Lake street ; A. D. Titsworth No. 13, M. W. Shay, 
foreman, 97 Dearborn street ; Frederick Gund No. 
14. D. J. Swenie, foreman, 36 Chicago avenue ; 
Illinois No. 15. William Mullin, foreman, corner 
Twenty-second and May streets; Winnebago No. 
16, John Dreher. foreman, corner Thirty-first and 
Burnside street ; R. A Williams No. 17, C. T. 
Brown, foreman, No. 80 W. Lake street; Pioneer 
Hook and Ladder No. 1, George Ernst, foreman, 
121 LaSalle street ; Protection Hook and Ladder 
No. 2. James J. Grant, foreman. 194 S. Clinton 
street ; Rescue Hook and Ladder No. 3, John H. 
Green, foreman, 38 Chicago avenue ; Hook and 
Ladder No. 4, F. T. Swenie, foreman, Sanger, near 
McGregor ; Tempest Hose No. 1, Leo Meyers, fore- 
man, 49 W. Washington street ; America Hose No. 
2, John Dorsey, foreman, 31 Blue Island avenue ; 
J. A. Huck Hose No. 3, Mathew Schuh, foreman, 
180 N. Dearborn street ; Lincoln Hose No. 4, John 
C. Schmidt, foreman 454 Webster avenue ; Hose 
Elevator No. 2. James Enright, foreman, corner 
Franklin and Washington streets. 

Flre Alarm and Police Telegraph. 

Room 43 City Hall. E. B. Chandler, superintendent, 
J. P. Barrett, chief operator, G. E. Fuller and fJ. 
Frank Stevens, operators, John Kennedy, F. W. 
Gund. Wm. J. Brown, repairers. Dennis Deeneen, 
Mat Shafer, bell ringers. 

Bell strikes as follows : If the alarm comes from 
box 5, they strike 5 5 ; if from 25, they will strike 
a , a -5 ; if from 125, they will strike 185, 
1 3 5, etc. The stations are located as fol- 
lows : 


2. State and S. Water streets." 

3. Clark and S. Water streets. 

4. Fifta avenue and S. Water street. 

5. Lake street and Michigan avenue. 

6. Tremont House, Dearborn and Lake streets. 

7. Lake and Market streets. 

8. A. D. Titsworth, Engine House. Dearborn st. 

9. Long John Engine House, LaSalle street. * 
10. Randolph street and Fifth avenue. 

12. Madison street and Wabash avenue. 

13. Madison and Market streets. 

14. Adams and State streets. 

15. Adams and Clark streets. 

16. Adams and Pranklin streets, (Police Station.) 

17. Van Buren street and Wabash avenue. 

18. Van Buren and Griswold streets. 

19. Van Buren and Market streets. 

21. J. B. Rice Engine House, State street. 

23. Clark and Harrison streets. 

24. Polk street and Fifth avenue. 

25. Peck Court and Wabash avenue. 









Taylor and State streets. 
Twelfth street and Michigan avenue. 
Twelfth and Clark streets. 
Fourteenth and State Streets. 
Indiana avenue, near III. C. R. R. roundhouse. 
Haven School, WaUash avenue. 
Clark and Sixteenth streets. 
Eighteenth street and Indiana avenue. 
Eighteenth and 'State streets. 
Eighteenth and Arnold streets. 
Twentieth and Grove streets. 
Clark street and Archer avenue. 
State and Twenty-second avenue. 
Archer avenue and Twenty- second street. 
Cottage Grove avenue and Twenty-second street. 
Michigan avenne and Twenty fourth street. 
Prairie avenue and Twenty-fifth street. 
F.C.Sherman Engine House, Cottage Grove 


Archer avenue and Grove street. 
Archer avenue and Halsted street. 
Archer avenue and Main street. 
Archer avenue and Deering street. 
Michigan avenue and Twenty-sixth street. 
State and Twenty-eighth streets. 
Indiana avenue and Twenty-ninth street. 
Kaukakee avenue and Twenty ninth street. 
State and Thirty-first streets. 
Indiana avenue and Thirty -first street. 
Cottage Grove aveaue and Thirty first street. 
Cottage Grove avenue and Douglas place. 
Calumet avenue and Twenty-third street. 
Lake avenne and Pier street. 
Wentworth avenne and Twenty-sixth street. 
Wentrvvort-h avenue and Twenty-ninth street. 
Wabansia Engine House, Sauger street. 
Archer avenue and Broad street. 


213. Rolling Mills. 

214. Bloommgdale nnd Elston rds. 

215. Noble street, and North avenue. 
216., Noble and Bradley streets. 

.217. Noble (street and Milwaukee avenne. 

218. Milwaukee avenue and Cornell street. 

219. South end of North Halsted street bridge. 
231. Chicago avenue and Reuben street, 

.232. Chicago avenue and Noble street. 

234. Wm. James Engine House. Chicago avenne. 

.235. 'C. & N. W. R. W. machine shops. 

230. Milwaukee avenue and West Erie street. 

237. West Erie and Desplaines streets. 

238. West Indiana street and Milwaukee avenne. 

241. West Indiana and North Carpenter streets. 

242. West Indiana and Noble streets. 

2-13 West Indiana and North Paulina streets. 

245. Hubbard and Robey streets. 

246. Carroll and Wood streets. 

247. Carrell and Morgan streets. 

248. Kinzie and Rucker streets. 

251. Kinzie street and Milwaukee avenne. 

252. Kinzie and West Water streets. 

253. Randolph street bridge. 

254. T. B. Brown engine house, Lake street, near 


250. Fulton and Halsted streets. 
257. Lake and Elizabeth streets. 

261. Liberty Engine House, Lake street, near 


262. Lake and Lincoln streets. 

263. Lake and Leavitt streets. 

264. West Division Railway barn, city limits. 
205. Madison and Leavitt streets. 

267. Madison and Robey streets. 

271. Madi-on and Woods streets. 

272. Madison street and Southwestern plank road. 

273. Madison and Ada streets. 

274. Randolph and North Carpenter streets. 

275. Randolph and Halsted streets. 

276. Tempest Hose House, Clinton and Washington 


278. Canal and West Madison streets. 

279. Halsted and W. Madison streets. 

281. Aberdeen and W. Madison streets. 

282. W. Jackson and Loomis streets. 

283. W. Harrison and May streets. 

284. W. Adams street and Centre avenue. 

285. Cuicago Engine House, Clinton and Jackson 


286. W. Jackson and Halsted streets 

287. W. Van Buren and Canal streets. 
289. W. Van Buren and Morgan streets. 
291, W. Harrison and Jefferson streets. 

292. American Hose House, Blue Island avenue. 

293. W. Polk and Canal streets. 

294. W. Polk and Morgan streets. 

295. W. Taylor and Desplaines streets. 

296. W. Twelfth and Canal streets. 

297. W. Twelfth street and Blue Island avenue. 

298. Little Giant Engine House, Maxwell street. 
312. Jackson street and Seeley avenne. 

314. Jackson aud Houore streets. 

317. Mitchell street and Blue Island avenue. 

319. Twelfth and Johnson streets (police station.) 

321. Hals'.ed and Maxwell streets. 

323. Wright and Jefferson streets. 

324. Wright and Morgan streets. 

325. Canal and Sixteenth streets. 

326. Sixteenth and Union streets. 

327. Eighteenth and Lumber streets. 

341. Jefferson street and Canalport avenue. 

342. Halsted street and Canalport avenne. 

343. Lumber and Twenty-second streets. 

851. Lumber and Halsted streets. 

852. May and Twenty-second streets. 

121. Corklin's coal office. 472 N. Water street. 

123. Kingsbury and Indiana streets. 

124. Kingsbury and Erie streetc. 

125. N. Market and, Kinzie streets. 

126. N. LaSalle and Kinzie streets. 
12?. North Market Hall. 

128. A. C. Coventry Engine House, Michigan street, 

131. Michigan and Pine streets. 

132. N. Wells and Indiana street. 

134. N. Market and Ontario streets. 

135. N. Clark and Ontario streets. 

136. Ontario and Rush streets. 

137. Fred. Gund Engine House. N. Dearborn'street. 

138. Chicago avenue and Bremer street. 

139. Water Works. 

141. Chicago avecue and N. Wells street, 

142. Chicago avenue nnd N. Clark street, 

143. Chicago avenue and Green Bsiy street. 
145. Larrabee and North Brunch streets. 
14(5. N. Market and Whiiina- streets. 

147. O;,k and N. Wells streets. 

148. Buck Hose House. Oak. audN. State streets. 

151. Oak and Bremer streets. 

152. Clybourn avenue and Division street. 

153. N. Wells and Division streets. 

154. N. Clark and Division Greets. 

156 Clybonrn avenue and Larrabee street. 

157. N. State and Grand Haven streets. 

158. Sedgwick and Schiller streets. 

161. N. Wells and Schiller streets. 

162. North avenue and Sedgwick street. 

163. Jacob Rehm Engine House, Larrabee street. 

164. N. Clark and Schiller streets. 

165. N. Clark street and North avenue. 
167. Peun and Division streets. 

171. N. Wells and Eugenie streets. 
J72. Mohawk and Menomonee streets. 

173. Larrabee and Centre streets. 

174. Lincoln avenue and Centre streets. 

175. HurJbut stieet and Asylum place. 

181. Clybonrn avenue nnd Blackhsiwk street. 

182. Halsted street and North avenue. 

183. Newberry School. Burling and Willow streets. 
Location of some of the boxes will be altered and 

30 additional ones added m August. 


City Boundaries. 

The corporate limits and jurisdiction of the city 
embrace and include all of township thirty-cine 
north, range fourteen east of the third principal 
meridian, and all of sections thirty-one, thirty- 
two, thirty-three and the fractional section thirty- 
four in township forty north, range fourteen rai-t 
of the third principal meridian, that part of sec- 
tion thirty, township forty north of range fourteen 
east of the third principal meridian, which lie 
west of the north oranch of the Chicago nver ; 
sections one, two, eleveu, twelve, thirteen, four- 
teen, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five and 
tw_euty-six in township thirty-nine north, range 
thirteen east of the third principal meridian ; and 
that part of sections thirty-five and thirty-t-ix in 
township thirty-nine north, range thirteen ca>t of 
the third principal meridian lying northwest of 
the center of the Illinois and Michigan canal, to- 
gether with so much of the waters and bed of Lake 


Michigan as lies within one mile of the shore 
thereof and east of the territory aforesaid. 

North Division All that portion of the territory 
aforesaid lying north of the center of the main 
Chicago river and east of the center of the north 
branch of said river. 

South Division All that portion of the aforesaid 
territory lying south of the center of the main 
Chicago river ana south and east of the center of j 
the south branch of said river, and of the Illinois 
and Michigan canal. 

West Division All that portion of the aforesaid 
territory lying west of the center of the north and 
south branches of said river, and of the Illinois 
and Michigan canal. The limits of this Division 
have been extended two miles beyond Western 

Ward Boundaries. 

First Ward All that part of the South Division 
which lies south of the centre of the main Chica- 
go river and north of the centre of Monroe. 

Second Ward All that part of the Souih Division 
which lies south of the centre of Monroe and 
north of the centre of Harrison. 

Third Ward All that part of the South Division 
wnich lies south of the centre of Harrison and 
north of the center of Ifith. 

Fourth Ward All that part of the South Division 
which lies south of the centre 16th, and east of 
the centre of Clark and north of the centre of 

Fifth Ward All that part of the South Division 
which lies south of the centre of 26th, and east of 
the centre of Clark and a line corresponding to the 
centre of the last named street, projected south- 
erly to the city limits 

Sixth Ward All that part of the South Division 
which lies south of the centre of 16th and west 
of the cectre of Clark and north of Egan ay. 

Seventh Ward All that part of the Wet Division 
which lies south f the centre of 16th west to the 
city limits, and east to the Chicago river, con- 
tinued to the south Branch of the Chicago 

Eighth Ward -All that part of the West Division 
which lies south of the centre of 12th and west 
of the Chicago river ana north of the centre of 

Ninth Ward All that part of the West Division 
which lies south of the centre of Van Buren west 
of the centre of Chicago river and north of the 
centre of 12th, and east of the centre of Loomis. 

Tenth Ward All that part ot the West Division 
which lies south of the centre of Kandolph, east 
of the centre of Curtis and Aberbeen ,and north 
of the centre of Van Buren. 

Eleventh Ward All that part of the West Division 
which lies south of the centre of 4th, east of the 
center of Curtis and north of the centre of Ran- 

Twelfth Ward All that part of the West Division 
which lies south of the centre of 4th, east of Ash- 
land av. west of Loomis, Aberdeen and Curtis, 
and north of 12th. 

Thirteenth Ward- All that part of the West Divis- 
ion beuyeen Lake and 12th, and Ashland av. and 
city limits. 

Fourteenth Ward All that part of the West Divis- 
ion between Lake and Chicago av. and Ashland 
av. and city limits 

Fifteenth Ward All that part of the West Divis- 
ion which lies between Chicago river and western 
limit?, :md Chicago av. and 4th and north limits. 

Sixteenth Ward All that part of the North Division 
which lies north of the centre of North av., con- 
tinued to Lake Michigan and to the north 
branch of the Chicago river, and south of the city 

Seventeenth Ward All that part of the North Di- 
vision which lies north of the centre of Division, 
and south of the centre of North av. 

Eighteenth Ward All that part of the North Divis- 
ion which lies south of the centre of Division, 
west of the centre of North Franklin, east ol the 

centre of north branch of the Chicago river, and 
north of the centre of the main river. 

Nineteenth Ward All that part of the North Divis- 
ion which lies north of the centre of Chicago av. 
south of the centre of Division, west of the lake, 
and ciist of the centre of N. Franklin. 

Twentieth Ward All that part of the North Divis- 
ion which lies between Chicago ay. and the main 
river, N. Franklin and the lake. 


The price to be charged by the owner or owners, 
or drivers of any hackney coach, carriage, or vehi- 
cle for the conveyance of passengers, except om- 
nibnsges, for hire within the city of Chicago shall 
be as follows, to be regnlated and estimated by 
the distance on the most direct routes namely : 

For conveying each passenger f:oss one railroad 
depot to another railroad depot, fifty cents. 

For conveying each passenger not exceeding one 
mile, fifty cents. 

For conveying a passenger any distance over one 
mile and less than two miles, one dolJar. 

For conveying each additional passenger of the same 
family or party, fifty cents. 

For conveying a passenger in said city any distance 
exceeding two miles, one dollar and fifty cents. 

For each additional passenger of the same family or 
party, fifty cents. 

For conveying children between five and fourteen 
years of age. half the above rates may be charged 
for like distances, but for children under five years 
of age no charge shall be made. Provided, that 
the distance from any railroad depot, steamboat 
lauding or hotel, to any other railroad, steamboat 
landing or hotel, shall in all cases IK estimated as 
not exceeding one mile. 

For the use by the day of any hackney coach or 
other vehicle drawn by two horses or other ani- 
mals, with one or more passengers, eight dollars 
per day. 

For the use of any such carriage or vehicle by the 
hour, with one or more passengers, with the 
privilege of going from place to place, and stop- 
ping as often as may be required, as follows : For 
the first hour, two dollars, for each additional hour 
or part of an hours, one dollar. 

For conveying one or more passengers to or from 
any place in said city, between the hours of twelve 
o'clock midnight, and seven a.m.. for each trip 
without regard to distance or number of passen- 
gers, two dollars. , 

For the use of any cab or other vehicle drawn by one 
horse or other animal, by the hour, with the privi- 
lege of going from place to place, with one or more 
passengers, and stopping when required : For the 
first hour, one dollar, for each additional hour, or 
part of an hour, fifty cents. 

For the use of any such carriage, by the day, four 

Every passenger shall be allowed to have conveyed 
upon such vehicle, without chaige, his ordinary 
traveling baggage, not exceeding in any case one 
trunk and twenty-five pounds of other baggage. 
For every additional package, where the whole 
weight of baggage is over one hundred pounds, if 
conveyed to any place within the city limits, the 
owner or driver shall be permitted to charge fif- 
teen cents. 


County Officers. 

County Judge M. R. M. Wallace ; Augustus H. 
Banyon, Associate Justice ; court room, No. 18 
Court House. 

Clerk County Court John Q. Gindele ; oflBce, No. 
17 Court House. 

Deputies George W. Wheeler, chief clerk ; Joseph 
Pollack, Edward P. Nilesand Andrew Gross. 

Deputy Sheriffs attending County Court Homer B. 
Gnlp'in and Seth F. Hanchett. 

Public Administrator Julius Rosenthal ; office, No. 
38 and 40 LaSalle 

County Treasurer H. S. Rexford ; office, No. 15 
Court House. 

County School Commissioner Albert G. Lane ; of- 
fice, 172 Washington 

State's Attorney Charles H. Reed, office. No. 12 
Court House. 

County Surveyor Alexander Wolcott ; office, No. 
13 Court House. 

Sheriff Timothy M. Bradley ; office, north base- 
ment, Court House. 

Deputies O. G. Thompson, Charles G. Ayars, Ho- 
mer B. Galpin and W. H. H. Thomas. 

Coroner John Stevens, oflice, north basement 
Court House. 



Bailiffs Superior Court W. H. Longley, E. H. Long- 
ley, W H. H. Thomas, Alexander Whyte, Au- 
gust Loverenz, Thomas Brown, Abner Sutton and 
H. Osterman. 

iJailfTs'Circuit Court C. A. Farnsworth, John Paul, 
S. E. Bradley, G. B. Dunbnr, H. H. Bbaranbetff, 
H. Deal, George Cooper. George Taylor. A. H. 
Robinson, W. A. Reed, James Nolan, ft. N. Day. 

Turnkey County Jail Conrad Folz. 

Night Watchman Louis Pflugradt, Court House. 

IJoa.ra of Supervisors. 

Edward Albert, 17th Ward; Peter Almeudinger, 19th 
Ward; J. T. Bluthardt. West Chicago; Henry 
Boeeenberg, Leyden ; P. Bohlander. Proviso ; 
Jas. H.Bowen, IstWard; Christ. Busse, Elk Grove; 
Robert Clark. North Chicago, D. W. (Mark, Jr. 
lOtu Ward; Robert R. Clark, Lake View; John 
Conley, Palos; G. H. Casxey, Bloom; D. H.Dan- 
olds, 2d ward; W. H. Dixon,14th Ward; Geo. Da- 
pont, 3d Ward ; F. A. Kmmens, 4th Ward ; Wui. 
Freise Schaumburg; H. Gade, llth Ward ; Eli A. 
Gage, Evanston'; John L. Gerber. Lake ; Wm. P. 
Gray, Jefferson ; John Griffin. 7th Ward : Theo. 
Guenther, Worth ; Henry Hams, Niles; Jacob 
Harth.aoth Ward; A. Haskamp, New Trier; C. He- 
per, 12th Ward; Charles Holland, 5th Ward; J. 
Humphrey, Orland; S. Kehoe, Lemont; S. W. 
King, South Chicago ; Wm. Knit, Bremen ; J. 
Lynch, 8th Ward ; Fred. Mahlman, Maine ; P. 
Mahr, 16th Ward; John McCaffery, Cicero; T. 
O'Connell. ith Ward; Charles Ohlendorf, Rich; 
J. H. Pahlman, Palatine; F. A. Pierce, Ass. W. 
Chicago; J. J. Kossell, Northfleld ; Benjamin San- 
ders, Calumet; Philip Schwab Tho'rnton; C. 
Sclralte, 15th Ward; Win. Schween, Hanover; 
T. E. Stacy,Ass. S. Chicago; Johnathan H. Steph- 
ens, fithWard; Fred Tesch, Wheeling; Alfred 
Ward. Lyons ; Wm. G. Watterman, Barrington ; 
H. Wendt, Ass. N. Chicago; Daniel Wortbing- 
ton, 13th Ward; John Wrenn, 18th Ward ; E. L. 
Wright, Riverside; Geo. W. Waite, <Ch'man), 
Hyde Park. 

County Assessors. 

Albert Patch, North Chicago; Wm. H. Heafford' 
West Chicago; F. Jnliue and C. A. Rodbertias; 
Soutb. Chicago; J. W. Kingsley, Barrington; 
Christian Andre?, Bremen; Caleb Sweet, Bloom ' 
Christian Becker, jr., Calumet; John Crawford' 
Cicero; Simon V. Kline, Bvanston; Herman 
Heimsooth, Elk Grove, George Struckman. Han- 
over; Josepo H. Gray; Hyde Park; F. D. Waeff, 
Jeflersoa; William Draper. Leyden; John Gan- 
non, Lemont ; Martin Van Allen, Lake View ; 
Reiuard Nanzig, New Trier; William Rohr, 
Niles; JohnStryker, Northfield; Chas. E. Hall- 
stine, Orlaud; John H. Aliard. Palatine ; Joseph 
Schlund, Proviso; Henry Kruse, Rich; Joseph 
Ditta, Riverside; John Bothertnan, Schaumburg; 

C. L- Vanstunberg, Thornton. 

Finance, E. A. Gage. W. G. Waterman, J. McCaf- 

fery. D. Worrhington, Jamus H. Bowen, Henry 

Harms, F. A. Piurce. 
Poor House and Paupers, Chas. Holland, Jno. Con 

ley. Jon. Humphrey, Wm. Kott, Wm. P. Gray, 

Robert Clark. D. W. Clark, jr. 
Public Buildings, J. H. Pahlman, Benj. Sanders, 

T. J. Bluthardt, D. H. Danolds, Henry Wendt, 

D. Worthington, W. H. Dixon. 

Education. Robert Clark, Alfred Ward, C. Holland, 

W. G. Waterman, J. L. Gerber. 
Judiciary, Simeon W. Kiuir, Benjamin Sanders, 

Robert R. Clark, Peter Mahr, Timothy O'Conneli. 
Equalization of Taxes. James H. Boweu, Christ. 

Busse, Elson T. Wright, John J. Russell, Stephen 

Kehoe, John Wrenn. Jmnes Lynch. 
Jail and Jail Accounts. Fred Tcscn, J. B. Slephens, 

Henry Bonsenberg, T. E. (Stacy. Peter Almen- 

dinger, Jacob Harth, Henry Gage. 
Roadsjand Bridges, John McCafiey, Philip Schwab, 

Chas. Ohlendorf, Frederick Mahlman, Anton Has- 
kamp. Ph. Bohlander. John J. Russell. 
Miscellaneous Claims, Henry Harms, Ph.Bohlander, 

Wm. Sehween. Edward Albert, D. W. Clark, jr. 
Hospital, F. A. Emmons, Wm. Freise. Theo. Guen- 

ther, Jno. Griffin, ElsonT. Wright, Charles Heper, 

Christian Seliultz. 
Town and Town Accounts, John Wrenn. Christian 

Schultz, Chas. Heper, Henry Harms, W. H. Dixon. 
City Relations, George Dupont, Henry Gade, Jacob 

Harth, F- A. Pierce, Theo. Guenther. 

Licenses, Ph. Bohlander. Wm. Freise, Wm. 
Schween, James Lynch, Geo. H. Caskey. 
Justices of the Peace. 

Chicago, Calvin DeWolf. Sauford C. Hinsdale, J. 
Charles Haines, Noel B. Boyden and Charles B. 
Daggett. South Division; John Van Wout, Henry 
S. Austin, David Walsh, Daniel Scully and A. D. 
Sturtevant, West Division ; Robert C. Hammill, 
Owen Dougherty, Peter L. Hawkinson, Henry A. 
Kauf'manu and Francis Rolle, North Division; 
S. Bremen. Justus Weber and Benjamin Cool ; 
Barrington, Jerome W. Kingsley and Hotner Will 
raarth; Bloom. Charles Weiderhole and Charles 
Holbrook ; Calumet, Charles Ellfeldt and Henry 
Welp; Ciscero, David Marshall, Alfred Randall 
and Henry Soflell ; Elk Grove, Henry Senne ; 
Evanston, Enoch G. Hooke, John R. Hickox and 
James Curry; Hyde Park, Ashael Otis. Guy C. 
Sampson, James Bennett and Gerrit D. Young ; 
Hanover, David Longley and George Struckman ; 
Jefferson, Daniel Boo'th and Ly man A. Budloug; 
Lemont, John Flynn and Joshua Hallack : Lyons, 
Leland Moody and William M. Jones ; Leyden, 
Wm. Draper and Benjamin L. Hopkins : Lake 
View, Jacob Schiessswohl and Edward Foster ; 
Lake, George Bentley, True Woodbury and Isaac 
Drake; Maine, Henry C. Senne and Daniel T. 
Wood; New Trier, Michael Gormley and John 
Schuldgen ; Niles. Henry Lesetr and Henry Har. 
rer; Northfield, John W. Hoffman and Joseph C. 
Adams; Orland. Henry Laun and James M. Par- 
sons; Proviso, Charles L. Thompson and Robert 
B. Barney: Palos, John Sullivan; Palatine, Gran- 
ville Peck and Henry Schirding; Rich, Jonathan 
Marsh and Wm. Jahn ; Schaumburg, John Fasse ; 
Thornton, Lott Chapman and John Ecker : Wheel- 
ing, William Wallace and John D. Beach ; Worth, 
T. W. Lackore and Chas. J. Pochmau; Riverside, 
Samuel R. Cole and Constantins G. Case. 

Town Clerks. 

West Chicago, E. D. Swan; South Chicago, Samuel 
Davenport; Barrington, James Stott; Bremen. 
John F, Cague; Bloom, Win. J. McEidonney; 
Calumet, Hart Massey ; Cicero, Geo. A. Philbrick ; 
Evanston, E. A. Clifford; Elk Grove. Elbert B. 
Wheeler; Hanover, Peter Shurp: Hyde Park, 
Richard S. Thompson; Jefferson, Geo. L. Gray; 
Leyden, Henry Dierking;. Lemont. John H. Te- 
dens; Lake View, Jos. A. Cohhuer: New Trier, 
Bernard Nanzig; Niles, Medart M. Loehner; 
Northfleld, Fred'k A. Bernhardt; Orland, Fergus 
Dickson; Palatine, F. J. Filbert; Proviso, Henry 
Volberding; Rich, Frederick Miller; Riverside, 
J.jH. Best. jr. ; Scbaumberg, Frlederick Kastning ; 
Thornton, Jas. G. Forbes. 

Commissioners of High-ways. 

Barrington, Wm, B. Freeman; Bremen, Henry 
Koehler; Bloom, Wm. J. Sloan: Calumet, Philip 
Zorn; Evanston, Alonzo Burroughs; Elk Grove, 
Henry Fromling; Hanover, Henry Ackman; Jef- 
ferson, P. S. Peterson; Leyden, Wm. Kolze: Le- 
mont, Wm. Shay: Lake View. Michael Weber; 
Lyons, Henry Fremansdorf; New Trier, John 
Schilgen; Niles, Fritz Segelken; Northfiiild, 
Henry Dihne: Orland. Dedrick Dickmnn: Pala- 
tine, Lyman Staples ; Proviso. W. T. Nichols : Rich, 
Henry Werner; Riverside, Jarvis M. Fox, Louis 
Y. Schermerhorn and Alfred Edgerton; Thornton, 
Nelson Seymour. 


North Chicago, Peter Hand : West Chicago, Domi- 
nick Kleutsch; South Chicago, Henry Spears: 
Barrington, Wm. D. Church; Bremen. Curistoph 
Schmidt; Bloom, John Miller: "Calumet, Christian 
Kreuger, jr.; Cicero, John M. Rice; Eranrton, 
John Fnssey: Elk Grove. Henry Brenscher: Ilnn- 
over, Charles Shnltre; Hyde Park, James- H Ely; 
Jefferson, N. A. Kimberg: Leyden. Henry Kolze: 
Lemont. Matthew Warner; Lake View, Jeremiah 
Waldron: New Trier, John Schafer; Niles. G. J. 
Eckhoff : Northfield. Adolph Butzon : Orland. Hen- 
ry Kisch; Palatine. Win. Daniels; Proviso. Ch;ir!ex 
Schreiber: Rich. Geo. PlumLoff; Riverside, The- 
odore G. Kumnon; Schaumburg, Louis Menke; 
Thornton, Henry Gunther. 

County Constables. 

Barrington, Geo. W. Jillson and Fred. Winekie: 
Bremen. Henry Von Berg and Edward Steh". ; 
Bloom, Caspar Hergis and Charles Millar; Cain. 


met. Herman Siemen and Thomas Downey : Cice- 
ro, Patrick Whalen and John W. Laimbeer: Ev- 
anston, Henry Oakes, E. W. Lamed and Wm. B. 
Iluntoon ; Elk Grove, Henry Breuscher; Hanover, 
Henry Schween: Hyde Park. Patrick F. Ryan, 
John Fogarty and Cornelius Kuiper; Jefferson, 

Swietzer and Thomas Fruston; Leyden, 

John Draper: Leraont. William Smith and Garret 
Flaven; Lake. James McEllisrirt, Thomas Clurry 
mid John G. Kelley: Lake View. Wm. S. Ten 
Broeck and Louis L. Forrest: Lyons, Fred. Wil- 
low ana Jacob Strou: New Trier, Mathias Peya 
and Thomas Bohnen : Nile*. AdamHoth and Wm. 
Luptin; Xorthfietd. Thomas Frake and George 
Koookenmtns; Orland. r. Eirkhurdt andT. Beng- 
ley: Palatine, A. Kret't; Proviso, Gustavo Schrieber 
andHenryZimmermann; Rich.Wm Hahne; River- 
side, Wm. Harris and Geo. Nigg: Thornton, Fred. 
Propper and A. Zwynenberg:' Wheeling. James 
C. Peters; West Chicago. Joel Lull. Wm. B. 
Hayes, Henry Bake, L. H. Herbst and M. C. Sla- 
vin; South Chicago, L. Snmmerfield, G. G. Chil- 
cote. Geo. A. Hartman, Saville Stott and Joseph 


The Supreme Court is held in the City of Wash- 
ington, D. C.. and has one session annually, com- 
mencing on the first Monday in December. Salmon 
P. Chase, of Ohio, chief justice : Joseph P. Brad- 
ley, of New Jersey. Samuel Nelson, of New York. 
William Strong, of Pennsylvania, Nathan Clifford, 
of Maine. Noah H. Swayne, of Ohio. Samuel H. 
Miller, of Iowa, David Davis, of Illinois, and 
Stephen J. Field, of California, associate justices; 
T. C. Ackennan. attorney general. 

CIRCUIT COURTS The United Status are divided 
into nine Judicial Circuits, in each of which a Cir- 
cuit Court is held twir.e every year, for each State 
within the Circuit, by a justice of the Supreme 
court, assigned a circuit, or by the Circuit Judge 
and by the District Judge of the State or Dis- 
trict in which the Court sits. The State of Illi- 
nois is attached to the Seventh Judicial Court, 
which comprises the States of Indiana, Illinois 
and Wisconsin. 

ILLINOIS. Hon. David Davis, associate justice 
ot the Supreme Court of the United States and 
presiding -judge of the Seventh Judicial cir- 
cuit, Hon. Thomas Drnmmond. circuit judge, for 
Seventh Judical Circuit, Hon. Henry W. Blodgett, 
judge of District Court, United States, Northern 
District, Illinois: William H. Bradley, clerk of 
Circuit and District Courts: B. H. Campbell, mar- 
shall: Augustus B. Cotes, S. H. Tourtellotte and 
Augustus B. Campbell, dep. marshals: W. O. 
Glover, attorney : L. H. Boutell, assistant attorney, 
office. Custom House ; J. Tilden Moulton and 
Henry W. Bishop, masters in chancery 
lor Circuit Court; P. A. Hoyne, O. K. A. Hutch- 
inson, Lawrence Prondfoot jr.. H. C. Hosnr-re, 
Simeon W. King, D. Goodwin, jr.. J. T. Moulton, 
E. A. Drummond and Robert Rae, commissioners. 
Terms of the Circuit and District Courts First 
Mondays in March, May, July. October, and third 
Monday of December. Special Admiralty term- 
First Monday in eaeh month. Rule day in chan- 
cery First Monday in every month. Return days 
of marine process in Admiralty in District Court 
First Monday in each month. 

can be holden by any U. S. Commissioner; Philip 
A. Hoyue, commfssioncr, Robert Rae, O. K. A. 
Hutchinson, H. C. Hosmer, D. Goodwin, jr., L. 
Pnmdl'oot, jr, Simeon W. King, commissioners. 
Office. Custom House. 

ILLINOIS Holds its sessions at Springfield on 
the first Mondays in January and June. Hon. Sam- 
uel H. Treat, judge: John A. Jones, clerk of 
Circuit Court, Geo. P. Boweu, clerk of District 

holds three regular sessions, as follows: In North- 
ern Grand Division, on the second Tuesday in 
September at Ottawa; Central Grand Division on 
the second Tuesday after first Monday in January 
at Springfield, and in Southern, Grand Bivision^on 

the first Tuesday in June, at Mount Vernon, 111. 
Court consists of seven judges, four constituting 
a quorum. Hon. Charles B. Lawrence, Galesbnrg, 
111, Chief Justice. Pinkney H. Walker, Rnehville, 
111., Sidney Breeze. Carlisle. 111., John M. Scott, 
Bloomington, 111., Wm. K, McAllister, Chicago, 
Anthony Thornton, Shelbyville, Benjamin R. 
Sheldon. Galena. Reporter.Norman L. Freeman, 
Springfield; clerks. for Northern Grand District. 
Woodbury. M. Taylor, Ottawa: Central Grand. 
District, Wm. A. Turney, Springfield, and South- 
ern Grand District, Robert A. D. Wilbanks, Mount 

A. Jameson, c-hief jiistice ; Joseph E- Gary and 
William A. Porter, judges: Augustus Jacobson, 
clerk: John H. Batten and A. F. Stevenson, de- 
puty clerks. Ira Scott, .<W Clark and Benjamin L. 
Magrnder. 100 Washington, masters in chancery. 
Term*: First Monday in each month. Place of 
holding court, rooms 47, 54 and 55. Court House. 

bracing the counties of Cook and Lake. Trial 
terms in Cook county, twelve, commencing on 
third Monday of each nd every month. Place 
of holding court. Court House, Chicago, firas- 
tus 8. Williams, judge : W. W. Farwell, John G. 
Rogers, H. D. Booth, associate jnslges, one va- 
cancy; John WoodbriiJge, jr. master in chancery; 
Charles H. Reed, state-attorney; Norman T. Gas- 
seite-. clerk. Terms rn Lake eonnty, first Mondays 
in February. June and September : held at Wau- 
kegan; Erastns S. Williams; judge; F. E. Clark, 
master in chancery ; C. H. Reed 1 , state attorney; 
Josiah M. Truesdell, clerk. 

County Comrt. 

Terms, first Monday in each month. Place of hold- 
ing court. rooBD, 3 Ccnrt House. Chicago; 
M. R. M. Wallace, judge; J. G. Gindele, clerk. 

Criminal Court of Cook ("oriuJy. 

Teems, first Monday of every month. Place of hold- 
ing court, 2d floor, room 35, Court House, Chica- 
go: presided over alternately by the judges of the- 
Superior and Circuit Court: Charles H. Reed, 
state attorney; Daniel O'Hara, clerk. This court 
has concurrent jurisdiction respectively, -with the 
Circuit Cottrt and Superior Court in all civil cases, 
and 1 all criminal cases, in th cky only, except 
murder and treason. 


Custom House. 

James E. McLean, collector: James Avars jr., gen>- 
eral deputy collector; J. S. Reynolds night dep- 
uty; O. E. Adams, entrance and clearance depu- 
ty; G. E. Barden. cashier: John Hill, entry clerk 
and deputy; G-. H. Stone, auditor; W. I* Stafford,, 
deputy collector; Cbnrles H. Ham, appraiser: E. 
P. Harris, bookkeeper: W J. Wallis, F.C. Greene, 
Wm. Herro and William Jewell, clerks; T. H. 
Keefe, special inspector: J. A. Fitch and JohnC. 
Harrington, chief inspectors; C. A. Baldwin,?. H. 
Sloan, Charles Woolett, C. B. Throop. James 
Quirk. J. B. Nordharn. Geo. Wolfe. F. W. Test, 
J. M. Hendrick*. H. B. Hart. W. P. Witherow, 
Benjamin R. McPherson. Erastus W. Pratt, E- 
Engelsted, J.F. WaHerhouse, JohnDfcLandburgh 
and' A. Philleo. inspectors: A. W. Street, tore- 
keeper. Sargent's bonded warehouse; Benjamin 
N. Reid, storekeeper, Allcrton's bonded ware- 
house ; Frederick Behlendorfft storekeeper. Hub- 
bard's bonded warehouse : Frank Gilbert, store- 
keeper, Meeker's bonded warehouse: Charles 
Kressman, storekeeper. Platt, Thorn & Co's.hoad- 
ed warehouse: John Launon, fireman; Mark C. 
Wuir, laborer; Wra. D. Berry, porter; Thomas 
Soars, night watchman. 

U. S. Depository. 

James E. McLeans depository ; H. H. Nasb.' cashier; 
John L. Carter, bookkeeper; J. M. Vernon, W.. 
Brewster. Charles Crawford, T. W. Hamill, clerks; 
Wm. Harris, night watch. 

Steamboat Inspection Office. 

Office, room 9, 144 Madison street; John P.. Fafrar 
and John B. Werner,, inspectore. 



United States Commissioners. 

P. A. Hoyne and 8. W. King, commissioners; A.T. 
Sherman, notary public. 

U. S. Internal Kevenwe Department. 

Herman Raster, collector; I. A. Irvine, deputy col- 
lector; F. H. Battershnll, cashier, Wai. Minty, 
Otto E. Schadt, A. W. Wilson, Frederick Kaiser. 
Herman Becker, clerks; M. B. Beecher. J. F. 
Hoyt, M. V. Hall, P. Anderson. B. Miller, R. Ken- 
nicot, A. Mailer. B. M. Callender, D. H. Gile, C. 
H. L. Ahrens. A. G. Hiuckley, gungers; L. H. 
Swan. Louis Ebersold, Washington Warren, Louis 
Berger, C. A. Vergho, H. P. Whitney, George D. 
PheTp-i. Robert E. Keichner, Theodore Jancovius, 
Paul Vonkaas, Cragin P. Jencks, Charles W. 
Poole, Charles Mapph, John Rhodes, storekeep- 

PARTMENT Offices, 8, Stand 10 Lombard Block, 
J. D. Webster, assessor; C. L. Root, chief clerk; 
A. W. Willmorth, clerk; C. W. Davis, special as 
sistant, assessor. First Division, from the Lake to 
State street, river, south to city limits. H. A. 
Plimpton, assistant assessor. Second Division, 
State street west to the river, and south to Harri- 
BOD street, A. St. J. Campbell, assistant assessor. 
Third Division, State street west to the river, Har- 
rison south to city limits, J. W. Brockway. assist- 
ant assessor. Fourth Division, W. Madison street 
south to the river and west to city limits, Wm. M., 
Langhlin, assistant assessor. Fifth Division, north 
of W. Madison street to the river and west to city 
limits. C. Cox, assistant assessor. Sixth Division, 
Wells street west to the river, north to Division 
street, west to Larrabee street and north to city 
limits, A. Nelson, assistant assessor. Seventh Di- 
vision, Wells street east to the Lake, north to Di- 
vision street, west to Larrabee street and north to 
city limits. L. Shaffner, assistant assessor. Eigth 
Division, towns of Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, Or- 
land, Palos, Rick, Thornton Worth,Cicero, Jeffer- 
son, Lake, Leyden. Lyons and Proviso, Perry A. 
Wattles and Geo. Dunlop, assistant assessors, of- 
fice, 10 Lombard Block. 

U. S. MARSHAL'S OFFICE B. H. Campbell, 
marshal, office. Custom House. A. B. Cotes, L. 
O. Gilman. S. H. Tourtellotte and A. S. Campbell, 
deputies: N. J. Adams and A. C. Campbell, bai- 
ling; H. B. Rnger, crier. United States Court; Ad- 
am Carey, janitor. 

Headquarters Military Division of the 
MissouriOffices, I,uSa)lt- , Northwest 
cor. Washington. 

P. H. Sheridan, Lieutenant General Commanding, 
708 Michigan av. 

G. A. Forsyth, Lieutenant Colonel, Military Secreta- 
ry. 478 Michigan av. 

J. W. Forsyth, Lieutenant Colonel, Aide-de-Camp, 
478 Michijranav. 

M. V. Sheridan, Lieutenant Colonel, Aide-de-Camp, 
708 Michigan av. 

George L. Hartsuff, Lieutenat Colonel, Assistant 
Adjutatant General. 165 Michigan ar. 

James A. Hardie, Colonel, Inspector General, 420 
Wahash av. 

D. II. Rucker, Colonel, Assistant Quartermaster 
General, Depotand Chief Quartermaster, 75 Rush. 

H. F. Clark, Lieutenant Colonel, Asst. Coin. Gen. 
of Subs., Depot and Chief Commissary, 277 Onta- 

Morris J. Asch, Captain, Attending Surgeon, Re- 
vere House. 

R. A. Kinzie, Major, Paymaster, U. [S. Army, Re- 
vere House. 

John W. Barlow, Captain, Chief Engineer, 318 Wa- 
bash av. 

Robert Macfeely, Depot Commissary, 843 Wabash 


BELOIUM-J. F. Henrotin, 191 N. LaSalle. 

DENMARK (Vice Consul), Emil Drier, 137 Mil- 
waukee av. 

FRANCE (Vice Consul), Paul Niboyet, room 39 
Oriental blcig. 

HESSE DARMSTADT August Beck, consul, of- 
fice, 87 and 89 Michigan av. 

ITALY G. M. Cella, 131 Adams 
NETHERLANDS (Consular agent), J. P. Voswin- 

SWEDEN AND NORWAY Peter L. Hawkinson, 

2 Uhlich'c blk. 
SWITZERLAND Henry Enderis, 14 and 16 W. 

Randolph Louis Boerlin. vice consul. 

Clauseenins, 48. Clark. 
TURKEY William E. Doggett, cor. Wabash av. 

and Lake. 


Chicago Post Office. 

West side Dearborn, cor. Monroe. F. A. Eastman, 
postmaster; C. S. Squiers, asst. postmaster; James 
Stewart, chief clerk: P. M. Clowry, supt. carriers 
and delivery; Edward M. Fitch, accountant; Geo. 
L. Holmes, cashier; W. W. Botkin, snpt. money 
order department ; R. J. Blattner, supt. distribu- 
tion; Fr. Groth, supt. stamp department; T, D. 
Cleveland, registry department, (day); S. E. 
Pearce, supt. registry department, (night); David 
Green, night supt. 

The accountant, cashier, and money order depart- 
ment, on main floor, entrance, west door on Mon- 
roe. The registry, stamp and stamped envelope 
department, on main floor, north end of building. 
The postmaster and assistant's room, entrance 
from lobby, in south end of building. Office 
hours. For delivery of letters and sale of stamps, 
from April 1st to Nov. 1st, 7.80 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. 
From Nov. 1st to April let. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sun- 
days, from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Postmaster's room 
open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Accountant, cashier, 
money order, wholesale stamp and stamped en- 
velope departments open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Registry department open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Revenue stamps of all denominations for sale at 
the cnshier's office. 

RAILWAY POST OFFICES Railway post offices 
are established on all Western lines from Chicago 
(excepting the Milwaukee railway). These of- 
fices run upon morning trains, and letters may be 
mailed at the cars up to the last moment prior to 
the departure of the trains. Stamps of the de- 
nominations of two, three and ten cents may be 
had at the cars. 

tion is called to the money order system, as a safe 
and cheap method of transmitting small sums 
through the mails. Orders are issued in sums not 
more than $50. Larger amounts can be trans- 
mitted to the same person, at the same time, by 
additional orders. Rates On orders not exceed- 
ing $20, 10 cents ; on orders over $20 and up to $60, 
25 cents. The money order office will be open 
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

REGISTRY DEPARTMENT Letters can be regis- 
tered to all parts of the United States upon pay- 
ment of a fee of 15 cents, in addition to the regular 

POSTAL RULES Many errors occur by persons 
not observing the following regulations in depos- 
iting letters, papers or miscellaneous publications, 
in the office for mailing : 

All drop letters must be prepaid by postage stamps. 

Pre-payment by stamps required on all letters to 
places within the United States. 

Letters addressed to initials and fictitious persons 
and firms, under the regulation of the post office 
department, are not deliverable. 

Full pre-payment, by stamps, required on all tran- 
sient printed matter, foreign and domestic. 

By inserting the county in which the oflice is loca- 
ted, upon all letters, many errors in superscription 
might be detected, and mistakes in mailing be 

Persons calling for letters, other than for themselves, 
must present a written order therefor. 

Samples of flour, tea, coffee, sugar, tobacco and 
packages containing poisons, oils, explosive chem- 
icals, liquids, or anything calculated to injure or 
endanger the safety of the mails will not be re- 

Valuable letters should in all cases be registered; 
and when money is designed to be transmitted, a 
postal money order (to secure safety in transmis- 
sion), should be obtained when practicable. 



Persons presenting drafts drawn by the post office 
department upon the postmaster of this city, will 
be required to identify themselves before pay- 
meat is made. 

Cashiers of banks and agents of express'companies, 
holding post office drafts for collection will please 
lekve their official signatures with the cashier of 
this office, to enable him to verify their indorse- 
ments and save delay. 

The public are requested to inform the postmaster 
of any inattention to their duties on the part of the 
carriers or the clerks in the office. 

Employees of this office, while on duty, cannot be 
seen except on official business. 

NOT ADVERTISED -Drop letters, unless a three 
cent postage stamp is affixed. Box letters. Let- 
ters directed and sent to hotels, and thence re- 
turned to the post office as unclaimed, being for 
strangers. Letters returned from the dead letter 
office to writers. Circulars, free packets, contain- 
ing printed documents, speeches, and other print- 
ed matter. 

STAMPED ENVELOPES The attention of the 
public is called to the advantages of using stamp- 
ed envelopes rather than postage stamps. Daily, 
numbers of letters are dropped in the post office, 
without prepayment, with revenue stamps and 
stamps cut from stamped envelopes affixed, which 
are held for postage ; whereas by the use of stamp- 
ed envelopes, these letters would go forward 
without delay. Persons purchasing stamped en- 
velopes of any denomination, in quantities of 500 
and upwards, may have their business card and 
request to return in a specified time printed 
thereon, not to exceed four lines, free of charge. 

CITY DELIVERY Free delivery of letters by 
faithful carriers will be secured by having the 
letters addressed to the street and number. Per- 
sons calling for mail at the carriers 1 department of 
this office on Sundays or holidays, will please give 
the number of the carrier for the district, and the 
name of the applicant or firm inquired for. 

Head letters with the names of the writers, post 
office and State, street and number, sign them 
with full name, and request that answers be di- 
rected accordingly. Parties now owning boxes 
can receive their mail at their places of business 
or residence by leaving an order in the postmas- 
ter's room. The advantages of the free delivery 
system cannot be too highly estimated. It -is 
more regular, more secure and more conve- 
nient than the box system. Many letters pass 
through the mails, reach this city, and are depos- 
ited ia the boxes, because of divided responsi- 
bility, fail to reach the firm or family addressed. 

The carriers are under bonds for an honest discharge 
of their duties. If the business community could 
be induced to cease sending boys to the post 
office, for their mail matter, and accept the means 
provided by the department for a safe delivery of 
letters, through responsidle carriers, a great evil 
would be corrected, and many losses (now occur- 
ring prevented. 

The public, are requested to adopt the house door 
letters boxes, the use of which will result in 
greatly increasing rapidity in the delivery of let- 

It is hoped that those householders who have not 
hitherto provided letter boxes will not object to 
doing so, as by that means, at a very moderate 
expense, they can promote the convenience both 
of themselves and their neighbors, and the same 
time render an important aid to the public 

N. B. A request for the return of a letter to the 
writter if unclaimed within thirty days or less, 
written or printed, with the writer's name, post 
office, and state across the left hand side of the 
envelope, on the face side, will be complied with. 
Letters bearing such indorsements will be re- 
turned to the writer free of pastage. 


Board of Trade. 

President; Chas. E. Culver. 1st vice president: 
Win. N. Brainard, second vice president. Direc- 
tors. E. F. Lawrence, W. H Goodnow, O S. 
Hough, A. H. Pickering, Daniel Jones, Josiah 

Stiles, I. P. Rumsey.J. H. Dwight, A. M.Wright, 
I. N. Ash; Chas. Randolph, secretary; Orson 
Smith, Treasurer; Chas. Hitchcock, attorney. 
Standing Committees on Finance, Messrs. Culver, 
Goodnow, Dwight; on Flour Inspection, Messrs. 
Wright, Rumsey, Pickering ; on Grain Inspection, 
Messrs. Brainard, Stiles, Ash : on Provision Inspec- 
tion, Messrs. Hough, Jones. Stiles, W. E.Richard- 
son, H. Wilward; on Other Inspection, Messrs. 
Lawrence, Ash, Culver; on Telegraphing, Messrs. 
Jones, Hough, Wright : on Membership, Messrs. 
Goodnow. Lawrence, Rumsey; on Registration, 
Messrs. Pickering, Brainard, Dwight: on Rooms, 
Messrs Wright, Goodnow. Culver: on Meteorolog- 
ical Observation,Messrs. Randolph, Dwight. Ram- 
sey. Inspectors Inspectors of Flour, Creighton, 
Rathborne; Inspector of Grain, O. L. Parker; 
Inspectors of Provisions, I. T. Snnderland. Ezra 
Taylor; Inspector of Spirits. George G. Smith; 
Inspector of Cooperage, William N. Smith ; In- 
spection Registrar, W T. Tompkins; Weigher, 
Calvin Carr. Committee of Arbitration J. F. 
Gillette, C. C. Moeller, Robert Warren. A. J. 
Latham, J. B. Murphey, C. J. Blair, R. W. Dun- 
ham, C. T. Trego, T. T. Gerney, J. B. Hobbs. 
Committee of Appeals W. N. Brainard, Geo. H. 
Gibson. C. Hinckley. J. D. Cole, jr., R. P. Mur- 
phey, W. M. Egan, M. A. Seymour, M. G. Linn, 
James H. Dole, Howard Priestley. Commercial 
Committee S. H. McCrea, Asa Dow, Ciinton 
Briggs. C. J. Davis, Warren Norton, L. B. Sid- 
way, R. C. Meldrum, James Warrack, E. G. Wol- 
cott, S. B. Williams, P. W. Dater, George M. 
How, R. Prindeville D. H. Lincoln. W. H. Low, 
W. D. Houghteling, R. Stone. W. V. Kay, S. M. 
Moore, Murry Nelson, T. G. McLaurey. 

Chamber of Commerce. 

Incorporated 1863. Organized March 1st. 1864. 
Daniel A. Jones, president; Geo. C. Walkor, 
vice president ; Lyman Blair, D. K. Pearsons, J. 
L. Hancock, P R. Chandler. Artemus Carter, V. 
A. Turpin, J. W. Towne, J. P. Brooks. O. K. A. 
Hutchinson, Thomas L.Parker and E.G.,Hall, di- 
rectors ; Chas. L. Raymond, secretary and treas- 



Coventry aud Bloomingciale av. Rev. R. J. Lan- 
gridge, pastor. Services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.m. 
Sabbath school at 2.30 p. m. Kennedy Gray, su- 
perintendent. Prayer . meetings on Wednesday 

Southwest cor. Hnbbard court. Rev. W. W. 
Everts, D. D., pastor. Divine service, 11 a. m. and 
7.30 p. m. Sabbath school meets 9.30 a. m . B. F. 
Jacobs, superintendent. Adult Bible clacs at 3 
p m., B. F Jacobs, leader. 

ion street. Services, 10.30 am. and 7.30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting on Thursday evenings. Sabbath 
school. 3 p. m. M. R. Bortree, superintendent. 

FIFTH BAPTIST CHURCH West Harrison, cor. 
Sangamon. Rev. W. J. Kernott, pastor. Sabbath 
services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday school 
3 p. m. S. M. Hunt, jr. snperinendent. Prayer 
meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

near Bickerdike. Divine service 10 a. m. and 7.30 
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Sun- 
day school ?) a. m. 

diana av. cor. 13th. Rev. F. D. Rickerson. pas- 
tor. Divine service 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. ; Wed- 
nesday, 7.30 p. m. Sunday school 9.30 a. m. 

igan av. near 2.3d. Rev. Jesse B. Thomas, D. D. 
pastor. Divine service 10.30 a. m. and 7.45 p. m. 
Prayer meetings every Wednesday and Friday 
evenings. Sabbath school 3 p. m. William Hans- 
brongh, superintendent. 

cor. Chicago av. Rev. J. T. Westover, pastor. 
Divine service 10 30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday 
school 3 p. m. S. Head, superintendent. 



av. between Taylor and Polk. Rev. R. DeBaptist 
pastor. Divine service 11 a. m. and 7 30 D. m. 
Lecture Wednesday evening. Prayer meeting 
Friday evening. Sabbath school 2 30 p. m. 

13 Perch. Sunday school 2.30 p. m. T. J. Elmore, 

Morgan. Rev. E, J. Ooodspeed, D. D. pastor. 
Divine service 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath 
Bchool !> a. m. Dr. C. B. Blackall. superintendent. 
Adult Bible class, 3 p. m. E. S. Albro, leader. 
Young people's Bible class, 9 a. m. VVm. Law- 
rence, leader. 

cago av. cor. Chase. Rev. H. Snydcr, pastor. Di- 
vine service 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Prayer 
meeting on Tuesday evening. Sunday school 9 
a. m. 

SOUTH BAPTIST CHURCH Cor. Bonaparte and 
Locke. Rev. Edw. Ellis, pastor. Services. 11 a.m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school, 9.45 a. m. S. 
Skemp, superintendent. Prayer meeting, Wed- 
nesday evening 1 . 

Oak. Rev. J. Edgren, pastor. Hours of service 
10.30a.m. and 7.30p.m. Sabbath school at 9 a. 
m. Meetings on Tuesday and Friday evenings. 

Douglas Place, cor. Rhodes av. Services 10.30 a. 
m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday school 2. 30 p. m. J.W. 
Dean superintendent; Prayer meeting on Wed. 
nesday 7.30. p. m. Sabbath school and teachers' 
prayer meeting, Friday, 7.30 p. m. 

ington, cor. Paulina. Rev. Florence McCarthy, 
pastor. Divine service 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. 
Sunday school and Bible classes, 2.30 p. m. W.T. 
Shearer, superintendent. 

tern av. cor. Warren av. Rev. John Gordon, pas- 
tor. Divine service 10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. m. 
Prayer meetings Wednesday and Friday evening 
Sabbath school at 2.30 p. m. Thos. A. Hall, snper- 

cor. Sedgwick. Rev. J. M. Whitehcad, pastor. 
Services 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school 
8 p. in. George Atwood, superintendent. Young 
peoples' meeting Monday evenings. Prayer 
meetings. Monday and Friday evenings. 

CENTRAL PARK MISSION-Lake and city lim 
its. Meets at 2.30 p. m. Mr. Pearsall, superin- 
tendent. Sustained by Western Avenue Baptist 

at 3 p. m. M. R. Bortree, superintendent. Sus- 
tained by the Second Baptist Church. 

SHIELDS' MISSION -Sustained by the First Bap- 
tist Church, 2(ith and Wentworth av. Prayer 
meeting Tuesday and Saturday evenings, at 7.30. 
Preaching Sabbath evening 7.30. Sabbath school 
at 2.00 p. m. ; Rev. L. T. Bush, superintendent. 

Transit House. Rev. C. R. Henderson, pastor. 
Sabbath school, 2.30 p. m. : D. D. Cole, superin- 
tendent. Preachin? at, 3.30 and 7.30 p. m. Sus- 
tained by the Second Baptist Church. 

UNION BAND MISSION 2d. cor. Bickerdike. 
Sustained by the Second Baptist Church. E. Nel- 
son Blake, superintendent. Meets at 3 p. m. 

Organized, 1866. Louis Schnouchow, superin- 

SWAN MISSION Rock Island car works. Rev. 
J. Sawyer, missionary. Sabbath school at 2.30 p. 
m. J. W. Dean, superintendent. Sustained by 
University Place Church. 

SOUTH MISSION Bonaparte, cor. Locke. 8. 
Skemp. superintendent. Meets at 3 p. m. Sus- 
tained by the Second Baptist Church. 
Free Baptist Church. 

W. Jackson, cor. Loomis. Rev. J. B. Drew, pastor. 
Divine service, 10.45 a. m. and 7.45 p. m. Sab- 
bath school, 12 m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 
7.30 p. m. 

Mariners' Itethel. 

Michigan, cor. Market. Rev. Joseph H. Leonard, 
pastor, res. 179 Hnron. Divine service 10.30 a. m. 
and 7 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7.30 p. 

m. Class meeting Monday 7.30 p. m. Children's 
hour. Tuesday 7.16 p. m. Sabbath school. 1.30 p. 
m. ; H. Martin, superintendent. Preaching In 
Marine hospital every Sunday at 3 p. m. Services 
are also held on board vessels during the summer. 
Temperance prayer meeting 3 p. m. every Sun- 

Christian Church. 

CHRISTIAN CHURCH Cor. Wabahav. and 16th. 

Services at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday 

school 9 a. m. Rev. Isaac Erntt. pastor. A. W. 

Lattenberg and C. T. Lichtenberger, bishops. 
SECOND CHURCH Carpenter, cor. Front. J. 

Bremner and Joseph Bednoch, overseers. Divine 

service 3 and 7.30 p. m. 
THIRD CHURCH Indiana av. cor. 25th. 

C ongr egatlonal . 
FIRST Washington, cor. Ann. Rev. Edward P. 

Goodwin, D.D., pastor, res. 356 W. Washington 
PLYMOUTH Wabash av. cor. Eldridge court. 

Rev. Win. A. Bartlett, pastor, res. 7 Park Row. 
SOUTH Indiana av. cor. 26th. Rev. Charles M. 

Tyler, pastor, res. 944 Wabash av. 
NEW ENGLAND Dearborn, cor. White. Rev. 

Leander T. Chamberlain, pastor, bds. 9 Washing- 
ton Place. 
UNION PARK Washington, cor. Ashland ar. 

Rev. Charles D. Helmer, pastor, res. 642 W. Wash- 
TABERNACLE W. Indiana, cor. Morgan. Rev. 

E. F. Williams, pastor, res. 60 N. Ann. 
LINCOLN PARK Church, cor. Centre av. No 

SCANDINAVIAN Worship in Tabernacle Church 

Rev. C. Corneliusson, pastor. 
OAKLAND Cottage Grove av. cor. Oakland av. 

Rev. James C. White, pastor, res. 185 Ellis av. 
BETHANY W. Indiana, cor. Paulina. Rev. James 

Harrison, pastor, res. 307 Paulina 
LEAVITT STREET Adams, cor. Leavitt. Rev. 

Moses Smith, pastor, res. 48 Hamilton av. 
WICKER PARK Two blocks north of the Park. 

Rev. Wm. B. Holyoke, pastor, res. 1013 Wilmot 

MEMORIAL CHURCH Oakland. Prof. J. T. 
Hyde, pastor, res. 628 W. Washington. 

Other Ministers. 

Rev. Edmund F. Dickenson. res. 500 Wabash av. 

Rev. Stephen S. Smith, res. 745 Wabash av. 

Rev. Wm. A. Lloyd, in charge of Miss'on Church at 
Ravenswpod, res. Rayenswood. 

Rev. Washington A. Nichols. In Europe. 

Rev. G. S. F. Savage, D.D. sec. Cong'l Pub. Soci- 
ety, res. 130 N. State. 

Rev. J. E. Roy, D.D., superintendent Home Mis- 
sions, res. Oak Park. 

Rev. S. J. Humphrey, dist. sec. A. B. C. F. Mis- 
sions, res. Oak Park. 

Rev. H L. Hammond, treas. Chicago Theological 
Seminary, res. 19 N. Sangamon. 

Rev. F. W. Fish, D.D., professor, Chicago Theolog- 
ical Seminary, res. 387 W. Adams. 

Rev. S. C. Bartlett, D.D., professor, Chicago Theo- 
logical Seminary, res. Glencoe. 

Rev. W. W. Patton, D.D., editor Advance, r. 380 
W. Washington. 


Right Rev. Henry J. Whitehouse, bishop of Il- 
linois. Secretary of convention, Rev. J. H. Knowles, 

Chicago. Assistant secretary. Rev. March Chase, 

Chicago. Treasurer of convention, George P Lee, 

Chicago : P. O. box 5955. 

W. Washington, cor. Peoria. Right Rev. Henry 
J. Whitehouse, D.D., LL.D., res. 445 W. Wash- 
ington; Rev. J. H. Knowles, res. 260 W. Washing- 
ton. Services on Sundays, at 8 and 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. ; week days, at 9 a. m. and on Wed- 
nesdays, at 7.30 p. m. Sunday School. 2.30 p. m. 

CALVARY CHURCH -Warren cor. of Western av. 
Rev. A. W. Snyder. pastor; res. 805 W. Wnshing- 
ton. Divine service, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. 
Sunday School. 2.30-p. m. 

Adams and Monroe. Rev. C. M. Fox. LL. D., 
rector, res. 352 W. Adams. Services, 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School at 9 a. m. 

OHRIST CHURCH Michigan av., cor. of Twenty- 
fourth. Rev. Charles Edward Cheney, pastor; 
res. 870 Michigan av. Divine service, 10.30 a. m, 



and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School meets at 2.30 p. m. ; 
P. L. Moorehouse, superintendent. There is a 
week day eveniug service maintained in connec- 
tion with the church from October to April; also, 
a weekly teachers' meeting for the Sunday 

CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR-Belden av. cor. 
Lincoln av. Rev. W. J. Petrie, rector, res. Fab- 
ius, north of Fullerton av. Services 10.30 a. m. 
and 4 p. m. Sunday School, 2.30 a. m. 

Elm. Rev. C. P. Doreett rector, res. Clarendon 
House, N. Clark, Rev. G. C. Street, assistant: res. 
254 Division. Services, 10.80 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. 
Sunday School 3. p. m. 

side, near Thirtieth Rev. John Wilkinson, rec- 
tor, res. 1448 Indiana av. Hours of Divine Ser- 
vice, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 
meets at 2.30 p. m. 

GRACE CHURCH Wabash av. near Fonrteenth. 
Rev. Clinton Locke, D.D., rector; res. 45 Peck 
Court. Services, 10.30 a. m. and.7.30p. m. Sun- 
day School. 9 a. m. 

ST. ANSHARirs (Swedish congregation) Indiana, 
cor. North Franklin, Rev. Jacob Bredbnrg, pas- 
tor; res. 96 N. Franklin. Sunday School meets 
at 2.30 p. m. E. Martin, superintendent. 

ST. JOHN'S CHURCH Lake, cor. St. John's 
place, Union Park. Rev. H. N. Powers, D.D., 
pastor; res. 517 Fulton. Sunday School, 9 a. m. 
George H. Hess, superintendent. Hoars of ser- 
vice, Sunday. 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Wednes- 
day evening, Sunday school teachers' association 
meets in lecture room of the church. Friday 
evening, lecture in the church at 7.30 p. m. 

Washington and Robey. Rev. Henry C. Kitney, 
rector : res. W. Washington, se. cor. of Park av. 
and Reuben Services at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 
p. m. Sunday school. 2.30 p. m. 

ST. JAMES' CHURCH Cass, cor. Huron. Ser- 
vices, 10 30 a. m. and 4 p.m. Sunday School 9p.m. 

ST. MARK'S CHURCH Cottage Grove. Survices. 
10.30 a. m. 7.30. Kev. Brockholst Morgan, rector; 
res. 99 Wahpanseh av. 

ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH Forquer, cor. Blue 
Island av. Rev. March Chase, rector; res. 235 
Ewing. Services 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p. m. Sun- 
day School. 2.30 a. m. 

TRINITY CHURCH South side Jackson, bet. 
Michigan and Wabash avs. Rector, Rev. E. Sulli- 
van, A. B. res. 594 Wabash av. Sunday services, 
10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Friday, 7.30 p. m. 
Sunday school 3 p. m. 

ST. JOHN'S MISSION Desplaines, bet. Lake 
and Randolph. David D. Lyman, superintend- 
ent. Meets 2.30 p. m. 

TRINITY MISSION Meets 2.45 p.m. 

ST. PAUL'S CHURCH-Hyde Park. Rev. T. K. 
Coleman, rector. Divine service, 10.30 a. m. and 
7.30 p. m. Sunday school, 3. p. m. 

ALL SAINTS -Cor. of Carpenter and Fourth, Rev. 
James Greene, rector, services, 10.30 a. m. and 
7.30 p. m. 



|f. 3d av. Rev. G. W. Mohr, pastor, res. 167 3d av. 
Divine service 10.30 a. m. and 8 p. m. Prayer 
meeting, Thursday and Friday, 8 p. m. Sunday 
school. 2 p. m. 

SECOND CHURCH Sedgwick, cor. Wisconsin. 
Rev. Henry Hintze, pastor. 

THIRD CHURCH West Twelfth, southwest cor. 
Union. Rev. Amos Gakiey, pastor. Divine ser- 
vice Id a. m. and 7.30 p. m.. Sunday school 1.30 
p. m. Jacob Alt. superintendent. 

FOURTH CHURCH Noble, cor. 2d. Rev. Samuel 
Deckover, pastor, res. adjoining the Church. Hours 
of divine service, 10a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday school 
2 p. m. Prayer meeting, Tuesday, Wednesday 
and Friday at 8 p. m. 

Free Evangelical Church. 

At 490 and 492 N. 'Wells. Rev. Augenetein, pastor, 
. res. 277 Rush. Hours of divine service, 10.30a.m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sunday school 9 a. m. 

l.ut lirra ii. 

Dearborn, cor. Ontario. Rev. Frank Richards, pas- 
tor, res. 141 N. Dearborn. Sunday shool meets at 
9 a. m. 

Sangamon, cor. Phillips. Meets at 3 p. m. Kev. 
Frank Richards, superintendent. 

Evangelical German. 

CHURCH Desplaines, bet. Van Buren and Har- 
rison. Rev, Frederick Kuenzler, pastor, res. 245 
South Desplaines. H. Schwerz, sexton, res. ad- 
joins the church. Divine service 10 a. m. and 7. 30 
p. m. 

Evangelical ^Lutheran. 

ST. PAUL'S CHURCH Superior, cor. Franklin. 
Rev. Henry Wunder, pastor, res. 100 Huron. Di- 
vine service, 10 a. m. and 2.30 p.m. Sunday school 
3 p. m. 

IMMANUAL'S CHURCH W. Taylor, cor.Brown. 
Rev. C. Koerner. pastor, res. Brown, cor. W. Tay- 
lor. Divine service, 9.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sun- 
day school. 2. 30 p. m. 

ST. JACOBI'S CHURCH Sophia, south-west cor. 
Tremont. Rev. Wm. Bartling, pastor, res. 98 Wil- 
lofw. Services 10 a. .. Sunday school, 2.30 p. m. 

CHURCH First, cor. Bickerdike. Rev. T. John 
Groose, pastor, res. 208 First. Divine service every 
alternate Sunday morning and every Sunday after 

Hanover, cor. Kossuth. Rev. F. Dcekerlin, pas- 
tor. Divine service at 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. 

Lake, northeast cor. John. Rev. A. Wagner, pas- 
tor, res. 58 Lake. Divine service, Sunday at 9.30 
a. m., Wednesday, 7.30 p. m. Sunday school at 
2.30 p. m. 

United Evangelical. 

cor. LaSalle. Rev. Joseph Hartman, pastor, reg. 
129 N. LaSalle. G. A. Zimmermann, asst. Di- 
vine service, 10 a. m. to 12 m. and 7.30 to 9 p. m. 
Sabbath school. 1.30 to 3 p. m. 

Mitchell. Rev. Hansen. pastor. Divine ser- 
vice, 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. Sunday school. 2 p. m. 

cher av. Rev. C. Wargowski, pastor. Divine 
service, 10 a. m. and 7 30 p. m. Sunday school, 3 
p. m. 

av. cor. Noble. Rev. G. Lambrecht. pastor, res. 
330 W. Chicago av. Hours of divine service, 10 a. 
m. and 8 p. m 

Wentworth av. cor. 25th. Rev. Ernst Guntrum, 
pastor, res. Burnside, cor. 22d. 


bet. Wells and LaSalle. Divine service at 10.45 a. 
m and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school commences at 
3 p. m. D. L. Moody, superintendent. 

Jewish Congregations. 

side of Superior, bet. Wells and Franklin. Rev. 
Norden, pastor. Nathan Eisendrath, presi- 

ZION CONGREGATION Jackson, cor. Sangamon. 
Rev. B. Fel sen thai, pastor. Henry Greenbaum, 
president. Reformed Synagogue. 

SINAI CONGREGATION VanBuren, cor. 3d av. 
Dr. Chronick, pastor; Eliel, president. Di- 
vine service 10 a. m. 

men of the West Peck court and Wabash av. 
Rev. Liehman Adler, pastor. M. M. Gerstley, 
president. Divine service at 10 a. m. every Satur- 

the Sons of Peace HarrifcOH, nw. cor. Fourth av. 
Rev. Spitz, pastor. 




[In all churches, unless excepted below, there is 

public service on Sunday mornings and evenii gs, 

prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings, and Sun- 
day" s-chool at 2 or 2^i o'clock p. m.] 

FIRST Clark, se. cor. Washington. W. H. Dan- 
iels, pastor, res. 668 N. LaSalle; room 19, Metho- 
dist Church blk. 

AVABASH AVENUE Cor. Harrison. R. M. Hat- 
flelrt. pastor, res. 607 Wabash av. 

TRINITY New church erecting onlndaua av. near 
24th. J. H. Bayliss, pastor, res. 64, 24th. 

INDIANA AVENUE-Bet. 31st and 32d. Robert 
D. Sheppard, pastor, res. 1310 Indiana av. 

ST. JOHN'S-At Oakland. Charles E. Mandeville, 

GRACE North LaSalle, cor. Chicago av. M. M. 
Parkhurst, pastor, res. 217 N. LaSalle. 

GRANT PLACE Cor. Larrabee. C. G. Truesdell, 
pastor, res. 185 Lincoln av. 

CENTENARY Monroe, west of Moigan. C. H. 
Fowler, pastor, res. 400 W. Monroe. 

ADA STREET Bet. Lake and Fulton. Thomas 
R. Strobridge, 536 W. Monroe. 

PARK AVENUE Cor. Robey. H. W. Thomas, 
nastor. res. 186 Park av. 

ST. PAUL'S Maxwell, cor. Newberry. Wm. H. 
Burns, pastor, res 520 S. Halsted. 

HALSTED STREET Near Canal port av. A. Yon- 
kr, pastor. Preaching in both English and Ger- 
man, each twice on Sunday. 

SIMPSON CHAPEL Bonfleld, near C. & L. R. R. 
crossing. Homor H. Scoville, 610 Archer av. 

EICKSON STREET Near North av. T. Marsh, 


VAN BUREN STfiET Bet. Clark and 4th av. R. 

Fickensher, pastor, res. 100 Van Buren. Sunday 

school, 9 a. m. 

Newberry. Charles G. Becker, pastor, res. 312 

Maxwell. Sunday school, 9 a. m. 
CLYBOURNE AVENUE Near Division. F. Rin- 

der, pastor, res. 51 Clybourne av. Sunday school, 

ft a. m. 
ASHLAND AVENUE Near'Milwaukee av. Peter 

Hinuers, pastor, res. 434 North Ashland av. Sun- 
day school, 9 a. m. 


FIRST SCANDINAVIAN 83 and 35 Illinois, A. J. 

Anderson, pastor, res. 214 Sedgwlck. Sunday 

school. 9 a. m. 
FIRST NORWEGIAN W. Indiana, cor. Sanga- 

mon. J. H. Johnson, pastor, parsonage next door 

to church. 


H. Crews, 1310 Indiana av. 

J. H. Leonard, Bethel chaplain, 179 Huron. 

E. Stone 65 Clinton. 

M. B. Cleveland, 204 4th av. 

E. M. Boring, 850 N. Franklin. 


William C. Dandy. Chicago District, Rock Rive r 
Conference, 376 "W. Monroe. 

C. A. Loeber, Chicago District, Northwest German 
Conference, 306 Maxwell. 

S. B. Newma >, Chicago Scandinavian District, Cen- 
tral Illinois Conference, address at Galva, 111. 

A. Haagensen. Norwegian District, Wisconsin Con- 
ference, Cambridge Wisconsin. 

African Methodist Episcopal. 

CHURCH 3d av. Rev. Henry Brown, pastor. 
Divine service, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Prayer 
meetinir, 8 p. in. Class meeting 12.31) p. m. San- 
day. Wednesday and Friday, 8 p. m. Sunday 
school. 2 p. m. 

EPISCOPAL CHURCH Jackson, cor. 4th av. 
W. S. Lankford, pastor, res. 7, 4th av. Divine 
service, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Prayer meet- 
ing Wednesday, 7.30 p. m. Class meeting Tues- 
day and Friday, 7.30p.m. Sabbath school, 2p.m. 
D. Greenwood", superintendent. 

Scandinavian Lutheran. 

AN CHURCH N. Franklin, nw. cor. Erie. C.J. 
P. Peterson, pastor. Divine service, 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school, 9 a. m. 

Erie. Rev. J. Krohn, pastor, res. 218 N. May. 
Divine service, 10 a. m. Sabbath school, 9 a. m. 
and 3 p. m. 

MANUEL'S CHURCH Nos. 192 and 194 Sedg. 
wick. Rev. Erland Carlsson, pastor, res. 151 Lin- 
coln av. Divine service, 10.15 a. m. and 7.30 p.m. 
Sabbath school, 2.30 p. m. 

CHURCH Sangamon, nw. cor. Philip. Rev. S. 
M. Kropmess, pastor. 

Bnshnell, between 23d and 24th. Rev. J. P. Ny. 
quist, pastor. 


av. nw.cor. Twenty-second. Rev. Daniel Lord 
pastor; res. 112 Prairie av. Snnday school meets 
at 12 m. J. N. Barker, superintendent. 

Rev. D. S. Johnson, pastor; res. Hyde Park. 
Divine services. 10.30 am and 7. p. m. H. N. Hub- 
bard, superintendent Sunday school. 

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Wabash av. bet. Con 
gress and Van Buren. Rev. Arthur Mitchell, 
pastor; res. 431 Michigan av. Divine service, 10.30 
a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School connected 
with the church; William Tomlinson, superin- 
tendent. Meets in the chapel on Congress, rear of 

nw. cor. W. Washington, Rev. Lewis H. Reid, 
pastor; res. 640 W. Washington. Divine service, 
10.30 a. ra. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath schoool 2.30 
p. m. S. R. Bingham, superintendent. 

av. bet. Wahpanseh and Egan avs. Hours of 
services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Rev. A. Eddy 
pastor; res. 159 Ellis av. 

OLIVET CHURCH Wabash av. se. cor. 14th. 
Rev. G. P. Nichols, pastor. Snnday school 
meets at 9 a. m. A. S. Bonton, superintendent. 

av. ne. cor. Washington. Rev. R..W. Patterson, 
D.D., pastor; res. 43 25th. Divine service at 
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school, 12 m. 
Kirk Howes, superintendent. 

cor. Harrison. Rev. J. McLiesh. pastor/res. 118 
South Sangamon. Divine service, 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School, 12.30 p. m. R. M. 
Guilford, superintendent. 

ington, cor. Carpenter. Rev. Abbott E. Kitt- 
ridge, pastor ; res. 78 Ashland av. Divine ser- 
vices. 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. 

CHURCH Wabash av. south of 31st. Rev. John 
H. Brown, D.D. pastor. Divine service, 10.45 
a. m. and 7.45 p. m. Sabbath school, 230 p. m. 
Prayer meeting, Wednesday evening, in lecture 
room, at 7.30 p.'m. 

Mitchell. Rev. J. H. Walker, pastor; res. 526 

cor. Sangamon. Rev. David Williams, pastor; 
res. 240 W. Lake. Divine service, 10. a. m. and 
7. p. m. Sabbath school 2.30 p. m. 

av. near N. Clark. Divine services, 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school, 2.30 p. m. 

Adams and Throop. Rev. Robert Patterson, 
D.D. pastor; res. 71 N. Curtis. Divine service, 
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school and 
Bible class 3 p. in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 
evening, 7.45 p. m. Young People's prayer 
meeting, Friday 7.30 p. m. 

se. cor. Indiana. Rev. David Swinir. pastor; res. 
288 Ohio. Divine service 10.30 a.m. and 7.30p.m. 
Prayer meeting, Bible class and lecture every 
Wednesday at 7.30 p. m. Sunday school 9 a. m. 
Warren Norton, superintendent. 

Sabbath school meets at 3 p. m. 

cor. Erie. Rev. C. Vanorclen, res. 254 1st. 



Independent .Missions. 

cor. Clinton. Sabbath school, 1.30 p.m. 

Bremer. Sunday school. 2.00 p. m. 

Quincv. Sunday school, 2.30 p. m. 

cor. 22d. Sunday school, 3 p. m. 

WELSH MISSION CHAPEL Ashland av. south 
of Archer av. Sunday school, 10.30 a. m. 
Presbyterian, Scotch. 

W. Adams, cor. Sangamon. No pastor. Divine 
service, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath 
school and senior bible class, 2.30 p. m. Lec- 
ture and prayer meeting Wednesday, 7.30 p. m. 
Young people's prayer meeting on FViday at 7.30 
p. m. 

Presbyterian, United. 

bet. Adams and Monroe. Rev. J. M. Baugh, pas- 
tor, res. 99 Robey. Divine service, 10.30 a. m. 
and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school, 2.30 p. m. 
Presbyterian, Reformed. 

May. Rev. G. M. Ramsey, pastor, res. 56 -N. 
Ann. Divine service, 10.30 a. m. and 3. 30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting Sabbath, 9.30 a. m. ; on Wednes- 
days, 7.45 p. m. Sunday school, 2.30 p. m. 
George Stewart, superintendent. 

Presbyterian Missions. 

Franklin. Sustained by Second Presbyterian 
Church. Sabbath school meets at 3 p. m. 

city limits. Sabbath school meets at 3 p. m. 

BURR MISSION CHAPEL 3d av. north of 14th. 
Sunday school meets at 2.30 p. m. 

ONWARD MISSION Perch, near Indiana. Sus- 
tained by Eighth Presbyterian Church. Sunday 
school meets at 9 a. m. 

RAILROAD MISSION Pacific av. near R. I. & 
M. S. depot. Sunday school, 3 p. m. Preaching 
7.30 p. m. M. Gulick, missionary. 

p. m. Preaching, 7.30 p. m. Prayer meeting 
Wednesday evening. 

41st. Sunday school, 3 p. m. Preaching, 10.30 
a. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. 

near Harrison. Sunday school, 3 p. m. Rev. M. 
Hein, missionary. 

Reformed Dutch. 

son, cor. May. Rev. B. De Bey, pastor, res. next 
to church. Divine service 9.30 a. m and 2.30 p. 
m. Sunday school, 11.30 a. m. Prayer meeting 
on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7.45. 

ington, bet. Ann and Willard place. Rev. James 
Demarest, jr. pastor, res. 350 W. Adams. Di- 
vine service, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Simdav 
school, 12.15 p. m. J. M. Keese, superintend- 
ent. Free library connected with Sunday school. 
Roman Catholic. 

Right Rev. Thomos Foley, Bishop of Pergamus 
* and Administrator of the Diocese of Chicago. 

cor. Superior. The Right Rev. Thomas Folcy, 
D.D. Rev. James McMullin, D.D., rector: Rev. 
P. M. Flanagan, Rev. E. J. Guerin. Mass at 6, 
7, 8, 9.15 and 10.30 a. m. Vespers at 3.30 p. m. 
Res. 148 Cass. 

ST. MARY'S Madison, cor. Wabash av. Rev. E. 
W. Gavin, pastor. Rev. T. L. Keating. Mass at 
6, 7.30, 8.30 and 10.30 a. m. Vespers at 7.30 p. m. 
Re*, at Bishop's house. 

ST. PATRICK'S Desplaines, cor. Adams. Rev. 
Thomas O'Gara, pastor; Rev. Charles H. Gavin, 
D.D. Mass at 7, 9 and 10.30 a. m. Vespers at 
7.30 p. m. Res. 139 S. Desplaiues. 

HOLY FAMILY 12th, cor. May. Res. 433 W. 
12th. Very Rev. Arnold Damen, S. J., superior; 
Rev. John Schultz, S. J., Rev. John DeBlieck, 
S. J., Rev. M. Oakley, S. J., Rev. John Coglan, 
S. J.. Rev. Andrew O'Neil, S. J., Rev. John T. 
Virdin, S. J., Rev. John Setters, S. J., Rev. F. 

X. Shulack, S. J.. Rev. B. Massellis, S. J., Rev. 

James Van Goch, S. J., Rev. James Swjtiri-i-s. S. 

J., Rev. T. Vanderhayden, S. J. Vespers at 3.30 

p. m. Evening services, sermon and benedic- 
tion at 7.30. 

near Schiller. Rev. P. Butler, pastor; Rev. M. 

Heafy. Mass at 7, 9 and 10.20 a. m. Vespers at 

3 p. m. 
ST. PETER'S (German) Clark, cor. Polk. Very 

Rev. Peter Fischer and Rev. George Haver. 
ST. MICHAEL'S (German) Linden, co'r. Hurl- 
but. Rev. Peter Zimmer, Rev. L. Holzer, Rev. 

Theodore Majerus, Rev. Francis Van Emstedc, 

Rev. Charles Hahn, Rev. Hugo Victor. Mass on 

Sundays at 6.30, 7, 8 and 10 a. m. Vespers at 3 

p. m. Evening sermon at 7 p. m. 
ST. JOSEPH'S (German) Cass, cor. Chicago av. 

Rev. L. Shuers, O. S. B., Rev. W. Lobmayer. O. 

S. B., Rev. D. Stolz, O. S. B., Rev. A. Stubiiiger, 

O. 8. B. 
ST. BRIDGET'S Archer av. cor. Church place, 

Bridgeport. Rev. John H. Grogan. 
ST. JOHN'S Clark, cor. 18th. Rev. John Wal- 

dron and Rev. P. H. McGuire. 
ST. FRANCIS ASSISS1UM (German) 12th, cor. 

Newberrv. Rev. F. Kalvelage, S. J., Rev. J. Bank. 
ST. COLUMBKILL Paulina, cor. Indiana. Rev. 

Thomas C. Burke, pastor; Rev. J. Lightner, D. 

ST. JAMES Prairie av. bet. 26th and 27th. Rev. 

P. Conway, pastor; Rev. W. Campbell. 
ST. LOUIS Sherman, near Polk. Rev. P. Noo- 

nan, pastor. Mass at 8 and 10.30 a. m. Vespers 

at 3 p. m. 

Bted, near Harrison. Rev. Jacob Cote. 
ST. BONIFACE (German) Cornell, cor. Noble. 

Rev. J. Venn. 
ST. WENCELAUS (Bohemian) Desplaines, cor. 

DeKoven. Rev. J. Moletor. 
ST. PAUL'S Clinton, cor. Mather. Rev. John 

Kilkenny, pastor. 

cor. Waubansia av. Rev. T. Edwards. 

cor. 38th. Rev. J. T. O'Neil. 
ST. STANISLAUS Evans, opposite John. Rev. 

M. Oakley, S. J., res. St. Ignatius College. 
ST. JARLATH'S Hermitage av. cor. W. Jackson. 

Rev. J. J. Grogan, pastor. 
HYDE PARK South Chicago. Rev. Thomas 


ST. STEPEN'S Sangamon and 4th. Rev. S. Bar- 
rett, pastor, res. 15o N. Peoria. 


Catholic Convents. 

XAVIER- Wabash av. one door south of St.Mary's 

HEART Taylor, cor. Ruckner. 

Opposite Cathedral of the Holy Name. 

B.V. Halsted, cor. Kramer. 

chael's Church. 

Sedgwick, near Division. 

SHEPHERD N. Market, near Division. 


Chicago av. ne. cor. Cass. 

Chicago av. n\v. cor Cags. 

ERSNO. 190 Church. 

Adams, bet. Desplainea and Halsted. 

80 Cornell. 


The Temple, Adams, near the Lake. Rev. J. R. 
Hibbard, pastor, res. 70 3d av. : Rev. C. D. Noble, 
assistant, res. Calumet av. cor. 33d. Divine ser- 
vice, 11 a. m. Sabbath school meets 9.45 a. m. 
Orlando Blackman. superintendent. 

LEM Temple, enstside of Ashland av. near W. 
Chicago av. Rev. Wm. Weiser, pastor. Divine 



service 10.30 a. m. and 7 p. in. Sunday school, 
10 a. m. Gustav Rupricht, superintendent. 

Swedeiiborgiaii Mission. . 

SOUTH MISSION Services Sundays, in German, 
10.30 a. m. ; English, 8 p. m. Sabbath school 2.30 
p. m. South Park av. and sw. cor. 83d. J. R. 
Putnam, superintendent. 

NORTH MISSION N. LaSalle, opposite Lincoln 
Park. Sunday school, 9 a. m. S. E. Loring, su- 


cni'RCH OF THE MESSIAH Wabash av. cor. 
Babbard court. Rev. Robert Laird Collier, res. 
9o'.i Indiana- av. Divine service, 10.45 a. m. and 
7..|r> \>. in. Sunday school, 12 m. C. Miseer, su- 

UNITY CHURCH Dearborn, cor. Whitney. Ser- 
vices at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. in. Robe.rt Collyer, 
p::>t(ir. re8. 296 Chicago av. Sunday school, 12m. 
Bigelow, superintendent. 


ST. PAUL'S Wabash av. cor. Van Buren. W. H. 
Ryder, D. D. pastor, res. 267 Wabash av. Divine 
services 10.80 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sabbath school, 
12 m. J. H. Swan, superintendent; Mrs. W. H. 
Ryder, assistant superintendent; S. S. Willard, 
Bccretary and James Price, treasurer; C. F. 
Haines, librarian. 

REDEEMER W. Washington, ne. cor. Sanga- 
mon. G. T. Flanders, D. D. pastor, res. Robey, 
nw. cor. Warren. Divine service, 10.30 a.m. and 
7.30 p. in. Sabbath school, 12 m. 


M Chapel, Indiana av. near 29th. Rev. O. F. Saf- 
ford, pastor, res. 1189 Michigan av. Services at 
10.3(1 a. in. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday school, at 12m. 
S. A. Briggs, superintendent. 


FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE 26th, bet. Indiana 
and Prarie avs. Divine service, Sundays, 10.30 
a. m., Wednesdays 5 p,m. Sunday school 12.30 
p. in. Hiram Hadley, superintendent. 

Warren, se. cor. Robey. Rev. A. X. Shoema- 
ker, pastor, res.parsonage attached to the church. 
Divine service, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sab- 
bath school, 2.30 p. m. 


ANSHE MAYREV One mile north of city limits, 

on Green Bay road. M. M. Gerstly, president. 
CALVARY Ten miles north of the city on the 

Chicago and Milwaukee R. R. Office, 15 East 

Madison. T. D. Guinea, snpt. 
CATHOLIC On North side, bet. Schiller and 

North av. Office, 15 East Madison. T. D. 

Guinea, supt. 


THE SONS OF PEACE One and a half miles 

north of city cemetery, near the lake. Philip 

Goldstein, president. 

SOCIETY. Adjoining the Cemetery of the Con- 

L'n-gation of the Sons of Peace. 

miles north of city limits, on Green Bay road. 
CITY CEMETERY North av. to Lincoln park, 

bet. North Clark and the lake, Joseph H. Ernst, 

superintendent. Office, sw. corner, cemetery, 

and room 2 Court House, from 9 to 10 a. m. 
GRACELAND Two miles north of city, on Green 

Bay road. Office, Bryan Hall, 89 Clark. James 

L. Reynolds, president. 

miles from the city limits, on Green Bay road. 

Twenty-four acres. Sebastian Keil, sexton. 

Paul's and St. Emanuel's churches) South of 

Graceland. Fifteen acres. 
OAKWOOD'S CEMETERY Office, 23 LaSalle. 

James A. Ferguson, assistant secretary. 
ROSS HILL Four miles north of the city, on the 

Chicago and Milwaukee R. R, J. Woodbridge 

Smith, treasurer. 


Board of Education. 

Office, room 1, Commercial Building, LaSalle, sw. 
cor. Lake. 1st Ward, John Wentworth ; 2d Ward, 
William H. Carter; 3d Ward, William H. King, 
4th Ward, Joseph N. Barker; 5th Ward, Leari- 
der Stone; 6th Ward, Jonathan B. Stephens; 
7th Ward, John D. Tully; 8th Ward, David 
Walsh; 9th Ward, John Macalister: 10th Ward, 
Joseph S. Reynolds; llth Ward, John C. Rich- 
berg; 12 Ward, Jeremiah B Briggs: 18th Ward, 
Avery Moore ; 14th Ward, Eben F. Runyan ; 15th 
Ward, Charles Woensche; 16th Ward, Curtis C. 
Meserve, 17th Ward, Theodore Schint/; 18th 
Ward Robert Clark: 19th Ward, Samuel Shack- 
ford; 201 h Ward, Chalkley J. Ramble-ton. 

OFFICE HOURS Forenoon, from 8 a, m. to 12 m. 
Afternoon March 1st to November 1st 2 to 6 
p. m.; November 1st, to March 1st 2 to 5 p. m. 

Superintendent's Office Hours. Noon Hour, from 
12.30 to 1 p. m. Afternoon March 1st to Novem- 
ber 1st 5 to 6th p. m.; November 1st to March 
1st 4 to 5 p. m. 

Building and Supply AgenCs Office .Zftwr*. March 
1st to November 1st- 5 to 6 p. m.; November 1st 
to March 1st 4 to 5 p. m. 

Officers of the Board. 

William H. King, president; Eben F. Runyan, 
vice pres. ; Josiah L. Pickard, secretary 
and superintendent of Schools; Francis 
Hanford, assistant to the superintendent; 
Shepherd Johnston, clerk; Margaret Har- 
dinge, assistant clerk; James Ward, Building 
and Supply Agent; Charles C. Chase, School 
Agent; John A. Guilford, messenger. 

Schools and Boundaries of Districts. 

HIGH SCHOOL Monroe, bet. Halsted and Des- 
plains. Boundaries City limits. Teachers, 
George Rowland principal ; Edward C. Delano, 
principal of Normal Department; George P. 
Welles, teacher of Latin; Selim H. Peabody, 
teacher of Natural Science; Henry F. Munroe, 
teacher of Latin and Natural Science ; Albion 
Cate, teacher of Greek ; C. G. G. Paine, teacher 
of Mathematics and Mental Science ; Jeremiah 
Slocum, teacher of Mathematics ; Samuel Will- 
ard, teacher of History; George D. Broomell, 
teacher of Mathematics; Caroline S. Wygant, 
principal of School of Practice ; Gertrude V.Lord, 
Assistant in Normal Department; Annie E. 
Trimingham, teacher of Drawing; Pauline M, 
Reed, teacher of German ; Marion G. Meatvard, 
teacher of French. 

DEARBORN SCHOOL Madison, bet. State and 
Dearborn. Alfred P. Burbank, principal ; Alice 
L.Barnard, head assistant; that portion of the 
South Division lying north of Jackson, 

JONES SCHOOL Clark, cor, Harrison. Norton 
W. Boomer, principal ; Mary W. Whiteside, 
head assistant ; that portion of the South Di- 
vision lying bet. Jackson on the north and Polk 
and Peck Court on the south. 

SCAMMON SCHOOL Madf son, bet, Halsted and 
A. Henry Vanzwoll, principal; Henrietta G. 
Hubbard, head assistant. That portion of the 
West Division commencing on Kinzie at the 
River,thence followingKhizie to Green,Green to 
Jackson ; Jackson to the River, and on the east 

* bv the River from Jackson to Kinzie. 

KINZIE SCHOOL Ohio, cor. LaSalle. James 
Hannan, principal; Esther M. Sprague, head 
assistant: that portion of the North Division, 
commencing on Indiana at the Lake; thence 
following Indiana toDoarftoriv; Dearborn to Ohio, 
Ohio to Clark. Clark to Huron, Huron to Wells, 
Wells to Superior, Superior to the River; on the 
west and south by the River, and on the east by 
the Lake. 

FRANKLIN SCHOOL Division, cor. Sedgwick. 
Albert R, Sabin, principal ; Maggie Dougall, 
head assistant; that portion of the North Di- 
vision, commencing on N.orth av. at the Lake, 
thence following North av. to Sedgwick; Sedg- 
wick to Black Hawk, Black Hawk to the River; 
on the west by the River from Black Hawk to 
White, thence following White to Wells, Wells 
to Oak, Oak to Clark; Clark to Elm, Elm to the 
Lake, and on the east by the Lake from Elm to 
North av. 



WASHINGTON SCHOOL W. Indiana, cor. N. 
Sangamon. Benjamin R. Cutter, principal ; Liz- 
zie N. Cutter, head assistant; C. McFee, Ger- ! 
man teacher. That portion of the West Divis- 
ion commencing on Chicago av. at the river, 
thence following Chicago av. to Halsted, Halsted 
to Erie, Erie to Curtis, Curtis to Indiana, Indi- 
ana to Noble, Noble to Kinzie, Kinzie to the 
River, and on the east by the River from Kinzie 
to Chicago av. 

MOSELY SCHOOL Michigan av. cor. 24th. S. 
N. Griffln, principal ; Louise S. Curtis, head as- 
sistant. That portion of the South Division 
commencing on the north line of 19th, extend- 
ing to the Lake, thence following the north line 
of 19th to the River, on the west by the River 
from 19th to Stewart av., thence following Stew- 
art av. to line of 28th extended, line of 28th ex- 
tended and 28th to Prairie av. Prairie av. to 26th, 
26th to the Lake, anrf on the east by the Lake 
from 26th to the extension of the north line of 

BROWN SCHOOL Warren av. bet. Wood and 
Page. J. K. Merrill, principal; Carrie B. Skeer, 
head assistant. That portion of the West Divis- 
ion commencing at the corner of Kinzie and 
Elizabeth, thence following Kinzie to Lincoln, 
Lincoln to Lake, Lake to Robey, Robey to Har- 

rison, Harrison to Ashland av. Ashland av. to 
Madison, Madison to Sheldon, Sheldon to Ran- 
dolph, Randolph to Elizabeth, Elizabeth to Kin- 

FOSTER SCHOOL Union, bet. O'Brien and Dus- 
sold. Orville T. Bright, principal; Luella V. 
Little, head assistant. That portion of the West 
Division commencing on Ewing at the River, 
thence following Ewing to Blue Island av. Blue 
Island av. to Center av. Center av. to the River, 
and on the south and east by the River, from 
Center av. to Ewing. 

OGDEN SCHOOL Chestnut, bet. Dearborn and 
N. State. George W. Heath, principal ; Rebecca 
E. Jones, head assistant. That portion of the 
North Division commencing on Elm at the Lake, 
thence following Elm to Clark, Clark to Oak, 
Oak to Wells, Wells to White, White to the 
River, on the west by the River from White to 
Superior, thence following Superior to Wells, 
Wells to Huron, Huron to Clark, Clark to Ohio, 
Ohio to Dearborn, Dearborn to Indiana, Indiana 
to the Lake, and on the east by Lake from Indi- 
ana to Elm. 

NEWBERRY SCHOOL Orchard, cor. Willow. 
Coryden G. Stowell, principal; Emma Hooke, 
head assistant. That portion of the North Di- 
vision commencing on Wisconsin at the Lake, 
thence following Wisconsin to Larrabee, Larra- 
bee to Center, Center to the River, on the west 
by the River from Center to Blackhawk, thence 
following Blackhawk to Sedgwick, Sedgwick to 
North av. North av. to the Lake, and on the east 
by the Lake from North av. to Wisconsin. 

WELLS SCHOOL Ashland av. cor. Cornelia. 
Jeremiah Mahoney, principal ; MaryA. Evans, 
head assistant. That portion of the West Divis- 
ion commencing on Blackhawk at the River, 
thence following Black Hawk to Ashland av. 
Ashland av. to North av. North av. to the city 
limits, on the west by the city limits from North 
av. to Chicago av. thence followingChicagp av. 
to Hoyne, Hpyne to Erie, Erie to Wood, Wood 
to Kinzie, Kinzie to Armour, Armour to 1st, 1st 
to Noblo, Noble to Augusta, Augusta to Elston, 
Elston to the River, and on the east by the River 
from Elston to Black Hawk. 

SKINNER SCHOOL Jackson, cor. Aberdeen. 
Ira S. Baker, principal ; Helen A. Butler, head 
assistant. That portion of the West Division 
commencing at the corner of Green and Kinzie, 
thence following Kinzie to Elizabeth, Elizabeth 
to Randolph, Randolph to Sheldon, Sheldon to 
Madison, Madison to Ashland av. Ashland ay. 
to Taylor, Taylor to Morgan, Morgan to Harri- 
son, Harrison to Peoria, Peoria to Jackson, Jack- 
son to Green, and Green to Kinzie. 

HAVEN SCHOOL Wabash av. near 15th. Leslie 
Lewis, principal ; Harriet A. Stowell head assis- 
tant. That portion of the South Division com- 
mencing; on Peck Court at the Lake, thence fol 
lowing Peck Court to State, State to Polk, Polk 
to the River, on the west by the River from Polk 
to 19th, on the south by the north line of 19th 
from the River to the Lake, and on the east by 

the Lake from the north line of 19th extended, 
to Peck Court. 

near Cottage Grove av. James H. Broomel, 
principal; Harriet B. Vreeland, head assistant. 
That portion of the South Division commencing 
on 33d at the Lake, thence following 33d to 
South Park av. South Park av. to Douglas place, 
Douglas place to Stewart av. Stewart av. to the 
city limits, on the south by the city limits from 
Stewart av. to the Lake, and on the east by the 
Lake from the city limits to 33d. 

HOLDEN SCHOOL Cor. of Deering and 31st. , 
Charles F. Babcock, principal ; L. A/Foltz, head 
assistant.- That portion of South Division com- 
mencing on the River at its intersection by Stew- 
art av. and bounded on the north by the River 
frrom Stewart av. to the city limits, on the wes- 
and south by the city limits from the River to 
Stewart av. thence following Stewart av. to the 

HOLSTEIN SCHOOL Cortlandt, near Henshaw. 
Eliza Lundegreen, principal; Abbey E. Tobey, 
head assistant. That portion of the West DiYis- 
ion on the north and west by the city limits from 
Wood to North Avenue, thence following North 
av. to Wood, and Wood to city limits. 

DORE SCHOOL Harrison, east of Halsted. H.H. 
Belfield, principal ; Ann E. Winchell, head as- 
sistant. That portion of the West Division com- 
mencing on Jackson at the River, thence follow- 
ing Jackson to Peoria, Peoria to Harrison, Harri- 
son to Morgan, Morgan to Ewing, Ewing to the 
River, and on the east by the River from Ewing 
to Jackson. 

CARPENTER SCHOOL Cor. Centre av. and 2d. 
Alfred Kirk, principal ; M. H. Sayward, head as- 
sistant. That portion of the West Division com- 
mencing on Elston at the River, thence follow- 
ing Elston to Augusta, Augusta to Noble, Noble 
to First,First toArmour, Armour toKinzie, Kinzie 
toNoble,Noble to Indiana,IndianatoCurtis.Cur 
tis to Erie, Erie to Halsted, Halsted to Chicago 
av., Chicago av. to the River, and on the east by 
the River from Chicago av. to Elston. 

HAYES SCHOOL Leavitt, bet. Walnut and Ful- 
ton. A.N. Merriman,principal ;Mary A.Merriman 
head assistant. That portion of the West Divis. 
ion commencing at the corner of Erie and Wood, 
thence following Erie to Hoyne, Hoyne to Chi- 
cago av. Chicago av. to the city limits, on the west 
by the city limits from Chicago av. to Harrison, 
thence following Harrison to Robey, Robey <) 
Lake, Lake to Lincoln, Lincoln to Kinzie, Kinzie 
to Wood, and Wood to Erie. 

CLARK SCHOOL Ashland av. bet. Sampson and 
Leavitt. F. B. Williams, principal; Mattie A. 
Merriman, head assistant. That portion of the 
West Division commencing at the cor. of Taylor 
and Blue Island av. thence following Taylor to 
Ashland av., Ashland av. to Harrison, Harrison 
to the city limits, on the west by the city limits 
from Harrison to 22d, thence following 22d to 
Center av., Center av. to Blue Island av., and 
Blue Island av. to Taylor. 

DOUGLAS SCHOOL Forest av. cor. 31st, That 
portion of the South Division commencing on 
26th, at the Lake, thence following 26th to Pra- 
rie av., Prairie av. to 28th, and 28th where opened 
and the north line of 28th, where not opened, to 
Stewart av., Stewart av. to Douglas Place, Done- 
las Place to South Park av., South Park av. to 
33d, 33d to the Lake, and on the east by the Lake 
from 33d to 26th 

LINCOLN SCHOOL Larrabee, bet. Belden and 
Fullerton av. Maria H. Haven, head assistant. 
That portion of the North Division bounded on 
the north by the city limits from the Lake to the 
River, on the west by the River from the city 
limits to Center, thence following Center to Lar- 
rabee, Larrabee to Wisconsin. \V isconsin to the 
Lake,and on the east by the Lake from Wisconsin 
to the citv limits. 

son, cor. Market. Mary J. Synon, principal. 
That portion of the North Division commencing 
at the cor. of White and Wells, thence following 
White to the River, on the west by the River 
from White to Superior, thence following Supe- 
rior to Wells, and Wells to White. 

Elizabeth, cor. Lake. Hattie N. Winchell, prin- 
cipal. That portion of the West Division com- 


mencing at the cor of Green and Kinzie, thence 
following Kinzie to Ashland av., Ashland av. to 
Madison, Madison to Sheldon, Sheldon to Ran- 
dolph, Rrandolph to Green, and Green to Kin- 

av. cor. Wabansia av. Sarah O. Babcock, prin- 
cipal. That portion of the West Division com- 
mencing at the intersection of Wood with the 
River, thence following Wood to North av., 
North av. to Reuben, Reuben to Black Hawk, 
Black Hawk to the River, and on the east by the 
River from Black Hawk to Wood. 

cor. John. Mary E. S. Brown, principal. That, 
portion of the West Division commencing on 
tin 1 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad 
track at the River, thence following said C. B. 
& Q. R. R. track to Center av., J Center av. to the 
River, and on the south and east by the River 
from Center av. to the C. B. & Q. R. R. track. 

Koven, near 'Desplaiues, Tainmie E. Flowers, 
principal. That portion of the West Division 
commencing on Maxwell at the River, thence 
following Maxwell to Blue Island av., Blue Is- 
land av. to Center av.. Center av. to the C. B. & 
Q. R. R. track, C. B. & Q. R. R. track to the Riv- 
er, and on the east by the River from the C. B. 
& Q. R. R. track to Maxwell. 

Elm. Sarah H. Smith, principal. That portion 
of the North Division commencing at the point 
where Goethe extended, would strike the Lake, 
thence following the line of Goethe and Goethe 
where open, to Wells, Wells to White, White 
to the Lake, and on the east by the Lake from 
White to the line of Goethe extended. 

Wentworth av. cor. 20th. Mary E. Reed, princi- 
pal. That portion of the South Division com- 
mencing at the intersection of the C., B. & Q. R. 
R. track bv Burnside, thence following the C., 
B. & tj. R.R. track to the River, on the west by 
the River from the C., B. & Q. R.R. track to 24th", 
thence following 24th to Burnside, and Burnside 
to the C., B. & Q. R.R. track. 


Blue Island av. near Western av. Catherine H. 
Johnson, principal. That portion of the West 
Division commencing at the cor. of 22d and Cen- 
er av. thence following 22d to the city limits, 
on the west by the city limits from 22d to the 
River, on the south by the River from the city 
limits to Center av. and thence following Center 
av. to 22d. 

ma Coss, principal. That portion of the North 
Division commencing at the cor. of Black Hawk 
and Sedgwick, thenece following Black Hawk to 
the River, on the west by the River from Black 
Hawk to Oak, thence following Oak to Bremer, 
Bretner to Rees, Rees to Sedgwick, and Sedg- 
wick to Black Hawk. 

gregational Church building, Calumet av. cor. 
26th. Etta J. Reed, principal. That portion of 
the Sovith Division commencing oil 22d at the 
Lake, thence following 22d to Prairie av. Prairie 
av. to 26th, 26th to Clark, Clark to 20th, 29th to 
the Lake, and on the east by the Lake from 29th 

LaSalle and Clark, north of North av. Eliza- 
beth C. Rust, principal. That portion of the 
North Division bounded on the north by the city 
limits from the Lake to Hurlbut, thence follow- 
ing Hurlbut to Asylum place, Asylum place to 
Sedgwick, Sedgwick to Goethe, Goethe and 
Goethe extended, to the Lake, and on the east by 
the Lake from extension of Goethe to the city 

coln, cor. W. Indiana. Ellen J. Kennedy, prin- 
cipal. That portion of the West Division com- 
mencing on Indiana at Ashland av. thence fol- 
lowing Indiana to Paulina, Paulina to Erie, Erie 
to Hoyne, Hoyne to Chicago av. Chicago av. to 
Western av. Western av. to Kinzie, Kinzie to 
Ashland av. and Ashland av. to Indiana. 

and 4th avs. near 12th. Mary J. Dewey, princi- 
pal. That portion of the South Division com- 

mencing at the cor. of Polk and State, thence fol- 
lowing Polk to the River, on the west by the 
River from Polk to 14th, thence following 14th 
to State, and State to Polk. 

man and Edward E. Whittemore. 

Schools Independent of the Board of 


BOHEMIAN (For boys and girls) In rear of St. 

Wenzeslaus Catholic Church. 
HOLY FAMILY (For boys) Morgan, near 12th. 
HOLY FAMILY (For girls) W. Taylor, near Ly- 


HOLY NAME Huron, bet. N. State and Cass. 
ST. BONIFACIUS Cornell, ne. cor. Noble. 
ST. COLUMBA'S 178 N. Paulina. 
ST. FRANCIS 1 W. 12th, cor. Ncwberry. 
ST. FRANCIS', (for girls) W. 12th, cor. Newberry. 
ST. JAMES' Attached to St. James Church, Car- 


ST. JOHN'S, (for boys) Clark, bet. 17th and 18th. 
ST. JOHN'S, (for girls) 4th av. bet. 18th and 19th. 
ST. JOSEPH'S Chicago av. cor. Cass. 
ST. MARY'S, (for girls) 131 and 133 Wabash av. 
ST. MARY'S OF THE LAKE Case, near Chicago 

ST. MICHAEL'S, (German) 188 Hurlbut. 

ST. PATRICK'S, (for boys) Desplaines, near Ad- 

ST. PATRICK'S, (for girls) Desplaines, near Ad- 

ST. PETER'S Clark, cor. Polk. 

er av. 

McGregor, ne. cor. Havover. 

ST. PAUL'S Clinton, cor. Mather. 

girls) Evans, cor. Johnson. 

TION-497 N. Franklin. 

cor. Egan av. 

German Evangelical X/utheran Schools. 

FIRST SCHOOL (St. Paul's) Basement of church, 

Superior, cor. Franklin. 
SECOND SCHOOL, (St. John's) Basement of 

church, 1st, cor. Bickerdike. 
THIRD SCHOOL, (St. Jacobi's) Willow, cor. 

Burling. The above are day schools, in which 

both German and English are taught. 

SCHOOL, attached to St. John's Church Ful 

ton, cor. Hoyne. 

German United Evangelical Lutheran 
St. Paul's Schools. 

FIRST SCHOOL Basement of church, Ohio, cor. 
N. LaSalle. 

S. PAUL'S SECOND SCHOOL Larrabee, near 
Clyboum av. 

SECOND SCHOOL Adjoining Zion Church, Un- 
ion, nw. cor. Mitchell. 

THIRD SCHOOL Basement of Salem Church, 
21st, near Archer av. 

FOURTH SCHOOL Adjoining St. Peter's Church, 
Chicago av. cor. Noble. 


ed with Our Saviour Church, N. May, cor. 3d. 

bet. Clark and 4th. av. 


SALEM SCHOOL Belonging to German Luther- 
an Church, 21st, nr. Archer av. 

suth se. cor. Hanover. 

IMMANUAL'S SCHOOL W. Taylor, cor. 


plaines, bet. Harrison and Van Buren. 

ST. PETER'S SCHOOL Chicago av. ne. cor. 



Piirrel, bet. Archer av. and Hickory. 
Union Park Congregation (Swedish), bet. Ash- 
land av. and Paulina. 

TRY AND WIN SCHOOL, Adams, cor. Sanga 

Academies and Seminaries, etc. 


99 East Van Buren. 

lor, nr. Lylle. 

ACADEMY OF S. AGATHA Michigan av. bet. 
25th and 26th. 

bash av. next St. Mary's Church. 

STITUTE Larmon Block. Clark, cor. Wash- 




SCHOOL 122 and 124 Randolph. 


116 and 118 Randolph. 
LORETTO ACADEMY W. Adams, nr. Des- 


PALMER'S ACADEMY-329 Wabash av. 
PRAIRIE AVENUE SEMINA -iY 821 Prairie av. 

Colleges and Seminaries. 

av. bet. University av. aud College av. 

ST. IGNATIUS COLLEGE. North side W. 12th, 
bet. Blue Island av. and May. 

Wabash av. 

ren av. cor. Ashland av. 

OF CHICAGO Rooms 32 and 34 Oriental build- 
ing. 122 LaSalle. 

OF THE NORTHWEST Halsted, cor. Fuller- 

cor. Douglas pi. 

Medical Institutions, Colleges and 




Cottage Grove av. nr. 29th 

Indiana, cor. N. Dearborn. Rush Medical Col- 
lege building. 

Bide Cottage Grove av. nr. 29th. Open for the 
medical and surgical treatment of the sick poor 
of the city, each day, except Sundays, through- 
out the year. 

son, ne. cor. Randolph. 

AND SURGERY 180 and 182 Washington. 



COOK COUNTY HOSPITAL. South side Arnold, 

bet. 18th and 19th. 

DRKN 402 N. State. Dispensary open from 8y t 

to 10 o'clock mornings. 
MERCY HOSPITAL Calumet av. bet. 25th and 



SMALL POX (Lake) HOSPITAL. Under the 

charge of the Board of Health. North av. bet. 

N. State and Lake Michigan. 


the river and S. Water. 




SCHOOL Situated in Bridgeport. 
MAGDALEN ASULUM N. Market, sw. cor. Elm. 


and 124 Quincy. 

Wisconsin, cor. Franklin. 

ERRING WOMAN'S REFUGE Indiana av. cor. 


LUM 185 Ontario. 

OLD LADIES' HOME Kimball block, Indiana av. 
bet. 26th and 27th. 

av. cor. 27th. 

SOLDIERS' HOME Located at Fairview. 

LUM Superior, ne. cor. State. 

WASHINGTONIAN HOME Madison,cor.South- 
westcrn plank road. 

W. Randolph. Visitors admitted Tuesdays, 
Thursdays and Saturdays, from 10 a. m. to 3 p. in. 


FIRMARY 16 E. Pearson. 



building, ns. Ontario, bet. Clark and Dearborn. 

Wm. Corkran, secretary and librarian. 

House. Julius Rosenthal, librarian. 

and reading room 50 LaSalle 


near W. Chicago av. 

Baptist Church, Michigan av. bet. 23d and 24th. 

Halsted. cor. Fullerton av. city limita. 

151 and 153 Monroe 

Library and reading rooms, Insurance building, 

Arcade court. 


Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and 
Accepted Masons. 

Blue IJodges. 

ORIENTAL, No. 33 Meets every Friday, in Ori- 

ental Hall, 122 LaSalle. 
GARDEN CITY, No. 141 -Meets in Oriental Hall, 

every Wednesday. 
WAUBANSIA, No. 100 -Meets in Oriental Hall, 

every Monday evening. 

ANIA No. 182 Meets in Oriental Hall every 

W. B. WARREN, No. 200 Meets in Oriental Hall 

every Saturday. 
CLEVELAND, No. 211 Meets on Randolph, sw. 

cor. Halsted, every Thursday. 
BLANEY, No. 271 Meets every Wednesday eve- 

ning at Blaney Hall, 52 Dearborn 
ACCORDIA, No. 277 Meets on second and fourth 

Friday, on Clark, sw. cor. Lake. 
ASHLER, No. 308 Meets every Tuesday in Blaney 

Hall, on Dearborn. 



DEARBORN, No. 310 Meets every fourth Friday 
in Blaney Hall, 53 Dearborn. 

KEYSTONE LODGE, No. 639 Meets Monday, on 
Ohio, cor. Wells. 

KILWINNING, No. 311 Meets every Thursday, 
on N. Dearborn, bet. N. Water and Kinzie. 

BLAIR, 239 Meets every Thursday, in Blair Hall, 
McVicker's Theatre. 

THOMAS J. TURNER, No.- 409 Meets every 
Thursday at Blaney Hall, 53 Dearborn. 

MITHRA, No. 410 Meets every Monday at 115 

HESPERIA, No. 411 Meets every Wednesday, on 
Randolph, sw. cor. Halsted. 

CHICAGO, No. 437- Meets on first and third Tues- 

ilavs, in Oriental Hall. 

H. W. BIGELOW, No. 438 Meets every Monday 
rvc.ningin Oriental Hall. 

PLEIADES, No. 478 Meets every. Thursday, on 
..n, cor. 12th. 

HOME. No. 508 Meets every Friday, on 23d, cor. 
( 'i inane Grove av. 

COVENANT. No. 526 Meets every Friday, at 55 
N Clark 

LESSING.'NO. 557 Meets every Tuesday, at 12 N. 
Clinton, Leasing Hall. 

NATIONAL, No. 590 Meets every Monday, on 
Randolph, sw. cor. Halsted. 

UNION PARK, No. 610 Meets every Saturday, at 
O'Neill's block, W. Lake. 

LINCOLN PARK, No. 611 Meets every Friday, 
on Center, cor. Lincoln. 

. I ER LODGE. U. D. Meets at 278 Milwau- 
kee av. on Saturday. 

APOLLO LODGE, U. D. Meets on State, cor. 30th, 
every Thursday. 


Dewitt C. Cregier, G.M. , Chicago; James A. Haw- 
ley, D. G.M,, Dixon; George Lounsbury, S.G.W., 
Mound City; James C. Luckey, J.G.W., Polo; 
Harrison Dills, G.T., Quincy; Orlin H. Miner, 
G.S., Springfield; Rev. John W. Agard, G.C., 
Wyoming; John M. Scott, G.O. Bloomington; 
John C. Beynolds, D.G.S., Springfield; Thomas 
J. Whitehead, G.P. ; Olin John F. Burrill, G.M., 
Springfield; Isaac F. Hard, G.S.B., Alton; 
William H. Eastman, G.S.B., Yates City; W. 
J. A. Delancy, G.S.D., Centralia; Henry W. 
Dyer, G.J.D., Mound City; Henry E. Hamilton, 
G.S., Chicago; William" H. Gong, G.8., Mount 
Morris; John P. Ferns, G.T., Chicago. 
Royal A t-cli Masons. 

ray G.H.P., Decatur; James A. Hawley, D.G.H. 
P., Dixon ; James C. Luckey, G.K., Polo ; /George 
-I . Lounabury, G.S ;, Mound City ; Harrison Dills, 
G.T., Quincy; James H. Miles, G.S., Chicago, 
P.O. dr.5;84; A. P. Forsvth, G.C., Kansas ; John 
ynolds, G.C.H., Springfield; William J. A. 
Delancy, G.P.S., Centralia; Henry C. Clarke, G. 
K.A.C., Kankakee; Edward Blackshaw, G.M.3d 
V., Urbaua; Arthur R. Atkins, G.M. 2d V., Chi- 
cago; Abraham Sallee, G.M. 1st V., Fulton; 
Lockwood K. Oabora, G.S., Chicago; Arney R. 
Robinson, G.T., Springfield. 

LAFAYETTE CHAPTER, No. 2 Meets second 
and fourth Monday of each month, at Masonic 
Temple, 85 Dearborn. Samuel Brown, H.P. ; 
Joseph A.Bunce, K. ; Moses N. Fuller, S.; Wm. 
L. Barnum, C.H.; Robt. R. Stevens, P.S.; John 
H. Huyck, R.A.C.: Uri W. Weston, 3d V.; Har- 
wood H. Coe, 2dV.; Chas. A. Bourne, IstV.; 
ilenry W. Bigeiow, treas.; Erastus N. Tucker, 
HOC. ; L. R. Osborne, T. 


% ond and fourth Friday of each month, on Ran- 
dolph, sw. cor. Halsted. Arthur R. Atkins, H. 
I 1 .: Wm. H. Sanborn. K.; Wm. Amerson, S.; 
Pink-v D. Brown, C. H. ; Win. Lawjr. P. S. ; Ed- 
gar M. Bostwick, R. A. C.; Silas E.Cleveland, 
M V. ; George H. Richey, 2d V. ; Joseph Liming, 
1st V. ; George H. Gibson, Treas. ; John Whitley, 
Hec.; J. T. Gurncy, T. 

CORINTHIAN CHAPTER, NO. 69 Meets second 
and fourth Wednesday of each month, on N. 
Dearborn, near Kinzie. Addison D. Bascom, H. 
P. ; John Woodman, K. ; Charles C. Phillips, S. ; 
William Kerr, C. H.; Samuel Henderson, P. S.; 
Gilbert W. Barnard, R. A. C. ; James W. Morse, 
3d V. ; T. Stark, 3d V. ; Wm. R. Melville, 1st V. ; 
Thomas E. Miller, Treas.; John O. Dickerson, 
Sec.; T. Phillips, T. 

first and third Friday of each month, on 12th cor. 
Clinton. James E. Church, H. P. ; John C. Fus- 
sey, K.; Wm. Daniel, S.; Charles G. Howell, C. 
H.; Albert W. Adcock' P. S.; George Barr, R 
A. C. ; Alexander Campbell, 3d V. ; William G. 
Goodman, 2d V. ; Thomas Hewison, 1st V. ; John 
Wallwork, Treas. ; Charles Van Cainpen, Sec. ; 
James F. Davis, T. 

CHICAGO CHAPTER. NO. 127 Hall, Cottage 
Grove av. cor. 23d. Meets first and third Mon- 
day evening of each month. Wm. Aldrich, H. 
P.; W. H. Stevens, K.; Geo. T. Williams, S.; E. 
Griffith, C. H. ; E. P. Tobey, P. S. ; E. F. Pearce, 
R. A. C. ; R. D. Herrick, 3d V. ; G. T. Smith, 2d 
V. ; George Dale, 1st V. ; J. Start, Treas. ; J. C. 
McCord, Sec. ; Isaac Parker, T. 

Royal and Select Masters. 

CHICAGO COUNCIL, NO. 4 Meets in Masonic 
Temple, 87 Dearborn. Annual convocation, 
6th. M.E. James H. Miles, T.I.G.M. ; E. Joseph 
A. Bunce, D.I.G.M. ; E. Moses N. Fuller, P.C. of 
W. ; Comp. Tracy T. Oviatt, Conductor: Comp. 
John H. Huyck, Capt. of G. ; Comp. H. W. Bige- 
iow, Treas.; Comp. E. N. Tucker, Recorder; 
Comp. C. R. Vandercook, Steward; Comp. L. K. 
Osborn, Sentinel. 

every Saturday evening at Masonic Temple, sw. 
cor. Randolph and Ha'lsted. J. J. French, T.I. 
G.M.; J. Whitley, D.I.G.M; A. R. Atkins, P.C. 

Knights Templar. 

year ending October, 1871. 

R.E. Sir John Mill Pearson, G.C., Grodfrey. 

V.E. Sir Wilev M. Egan, D.G.C., Chicago. 

E. Sir Daniel Dustin, G.G., Sycamore. 

E. Sir James A. Hawley, G.C.G., Dixon. 

Rev. E. Sir Charles A. Gilbert, G.P., Jolict. 

E. Sir Robert H. Foss, G.T., Chicago. 

E. Sir James H. Miles, G.R., Chicago. 

E. Sir Hiram W. Hubbard, G.S.W., Centralia. 

E. Sir Theodore T. Gurney, G.J.W., Chicago. 

E. Sir Louis H. Jorgeneen, G. St. B., Cairo. 

E. Sir Asa W. Blakesley, Q. Sw. B., Quincy. 

E. Sir John F. Wash, G.W., Ottawa, 

E. Sir Lockwood K. Osborn, G.C. of G., Chica- 

APOLLO COMMANDERY, NO. 1 Meets first and 
third Tuesday evenings of each month at Mason- 
ic Temple, 85 Dearborn. Sir Eugene B. Meyer, 
C. ; Sir Francis H. Nichols, G. ; Sir R. C. Garra- 
brant, Capt. Gen.; Sir James H. Miles, P. ; Sir 
Tracy T. Oviatt, S.W.; Sir Frederick A. Wheel- 
er, J.W.; Sir Henry W. Bigeiow, Treas.; SirE. 
N. Tucker, Recorder; Sir Seth T. Minckler, St. 
B.; Sir Geo. W. Muir, Sw. B.; SirWm. D. Baker, 
W.; L. K. Osborn, Capt. Gd. 

and third Monday evenings of each month, on 
Randolph, sw. cor. Halsted. Sir Charles M. 
Tarland, B.C.; Sir Arthur R. Atkins, G.; Sir 
Wm. H. Woodbury, Capt. Gen. ; Sir A. H. Vanze- 
woll, P. ; Sir Charles E. Chase, Treas. ; Sir John 
Whitley, Recorder; Sir J. H. Whitbeck, S.W.; 
Sir James G. Smeal, J.W. ; Sir Lewis A. Hamb- 
lin, W. ; Sir P. Crumb, Capt. Gde. 
N. Dearborn, bet. Water and Kiuzie. Sir E. N. 
Edwards, C. ; Sir Francis A. Hayden, G. ; Sir 
Louis Schaffner, C. G. ; Sir Gilbert W. Barnard, 
P. ; Sir Horace K. Meecham, S.W.; Sir William 
R. Melville, J. W. ; Sir Thomas E. Miller, Treas. ; 
Sir John O. Dickerson, Recorder; Sir John 
Woodman, S.B.; Sir Dennis Ward, S.B.; Sir 
Henry Turner, W. ; Sir John P. Feme, T. 

A. <fc A. Scottish Rite. 

FECTION Meets first and third Thursdays of 
each month, at Masonic Temple, 85 Dearborn. 
G. W. Barnard, T.P.G.M. ; C. H. Brower, Ilia. 
Depv.; H. H. Pond, S. G. W. ; F. A. Wheeler, J. 
G. W.; E. J. Hill, G. O.; E. B. Meyers, G. T.; 
J B. Slichter, G. S.; H. N. Bibbard, G. M ofC.; 
J. D. Briggs, G. C. Gds; H. N. Hurlbut.G. Hogn. 
Bro.; J. D. Terns, G. Tyler; 



ILLINOIS COUNCIL P. of J-Meets third Thurs- 
day of each month at Masonic Temple, 85 Dear- 
born. James H. Paddock, S.P.G.M.; A. D. Bas- 
com, G. H. P.; F. A. Wheeler, S. G. W.; Wm. 
H. Reid, J. G. W. ; J. H. Miles, G. K. of S. and A. 
H. S. Austin, G. T. : John Corcran, G.M. of C. ; 
J. T. Stewart, G. M. E. : L. K. Osborn, G. 8. 

R. D. M. Meets fourth Thursday of January, 
March, May, July, September, November, at Ma- 
sonic Temple, 85 Dearborn. A. F. Holcomb, M. 
W. and P. M.; L. E. Bullock, M. E. and Pkt. S. 

. W.; D. J. Avery, M. E. and Pkt. J. W; H. N. 
Hurlbut, M. E. and Pkt. G. Orator; H. S. Aus- 
tin. Respt. and Pkt. T. ; James H. Miltee, Respt. 
and Pkt. S. ; Alex. Wolcott, Respt. and Pkt. 
Hospt. Bro. ; Tracy T. Oviatt, Regpt. and Pkt. 
M. of C. : A. L. Brown, C. of Gds. 

P. R. S. 32d deg. Meets fourth Thursday of Feb- 
ruary, April, June, August, October, and Decem- 
ber, 27th at Masonic Temple, 85 Dearborn. Hen- 
ry, C. Ranney, Comdr. in Chief; Warren G. Pur- 
dy, 1st. Lieut. Comdr. ; Frederick A. Wheeler, 
2d Lieut. Comdr. ;E. J. Hill, G. M. S.:James 
H. Miles, G.C.; J.B. Slichter, G. S.; Eugene 
B. Myers, G. T.; Everett St. John, G. Architect 
and Eng. ; Horatio N. Hurlbut, G. Hospitaller; 
Henry H. Pond, G. M. of C. ; Tracy T. Oviatt, G. 
S. B. ; Joseph Gallagher, G. C. of Gds. ; Lock- 
wood K. Osborn, G. Sentinel. 

Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 


Jacobs, G.P.. Shelbyville. N. C. Nason, G.S., 


G.M., Nashville, 111. N. C. Nason, G.S., Peoria. 


celsior Hall, Methodist Church blo_ck, Washing- 
ton, cor. Clark, first and third Friday evenings 
in each month. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 114 Randolph, second and 
fourth Fridav evenings in each month. 

Goethe Hall, 280 Milwaukee av. first and third 
Monday evenings in each month. 

ADRIEL ENCAMPMENT, NO. 106 Meets in Ft. 
Dearborn Hall. Madison, cor. Halsted, second 
and fourth Friday evenings in each month. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 1372 State, on the second and 
fourth Friday evenings in each month. 

HERMAN ENCAMPMENT, NO. 110 Meets 27th, 
cor. South Park av. on the first and third Mon- 
day evenings in each month. 

Tuesday evening, at Odd Fellows Hall, on Mitch- 


UNION LODGE, NO. 9 Meets Thursday evenings 
in Union Hall, Washington, cor. LaSalle 

DUANE LODGE, NO. 11 Meets Monday even- 
ings in Excelsior Hall, Washington, cor. Clark. 

EXCELSIOR LODGE,NO.22 Meets Tuesdayeven- 
ings in Excelsior Hall, Washington, cor. Clark. 

CHICAGO LODGE, NO. 55 Meets Monday even- 
ings in Odd Fellows' Hall, 90 LaSalle. 

ROBERT BLUM LODGE, NO. 58 Meets Tuesday 
evenings in Odd Fellows' Hall, 114 Randolph. 

FT. DEARBORN LODGE, NO. 214 Meets Tues- 
day evenings in Ft. Dearborn Hall, Madison, cor. 

HARMONIA LODGE, NO. 221 Meets Wednesday 
evenings in Odd Fellows' Hall, 59 W. Randolph 

GOETHE LODGE, NO. 329 Meets Thursday eve- 
nin^s in Odd Fellows' Hall, 280 Milwaukee av. 

Thursday evenings in Odd Fellows' Hall, Wells, 
cor. Ohio. 

HOFFNUNG LODGE, NO. 353 Meets Wednes- 
day evenings in Odd Fellows' Hall, Mitchell, 
cor. Union. 

day evenings in Odd Fellows' Hall, 280 Milwau- 
kee av. 

GARDEN CITY LODGE, NO 389 Meets Thurs- 
day evenings* in Odd Fellows' Hall, 114 Randolph. 

BUTTON LODGE, NO. 398 Meets Wedndesday 
evenings In Odd Fellows' Hall 1372 State 

RAINBOW LODGE. NO. 400 Meets Monday eve- 

niiiL's in Masonic Hall, 679 W. Lake. 
ECLIPSE LODGE, NO. 404 Meets Monday even^ 

ings in Odd Fellows' Hall, 1372 State. 

Sutuday evenings in Odd Fellows' Hall, W. 12th, 

cor. Waller. 
HOME LODGE. NO. 416 Meets Monday evenings 

in Union Hall, Washington, cor. LaSalle 
DOUGLAS LODGE, NO. 432 Meets Thursday 

evenings, cor. South Park av. and 27th. 
LINCOLN PARK LODGE, NO. 437 Meets Tues- 
day evenings. Sedgwick, cor. Siegel. 
TEMPLAR LODGE, NO. 440 Meets Thursdayeve- 

nings in Excelsior Hall, Clark, cor. Washington 
ELLIS LODGE, NO. 447 Meets on Wednesday 

evenings, South Park av. cor. 27th. 
SYRIA LODGE, NO. 451 Meets Thursday even 

ings, 54 W. Lake. 


IVY LODGE. NO. 14 Meets first and third Friday 
evenings in each month, in Odd Fellows' Half. 
1372 State. 

EVERGREEN LODGE, NO. 24 Meets first Tues- 
day evening of each month, in Union Hall, 
Washington, cor. LaSalle. 

GERMANIA LODGE, NO. 45 Meets second and 
third Tnesdeays at 1372 State. 

Meets first Friday in each month at Ft. Dear 
born Hall. 

Sons of Temperance. 

Dr. V. Ross, G. W. P., Dover; M. C. Edwards 
G. W. A., Pinckneyville ; G.N.Jones, G. drawer 
6084 Chicago : H. Ribbett, G. T., Pekin: S. G 
Wright, G. Ch., Nepensett; H. O. Brower, G 
Con., Danville: N. D. Wood, G. Sen. 

at their hall, State, sw. cor. 23d, (National Park 
Mission), every Monday evening at half past 
seven precisely. 

Meet at the Mariner's Bethel, N. Market, cor 
Michigan, every Friday evening at half-pas 

Organized August 4, 1854, meet every Tuesday 
evening at their hall, W. Randolph, nw, cor 
Clinton. Public meeting second Tuesday in 
each month. 

Meet at their hall, Davis, cor. Fulton, Thurs- 
day evening. 

Meet at the hall of the Washingtonian Home 
every Tuesdayevening,at half-past seven o'clock 

the Presbyterian church, Hyde Park av. cor 
Oak, every Tuesday, at half past seven. Public 
meeting third Tuesday evening of each month 

every Tuesday evening at Masonic Hall, Ran 
dolph, sw. cor. Halsted. 

LENT SOCIETY Regular monthly meeting 
first Sunday of every mouth, at 7.30 p. m., n 
basement of St. Paul's church, Mather, cor 

Independent Order of Good Templars 

kins, P. G. W.C. T.,Bloomington, 111; J.W.Nich 
ols, G. W. C. T., Bloomington. 111.; J. K. Vai 
Quincy, 111 ; E. B. Sherman, G.W.Doorn, G.W.S. 
C., Chicago; Mary Compton, G. W. V. T 
Charleston: S. P. Mooney, G. W. T., N. W 
Cochran, Abingdon ; K. Belle Murry. G. W 
D. M., Bloomington; Rev. J. J. A. T 
Dixon, G. W. Chap., Metamora; Fred D. Dalton 
(J. W. A. S., Streator; J. G. Steen, G. W. Mess. 
Charleston; Robert Bell, G. W. I. G., Gardner 
Robert A. Campbell, G. W. O. G., Vandalia; Jo 
seph L. Drake, deputy G. W. C. Templar fo 
Cook county. 

Saturday evening, at Iti8 S. Clark 

Branch, Chicago, meets first and third Saturda 
evening^ of every month. 

STAR OF HOPE "LODGE, NO. 15 Meets ever 
Friday evening, at Caledonian Hall. 


HOUSTON LODGE, NO. 32 Meets every Monday 
evening, Randolph, cor. Hnlsted. 

every Thursday evening, at 37 and 39 Michigan. 

every Tuesday evening, in Avenue Hall, Wa- 
bash av. cor. 22d. 

CLEVELAND LODGE NO. 494 Meets.every Mon- 
day evening in their hall on Bonfleld, Bridge- 

WARREN LODGE, NO. 496-^Meets every Wed- 
nesday evening, Randolph, cor. Halstea. 

HOME LODGE, NO. 607 Meets every Monday 
evening, at 572 W. Madison. 

LINCOLN LODGE, NO. 618 Meets every Thurs- 
day evening, at 17 Milwaukee av. 

TRl'ESDELL LODGE Meets every Monday 
evening, in Masonic Hall, Centre, cor. Sedg- 

AQUA PURA LODGE, NO. 670- T Meets every 

Tuesday evening, at Methodist Mission church. 

> ROLLING MILL LODGE, NO. 919 Meets every 

second and last Saturday evening, in the month, 

at their lodge room near Ward's Rolling Mill. 

LIFE BOAT LODGE, NO. 1000 Meets every 
Wednesday evening, at 168 S. Clark. 

TEMPLE OF HONOR Radiant Temple meets 
Thursday evening, at 168 8. Clark. 

day evening, in McCorinick's building, Ran- 
dolph, se. cor. Dearborn. 

Independent Order of If uu i Brith. 

RAMAH LODGE, NO. 33, I.O.B. B. Meets every 
Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock, at 112 and 114 

Meets every Monday evening, at 112 and 114 

HILLEL LODGE, NO. 72 I. O. B. B. Meets once 
each week on Madison, cor. Halsted. 

JONATHAN LODGE, NO. 130 I. O. B. B. Meets 
every Sunday evening at 7 o'clock, at 114 Ran- 


Meets every Thursday evening, at Indiana, cor. 
N. Clark. 

A. U. O. C. 

Grand Lodge meets at Aurora Lodge Hall, Mich- 
igan, cor. N. Clark. Edward Albert, G. P. ; 
Francis Holbeck, G. I. ; Fred. Kollmar, G. V. ; 
Edward Rassmann, G. S.; Fred. Wentzel, G. C.; 
H. Braumaeller, G. T.; J. N. A. Ruller,G. A. W. 


NYRON LODGE, NO. 1 Meets at Apollo Hall, 
cor. Water and Lake, every Thursday evening. 

AURORA LODGE NO. 2 Meets at Aurora Lodge 
Hall, cor. of N. Clark and Michigan, every Wed- 
nesday evening. 

THUSNELDA LODGE, NO. 3 Meets Randolph, 
cor. Clinton, every Wednesday evening. 

ACAMET LODGE, NO. 4 Meets at Harugari Hall, 
Wentworth av. and 18th, every Wednesday even- 

MOlSERA LODGE, NO. 5 Meets in Apollo Hall, 

every Tuesday evening. 
KABBALA LODGE. NO. 6 Meets at Aurora 

Lodge Hall, every Friday evening. 

German Order of Hariigari. 

GRAND LODGE T. Eberhard. G.B. ; M. Boeeser, 
. D.G.B. ; Ch. Straub, G.A. ; Ed. Claussen, G. S. ; 
R. Speier, G.T. 


CHERUSKER LODGE, NO. 92 Meets every Mon- 
day, at the old Board of Trade building. 

TEUOTONIA LODGE, NO. 96 Meets every Tues- 
day, at W. Randolph, cor. Clinton. 

G E R M A N I A LODGE, NO. 117 Meets every 
Thursday, at the Harugari Hall, 46 Clark 

HARMONIA LODGE, NO. 130 Meets every 
Thursday, at the Arbeiter Hall, Sedgwick, cor. 
Black Hawk. 

HELVETIA LODGE, NO. 1*3 Meets every 
Wednesday, at the Helvetia Hall, 630 S. Canal. 

CHICAGO LODGE, NO. 153 Meets every Mon- 
day, at the Harii'jcuri Hall. 46 Clark. 

COLUMBIA LODGE, NO. 178 Meets every Thurs- 
day, at Randolph, cor. Clinton. 

BECKMAN LODGE, NO. 188- -Meets every Tues- 
day, at the Harugari Hall, on Archer av. 

WILLIAM TELL LODGE, NO. 194 Meets every 
Wednesday, at the Harugari Hall, 46 Clark. 


WALHALLA MANNIE, NO. 9 Meets every first- 
and third Friday, at Harugari Hall, 46 Clark 

Independent Order of the Sons of 

once in three months at the hall. 16 and 18 La 
Salle. A. Steyer, president; A. Watchther, see- 

CHICAGO LODGE, NO. 1 Meets every Saturday 
evening, at the hall. 16 and 18 LaSalle. 

THOMAS PAINE LODGE,. NO. 2 Meets every- 
Tuesday evening, at 16 and 18 LaSalle. 

FREIE MAENNER LODE,.NO. 3 Meets every 
Monday evening, at 16 and 18 LaSalle. 

SIGEL LODGE, NO. 4 Meets every Thursday 
evening, at 16 and 18 LaSalle. 

WASHINGTON LODGE,. NO. 5. Meets every 
Wednesday evening, at 16 and 18 LaSalle. 

COTTAGE HILL LODGE, NO. 6 Meets at Cot- 
tage Hill. 

LINCOLN LODGE, NO. 10 Meets every Wednes- 
day evening, at Nibbes' Hall, cor. Vedder and 

KOERNER LODGE r NO. 11 Meets everr 
Wednesday evening, at Buehler Hall, 358 Mil- 
waukee av. 

SCHILLER LODGE, NO. 7-Meets every.Friday 
evening, at 16 and 18 LaSalle. 

ALEXANDER LODGE, NO. 8-Meets at the Hall, 
376 W. 12th, every Friday evening. 

GERMANIA LODGE, NO. 12 Meets every Taes- 
day, on N. Clark, cor. Michigan. 

EINTRACHT LODGE, NO. 13 Meets every Mon- 
day on Wentworth av. cor. Archer av. 

THE GRAND GROVE Holds its annual session 
on the first Monday in Jiine, alternately in Peo- 
ria, Chicago and Chjincy, and its quarterly ses- 
sions on the first Wednesday in June, Septem- 
ber, December and March. The subordinate 
Groves of Chicago meet in the old Board of 
Trade rooms, Water, cor. Wells, as follows: 
Schiller, No. 4. Saturdays; Columbia, No. 5_ 
Tuesdays; Goethe, No. 9, Mondays; Humboldt r 
No. 12, Tuesdays ; Garden City, No. 13. Fridays ,~. 
Concordia, No. 15, Wednesdays; Uhland, No. 
16, Thursdays. 

day, at Buehler's Hall, 358 Milwaukee av. 

HARMONY GROVE, NO. 20 Meets every Tues- 
day, at 376 W. 12th 

NORTH CHICAGO GROVE, NO. 23-Meets every 

UNION GROVE, NO. 24 Meets every Thursday 

Union, cor. Mitchell. 

V. O. R. M. 
(Independent Order of Red Men.) 

GRAND TRIBE Meets at Redmens' Hall, 54 W. 

TECUMSEH TRIBE, NO. 109 Meets at FolzV. 
Hall, cor. of North av. and Larrabee, e.very> 

CALUMET TRIBE, NO. 110 Meets at Helvetia* 
Hall, No. 630 S. Canal, every Tuesday. 

POCAHONTAS TRIBE NO. 138 Meets at old t 
Board of Trade Hall every Monday. 

Ancient Order of Good Fellows. . 

GERMANIA LODGE Meets every Wednesday, 

at 376 W. 12th. 
WASHINGTON LODGE Meets every Wodnes- 

day, at 54 W. Lake. 

Knights of Pythias. 

GRAND LODGE E. H. Barnett, V.aR; H. A. 

Cashman,G.C.: Frederick Frosch, V.G.C.; H.C. 

Berry, G.R. and C.S.; John White, G.B. ; Henry 

W. Rice, G.. ; John C. W. Bailey, G J.S..; George 

A. Bennett, G.O.S. 
WELCOME LODGE, No. 1 Meets Thursday in. 

Grand Lodge Hall, 151 and 153 Monroe. 
IIUMBOLT, No. 2 Meets Friday, at 5fr,N..Clark. 
EXCELSIOR, No. 3 Meets Friday, at 54 W. Lake 
BOARD OF TRADE, No. 4 Meets Tuesday, at 15k 

and 153 Monroe. 
COSMOPOLITAN, No. 6 Meets Wednesday, at, 

151 and 153 Monroe. 



HUFFNUNG (HOPE) No. 7 Meets Friday, at 630 

S. Canal. 
LAKE VIEW, No. 8 Meets Thursday, at Lake 

View. Cook county. 
IVANHOE, No. 9 Meets Monday, at 151 and 153 

CRUSADER, No. 11 Meets Monday, on Halsted, 

cor. Madison. 
TANCRED, No. 12 Meets Friday, at 151 and 153 

DBMOLAY, No. 13 Meets Tuesday, on Cottage 

Grove av. cor. 27th. 
SCHILLER, No. 15 Meets Monday, on Siegel, 

sw. cor. Sedgwick. 
ALLEMONIA, U. D. meets Saturday, at Lake 

View, Cook county. 

American Protestant Associations. 

WORTHY GRAND LODGE A. P. A., State of Il- 
linois Convenes semi-annually on the third 
Tuesday in the month of May and November, at 
A. P. A. Hall, Randolph, cor. Dearborn. Samuel 
Simons, W.G.M. ; Henry Weichmann, W.V.C.M. ; 
Isaac Walker, W.G.S.: George Simons, W.G.A. 
S. ; William Curran, W.G.T. ; John Wahl, W.G. 
C. ; James Burnett, W.G.A.C. ; John Pike, W.G. 
Ch.; David Trotter, W.G.I.T.; Alex. McLeod 
Fraser, W.G.O.T. 

WASHINGTON LODGE, No. 1 Convenes every 
Wednesday evening, at A. P. A. Hall, Randolph, 
cor. Dearborn. 

every Monday evening, at the hall on Randolph, 
ne. cor. Clinton. 

HARMONY LODGE, No. 5 Meets every Thurs- 
day evening, at A. P. A. Hall, Randolph, cor. 
Benevolent and Religious Societies. 

Dr. C. R. Blackall, depositary and Sunday school 
secretary for the Northwest. Rev. Fred. G. 
Thearle, district secretary, Northwest. District, 
including Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Mich- 
igan, Indiana and Illinois north of the T. W. & 
W. railroad. Chicago branch, and Baptist head- 
quarters, 7 Custom House place. Distributing 
office for the "Young Reaper" and "Baptist 

TY Office, 7 Custom House place. Rev. L. N. 
Hobart, district secretary. 

Office 7 Custom House place. Rev. S.M.Osgood 
and Rev. C. F. Tolman, district secretaries. 

FOREIGN MISSIONS Office 84 Washington. 
Rev. S. J. Humphrey, district secretary for the 

Gen. C. H. Howard, secretary, 47 Lompard block. 

Offlce 84 Washington. Rev. Joseph E. Roy, 

Chestnut. Philadelphia. Chicago Depository, 3 
Custom House place. W. R. Port, agent. 

Rev. Glen Wood, district secretary. John Fair- 
banks, depositary. 

Bailey, D.D., secretary. 

B. V. M. SOCIETY Meets the first Monday in 
each month, at 235 Milwaukee av. T. L. F. Du- 
ean, president. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT-Hiram Amick, record- 
ing secretary.- 

day morning at the office of Mitchell & Hatha- 
wav, 98 Washington. 

ket. O. C. Gibbs. secretary and superintendent. 

hall ns. Harrison, bet. IlHlwted and Desplaiues, 
the first and third Monday in each month. 

first Friday of each month, at rooms 80 and 82 
W. Randolph. 

av. The object is to afford a temporary home for 
worthy women and children, and to provide 
them homes in the country. 

Pattou, president ; Mrs. Deiinison Groves, sec- 
retary. Employment branch, 8 Arcade court. 
Industrial school. 192 5th av. 

Thursday, at 368 and 370 W. 12th. 

Meets every first Sunday of each Month, at 3 p. 

DBL'ILLINOIS Meets quarterly in Caledonian 
Hall. Victor Gerard in, president; Charles A:. - 
drieux, secretary. 

ELS Meets quarterly in Odd Fellows' Hall. S. 
E. Pinta, president: H. Waterloo, secretary. 

Meets the first Monday in each month at St. 
George's Hall, Lombard block. W. E. Cooper, 
secretary; G. B. Seamqn, assistant. Visiting 
committee, John L. Davis, South Side; J. B. Sc- 
bey, North Side; John Cortis, West Side. 

ST. MICHAEL'S SOCIETY Connected with St. 
Michael's Catholic Church. 

ST. PATRICK'S SOCIETY Meets first Monday 
of every month. P. J. Towle, recording secre- 
tary; T. Brenan, corresponding secretary. 

For visiting the sick and distribution of alms, 
301 Huron, by the Sisters of Charity. 

OF PAUL Meets every Sunday evening in the 
basement of St. Paul's church, Clinton, cor. 

every Sunday after Vespers in the basement. of 
the cathedral. 

every Tuesday evening in the Parochial school, 
on Morgan, near 12th. John Adams, president. 

ST. LOUIS CONFERENCE Meets every Monday 
at 7.30 p. m. in the school adjoining St. Louis 

ST. JOHN'S CONFERENCE Weekly meetings 
held in school house adjoining St. John's 

ST. JAMES' CONFERENCE Meets every Sun- 
day evening at 7 o'clock, at the Parochial school 

Office, 157 Randolph. Wm. Katerbau, secretary. 

Meets second Monday in each month, at S\ 
George's Hall, Lombard Block. Joseph Boss:, 

Meets every Sunday morning at Sinai Congrejj .- 
tion school room, "Van Buren, cor. 3dav. Simon 
Rosenfels, secretary. 

CIETY Meets at 368 and 370 W. 12th. . 

No. 7 Arcade Court. C. M. Henderson, pre^'- 
dent; J. M. Chapman, secretary. 

Miscellaneous Societies. 

BURNS CLUB Meets the second and fourth Fn- 
day in each month, at 48 S. Clark. Dr. W. T. 
Akins president. 

P. Fishe Reed, corresponding secretary. 

Small, M. D., president; E. A. Ballard, secreti- 

av. Dr. Wm. Stimpson, secretary. 

Tuesday in every month, in Caledonian Hall, 50 
and 52 LaSalle. Robert Clark, Chief. 

Echorn, secretary. 111 State. 

CHICAGO CLUB Office, 163 Michigan av. J. 
I Janes, secretary. 

Ontario, bet. Clark and Dearborn. William 
Corkran, librarian and secretary. 

retary. Meets first Monday of each month at 
S. S. White's Dental Depot, 121 and 123 State. 

at ladiet' reading room of Chicago Library Asso- 
ciation, second Wednesday in each month. R. A. 
Mers, secretary. 



House. C. M. Sturgei?, treasurer and secretary; 
Julius Rosenthal, librarian. 

Court House, on Friday evening of each week 
during the winter, once a month during the sum- 
mer. Dr. W. E. Ouine, secretary. 

George M. Frink, secretary ; John Robson, libra- 

Meet s first Wednesday in each month at 108 Lake. 
G. A. Douglas, secretary. 

84 Washington. Rev. H. L. Hammond, treasurer. 

day evening at the hall, 257 and 259 N. Clark. 
Max Stern, secretary. 

Western agency, 84 Washington. 

responding secretary. 

room 2, 125 Dearborn, Joseph B. Chandler, sec- 

98 Washington. Mitchell & Hatheway, agents. 

FRANKLIN SOCIETY Jno. Parquhar, pres.; A. 
B. Case, sec. Library 168 Clark, executive com- 
mittee meets 1st and 3d Wednesday in every 

Meets the first Wednesday of each month, at 
their hall, Wells, cor. Indinana. 

Monday evening, at 876 W. 12tn. H. Marewedel. 

hall every Tuesday, Wells, cor Indiana. H. Mar 
wedel, financial sec. : E. Koch, Librarian. 

70 W. Lake. 

TY Meets second Sunday in every month, in 
McConnack's building. 

second Thursday in November, February, May 
and August, at Caledodian Hall. John Stewart, 
tec. ; Adam Robbs asst. sec. 

Franklin, W. L. Southworth, sec. 

TEMPLE. J. N. Van Osdell, financial sec. ; C. 
W. Spear, corresponding sec. 

and Walden, agents 66 Washington. 
NORA LODGE, NO. 1. R. H. K. Meets every 
Tuesday evening.on Desplaines,cor.Milwaukeeav. 

STUETZUNGS VEREIN, No. 4 Relief Society. 
Meets every Friday evening at Buehler's Hall, 
358 Milwaukee av. ('has. H. Duensing, sec. 

pres. ; James F. Gillette, sec. 

first Wednesday of each month, in Concordia 

PRAIRIE SHOOTING CLUB-38 Oriental build- 

SIDE Meets every Saturday evening, at the 
Hall. 368 W. 12th. John Brechtel. sec. 

and 34 Insurance exchange. W. L. Greenleaf, 


Literary. Meets every Thursday and the first 
Monday in each month, at Hall No. 45 N. Clark. 

2TY J. Engberg, sec. and treas. ; G. A. Bob- 
man, bookseller and office editor, 139 N. Clark. 

in the Caledonian Hall. 

ILLINOIS Meets the second and fourth Fridays 
of each month at the Acadamy of Science, 263 
Wabash av. O. S. Westcott, sec. 

Office. 151 and 153 Monroe. J. McHngh, cor- 
responding sec. 

WASHINGTON1AN HOME 566 to 572 W. Madi- 
fion. H. C. Morey, sec. P.J.Wardner, M. D. supt. 

Randdolph. Charles S. Lodging, sec. 

Meets second Tuedayof every month, at their 
Hall, 12th, cor. Waller. 

Trades Union Societies. 

every Tuesday evening, at 7.30 p. m. at 155 Clark. 
J. Aegle, corresponding secretary. 

CANDY MAKERS' UNION Meets on the first 
and third Thursday evenings in each month, in 
Warner's building, Randolph. 

Meets at 155 Clark, every Fridav evening at 7.30. 

second and fourth Friday evenings of each 
month, at Bohemian Hall, VanBuren, cor. Clin,- 

Meets the last Saturday evening of each month, 
at Printers' Union Hall, room 43 Nixon's Ex- 
change building. Entrance on Exchange place. 
W. H". Hutchinson, financial and corresponding 

CHICAGO Meets on the second and fourth 
Wednesday evenings of each month, at St. 
George's Hall, Lombard block. 

CURRIERS' UNION Meets on the first and third 
Thursday evenings of each month, at the hall of 
the Light Guard Band, 151 Randolph 

FIREMEN'S UNION, NO. 16 Meets every Friday 
evening, at 586 State, cor 12th. P. O. drawer, 
6050. G. W. Brown, corresponding and finan- 
cial secretary. 

TION, OF CHICAGO Meets on the first and 
third Wednesday of each month, on Taylor, cor. 

Meets in Rice's block, 77 Dearborn, on the 
first and second Monday evenings in each month. 

Meets first Saturday evening of each month, 
at 155 Clark. 


leave cor. of State and Randolph, via. State to 
22d, every minute, and to Cottage Grove av. and 
Douglas place every four minutes. Leave south- 
ern limits every four minutes for 22d. Leave 22d 
every minute, and Archer road every eight min- 
utes for cor. State and Randolph. 

of North Water for city limits every twelve min- 
utes; for Sedgwick every twelve minutes; for 
Clybourn av. and Larrabee every twelve minutes ; 
for Chicago av. every fifteen minutes ; for Grace- 
land every hour. Cars leave city limits for Lake 
every twelve minutes ; leave corner Larrabee and 
Center for same, every twelve minutes; leave 
cor. N. av. and Sedgwick for same, every twelve 
minutes; leave Graceland for Lake every hour. 

WEST DIVISION RAILWAY Cars leave cor. of 
State and Randolph, along Randolph to Robey, 
every five minutes, and to western limits every 
five minutes. Leave cor. State and Randolph, 
westward along Madison, every five minutes. 
Leave cor. State and Randolph for Blue Island 
av. every fix minutes. Leave cor. State and 
Randolph for Milwaukee av. every ten minutes. 
Leave cor. State and Randolph for Clinton and 
Jefferson to C. B. & Q. R. R. depot, every twelve 
minutes. Leave cor. State and Randolph for 
Clinton south to Van Buren, Van Buren west- 
ward to Wood, every fifteen minutes. 

OMNIBUS LINE Parmelee's line of omnibusse* 
run from all the principal hotels to the railroad 
depots on the departure of each train, and from 
the depots to the hotels on the arrival of each 


CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE North side Wash- 
ton, bet. Dearborn and State. 
DEARBORN THEATRE-111 and 113 Dearborn. 



GLOBE THEATRE East side Desplaines, bet. 

Washington and Madison. 
McVICKER'S THEATRE-Madison,bet. Dearborn 

and State. 

'OLYMPIC THEATRE Clark, nw. cor. Monre. 
WOOD'S MUSEUM North side Randolph, bet, 

Clark and Dearborn. 


-ACADEMY OP DESIGN 66 and 68 Adams. 

^ACADEMY OF MUSIC Crosby's Opera House. 


ANDREWS' BUILDING-East side LaSalle, bet. 
Madison and Monroe. 

ANDREWS & OTIS' BUILDING-East side Clark, 
bet, Monroe and Adams. 

ARBEITER HALL Sedgwick, near Blackhawk. 

ARCADE BUILDINGS West side Clark, bet. 
Madison and Monroe. 

ARCADE COURT bet. Madison and Monroe, 
Clark and LaSalle. 

BERLIN BLOCK Monroe, nw. cor. State. 

BERNAUER BUILDING-W. Lake, cor. Clinton. 

BERNAUER HALL North side W. Lake, bet. 
Clinton and Jefferson. 

BLAKE'S BUIDING 180 and 182 Washington. 

BLANEY HALL Metropolitan block (up stairs). 

B9ONE BLOCK East side LaSalle, bet. Wash- 
ington and Madison. 

BOWEN'S BUILDING-North side of Randolph 
bet. Michigan and Wabash avs. 

<BRYAN BLOCK LaSalle, nw. cor. Monroe. 

BUEHLER'S HALL 358 Milwaukee av. 

BURCH'S BLOCK South side of Lake, bet. Wa- 
bash av. and State. 

CALHOUN BLOCK East side of Clark, bet. 
Washington and Madison. 

<!. FOLTZ'S HALL Ne. cor. North av. and Lar- 

of LaSalle and Washington. 

ING 5th av. bet. Washington and Randolph. 

Dearborn, bet. Washington and Madison. 

CITY ARMORY Sw. cor. Adams and Franklin. 

CITY GAS WORKS Monroe, cor. Market. 

CITY HALL Court House. 

-CITY WATER WORKS Chicago av. cor. Pine 

COBB'S BLOCK North side of Washington, bet. 
Clark and Dearborn 

COBB'S BLOCK Lake, sw. cor. Wabash av. 

COBB'S BUILDING 120 to 128 Dearborn. 

'COLE'S BUILDING Hal sted, sw. cor. Madison. 


BUILDING South side Washington, bet, La 
Salle and 5th av. 

-COURT HOUSE Randolph and Washington, bet. 
Clark and LaSalle. 

CROSBY'S BUILDING-^East of and attached to 
Opera House), west side State, bet. Randolph 
and Washington. 

CROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE North side Wash- 
ington, bet. Dearborn and Slate. 

born, bet. Monroe and Madison. 

DE HAVEN BLOCK West side Dearborn, bet. 
Oiiincy and Jackson. 

DEPOSITORY BUILDING North side Randolph, 
bet. Clark and LaSalle. 

"DICKEY'S BUILDING Dearborn, sw. cor. Lake. 

DOLE'S BUILDING S. Water, nw. cor. Clark. 

DRAKE'S BLOCK Wabash av. se. cor. Washing- 

^EDWARDS' BLOCK North side Milwaukee av. 
bet. Noble and Cleaver 

DEWING BLOCK East side N. Clark, bet. N. Wa- 
ret and Kinzie. 


HARWELL HALL South side Madison, bet. 
Clark and LaSalle. 

"FENIAN HALL Randolph, nw. cor. 5th. av. 

HALL East side Dearborn, bet. Randolph and 

FLANDERS' BLOCK Foot S. Water, opposite M. 
C. R.R. freight depot. 

FRY'S BUILDING West side LaSalle, bet. 
Washington and Randolph. 

FULLERTON BLOCK Washington, nw. cor. 

GALLUP BUILDING LaSalle, nw. cor. Madison. 

GARRETT BLOC'K Randolph, se. cor. State. 

GARRETT BUILDING Lake, PC. cor. Market. 

GERM AN TURNERS' HALL West side N. Clark, 
north of Chicago av. 

GERMANIA HALL Wells, cor. Indiana. 


East side LaSalle, bet. Randolph and Lake. 

HIGH SCHOOL Monroe, near Halsted. 

HOLT'S BUILDING North side Washington, 
bet, LaSalle and Wells. 

HONORS BLOCK West side Dearborn, bet. Mon- 
roe and Adams. 

HORNER'S HALL 82 W. Randolph. 

BUILDING East side Michigan av. bet. Lake 
and South Water. 


KEEP'S BUILDING East side Clark, bet. Mad- 
ison and Monroe. 

KEHOES' BUILDING 12th, se. cor. Blue Island 

RENTS' BUILDING 151 and 153 Monroe. 

KING'S BLOCK Washington, nw. cor. Dearborn. 

KINZIE HALL -Kinzie, nr. N Clark. 

LARMON BLOCK Clark, ne. cor. Washington. 

LIGHT GUARD HALL State, cor. Randolph. 

LINCOLN BLOCK Lake, nw. cor. Franklin. 

LIND'S BLOCK Randolph, nw. cor. Market. 

LINK'S BLOCK Lake, nw. cor. LaSalle. 

LLOYD BLOCK Randolph, nw. cor. Wells. 

LOMBARD BLOCK Monroe, nr. cor. Custom 
House place. 

LOOMIS BUILDING Clark, sw. cor. S. Water. 


MCCARTHY'S BUILDING Dearborn, ne. cor. 

MCCARTHY'S BUILDING- Clark, se. cor. Ran- 

McCORMICK'S BUILDING Lake, nw. cor. Mich- 
igan av. 

McCORMICK'S BUILDING-Randolph, se. cor. 

McKEE'S BUILDING Randolph, ne. cor. Wabash 

MAGIE'S BUILDING LaSalle, BW. cor. Ran- 

MAJOR BLOCK LaSalle, se. cor. Madison. 

MARINE BANK BUILDING-^-Lake, se. cor. La- 

MASONIC HALL Oriental building, west side 
LaSalle, bet. Madison and Washington. 

MASONIC TEMPLE East side Dearborn, nr. 

MECHANICS' BUILDING South side Washing- 
ton, bet. 5th av. and LaSalle. 

bet. Madison and Washington. 



METROPOLITAN HALL Randolph, cor. La 

MONROE BUILDING Clark, ne. cor. Monroe. 

MORRISON BLOCK East side Clark, bet. Madi- 
son and Monroe. 

MORRISON BUILDING East side Clark, bet. 
Madison and Washington. 

NEW TURNERS' HALL N. Clark, bet. Chicago 
av. and Chesnut. 

NEWBERRY BLOCK N. Wells, ne. cor. Kinzie 

NIEMEYER'S HALL S. Canal, nr.Mitchell. 

NORTH MARKET HALL Michigan, nr. N. 


NORTH WESTERN HALL Cornell, sw. cor. 

NORTON BLOCK 18B and 188 S. Water. 

NORTON'S HALL S. Halsted, nw. cor. Harrison. 

ODD FELLOWS' HALL-^8 Clark, and 114 Ran- 

side S. Water, bet. LaSalle and Wells. 



ORIENTAL BUILDING West side LaSalle, bet. 

Washington and Madison. 
OTIS BLOCK Madison, BW. cor. LaSnlle. 
OTIS BUILDING State, sw. cor. Madison. 
O\\'SLEY'S BLOCK W. Madison, nw. cor. Ro- 

PARDEE'S BUILDING- S. Water, nw. cor. 5th 

PHCENIX BUILDING West side LaSalle, bet. 
Randolph and Washington. 

POMEROY'S BUILDING 154 to 160 S. Water. 

POPE'S BLOCK North side Madison, bet. Clark 
and LaSalle 

PORTLAND BLOCK Dearborn, se. cor. Wash- 

POST OFFICE BUILDING East side Dearborn, 
bet. Madison and Monroe. 

PURPLE'S BLOCK N. Clark, ne. cor. Ontario. 

RAYMOND BLOCK State, nw. cor. Madison. 

REYNOLDS' BLOCK Dearborn, sw. cor. Madi- 

Randolph, bet. Jefterson and Desplaines. 

RICE'S BUILDING 74 to 81 Dearborn. 

SCAMMON'S BUILDING-Randolph, nw. cor. 
Michigan av. 

SHEPARD'S BUILDING East side Dearborn, 
bet. Monroe and Adams. 

SHERMAN'S BLOCK-Wabash av. bet. lath/and 
13i h. 

SHEKMAN HOUSE BLOCK-Randolph, nw. cor. 

SLOVANSKA LIPA HALL-Clinton, ne. cor. 
W. VanBnren. 

ington, BW. cor. Clark. 

SMITH & NIXON'S BLOCK-Washington, sw. 
cor. Clark. 

SON'S HALL W. Randolph, cor. Clinton. 

SPEED'S BLOCK 125 Dearborn. 

ison, bet. Dearborn and Clark. 

STEEL'S BLOCK LaSalle, nw. cor. S. Water. 
STONE'S BUILDING South side Madison, bet. 

Clark and LaSalle. 

TAYLOR'S BLOCK Franklin, nw. cor. S. Water. 
TEUTONIA HALL 233 and 235 Randolph. 
TRADES' ASSEMBLY HALL 259 and 261 Ran- 

TRIBUNE BUILDING-Dearborn, se. cor. Madi 


TURNER HALL 106 and 108 DeKoven. 
TURNER HALL Vorwaerts, 12th, bet. Halsted 

and Union. 

TURNERS' BUILDING State, cor. Kinzie. 
TURNERS' HALL 14 Pacific av. 
TYLER BLOCK East side LaSalle, bet. Lake and 

S. Water. 
UHLICH BLOCK West side N. Clark, bet. Kin 

zie and Water. 
UNION BUILDING LaSalle, sw. cor. Washing 


VOLK'S BUILDING 195 and 197 Washington. 
WALKER'S BLOCK West side Dearborn, cor. 

Couch place. 

WASHINGTON BLOCK West side Clark, bet. 

Washington and Madison. 

Randolph se. cor. Sheldon. 

cor. Milwaukee av. 

W. Taylor, cor. Morgan. 
WHEELER'S BUILDING S. Water, se. cor. 


WICKER'S BUILDING State, nw. cor. S. Wa- 
WOOD'S MUSEUM North side Randolph, bet. 

Clark and Dearborn. 

WORKINGMEN'S HALL-410 Sedgwick. 
WRIGHT BROS. BUILDING N. State, cor. Kin- 


Of all descriptions now used in the United States. 


''',. */.','', - -'-^S:^^=^===^=>$t?*; ^ ,---- ,N 




Emery "Wheels for Gumming Saws, 

Butcher's and other Brands Best Imperial English 91111 Saw Files 
Kept Constantly on Hand. 

At their Branch House, 2 1 4 Lake St., Chicago. 

Particular attention paid to Bepairing all kinds of Saws. 



Chicago is divided into Three Divisions the North, South and West Sides, and known by the follow- 
ing abbreviations : N.D., S.D., W. D. 


In the South Division all streets running north and south are numbered from north to south ; and all 
streets running east and west are numbered from east to west. 

In the North Division all streets running from south to north are numbered from south to north; 
and all streets (except Rees and Gardner) running east and west are numbered from west to east. The 
streets in this Division which are continuations of the same streets in the South Division, are called 
North and are denoted by the prefix N., as Clark, in the South Division, and North Clark in the North 

In the West Division, Randolph is made the dividing line, as far as Union Park; west of that, Park 
avenue divides north from south, and all streets running north and south are numbered from that line v 
as Clinton running south is numbered from north to south, and N. Clinton running north is numbered 
from south to north. All streets running east and west are numbered from east to west. 



av avenue 

ct court 

div division 

N, or n ..north 

E, or e east 

fr from 

la lane 

mkt market 

nw northwest 

P. O post office 

pk park 

pi place 

rd road 

S, or s south 

sq square 

sw southwest 

W, or w west 

A. fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, S. D. 
ABERDEEN, fr. 344 W. Madison s. to Polk, and 

fr. W. Taylor to W. 12th, W. D. 
ADA, fr. 438 W. Randolph s. to Madison, W. D. 
ADA (N.), fr. 437 W. Randolph n. to W. Kinzie, 

W. D. 

ADAMS, fr. the lake w. to the river, S. D. 
ADAMS (W.), fr. the river w. to Robey, and fr. 

Hoyne w. to Leavitt, W. D. 
ALBANY, fr. W. Jackson n. to Barry Point rd. 

W. D. 
ALEXANDER, fr. Wentworth av. w. to Stewart 

av., S. D. 

ALM, fr. W. Taylor, s. to Ashland av. W. D. 
ALMOND, fr. W. Taylor s. to Ashland, S. D. 
ALPORT, changed to Hamilton. 
AMELIA, fr. Ashland av. sw. to Robey, W. D. 
ANN, fr. 364 W. Randolph s. to W. Madison, 

W. D. 

ANN (N.), fr. 363 Randolph, n. to W. Kinzie,W. D. 
ARCADE COURT, bet. Clark and LaSalle, Madi- 
son and Monroe, S. D. 

ARCHER, fr. Ashland av. sw. to Robey, W. D. 
ARCHER 924 State at 19th, w. to limits, 

S. D. 

ARMITAGE RD. fr. Mendell w. to limits. W. D. 
ARMOUR, fr. 505 W. Kinzie, n. to Chicago av. 

W. D. 

ARNOLD, fr. 10th s. to 34th, S. D. 
ARTHINGTON, fr. Rucker w. to Loomis, W. D. 
ARTHUR, fr. 16th to 18th, W. D. 
ASHLAND, fr. Robey w. to Olive, W. D. 
ASHLAND AV. (formerly Reuben), from Cly- 

bourn, pi. s. to city limits, W. D. 
ASHLEY, fr. Wood w. to Hoyne, bet. W. Indiana 

and 4th, W. D. 

ASTOR, fr. Division n. to Schiller, N. D. 
ASYLUM PL. (W.), fr. Elston rd. w. to Henshaw 

av. W. D. 

ATTICA, fr. Laurel e. to Halsted, S. D. 
AUBUHN, fr. Attica s. to Esplanade, S. D. 
AUGUSTA, fr. Elston rd. w. to Western av. W. D. 
AUGUSTA AV. fr. W. 12th, n. one block, W. D. 
AVERY, fr. State w. to M. S. R. R., S. D. 
AYER, fr. Ashland av. .w. to Paulina, W. D. 

B. fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, S. D. 
BALDWIN, fr. Kinzie n. to Hubbard, W. D. 
BANKS, fr. 431 N. State e. to the lake, N. D. 
BARBER, fr. Stewart to Halsted, W. D. 
BARKER AV. fr. Caroline, w. one block, W. D. 
BARRY POINT RD. fr. W. Madison, sw. to city 

limits, W. D. 
BATAVIA, fr. N. Wood w. to Lincoln, W. D. 

BATES, fr. Stewart av. e. to Lumber, W. D. 

BAUWANS, fr. Ashland av. nw. to Blackhawk, 
W. D. 

BEACH, fr. 38 W. Harrison to 12th, W. D. 

BEACH, fr. Western av. w. four blocks, W. D. 

BEERS, fr. 31st to city limits, S. D. 

BELDEN AV. fr. Halsted e. to the lake, and fr. 
Southport av. w. to Clyborn av. N. D. 

BELDEN PL. fr. Belden av. n. to city limits, 
N. D. 

BELKNAP, fr. Morgan w. to Bine Island av. W. D. 

BENSON, fr. 30th s. to Lancaster, W. D. 

BENTON PL. fr. State e. to Michigan av. S. D. 

BERLIN, fr. Henshaw av. w. to limits, W. D. 

BETTER, fr. Sholto w. to May, W. D. 

BICKERDIKE. fr. W. Indiana n. to W. Chicago av. 
W. D. 

BICKERDIKE, SQUARE, fr. Bickerdike w. to Ar- 
mour, bet. 4th and W. Indiana, W. D. 

BIRCH, fr. Robey w. to Kendell, W. D. 

BISHOP COURT, fr. W. Madison to W. Washing- 
ton, nr. Union Park, W. D. 

BISSELL, fr. Dayton nw. to Willow, and fr. Wil- 
low n. to Centre, N. D. 

BLACKHAWK, fr. the river e. to Sedgwick, N. D. 

BLACKHAWK (W.), fr. the river w. to Ridgeville 
rd. W. D. 

BLACKWELL, fr. 18th s. to 20th, S. D. 

BLAIR, fr. Canalport av. to Lumber, W. D. 

BLANCHE, fr. the river w. to Ashland av. W. D. 

BLISS, fr. N. Branch to the canal, N. D. 

BLOCK, fr. North av. n. to Lindon, N. D. 

BLOOM, fr. W. Dousilas pi. n. one block, W. D. 

BLOOMINGDALE RD. fr. Elston w. to N. Robey, 
W. D. 

BLUCHER. fr. Fowler w. to N. Wood, W. D. 

BLUE ISLAND AV. fr. 267 Halsted sw. to Robin- 
son W. D. 

BOARDMAN, fr. C. & S. C. R. R. w. to city limiti, 
and s. to Trotting Park, S. D. 

BOXAPARTE, fr. t'hurch w. to Locke. S. D. 

HOXFIELD, fr. Archer av. n. to Hickory, S. D. 

BOON. fr. DeKalb w. To Leavitt. W. D. 

BOWERY, fr. Van Buren s. to Tyler, bet. Morgan 
and Aberdeen, W. D. 

BRADLEY, fr. Elston rd. w. to Ashland av. 
W. D. 

BRADWELL AV. fr. Milwaukee av. n. to Asylum 
pi. W. D. 

BREMEN PL. fr. Henshaw av. w. to city limits, 
W. D. 

BREMER, fr. Chicago av. to Crane & Wesson's 
park, N. D. 


BKIUHAM, fr. Ashland av. w. to Milwaukee av. 

W. D. 

BROAD, fr. 31st nw. to Archer av. S. D. 
BROADWAY AV. fr. 26th and 28th, s. D. 
BROOM, fr. W. Indiana, n. to 4th, W. D. 
BROSS AV. fr. Long John w. to city limits, W. D. 
BROWN, fr. 12th s. to 22d, S. D. . 
BRYAN PL. fr. W. Randolph my. to Lake, Union 

Park, W. D. 
BRYANT, fr. Vincennes av. w. to Moonaway pi. 

8. D. 

BRYSON, from Leavitt w.. to city limits, W. D. 
IH'DDAN. fr. 22d 8. to city limits, S. D. 
Bl'ENA VISTA PL. fr. Murray ne. one-half hlk. 
S. D. and fr. State e. to Wabash av. next e. of 
Monterey pi. 8. D. 

BUNKER," fr. Beach w. to Halsted, W. D. 
BURLING, fr. I'll North av. to Asylum pi. N. D. 
BURNSIDE, fr. 15th s. to Egan av. 8. D. 
BURTON, fr. N. Dearborn w. to Clark, N. D. 
BU8HNELL, fr. Wemworth av. w. to Archer av. 

W. D. 

BUTLER, fr. Archer av. s. to 26th, S. D. 
BUTTERFIELD, fr. 16th s. to 22d, S. D. 
C, fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, S. D. 
CALHOUN PL. fr. State w. to Market, S. D. 
CALIFORNIA, fr. W. Harrison 8. to W. 12th, W. 


CALUMET AV. fr. 20th s. to 31et S.D. 
CAMP, fr. Ashland av. sw. to 31st, W. D. 
CAMPBELL, fr. 12th e. to Steele, W. D. 
CANAL, fr. 32 W. Randolph, s. to the river, W.D. 
CANAL (N.) fr. 31 W. Randolph n. to Kinzie, W. 

CANAL LEVEL, fr. Western av. ew. four blks. 

CANAL PL. fr. the N. Branch w. to Elston rd. 


CANALPORT AV. fr. Canal sw. to 22d, W. D. 
CANE, fr. N. Clark w. to Larrabee, N. D. 
CARL, fr. N. LaSalle w. to N, Wells, N. D. 
CAROLINE, fr. W. Madison n. to W. Lake, W. D. 
CARPENTER, fr. 304 W. Randolph s. to Madison, 

CARPENTER (N.) fr. 303 W. Randolph n. to Mil. 

waukee av. W. D. 

CARROLL, fr. the river w. to Ashland av. W. D. 
CASEY, fr. Richard nw. to 22d, W. D. 
CASS, fr. 26.5 Kinzie n. to Green Bay, N. D. 
CATHERINE, fr. Stewart av. w. to Halsted, and 

fr. Morgan to city limits, W. D. 
CAYUGA, fr. Halsted to Laurel, S. D. 
CEDAR, fr. Green Bay e. to the lake, N. D. 
CENTRAL AV. fr. foot of S. Water s. to Randolph, 

S. D. 

CENTRE, fr. N. Clark w. to Racine rd. N. D. 
CENTRE, fr. Steele s. to w. branch of s. branch of 

Chicago river, W. D. 

CENTRE AV, (formerly Rucker), fr. 390 W. Mad- 
ison s. to the river, W. D. 

CENTRE PL. fr. Desplaines w. to Halsted, W. D. 
CHAMPLAIN, fr. Bross av. s. to C. & St. L. R. R. 

CHAPIN, fr. Noble e. to the C. & M. R. R. track, 

W. D. 

CHARLES PL. fr. 5th av. w. to Franklin, S. D. 
CHARLES, fr. W. Van Buren se. to Harrison, W. 


CHARLES, f r . w. 2*1 . to steeie, w. D. 

CHASE, fr. Chicago av. n. to Cornell. 

CHERRY AV. fr. N. Branch nw. to Eastman, and 

n. to North av. N. D. 

CHKSTNUT PL. fr. N. State w. to LaSalle, N. D. 
CHESTNUT, fr. Birch s. to A-hl:m'!. W. D. 
CHICAGO AV. fr. the river e. !<i < lake, X. D. 
CHICAGO AV.(W.), fr. the river w. to city lii.iits, 


CHURCH, fr. Blackhawk n. to Centre, N. D. 
CHURCH PL. fr. Fuller to Archer av. S. D. 
CHURCHILL, fr. N. Robey, w. to Wilmot, W. D. 
CICERO, fr. Ashland av. n. to22d. W. D. 
CLARINDA, fr. N. Ashland av. w. to Wood, W.D. 
CLARK, fr. 145 S. Water s. to city limits, S. D. 
CLARK (N.), fr. river n. to North av. thence nw. to 

city limits, N. D. 

CLAY, fr. N. Halsted w. to Sheffield av. N. D. 
CLAYTON, fr. May w. to city limits, W. D. 
CLEAVER, fr. W. Division n. to Bradley, and fr. 

Blackhawk to Blanche. W. D. 
CLINTON, fr. 62 W. Randolph.s. toMaxwell,W.D. 
CLINTON (N.), fr. 61 W. Randolph n. to Kinzie, 

W. D. 
CLYBOURN AV. fr. Division nw. to Racine rd. 

and thence w. to city limits, N. D. 

CLYBOURN PL. fr. Racine rd. w. to the river. 

N. D. 

CLYBOURN PL. (W.), fr. the river w. to N. Ro- 
be v. W. D. 

COBLENTZ. fr. N. Robey w. to city limits, W. D. 
COHEN, fr. Robinson w. to McLean, W. D. 
COLFAX. fr. :Md s. to Douglas pi. S. D. 
COLLEGE, fr. Cottage Grove av. w. to Rhodes av. 


COLOGNE, fr. Quarry sw. to the river, 8. D. 
COLUMBIA, fr. Ashland av. w. to Grand, W. D. 
COMMERCE, fr. State e. to Wabash av. next a. of 

20th. S. D. 
COMMERCIAL, fr. North av. n. to Armitage rd. 


CONGRESS, fr. 215 Michigan av. w. to State, S. D. 
CONNOR, from Sedgwick w. to Hurlbut, N. D. 
COOK, fr. 1he river sw. to N. Jefferson. W. D. 
COOK. fr. W. 12th 8. to Ogden av. W. D. 
COOK, fr. W. 22d s. to Steele, W. D. 
COOLIDGE, fr. Waller w. to Ashland av. and fr. 

Wood w. to Lincoln, W. D. 
COOPER, fr. Clybourn av. n. to Fullerton av. N. 


CORK. fr. N. Ashland av. w. to Paulina, W. D. 
CORNELIA, fr. Milwaukee av. w. to N. Ashland 

av. W. D. 
CORNELL, fr. Milwaukee av. w. to N. Ashland 

av. W. D. 

CORWIN. fr. Catharine s. to Iftth, W. D. 
CO88ITT, fr. W. Kinzie e. to W. Lake, W. D. 
COTTAGE GROVE AV. fr. 22d se. to city limits, 


COTTAGE PL. fr. 31st s. to H. Graves' sub-div. 
COUCH PL. fr. Wabash av.w. to Market, bet. Lake 

and Randolph, S. D. 

COULTER, fr. Robey w. to city limits, W. D. 
COURT PL. fr. State w. to Market, bet. Randolph 

and Washington, S. D. 

COURTLAND, fr. N. Robey w. to Wilmot, W. D. 
COVENTRY, fr. W. Clybourn pi. s. to Wabansia 

av. W. D. 

COX, fr. N. Robey w. to Milwaukee av. W. D. 
CRAWFORD, fr. Archer av. n. to nr. 22d, S. D. 
CRIPPEN, fr. Indiana av. w. to State, S. D. 
CRITTENDEN, fr. Noble, e. to C. & N. W. Ry. 

track, W. D. 
CRITTENDEN AV. fr. Rhodes av. w. to South 

Park av. S. D. 
CROOKED, fr. Southport av. ee. to intersection of 

Jones' av. and Clybourn av. W. D. 
CROSBY, fr. Larrabee nw. to Division, N. D. 
CROSS, fr. W. Harrison n. to Barry Point rd. W. 

CROSSING, fr. Ridgeville rd. e. to C.&N. W. Ry. 

track, W. D. 

CURRIER, fr. Augusta n. to Chapin, W. D. 
CURTIS, fr. 324 W. Randolph s. to Madison, W. 


CURTIS (N.). fr. 323 W. Randolph n. to 2d, W. D. 
CUSTOM HOUSE PL. fr. Monroe to Dearborn, 

rear Custom House. 

CUTLER, fr. W. Jackson s. to W. VanBuren, W.D. 
CYPRESS, fr. W. 12th n. to Kendall, W. D. 
I), fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, S. D. 
DAKOTA AV. fr. 31st to 32d, S. D. 
DAMEN. fr. Sholto w. to May, W. D. 
DASHIEL, fr. Donglas pi. s. to Wahpanseh, S. D. 
DAVIS, fr. W. Divsion n. to North av. W. D. 
DAYTON, fr. Rees n. to Centre, N. D. 
DEAN. fr. Ridgeville rd. nw. to Brigham, W. D. 
DEARBORN, fr. 113 S. Water 8. to Jackson, S. D. 
DEARBORN (N.), fr. the river n. to North av. N. D. 
DEARBOR PL. fr. foot of Randolph s. to Madison, 


DEERING, fr. 31st nw. to the river, S. D. 
DEERPATH AV. fr. Hirsch n. to W. North av. 


DFKAI.B. fr. Leavitt ne. to Flourney, W. D. 
DEKOVEN, fr. the river w. to Halsted, W. D. 
DEPOT, fr. Stewart av. w. to Morgan. W. D. 
DEPOT PL. fr. N. Ada w. to Ashland av. W. D. 
DEPUYSTER, fr. 25!) Desplaines w. to Halsted, 


DERBY, fr. W. Jackson n. to W. Kinzie, W. D. 
DERRICK, fr. Ashland av. w. one block, W. D. 
DESPLAINES, fr. 126 W. Randolph s. to 12th, 


DESPLAINES (N.), fr. 125 W. Randolph n. to Chi- 
cago av. W. D. 
DEXTER, fr. the river nw. to Ashland av. thence 

w. to Reynolds, thence w. to Leavitt, W. D. 
DICKSON. fr. Milwaukee av. n. to Bradley, and 

fr. W. Blackhawk n. to Blanche, W. D. 



DIEDEX, nr. R. Chapron's sub-division and C. & 

N. W. Ry.. W. D. 

DILLER, fr.' W. Kinzie s. to Fulton, W. D. 
DINET, fr. McHenry w. to Elston rd. W. D. 
DIVISION, fr. the river e. to the lake, N. D. 
DIVISION (W.), fr. the river w. to city limits, 

W. D 
DIX, fr. Chicago av. n. to Front, andfr. Front nw. 

to the river W. D. 

DOBYNS, fr. Waller w. to Blu Island av. W. D. 
DOCK" fr. River nw. to the river, S. D. 
DODGE, fr. 12th s. to Mitchell, W. D. 
DOLE, fr. 31st ne. to the river, W. D. 
DOUGLAS PL. fr. the lake to the S. Branch of the 

river, S. D. 
DOUGLAS PL. (W.). fr. S. Branch of river w. to 

Western av. W. D. 
DUDLEY, fr. W. Asylum pi. s. to North av: and 

fr. Thomas s. to Iowa, W. D. 
DUNN, fr. Cook se. to W. Kinzie, W. D. 
DUSSOLD, fr. Jefferson w. to Halsted, W. D. 

E. fr. Laurel e. to Halsted, S. D. 

EAGLE, fr. N. Desplaines w. to Halsted, W. D. 
EASTMAN, fr. N. Branch ne. to Judson, and fr. 

Judson e. to N. Halsted, N. D. 
EDA, fr. Indiana av. w. to State, S. D. 
EDWARD, fr. Sophia n. to Asylum pi. N. D. 
EGAN AV. fr. the lake to the western limits, 

S. D. 

EGANIA PL. fr. N. Robey to Hoyne, W. D. 
EIGHTEENTH, fr. the lake w. to the river, S. D. 
EIGHTEENTH (W.) fr. Lumber w. to Halsted, 

W. D. 

ELDRIDGE CT. fr. Michigan av. w. to State, S. D. 
ELEVENTH, fr. Morgan w. to May, W. D. 
ELGIN, fr. Purple w. to Grove, S. D. 
ELIZABETH, fr. W. Randolph so. to Madison, 

W. D. 
ELIZABETH (N.) fr. W. Randolph n. to Indiana, 

W. D. 

ELK, fr. Ridgeville rd. Bauwans. W. D. 
ELK GROVE AV. fr. Milwaukee av. to W. Asy- 
lum pi. W. D. 
ELLEN, fr. Milwaukee av. sw. to Fowler, and 

thence w. to N. Wood, W. D. 
ELLIS AV. fr. Douglas pi. se. to city limits. 
ELLIS CT- fr. Moonaway pi. w. one block, S. D. 
ELLIS PL. fr. Cottage Grove av. w. to Vincennes 

av. S. D. 
ELLIS SQUAGE, fr. Ellis pi. to s. Wahpanseh av. 

S. D. 

ELLSWORTH, fr. Harrison s. to Ewing, W. D. 
ELM, fr. Sedgwick e. to the lake, N. D. 
ELMIRA, fr. Laurel e. to nr. Halsted, S. D. 
ELSTON RD. fr. Milwaukee av. n. to the river, 

thence nw. to Sloan, thence, n. to W. Black- 
hawk, and fr.thence nw. to the northern limits, 

W. D. 
EMERALD, fr. Douglas pi. s. to Wahpanseh, and 

fr. Thirtv-nrst s. to Thirty-third, S. D. 
EMILY, fr. N. Ashland av. w. to Wood, W. D. 
EMMA, fr. Milwaukee av. and Noble w. to nr. N. 

Ashland av. W. D. 

ENGLISH, fr. Halsted w. to Centre av. W. D. 
ERIE, fr. the river e. to the lake, N. D. 
ERIE (W), formerly Third, fr. the river, w. to N. 

Leavitt, W. D. 

ESPLANADE, fr. Wallace w. to Halsted, S. D. 
EUGENIE, fr. N. Wells w. to Franklin, N. D. 
EVENS, fr. Union w. to Halsted, and fr. May w. 

to city limits, W. D. 
EWiNG, fr. Ellsworth w. to Blue Island av. W. D. 

F. fr. Laurel e. to Halsted, S. D. 

FABIUS. fr. Asylum pi. n. to city limits, W. D. 
FAIRFIELD, AV. fr. Hirsch n. to W. North av. 

W. D. 

FALL, fr. W. Lake s. to Warren, W. D. 
FARRELL, fr. Hickory se. to Archer av. S. D. 
FAY, fr. 3d n. to Pratt, W. D. 
FERDINAND, fr. N. Ashland av. w. to Oakley, 

W. D. 

FIFTH, fr. Chicago av. n. to Dix, W. D. 
FIFTH AV. fr. 215 S. Water, s. to Taylor, S. D. 
FIFFTEENTH, fr. State w. to Clark, S. D. 
FIG, fr. Milwaukee av. w. to N. Ashland av. W.D. 
FILLMORE, fr. California w. to Sacramento, 

W. D. 
FINNBLL, fr. Wentworth av. w. to Archer av. 

S. D. 
FIRST, fr. N. May to Rucker, and fr. Noble to N. 

Wood, and fr. N. Hoyne to Oakley, W. D. 
FI8K, fr. Evans s. to Lumber, W. D. 
FLEETWOOD, fr. Redfleld,se. to W. North av. and 

sw. fr. W. North av. to Blackhawk, W. D. 

FLORIMOXD, fr. N. Wells, w. to Franklin. N. D. 
FLOURNEY, fr. Robey w. to city limits, W. D. 
FOKQUER, fr. the river w. to Blue Island av. 

W. D. 

FORREST AV. fr. Douglas pi. to Lvon av. S. D. 
FORT, fr. Cologne se. to Hickory, S. D. 
FORTIETH, fr. the lake w. S. D. 
FORTY-FIRST, fr. the lake w. S. D. 
FORTY-SEC 'OND, fr. the lake w. S. D. 
FORTY-THIRD, fr. the lake w. S. D. 
FORTY-FOURTH, fr. the lake w. S. D. 
FOSTER, fr. W. Polk n. to Van Buren, W. D. 
FOUNTAINS, fr. State e. to Indiana av. S. D. 
FOURTEENTH, fr. Indiana av. w. to Clark, S. 1). 
FOURTH, fr. N. Desplaines w. to city limits, W. 

FOURTH AV. from Jackson s. to 14th, S. D. 
FOWLER, fr. Lull n. to Ellen, W. D. 
FOX, fr. 31st s. to Columbia, S. D. 
FOX PL. fr. Elston w. to Noble, W. D. 
FRANCISCO, fr. W. Harrison s. to W. 12th, W.D. 
FRANK, fr. Waller w. to Blue Island av. W. D. 
FRANKFORT, fr. N. Robey, w. to city limits, W. 

FRANKLIN, fr. 239 S. Water s. to Harrison, S. D. 
FRANKLIN (N.), fr. the river n. to city limits, N. 

FREEMAN, fr. Long John w. to city limits, W.D. 
FREMONT, fr. Bissel n. to Centre, N. D. 
FRONT, fr. N. Halsted w. to Elston rd. W. D. 
FRY, fr. N. Rucker w. to Chase, andfr. Rose to 

N. Ashland av. W. D. 
FULLER, fr. Deering and Archer av. nw. to the 

river, S. D. 

FULLERTON AV. fr. the river to the lake, N. D. 
FULLERTON AV. (W.) fr. the river to the city 

limits, W. D. 

FULTON, fr. the river w. to city limits, W. D. 
FUR, fr. Ashland av. sw. to 31st, W. D. 
GAGE, fr. Saratoga w. to city limits, W. D. 
GAGE, fr. Egan av. n. to Douglas pi. S. D. 
GANG, fr. Prairie av. e. to South Park av. S. D. 
GARDEN, bet. Aberdeen, Morgan, Jackson aud 

Van Buren, W. D. 

GARDNER, fr. Vine w. to Halsted, N. D. 
GARIBALDI, fr. 26th s. to 31st, S. D. 
GARRETT, fr. Ashland av. sw. to 31st, W. D. 
GEDDIS, fr. W. Kinzie s. to W. Lake, W. D. 
GENESEE AV. fr. W. Division n. to W. North ay. 


GENEVA, fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, S. D. 
GEORGE, fr. Lessing w. to Elston rd. W. D. 
GEORGE PL. fr. W. Kinzie n. to Hubbard, bet. 

Robey and Hoyne, W. D. 
GILPIN PL. fr. Rucker, w. to Loomis, W. D. 
GIRARD, fr. Milwaukee av. n. to W. Asylum pi. 

W. D. 

GOETHE, fr. Seflgwick e. to N. Clark. N. D. 
GOLD, fr. W. Harrison s. to Gurley, W. D. 
GOOD, fr. Morgan w. to May, W. D. 
GRAB, fr. the river nw. to Lumber, W. D. 
GRACE, fr. Division n. to Vedder, N. D. 
GRAND, fr. W. Douglas pi. to Bross av. W. D. 
GRAND AV. fr. Western av. nw. to city limits, 

W. D. 

GRAND HAVEN, fr. N. State e. to the iake.N.D. 
GRANGER, fr. Sedgwick e. to Wells, N. D. 
GRANT, fr. N. LaSalle to Clark, N. D. 
GRAPE, fr. Racine rd. w. to Nursery, N. D. 
GRAVES PL. fr. 32d s. to 33d, S. D. 
GREELEY, fr. Archer av. nw. to C. & A. R. R. 

track, S. D. 

GREEN, fr. 220 W. Randolph s. to Harrison, W.D. 
GREEN (N.), fr. 219 W. Randolph n. to Chicago 

av. W. D. 

GREEN BAY, fr. Chicago av. nw. to Elm, N. D. 
GREEN WICH, fr. N. Robey, w. to Henshaw av. 

W. D. 

GRGVE, fr. 16th sw. to Archer av. S. D. 
GROVE (N.), fr. Orchard e. to Larrabee.N. D. 
GHOVER, fr. Chicago av. n. to George, W. D. 
GURLEY, fr. Blue Island av. to Centre av. W. D. 
HADDOCK PL. the al. fr. Michigan av. w. to 

Franklin, bet. Lake and S. Water, S. D. 
HAINES, fr. the river ne. to Larrabee, N.D. 
HALL. fr. Long John w. to Trenton, W. D. 
HALSTED, fr. 200 W. Randolph s. to city limits, 

W. D. 
HALSTED (N.), fr. 199 W. Randolph n. to city 

limits, W. D. 

HAMILTON, fr. Monroe to Jackson, W. D. 
HAMILTON AV. fr. W. Division, n. W. D. 
HAMMOND, fr. Menomonee n. to Wisconsin,N.D. 
HANOVER, fr. Archer av. s. to 26th S. D. 



HARBINE, fr. Centre av. w. to city limits, W. D. 
HARDIN PL. fr. Michigan av. to Indiana av. next 

P. of 28th, S. D. 

HARMON CT. fr. Michigan av. w. to State, S. D. 
HARPER, fr. Ashland av. w. to Marnhfleld, W. D. 
HARRISON, fr. the lake w. to the river, 8. D. 
HARRISON (W.) fr. the river w. to city limits, 


HART. fr. Hubbard 8. to Kinzie, W. D. 
HASTINGS, fr. 335 Blue Island av. w. to Ashland 

av. W. D. 
HAWTHORNE AV. fr. Larrabee nw. to North av. 

N. D. 

HAYNE, fr. Archer av. se. to 31st, S. D. 
HEINS, fr. Clybourn av. e. to Sedgwick, N. D. 
HENRY, fr. Ashland av. e. to Brand's addition, 

W. D. 
HENRY PL. fr. Lake Shore av. w. to Cottage 

Grove sv. S. D. 

HENSHAW AV. fr. Milwaukee av. n. to city lim- 
its. W. D. 
HERMITAGE AV. fr. S. Western av. e. to W. Polk, 

W. D. 

HERNDON, fr. Jones av. ne. to Asylum pi. N. D. 
HERVEY. fr. N. Wood w. to Robey, W. D. 
IIEWES, fr. North av. n. to Wabansia av. N. D. 
HEYDON, fr. W. Harrison n. to W. Chicago av. 


HICKORY, fr. Cologne sw. to the river, S. D. 
HICKORY AV. fr. Cherry av. se. to North av. N. 


HIGH, fr. Asylum pi. n. to city limits, N. D. 
HILL, fr. Linden to Menomonee, N. D. 
HILLS, fr. Crane & Wesson's park, nr. LaSalle, N. 


HINMAN. fr. Ashland av. w. to Paulina, W. D. 
HINSCHE, fr. Clybourne av. n. to Blackhawk, N. 


HINSDALE, fr. N. State to the lake, N. D. 
HLNSDALE (W.), fr. LaSalle w. to Delavan's ad- 
dition, N. D. 

HIRSC'H, fr. Leavitt w. to city limits, W. D. 
HOBBIE, fr. Hawthorne av. ne. to Crosby, thence 

e. to Sedgwick, N. D. 
HOEY, fr. Archer av. w. to Mary. S. D. 
HOGAN. fr. 22d sw. to Robey, W. D. 
HOLSTEIN AV. fr. Milwaukee av. n. to city limits, 

W. D. 

HOLT, fr. Chicago av. n. to Augusta, and fr. Divis- 
ion to Blanche, W. D. 

HOMER, fr. N. Robey w. to Holstein, W. D. 
HONORE, fr. W. Madison s. to Harrison, W. D. 
HOOKER, fr. N. Halsted w. to Weed, N. D. 
HOOSIER, fr. 22d sw. to Robey, W. D. 
HOPE, fr. Blue Island av. w. to Morgan, W. D. 
HOTCHK1SS, fr. Blackhawk n. to Weed, N. D. 
HOUSTON, fr. W. Division n. and ne. to Milwau- 
kee av. W. D. 

HOWARD, fr. Leavitt w. to city limits, W. D. 
HOWE. fr. Willow n. to Centre, N. D. 
HOYNE, fr. W. Lake s. to DeKalb, W. D. 
HOYNE (N.), fr. W. Lake n. to Division, W. D. 
HUBBARD, fr. N. Jefferson w. to Western av. W. 


HUBBARD CT. fr. the lake w. to State, S. D. 
HUBBS, fr. Douglas av. n. to Lyon av. S. D. 
HULL, fr. Linden n. to Menomonee, N. D. 
HUNT. fr. Ashland av. w. to N. Elizabeth, W. D. 
HURLBUT, fr. Clybourn av. ne. to Sigel, and fr. 

thence n. to city limits, N. D. 
HURON, fr. Roberts e. to the lake, N. D. 
IGLEHART AV. fr. S. Western av s. to Steele, W. 


ILLINOIS, fr. Kingsbury to the lake, N. D. 
INDIANA, fr. the river e. to the lake, N. D. 
INDIANA (W.), fr. n. Jefferson w. to Western av. 


INDIANA AV. fr. 14th e. to city limits, S. D. This 
avenue is numbered so as to correspond with 
the numbers on State street, for the conve- 
nience of parties using that line of street cars. 
INGRAHAM, fr. Elston rd. w. to Noble, W. D. 
IOWA, fr. N. Wood w. to city limits, W. D. 
IRON, fr. Mulligan se. to Columbia. W. D. 
IRWIN, fr. Canal e. to Stewart av. W. D. 
JACKSON, fr. the lake w. to the river. S. D. 
JACKSON (W.), fr. the river w. to Western av. 

W. D. 

JAMES AV. fr. Ullman w. to Pitney av. S. D. 
JANE. fr. N. Ashland av. w. to Newton, W. D. 
JEFFERSON, fr. 93 W. Randolph s. to 22d, W. D. 
JEFFERSON, (N.). fr. 91 W. Randolph, n. to the 

river, W. D. 
JESSE PL. fr. W. Kinzie n. to Hubbard, W. D. 

JOHN. fr. W. Kith to 22d, W. D. 
JOHNSON, fr. W. Taylor s. to 16th, W. D. 
JOHNSON AV. fr. 26th nr. lake shore to 28th, 

S. D. 
JOLIET, fr. C. & St. Louis R. R. track, to Archer 

av. S. D. 

JONES, fr. W. Douglas pi. n. to Columbia, W. D. 
JONES AV. fr. Clybourn pi. sw. to Southport av. 


JOSEPH, fr. Archer av. nw. to Hickory, S. D. 
JOSEPHINE, fr. W. Van Buren n. to Jackson, 

W. D. 

JUDD, fr. Stewart av. w. to Jefferson, W. D. 
JUDSON, fr. Eastman nw. to Blackhawk, N. D. 
JULIAN, fr. N. Ashland av. w. to Wood, W. D. 
JULIUS, fr. llth s. to 12th, W. D. 
KANE, fr. the I. & M. canal nw. to Robey, W. D. 
KANKAKEE AV. (now south Park av.), fr. 22d s. 

to Egan av. f^. I). 

KANSAS, fr. Aslihmrt av. e. to Throop, W. D. 
KEARNEY, fr. A^lihmd av. sw. to Leavitt, W. D. 
KEDZIE, fr. Blue Island av. sw. to Robey, W. D. 
KEENON, fr. N. Wood e. to Ashland av. and fr. 

Hoyne e. to Noble, W. D. 
KEITH, fr. Second n. to W. Chicago av. W. D. 
KENDALL, fr. W. Polk, sw. to Taylor, W. D. 
KERCH1VAL, fr. 31st ne. to the 1. & M. canal, 


KINGSBURY, fr. Kinzie, nr. the river, nw. to On- 
tario, thence n. to Chicago av. N. D. 
KINZIE, fr. the river e. to Cass, N. D. 
KINZIE (W.), fr. the river w. to city limits. W. D. 
KISSAM, fr. Centre av. w. to Loomis, W. D. 
KNEER, fr. Sheffield av. e. to Clybourn av. N. D. 
KOSSUTH, fr. Wentworth av. w. to Sanger, S. D. 
KRAMER, fr. Jefferson w. to Halsted, W. D. 
KROGER, fr. Sheffield av. nw. N. D. 
LABAR. fr. Larrabee se. to Division, N. D. 
LAFAYETTE PL. fr. N. Clark e. to Dearborn, 

N. D. 

LAFLIN. fr. W. Madieon 8. to 22d, W. D. 
LAINBEER, fr. W. Lake n. to W. Kinzie, W. D. 
LAKE, fr. 29 Wabash av. w. to the river, S. D. 
LAKE (W.) fr. the river w. to city limits, W. D. 
LAKE AV. nr. the lake fr. Douglas pi. se. to city 

limits, S. D. 
LAKE SHORE AV. fr. Thirty-third nw. two blocks, 

S. D. 

LANCASTER AV. fr. Ullman w. to Benson, S. D. 
LANGLEY, fr. the public square at Wahpanseh 

av. s. to the city limits, S. D. 

LARRABEE, fr. Chicago av. n. to city limits, N.D. 
LASALLE, fr. 178 S. Water s. to Jackson, S. D. 
LASALLE (N.1, fr. the river n. to North av. and 

Clark, N. D. 

LAUGHTON, fr. Robey w. to city limits, W. D. 
LAUREL, fr. 31st s. to Geneva, S. D. 
LEAVENWORTH. fr. Bloomington rd. s. to Wa- 
bansia av. W. D. 

LEAVITT, fr. Park av. S. to 31st, W. D. 
LEAVITT, fr. W. Harrison n. to Barry Point rd. 

LEAVITT (N.), fr. Park av. n. to W. North av. 


LEE PL. fr. N. Robey w. to Hoyne. W. D. 
LEVEE, fr. Ashland av. se. to Canal, thence, s. to 

Fuller, thence sw. to the Canal Junction, 

W. D. 
LEWIS, fr. Jones av. ne. to Clybourn av. thence 

n. to Asylum pi. N. D. 

LEXINGTON, fr DeKalb w. to Leavitt, W. D. 
LIBERTY (W.) fr. Stewart av. w. to Halsted, 

W. D. 

LIME, fr. S. Branch 8. to Rum, S. D. 
LINCOLN, fr. Park av. B. to Hamilton ay. W. D. 
LINCOLN (N.), fr. Park av. n. to W. Division, 

W. D. 
LINCOLN AV. fr. N. Wells nw. to city limits, 


LINDEN, fr. Sedgwick w. to Larrabee, N. D. 
LISLE, fr. Union w. to Halsted, W. D. 
LOCK, fr. 31st nw. to Hickory, S. D. 
LOC'KPORT, fr. Archer av. nw. to Boardman, 

S. D. 

LOEWE, fr. N. Wells w. to Sedswick, N. D. 
LONERGNAN, fr. Wisconsin n. to Lincoln ay. 

N. D. 

LONG JOHN. fr. 31st to city limits, S. D. 
LOOMIS, fr. W. Madison s. to Lumber, W. D. 
LOWE AV. fr. Douglas pi. s. to city limits, S. D. 
LUBECK, fr. N. Ashland av. to Western av. W. D. 
LUCE, fr. W. Blackhawk nw. to Pox pi. W. D. 
LUKE, fr. Union w. to Centre av. W. D. 
LUNDY'S LANE, fr. Freeman, n. to Hall. 



LULL, fr. Fowler w. to N. Wood, W. D. 
LUMBER, fr. W. 12th se. to Maxwell, thence s. to 

Mitchell, following the course of the river, 

thence fr. 16th sw. to Union, thence, fr. Mc- 

Cord's sub. div. to Centre av. thence fr.Throop 

to Stetsen's canal, W. D. 

LYDIA, fr. N. Desplaines w. to Halsted, W. D. 
LTMAN, fr. Main, sw. to 31st, S. D. 
LYNCH PL. fr. Iron s. to Columbia, W. D. 
LYON AV. fr. Halsted e. to the lake, S. D. 
LYTLE, fr. W. Harrison s. to Taylor, W. D. 
MACALASTER PL. fr. Centre av. w. to Loomis, 

D. W. 

MACEDONIA, fr. W. Division n. to Ellen, W. D. 
MADISON, fr. the lake w. to the river, S. D. 
MADISON (W.), fr. the river w. to the city limits 

W. D. 

MAIN, fr. 31st nw. to the river, S. D. 
MANTENE CT. fr. Wilwaukee av. sw. to W. Div- 

ion, W. D. 

MAPLE, fr. N. LaSalle e. to State, W. D. 
MARBLE PL. or alley, bet. Monroe and Adams, 

fr. State w. to 5th av. S. D. 

MARCY, fr. Sheffield av.nw. to Wabansia av.N.D. 
MARGARET, fr. Mitchell e. to Catherine, W. D. 
MARKET, fr. Lake s. to Tyler, S. D. 
MARKET (N.), fr. the river n. to Division, N. D. 
MARKET SQ. fr. 31st to Ashland av. W. D. 
MARK, fr. Union w. to Halsted, W. D. 
MARSHFIELD, fr. W. Jackson s. to Harrison, and 

fr. W. Taylor, s. to Harper, W. D. 
MARWIN, fr. Leavitt w. to Iglehart av. W. D. 
MARY, from Hoey nw. to Hickory, S. D. 
MATHER, fr. Elsworth w. to S, Halsted, W. D. 
MATTHEW, fr. Wood e. to S. Western av. W. D. 
MAXWELL, fr. the river to Blue Island av. W.D. 
MAY, fr. 344 W. Randolph s. to 12th W. D. 
MAY (N.), fr. 348 W. Randolph n. to Hubbard, W. 


MAYFLOWER, fr. Robev se. to the Canal, W. D. 
McALPINE,fr. W. Douglas pl.n. to Bross av. W.D. 
MoCAGG PL. fr. 313 N. Clark w. to LaSalle, N.D. 
NcGLASHEN, fr. 193 Archer av. n. to 22d, S. D. 
McGRATH, fr. Robey, w. to Leavitt, W. D. 
NcGREGOR. fr. Wentworth av.w. to Archer av.S.D. 
NcHENRY, fr. Blanche n. and nw. to the river, 

W. D. 

McLEAN, fr. Steele se. to 31st W. D. 
McMULLEN CT. fr. May w. to Centre av. W. D. 
McREYNOLDS, fr. N. Ashland av. n. to Wood, 

W. D. 

MEAGHER, fr. Stewart av. w. to Halsted, W. D. 
MEEKER, fr. W. Chicago av. n. to city limits, 

W. D. 
MENDELL, fr. W. Clybourn pi. nw. to Canal pi. 

W. D. 

MENOMONEE, fr. Larrabee e. to N. Clark, N. D. 
MERIDIAN, fr. Desplaines w. to Halsted, bet. W. 

Washington and Madison, W. D. 
MICHIGAN, fr. Kingsbury e. to Sands, N. D. 
MICHIGAN AV. from the rivers, to the city limits. 

S. D. 

MIDDLE, fr. W. 12th s. to W. 16th, W. D. 
MILL, f r. Ashland av. w. to Jones, W. D. 
MILLER, fr. W. Taylor n. to Harrison, W. D. 
MILWAUKEE AV. fr. N. Desplaines nw. to city 

limits, W. D. 
MITCHELL, fr. the river w. to Halsted, and fr. 

Waller w. to city limits, W. D. 
MOHAWK, fr. Clybourn av. n. to Centre, N. D. 
MONROE, fr. the lake w. to the river, S. D. 
MONROE (W.), fr. the river w. to Robey, and fr. 

Hoyne to Leavitt, W. D. 
MONTEREY PL. fr. State e. to Wabash. av. next 

of 23d, S. D. 
MONTGOMERY, fr. Long John e. to Ashland av. 

MOONAWAY PL. fr. Douglas pi. 8. to city limits 

S. D. 

MOORE, fr. Robev, w. to city limits, W. D. 
MOOREMAN. fr. 'Houston, nw. to Fowler, W. D. 
MORGAN, fr. 284 W. Randolph s. to Lumber, W. 

MORGAN (N.), fr. 283 W. Randolph, n. to Erie, 

W. D. 

MORTON, fr. Kinzie. n. to W. Chicago, av. W. D. 
MORTON, fr. Lvon av. s. to Wahpanseh av. S. D. 
MOWERY, fr. W. 22d s. to Steele. W. D. 
MULLIGAN, fr. the S. Branch river w. to one-half 

block beyond Ashland av. W. D. 
MURRAY, fr. 388 Archer av. s. to 26th, S. D, 
MYRICK AV. fr. 20th s. to 31st. S. D. 
NAPOLEON PL. fr. Wentworth av. to Stewart av. 


NEBRASKA, fr. Throop w. to Ashland av. W. D. 
NEWBERRY. fr. W. Taylor s. to 16th W. D. 
NEWTON, fr. W. Division s. to Thomas, W. D. 
NINETEENTH, fr. State w. to Grove. S. D. 
NIXON, fr. W. Polk . to Taylor, W. D. 
NOBLE, fr. W. Kinzie to North av. W. D. 
NORTH AV. fr. the river e. to the lake. N. D. 
NORTH AV. (W.), fr. the river w. to city limits, 

W. D. 
NORTHERN AV. fr. South Park av. to the lake, 

S. D. 
N. BRANCH, fr. Hawthorn av. nw. and n. to Black 

Hawk, N. D. 

NORTON, fr. W. Polk s. nr. Taylor, W. D. 
NURSERY, fr. Lewis nw. to Ward, N. D. 
NUTT, fr. W. 16th s. to Evans. W. D. 
OAK, fr. Sedewick e. to the lake, N. D. 
OAK AV. fr.Vincennes w. to Moonaway pi. S. D. 
OAKLEY, fr. Park av. s. to Madison, W. D. 
OAKLEY (N.). fr. Park av. n. to North av. W. D. 
OAKLEY, fr. W. Harrison n. to Barry Point road, 

W. D. 

OAKWOOD, fr. N. State e. to the lake, N. D. 
OAKWOOD AV. fr. the lake sw. to city limits, 

W. D. 

O'BRIEN, fr. Jefferson w. to Halsted, W. D. 
OGDEN AV. fr. W. Twelfth sw. to city limits, 

W. D. 

OGLESBY, fr. W. Madison n. to W. Kinzie, W. D. 
OHIO. fr. the river e. to the lake, N. D. 
OLIVE, fr. W. Taylor s. to 12th, W. D. 
ONEIDA. fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, W. D. 
O'NEIL. fr. Halsted w. bet. John and Lumber, 

W. D. 

ONONDAGA, fr. Halsted w. to Laurel, W. D. 
ONTARIO, fr. Kingsbury e. to the lake, N. D. 
ORCHARD, fr. Clybourn av. ne. and n. to North 

av. and n. to city limits, N. D. 
OSBORNE, fr. W. Indiana n. to 4th, W. D. 
OSWEGO, fr. W. Kinzie n. to Hubbard, W. D. 
OTIS, fr. Division n. to Vedder, N. D. 
OWEN, fr. Leavitt ne. to Ashland av. W. D. 
PAGE, fr. W. Monroe n. to Lake, and fr. W. Kinzie 

n. to Indiana, W. D. 

PACIFIC AV. fr. Jackson s. to Taylor. S. D. 
PALO ALTO PL. fr. S. State e. to Wabash av. 

next e. of 22d, S. D. 
PARK (N.), fr. W. Henshaw av. w. to city limits, 

W. D. 

PARK (S.), fr. N. Robey w. to city limits, W. D. 
PARK (E.). fr. S. Park to N. Park", W. D. 
PARK (W.), fr. S. Park to N. Park, W. D. 
PARK AV. fr. Ashland av. w. to Oakley, W. D. 
PARK PL. fr. Michigan av. e. to the lake, S. D. 
PARMELEE, fr. Iglehart av. w. to Western av. 

W. D. 

PAULINA, fr. Park av. 8. to Hamilton av. W. D. 
PAULINA (N.), fr. Park av. n. to W. Division, 

W. D. 

PEAR, fr. Ashland av. sw. to Leavitt, W. D. 
PEARCE, fr. Desplaines w. to Halsted, W. D. 
PEARL, fr. Sophia n. to Belden av. N. D. 
PEARL, fr. W. Twelfth ?. to Catherine, W. D. 
PEARSON, fr. N. Dearborn e. to the lake, N. D. 
PEARSON (W.), fr. N.LaSalle w. to Market, N. D. 
PECK, (now Union Park pi.) fr. W. Lake n. to 

Depot pi. W. D. 

PECK CT. fr. the lake w. to State, S. D. 
PENN. fr. Division n. to Vedder, N. D. 
PEORIA. fr. 242 W. Randolph s. to Harrison, 

W. D. 

PEORIA (N.). fr. 241 W. Randolph n. to Milwau- 
kee av. W. D. 
PERCH, fr. W. Kinzie s. to Fulton and Wilcox s. 

to Jackson W. D. 

PERRY, fr. Clybourn av. n. to Fullerton av. N. D. 
PETERSON, fr. N. Robey w. to Bradwell, W. D. 
PHILLIPS, fr. Halsted w. to N. Carpenter, W. D. 
PIER, fr. Lake av. e. to the Lake, S. D. 
PINE. fr. N. Water, n. to the lake. N. D. 
FIXE. fr. Canal level n. two blocks, W. D. 
PITNEY AV. fr. 31st n. to Archer av. S. D. 
PLEASANT, fr. Division n. to Vedder. N. D. 
PLUM. fr. Loomis w. to Laflin, W. D. 
POE. fr. Sheffield av. nw. N. D. 
POLK. fr. 232 State w. to the river, S. D. 
POLK (W.). fr. the river w. to city limits, W. D. 
POST. fr. Ashland av. se. to river, W. D. 
PRAIRIE AV. fr. 16th s. to 31st s. of E. Porter's 

div. and fr. Lyon av. s. to Douglas pi. S. D. 

This av. Is "numbered to correspond with 

State for the convenience of parties using 

that line of cars. 
PRATT, fr N. Hnlstcd \v. to Morgan, W. D. 



PRENTISS, :'r. State e. to Indiana av. S. D. 
PRICE PL. fr. Depplaines w. to Halsted, \T. D. 
PURPLE, fr. Archer av. n. to Grove, S. D. 
PUTNAM, fr. Chicago av. s. to 3d, W. D. 
QUARLES, fr. Douglas pi. s. to Wahpanseh av. 

S. D. 

QUARRY, fr. the river s. to Wrong, S. D. 
QUEER PL. fr. State w. to one-half block w. of 

Morton, S. D. 

QUINCY, fr. State w. to the river. 8. D. 
QUINCY (W.), fr. Clinton to Jefferson, and fr. 

Desplaines one-half block w. W. D. 

UINN, fr. Archer a\vone-half block se. W. D. 
ACINE RD. fr. Clybourn av. and pi. n. to city 
limits, N. D. 

RAILROAD AV. fr. Mitchell n. to 12th, W. D. 

RANDOLPH, fr. Michigan av. w. to the river, S.D. 

RANDOLPH (W.), fr. the river w. to Union Park, 
W. D. 

RANSOM, fr. 31st P. to Douglas pi. S. D. 

RAY, fr. South Park av. w. to Prairie av. S. D. 

REBECCA, fr. Morgan w. to Ashland av. W. D. 

REDFIELD, fr. Elston rd. ne. to the river, W. D. 

REES, fr. Larrabee w. to Dayton, thence sw. to 
Division, N. D. 

REISS, fr. North Branch ne. to North Branch Ca- 
nal, N. D. 

REUBEN, now Ashland av. 

REYNOLDS, fr. Canal nw. to 22d, W. D. 

RHINE, fr. Henshaw av. w. to city limits, W. D. 

RHODES AV. fr. 32d s. to Douglas pi. S. D. 

RICE, fr. N. Wood w. to Lincoln, W. D. 

RICE PL. fr. W. 22d s. to Moore, W. D. 

RICHARD, fr. Ashland av. aw. to city limits, W. 

RIDGELY PL. fr. State e. to Wabash av. next 8. of 
30th, S. D. 

RIDGEVILLE RD. fr. Milwakee av. n. to Armi- 
tage rd. W. D. 

RTDGLEY, fr. N. Halsted to Morgan, W. D. 

RINGGOLD, fr. State e. to Wabash av. next a. of 
Commerce, S. D. 

RIO GRANDE, fr. State e. to Wabash av. next s. 
of Buena Vista pi. S. D. 

RIVER, fr. S. Water ne. to Rush street bridge, S. 

ROBERTS, fr. Erie n. to Chicago av. N. D. 

ROBEY, fr. Park av. s. to Steele, W. D. 

ROBEY (N.), fr. Park av n. to city limits, W. D. 

ROBINSON, fr. 31st nw. toRobey, W. D. 

ROCK, fr. Steele se. to 31st, W. D. 

ROCKWELL, fr. W. 12th s. to W. 16th. W. D. 

ROE. fr. Olive w. one-half block, W. D. 

ROSE, fr. Cornell s. to Chicago av. W. D. 

ROSEBUD, fr. Western av. nw. to N. Allen's lot, 
W. D. 

ROUNTREE, fr. W. Lake n. to W. Kinzie, W. D. 

RUBLE, fr. W. 16th s. to 18th, and fr. Canalport 
av. s. W. D. 

RUCKER (N.), fr. W. Kinzie n. to Augusta, W. D. 

RUCKER, now Centre av. fr. 390 W.Madison, 
the river. W. D. 

RUM. fr. Hal.ited w. to Quarry, S. D. 

RUMSEY, fr. W. Indiana n. to 4lh, andfr. W. Chi- 
cago av. to Division, W. D. . 

RUSH, fr. the river to Chicago av. N. D. 

RUSSELL, fr. Robey no. to 22d, W. D. 

SACRAMENTO, fr." W. Harrison e. to W. 16th, 
W. D. 

SALT, fr. Archer av. nw. to the river, S. D. 

SAMPSON, fr. Blue Island av. w. to city limits. 
W. D. 

SAMUEL, fr. W. Chicago av. n. to Division, W. D. 

SAND, fr. Wing nw. to Leavitt, W. D. 

SANGAMON, fr. 272 W. Randolph s. to Harrison, 
W. D. 

SANGAMON (N.), fr. 261 W. Randolph n. to Mil- 
waukee av. W. D. 

S ANGER, fr. Archer av. se. to 26th, S. D. 

SARATOGA, fr. W. Douglas pi. n. to Bross av. W. 

SCHILLER, fr. the lake w. to Sedgwick, N. D. 

SCHOOL, fr. Canal w. to Scammon school, W. D. 

SCOTT, fr. N. State e. to the lake, N. D. 

SCOTT, fr. Oakley e. one block. W. D. 

SEBOR, fr. Ellsworth w. to S. Halsted, W. D. 

SECOND, fr. Union w. to N. Halsted, and fr. Mil- 
waukee av. w. to city limits, W. D. 

SEDGWICK, fr. Erien. to Crane & Wesson's park, 
and fr. Division, n. to city limits, N. D. 

M2ELEY AV. fr. W. Madison e. to W. VanBuren, 
W. D. 

sELAH, fr. Hobbie n. to Division, N. D. 

^ELDEN, fr. Wood w. to Lincoln, W. D. 

SENECA, fr. Illinois n. to Indiana, and nr. the 

lake, N. D. 

SEVENTEENTH, fr. State w. to Grove, S. D. 
SEWARD. fr. 161 h s. to Lumber, W. D. 
SEYMOUR, fr. W. Kinzie s. to W. Lake, W. D. 
SHARP, fr. Robey ne. to 22d, W. D. 
SHAUGHXESSY, fr. Goethe e. to Sigel, S. D. 
SHEFFIELD AV. fr. Hawthorne' av. to city limits, 

N. D. 

SHELDON, fr. W. Randolph s. Madison, W. D. 
SHFLDON (N.), fr. W. Randolph n. to Depot pi. 

SHERMAN, fr. Jackson^g. to Tavlor. S. D. 
SHOBER. fr. W. Division n. to North av. W. D. 
SHOLTO. fr. W. Harrison s. to llth, W. D. 
SHORT, fr. Hawthorne av. ne. to Crosby, N. D. 
SHURTLEFF AV. fr. 26th s. to Lvon av. 
SIBLEY, fr. W. Harrison s. to Taylor, W. D. 
SIGEL, fr. Mohawk e. to Wells, N. D. 
SILVER, fr. W. Harrison s. to Gurley, W. D. 
SIXTEENTH, fr. the lake w. to the river, S. D. 
SIXTEENTH (W.), fr. Lumber w. to city limits, 

W. D. 

SLADE, fr. 31st nw. to Kearney, W. D. 
SLOAN, fr. Elston rd. w. to Noble, W. D. 
SMART, fr. W. Kinzie n. to Hubbard, W. D. 
SMlTH.-fr. Ashland av. w. to Wood, W. D. 
SMITH AV. fr. North av. s. to Blackhawk, N. D. 
SNELL, fr. Second n. to W. Chicago av. W. D. 
SNIDER, fr. Ashland av. w. to Wood, W. D. 
SOPHIA, fr. Lincoln Park w. to Sheffield av. N.D. 
SOUTHPORT A V. fr. Clybourn pi. n. to city limits, 

SOUTH PARK AV. (formerly Kankakee av.), fr. 

22d s. to Etran av. S. D. 
SOUTH WESTERN AV. fr. W. Randolph sw. to 

citv limits, W. D. 

SPAULDING, fr. W. Harrison n. to Barry Point pi. 
SPRING, fr. State w. to Wentworth av. S. D. 
SPRINGER AV. fr. Ullman w. to Waterville.S.D. 
SPRUCE, from Loomis w. to Lafliu, W. D. 
STARR, one-half block e. of Sedgwick, No. 1 to 

.42, N. D. 

STATE, fr. 81 S. Water s. to city limits, S. D. 
STATE (N.), fr. the river n. to Schiller, N. D. 
ST. CLAIR. fr. Michigan n. to Chicago av. N.D. 
ST. SOHN'S PL. fr. W. Lake n. to Depot pi. W.D. 
STEELE, fr. Blue Island av. w. to Western av. 

W. D. 

STEPHENSON. fr. Mitchell n. to Lumber, W. D. 
STEWART AV. fr. W. 13th s. to city limits, W. 

and S. D. 

STONE, fr. Division n. to Banks, N. D. 
STOWELL, fr. Clark w. one block to the river, S. 

STRING, one block n. of W. 16th, and one block 

s. of Canalport av. nr. Jefferson, W. D. 
SUMMER, fr. 26th to 27th S. D. 
SUMMIT, fr.C. & St. L.R.R. se. to Archerav. S.D. 
SUMNER. fr. Catherine to W. 16th W. D. 
SUPERIOR, fr. Roberts e. to the lake N. D. 
SWIFT PL. fr. Wentworth av. w. to Stewart av. 

S. D. 
SYCAMORE, fr. Wentworth av. e. to L. S. & M. M. 

R. R. ws. of Spring, S. D. 

TALMAN AV. fr. Hirsch n. to W. North av. W.D. 
TAYLOR, fr. State w. to the river, S. D. 
TAYLOR (W.), fr. the river w. to the city limits, 

W. D. 

TEMPLE, fr. 2d n. to W. Chicago av. W. D. 
THIRD (changed to W. Erie), fr. the river w. to 

N. Leavitt, W. D. 

THIRD AV. fr. Jackson 8. to 14th, S. D. 
THIRTEENTH, fr. the lake w. to State, S. D. 
THIRTIETH, fr. Myrick av. w. to South Park av. 

and fr. Prairie av. w. to State, S. D. 
THIRTY-FIRST, fr. the lake w. to the river, S.D. 
THIRTY-FIRST (W r .),fr. the river w. to city limits, 

W. D. 
THIRTY-SECOND, fr. Cottage Grove av. w. to L. 

S. & M. S. R. R., S. D. 

THIRTY-THIRD, fr. the lake w. to Halsted, 8. D. 
THOMAS, fr. N. Wood w. to city limits, W. D. 
THOMPSON, fr. N. Leavitt w. to city limits, W.D. 
THORN, fr. Larrabec e. to Hurlbut, N. D. 
THORNTON, fr. W. 22d se. to Ashland av. W. D. 
THROOP, fr. W. Madison s. to W. Harrison, W.D. 
THROOP(S.), fr. W. Taylor 8. to Lumber, W.D: 
TODD, fr. Grove nw. to the river, S. D. 
TOWNES CT. fr. North av. s. to Orchard, N. D. 
TOWNSEND, fr. Erie n. to Crane & Wesson's Park 

TRENTON, fr. 111. A M. Canal 8. to W. Douglas p!. 

W. D. 



TROY, fr. W. Jackson n. to Barry Point rd. W. 


TRUSTEE, fr. W. Kinzie n. to Hubbard, W. D. 
TUCKER, fr. Douglas pi. s. to Egan av. 8. D. 
TWELFTH, fr. the lake w. to the river, S. D. 
TWELFTH (W.), fr. the river w. to city limits, 

W. D. 

TWENTIETH, fr. the lake w. to Grove, S. D. 
TWENTY-FIRST, fr. the lake w. to Stewart av. 

TWENTY-SECOND, fr. the lake w. to the river, 

S. D. 
TWENTY-SECOND (W.) fr. the river w. to city 

limits, W. D. 
TWENTY-THIRD, fr. South Park av. w. to Archer 

av. S. D. 

TWENTY-FOURTH, fr. South Park av. w. to But- 
ler, S. D. 
TWENTY-FIFTH, fr. South Park av. w. to Sanger 

S. D 
TWENTY-SIXTH, fr. South Park av. w. to Hal- 

sted, S. D. 
TWENTY-SEVENTH, fr. Wentworth av. w. to 

Stewart av. S. D. 
TWENTY-EIGHTH, fr. Michigan av. w. to State, 

S. D. 

TWENTY-NINTH, fr. the lake w. to State, S. D. 
TWOMEY, fr. Sedgwick, one-half block w. and 

then n. to Heins, N. D. 
TYLER, fr. 5th av. w. to Market, S. D. 
TYLER YW.), fr. Halsted w. to Leavitt, W. D. 
ULLMAN, fr. 31st s. to city limits, S. D. 
UNION, fr. 158 W. Randolph s. to Madison, and 

fr. W. 12th s. to Lumber, W. D. 
UNION (N.), fr. 157 Randolph n. to W. Chicago av. 

W. D. 
UNION PARK PL. (formerly Heck), fr. W. Lake 

n. to Depot pi. next e. of St. John's pi. W. D. 
UNION PL. fr. Union ne. to 22d, S. D. 
UNIVERSITY PL. fr. Cottage Grove av. w. to 

Rhode*- S. D. 
UPTON, Milwaukee av. sw. and w. to city 

limits, W. D. 

VALENTINE, fr. W. Kinzie s. to W. Lake, W. D. 
VALLIQUETTE, fr. Wahpanseh av. s. to G. A. 

Springer't sub. dis. S. D. 

VAN BUREN, fr. the lake w. to the river, S, D. 
VAN BUREN (W.), fr. the river w. to city limits, 

W. D. 

V iN HORN, fr. Leavitt w. to city limits, W. D. 
VEDDER. fr. N. Halsted e. to Vine, N. D. 
VERMONT AV. fr. Columbia n. one block, W. 

VERMONT AV. fr. Douglas pi. s. to Wahpanseh 

av. S. D. 

VICTORIA AV. fr. 12th s. to Mitchell, W. D. 
VINCENNES RD. fr. Cottage Grove av. at Doug- 
las pi. to city limits, S. D. 
VINE, fr. Division n. to Vedder, and fr. North av. 

to Willow, N. D. 
WABANSIA AV. fr. the river to Milwaukee av. 

W. D. 

WABASH AV. fr. S. Water s. to Crippen, S. D. 
WADE, fr. Eleton rd. w. to Currier, thence nw. 

to Crittenden, W. D. 
WAHPANSEH AV. fr. the lake w. to Halsted, 

S. D. 
WALLACE, fr. Archer rd. se. to McGregor, thence 

s. TO 2ljth, and fr. 31st s. to city limits. S. D. 
WALLER, fr. W. 12th s. to Mitchell, W. D. 
WALNUT, fr. N. Ashland av. w. to N. Oakley, 

W. D. 

WALNUT, fr. Canal level, n. 2 blocks, W. D. 
WALSH, fr. Halsted w. to Centre av. W. D. 
WARD. fr. Clybourn av. ne. and n. to Asylum pi. 

N. D. 

WARDEN, fr. Kearney se. to the 111. and M. CanaL 
W. D. 

WARREN, fr. S. Western av. w. to city limits, W. 

WASHINGTON AV. fr. Ashland av. w. to Leavitt. 
W. D. 

WASHINGTON PL. fr. N. Clark e. to N. Dear- 
born, W. D. 

WASHINGTON, fr. Michigan av. w. to the river r 
S. D. 

WASHINGTON (W.), fr. the river w. to city limit?, 
W. D. 

WASHTENAW AV. fr. Hirsch n. to W. North av. 
W. D. 

WATER (N.), fr. the river e. to N. State, thence 
ne. to the lake, N. D. 

WATER (S.), fr. I. C. R.R. depot grounds w. to 
Franklin, and sw. to Lake, S. D. 

WATER (W.), fr. W. Madison, following the crook 
of the river n. W. D. 

WATEHVILLE, fr. Lancaster av. se. to Fox, S. D_ 

WAVER, fr. Archer av. nr. Wallace, to Murray's 
addition, S. D. 

WAVERLY AV. fr. W. 12th s. to W. 16th, W. D. 

WAYMAN, fr. N. Jefferson w. to N. Halsted, W, 

WEBSTER AV. fr. the river e. to the lake, N. D. 

WEED, fr. Cherry av. ne. to Sheffield av. thence e. 
to N. Halsted, N. D. 

WELLS, fr. the river n. to N. Clark, N. D. 

WENDELL, fr. Crane & Wesson's Park, e. to N. 
LaSalle, N. D. 

WENTWORTH AV. fr. 16th s. to c.ty limits, S.D. 

WESSON, from Chicago av. n. to Crane & Wes- 
son's Park, N. D. 

WESTERN AV. the western boundary of old city 

WHIPPLE, fr. W. Jackson, n. to Barry Point rd. 
W. D. 

WHITE (E.), fr. N. Dearborn e. to the lake, N."D. 

WHITE (W.), fr. Larrabee e. to LaSalle, N. D. 

WHITEHOUSE PL. fr. Wentworth av. w. to Stew- 
art av. S. D. 

WH1TESIDE, fr. W. Madison, n. to W. Kinzie,. 

WHITING, fr. one-half block w. of N. Market w. 
to one-half block w. of Wells, N. D. 

WHITNEY, fr. N. Dearborn e. to the lake, N. D. 

WILCOX, fr. Leavitt w. to city limits, W. D. 

WILL, fr. Milwaukee av. n. to Augusta, W. D. 

WILLARD PL. fr. W. Randolphs, to W.Washing- 
ton, W. D. 

WILLIAM, fr. Morgan w. to Rucker, W. D. 

WILLIAM, fr. Western av. w. to Ogden av. W. D. 

WILLOW, fr. Sheffield av. e. to Larrabee, N. D. 

W1LMOT AV. fr. N. Robey w. to. Bradwell, thence 
nw. to Armitage, W. D. 

WILSON, fr. Stewart av. w. to Jefferson, W. D. 

WILSON, fr. Seeley av. w. to Hoyne, W. D. 

WINCHESTER, fr. W. Madison, s. to W. Harrison, 
W. D. 

WING, fr. Ashland av. sw. to 31st, W. D. 

WINTER, fr. 26th s. to 27th, S. D. 

WISCONSIN, fr. Larrabee e. to the lake, N. D. 

WOOD, fr. Park av. s. to W. 22d, W. D. 

WOOD (N.), fr. Park av. n. to W. Asylum pi. N. D. 

WRIGHT, fr. North av. nw. to Wabansia av. W. D. 

WRIGHT, fr. Stewart av. w. to Morgan, W. D. 

WRONG, fr. Halsted nw. to Main, W. D. 

YAGER, fr. W. Madison n. to W. Kinzie, W. D. 

YATES PL. fr. Michigan av. e. to Indiana av. next 
s. of 29th, S.D. 

YEATON, fr. Wood w. to Lincoln, W. D. 

YORK, fr. S. Laflin w. to Ashland av. and Hermit- 
age av. w. to Wood, W. D. 

YORKTOWN, fr. W. Douglas pi. n. to Bross av. 
W. D. 


Don't lend your Directory. Keep a sharp look out for bogus works. 
They are gotten up to deceive, and are imperfect and worthless. 


There are hundreds of copies of the Directory stolen every year by 
persons who, under pretence of borrowing for a short period, obtain them 
for the purpose of sale. Too much caution cannot be exercised in this 


Office, Oriental Building, 

, ILL. 


171 Madison Street, 

^Between 5th. Avenue and I. a Salle, 

Dealer in Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead. JOBBING punctually attended to. 

AARON II. MEAD, Notary Public. 

ALBERT I.. < Oi:. 


154 "Washington Street, 

We still offer our services to Residents and Noil -Residents, in 
purchasing, selling, leasing and taking general care and manage- 
ment ot Real Estate in Chicago and vicinity. 

Loans Negotiated, Rents Collected, and accounts of 

same promptly rendered. We do a strictly Agency Business, and any mat- 
ters entrusted to our care will receive prompt and personal attention. We 
have a choice List ot IM PROVED and UNIMPROVED REAL, 

ESTATE on our books, for sale, to which we invite attention personally 
or by correspondence. 


ABNER L. ELY. New York. 



Manufacturer* of Superior 






Candy, Druggist, Hat and Band Boxes, 

XTo. 57 State Street, 




PATENTED MAY 4th, 1860. 

M. TERHUNE, Sole Manufacturer, 

treet, Olxic^tso, 111. 





. . above fist, 



. . . agent 







insp . ... 





. . between 


mufr .... 







..; .bookkeeper 




south side 


- north 










north side 



com. mer. 

.commission merchant 

nw .... 



ODD. . . 



ct . 


pk . 



., west 




e .. 



pres. . . 

post offict 






.....east side 








A ABENGER ADAM L. carpenter, r.490 W. Mon- 
A roe 

Aaberg Peter, elk. r. 52 Wesson 
Aaberg Severin, printer, r. 53 Bremer 
Aagan William, glassstainer, George A. Misch & 

Bro. r. 779 May 
Aageson Niels, r. 27 Bremer 

Aagworth Thomas, stonecutter, r. 377 W. Polk 
Aakeberg John, carpenter, r. rear 48 Oak 
Aak'Kormann Elizabeth Mrs. r. 359 Larrabee 
Aakkermann Rudolph, baker, r. 361 Larrabee 
Aalburg Ole, tailor, r.210 N. Desplaines 
Aamodi Nils, painter, r.rear 57 W. Erie 
Aapkens Geo. W. student, Bryant &, Chase's 

Business College, r. 285 Clark 
Aarbaier Louis K. foreman, r. 119 W. 12th 
Aard Charles, lab. r. 176 Bushnell 
Aard Jenuie Mrs. r 214 Centre av.. 
Aarhaus Lewi's K. Q.foreman, Barton & Jones, r.221 

Aarhaus L. K. bkpr. Wood, Lawrence & Co. r 221 

30! h 

Aaron Abram, pedlar, r.rear 261 4th av. 
Aaron B. elk. r. 394 Clark 
Aaron Ertwards. pedlar, r. 211 4th av. 
Aaron Vincent, student. Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Aas Bcndik N. lab. r. 234 N. Halnted 

Aas Edward, shoemkr. r. 54 W. Erie 

Aas John, tailor, 122 W. Erie 

Aasen Peter, elk. r. 20 W. Oak 

Aaseth Ma_ngus, painter, r. tui) N. Haletcd 

Abart Reichart, tailor, r. ns. Fullerton av. bet. 
Southport av. and Ash laud av. 

Abbarl, Peter, painter. 468 Larrabee 

Abbe John, cabinetmkr. ns. Labor, bet. Division 
and Larrabee 

Abbenga Hessel P. srrocer, 83fi W. Lake 

Ahboy Elder, lab. R". Abbey & Co. 

Abbey Eldorado, elk. r. 136 S. Sansramon 

Abbey Frederick J. (J. H. Foster* Co.), r. 450 W. 

Abbey George T. r. Congress Hall 

Abbey G. N. (Johnson & Abbey), r. 637 W. Wash- 

Abbey Russel (R. Abbey & Co.),r.l36 S.Sangamon 

Abbey R. & Co. glass, crockery and stoneware, 
129 and 131 N. Water 

Abbey Samuel, shipping elk. Johnson & Abbey, r. 
353 Ohio 

Abbey William M. r. Orient House 

^bbot A. E. Miss, milliner, 54 N. Clark 

Abbot H. 8. spruce gum mnfr. 103 W. Randolph 

Abbot James, law student, Francis Mayo. r. 132 

Abbot T. L. elk. Barry & Cnshing, r. 402 W. Mon- 

Abbott Albert, porter, Wells & Faulkner, r. 250 

Abbott Allen O. salesman, r. 754 Sedgwick 

Abbott Arthur H. elk. C. T. Raynolds & Co. r. 244 
Wabash av. 

Abbott, A. A. reapers and mowers, 14 N. Canal, 
r. 639 W. Washington 

Abbott A. R. lawyer, room 10, Portland blk. r. 233 
W. Adams 

Abbott Charles W. bartender, Palmer House 

Abbott C. L. bookbinder, Sewell & Henderson, r. 
401 W. Madison 

Abbott A. C. salesman, Clement Morton & Co. r. 
754 Sedgwick 

Abbott Edbert. elk. r. 250 Indiana 

Abbott Ezra, elk. L. Gould & Co. r. 250 Indiana 

Abbott E. F. elk. r. 906 W. Madi>on 

ABBOTT FAKE <fc CO. realestate brokers, 
95 Washington 

Abbott Frank, salesman, L. Gould & Co. r. 250 In- 

Abbott George C. porter, Clement, Morton & Co. 
r. 754 Sedgwick 

Abbott Henry, elk. r. 185 Forest av. 

Abbott Henry G. (Taft, Schwainb & Co.), r. Oak- 

Abbott H. C. Mgnpainter, r. 192 W. Van Buren 

ABBOTT H. H. .foreman, Interior Printing 
Co. r. 256 Buddan 


Commissioner U. S. Court of Claims, Washington, I>. C., 

See Adv't. PHILIP A. HOY>'E, Custom Hotise. 







Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Celebrated Wilmington Goa 

^ Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 


Abbott James H. room 9, 161 Washington, r. 702 

Michigan av. 
Abbott James S. (Abbott, Fake & Co.), r. Briggs 


Abbott John, lab. r. rear 512 Archer av. 
Abbott John, lab. r. 717 S. Canal 
Abbott Judson, driver, r. 53 Ellis av. 
Abbott J. D. ins. agt. r. 694 W. Madison 
Abbott J. H. photographer, r. Lake View 
Abbott J. S. supt. Coan & Tenbroeke, r. 25 Centre 

Abbott Kate G. elk. Y. M. C. A. r. 447 N. Dearborn 
Abbott Lewis L. (Clarke, Abbott & Co.), r.298 Wa- 

bash av. 

Abbott L. ast. r. 42 S. May 

Abbott N. W. physician, 161 Clark, r. 906 W. Mad- 

Abbott O. S. policeman, Tremont Honse 
Abbott O. S. tinsmith, r. 1430 Indiana av. 
Abbott Patrick, mason, r. 194 Wesson 
Abbott R. painter, r. 63 Erie 
Abbott Spencer, hostler, r. Washington House 
Abbott T. artistic painter, r. 20 S. Ada 
Abbott T. D. corresponding elk. Gt. W. Fire Ins. 

Co. r. 694W. Madison 
Abbott T. H. r. 458 W. Randolph 
Abbott T. L. bkpr. r. 402 W. Monroe 
Abbott Wade, adv. agt. Evening Post, r. 986 W. 


Abbott Walter, clerk, r. 401 W. Madison 
Abbott William (William Turtle & Co.), r. 275 W. 


Abbott William, lab. r. 180 Barber 
Abbott William L. elk. 1st Nat. Bank, r. 694 W. 

Abbott W. H. draughtsman, Hollister & Phelps, r. 

43 Monroe 

Abe Charles, r. 524 S. Canal 
Abe Charles jr. elk. r. 523 S. Canal 
Abe E. elk. r. 523 S. Canal 
Abe Philip, engineer, r. 2 Smart 
Abel C. P. carpenter, r. 400 North av. 
Abel Edward, elk. r. 523 S. Canal 
Abel Francis, confectioner, 830 Cottage Grove 

Abel Frank, engineer, Btockyd dummy, r. 1260 


Abel Henry, lab. r. 627 S. Canal 
Abel Jacob, bkpr. r. 137 Adams 
Abel John, restaurant, r. 809 Cottage Grove av. 
Abel Jonathan (Dickinson, Leach & Co.), r. 74 


Abel Louis, engineer, r. 433 Wentworth av. 
Abel Peter, lab. r. 820 Clark 
Abelang Caroline Mrs. r. 511 N. Ashland av. 
Abele Augustus, bkpr. D. Mergentheim & Co. r. 

302 Centre 

Abelink Mary, r. 62 Goethe 
Abell C. C. realesltte, 174 LaSalle, r. 126 Michigan 


Abell James E. (Abell & Hotchkiss), r.112 War- 
ren av. 
Abell & Hotchkiss, realestate and lawyers, 100 


Abelman Louis, lab. r. Rebecca, cor. Center av. 
Abels E. H. mnfr. sewing machine attachments, 

118 Clark, r. Nevada House 
Abely George, carpenter, r. 1238. Canal 
Aben Mary, wid. Christopher, r. Augusta, bet. 

Paulina and Rnmsey 
Abendroth William, foreman, Staats Zeitung, r. 93 

S. Canal 

Abendrnth Fritz, blksmith. r. 13 Crittenden 
Abendruth Fritz, jr. blksmith, r. 89 W. Randolph | 
Abercrombie Aaron L , carpenter, r. 468 W. Chicago 

Abercrombie Mary, wid. James, tailoress, Reform 

School, r. Egan av. nr. Vincennes av. 
Abercrombie O. P. lawyer, 265 Wabash av. 

Abercrombie William, r. 308 W. Harrison 
Aberd Frederick, lab. r. 52 Hastings 

Aberle Antone, lab. r. 329 4th av. . 

Aberly Henry, blksmith. M. Klein, r. 260 Rush 

Abernethy James, blksmith, r. 291 S. Jefferson 

Abert J. finisher, Walker's tannery 

Abesein Charles, elk. P. C. & St. L. R. R. 

Abinz August, saloon 229 Cottage Grove av. 

Able Don, stonecutter, Grant & Price, r. 83 3d av. 

Able James, elk. Mornn <fc Smith, r. 180 5th av. 

Able John, lab. r. Division nr. N. Halsted 

Able J. H. salesman Eagle Paper Collar Co. r 267 
Wabash av. 

Abies Margaret wid. .Joseph, washerwoman, r 114 

Ablewhite Thomas (Ablewhite & Geiling), r. lift 
Archer av. 

Ablewhite & Geiling, clothiers, 116 Archer av. 

Abraham Aaron, pedlar, r. 313 5th av. 

Abraham Albert, carpenter, r. Samuel, bet. Corne- 
lia and Clarinda 

Abraham Albert, lab. r. 46 Gardner 

Abraham August, tailor, r. Samuel, bet. Cornelia 
and Clarinda 

Abraham Daniel, lab. r. rear 274 4th av. 

Abraham Daniel, shoemkr. r. Samuel, bet. Cor- 
nelia and Clarinda 

Abraham Ferdinand, tailor, r. Samuel, bet. Cor- 
nelia and Clarinda 

Abraham F. C. W. butcher, r. 126 Ohio 

Abraham Gustave, lab. r. ns. Thomas, bet. Lin- 
coln and Newton 

Abraham Isaac, bootmkr. 327 Clark 

Abraham Levi, pedlar, r. 553 Wells 

Abraham Louis, second hand store, r. 291 5th av. 

Abraham Louis, sailor, r. 232 W. Erie 

Abraham. Wolf, pedlar, r. 553 Wells 

Abrahams Abraham, elk. M. Pollard, 226 Clark 

Abrahams George, barber, 135 Van Buren, r. 291 5tb 

Abrahams Henry, saloon, 208 5th av. 

Abrahams Isaac, grocer, 171 Ewing 

Abrahams Jacob, pedlar, r. 385 5th av. 

Abrahamsen Abraham, lab. r. 175 W. Chicago 

Abrahamsen Niels, lab. r. 73 Wesson 

Abrahamson Amon, teamster, r. 164 N. Desplaines 

Abrahamson A. mason, r. 151 Biemer 

Abrahamson Carl J. mason.r. 163 Bremer 

Abrahamson Charles, boxmkr, Becker & Kopsell, 
r. 163 Bremer 

Abrahamson Christian, upholsterer,A. L.Crocker, r. 
144 N. Desplaines 

Abrahamson Edward, sailor, r. 638 S. Union 

Abrahamson Isaac, carpenter, r. 145 N. Desplaines 

Abrahamson Isaac, pedlar, r. 3L7 5th av. 

Abrahamson John, lab. r. 6 W. Oak 

Abrahamson Joseph, lab. r. 155 Wesson 

Abrahamson Joseph, tailor, r. rear 102 Townsend 

Abrahamson Peter A. book binder, r. 6 W. Oak 

Abrahamson Peter G. tailor, r. rear litt Townsend 

Abrahamson Svante, lab. r. 153 Wesson 

Abrahamson Theodor, lab. r. 173 W Erie 

Abram Isaac, lab. r. 130 Pacific av. 

Abram Mier, glazier, r. rear 224 5th av. 

Abrams Abram, drover, r. 295 W. Lake 

Abrams A. painter, r. 53 Milwaukee av. 

Abrams Henry, drover, r. 295 W. Lake 

Abrams J. lab. r. rear 486 Archer av. 

Abramson M. painter, r. 84 S. Jefferson 

Abstein Nathan, hidedlr. r. 183 Ontario 

Abt Peter, lab. r. 572 W. Taylor 

Abt Peter, meatmarket, 557 S. Halsted 

Academy of Design, 66 and 68 Adams 

Academy of Lorette, Mother Ferdinand, superior, 
149 W. Adams 

Academy of Mntic, Crosby Opera House 

Academy of Sciences, W. Stimpson, curator, 263. 
Wabash av. 



Pig Iron and Iron Ores. 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, 0O and 6 South Canal Street. 

WJI. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Se\ver Pipe, 



A. C. Coventry, steam fire engine, No. 11, 225 Mich- 

Ace Elijah, wk*. F. Parmelee & Co. 67 State 
Acbarius William, physician, 7!) Chicago av. r. 133 


Acbert E. E. bkpr. German Nat. Bank, r. 246 Oak 
Achhammer Michael, gardener, 806 Larabee 
Achten Mathias, carpenter, 154 Arnold, r. 97 Archer 


Ackelbein August, lab. Beck & Wirth, r. 257 Lara- 

Ackelbein Frederick, lab. Beck & Wirth. 23 Fay 
Acker E. P. trav.agt. Gillet, McCnlloch & Co. r. 

Anderson's Hotel 
Acker Georjre T. salesman, J. G. McBride & Co. r. 

Metropolitan Hotel 

Acker Henry, blksmith, r.110 Archer av. 
Acker J. wks. Goss & Phillips Mnfg Co. r. 110 

Archer av. 
Acker J. W teamster, Thomas Foster, r. Lumber, 

cor. Mitchell 

Acker Michael, policeman, 1st prect. r. 305 22d 
Acker Peter, carpenter, r. 28th, bet. Hanover'and 

Stewart av. 
Acker Phillip, carpenter, C. & N. W. Ry. Co. r. 318 


Ackerman Charles V. butcher, 677 W.Lake 
Ackerman Christian, gardener, r. rear Brighton 

House, Western av, cor. Archer av. 
Ackerman Daniel, cigarmkr, r. 300 4th av. 
Ackerman Daniel, farmer, r. Egan av. 2 e. Long 


Ackerman David, butcher, r. 315 S. Jefferson 
Ackerman Jacob, lab. r. 132 Ejgenie 
Ackerman Joseph, farmer, r. Egan av. cor Long 


Ackerman Joseph, ship carpenter, r. 69 W. Indiana 
Ackerman Peter, machinist, r. 178 Bushnell 
Ackerman Renard, engineer, r. 150 Maxwell 
Ackerman Theodore, r. 95 S. Jefferson 
Ackerman W. K. treas. I. C. R. R. r. Hyde Park 
Ackermann Chris, barber, August Klunke, r. 212 N. 

Ackermann Daniel, cigarmkr, C. Freiberg, r. 562 

Wentworth av. 
Ackermann George, porter, Z. M. Hall, r. White, 

bet. Rush and State 
Ackermann J. W. (Robb & Ackermann), r. 95 S. 


Ackermann William, shoemkr. r. 615 N. Clark 
Ackers Thomas, elk. Tappan, McKillopp & Co. 

r. 124 S. Halsted 
Ackesbury John, cabinetmkr, Bent & Goward, r. 

48 W. Oak 
Ackhoff Henry, saloon, 91 Milwaukee av. r 210 N. 


Ackland A. J. elk. J. P. Lee, r. 114 W. Division 
Acklund Edward, com. mer. r. 150 S. Jefferson 
Ackland James (Ackland & Palethorp), r. 150 S. 


Ackland John, blksmith, r. 118 W. Division 
Ackland & Palethorp, confectioners. 198 Madison 
Ackley G. N. grocer, 720 W. Madison, r. 711 W. 


Ackley William, elk. r. Washington House 
Acklulind John, lab. r. 32 Alexander 
Acres Standish. printer, r. 243 N. Clark 
Acton George, butcher, 190 5th av. 
Ada Street Methodist Church, Rev. Thomas R. 

Strowbridge, pastor, ss. Ada, bet. Fulton and 


Artair A. J. hrakeman, r. 303 W. Madison 
AdairD. L hop dealer, KB S. Water, r. 114 Lytle 
Adair John D. lawyer, 34 Dearborn, r. 395 State 
Adam Andrew, physician, r. 226 N. Clark 
Adam A. B. salesman, Keith Bros, bds. Clifton 


Adam A. R. student, Bryant & Chase's Busi- 
ness College 



No. 158 State Street. 

V. C. CLA2IE, Manager. C. H. BOBEBTS, Agent. K^ 


No. 94 Washington Street, Chicago. A 



Adam G. cooper, r. 182 Indiana 

Adam John, policeman 3d prect., r. 29 Starr 

Adam John B. carpenter, r. 129 Hnrlbut 

Adam John D. carpenter, r. 129 Hnrlbut 

Adam Nicholas, cabinetmkr, r. 100 Mohawk 

Adam Peter, r 146 Illinois 

Adam Robert, carpenter, r 403 State 

Adam Robert, teamster, r 257 Blackhawk 

Adam Sinclair, salesman, Hamlin, Hale & Co. r 

233 Illinois 

Adamovie Joseph, confectioner, r. 174 W. PoJk 
Adams Alvin, steamheater, r 211 W. VanBuren 
Adams Andrew, machinist, .C. & N. W. Ry. r. 339 


Adams Andrew, printer, r 205 W. Madison 
Adams Anna Mrs. r 27 Bremen 
Adams A. carpenter, r. Everett House 
Adams A. mechanic, r. 114 W. Randolph 
Adams A. B. carpenter, r. 59 Bunker 
Adams A. J. carpenter, r 624 Butterfleld 
Adams A.L. (A. F. King& Co.), r. 360 Ontario 
Adams A. W. elk. C. & A.R. R. r. Geneva, 111. 
Adams Benjamin (B. A. Adams & Co.), r. 93 Prairie 

Adams, Blackmer & Lyon Publishing Co. 160 and 

162 Clark 
Adams B. F. lawyer, room 29, 116 LaSalle, r. 360 

Adams B. & Co. millers, grain and flonr dealers, 

rear 18 N. Water 

Adams Carlos J. physician, 161 Clark, r. 155 Aber- 

Adams Charles, bellboy, Sherman House 
Adams Charles, elk. Scammon Hospital 
Adams Charles, fireman, I. C. R. R. r. 4 15th 
Adams Charles, medical student, r. 1000 Michigan 


Adams Charles, waiter, r. 262 Clark 
Adams Charles F. car. painter, r. 339 Centre av. 
Adams Charles H. r. 25 Belden pi. 
Adams Charles L. (Graham Bros. & Co.), 151 Lake 
Adams Charles P. elk. Union Nat. Bank, r. 328 N. 

Adams Charles S. (Maigne & Adams), r. 45 S. 

Adams Charles True, attorney, 69 Dearborn, r. 381 

Adams Charles W. asst. ticket agt. C., B. & Q.Tl. 

R. r. 356 Wabash av. 

Adams Charles W. lab. r. 274 Blackhawk 
Adams Claude J. real estate, room 16, 133 LaSalle, 

r. 1153 Wabash av. 

Adams C. A. cutter, r. 386" W. 12th 
Adams C. E. salesman, Louis Lochbihler, r. Evans- 
Adams C. H. elk. C. H. McCormick & Co. r. 

120 Pine 
Adams C. H. real est. agt. room 11, 122 LaSalle, r. 

739 W. Washington 
Adams David, clothier, 249 Randolph, r. 136 N. 


Adams David, maildriver, r. 52 Hope 
Adams Edward, expressman, r. 55 Florimond 
Adams Edward F. with A. H. Andrews & Co. 
Adams Elizabeth, wid. Henry, r. 688 Sedgwick 
Adams Ellen M. teacher, Washington school, r. 

239 W. Indiana 

Adams Ernest, plasterer, r. 86 Bissell 
Adams Eva Miss, saleslady, Jacob Jackson, r. 159 

Michigan av. 
Adams Express Co, John L. Hopkins, agt. 52 and 

54 Dearborn 

Adams E. shoemkr. r. 386 W. 12th 
Adams E. F. lawyer, 132 Dearborn, r. 328 W. Ran- 
Adams E. J. dentist, 165 Wabash av. r. 268 Wabash 


Adams Francis, lawyer. 88 La Salle. r. 130 N State 
Adams Francis T. stonedlr. r. 322 W. Harrison 







By WM. M. Di:, No. 1OS Monroe Street. 

Jlead & Coc, Real Estate and Loan Agents, 154 Washington <>t , 

Money loaned on approved real estate security without expense to the lender 



^ Wilmington Coal. 

CD Better by :t2 per cent than any other 
jh Illinois Coal. 

' Better than most Oh'o and Pennsylrania Coal sold in thi- market, 
99 nd a good as the b*st for all ordinary purposes. t3TFree of Slate 
2 ndS'iIpmir. 

Chicayo and Wilmington Coal Co., 

*&? No. 2 Watt Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

* Adams Frank, r. 1061 Indiana av. 

'5? Adams Prank A. elk. A. O. Fay. r. 1 Clark 
J Adams Frank H. elk. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 109 S. 


^j Adams F. M, lawreporter, Ely, Burnham & 
^3 lett, r. 102 Ellis av. 
^^ Adams 'George, com. mer. Stock Yard Exchange, 

r, 1087 Michigan av. 

O Adams 'George, fireman, I. C. R. R. r. 4 15th 
A Adams {Jeorge E. lawyer, room 9, 116 La Salle, r. 

s -'860 Ontario 

^ Adams George W. bkpr. B. Adams & Co. r. 322 
A Calumet av. 

JJ Adams 'George W. (G. W. Adams & Co.) r. 39 25th 
vf Adams -Gustavus P. graindlr. r. 352 Wabash av. 
& Adams <G. W. & Co. com. mers. 286 S. Water 
Adams Hamlet B. bkpr. r. 1109 Indiana av. 
< Adams Henry, lab. r. Levee nr. Post 
{j .Adams Henry H. salesman, Sprague, Warner & 
~* 'Co. r. Hyde Park 

*2 Adams Horace B. lost frt. agt. C., R. I. & P. R. R. 
m r. 190 Wabash av. 

CS Adams House, Pearce & Benjamin, proprs. Lake, 
^^ ne. cor. Michigan av. 
w Adams Hugh (C. H. McConnick & Co.), r. 120 


Adams H. A.(H.A.Adams & Co.), r. 155 Wabash av. 
IJJ Adams H. A. & Co. handstamps, 84 Dearborn 
Til Adams H. B. elk. A. Farrar & Co. 
-j Adams H. E. canvasser, r. 365 State 
,JJJ Adams H. H. tobacconist, r. Connell, sw. cor. 53d 
M Adams Isaac O. agt. stock yard, r. 45 S. Halsted 
Cg Adams Jacob, boilermkr. C. & N. W. Ry. 143 
.7j|) Mohawk 

" Adams James, agt. r. 260 20th 
88 Adams James, blksmith, 111 Butterfield 
L2 Adams James, city buyer, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 

233 Illinois 

(JD Adams James, lab. r. Levee nr. Post 
M Adams James, pedlar, r. 263 20th 
,g Adams James, clerk, r. 188 Huron 

Adams James, salesmanjr. 13 Adams 
Adams James, waiter, r. 365 Clark 

O* Adams James H. (Burton & Adams), r. 536 Wash- 
_- iugton av. 
^ Adams James W. (Adams & Burke), r. 435 N. 

. Dearborn 

W Adams Jnnie, r. 2054 Pacific av. 
{J Adams Jesse C. bkpr. Queal <to Winter, r. 339 Cen- 
<JS tre av, 

Adams John, billposter, Broadway Bros. & Trey- 
V zer, r. 413 State 

SU Adams John, Board of Trade, r. 239 Forquer 
** Adams- John, teamster, r. 18 Toomey 
14 Adams John, teamster, r. 282 Forquer 

Adams John (Adams & Schmidt), r. 70 Archer rd. 
^ Adams John (Adams & Eldredge), r. 1000 Michigan 
if av. 

jj Adams John M. elk. R. E. Walpole, r. 430 W. Mad- 
^ ison 

M Adams John Quincy, plumber, r. 4 15th 
JJ Adams John Q.(B. Adams & Co.), 180 N. Water 

T Adams John O. (Picking & Adams), r. 92 N. Wood 
"** Adams John W. foreman, Page & Battey, r. 206 
tn Buslmell 

3 Adams Joseph, cashier, Adams & Eldredge, 1000 
Michigan av. 

* Adams Joseph, lab. r. rear 129 3d av. 
_M Adams J. machinist, r. 195 N. Halsted 
-53 Adams J- wid T. r. 459 W. Washington 

Adams J B- (Cosgrove & Adams), r. Evanston 
fe Adams J C. jeweler, Milhening & Lauderback, r. 
* 382 State 

^ Adams J. L. student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Adams J. McGregor (Crerar, Adams & Co.), r. 302 
^S- N. LaSalle 

: Adams Louis (Adams & Schlossman), r. 124 Ran- 

Adams Louis, plasterer, r. 86 Bissell 
Adams Martinet, wid. Samuel, r. 52 Hope 
Adams Mariah, wid. George, r. 435 N. Dearborn 
Adams Martin, stonecutter, r. 476 Centre av. 
Adams Mary B. Miss, student, Bryant- 4 

Chase's Business College 
Adams Mary J. wid. Samuel, r. 339 Centre av. 
Adams Mathias, r. 143 Mohawk 
Adams Matthias, shoemkr. 463 N. Wells 
Adams Michael, plasterer, r. 288 Forquer 
Adams Michael, stonecutter, Peter New & Co. i 

476 Centre av. 

Adams Michael, tailor, r. 327 W. 12th 
Adams Nellie Miss, saleslady, Jacob Jackson, i 

159 Michigan av. 

Adams Nelson, plumber, McCartney & Hamblin 
Adams Newton, com mer. r. 239 W. Indiana 
Adams Orley E. deputycollector, Custom Hous< 

r. 147 Western av. 
Adams O. r. Douglas House 
Adams Peter, boilermkr. r. 330 North av. 
Adams P. shoemkr. r. 464 W. Randolph 
Adams Richard, carpenter, r. 47 Price pi. 
Adams Richard T. physician, room 1, 190 Clark 
Adams Robert, mason, r. 27 Depuvster 
Adams Rose A. Miss, teacher, Efaven School, : 


Adams Sarah Mrs. r. 159 Michigan av. 
Adams Samuel, driyer, r. 141 Illinois 
Adams Samuel F. salesman, E. D. Terry, r. Matt< 

son House 

Adams S. elk. r. 14 Eldridse ct. 
Adams S. Webster, sec. The Crane Bros. Nortl 

western Mnfg. Co. r. 259 W. Madison 
Adams Thomas, gen. baggage agt. P., Ft. W. & ( 

R. R. r. 92 Miller 

Adams Thomas, tugman, r. 68 N. Noble 
Adams Thomas N. saloon, 321 State 
Adams Thomas W. bkpr. A. Williams, r. 12 E 

dridge ct. 

Adams T. W. elk. r. 780 W. Adams 
Adams William, boardinghouse. 101 16th 
Adams William, bookbinder, r. 363 N. Market 
Adams Williams, carpenter, J. V. Farwell & Co. 

363 N. Market 

Adams William, carpenter, r. 1052 W. Adama 
Adams William, carpenter, r. 240 N. Wells 
Adams William, furmkr. r. 731 N. Halstead 
Adams William, painter, r. 103 Ellis av. 
Adams William, painter, r. 323 S. May 
Adams William A. (Adams & Mitchel), r .Cottag 

Grov av. nr. Union av. 

Adams William H. engineer, r. 103 Michigan 
Adams William H. r. 623 W. Kinzie 
Adams William H. trav. salesman, Truman . 

Co. 800 State 
Adams William H. (Osborn & Adams), r. 4^ 

Wabash av. 
Adams William Henri (Osborn & Adams), r. 4 

Wabash av. 

Adams William M. elk. I. C. R. R. I. 366 Ohio 
Adams William N. r. 929 Michigan av. 
Adams William R. fireman I. C. R. R. r. 4 15th 
Adams W. mail agent, r. 124 W. Madison 
Adams W. A. elk. Fred F. Webster, r. 72 ^ 


Adams W. H. carpenter, r. 384 N. Wells 
Adams & Burke, plumbers, 88 N. Claik 
Adams & Eldredge, com. mers; Stock Yard E: 


Adams & Mitchel, grocers, 822 Cottage Grove av. 
Adams & Schlossman, clothing, 124 Randolph 
Adams & Schmidt, undertakers 70 Archer av. 
Adamschek Lorenz, lab. r. 64 George 
Adamson Caroline, wid. Carl, r. 72 Bremer 
Adamson Henry, lab. Sweet & Chatfied, r. 270 i 


Adamson M. machinist, H. McGlnnis, 90 W. Eri( 
Adamson Robert J. (Baeder. Adamson & Co.) 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

O:5 Dearborn Street. 

Sales Repaired and Exchanged at Harris' 

SAFE FACTORY, OO and 62 South Canal Street 

FBI. ]. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





amson William (Baeder, Adamson & Co.) r. 

Gcnnantown, Pa. 

cock A. W. pawnbroker, 184 Clark 
dams II. D. foreman, r. 218 N. State 
dems Ephrnim (Nicoles & Addems), r. 1380 1 nil! 
ana av. 
Ider Charles, wks. F. Parmelee & Co. r. 49 S. 


;der Ellas, manager S. J. Ulman & Co. r 1151 
Wabash av. 

Idis W. I. (H. Colvin & Co.), r. 071 Sedgwick 
dison M. Mrs. r. 130 W. Randolph 
Idison Robert S. physician, r. 3 4 Milwaukee av. 
dison Sarah, r. 212 N. Sangamon 
Idison Walter G. lawyer, 42 Clark, r. 458 W. Ad- 

die E. r. 50 Eldridge ct. 
:dler Henry, agent, r. 64 3d av. 
dy A. F. frousefurnishing, 156 N. Wells 
dy Edward, harnessmani'r. 308 State 
elef Adolph, carpenter, r. rear 55 4th 
ell Newton H. hat and cap mnfr. r. 78 S. Paulina 
elman John, machinist, R. S.Hadley, r. 74 Front 
em John, policeman, r. 29 Starr 
en Henry, chimneysweeper, r. 270 N. Sanga- 

enau Frank, showcasemkr. D. Barclay, r. 27 

ee John (Ades & Moore), r. 45 W. Van Buren 
es John E. elk. Ades & Moore, r. 45 W. Van Bu- 

es Robert, elk, D. T. Elston, r. 45 W. Van Bu- 

es & Moore, meatmarket, 45 W. Van Buren 
iar Ann, wid. Robert, r. 793 Hubbard 
len August, carpenter, r. 335 3d av. 
im Nicholas, carpenter, Kirschten & Bros. r. 100 

lin August, carpenter, E. C. Preble, r. 335 3d av. 
In Charles, tailor, r. 57 Bremer 
in Gustaf, tailor. 57 Bremer 
Jn J. tailor, A. Word, r. 57 Bremer 
Hz G. H. fresco, decorative and scenic artist, 

130 LaSalle, r. Lake View 
,kins Gabriel, waiter, Sherman House 
11am John M. brassfinisher, r. 171 V t W. Polk 
Jam Norah, wid. Robert N. r. 171 54 W. Polk 
ilam Sarah Miss, telegraph operator, r. 171J4 W. 

liar Joseph (Adlar & Newberg), r. 47 Elston rd. 
[lard Mary Ann Mrs. r. 106 N. Paulina 
Ueman Peter, student, Bryant <fc Chase's 

Business College 
Her Abraham, trav. agt. Epstein, Goodman & 

Co. r. Hess House 
Her August, lab. r. 152 Coolidge 
Her August, stonemason, r. 244 Coolidge 
Her Dankmar (E. Burling & Co.), r. 13th, nr. 

Wabash av. 

Her Elias, liquordlr. r. 1151 Wabash av. 
Her Emanuel, liquor and cigars, r. 252 Milwau- 
kee nv. 

Her Hirsh, lab. r. rear 150 S. Jefferson 
Her Ignatz G. drygoods. 100 Blue Island av. 
Her Isaac M. fireman, Waubansia No. 2, r. 79'/ 


iler I. secondhandstore, 231 5th av. r. 160 Quincy 
Her Jacob, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Bnsiness College 
Her John, lab. r. 244 Coolidge 
Her John, tinsmith, r. 561 N. Wells 
iler John jr. lab. r ; 244 Coolidge 
Iler Joseph, elk. G. Kale, r. 313 State 
Her Lee, elk. Mandel Bros. r. 41 13th 
Her Liebman Rev. r. 41 13th 
Her Morris, butcher. Jacob Loeb, r. 379 Clark 
Her Peter, boots and shoes, 20-1 N. Clark 
Her Peter, wagonmkr. r. 12 Sullivan 
Her Philipp E. elk. r. 252 Milwaukee av. 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 



At 137 & 139 State Street 

Adler Reuben, peddler, r. 446 W. Chicago av. 
Adler William, cooper, r. 203 Coolidge 
Adler & Newberg, employment asrts. 247 Randolph 
Adley Henry, painter, r."719 W. Jackson 
Admiral Garrit (Pretorius & Admiral), r. 49 Ran- 
Admiranl Nicholas, bartender, Schori & Strinski, 

r. 178 N. Clark 
Adolph Christian, tailor, Louis Kangfann, r. 126 

Clybonrne av. 

Adolph Frederick, lab. r. 213 Oak 
Adolph Gilfess, carpenter, r. 779 Burnside 
Adolphus Philip, physician, 169 Dearborn, r. 130 


Adriance John, 116 La Salle, r. Orchard nr. Fuller- 
ton av. 

Adrianson John, picture frames, 73 Blue Island av. 
Adsit James M. banker, 39 Clarfc, r. 422 Wabash av. 
Adsit James M. jr. cash. J. M. Adsit, r. 422 Wa- 

bash av. 

A. D. Titsworth, Engine House, No. 13, 97 Dear- 
born, Morris W. Shay, foreman 
Aeld William, lab. r. 202 Henry 
Aeilrza Frederick, r. 239 W. Division 
Aenola James, brakeman, r. 610 S. Canal 
Aeppli G. A. mittenmnfr. r. 430 W. 12th 
Aes Joseph, lab. r. 129 W. Liberty 
Aeser Charles, shoemkr. r. 28 Knerr 
Aetke Frank, lab. r. 218 Coolidge 
/Etna Mnfg. Co. mnfrs sewing machine stands, 
machinist's tools, etc. 203 Kinzie, L. Huchber- 
ger, sec. J. Sigwalt jr. supt. 
Afelt Henry, lab. r. 676 S. Morgan 
Afelt Joseph, wiper, r. 53 Catharine 
Aff John, blksmith, r. 216 Division 
Afield Bros, insurance agts. 90 LaSalle 
Afield Charles (C. Afield & Co.), r. 157 Rnmsey 
Affeld Charies E. jr. ( Afield Bros.), r. 151 Rumsey 
Afield C. & Co. California wines, 56 and 58 LaSalle 
Afield Frank O. (Afield Bros.), and notary public, 

90 LaSalle 

Afield Helen W. teacher, Wells School, r. 151 Rum- 

Afleck George, packer, r. 5 Rush 
Afordea J. r. 130 Henry 
Afrntz Lewis, carpenter, r. 255 2d 
Afting John, tinner, r. Harrison, nr. Loomis 
Agan Thomas, r. 54 Joseph 
Agar James, teamster, J. F. Rathbone & Co. r. 208 


Agar John (Agar & Marshall), r. 355 Division 
Agar Thomas, shippingclk. J. F. Rathbone & Co. ' 

r. 88 Sedgwick 

Agar & Marshall, butchers, 364 Division 
Agard Frank, painter, r. 403 State 
Agemrich Mathias, cabinetmkr. r. 163 W. Polk 
Ager Frederick, expressdriver, r. 329 Clark 
A?er George, lab. r. 354 3d av. 
Agert Henry, lab. r. 31st, nr. Benson 
Aget Frederick, driver, West Div. Ry. Co. r. 429 

Centre av. 

Aghlin Henry, lab. r. 206 2d 
Agle John, bricklayer, r. 127 N. Halsted 
Agner James, frt. a<*t. r. 220 S. Jefferson 
Agnew Alexander, bkpr. Bowen, Hunt & Winslow, 

r. 20 16th 

Agnew Anthony, slater, r. 27 Kramer 
Agnew Francis, mason, r. 79 W. Pearson 
Agnew John, watchman, Jacob Rehm No. 4, r. 316 

N. Market 

AL'iu'w Patrick, plumber, r. 449 State 
Agnhofer Anton, gardner, r. 483 Larrabee 
Ajuclund L. r. 39 Cherry 
Agustinason Hans, carpenter, r. 53 Finnel 
Ahde Saphire, wid. Christain. r. 566 Mitchell 
Ahearn M. L. reporter, Republican, r. 36 Sholto 
Ahearn Timothy, r. Sholto 
Alierin Patrick, lab. r. Cottage Grove Hotel 
Ahern B. lab. r. 100 Washington av. 


Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L,. Bailey, Manager, 

Yard, O5 \V. 12tU St. j General Office, 151 Monroe St. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


on Goal: 


Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 















Ahern Daniel, candymkr. r. 160 Centre av. 
Aheru Daniel, cashier ft. dpt. C. & N. W. Ry. 

Wis.Div. r. 205 Washington av. 
Aheru Dennis, teamster, r. 102 Washington av. 
Ahern James, blksmith. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 22 Fay, 
Ahern James, saloon, 210 5th av. 
Ahern John, tailor, r. N. Wood, nw. cor. Armitage 


Ahern John, elk, C. A. Layton. r. 28 Hope 
Ahern John, photographer, 14 Milwaukee av. 
Ahern John, lab. r. 22 Nebraska 
Ahern John, student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 
Ahern John, tailor, r. 114 Ewing, 
Ahern John D. shoemkr. r. 97 Jefferson 
Ahern Michael, drayman, r. 28 Hope 
Ahern Owen, gardener, r. 160 Centre av. 
Ahern Owen, icecreamaikr. W. P. Brazelton & Co. 

r. 100 Madison 

Ahern Patrick, lab. r. Mitchell, bet. Wood and Pau- 

Ahern Patrick, lumber yd, r. 277 Burnside 
Ahern Peter, drayman, Rock River Paper Co. r. 86 

W. Hinsdale 
Ahern Thomas, cooper, C. & N. W. R. R. frt depot, 

Wis. Division 

Ahern Thomas, lab. r. opp. 19 Wright 
Ahern Thomas, lab. r. 53 McHenry 
Ahern Thomas, lab. r. 492 W. Indiana 
Ahern Thomas, packer, Ira P. Bowen & Co. r. 131 

Armitage rd, 

Aherudt Charles, teamster, D. F. Chase & Bro. 
Aherndt Frederick, teamster, D. F. Chase & Bro. 

r. 176 Burnside, 

AherneJohn, lumber insp. r. 468 W. 12th 
Ahier P. P. asst. bkpr, A. S. Barnes & Co. r. 229 


Ahlbai O. carpenter, r. 37 Illinois 
Abler Louis, saloon, r. 159 W. Erie 
Ahlers Frederick, tailor, r. 73JJW. llth, ' 
Ahlers Heiurich, cabinetmkr, r. 159 W. Erie 
Ahlers Henry, lab. r. 115 Sampson, 
Ahles Christopher (Ahles & Co.), r. 135 Mohawk 
Ahles William, saloon, 310 W. Madison 
Ahles William, jr. city elk. Rockwood & Block!, r. 

310 W. Madison 

Ahlgram Christoph, lab. r. 571 W. 12th 
Ahlgram John, cabiuetmkr. r. 477 Blue Island 


Ahlgnm Charles, carpenter, r. 16 Mark 
Ahlgrim Christ, driver, r. 16 Mark 
Ahlgrim Christian, carpenter, r. 579 W. 12th 
Ahlgrim Hermann, teamster, r. 90 Lisle 
Ahlgrim John, driver, r. 16 Mark 
Ahlgrim John F. r. 16 Mark 
Ahlstrom Charles, organist, r. 129 Huron 
Ahnson Peter, paver, Ray & Whitney, r 146 N. Mar- 

Ahr Nicholas, stonemason, r. 135 Wentworth av. 
Ahrat Jacob, lab. r. 316 N. State 
Ahren James, lab. r. 205 Brown 
Ahrendt Ernst, elk, r. 44 W. Randolph 
Ahrendt Fred, joiner, H. Ricke, r. 101 Howe 
Ahrens Bros, grocers, 528 S. Canal 
Ahrens Charles, shoemkr, r. 41 Washington av, 
Ahrens Charles H. L. gauger, r. 66 Cornell 
Ahrens Christopher, cooper, r. 98 Rebecca 
Ahreus Glaus, joiner, r. Commercial, bet Wabansia 

and Nortl av, 

Ahrens Frederick, lab. r. 21 Elgin 
Ahrens Henry (Ahruns Bros.), r. 525 S. Canal 
Ahrens Henry (Ahrens & Haverkampf), r. 656 W. 


Ahrens Henry, barber, r. 428 Wells 
Ahrens Henry, lab. r. 118 Cornelia 
Ahrens Henry, lab. r. 428 Wells 
Ahrens Hermann (Ahreus Bros.), r. 525 S. Canal 
Ahrens John, lab. r. rear 302 Sedgwick 
Ahrens John, mer. tailor, 167 W. Lake 

Ahrens John A. (Ahrens & Behreus), r. 625 W. 


Ahrens William, lab. r. 374 Hubbard 
Ahrens William, lab. r. 98 Mohawk 
Ahreus & Behrens,wood and coal, 296 W. VanBuren 
Ahrens & Haverkampf, tailors, 31 W. Lake 
Ahrensfeld B. (Ahreusfeld & Bro.), bds. 433 S. 


Ahrensfeld H. (Ahrensfeld & Bro.), r. 433 S. Union 
Ahrensfeld & Bro. grocers, 433 S. Union 
Ahrus Fredrica, wid. John, r. ws. al. bet. Labar, 

Clybourn av. and Larrabee 
Ahsendorf Nanny Miss, teacher needlework, r. 52 

W. Madison 
Aick John, lab. r. ws. High, bet. Belden and Ful- 

lerton avs. 

Aickermann C. J. saloon, r. 172 S. Jefferson 
Aigen John, teamster, r. 284 S. Clinton 
Aigner Anton, boardinghouse, 237 Randolph 
Aiken Alexander, carpenter, r. 142 Wesson 
Aikeu A. J. carpenter, r. 96 VanBuren 
Aikeu A. J. Mrs. dressmkr. 96 VanBuren 
Aiken Charles, machinist, r. 195 Michigan 
Aiken Charles E. student, r. 135 S. Peoria 
Aiken Daniel, salesman, r. 93 S. Sangamon 
Aiken Frank E. theatrical manager, r. 822 Wabash 


Aiken George, elk. J. W. Reedy, r. 96 Michigan, 
Aiken James (Snell, Taylor & Co.), r. Mendota, Ills. 
Aiken James E. r. 135 S. Peoria 
Aiken John, r. 96 Van Buren 
Aiken J. J. r. 93 S. Sangamou. 
Aiken Lambert & Co. mnfrs. gold pens and jewelry, 

34 Dearborn 

Aiken Mrs. r. 129 S. Sangamon, 
Aikeu O. R. billiard hall, 118 W. Madison, r. 114 W. 


Aiken Thomas, brakeman. r. 390 N. Clark 
Aiken William, foreman, I. C. R. R. freight depot, 

r. 234 Michigan 

Aiken William H. printer, r. 97 Bremer 
Aiken William S. shoemkr, r. 144 W. Lake 
Aikens John J. elk. r. 40 Pacific av. w 2 
Aikens see also Akin 

Ailman S. S. ( Ailman & Hanixman), r. 335 Illinois 
Ailman & Hanixman, provisions and saloon, 335 

Aimer George, printer, R. Fergus 1 Sons, r. 145 N. 

Aingston Joseph, porter, Nye, Campbell & Co. r. 124 

Ainscough William, blksm'th, r. Archer av. cor. 

Ashland av. 

Ainsehr Adam, lab. r. 33 Block 
Aiuslee Robert, elk. Western News Co. r. 383 Wa- 
bash av. 

Ainsworth Charles, busdriver, r. 224 Maxwell 
Ainsworth M. policeman, r. 206 N. Halsted 
Ainsworth S. W. salesman, r. 462 W. Randolph, 
Ainsworth Walter, chairrnkr. r. Brevoort House 
Aird Adam, driver, Grossman & Co. r. 443 W. Lake, 
Aird Jennie Mrs. r. 214 Centre av. 
Aitchison A. D. (Robert Ailchison & Co.), r. 542 

Aitchison Robert (Robert Aitchison & Co.), r. 523 

AITCHISOIV ROBERT <fc CO. perforated 

sheet metals, mill furnishing, etc. 23 to 27 N. 


Aitkeu Alexander B. organmkr. r. 142 Wesson 
Aitken James, artist, r. 7 18th 
Aitken James, stonecutter, r. 400 Blue Island av. 
Aitken William P. printer. Rand, McNally & Co. 
Akass E. II upholsterer, George W. Haskins, r. 

388 State 

Akass E. T. A. upholsterer, George W. Haskius 
Akelbein August, porter, r. 257 Larrabee 
Akely H. physician, 194 Clark 
Aken John, lab. r. 227 W. Lake 

Diebold <& Sienzl'* 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Allan Pinkertoii keeps the Records of his Office 

IVIH. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Server Pipe, 





\kens Iluirh, elk. r. 376 W. Taylor 

Vkens Samuel, machinist, r. 117 S. Jefferson 

iSensteln Charlie, butcher, r. 1611 8. Halsted 

MUM- James*, saloon, r. 68 Butterfleld 

\kerlx ru' Alfred, lab. r. 95 Townsend 

fkergren Amelia, wid. Frank, dressmaker, 133 

Chicago av. 

lUcerholf Charles, moulder, r. 44 Chicago av. 
\kerley Them M. salesman, Heartt, Wait & 

Dodge, r. 404 W. Jackson 
\.kerlind A. shoemkr. 125 Chicago av. r. 235 N, 


Vkerhmd Clas, cabinetmkr. r. 127 Townsend 
kkerlnnd 8. H. porter, W. B. Clapp & Bro. r. 37 


\kerly George B. lab. r. 580 Pulton 
\kerly Richard P. jeyceler, r. 417 W. Madison 
\kerly K. C. jeweler, 673 W. Lake, r. 417 W. Mad- 

\kerman Christopher, bricklayer, r. 100 5th av. 
Ikerman W. K. treas. I. C. R. R. r. ws. Lake av. 

nr. 47th, 

\kers James, r. 286 Illinois 
Akt-rs J. editor, r. 702 Fulton 
AKers Robert C. solicitor, r. 108 S. Sangamon 
Users William B. bkpr. Ruinsey Bro. & Co, r. Oak 


\kerstromCharles, cabinetmkr. r. 782 Butterfleld, 
\.kerstron Ely W. drygoods, 870 W. Lake 
kkessun Charles, lab. r. 208 Cass 
\.khout Wacla, lab. r. 27 Barber 
\.khurst James H., Canal <te River Line and com. 

mer. 232 8. Water, r. 745 Wabash 
Mchuri-t J. H. porter, Hall, Kimbark & Co. r 347 


Vkin H. K. bkpr. M. F. Casey, r, 261 Clybourn pi. 
!Udn James, lao. r. 94 N. Curtis 
ynn Thomas, asst registrar Board of Trade, r. Oak 


\kin, see also Aiken 

Vkins J. J. elk. L. S. & M. 8. R. R. r. 351 Clark 
ynns W. T. physician, 351 Clark 
Ikolm S. tailor, r. 113 N. Market 

Williams, agt. :: W. Washington. 
Mackson Charles, lumberinsp. r. 456 S. Clinton 
Madar Michael, shoemkr. r. 21 Bunker 
!Uair Frank P. elk. r. 352 Clark 
klan James S. elk. r. 48 W. Randolph 
Mb August, milkman, r. 16Hein 
Mb Fred, cigarmkr. r. 16 Hein 
Mbany Oil Co. G. Gerdom, ajrt. r. 57 N. Franklin 
Mbaugh William, dentist, 48 W. Randolph 
Mbeatma John A. lab. r. 51 Ruble 
(UbenMayMrs. boardinghouse, 126 Augusta 
Mber John, machinist, r. 430 Bntterfleld 
klber Julius, lab. r 169 Wentworth av. 
Uberg Frank, carpenter, r. 173 Johnson 
Mberg Henry, shoemkr. 240 Blue Island av. and 389 

W. 12th 

Albers Frederick, sailor, r. 136 Hurlburt 
Albers Henry, bartender, r. 174 W. Randolph 
Albers Henry, teamster, r. 131 W. Lake 
Albert A. W. salesman, D. J. Lines, r. 364H N. 

Albert Charles, tailor, D. Hammler, r. 17 Ashland 


Albert E. butcher, 103 Clybourn av. 
Albert Ferdinand, tanner, r. 138 Cornelia 
Albert George,clk. r. 1509 Wabash av. 
Albert Henry, shoemkr. 1240 Blue Island av. 
Albert John C. bartender 
Albert Michael, shoemkr. 211 Kossuth 
Albert Peter, teamster, r. 178 Areher av. 
Albert Philip, elk. r. 1569 Wabash av. 
Albert Thomas, foreman out freight office M. C, E, 

R. r. 252 Michigan 
Albert W. lab. r. 1196 Michigan av. 
Alberton J. R. salesman, Giles, Bro. & Co.r.Austin 


JVo. 158 State Street. 

Jacob K. Sb.iph.erd & Co., 

Kew York, 2 I Pine Street. 

Chicago, - 155 & 157 LaSallc Street. 
And Twenty-Second St. Bank. 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large 
investments of Eastern capital. 

Alberton K. V. R. trav. agt. Giles, Bro. & Co. 

Alberton T. A. (Dale & Alberton), r. 296 Wabash av. 

Alberts William, carpenter. 4C6 22d 

Alborty M. H. student, Bryant and Chase's 
Business College 

Albertz Charles H. carpenter, S. Simons & Co. r. 
2388. Jefferson, 

Albertz Christian, shoemkr. r. 238 S. Jefferson 

Albertz F. W. carpenter, S. Simons & Co. r. 238 
S. Jefferson, 

Albin Henry S., notary public, 45 Clark 

Albine Harriet, wid. Richard, lady's nurse, r. 543 
S. Halsted 

Albins George, cook, Sherman House 

Albis John, lumberman, r. 117 W. 18th 

Alborn Henry, polisher, Sherman Marble Co. r. 253 
North av. 

Alborn Johanna, wid. Louis, dressmkr. r. 543 Lara- 

Albrand Julius F. (Albrand & Breyer), r. 58 Lincoln 

Albrand & Breyer, grocers, 454 Wells 

Albrecht Charles, glasscutter, James Berry & Co. r. 
74 Cornelia,, 

Albrecht F. carpenter, Union Stock Yards 

Albrecht Jacob, boxmkr, Becker & Kopsell, r. 59 

Albrecht Louis, saloon, 385 Milwaukee av. 

Albrich Franz, wagonmkr. r. 46 Blue Island ar. 

Albright August, haypress, ws. Throop, bet. 16th 
and Evans, 

Albright August, lab. r. 612 N. Ashland av. 

Albright Augustus, lab. Sterns & Co. r. ws. S. Hal- 
sted, nr. Wrong 

Albright Charles, lab. r. 74 Cornelia 

Albright Edward, machinist, r 381 Elston rd. 

Albright Frederick, bridgetender, r. 381 Elston rd. 

Albright George, gardener, r. Henshaw av. nr. Ful- 
lerton av. 

Albright Jacob, trunkmkr. r. 35 Howe 

Albright J. W. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 113 
Michigan av. 

Albright T. S. salesman, Hamlin, Hale & Co. r. 239 

Albro A. (A. Albro & Bro.), r. 365 W. Lake 

Albro A. & Bro. com. mers. 118 S. Water 

Albro Claris B. elk. r. 408 W. Monroe 

Albro C. B. student, Bryant <fc Chase's Busi- 
ness College, 

Albro E. S. (D. W. Baker & Co.), r. 408 W. Monroe 

Albue Charles, ivoryturner, T. G. Thomas, r. 97 

Alby Frank, grocer, r.834 Wabash av. 

Alcher Charley, teamster, r. 252 Coolidge 

Alcock Frederick, r. 166 Western av. 

Alcock Joseph, plumber, r. 259 4th av. 

Alcott William, coal, r. 4 16th, 

Alden Augustus, pressman, r. 52 4th av. 

Alden George, elk. r. 269 W. Monroe, 

Alden JohuB. patent bookbinding, r. 269 W. Mon- 

Alden P. M. asst. sec. Lamar Fire Ins. Co. r. 75 
Warren av. 

Alden William, printer, r. 288 State 

Aldenbur^ J. groom, N. C. C. Ry. 

Alder F. (E. Brown & Co.), r. 105 W Randolph 

Alderdice James D. shippingclk. Heartt, Wait & 
Dodge, r. 82 N. Market 

Alderman Reuben, waiter, 'Fremont House 

Alderson C. D. (Aldersou & Chandler), r. 282 
Michigan av. 

Alderson George, plasterer, r. 400 S. Halsted 

Alderson & Chandler, loan and real estate brokers, 
room 4, 183 Dearborn 

Aldman Sebastian, lab. r. Benson,cor.Lancasterav. 

Aldman Sophia, wid. Joseph, lab. r. Benson, cor 
Lancaster av. 

Aldrich A. r. 514 Wabash av. 

Aldrich A. J. Mrs. dressmaker, r. 785 W. Madison 














Mead & Coe, Real Estate Brokers, 154 Washington St., 

Have a large list of first-class business property for sale. 



^ Wilmington. Coal. 

* Better toy ;$2 per cent than any other 
J Illinois Coal. 

U Better than most Oh o and Pennsylvania Coal sold it thi. mnrket, 
* and as good as the best for all ordinary purposes. QTFree ol'SLoe 
f? and BwMor. 

Chicago and Wilmington Conl Co., 

No. 4 West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

Aldrich Charles Mrs. r. 625 Burnside 

Aldrich Henry H. bkpr. W. M. Egan, r. 66 Park av. 

Aldrich 3. C. expressman, r. 17 S. Halsted 

Aldrich J. F. r. 50 Calumet av. 

Aldrich M. H. (Blaisdell & Aldrich), r. 186 Walnut 

Aldrich Samuel, elk. B.J. Sweet, r. 175 S. Jefferson 

Aldrich W. (Stewart, Aldrich <fc Co.), r. 50 Calumet 

Aldrich W. Howard, salesman, Stewart, Aldrich 

& Co. r. 50 Calumet av. 

Aldrich & Ralph, boardinarhouse, 17 S. Halsted 
Aldridge D. moulder, r. 11 Peoria 
Aldridge Fred, sawyer, r. 290 Aberdeen 
Aldridge George C. broker, r. 139 S. Wood 
Aldridge John G. (Katz, Aldridge & Co.), r. 199 

Warren av. 
Aldridge J. E. Mrs. bkpr. H. W. Bucher & Co. r. 

SOS State 

Aldwortb. Richard, machinist, r. 18 W. Randolph 
Alensz Mike, lab. r. 88 Orchard 
Alexan Peter, sailor, r. 106 W. Water 
Alexander Alfred, waiter, Clifton House, r. 229 

Alexander Amos S. (Merriam & Alexander), r. 

345 W. Monroe 
Alexander A. N. elk. Chicago Fireman's Ins. Co. 

r. 235 W. Tyler 

Alexander Bradley, expressman, r. 12 14th 
Alexander Charles A. elk. C.F. Gunther, r. 20 Con- 
Alexander C. A. architect, room 10, 182 Dearborn, 

r. Clifton House 
Alexander Edward, mail agt. C. R. I. & P. R. R. r 

74 Jackson 

Alexander Elsie H. Mrs. physician, r. 101 25th 
Alexander Emanuel, clothing, 68 Randolph, r. 82 

4th av. 
Alexander E. jr. mailagt. C. R. I. & P. R. R. r. 74 

Alexander E. S. (E. S. Alexander & Co.), r. 605 

Wabash av. 
Alexander E. S. & Co. roofingpaint, 28 McCormick 


Alexander Frederick, machinist, r. 19 N. Clinton 
Alexander George, elk. M. C. R. R. r. 229 W. Madi- 
son, w 10, b England 
Alexander George, conductor, C. B. & Q. R. R. r. 

775 Wabash av. 

Alexander G. C. lab. r. 234 N. State 
Alexander G. M. salesman, King Bros. & Co. r. 472 

Wabash av. 

Alexander G. M. r. Stanton av. nr. 37th 
Alexander G. W. cattledealer, r. 143 26th 
Alexander Harry, coachman, J. G. Rogers, r. 693 

W. Monroe 

Alexander H. conductor, N. C. C. Ry. 
Alexander H. jr. (Alexander & Dean,) r. Morgan, 

ne. cor. Tyler 

Alexander H. L. sanitary police, r. 189 N. Curtis 
Alexander James K. elk. Robert Warren 
Alexander John, porter, Sam'l S. White, r. 106 Van 


Alexander John, lab. r. 271 4th av. 
Alexander Joseph, ragman, r. 427 Milwaukee av. 
Alexander Joseph G butcher. 143 26th, 
Alexander J. C. carpenter, McVickers Theatre, r. 

75 Huron, 

Alexander J. P. calsomining, r. 397 Clark, 
Alexander Lucy Mrs. dressmkr. 106 VanBuren, 
Alexander L. E. physician, r. 101 25th 
Alexander Max, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Alexander Richard, blksmith. D. Russell, r. 143 


Alexander R. lab. r. Stanton av. nr. 38th 
Alexander R. W. railroadman, r. 181 W. Adams, 
Alexander S. L. clothing, 191 and 193 Randolph, r. 

84 4th av. 
Alexander Urban D. tinner, r. 345 Hnbbard 

Alexander William, drayman, H. A. Kohn & Bros. 

r. 212 4th av. 

Alexander William, electrotyper, r. 53 Augusta, 
Alexander William, trimmer, A. Card 
Alexander William, waiter, Palmer House, r. 55 4th 

Alexander W. D. (Miltimore & Alexander), r. 345 


Alexander W. H. r. St. Carolines 
Alexander & Dean, proctors in admiralty, rooms 11 

and 12. 143 Madison 

Alexant Alec, pedlar, r. 433 Milwaukee av. 
Alexian Brothers Hospital, Bro. Paul sup. 546 

N. Franklin 
Alfeld Charles, bkpr. 217 Blue Island av. r. 176 N. 


Alfeld Emil, electrotyper. r. 176 N. Halsted 
Alfeld Henry W. stationer, 176 N. Hal stead 
Alfeld John'C. elk. E. F. C. Klokke. r. 282 Division 
Alford James M. patternmkr, r. 321 W. Madison 
Alford L. A. Rev. r. 109 W. Randolph 
Alfred A. S. (Alfred & Roberts), 72 Madison 
Alfred John, lab. r. 156 Townsend 
Alfred J. H. engineer. Revere House, 
Alfred & Roberts, confectionery and fruit, 72 


Alfson Alexandria, carpenter, r. 26 Kejth 
Alftern Henry N. lab. r. 196 N. Dearborn 
Alge Gustav, cook, Philip Conley, r. Allen House 
Algeo James, elk. J. B. Shay, r. 85 N. Wells 
Algert H. r. Revere House 
Algram Henry, tailor, r. 105 Coolidge 
Algiem Carl, teamster, r. 411 S. Morgan, 
Algrim Charles, r. 699 S. Union 
Algrim Christian, teamster, E. Mendsen & Co. 
Algrist Johnson, grocer, 28 Bremer 
Alickson Pierre, machinist, r. 241 4th 
Alison Charles, brassflnisher, O. Owens 
Alister William, jeweler, r. 547 Michigan av. 
Alitisz Edward, bkpr. 504 N. Dearborn 
Alkan Aaron, r. 134 Quincy 
Alkover Joseph, lumber inspector J. Pitkin & Co. 

r. 83 String 

Alkns Elias. cutter, r. 329 Clark, w 3 
Allaire F. P. elk. Bradstreet Mercantile Agency, r. 

New England House 
Allan A. J. mechanic, r. 38 Pacific av. 
Allan Charles, r. 543 Butterfield 
Allan Margaret, wid. Francis, physician, r. 178 W. 


Allan Peter C. currier, r. 45 Fay 
Allan William, porter A. M. U. Ex, Co. r. 235 N. 

Allandale Coal Mining and Mnfg. Co. John Keed, 

pies. Marshall C. Kelley, sec. 2 Pope's 


Atlard John, busdriver, r. 1262 Wabash av. 
Alias William, lab. r. % Cornell 
Allbite Albert, lab. r. al. rear 149 Bunker 
Allbite Frank, lab. al. rear 149 Bunker 
Allbright Henry, elk. r. 265 N. Wells 
Allbright John, butcher, r. 170 N. Desplaines 
Allburk John, lab. r. 188 Coolidge 
Allcock George E. elk. Chicago Fireman's Ins. Co. 

r. 458 Michigan av. 

Allcock T. A. elk. I. C. R R. r. 458 Michigan av. 
Allcot W. H. steam fitter, r. 84 N. Wells 
Alleby James, harness mkr. r. Hawthorne av. bet. 

Division and Hein 
Alleby John, foreman Chicago Gaslight and Coke 

Co. r. Hawthorne av. bet. Division and Hein 
Allekk Elias, blksmith, r. 200 W. 12th 
Allemau John, plasterer, r. 160 Mitchell 
Allen Aaron Q, boardinghouse 77 S. Jefferson 
Allen Adelia, r 655 State 
Allen Albert H. printer, Rounds & Kane, r 75 W. 


Allen Alexander S. bkpr, Ellis & Heffern, r. 81 Illi- 



Willow Bank Coal ; 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

The City Clerk of Chicago Use a Five Ton Safe, 

Made at Harris' <Safe Factory, OO and 62 Couth Canal St, 

. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





Lllen Alfred, sailor, r. 9 Rush 

Lllen Alonzo. Bailor, r. 4(15 5th av. 

Lllen Andrew W. cigar mnfr. r. 926 Clark 

illen August, cabinetmkr, r. 12 Grove 

LI/EiEtf A. A. propr. Arcade Dining Hall, 164 

Ulen A. A. (Swift & Courtney & Beecher Co.)i r. 

Blue Island av cor 16th 
Lllen A. P. elk, B. F. Chase & Walker, r. Highland 

Park. Ills. 

Lllen A, F. scroll sawyer, r. F97 W. Lake 
Lll n A. J. foreman, M. S. <fc L. 8. R. R. r. Union 

Pacific House 
Ulen A. W. Mrs. sewing machine agent, r. 38 

Archer av, 

Lllen Benjamin (Stark & Allen), r. Mattison House 
Lllen Byroa S. student, Bryant & Chase't 

Business College 
Lllen B. F. (Taylor & Co. and B. F. Murphey & 

Co.). r. DesMoines, Iowa 
Ulen Charles, teamster, r. 704 W. Lake 
Ulen Charles A. pastry cook, r. 285 Clark 
Ulen Charles A. silversmith, r. ns. Erie, bet. Lin- 
coln and Robey 
Lllen CharlesJ B. druggist, Tolman & King, r. 715 

N. Franklin 
Ulen Charles F. elk. Henry T. Thompson & Co. r. 

603 Fulton 
Ulen Charles L. elk. Walker, Dexter & Smith, r. 

503 Michigan av. 
Ulen Clay, laundry, 113 Harrison 
Ulen C. G. (Orndorff, Allen & Ream), r. 33d, cor. 

Ulen C. W. (Allen & Ellis), r. Cottage Grove, cor. 

Oakwood av. 

Ulen C. W. lumber agt. r. 843 S. Halsted 
Ulen David, carpenter, r. 158 Arnold. 
Ulen David, carpenter, r. 835 W. Washington 
Ulen David, tailor, r. 294 S. May 
Ulen Delia, saloon, 465 Clark 
Ulen Ed. C. (Day, Allen & Co.), r. Ottawa, 111. 
Uln Edwin, carpenter, C. R. I. & P. R. R. r. 341 

W. Tyler 

Mien Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1245 Indiana av. 
Ulen E. E. busdriver. P. O. & B. Co. 
Ulen E. F. lawyer, 78 LaSalle, r. 498 W. Madison 
Mien E. S. salesman, Allen & Mackey 
!Ulen Fisher A. busdriver. r. 1262 Wabaeh av. 
Mien Frank, elk. F. H. Mitchell, r. Girard Honse 
MJen Frank S. (Chicago Scale Co.), r. room 6, To- 

bin's bik. 
Mien Frederick, engineer Wanbansia No. 2, r. 15 

Mien Frederick H. (McCready, Smith & Allen), r. 

130 N. State 

Mien F. B. sailor, r. 326 W. 12th 
Allen George, carpenter, r. 1 Cornelia 
Allen George, gardener, r. Ullman, s. of Springer 

/Ulen George G. salesman, Hall's Safe and Lock 

Co. r. 815 Prairie av. 
Allen George M. r. 798 Wabash av. 
Allen George W. r. 103 Winchester av. 
Allen Gerald, brassfinisher, Wulworth, Furse & Co. 

r. 68 W. Harrison 

Allen Gustav, shoemkr. r. 196 N. Morgan 
Allen G. lab. r. 66 Canalport av. 
Allen G. W. genl. agt. Walter A Wood, r. St. Caro- 
line's Ct. | 
Allen Heman, prof, of music, 66 Adams, r. 973 N. 


Allen Henry, bartender, H. Prnith. r. IW.nhav. 
Allen Henry, packer, Hapgo ,-d, Ii;ge!ow & Co. r 92 

N. Curtis 
Allen Henry, shippingclk. Alston, Devoe & Co. r. 

137 W. Madixon 
Allen Henry, trav. agt. J. B. Batchelder, r. 49 

Allen Henry A. elk. r. Howard House 

H. M. Wilmartli & Bro. 


167 <t- 169 Lake Street. 


Catalogue and Samples sent on Application. p 


O4 Washington Street Chicago- W 

Allen Henry B. r. 214 Cass 

Allen Henry C. (Belding Bros. & Co.), r. Beloit, 

Allen Henry M. machinist, r. 619 Washington av. 

Allen Henry W. painter, r. 7 Parson's pi. 

Allen Hester Mrs. r. 46 Taylor 

Allen House, C. E. & F. A. Shaw, proprs. 54 and 56 

Allen H.T. buyer, Day, Allen & Co. r. 379 Wabash 


Allen Isaac W. lab. r. 701 Hnbbard 
Allen James (Allen & Barttlett), r. 349 W. Tyler 
Allen James, elk. r. 17 S. Union 
Allen James, expressman, r. 374 Clark 
Allen James, machinist,Eagle Works. Mnfg. Co. r. 

48 S. Desplaines 

Allen James, printer, 41 LaSalle, r. 10 N. Clark 
Allen James G. photographer, r. 97 Harrison 
Allen James J. elk. Hitchcock & Walden, r. 1028 

Indiana av. 
Allen James T. realestate agt, 99 22d, r. 1028 In- 

diana av. 
Allen Jennie, teacher, North Branch Primary 

School, r. 365 Hnrlbut 
Allen John, cook, St. James Hotel 
Alen John, foreman, ticket dept. J.M. W. Jones, r. 

62 St. John's pi. 
Allen John, lab. r. 214 W. Polk 
Allen John, lastmkr. r. 141 Clinton 
Allen John, r. 85 Ontario 
Allen John jr. student, Bryant <t Chase** 

Business College 
Allen John Mrs. r. 41 W. Van Buren 
Allen John F. r. 444 W. Van Buren 
Allen John G. painter, r. 178 N. Sangamon 
Allen John H. (Allen & Mackey), 208 r. Wabash av. 
Allen John H. auctioneer, S. F. Hawley, r. 255 


Allen John M. carpenter, r. 76 S. Paulina 
Allen John P. r. 365 Hnrlbut 
Allen John O. mnfr. broom machinery, 32 Cass, r. 

198 N. Green 

Allen John W. blksmth. Crane Bros. r. 110 Fulton 
Allen Joseph, bookbinder, r. 62 St. John's pi. 
Allen J. salesman, Simpson, Norwell & Co. r. 124 

Allen J. Adams, physician and surgeon,1503 Wa- 

bash av. 

Allen J H. elk. Baird & Bradley, r. Union House 
Allen J. J. (Hodson & Allen), r. 115 Sebor 
Allen Letitia, wid. Henry, r. 90 W. Quidcy 
Allen Levi, carpenter, r. 45 N. May 
Allen Lizzie, r. 423 Clark 
Allen Luther, auditor, M. S. A L. S. R. R. r. 774 W. 


Allen Lvman, sexton, r. 267 N. State 
Allen Marshall B. policeman, South Branch Sta- 

tion, r. 116 Archer av. 
Allen Michael, miner, 181 Michigan 
Allen Miles, lab. r. 327 S. Desplaines 
Allen Mortimore, carpenter, r. es Langley, bet. 

45th and 46th 
Allen Nathan, lawyer, room 6, Yates' bldg. r. North 

av. cor. Milwaukee av. 
Allen Omar H. foreman, Rolling Mill, r. North av. 

cor. Milwaukee av. 

Allen Orange, waiter, Sherman House, r, 134thav. 
Allen Oscar, bkpr. M. Scanlan. r. 182 Park av. 
Allen O. LeGrand, elk. Mufrs. Nat. Bank, r. 534 


Allen Percy, lumber, r 20 S. Elizabeth 
Allen Peter, painter, r. 44 W. Adams 
Allen Philo, oroker, 4 Tribune bldg. r. Douglas 

Allen P. T. carpettacks, 33 S. Water, r. 984 W. Ad- 

Allen Richard, elk. T. S. Fitch & Co. r. 155 Dear- 


Allen Richard W. mechanic, Buckley & Nabroth, 
r. 240 W. Jackson 







Itv \\">T. 


See Adv't. JPHII.IP A. MOTIVE, Custom House Building:. 



- Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Ingioa Goal; 

Office and Yard, No. 2 "W. VanBuren St. 

Allen Robert, teamster, r. 429 5th nv. 

Allen R. J. salesman, Walter A. Wood, r.206 Lake 

Allen Samuel E. H. salesman, Purington & Scran- 

ton, r. 306 W. Lake, 
Allen Simon, shipcarpenter, r. 50 4th 
Allen S. E. M. elk. J. S. Hendrickson 
Allen S. Merritt, (Seelye & Allen), 73 Clark, r. Lake 


Allen S. F. mechanic, r. 16 Loomis 
Allen S. R. trav. salesman, Eureka Mnfg. Co. r. 411 

5th av. 

Allen Thomas, carpenter, r. 341 W. Tyler 
Allen Thomas, marblepolisher, r. 110 Sebor 
Allen Thomas, realestate, r. 364 Ontario 
Allen T. r. 364 Ontario 
Allen Walter, bkpr. Rockwood Bros. r. 185 N. 


Allen Walter R. barber, 201 Van Buren, r. 892 State 
Allen William, agt. r. 82 Sampson 
Allen William, blksmith, r. 14 Broadway av. 
Allen William,boardinsrhouse, r.ll 4th av. 
Allen William, brushmkr. r. Washington House, 
Allen William, elk. r. 401 Clark 
Allen William, cook, r. rear 94 Quincy 
Allen William, painter, r. 124 Milwaukee av. 
Allen William L. bkpr. Harder, Luse & Co. r. 17 

Union . 
Allen William R. bkpr. Belding Bros. & Co. r. 259 

W. Madison 

Allen William T. (Day, Allen & Co.), r. Riverside 
Allen William T. painter, r. 355 W. Jackson 
Allen William T. (Van Doren & Co.) 
Allen Wolsey, machinist, r. 97 S. Clinton 
Allen W. elk. Allen & Mackev, r. 47 Jackson 
Allen W. A. (Tillinghast, Allen & Co.), r. 421 W. 


Allen W. D. r. 1465 Prairie av. 
Allen W. J. r. St. Caroline's Court 
Allen & Bartlett, carpenters and builders, rear 

117 Throop 
Allen & Ellis, tobacco mnfrs. 37 River 

& MACKEY, carpetings, paperhang- 

ings etc. 87 and 89 State 
Allenbeck W. H. trav. agt. r. 508 Wells 
Allendorf - , r. 104 N. Desplaines 
Allentown Fast Freight Line, William Borner, 

agt. 159 Randolph 
Aller Michael, engineer, M. Gottfried, r. 156 Arch- 

er av. 
Allerdt Otto J. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Allerteng Fred, mason, r. 29 Starr, w 16, b Germa- 

Allerton, Robinson & Co. com. mers. Union Stock 

Yards Exchange 
Allerton S. W. (Allerton, Robinson & Co.), r. 644 

Michigan av. 
Alles George (Alles & Hussey), r. ns. Division, 

bet. LaSalle and Clark 
Alles J. Fred, foreman, Religio Philosophical Pub. 

House, r. St. Charles 
Alle* Nicholas, teacher, St. Boniface's School, r. 236 


Alles & Hussey, plumbers, 302 North av. 
Alley Daniel, carver, r. 541 Mitchell 
Alley John. lab. Elisha Eldred 
Allhalf P. G. machinist, r. 44 Chicago av. 
Alike Edward, lab. r. 78 Ullmann 
Ailing Albert, Barnum & Richardson Mnfg. Co. r. 

275 W. Adams 
Ailing John (Markley, Ailing & Co.), r. 71 Calumet 

Ailing William J. carpenter. Eagle Works Mnfg.Co. 

r. 23!) W. Madison 

Allinger Charles, coppersmith, r. 245 Kinzie 
Allis Frank Mrs. musicteacher, r. 215 State 
Allis John, lab. r. 85 Hinsdale 
Allis John E. sewerbuilder, r. 38 Grand Haven 
Allison Aggrippa, barber, r. 43 4th av. 

Allison A. printer, r. 73 29th 

Allison A. wks. L. J. Colburn & Co. r. 71 N. Greea 

Allison Benjamin F. saloon and restaurant, 34 W. 


Allison Charles, brassfinisher. r. 198 W. Adams 
Allison David, r. 145 S. Jefferson 
Allison Henry, woodwkr. Beal & Brown, r. 51 S . 

Allison John H. watchmkr. N. Matson & Co. r. 245 

N. La Salle 
Allison John M. distiller, S. Myers & Co. r. 198 W. 


Allison Thomas D. r. 143 S. Jefferson 
Allister George, lab. r. 166 Mitchell 
Allister W. M. (B. F. Norris & Co.), 547 Michigan 


Allkins Henry, painter, r. 362 W. Van Buren 
Allmendinger John, policeman, 3d prect. r. 254 


Allmendinger Peter, saloon. 260 Rush 
Allmendinger Tobias, r. 295 N. State 
Alloncius Francis, shoemkr. r. rear 205 Adams, 
Alloncius Theodore, shoemkr. r. rear 205 Adams, 
Allor P. carpenter, r. 75 Sampson 
Allport W. W. dentist, r. 32 Washington 
All Saints Episcopal Church, Rev. Green Jonas, 

rector, Carpenter, cor. 4th 
Allston Sandy, expressman, r. 437 Clark 
Allyn Melvil, plasterer, r. 422 Butterfleld 
Aim Charles, lab. r. rear 337 Archer av. 
Aim Heinrich, cabinetmkr. r. 89 George 
Aim John, blksmith, 111. C. R. R. r. 354 24th 
Almert Andrew, bricklayer, r. 16 W. Oak 
Almgren Albert, elk. r. 317 Division 
Almini Peter M. (Jevne & Almini),r. 45 Vernon av. 
Almquist Frank, engineer, res. 385 Fifih av. 
Almquist John (John Almquist & Anderson), r. 

132 Sedgwick 
Almquist John & Anderson, mer. tailors, 204*4 N. 


Almqvist C. G. shoemkr. Hans Thulin, r. 37 Chi- 
cago av. 

Almqvist John, gardener, r. 497 Hurlbut 
Alms Joe, lab. r. 263 Coolidge 
Almy Miles (Baggot & Almy), r. 1250 Prairie av. 
Aloes Altman, cabinetmkr. r. 286 W. 12th 
Alpelding Peter, lab. r. 255 Vine 
Alpin James, carpenter, r. 352 Erie 
Alpiner Morris, cigars, 220 W. Randolph 
Alpiner S. cigarmnfr. and dealer, 233 W. Madison 
Alrim Fred, mason, r. 571 W. Taylor 
Alsberg Adolph, cooper, r. 24 Chicago av. 
Alsberg Charles, tailor, r. 24 Chicago av. 
Alsberg Richard, tailer, r. 75J4 Bremer 
Alschuler Samuel, ins. agt. r. 371 N. Clark, 
Alsop James, carpenter, r. 27 Cottage pi. 
Alsterlund Fredrick, lab. r. 175 Bushnell 
Alston David G. salesman, Alston, Devoe & Co. r. 

Adams, cor. Laflin 
ALSTON, DEVOE fc CO. white lead, paints, 

oils and glass, 172 and 174 Randolph 
Alston John (Alston, Devoe & Co.) r. Adams, cor. 


Alston William, student, r. 375 W. Washington 
Alstrend Fritz, organmkr. r. 37 Illinois 
Al^trup Jans, wines and liquors, r. 52 W. White 
Alsworth Humphrey, nightwatchman, r. 437 Went- 

worth av. 

Alt Frank, saloon, r. 380 W. Lake 
Alt Jacob, painter, r. rear 546 N. Clark 
Alt Jacob, tailor, r. 7 Johnson 
Alt John, housemover, r. 13 Walsh 
Alt John, saloon, 122 N. Halsted 
Alt Mathias. glazier, George A. Misch & Bro. r. 

466 Wells 
Alt Peter, painter, Philips <fc Liebenstein, r. 219 

North av. 

Alt William, painter, r. 169 Schiller 
Altamot George, cabinetmkr. r. 384 Maxwell 

Yale Lochs 



O3 Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire ami Hurglar 

PROOF SAFES, GO and O3 South Canal Street. 

WJI. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 






Altemeyer H. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 
Honorc blk. 

Alton Ernest, agt. Schweinfnrth Bros. & Co. r. 401 

Alten William, salesman, Schweiufurth Bros. & 
Co. r. 401 Clark 

Alter Theresa Mrs. r. rear 465 Larraboe 

Althammer Jacob, bartender, P. Schimp, r. 230 

Althauser Mathias, brewer, r. 265 Rush 

Althrop Thomas, agt. Cleveland Wooden Ware 
Mnfry. 64 and 66 Michigan av. r. 1407 Wabash 

Altinath Charles, butcher, r. 254 Clybourn av. 

Altino G. musician, r. 76 N. Franklin 

Altmann Aloes, carpenter, E. C. Preble. r. 284 W. 

Alton Fritz, ehowcasemkr. D. Barclay, r. 5!>3 W. 

Alton John, machinist, r. al. rear Foster bet. Har- 
rison and Polk 

Alton Mary, wid. L. r. 135 S. Halsted 

Alton Milton, driver, r. 461 8. Jefferson 

Altonhoff August, tanner, r. 235 Rucker 

Altpeter John J. jeweler, 799 S. Halsted, r. 828 S. 

Altvater Philip, policeman, 3d prect. r. 44 Orchard 

Alum John, blksmith, r. 354 24th 

Alvard Thomas, waiter, Sherman House 

Alvot John, lab. r. 142 1st 

Alward A. N. elk. M. C. R. R. r. 147 S. Clinton 

Alward Patrick, blksmith, r. 267 Chicago av. 

Alwell William, fireman 

Aman Alois, lab. r. 566 Wentworth av 

Aman Henry, lab. r. 304 23d 

Aman Jack, hostler, Groll & Voltz, r. 227 5th av. 

Amberg Adam, r. 42 W. Madison 

Ambers; Adam L. elk. policecourt, r. 97 W. Mon- 

Amberg Andrew, lab. r. 513 Arnold 

Amberg George, bkpr. r.153 W. Erie 

Amberg George, taifor,r. 141 N. Curtis 

Amberg George H. elk. r. 286'/ Illinois 

Amberg Henry, hostler, r. 1% Cass 

Amberg Henry, saloon, 274 Clark 

Amberg John, carpenter r. 57 Mohawk 

Amberg John, teamster. Field, Leiter & Co. r. 130 
W. Taylor 

Amberg John H. salesman, Cameron, Amberg & 

Amberg Susan Mrs. r. 97 W. Monroe 

Amberg William A. (Cameron, Amberg & Hoff- 
man), r. 46 8. Peoria 

Amberst Anton, truukmkr. r. 253 Clybourn av. 

Ambler John C. (J. R. Valentine & Co.) r. 302 Wa- 
bash av. 

Ambling J. C. carpenter, r. 82 N. Carpenter 

Ambos August, carpenter, r. 140 Dayton 

Ambos C. carpenter, r. 140 Dayton 

Ambridge G W. elk. Hale, Ayer & Co. r. 128 N. 

Ambrose A. R., Chicago End Board Co. r.103 War- 
ren av. 

Ambrose George H. (Mears, Bates & Co.) r. 49 S. 

Ambrose Jacob, lab. r. rear 31 Burlington 

Ambrose John, engineer, r. ss. Labar bet. Larrabee 
aLd Division 

Ambrose John lab. r. 217S4 Franklin 

Ambrose John, liquordealer. r. 262 Oak 

Ambrose John, pedler, r. 262 Oak 

Ambrose J. E. real estate, 98 Washington 

Ambrose Mary, wid. Daniel, washing, r. 234 N. Mar- 

Ambru Max, cooper, F. Fritz, r. ss. North av. bet. 
McIIenry and Elston av. 

Ambrunn Gotthard, saloon, 403 Wells 

Ambruster G. W. wood engraver, W. D. Baker, r. 
84 Newbury av. 

Ambrnster John, cooper, r. 787 Clybouru av. 



No. 158 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, 
ENVELOPES, CARBOAR, fcc., <fcc. 

Cleveland Paper Company, 


Ambruster Max, cooper, r. es. Elston av. nr. North 

Ambs John, butcher, 502 S. Halsted. 

Ambus John, mechanic, A H. Andrews & Co. r. 
145 Bremer 

Ameis John, lab. r. 310 S. Jeffwrson 

Ameling J. C. pianomkr. Schaff Bros. r. 82 Carpen- 

America Hose Co. No. 2, John Dorsey, foreman, 31 
Blue Island av. 

American Baptist II >me Missionary Society, 7 Cus- 
tom House pi. Ri-v. I. N. Hobart, dist. sec 

American Baptist Missionary Union, 7 Custom 
House pi. Rev. F.M. Osgood,and Rev. C. F. Tol- 
man, dist. sec'ys. 

American Baptist Publication Society, Dr. C. R. 
Blackall, depositary 7 Custom House pi. 

American Board Com. Foreign Mis. Rev. S. J. 
Humphrey, dist. sec. 84 Washington 

American Bridge Co. Egan cor. Stewart av. L. B. 
Boomer, pres. office rooms 1, 2 and 3 157 LaSalle 

American Builder, Charles D. Lakey, pub. 153 

agt., 103 Lake 

American Emigrant Co. Frederick Nelson, agt., 
81 5th av. 

SURANCE CO. of New York, J. K. Mur- 
phy, agt,, 128 La Salle. 

American "Home Missionary Society, Rev. J. E. 
Roy, snpt. 84 Washington 

American Hotel. Mrs. Margaret Dempsy, propr. 105 
and 107 N. Water 

H Z. Culver, pres. C. L. Currier, sec. 118 alid 
120 Monroe 

dence, R. I., Teall &.Fisher, agts., 150 Wash- 

American Literary and Lecture Bureau, C. M. 
Brelsford, Western manager, 148 Madison 

American Merchants Union Express Co. Charles 
Fargo, supt. Lake nw cor. Dearborn 

American Missionary Association, Charles H. 
Howard, sec. 47 Lombard blk. 

American O. L. (O. L . American & Co.), r. 372 
Michigan av. 

American O. L & Co. whol. drygoods. 19 Lake 

American Powder Co. A O. Fay, agt. 1 Clark 

American Reform Church, Rev. James Demerest, 
pastor, Washington bet. Willard pi. and Ann 

American Steam Engine Works. 19, 21 and 23 

American Sunday School Union, W. R. Port agt. 
3 Custom House Place 

Glen Wood, sec., John Fairbanks, depositary. 
68 Adams 

American Unitarian Association, Rev. C. A. 
Staples Western agt. room 12, 45 Madison 

Amerman Garrett T. policeman 2d precinct, r. 68 
W. Monroe 

Amery William A. bkpr. r. 426 S. Park av. 

Ames, A. T. salesman, Harley Green, r. Transit 

Ames Benjamin L. bkkpr. Ingraham, Corbin & May, 
r. 80 Jackson 

Ames Frank, salesman Spear & Crofoot, r. 24 Aber- 

Ames Henry, wks. C. A. & St. L. R. R. r. 316 S. 

Ames Horace, sea capt. r. 37 Cornell 

Ames John (John Ames & Co.), r. Lansingburgh, 

AMES JOHN <fc CO. brush mnfrs. 53 State 
Ames Miner T. (Miner T. Ames & Co.), and coal 
yard Elizabeth cor. Kiuzie, r. 7'.,'7 W. Washing- 






Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L. Baiicy. Manager, 

Yard, O." W. 12tH St. G'eiierul Office, 151 >Ioiroe St. 



o3 "Wilmington Coal. 

W Better by 32 per cent than any other 
(X) Illinois Coal. 

J| Better thnn m"t Oh o and Pennsylvania Cosl sold in this morket. 
nd as "ood as the best lor :ill ordinary purposes. t=g~Free of Sli.te 
^^ aad Slp*>nr. 

. Chicago and Wilininntnn Conl Co., 

^ N'o. 2 x West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 


Ames Miner T. & Co coal 1 W. Randolph, Kinzie 

cor. Green and north end Carpenter. 
Ames Nathan P. spring beds 51 W. Van Buren 
AmesM. C. student, Bryant & Chase's Btis" 

ness College 

Ames Perkins A. railroad conductor, r. 598 W. In- 

Ames Wilson, trav. agt. Dickinson, Lock & Co. 
Ames W. r. 641 W. Monroe 
Amet Charles P. r. 88 Huron 
Amet Frank, artist, E. L. Brand, r. 88 Huron 
Amhaos Charles, cabinet mkr. H. & M. Neuberger, 

r. 55 Townsend 

Amheim Bros, springbeds, 172 W. Madison 
Amick Hiram, elk. fire marshal's office, r. 13 Mc- 

Amick Pleasant (Whittlesey & Amick), r. 346 S. 


Amke Gn stave, lab. r. 128 Henry 
Amman Prank, lab. r. Hawthorne av. nr. Weed 
Amman Gotfried, lab. r. Hawthorne av. nr. Weed 
Amman M. tailor, r. 423 State 
Amman Michael, tailor, r. 120 DeKoven 
Ammart John, stonecutter, Kossuth, bet. Stewart 

av and Hanover 

Ammermann Washington, hatmkr. r. U. S. Ho- 

Ammon Ernst (E. Ammon & Co.), r. 555 N. Clark 
Ammon E. & Co. whol. liquors, 233 Randolph 
Ammon J. H. agt. Osgood & Co. r. Matteson House 
Ammonsen Hans, leadfactory, r. 190 N. Morgan 
Ammonson Edward, lab. r. 182 N. Sangamon 
Amoir Julian, machinist, r. rear 728 Inaiana av. 
Arnold A. machinist, Excelsior Machine Works 
Amon Jacob, r. 113 S. Canal 
Amond D. currier, Walker's tannery 
Amory W. A. elk. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 426 South 

Park av. 

Amos Robert, coachman, r. 961 Indiana av. 
Amos Robert M. horse dealer, r. 927 State 
Amqvist Oved, saloon, 16 Bremer 
Amsden Joel, messenger, r. 267 Clybonrne pi. 
Amsden Lyman, r. room 50, 182 Dearborn 
Amskam Hang, lab. r. ws. High, bet. Belden and 

Fullerton avs. 

Amst&en G. stonecutter, r. 50 Eldridge ct. 
Amstuz H. (C. Blauer & Co.), r. California 
Amundsen Lars, glazier, r. 32 W Erie 
Amundsen Ole. phipcarpenter, r. ws. Crosby, bet. 

Short and Hobbie 
Amundson Arne (Berven & Amundson), r. 88 


Amundson John, lab. r. 49 W. Erie 
Amundson Malene, wid. Christian, r. 88 Tovrnsend 
Amundson Mary, wid. August, r. 328 W. Indiana 
Amundson Ole. elk. r. 168 N. Curtis 
Amnndson O. P. shippingclk. Burton & Pierce, r. 

183 W. Erie 

Amnndson Peter J. ghoemkr. r. 310 W. Chicago av. 
Amnndson Sivert, carpenter, r. 167 Townsend 
Amundson Sure (Erickson & Amundson), r. 60 

Chicago av. 

Amundson Thore, =hoemkr, r. 155 N. Peoria 
Anbach Carl (Hanisch &, Anbach), r. 331 Milwaukee 


Ancel Horace, butcher, r. 249 Emerald av. 
Ander Joseph, sailor, r. 141 N. Market 
Ander Michael, lab. r. 399 4th 
Anderberg John, painter, r. 95 Townsend 
Anderberg O. A. shipcarpenter, r. 381 5th av. 
Anderberg Peter, tailor, Wilson <fc Millin, r. 10 Bre- 

Anderfore John, carpenter, r. 283 3d av. 
Anderlitzen Thomas, lampmkr. r. 38 Kinzie 
Andermann Henry, carpenter, r. 155 Augusta 
Anders Charles, lab. r. 24 Henschen 
Anders Charles, lab. r. Paulina, nr Evans 
Anders Christian, saloon, r. 53'Larrabee 
Anders Doris Mrs. seamstress, r. 304 Sedgwick 

Anders Harmon, lab. r. 144 Coolidge 

Anders Henry, waiter, Burke 's European Hotel 

Anders J. lab. r. Mather, bet. Desplaines and Hal- 


Anders Peter, bricklayer, r. 271 Mohawk 
Anders W. blksmith. H. Willets. r. 97 Archer av. 
Andersen.Aiidreas, lab. r. 142 Wesson 
Andersen Andrew, plasterer, r. 81 George 
Andersen Andrew, tailor, G. W. Mathews, r. 147 W.. 


Andersen Anne Mrs. r. 118 Wesson 
Andersen August, stonecutter, r. 189 Adams 
Andersen B. shoemkr. r. 311 W. Chicago av. 
Andersen Cecilia, wid. Andreas, r. 101 George 
Andersen Charles G. painter, r. 160 Townsend 
Andersen Christian, painter, r. 120 Larrabee 
Andersen Gabriel, turner, r. Ill Wright 
Andersen Gustav, lab. r. 156 Wesson 
Andersen Hans, r. 144 Larrabee 
Andersen Kirstine, wid. Paul, r. 76 Bremer 
Andersen Lauritz, sewingmachines, r. 25 Chicago 1 


Andersen Marie C. wid. Niels, r. 155 Wesson 
Andersen Marie, wid. Gustaf, r. 163 Wesson 
Andersen Swend. lab. r. rear 46 Selah 
Andereen Sebastian, silversmith, r. 311 W Di- 

Anderson Aaron, organmkr. r. 10 Wendell 
Anderson Abraham, lab. r. 62 Bremer 
Anderson Abraham, lab. r. 389 Fulton 
Anderson Adam, engineer, r. 414 Erie 
Anderson Adam, moulder, Chicago Terra Cotta 

Co. r. 118 Henry 
Anderson Adolph, carpenter, S. Simons & Co. r- 

150 Townsend 

Anderson Adolph F. lab. r. 163 Wesson 
Anderson Albert,carpenter,r.l68 Cottage Grove av 
Anderson Alexander, mechanic, r. rear 160 Town- 

Anderson Alexander, porter, r. 145 4th av. 
Anderson Alexander, sailor,r. 162 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Alfred, lab. r. 67 Bremer 
Anderson Alfred, ehoemkr. r. 77 W. Kinzie 
Anderson Alfred, tailor, John Johnson, r. 69 Chi- 
cago av. 

Anderson Amelia, dressmkr. r. 75 W. Kinzie 
Anderson Ammond, tailor, r. 75 w Kinzie 
Anderson Anders, lab. r. rear 10 Bremer 
Anderson Anders, lab. r. 69 4th 
Anderson Anders G. stonecutter, r. 136 Wesson 
Anderson Andreas, lab. r. 69 4th 
Anderson Andrea M. tailor, John Johnson, r. 69" 

Chicago av. 

Anderson Andrew, agt. r. 197 Townsend 
Anderson Andrew (Anderson & Poulson), r. 342 

Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Andrew, asst. baggage man C. <fc N. W. 

Ry. r. 694th 
Anderson Andrew, blksmith, Bradley & Smith r 

r. 15 Cornelia 

Anderson Andrew, blksmith, r. 100 5th av. 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, r. rear 47 W. Indiana 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, r. 50 Larrabee 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, r. 342 Church 
Anderson, Andrew, carpenter, r. 149 Division 
Anderson Andrew, carpenter, r. 45 Milwaukee ar. 
Anderson Andrew, coachman, r. 261 W. Washing- 

Anderson Andrew, expressman, r. 312 4th 
Anderson Andrew, expressman, r. 220 Holt 
Anderson Andrew, lab. C. H. McCormick, r. 142 


Anderson Andrew, lab. r. 131 W. Erie 
Anderson Andrew, lab. r. 69 4th 
Anderson Andrew, lab. r. 547 Clark 
Anderson Andrew, lab. r. 53 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Andrew, lab. r. 93 Chicago av. 
Anderson Andrew, lab. Roy & Whitney, r. 146 N. 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Bank Vaults made at Harris 5 Safe Factory, 






Anderson Andrew, carriage mkr. r. 15 Cornelia 
Anderson Andrew, gardener, J. P. Hoot, r. \vs. 

Adams, bet. 55th and 57th 
Anderson Andrew, machinist, Dane, Westlake & 

Covert, r. 206 Illinois 

Anderson Andrew, machinist, r. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Andrew, mason, r. 534 Wentworth av. 
Anderson Andrew, painter, r. 135 Pry 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, r. IOC W. Water 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, r. 269 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, r. 258 Rucker 
Anderson Andrew, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Anderson Andrew, sailor, 60 W. Oak 
Anderson Andrew, shoenikr. r. 184 N . Green 
Anderson Andrew, shoemkr. r. 153 N. Jeft'erson 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, r. 22 Hunt 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, r. 162 N. Franklin 
Anderson Andrew, tailor, r. 147 W. Indiana 
Anderson Andrew, waiter, Thomson's Restaurant, 

r. 76 Dearborn 

Anderson Andrew A. machinist, r. 1854th 
Anderson Andrew L. machinist, r. 230 W. Ran- 

Anderson Andrus, lab. r. 194 N. Union 
Anderson Ann Mrs. r. 379 S. DesPlaines 
Anderson Ann, wid. Fredrick, r. rear 268 Hubbard 
Anderson Anna, wid. James, r. 135 Fry 
Anderson Anna Mrs. midwife, 163 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Anna Mrs. r. 245 Superior 
Anderson Anthony, harnessmkr. r. 102 N. Paulina 
Anderson Anthony, teamster, C- Jevne, r. 328 W. 


Anderson August, boardinghouse. 17 Dunn 
Anderson August, cabinetmkr. r. 150 Townsend 
Anderson August, carpenter, r. 60 4th 
Anderson August, coachman, r. 272 Huron 
Anderson August, lab. r. 175 W. Chicago av. 
Anderson August, sailor, r. 209 N. Halsted 
Anderson August, stonecutter, r. 189 Adams 
Anderson August, tailor, W.H.Reid, r. 57 Bremer 
Anderson August S. lab. r. rear 53 Bremer 
Anderson Augusta, dressmkr. I. Calling, r. 342 

Anderson Augusta E. Miss, teacher, Haven School, 

r. 493 Butterfleld 

Anderson Augustus, bookbinder, r. 418 W. Indiana 
Anderson Augustus, saloon, 138 Jackson 
Anderson Axel. lab. r. rear 68 Bremer 
Anderson A. bookstore, 121 Indiana 
Anderson A. cabinetmkr. Thayer & Tobey, r. 187 


Anderson A. carpenter, r. 165 Hubbard 
Anderson A. carpenter, r. 187 Townsend 
Anderson A. carpenter, S. Simons & Co. r. 150 


Anderson A. elk. A. C. Greenebaum 
Anderson A. machinist, Bent & Goward.r. 14 Ford 
Anderson A. machinist, Holmes, Pyott & Co. 
Anderson A. painter, r. 184 N. Carpenter 
Anderson A. student, Bryant &. Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Anderson A, tailor, A. Word. 24 W. Oak 
Anderson A. Miss, tailoress, r. 114 Hickory av. 
Anderson A. B. (W. L. Hubbard & Co.), r. Peyton, 


Anderson A. C. boots and shoes, 15 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson A. F. painter, J. H. Anderson, r. 723 


Anderson A. G. machinist, r. 68 N. Desplaines 
Anderson A. J. Rev. pastor, Swedish Methodist 

Church, r. 326 N. Franklin 
Anderson A. J. bkpr. r. 709 W. Jackson 
Anderson A. M. carpenter, r. 108 Bremer 
Anderson A. P. carpenter, r, 12 4th 
Anderson A. S. wid. John, r. 150 N. Ada 
Anderson A. W. drayman, Warren & Upton, r. 332 

Anderson A. W. harnespmkr. r. 332 Ohio 


H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

At 137 & 139 State Street. 

Anderson Bengt. wines and liquors, 133 Chicago 

av. r. 213 N. Market 
Anderson Benj. carpenter, S. Simons <fc Co. r. 150 . 


Anderson Benjamin, sailor, r. 7 N. Rucker 
Anderson Benjamin L. (B. L. Anderson & Co.), r. 

246 Forquer 

Anderson Benjamin N. Anderson's Hotel 
Anderson Berant, cooper, r. 210 Vine 
Anderson Bernhart, blksmith. r. 158 N. Union 
Anderson Bernt, currier, r. 15 Elston av. 
Anderson Bernt jr. tanner, r.15 Elston av. 
Anderson Bertel, shoemkr. F. Waddock, r. 311 W. 

Chicago av. 

Anderson Bertha Mro. r. rear 168 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Betsey Mrs. r. 59 W. Erie 
Anderson Bretta, wid. Andrew, r. 311 Hurlbut 
Anderson Burgher, lab. r. 166 W. Indiana 
Anderson B. captain, r. '12 Pleasant 
Anderson B. elk. S. Undem, r. 280 W. Indiana 
AndersonB. r. 13431st 

Anderson B. lab. r. 167 W. Indiana , 

Anderson B. painter, r. 245 Townsend 
Anderson B. wid. Andrew, r. 135 Lincoln 
Anderson B. L. & Co. lumber, Fisk, bet. 22d and 


Anderson B. T. shipcarpenter, r. rear 56 4th 
Anderson Carin, wid. Peter, r. Ill Townsend 
Anderson Carl, cabinetmkr.r. 150 Townsend 
Anderson Carl, carpenter, r. rear 222 Division 
Anderson Carl, lab. r. 162 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Carl, lab. r. 106 Bremer 
Anderson Carl. lab. r. 41 4th 
Anderson Carl, stonecutter, r. 136 Wesson 
Anderson Carl J. lab. r. rear 38 Bremer 
Anderson Charles, barber, r. 81 Illinois 
Anderson Charles, blksmith, r. 100 Bushnell 
Anderson Charles, blksmith, r. 104 N. Desplaines, 
Anderson Charles, carpenter, r. 13 Otis 
Anderson Charles, carpenter, r. 41 4th 
Anderson Charles, carpenter, r, 102 4th 
Anderson Charles, carpenter, r. 262 Church 
Anderson Charles, elk. r 61 Huron 
Anderson Charles, elk. r. 28 VanBuren 
Anderson Charles, expressman, r. 182 N. Des- 
Anderson Charles, finisher, Thayer & Tobey, r. 573 

W. Madison 

Anderson Charles, gardener, r. 75 Loomia 
Anderson Charles, hostler, r. 846 Cottage Grove 


Anderson Charles, lab. r. 126 Bremer t 
Anderson Charles, lab. r. rear 19 Bremer 
Anderson Charles, lab. r. 125 Chicago av. 
Anderson Charles, lab. C. & N. W. Ry. Wis. Div. r. 

178 Carroll 

Anderson Charles, lab. r. 12 Wesson 
Anderson Charles, lab. r. 11 Peiin 
Anderson Charles, lab. r. 121 Ohio 
Anderson Charles, locksmith, A. Syversen, r. 683 

N. Franklin 
Anderson Charles, newsdepot, 140 S. Halsted, r. 

165 S. Halsted 

Anderson Charles, tailor, r. 62 Meridan 
Anderson Charles, sexton, r. 202 3d av. 
Anderson Charles, stonecutter, r. 136 Wesson 
Anderson Charles, tailor, r. 230 N. Union 
Anderson Charles, teamster, r. 114 Carroll 
Anderson Charles A., U. S, secret service 
Anderson Charles A. cooper, r. 13 Cornelia 
Anderson Charles G. L. moulder, r. 389 24th 
Anderson Charles J. plasterer, r. 17 Cornelia 
Anderson Charles J. sailor, r. 18 Hunt 
Anderson Charles P.real estate agt. r. 389 S.Halsted 
Anderson Charlotte, dressmkr. I. Calling, r. 262 


Anderson Charlotte, wid. Carl, r. 97 Bremer 
Anderson Christ, lab. r. 430 Archer av. 
Anderson Christian, carpenter, r. 34 Hunt 



By WM. M. 1>EE, BTo. 

1O5 Monroe Street. 

Mead & Coe, Loan and Real Estate Agent*, 154 Washington St., 

Money loaned on Real rotate for a term of years. 




l Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

<* Anderson Christian, lab. r. 284 N. May 
*J5 Anderson Christian, lab. r. 34 Mark av. 
5* Anderson Christian, lab. r. 197 Johnson 
ft Anderson Christian, sawyer A. H. Andrews & Co. 
^ r. 254 N. Sangamon 

. Anderson Christian, varnisher C. H. McCormick & 

Co. r. 141 Wesson 

V Anderson Christian M. blksmith, r. 139 16th 
9 Anderson Christian W. lab. r. 235 N. Halsted 
QB Anderson Christopher, machinist, r. 139 16th 

Anderson Clarence, lab. r. rear 5 N. Rncker 
^ Anderson Clans, carpenter, r. 330 Arnold 
JJ Anderson Collwell, engineer, f. 165 W. Chicago av 
* Anderson Cornelias V. Anderson Hotel, r. 1493 
A Prairie av. 

fa Anderson C. carpenter, J. B. Thomas, r. 104 S. 
H Peoria 

g Anderson C. farmer, r. Hotel Denmark 
Anderson C. mason, r. 200 N. Morgan 
Anderson C. mason, r. 157 Chicago av. 
I J| Anderson C. student, Bryant & Chase's Ilusi- 
|iQ ness College 

Anderson C. A. driver Chicago No. 5, r. 31 Blue 
w Island av. 
~ Anderson C A. r. 7 Gurley 
v Anderson C. M. hat and cap mnfr. r. 210 and 212 
.^ Milwaukee av. 

S w Anderson C. R. porter S. L. Bignall & Co. r. 238 N. 
Anderson C. W. basketmkr, r. 79 Ohio 
W Anderson Daniel, r. 179 Bushnell 
Anderson Daniel, carpenter, I. C.R. R.r. 179 Bush- 

^g Anderson David, boilermkr. r. 306 W Polk 
4h Anderson David, salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 
9 120 3d av. 

Anderson D. J. millwright, r. 296 W. Polk 
Anderson D. S. tel. op. Pacific & Atlantic Tel. Co. 
r. 170 N. Dearbor i 

Anderson'Edward, elk. r. 135 Lincoln 

) Anderson Edward, lab. r. 132 W. Adams 

Anderson Edwin, tinner, Dane,Westlake & Covert, 
S r. 80 Milwaukee av. 

Anderson Ellen, wid. Anders, r.. rear 86 Bremer 

Anderson Enoch, tailor, r. 287 Washington av. 

Anderson Eric, lab. 91 Wesson 

Anderson E. bkpr. r. 1654 Aberdeen 

Anderson E. elk. r. 610 S. Canal 

Anderson E. hairworker, r.222 Holt 

Anderson E. watchman, r. 127 N. Market 

Anderson E. tailor, 43 He'n 

Anderson E. B. bkpr. Field, Leiter & Co. r. 75 

Anderson E. H. wheelwright, r. 723 Fulton 

Anderson E. M. lab. r. 169 N. Union 
J$ Anderson E. T. carpenter, F. T. Martin 
B, Anderson Fannie G. Mrs. printer, r. 63 X. Halsted 

Anderson Frank A. bkpr. W. T. Keenan & Co. r. 

1254 Indiana av. 

Anderson Frank Rodney, signpainter, r. 74 Foster 
j Anderson Frederick, harnessmkr. Edward Addy, 
r. 84 S. Jefferson 

Anderson Frederick C. barber, W. A. Hettich, r. 81 


3 Anderson Fwthjof, lab. r. 15 Pleasant 
^ Anderson F. R. oysters, r. 1312 Indiana av. 
gj Anderson George, carpenter, r. 126 Ashland av. 
~ Anderson George, carver, r. 426 W. 12th 
JJ Anderson George, elk. r. 288 Htibbard 
^ Anderson George, elk. r. 91 S. Snngamon 
"* Anderson George, lab. r. 421 W. Taylor 
A Anderson George, cooper, r. 8!l Bln'cklinwk 
JJJ. Anderson George, shipcarpenter, r. 74 W. Division 






Anderson George, jr. lettercarrier, r. 1464 Inditina 

Anderson Georsre A. cashr. Andersons' Dining 

Rooms, r. 134 31st 

Anderson Georire C. carver, W. Kautsky. r. W. 12th 
Anderson George E.brassftnisher,r.l424 Prairie av. 

Anderson George M. inspector, r. 14(14 Indiana 
Anderson Grethe, wid. Johan, r. 55 Bremer 
Anderson Gunder. shoemkr. r. 276 Htibbard 
Anderson Gus, waiter, r. 359 Clark 
Anderson Gustaf. bookbinder, Culver,Page,Hoyne 

& Co. r. 418 W. Indiana 
Anderson Gustav, shipcarpenter, Miller Bros, r.110 

Hickory av. 

Anderson Gustay, lab. r. 108 Bremer 
Anderson G. finisher, r. 1424 Prairie av. 
Anderson G. shoemkr. r. 162 N. Sangamon 
Anderson G. A. sailor, r. 162 N. SangVonon 
Anderson G. B. lab. r.70 Polk 
Anderson Hans, carpenter, r. 216 N. Desplaines- 
Anderson Hans, carpenter, r. rear 40 Hunt 
Anderson Hans, carpenter, r. 233 N. Halsted 
Anderson Hans, cigarmkr. r. 25 W. Quincy 
Anderson Hans, gardener, r. 102 4th 
Anderson Hans, lab. r. 244 N. Halsted 
Anderson Hans, moulder, r. 247 N Green 
Anderson Hans (Sandberz & Anderson), r. 181 Chi- 
cago av. 

Anderson Henry, bootmkr. T. Ryan, r. 103 Bremer 
Anderson Henry, elk. r. 70 Polk 
Anderson Henry, fire dept. r. 284 N. May 
Anderson Henry, lab. r. 69 4th 
Anderson Henry, painter, r. 147 W. Indiana 
Anderson Henry, sailor, r. 86 Foster 
Anderson Henry, silversmith, r. 35 W. Washington 
Anderson Hobert, cabinetmkr. r. 14 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Horatio, r. 174 N. Curtis 
Anderson Horatio, blksmith, r. 119 4th 
Anderson H. A. paperstock, 95 5th av. r. 835 Burn- 

Anderson H. E. agt. r. 184 N. Peoria 
Anderson H. H. lawyer, 82 La Salle, r. 291 Ontario 
Anderson H. J. bkpr. r. 334 Wentworth av. 
Andersrn Isaac, grocer, 282 Clark 
Anderson Isaac, sailor, r. 104 Townsend 
Anderson Isaac, r. Park pi. bet. Indiana av. and 

Cottage Crove av. 

Anderson Israel, stonecutter, r. rear 30 Bremer 
Anderson I. M. basketmkr. r. rear 164 N. Ada 
Anderson I. P. tailor, I. Calling, r. 260 Division 
Anderson Jacob, blksmith. r. rear 20 Bremer 
Anderson Jacob, lab. r. 395 S, Desplaines 
Anderson James, blksmith. r. 229 W. Lake 
Anderson James, carpenter, r. 61 W. Jackson 
Anderson James, elk. r. 76 Miller 
Anderson James, elk. F. M. & W. A. Shepard, r. 

Washington House 

Anderson James, gasfltter, r. 236 Hubbard 
Anderson James, gasfitter, r. 235 Hubbard 
Anderson James, lab.r. 281 Michigan 
Anderson James, lab. r. rear 169 N. Union 
Anderson James, patternmkr. r. 107 W. Quincy 
Anderson James, printer, Bureau Printing Co. r_ 

276 W. Harrison 

Anderson James, sailor, r. 227 N. Water 
Anderson James, sailor, r. 75 Brown 
Anderson James, sailor, r. 830 S. Halstead 
Anderson James, wagonmkr. J. H. Anderson, r.. 

318 W. Lake 

Anderson James jr. carpenter, r. 121 N. LaSalle 
Anderson James H.carpenter,r.5M> Washington av. 
Anderson James S. jr. propr. Anderson's Hotel, 

151 Dearborn, r. 13431st 
Anderson Jennie, teacher Newberry School 
Anderson Joachim, r. 206 N. Green 
Anderson Johan, lab. r. 88 Wesson 
Anderson Johan, mason, r. 58 W. Oak 
Anderson Johan, shoemkr. 10 Bremer 
Anderson Johan A. elk. r. 147 W. Indiana 
Anderson Johan E. lab. r. 163 Wesson 
Anderson Johanna Mrs. r. 21 Otis 
Anderson Johannes, lab. r. rear 257 N. Green 
Anderson John, r. 104 N. Desplaines 
Anderson John, bkpr. asst. baggageman, C. & N. . 
W. Ry. r. 104 N. Desplaines 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Qen'l Agent. 

03 Dearborn Street. 

BACKERS' SAFES made at Harris' 

SAFE FACTORY, 6O and 62 South Canal Street. 












Anderson John, bartender, r. 3T8 Hurlbut 
Anderson John, baeketmkr. r. 311 Hurlbut 
Anderson John, blksmith, r. 166 W. Indiana 
Anderson John, boardlnghotlBe, 43 to 49 Elston av. 
Anderson Jolin, cabinetmkr. r. 165 S. Desplaines 
Anderson John, cabiuetmkr, Joseph H. Pike. r. 

8!Hi Division 

Anderson John, cabinetmkr. r. 10 Wendell 
Anderson John, capt. r. 323 Hubbard 
Anderson John, carbuilder. r. 298 Butterfleld 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 359 Brie 
Anderson John, carpenter, 187 N. Franklin 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 197 Curtis 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 256 Blue Island ar. 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 577 Mitchell 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. ss. Labar, bet. Larra- 

bee and Division 

Anderson John, carpenter, r. 4a3 Butterfleld 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 88 W. Division 
Anderson John, carpenter, r. 194 Townsend 
Anderson John, elk. A. H. Anderson, r. 140 W. 

Anderson John, collector, W. U. Tel. Co. r. 421 W. 


Anderson John, lab.r.281 Michigan 
Anderson John, lab. r. 45 Broad 
Anderson John, lab. r. 113 Ontario 
Anderson John, lab. r. rear 206 N. Desplaines 
Anderson John, lab. r. 178 Wesson 
Anderson John, lab. r. 254 N. Sangamon 
Anderson John, lab. r. 626 Bremer 
Anderson John, lab. r. 88 Bremer 
Anderson John, r. 57 Bremer 
Anderson John, r. 421 W. Taylor 
Anderson John, lab. r. 134 Townsend 
Anderson John, lab. r. 80 N. Ann 
Anderson John, lab. r. 80 N. Kucker 
Anderson John, lab. rear 73 Bremer 
Anderson John, lab. 598 8. Canal 
Anderson John (Langland & Anderson), r. 536 


Anderson John, nurse, Cook county hospital 
Anderson John, painter, B. A. Boughton, r. 997 


Anderson John, painter, r. 100 N. Wells 
Anderson John, Philips & Liebenstein, r. 254 N. 


Anderson John, sailmkr. r. 93 Erie 
Anderson John, sailmkr. r. 165 N. Morgan 
Anderson John, sailor, r. 715 Kinzie 
Anderson John, sailor, r. 191 N. Curtis 
Anderson John, sailor, r. 165 Larrabee 
Anderson John, shoemkr. 103 Townsend 
Anderson John, shoemkr. r. 77 W. Kinzie 
Anderson John, tailor, r. es. Robert, bet. Chicago 

av. and Superior 

Anderson John, tailor, r. 22 Otis 
Anderson John, tailor, r. rear 259 N. Green 
Anderson John, tailor, r. 41 Gardner 
Anderson John, woodworker, H. A. Pitts' Sons, 

r. 253 Polk 
Anderson John A. (John Almquist & Anderson), 

r. 245 Superior 

Anderson John B. elk. r. 429 S. Canal 
Anderson John C. grocer, r. Paulina, sw. cor. Ty- 

Anderson John E. shoemkr. C. B. Sawyer & Co. r. 

233 Huron 
Anderson John J. shoemkr. 179^ W. Lake, r. 147 

W. Indiana 

Anderson John P. carpenter, r. 51 W. Oak 
Anderson John T. bagageman, r. 122 N. Carpenter 
Anderson John T. expressman, r. 176 4th av. 
Anderson John W. wagonmkr. r. rear 283 S. Mor- 

Anderson Jonathan R. lawyer, r. 228 W. Madison 
Anderson Joseph, lab. r. 69 W. Indiana 
Anderson Joseph, lab. J. S. Kirk & Co. r. 27 


H. M. Wilm-artli & Bro. 

Gas Fitting, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 


or the City of Chicago. 
CAPITAL, ... $100,000. 

JACOB R. SHIPHERD, Pres't, Louis WAHL, V. Pres't, 
CUAS.B.SHEDD, Treas., Hon. I. G.WILSON, Counsel. 

Exclusively a SAVIN'GS Bank No commercial accounts received 
Pays six per cent, upon Deposits Money to loan on Real Estate. 

Banking House 164 Twenty-Second St. 

Anderson Joseph, lab. O'Connor & Baynes, r. 151 


Anderson Josephine Mrs. r. 112 W. Liberty 
Anderson J. wid. Andrew, washerwoman, r. 178 


Anderson J. calsominer, r. 128 Ohio 
Anderson J. A. cabinetmkr. r. 212 Illinois 
Anderson J. C. moulder, r. 216 W. Tavlor 
Anderson J. C. salesman, C. W. & E. Pardridge & 

Co. r. 28 Van Buren, 

Anderson J. D. elk. Star Union Line, r. 76 26th 
Anderson J. F. r. 121 N. La Salle 
Anderson J. H. wagoninkr. 39 Curtis, r. 723 Fulton 
Anderson J. H. cigars and tobacco, 226>4 State 
Anderson J. R. (Garrison & Anderson), r. 228 W. 

Anderson J. W. printer, Lakeside Pub. Co.'r. 83 


Anderson Karen Mrs. r. 53 W. Erie 
Anderson Katie Miss, saloon, 418 State 
Anderson Lars, tailor, r. 52 Wesson 
Anderson Lars I. carpenter, r. 242 Townsend 
Anderson Laura Mrs. r. 226 N. Clark 
Anderson Lena, r. 13 Hunt 

Anderson Lewis, carpenter, r. Butterfleld, nr. 37th 
Anderson Lewis, lab. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Louis, baggageman, r. 564 Arnold 
Anderson Louis, baggageman, r. 564 Arnold 
Anderson Louis, bootmkr. r. 152 Forquer 
Anderson Lonis, lab. 139 W. Indiana 
Anderson Louis, painter, r. 155 Hubbard 
Anderson Louis,porter, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor 

& Co. r. 209 W. Randolph 
Anderson Louis, sailor, r. 166 N. Curtis 
Anderson L. carpenter, r. 190 Division 
Anderson L. tailor, P. Bye 
Anderson L. A. showcasemkr. D. Barclay, r. 130 


Anderson L. O. r. 155 W. Indiana 
Anderson L. R. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Anderson Magnus, mason, r. 58 W. Oak 
Anderson Margaret, wid. Robert, r. 173 Wood 
Anderson Margaret E. wid. A. J. r. 17 Cornelia 
Anderson Maria Mrs. r. 126 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson Martha Mrs. dressmkr. 180 S. Clinton 
Anderson Martha Mrs. r. 43 4th 
Anderson Martha, wid. Johnson, r. 14 Hunt 
Anderson Martin, carpenter, r. 136% N. Jefferson 
Anderson Martin, carver, r. 143 W. Chicago av. 
Anderson Martin, machinist, r. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Martin, printer, M. Cahill & Co. r. 50 


Anderson Martin, sailor, r. 225 W. 12th 
Anderson Martin, tailor, John Olson, r. 151 Larra- 


Anderson Mary, nurse, Cook Co. Hospital 
Anderson Mary Mrs. r. 58 4th 
Anderson Mary, wid. Anders, r. 126 Bremer 
Anderson Mary, wid. Andrew, r. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Mary, wid. John, r. 128 W. Indiana 
Anderson Mary, wid. Louis, r. rear 266 4th 
Anderson Mason, lab. r. 189 Michigan 
Anderson Mathias, tailor, Ole Lattm, r. 94 Chicago 


Anderson Mathilda, wid. Adolph, r. 153 Wesson 
Anderson Mollie Miss,r.l44 4th av. 
Anderson Mrs. washerwoman, r. 113 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Michael, machinist, r. rear 268 Hubbard 
Anderson M. lab. r. 9 Otis 
Anderson M. lab. r. 169 N. Union 
Anderson Narve, tailor, r. 56 W. Erie 
Anderson Nels, lab. r. rear 22 Bremer 
Anderson Nels, sailor, r. 213 W. Erie 
Anderson Nels. flour and feed, 912 W. Lake 
Anderson Nelson, coachman, r. 1081 Indiana av. 
Anderson Niels G. lab. r. 91 Wesson 
Anderson Nils, bkpr. F. C. Brown, r. 989 N. Clark 





By W M. M. IKK, Ao. 1O5 .Monroe Street. 

Mead dc Coe, Real Estate and Loan Agents, 154 Washington St., 

We invite correspondence on any matters connected with Chicago Heal Estate. 




Jj "Wilmington Coal. 

rf, Better by 32 per cent than any other 
~ Illinois Coal. 

M Better than most Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal old in this market, 
and as i?ood as the best for all ordinary purposes. tj&~ Free of Skte 

Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co., 

W No. 3 West Van Buren Street, Chicgo. 

Anderson N. carpenter, r. 676 May 
Anderson N. elk. Miller* Drew, r. 135 Lincoln 
Anderson Ole, carpenter, r. al. rear 208 N. Des- 

Anderson Ole, carpenter, r. 163 N. Sangamon, 
Anderson Ole, lab. r. 216 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Ole, lab. r. rear 78 Bremer 
Anderson Ole, lab. r. 156 N. Sangamon 
Anderson Ole, lab. r. 88 Bremer 
Anderson Ole, upholsterer, r. 184 N. Carpenter 
Anderson Ole, wagonmkr. Bohanon & Purington, 

r. 93 Hunt 
Anderson Olin, jeweler, Milhening & Lauderback, 

r. 191 N. Halsted 

Anderson Oliver, carpenter, r. 14, 4th 
Anderson Oluf, elk. r. 288 Hubbard 
Anderson Olnf, act. r. 174 Bremer 
Anderson Orrim V. car insp. r. 22 S. Green 
Anderson Oscar, blksmith, r. 245 N. Market 
Anderson Oscar, painter, r. 140 Larrabee 
Anderson Otto, tanner, r. 175 W. Chicago ar. 
Anderson O. organbuilder. r. 2(1 Riicker 
Anderson O. A. stationer,15 N.Wells, r.121 Indiana 
Anderson Patrick, lab. r. 72 Ohio 
Anderson Patrick, lab. r. Morgan, cor. Wright 
Anderson Patrick, mechanic, r. 421 W. Taylor 
Anderson Peter, r. 186 N. Green 
Anderson Peter, basketmkr. r. 311 Hurlbut 
Anderson Peter, brushmkr. r. 100 5th av. 
Anderson Peter, carpenter, r. rear 97 Bremer 
Anderson Peter, carpenter, r. 15 Pleasant 
Anderson Peter,carpenter.r.73 E!m 
Anderson Peter, lab. r. 359 W. Madison 
Anderson Peter, lab. r. 41 W. Adams 
Anderson Peter, lab. r. rear 160 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Peter, lab. r. 98 Wesson 
Anderson Peter, machinist, r. 257 Mitchell 
Anderson Peter, sailor, r. 16 Fayj 
Anderson Peter, sailor, r. Arcade ct, bet. LaSalle 

and 5th av. 

Anderson Peter, upholsterer, r. 131 N. Halsted, 
Anderson Peter G. carpenter, r. 14 Oak 
Anderson Peter G. lab. r. rear 124 Wesson 
Anderson Peter J. lab. r. rear r.'4 Wesson 
Anderson Philip, elk. Claris & Rogers, r. 432 W. 


Anderson Philip W. confectioner, r. 74 Foster 
Anderson P. carpenter, r. 299 Wentworth av. 
Anderson P. spongebedmnfr. r. 154 Huron 
Anderson P. tailor, r. 102 Townsend 
Anderson P. J. com. mer. r. 81 S. Green 
Anderson P. N. r. 104 N. Desplaines 
Anderson Rasmus, shoemkr. 328 W. Indiana 
Anderson Robert, lab. r. 234 29th 
Anderson Robert, sailor, r. 649 W. Indiana 
Anderson Robert, salesman, Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 

51 Brown 

Anderson Robert, waiter, r. rear 266 3d ay. 
Anderson R. lab. r. 178 N. Jefferson 
Anderson R. lab. r. 238 N. La Salle 
Anderson Samuel, carpenter, r. 304 W. Indiana 
Anderson Samuel, carpenter, r. rear 30 Wesson 
Anderson Sarah Mrs. dressmkr. r. 258 State 
Anderson Sarah Jane, r. 224 S. Jefferson 
Anderson Severin, carpenter, r. 283 N. May 
Anderson Simpson, carpenter, r. 157 N. Ada 
Anderson Solomon, tailor, r. 22 Hunt 
Anderson Sophia, wid. Edward, r. 212 N. Market 
Anderson Sven, tailor, r. 93 Superior 
Anderson Swante. carpenter, r. 222 South Park av. 
Anderson S. cabinetmkr. r. 102 Larabee 
Anderson S. lab. r. 100 Townsend 
Anderson S. shoemkr. r. 266 4th 
Anderson S. E. sailor, r. 158 N. Sangamon 
Anderson S. P. lab. r. 75 Wesson 
Anderson Thomas, r. 197 S. Clinton 
Anderson Thomas, lab. r. 168 W. Indiana 
Anderson Thomas W. with J. W. Doane & Co. r. 

735 Michigan 

Anderson Tjelling Gustave, lab. r. 87 Townseud 
Anderson Tobias/blksmith, r. 251 N. Green 
Anderson Tobias, cooper, r. 155 N. Ada 
Anderson Toney, painter, r. 57 W. Kinzie 
Anderson William, r. Allen House 
Anderson William, r. 207 Washington 
Anderson William, carpenter, r. ws.Henshaw av. 

nr. Wilmot av. 

Anderson William, carpenter,' r. 98 Sedgwick 
Anderson William, elk. Allen House 
Anderson William, organmkr. r. Sedgwick 
Anderson William, painter, r. 72 Milwaukee av. 
Anderson William, porter, r. 112% Pacific av. 
Anderson William, shoemkr. r. rear 219 Jackson 
Anderson William, steward, Wright's Restaurant, 

r. Opera House 

Anderson William, tailor, r. 168 W. Indiana 
Anderson William, waiter, r. rear 22 Pacific av. 
Anderson William Mrs. boardinghouse. 225 State 
Anderson William R. tinsmith, r. 174 18th 
Anderson William S. printer, M. Cahill & Co. r. 50 


Anderson W. lab. r. 64 W. Indiana 
Anderson W. lab. Thomas Goodwille, r. North Pier 
Anderson W. waiter, Douglas House 
Anderson W. C. salesman, Warner, Higgins & 

Anderson W. H. (Williams & Anderson), r. 343 W. 


Anderson W. I. lab. r. 27 Bremer 
Anderson W. J. carpenter, r. ws. Henshaw, nr. 

Wilmot av. 
Anderson W. L. lab. r. 70 Polk 

Anderson , brushmkr. r. 259 W. Chicago av. 

Anderson , lab. r. 15 Bremer 

Anderson , photographer, O. F. Weaver 

Anderson & Poulson, grocers, 342 Milwaukee av. 

Anderson's European Hotel and Dining Rtxrais, 

147, 149 and 151 Dearborn, James S. Anderson' 

jr. propr. 

Anderssohn J. C. (Anderssohn & Wissel), r. 179 

N. Dearborn 

Anderssohn & Wissel, cabinetmkrs. 174 N. Clark 
Andersson A. L. lab. r. 22 Hubbard 
Andersson William, lab. r. 81 W. Madison 
Andes John, lab. r. 130 Grove 
Andre Frederic, elk. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 19^STich- 

igan av. 

Andree Ambrose (Andree & Hand), r. 80 E. Whitney 
Andree Charles, restaurant, 136 Clark, r. 68 Mohawk 
Andree Henry, pedler, r. 250 W. Polk 
Andree Henry, jr. pedler, r. 250 W. Polk 
Andree <fc Hand, clotbing, 33 N. Clark 
Andrees J. C. elk. Gage JBros. i& Co. r. 120 3d av. 
Andres Jacob, mason, r. 532 State 
Andres John, barber. 523 State 
Andres Ludwig, tailor, r. 65 John 
Andres Samuel, cooper, r. 264 W. Indiana 
Andres S. R. S. auctioneer, r. 201 W. Washington 
Andress H. r. 750 Cottage Grove av. 
Andress William, saloon, r. 146 Lake av. 
Andrew Adam (Albert Andrew & Bro.) r. 422 Arch- 
er av. 

Andrew Albert & Bro. saloon, 422 Archer av. 
Andrew Albert (Albert Andrew & Bro.), r.422 Arch- 
er av. 
Andrew Ann Eliza, wid. Clifton, boardinghouse, 

219 W. Randolph 

Andrew Charles, carpenter, r. 20 Gold 
Andrew D. A. r. 219 W. Randolph 
Andrew James, teamster, r. 733 Veruon av. 
Andrew John, blksmith, r. 34 Larabee 
Andrew Joseph E. printer, r. 219 W. Randolph 
Andrew J. C. mason, r. 1410 Indiana av. 
Andrew Richard, lab. r. 87 Northwestern av. 
Andrew Thomas H. painter, r. 219 W. Randolph 
Andrew William, teamster, r. 143 Lyman. 
Andrew , coachman, Horatio Reed, r. 582 Mich- 
igan av. 

IDiebold <& ZSienzle's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

A Large stock of New and Second-hand Safes at 

HARRIS* FACTORY, GO and O2 South Canal Street. 



No. 1O5 -TfO.Mtoi: STREET. 




Andrews Aaron (Andrews & Kuhn), r. 140 5th av- 
Andrews Albert, railroad employe, r.lfiti W.Jackson 
Andrews Aldcn, sailor, r. 317 W. Pulk 
Andrews Alfred H. (A. H. Andrews & Co.), r. 187 

Wabash av. 

Andrews Alic. H. r. 14 Meridan 
Andrews August A. (B. G. Gill & Co.), r. 405 W. 

Andrews A. jeweler and loan office 195 Clark, r. 206 

Andrews A. B. student, Bgyant <fc Chase's 

Business College 

Andrews A. C. printer, Tribune, r. 81 School 
A1YI>UE\VS A. H. &. CO. school, office and 

church furniture mnfrs. Ill State, mnfy. 82 

W. Washington 

Andrews A. P. agt. r. Central House 
Andrews A. S. salesman, A. G. Downs <fe Co. r. 181 

W. Washington 

Andrews' Building, LaSalle, cor. Arcade ct. 
Andrews Charles A. night editor, Tribune, 235 W. 

Andrews Charles F. E. tel. opp. r. Swan nr. Went- 

worth av. 
Andrews Charles J. salesman, Hamlin, Hale fc Co. 

r. 17 Gurley 

Andrews Charles W. com. mer. r. 952 N. Clark 
Andrews Charles W. jr. elk. P. O. r. 952 N. Clark 
Andrews C. O. tel. opp. P. <fc A. Tel. Co. 
Andrews Ebenezer, (Andrews <fc Bro.) r. 389 Wa- 
bash av. 

Andrews Edmund, physician, 6 16th 
Andrews Edward, sailor, r. 148 Walnut 
Andrews Edwin, sailor, r. 14 Meridan 
Andrews Edwin, sailor, r. 16 Pearce 
Andrews Edwin E. builder, r. 76 Throop 
Andrews Erick, basketmkr. r. 260 Church 
.Andrews E. N. with A. H. Andrews & Co. r. 12 N. 

Andrews Fairman L. (C. T. Boal & Co.), r. 38 Union 

Park pi. 
Andrews George H. elk. A. Farrar & Co. r. 364 W 


Andrews George H. ensineer, r. 557 S. Jefferson 
Andrews George L. elk. r. 87 Aberdeen 
Andrews George P. builder, 87 Aberdeen 
Andrews Helen Mrs. cook, r. 65 Kroger 
Andrews Henry D. r. 65 Kroger 
Andrews Herbert C. (A. H. Andrews & Co.), r. 187 

Wiibash av. 
Andrews Ira A. civ. eng. Wolcott & Fox, r. 528 N. 


Andrews Ira B. hairdresser, r. 528 N. Clark 
Andrews I. R. realestate, roott 17 , Methodist Cnurch 


Andrews .lames, carpenter, r. 128 N. LaSalle 
Andrews James, bkpr. Millard & Decker, r. Lawn- 

Andrews James S. elk. I. C. R. R. r. 76 Throop 
Andrews Jerome, carpenter, r. 66 Illinois 
Andrews Jesse, waiter, St. Jamos llotel 
Andrews John, lab. r. 229 Church 
Andrews John, carpenter, r. 481 Loomis 
Andrews Joseph, elk. r. 547 Michigan av. 
Andrews Joseph H. (Andrews & Bro.), r. 389 Wa- 
bash av. 

Andrews J D. millwright, r. 158 W. Harrison 
Andrews J. E. printer, r. 219 W. Randolph 
Andrews Louisa, r. 1294th ar. 
Andrews Lyon, clothing, 144 5th av. 
Andrews L. E. conductor, r. 246 W. Randolph 
AXDREWS MARTm, realestate dealer, 

1 Arcade ct. r. 578 Wabash av. 
Andrews Mary Miss, dre-smkr. r. 197 Townsend 
Andrew s Michael, r. 8 Keeley 
Andrews Mrs. music teacher, r. Major blk. 
Andrews P. B. lumber mer. r. 148 Walnut 
Andrews Reuben S. wood nnd coal, Lincoln av. cor. 
Larrabee, r. 474 Hurlbut 



1(>T/ & 109 Lake Street. 


Catalogue and Samples sent on Application. . ^ 


O4 Washington Street Chicago. ft 



Andrews Richard H. foreman, Geo. F. Foster, r. 48 

N. Halsted 

Andrews Robert H. elk. r. 123 W. Kinzie t 
Andrews Rodolphus T, surveyor, r. 528 N. Clark 
Andrews R. F. elk. Marsh Bros. 
Andrews R. H. reporter, Evening Post, r. 70 N. 

Peoria g 

Andrews Sarah, wid. Aldin, r. 14 Meridian ^ 

Andrews Sidney B. coffee house, rear 145 Madison, 5^ 

r. 59 29th ^ 

Andrews Solomon, pawnbroker, 162 5th av. 
Andrew Solomon B. r. 59 29th ^> 

Andrews Theodore F. agt. Chicago and Lyons Lime . * 

Co. r. 94 16th 
Andrews Thomas, restaurant, 155 Dearborn, r. 19 

Congress ^ 

Andrews Walter,' machinist, r. 596 W. Erie 
Andrews William, sailor, r. 148 Walnut 
Andrews William, coal agt. r. 15 Gnrley 
Andrews William, cooper, r. 53 Elgin 
Andrews W. A. pedlar, r. 233 4th av. 
Andrews W. B. supt. S. B. Andrews, r. 44 and 45 M 

Pope's blk. W 

Andrews W. H. elk. Gage Bros. & Co. ft 

Andrews W. R. machinist, C. Mason & Co. r. 596 W. T 

Erie * 

Andrews -, salesman, r. Ill Adams pq 

Andrews , elk. r. 168 Walnut A 

Andrews & Bro. realestate. 108 Madison Jj 

Andrews & Kuhn, pawnbrokers, 140 5th av. 4^ 

Andrick L. M. r. Everett House, 
Andriezky Thaddeus, lab. r. ws. Fay, bet. Phil- ^ 

lips and Pratt 
Andrin George, saloon, 262 Madison W 

Andrisminger , elk. r. Huber House ^ 

Audros Christopher, bricklayer, r. 227 Hurlbut w 
Andros Mary, wid. Christian, r. 227 Hurlbut M 

Andros Nicholas, painter, r. 227 Hurlbut ' 

Andrus E. H. caller, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 150 5 

Pine ^ 

Andrus Martin E. bkpr. Lansing & Ballon, r. Hon- ^ 

ore Block, Dearborn, sw. cor. Monroe ^ 

Andrns Samuel, printer, r. 516 State ft 

Andrus William E. baker, r. 16 26th 
Andus Magnus Calson, r. 335 South Park av. 
Anerson John, machinist, bds. 194 N. Wells 
Anflnd Christine, r. 181 W. Erie 
Angel John, lab. r. 399 W. 16th 

Angel John, lab. r. 67 Howe p< 

Angel Nicholas C. upholsterer, Pullman Car Co, r. r:J 

52 E. White 0Q 

Angel Peter, lab. r. 397 W. 16th RJ 

Angelhardt Elizabeth, r. 74 Howe <* 

Angell Byron D. tfav. agt. J. Hutchinson, r. 

Fort Wayne * 

Angell Charles W. sec. Pullman Car Co. r. 172 

Michigan av. <| 

Angell Edward A. intelligence office, 149 5th av. r. 

207 W. Polk ~ 

Angell E. F. (Cubley & Angell), r. 181 Wabash av. |f 
Angell F. B. watchmaker and jeweler, 522 S. Hal- 

Angell F. E. tel. operator, r. 29 Pearce 
Angell John, r. 204 N. La Salle 

Angell P. engineer, M. E. Page & Co. r. 225 Van {g 

Angell William A. purchasing agt. Pullman Car ^ 

Co. r. 401 Michigan av. 
Angelo D. bathing and hairdressing, 139 Madison, W 

r. 187 5th av. !L 

Anger Nicholas, lab. r. 104 Brown 
Anger Oscar, driver, r. 39 Pearson 
Angerbrecht Frederick, tanner, r. 325 Larrabee 
Auirermann John, butcher, rear 144 N. Curtis 35 
Anu'icr Oscar F. carriagedriver, Wright Bros. r. 39 

Pearson , 

Angle Frank, printer, r. rear 193 Rush 
Angle John, carpenter, r. 117 Sherman 
Angle L. M.(H. S. Carter & Co.), r. Evanston 

W. "W. SvIMBALL,, Hallctt, Davis & Co.'s Pianos, 

]Vo. oa WAsmnroToar STREET. 

Notary Public and Conveyancer, 

See Adv't. PHILIP A. MOTIVE, Custom House Building. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 

Anglemjre Henry, grocer, 1160 State 
Anglemire William, painter, r. 274 Maxwell 
Angler Joseph, machinist, Heeney & Campbell, r. 

155 Bunker 

Anglin William, porter, M. U. Ex. Co. r. 200 Cass 
Anglnm Jeremiah, bkpr. r. 715 Halsted 
Angqnist Magnus, tailor, J. H. Kroger, r. 140 


Angs John, policeman, r. 133 Johnson 
Angst John, ragpicker, r. 78 Sherman 
Angstein John, cooper, r. 124 Arnold 
Angstein Joseph, lao. r. 124 Arnold 
Angstein Philippine, wid. Peter, r. 124 Arnold 
Angsten Peter, lab. r. 110 Linden 
Angnera A. de, pianotuner, r. 233 Park av. 
Angus Henry, lab. Evans, Oliver <fc Weeder 
Angus James, teamster, T. Eldridge, r. 123 S. Ca- 

Aniswer Benjamin, lab. r. 43 N. Green 
Anieck Lawrence, lab. r. 23 Dickson 
Ankele Mathias, wagonmkr. H, Behrens, r. 33 


Ankenbower Adam, lab. r. 82 Liberty 
Ankenbower G. M. barber, r. 82 Liberty 
Ankeng Clements, cigarmkr. r. 450 Burnside 
Anker Christian, merchant, r. 16 Bryant av. (Cot- 
tage Grove) 

Anklam Rudolph, lab. r. 40 Cornell 
Anklan John, carpenter, r. Ill North av. 
Anlonbery Arhn, tailor, A. L. Palmquist, r. 114 


Ann David, cooper, r. 13* May 
Ann Max. teamster, r. 71 Whitney 
Annan A. A. elk J. B. Shay, r. 300 Indiana 
Annaway Silas, tel. op. bds. 183 Cottage Grove 

Anneke Fritz, agt. German Emigrant Society, 163 

Washington, r. 145 N. Wells 
Annen Frank, grocer 555 Sedgwick 
Annen Nicholas, furniture 292 North av. 
Annen Peter, blksmith, r. 185Mohawk 
Annen Peter, lab. r. 183 Mohawk 
Annen Peter, grocer 353 Indiana 
Anneault Julius, trav. agt. r. 47 S. Desplainee 
Annewalt Byron D. supt. compilation, Edwards' 

Publications, r. 122 S. Sangamoc 
Annin William H. (Bnshnell & Annin), r. 123 22d, 
Anning Charles Henry, mason, r. ^51 . Wells 
Annon John, lab. r. 161 W. Harrison 
AnnnltlJohn, wagon mkr. r. 76 Mohawk 
Anright James, fireman, r. 31 W. llini-clale 
Ansback Samuel, barkpr. H. Fallert, r. 166 Ran- 

Ansel Albert, butcher, r. 289 Division 
Ansell Alindt, wid. Frederick, r. 113 Blue Island av. 
Ansell A. r. Schalls' House 
Ansley George D. bkpr. Union Screw & Bolt Co. r. 

128 Throop 

Anson B. cabinetmkr. r. 83 Bremer 
Anson Charles, carpenter, C., R. & P. R. R. r. 164 


Anson Joseph, expressman, r. 13 Newberry ar. 
Anson Nellie W. wid. Albert, bonrdiughouse, 91 

S Sangamon 

Anson Stewart, grocer, r. 140 Wood 
Ansonberger Andrew, sawyer, r. 97 Ewing 
Anst Joseph, cutter, r. 132 W. Lake 
Anstead Christian, woodturner, r. 848 b. Halsted 
Anstee Edward, clerk, 172 W. Randolph, r. 190 W. 

Ansteth Andrew, harnesemkr. W. J. Ralph, r. 69 


Anstre George, bricklayer, r. 126 Hnbbard 
Anetre William, bricklayer, r. 126 Hubbard 
Ancwley G. W. r. 535 State 
Antenen John, bartender, William W. Collins, r. 119 


Antenen Mrs. midwife, r. 77 N. Union 
Anter John, carpenter, r. 177 W. Lake 

Antera August, painter, r. 169 18th 
Antes Charlec H. sec. and treas. Western White- 
Lead Co. i. 382 N. La Salle 
Antes George, saloon, r. 117 Cornell 
Antbon John, elk. r.. 487 N. Franklin 
Anthon Maria E. wid. Dreves. r. PO Larabee 
Anthony Albert, meatpkr. r. 135 N. Morgan 
Anthony Albert, provisions, 172 and 174 Milwaukee 

Anthony C. F. npholeterer, Spear & Crofoot, r. 109 s 

Anthony Elliott (Hervey, Anthony & Gait), r. 234 N. 

Anthony Ferdinand, finisher. Cox, & Donohue, r- 

266 N. Carpenter 
Anthony Frederick, elk. F. M. & W. A. Shepard, r. 

191 Winchester av. 
Anthony George, r. 73 Van Bnren 
Anthony George, boilermkr. r. 32 W. Madison 
Anthony Jacob, r. 135 N. Morgan 
Anthony James C. furnace worker, r. 33 Price pi. 
Anthony Jane, wid. Robert, washwoman, r. 76 N.. 


Anthony Joseph T. engineer, r. 1241 Indiana av, 
Anthony Richard, elk. C. & N. W. Ry. frt. dept. 

Wis. div. 

Anthony Robert, boilermkr. r. 148 Centre av. 
Anthony Wesley, waiter, Clifton House, r. 76 N- 


Anthony William, lab. r. 106 Mulligan 
Anthony Worthington, blksmith. Pennoyer & Co. r.. 


Anti ony W. G. elk. Mich S. R. R. r. 492 Butter- 

Antoine Nicholas, lab. r. 214 Mohawk 
Anton Christopher, tailor, r. 263 Blackhawk 
Anton Ernest, lab. r. 19 Alaska 
Anton John Adam, shoemkr, 305 North av. 
Anton Peter, tailor, r. 230 Clybourne av. 
Antonas Joseph, bartender, August Rizzo, r. 95- 

Chicago av. 

Antonbacl Boch, saloon, 45 Bradley 
Antone Alois, tailor, r. 212 Orchard 
Antonini William, moulder, Chicago Terra Cotta 

Co. r. 45 Hastings, 
Antony William, potter, r. 45 Hastings , 

Antony , wke. Sammons, Clark & Co. 

Antoe John, lab. r. VonHorn, bet. Campbell av. 

and Robey 
Anweson Andrew, porter, C. P. Kellogg & Co. r. 

61 Kinzie 
Anys John, policeman, r Blue Island ay. bet. 

Graves and Har bine 
Aoler Frederick, tailor, r. 28 W. Oak 
Apel Augusta Mrs. r. 605 N. Clark 
Apel Frederick, painter, r. 187 N. Curtis 
Apel 'Hiram, plumber, r. 187 N. Curtis 
Apel Thomas, lab. r. 826 S. Haleted 
Apell Othilia Mrs. r. 32 Broadway av. 
Apenus F. groom, X. C. C. Ry. 
Apfel Bros, boots and shoes, 467 Division 
Apfel George, elk. r. 7 Hammond 
Apfel George (Apfel Bros.), r. 7 Hammond 
Apfel Henry, r. 7 Hammond 
Apfel Philip (Apfel Bros.), r. Lincoln av. nw. cor.. 


Apking John, shoemkr. r. 67 W. Kinzie 
Apold Kaspar, wagonmkr. r. 526 S. Canal 
ApoloniusS. cooper. e P. Jacobon, r. 11 Otis 
Appel Frank, policeman, r. 26 Lisle 
Appel F. uphoMerer, r. 19 Ray av. 
Appel Henry, lab. r. 19 Ray av. 
AppelH.grainer, r. 825 S. Halsted 
Appel Peter, carpenter, r. 28 Seward 
Appelbe Edward, elk. P. O. r. Wabash av. 
Appelbey George, cigarmkr. r. 131 W. Erie 
Appelmann John, carpenter, r. 141 N. Desplaines 
Appelt August, grocer, 465 W. 12th 
Appelt Jolian, cooper, r. 73 Bremer 



Gannel Goal; 


Cor. >IarUft aud Washington Street*. 

. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, OO and OS South Canal Street. 






Apple Christian, expressman, r. 252 Larrabee 
Apple Louis, painter, r. es. John, bet. English and 

Appleberg Frederick, lab. r. 192 Canalportav. 
Apnleberff John T. elk. Scandinavian Bank, r. 506 N. 


Appleby Edward M. elk. r. room 65 Butter's blk. 
Appleby R. B. mirror*, mouldings and frames, 109 

and 111 Wabash av. r. 482 W. Washington 
Applegate Willinm C. ticket agt. Erie R. R. 66 Clark, 

r. 112 Dearborn, 

Appleton George, carpenter, r. 298 Milwaukee ay. 
Appleton George, saloon, 514 State, r. 222 3d av. 
Appleton George B. agt. r. 290 W. Harrison 
Appleton Isaac B. elk. I. C. R. R. car shops, r. 31st 

cor. Clark 

Appleton James, saloon, r. 222 3d av. 
Appleton James B. machinist, r. 31st cor. Clark, 
Appletow J. H. sec. and trees, the Am. Bridge Co. 

r. Palmer House 

Appleton Lewis, teacher, r. 12 N. Panlina 
Appleton Oliver, sailor, r. 86 Wesson 
Appleton Samuel (Whittier & Appleton), r. St. 

James Hotel 
Appleyard John W. (Wilson, Appleyard & Co.) r. 138 

N. Oakley 

Apps James, with D. L. Boone, r. 1156 Michigan av. 
Apstein Nathan, hidedlr. r. 183 Ontario 
Apthorp Daniel, r. 290 W. Madison 
Aran Michael, upholsterer, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 

71 Bremer 

Arandt Henry, carpenter, r. 14 Rebecca 
Aransen Louis, Bailor, r. 106 W. Water 
Arant John, lab. r. 441 S, Canal 
Arata A. (L. Arata <fc Bro.) r. 180 N. Halsted 
Arata Berthold, r. 180 N. Halsted 
Arata B. lab. r. 1 Erie 
Arata G. saloon, r. Huber House 
Arata John, bartender, r. 5H W. Lake 
Arata John, (Louis Arata & Bro.) r. 322 State 
Arata Louis, (L. Arata <fc Bro.) r. 180 N. Halsted, 
Arata Louis & Bro. saloon, 180 N. Halsted, and con- 
fectionery, 322 State 
Arbege Alice, wid. Joseph, r. 88 Huron 
Arbeiter Hall, Sedgwick, cor. Blackhawk 
Arbogast Jacob, carpenter, r. 364 Sedgwick 
Arbogast John, sash factory, 3fti Sedgwick 
Arbour Peter, shoemkr. r. 131 W. Kinzie 
Arbs C. r. 104 N. Desplainee 

Arbnckle Deborah R. wid. Andrews, r. 664 State, 
Arbuckle P. teamster, r. 334 Clybourn av. 
Arcade Court, bet. Madison and Monroe, Clark and 

5th av. 

Arch William Henry, teamster, r. 97 Sherman 
Archambault Nelson, baker, 376 W. Taylor 
Archboult Lawrence, lab. r. 58 Commercial 
Archdeacon William (Archdeacon & Russell), r. 

Ill S. Green 

Archdeacon & Russell, fruiters, 91 S. Water 
Archer Isabella, wid. John, saloon, 44 4th 
Archer Mrs. wid. George, midwife, r. 426 W. 12th. 
Archer William, music plate engraver,room 48, 124 


Archerd W.TT. elk. r. 135 N. Market 
Archibald George N. com. mer. 163 S. Water, r. 648 

W. Washington 

Archibald G N. (E. T. Anlt & Co.), 345 W. Ran- 

Archibald James, seaman, r. 120 Franklin 
Archibald Patrick, lab. 113 Bremer 
Archibald Robert D. printer, Floto, Kurz & Co. r. 

600 Washington av. 

Archibald Rotherford, machinist, r. 206 N. Halsted, 
Archibald Thomas, lab. r. 118 Bremer 
Archie William, coachman, r. 364 W. Washington. 
Arcrouet Alfred, furrier, Joseph Ulliuan, r. 23 

Charles pi. 

Arcrouet C. artist, Chicago Terra Cotta Co. r. 33 
Charles pi. 



. 158 State Street. 

W. C. CLABEZ, Manager. C. H. EOEE2TS, Agent. 


No. O4 Washington Street, Chicago. 



Arctic House, 95 and 97 S. Canal, Ehrechs & Schrea- 

ber, props. , 

Ard Frederick, lab. r. 176 Bushnel 
Ardill Fred, expressman, r. rear 802 S. Desplaiaes, I 
Ardmann Ernest, broommkr. r. 44 Frank | 

Ardress Charles, entry elk. r. 120 3d av. 
Arduser Arthur, baker, r. 705 W. Kinzie 
Aregood Maria L. Mrs. r. 131 S. Green 
Arenburg Erhart, lab. r. 69 Linden, 
Arend George, salesman, r, 213 Carroll 
Arend William, architect, r. 697 N. Franklin 
Arend William A. architect, 157 Randolph, r. 29N. 


Arends Charles, lab. r. 574 Sedgwick * 

Arends H. secondhand clothing, 393 Clark 
Arendt John, agt. L. Sues 
Arens August, lockbmith, Heuel & Collins, r. 62 W. 


Arens Christian, barber, T. Weitzel, r. 373 N. State 
Arens John M. drygpods, 605 N. Welle 
Arens P. R. bkpr. E. E. Ryan & Co. r. 572 Wells 
ArensbergMontz, elk. C.'Sonne 
Arenth Joban, expressman, r. 73 Wade 
Arentz Andrew, bkpr. S Arentz, r. 155 N. Green 
Arentz Louis, elk. 8. Arentz, r. 155 N. Green 
Arentz Samuel, hardware, 95 Kinzie, r. 155 N. Green, 
Arenz Charles, teamster, Illinois Leather Co. r. 


Arenz Fritz, lab. r. rear 71 Larrabee 
Arey Robert, driver, W. D. C. Ry. Co. r. 273 Morgan, 
Argood Mrs. r. 131 S. Green 
Arheidt Philipp, upholsterer, r. 739 Wells 
Arial Isaac, barber, Petillon Bros. r. 167 Adams 
Aring Frank, lab. r. 92 Sampson 

Arkilles C. H. student, Bryant & Chas' 
Business College 

Arkins Frank, painter, r. 67 Kossuth 

Arklne P. lab. r. 37 Kossuth 

Arkwright Smith, sailor, r. 42 W. Monroe 

Arl John, carpenter, r. 392 Wenthworth av. 

Arl John J. policeman, r. 300 23d 

Arias Frederick, lab. r. 214 Coolidge 

Arid John, lab. r. 65 Wallace 

Arlin George H. printer, Clark & Edwards, r. 154 
W. Van Buren 

Arlin P. E. blksmith, Gilroy Chain Mnfg Co. ' 

Arlington Fred, painter, r. 606 State 

Arlt J. H. Mrs. dressmkr. 39 Goethe 

Arlt William, policeman, Sdprect. r. Huron Street 

Armack Adolph, bkpr. Gradle & Stortz, r. 253 N. 

Armaheim Christian, teamster, Henry Furst, r-196 
Newberry av. 

Arman Leon, cigarmkr. r. 115 W. Van Buren 

Armand Henri, printer, r. rear 131 W. Polk 

Armatige E. driver, Grossman & Co. r. 412 W. Van 

Armatige John, brickmkr. r. 98 Ashley 

Armbrecht Louis, saloon, 732 W. Lake 

Armbruster Adolph, butcher, r. 188 W. Taylor 

Armbruster Charles, machinist, r. 490 S. Halsted 

Armbruster Friedrich, soapmkr. r. al. bet. White 
and Whiting, Pine and Rush 

Armbruster John, saloon, 713 N. Wells 

Armbruster Vzenz, cooper, N. W. Distillery, r. 787 
Clybonrn av. 

Armbuster Adolph, butcher, r. 86 Newberry av. 

Armbuster Cathrine Mrs. r. 86 Newberry av. 

Armbuster George, engraver, r. 86 Newberryriv. 

Armbuster Jacob, tinner, r. 86 Newberry av. 

Armes G. F. r St. Carolines Ct. 

Armington A. A. druggist, r. 327 N. Franklin 

Armitage Anthony, plasterer, r. 49 Pierce 

Armitage J. E. paper stock warehouse, 248 8. 

Armitage Lewis, jobber, r. 270 W. Madison 

Armitage William, blksmith, G. Dunning, r.t> N. 


\l-itli i>i <>**> Sit 

Mead & Coe, Real Estate Brokers, 154 Washington St., 

Buy and Sell Property for Subdivision. 




- ARN 

t 'Wilmington Goal. 

O Better by 32 per cent than any other 
Q Illinois Coal. 

Qt Better than most Ohio and Penniylvania Coal toM in this market, 
;V. and ai good as the beat for all oriiiuary purpoa. t7*Fre of Slate 
W and Sulpnur . 

f. Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co., 

M No. 2 Wet Van Buren Street, Chicago. 


Armor John, woodcutter, r. 519 S. Canal 

Armory Police Station, M. C. Hickey, capt. 1st 

prect. Franklin, sw. cor. Adams 
Armour, Dole <fc Co. grain elevator, office 58 La 


Armour George (Hunger, Wheeler & Co. and Ar- 
mour, Dole & Co.), r. 135 Michigan av. - 
Armour John, wks. Hall <te Winch 
Armour J. F. (Armour & Co. ) r. Michigan av.Hotel 
Armour Thomas (Ellis & Armour), r. 554 Fulton 
Armour W. F. tailor, 220 Madison, r. 96 8. Green 
Armour & Co. packers and com. mers. room 23 

108 LaSalle 

Arms Ambrose, millwright, r. 49 Depuyster 
Arms George F. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 

St. Caroline's Ct. 

Arms William, elk. r. 290 W. Washington 
Arms W. A. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 290 

W. Washington 

Armsbrook H. lab. E. Mendsen & Co. r. 143 Canal- 
port av. 

Armsbury Robert, mer. r. 547 State 
Armstin Emanuel M. liquordlr. r. 488 N. Dearborn 
Armstrong Alexander, manager, Bureau Printing 

Co. r. 1037 Prairie av. 

Armstrong Andrew,carpenter,r. 131 Bremer, 
Armstrong Anthony, teamster, r. 170 Forquer 
Armstrong A. cook, M. L. Pearce,r. 1085 Indiana av. 
Armstrong Charles, bkpr. T. Armstrong, r. Lake 


Armstrong Charles, tailor, r. 146 Western av. 
Armstrong Charles, stonemason, r. 211 W. Polk 
Armstrong Charles M. bkpr. J. H. Dole & Co. r. 20 

N. Sangamon 

Armstrong Christopher, drayman, r. 854 Mitchell 
Armstrong Daniel, machinist, r. 230 W. Harrison 
Armstrong David, machinist, r. 81 Huron 
Armstrong David J. cooper r. 139 16th 
Armstrong Edward, lab. r. 341 Centre av. 
Armstrong Ellen-wid. John. r. 100 N. Market 
Armi-trongE. R. T. (Armstrong & Co.). r. Clifton 


Armstrong Frank, porter, r. 170 Forquer 
Armstrong F. Theodore, painter, r. 146 Western av. 
Armstrong G. B. elk. P. O. r. 20 N. Sangamon 
Armstrong Henry F. publisher, r. 1037 Prairie av. 
Armstrong H. druggist 334 State 
Armstrong James, blksmith, r. 131 3d av. 
Armstrong James, physician, r. 79 Lincoln av. 
Armstrong James J.mail agt. r. 20 N. Sangamon 
Armstrong Jane, k wid. Richard, r. 474 Wabash 


Armstrong John, blksmith, r. 85 Front 
Armstrong John, bkpr. J. & E. Buckingham, r. 

95 Huron 
Armstrong John, harness mkr. M. Ludwig, r. 516 N. 


Armstrong John, painter, r. 706 S. Canal 
Armstrong John M. architect, r. 383 Centre 
Armstrong John R. bkpr. 121 Lytle 
Armstrong J. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Armstrong M. A. grain inspr. 12th cor. 4th av. r. 142 

8. Sangamon 

Armstrong M. Y. shoemkr. r. 100 Sholto 
Armstrong N. P. printer, r. 138 W. Indiana 
Armstrong Rupert J. salesman, Simpson , Norwell 

& Co. r. 12 S. Sangamon 
Armstrong S. (Wells & Armstrong), r. 501 State 
Armstrong Thomas, wood and coal, 631 Sedgwick, 

r. 79 Lincoln av. 

Armstrong T. R. r. 296 W. Madison 
Armstrong William, keeper Jefferson Park, r. 449 

W. Randolph 

Armstrong William, lab. r. 447 W. Randolph 
Armstrong William, porter, r. 368 Clark 
Armstrong William, sailor, r. 147 Sedgwick 
Armstrong William B. salesman, Simon Klein, r. 

Washington Hotel' 

Armstrong William H. crimper, M. D. Wells & Co 

r. 46 E. White 
Armstrong & Co. oils, paints, colors and varnishes, 

41 River 

Arnander Anna M. wid. Hans, r. 163 Bremer 
Arnberg F. flour and feed, 84 W. Randolph 
Arndt Charles, teamster, r. 41 Kroger 
Arndt Ferdinand, carpenter, r. 590 W. Taylor ' 
Arndt Fred, mechanic, r. 593 W. 12th 
Arndt Frederick, tanner, r. 58 W. Division 
Arndt Herm, shoemkr. 599 W. 12th 
Arndt John, shoemkr. 590 W. Taylor 
Arndt Martin, tailor, r. 126 Sigel 
Arndt M. wid. Albert, dressmaker, r. 294 Mor- 

Arndt S. P. dentist, 66 Madison 
Arneberg Andreas, lab. r. 85 W. Harrison 
Arnes John, grinder, Crerar, Adams & Co. 
Arneson N. furniture, 20 Milwaukee av. 
Arneson O. wagonmkr. r. 20 Milwaukee av. 
Arnett A. H. Mrs. furnishinggoods, 111 S. Clark 
Arnett William H. elk. C., R. I & P. R. R. r. 434 N. 


Arnett William H. com. mer. r. 140 Elm 
Arnheim Benjamin (Arnheim Bros.), r. 97 W. Mad- 

Arnheim Bros. agts. spring beds, 172 W. Madison 
Arnheim Marks (Arnheim Bros.), r. 172 W. Madi- 

Arnhold Christian, carpenter, r. 153 Fry 
Arnhold Ferdinand, carpenter, r. 153 Fry 
Arnholt Bros, bakers, 55 Blue Island av. 
Arnholt F. (Arnhoit Bros.), r. 55 Blue Island av. 
Arnholt Henry (Arnholt Bros.), r. 55 Blue Island av. 
Arnold A. & Sons, fresh and saltmeat, 145 W. Ran- 

Arnold Adam, lab. r. 327 4th av. 
Arnold Adam, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 

Arnold Adolph (A. Arnold & Sons), r. 145 W. Ran- 
Arnold Albert Rev. prof. Baptist Union Theological 

Seminary, r. 5 Seminary blk. 
Arnold Alvan H. lab. r. 167 W. Jackson 
Arnold Ann Mrs. r. 343 W. Madison 
Arnold Anton, nightscavenger. r. 573 N.'Wella 
Arnold August, gilder, r. 231 N. Wells 
Arnold August, pocketbookmkr. r. 142 Bremer 
Arnold August Otto, shoemkr. r. 285 North av. 
Arnold A. A. elk. fit. auditor, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 

Rhodes av. 

Arnold Catharine Mrg. r. 2 Gere 
Arnold Charles, carpenter, r. 83 Williams 
Arnold Charles, carpenter, r. 120 Newberry av. 
Ainold Charles, cigarmkr. r. 10 Otis 
Arnold Charles, foreman, Blanchard & Hatfleld, r. 

891 Fulton 

Arnold Charles, saloon, 857 S. Halsted 
Arnold Charles H. physician, r. 136 De Koven 
Arnold Charles L. bkpr. H. A. Bogardus & Co. r. 81 


Arnold Charles W. elk. r. 18 W. VanBurcn 
Arnold Charles W. M. cigarmkr. Hene Brothers, r. 

10 Otis 
Arnold Christopher H. meatdealer, r. 1198 Indiana 


Arnold Daniel, coachman, r. 186 Ashland av. 
Arnold Deloe, boxcutter, bds. 145 5th av. 
Arnold Edward, brakeman, r. 134i4 N. Jefferson 
Arnold Emil F. W. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Arndt Ernst, r. 41 Kroger 
Arnold Fred, tobacconist, 243 S. Halsted 
Arnold Frederick, carriagepainter, r. 200 VanBu- 


Arnold Frederick A. elk. r. 84 N. Green 
Arnold F. (F. Arnold & Co.). r. 581 Hubbard 
Arnold F. & Co. realestate aa;ts. room 4, 36 LaSalle 
Arnold George, foreman, r. 281 W. Indiana 

Yale Locks 



93 Dearborn Street. 

Safes Repaired and Exchanged at Hurri*' 

SAFE FACTORY, 6O and 62 South Canal Street. 


3Vo. io.~ 





Arnold George, salesman, Day, Tilden& Co. r. 184 

Arnold George H. messenger, Am. M. II. Ex. Co 

r. Adams House 

Arnold Hannah, wid. Lawrence, r, 107 Augusta 
Arnold Henry, justice of the pence, r. 212 Elm 
Arnold Henry L. machinist, r. 811 Fulton 
Arnold Hermann (A. Arnold & Sons), r. 138 W. 


Arnold H. J. (Arnold & Lowrey), r. 10 N. Sey- 
Arnold Isaac N. lawyer, 69 Dearborn, r. Erie, se. 

cor. Pine 
Arnold Jacob, blksmith, 519 Milwaukee av. r. 45 

Arnold Jacob, cabinetmkr. J. M. Brunswick Bros. 

r. 272 Morgan 

Arnold Jacob, elk. Q. Regneri, r. 196 Cass 
Arnold James, carpenter, r. Arcade ct. nr. 5th av. 
Arnold James, paperboxmkr. 88 Washington, r 78 


Arnold James R. sigr> painter, r. 186 Rebecca 
Arnold Jane, wid. B. F. r. 48 S. May 
Arnold Jay, carriage finisher, r. 155 S. Clinton 
Arnold John, caulker, r. 45 Emma 
Arnold John, gilder, r. 231 Wells 
Arnold John, sailor, r. 118 W. Liberty 
Arnold John, whitewashes rear 196 Clark 
Arnold John, hat mnfr. r. 344 South Park av. 
Arnold John Jr. r. 344 South Park av. 
Arnold John F. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 162 Wentworth 


Arnold John G. carpenter, r. 252 Burling 
Arnold J. ruler, Adams. Blackmer & Lyon Pub- 
lishing Co. r. N. Y. House 
Arnold J. F. lab. r. 167 W. Jackson 
Arnold Kate Miss, milliner, r. 118 Brown 
Arnold K. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 53 W. Madison 
Arnold M. 8. wid. Levi P. r. 1024 Indiana av. 
Arnold Sarah, wid. Gilbert, r. 18 W. Van Buren 
Arnold Samuel W. railroad, r. 176 S. Sangamon 
Arnold Theodore (A. Arnold & Sons), r. 745 W. 


Arnold William, r. 86 White 
Arnold William H. (Barrett, Arnold & Kimball), r. 

416 Michigan av. 

Arnold William H. grainer, r. 467 W. Harrison 
Arnold W. F. trav. salesman, Brigham & Jones, r. 

Arcade bldg. 

Arnold & Lowrey, coalyard, 725 W. Lake 
Arnolti John, wagonmkr. F. Seemann, r. 72 Mo- 

Arnot William C. artist, A. G. Cook, r. 133 Clark 
Arnows Eugene, r. 244 Rush, 
Arnsbrok Henry, lab. r. 143 Canalport av. 
Arnsen Carl, painter, r. 377 Hubbard 
Arnst John, lab. r. 80 Liberty 
Arnstein M. cigarmkr. r. 33 E. Pearson 
Arnt Henry, lab. r. 318 N. Ashlnnd av. 
Aron John, upholsterer, r. 88 Rees 
Aron Michael, upholsterer, r. 71 Bremer 
Arp Charles, lumberman, r. 668 S. Union 
Arpen Edmond, lab. r. 610 Archer av. 
Arppe Ernest, tailor, r. 30 Mohawk 
Arps Claus, r. 14.3 W. Randolph 
Arps John, tinsmith, r. 143 W. Randolph 
Arquit Edward, stonecutter, Grant & Price, r. 24 

Charles pi. 

Arrand John, bartender. 220 Cottage Grove av 
Arrat Andrew, lab. r. 400 Clark 
Arristrom L. M. lab. r. 17 Keeley 
Arrotta Louis, lab. r. al. bet. Monroe and Madison, 

LaSalle and 5th av. 
ArRuszefski John, lab. r. 91 Cornelia, 
Art Gallery, Crosby Opera House 
Art Review, monthly, J. J. Ormond, publisher, 115 


Artary John, lab. Gt. West. Dispatch depot, r. 365 

H. M. Wilmarth L Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 


At 137 & 139 State Street 

Arthur George, carpenter, r. South Park av. ne- 

cor. 46th 
Arthur James, salesman, Haskell & Brother, r. 

Tremont House 

Arthur James, trunkmkr. r. 181 Indiana 
Arthur John, lab. r. 205 Bnrnside 
Arthur Ralph (R. Kennedy & Arthur), r. Metro- 
politan Hotel 

Arthur William, soapmnfr. r. 267 Warren av. 
Arthur William, sec. Cold Water Soap Co. 53 N. 

Desplaines, r. 267 Warren av. 
Arthur William R. gen. supt. North Mo. R. R. r. 

Sherman House 
Artis Clinton, upholsterer, Pullman Car Co. r. 324 

Artingstall S.G.draughlsman,Board Public Works, 

r. 16 LaSalle 

Artley James, turner, r. 121 Ontario 
Artley John, turner, r. 121 Ontario 
Artley Sylvester, woodtiirner, r. 121 Ontario 
Artman Ernest, broommkr. r. 44 Frank 
Artre John, lab. r. 365 S Jefferson 
Artz C. Burr, r. 926% Michigan av. 
Arver William, carpenter, r. 84 W. Randolph 
Arvesen Christen, lab. 38 W. Erie 
Arvidsson John, lab. r. 328 N. Carpenter 
Arvozo James, lab. r. es. Jefferson, nr. 52d 
Arwart Charles, carpenter, r. 62 Kansas 
Arwedson J Martin, elk. Ross & Gossage, r. 166 

Town send 

Arwick Annie Mrs. r. 196 N. Peoria 
Arwin William, engineer, r. 154 Illinois 
Ary Joseph, mason, r. 310 S. Desplaines 
Aryell Edwin, op. W. U. Tel. Co. r. Palmer House 
Asa Plastridge, elk. r. 35 Cottage Grove av. 
Asay E. G. (Asay & Lawrence), r. Vincennes av. 

nr. 47th 

Asay E. G. jr. student, r. ws. Vincennes av. 
Asay James F. lawyer, 37 Clark 
Asay & Lawrence, attorneys at law, 37 Clark 
Asbach Anthonv, musician, Great Union Band, r. 

130 N. LaSalle 
Asbrand Emil, teacher, Ger. English High School, 

r. 1 Brown 

western dep f . George C. Cook pres. William 

R, Marlay, sec. rooms 6, 7 and 8 Crosby Opera 


Asch August, lab. 33 Farrell 
Asch Fre'derick. lab. r. 38 Farrell 
Asch John, r. 38 Farrell 
Asch Morris J. Capt. Attg. Surgeon Headqrs, Mil. 

Div. of Mo. r. 708 Michisran av. 
Asch William, lab. r. 38 Farrell 
Asche Fredrik, cabinetmkr. r. 15 Fay 
Aschenger J. lab. r. 42 Main 
Ascher Albert, cigarmkr. r. 159 4th av. 
Ascher T. elk. J. B. Shay, r. 409 N. Clark 
Ascher T. H. elk. r. 75 Goethe . 
Aschman E. wid. N. r. 112 Vincennes av. 
Aschman Fred, tinsmith, r. 112 Vincennes av. 
Ash A. J. baegagemstr. r. rear 129 Brown 
Ash A. M. Miss, hairdressing. 50 State, r. 62 3d 
Ash Charles G. photographer, r. 86 S. Jefferson 
Ash Frederick W. turner, r. 550 W. Taylor 
Ash Ira J. printer, r. 86 S. Jefferson 
Ash Isaac N. (Isaac N. Ash & Co.), r. 289 Wabash 


Ash Isaac N.& Methodist Church blk. 
Ash John, roller, r. 470 Elston av. 
Ash Michael, r. 43 8d av. 
Ash Mrs. wid. Yardan, r. 119 Hastings 
Ash P. Joseph, surveyor, r. 18 N. Sheldon 
Ash Thomas, lab. r. 125 Coventry 
Ash William, lab. r. 125 Coventry 
Ash William M. carpenter, r. 86 S. Jefferson 
Ash W. J. hairdresser, 50 State, r. 62 3d av. 
Ashar Albert, ciirarmkr. r. 1594th av. 
Ashar Jacob, pedlar, 159 4th av. 





















Mead & Coc, Real Estate Agents, 154 Washington St., 

Bents Collected and returns promptly rendered. 

Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L. Bailey, Manager, 

Yard, O5 W. 13th St. ; Qeneral Office, 151 Monroe St. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


s Celebrated Wilmington Goal 

Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St 


Ashar M. lab. r. 1594th av. 

Ashbos Simon J. lab. Singer Mnfg. Co. r. 316 23d 

Ashby A. R. elk. E. W. Morrison, r. 262 Wabash 

Ashby Samuel, baker, r. 149 W. Harrison 

Ashdon William, gasfltter, r. 77 25th 

Ashe James, cook, A. A. Allen 

Asher John, elk. M. C. R. R. r. Pacific House 

Asher John, coachman, r. 708 Michigan av. 

Asher John, foreman, r. 40 Pacific av. 

Asher Morris, clothing, 73 N. Clark 

Ashfield Henry, engineer, r. 330 W. Indiana 

Ashfield John, locksmith, r. 444 Hubbard, 

Ashley Edmund, traveler, r. 227 Elm 

Ashley W. ins. r. 47 Jackson 

Ashelman John G. jeweler, 102 Lake 

Ashelman Louis, wks. Blauer & Sperry 

Ashley A. G. (Ashley* Co.), r.45S. Curtis 

Ashley Carlos S. salesman, r. 675 Wabash av. 

Ashley C. broommkr. r. 380 N. Clark 

Ashley C.R. packer, D. B. Fisk& Co 

Ashley Harrison, brushmkr. Gerts, Lumbard & Co. 

Ashley W. H. bkpr. C. A. Layton, r. 47 Jackson 

Ashley & t'o. hay dlrs. 4 Market 

Ashman Thomas, carpenter, r. 345 Walnut 

Ashman W. H. harnessmkr.W. J. Ralph, r. 180 State 

Ashton Caroline Miss, music teacher, r. 265 S. Clin- 

Ashton Ernest, bkpr. H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. r. 265 
S. Clinton 

Ashton Frederick, tinsmith. Manning & Co. r. 112 
Vincennes av. 

Ashton George, lab. r. 2% Cottage Grove av. 

Ashton George W. salesman, Morse, Loomis & Co. 
r. 446 W. V an Buren 

Ashton Harry, expressdriver, r. 292 N. Franklin 

Ashton Isaac, machinist, r. 895 Clark 

Ashton Peter, painter, r. 19 Sheridan pi. 

Ashton Samuel Re v. r. 2658. Clinton 

Ashton Samuel, lawyer, 89 Washington, r. 232 On- 

Ashton Theodore, carpenter, r. 25623d 

Ashton Thomas, sailor,r.!5 Nutl 

Ashton William, cutter, Waterbury & Chrimes, r. 

ws. Atlantic, bet. 50th and 51st 
Ashwell Joseph, bricklayer, r. 800 Archer av. 
Ashwell Joseph, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
AshwinE. H. physician, r. Chestnut, sw. cor. Fred- 

erick pi. 
Ashwin William M. notary and accountant, South 

Park Commission, r. Hyde Park 
Ashworth Charles, physician, r. 330 Aberdeen 
Ashworth Charles, jr. printer, r. 330 Aberdeen, 
Ashworth John, shoemkr. r. 157 W. Jackson 
Askall J. r. 112 Cottage Grove av. 
Askevold Anders, map engraver, R. Blanchard, r. 24 

Chicago av. 

Askin F. A. distiller, r. 240 W. Taylor 
Asklund P. J. shoemkr. McCormick & Clark, r. 192 

N. Market 

Askwith John, fancy goods, 694 8. Canal 
Aslund John, carpenter, r. 239 Townsend 
Aslund Olof, carpenter, r. 10 W. Oak 
Asmos Adolph, upholsterer, r. 130 Cornell 
Asmos Charles, bkbinder r. 180 Cornell 
Aspas John, carpenter, r. 316 23d 
Aspell Charles J. (Cleveland & Aspell), r. 954 Wa- 

Aspell John C. elk. Great Western Despatch, 101 

Dearborn, r. 112 Cottage Grove av. 
AspenwallN. W. r. Ill S. Peoria 
Aspert Frederick, house mover, r. 109 Butterfleld 
Aspos John, carpenter, I. C . R. R. r. 316 23d 
Assar Louis, hatter, r. 311% N. Wells 
Asselin Louis, hatter, r. 97 Sedgwick 
Asseling James, confectioner, 719 N. Wells 
Assendrup Eberhard, lab. r. 143 W. Randolph 
Assendrnp William, lab. 143 W. Randolph 

Assenheim S. cutter, Simon, Strauss & Co. r. 474 N. 

Asslein Louis, hatter,Grosset & Gerardin, r. 97 Sedg- 

Assmas Charles, bkbinder, Sewell & Henderson, 

r. 130 Cornell 
Asteroth Frederick, grocer, 471 W. 12th 
Astner Henry, elk. L. P. Ek, 162 N. Market 
Atchison Charles W. elk. H. C. Morey, r. 14 N. 


Atchison William, janitor, Reynolds blk. 
Atfield William, engineer, r. 87 W Polk 
Athearm S. W. A. printer, Times office, r. Brevoort 


Athy Edward, carpenter, r. 150 21st 
Athy Stephen, bkpr. r. 150 21st 
Atkin John, lab. r. 73 BMnnell 
Atkiu Walter, teacher, r. 53 W Indiana 
Atkins A. R. vessel agt. r. 20 Willard pi. 
Atkins Charles printer, r. 71 Honore 
Atkins Charles H. (Atkins & Burgess).r. 175 War- 
ren av. 

Atkins Edward A. printer, r. 10 S. May 
Atkins Gabriel, waiter, r. rear 198 4th av. 
Atkins George, printer, r. 50 S. Morgan 
Atkins Harry, harness and trunks, 51 N. State 
Atkins Henry, student, r. 180 Maxwell 
Atkins John, feedman. S. C. C. Ry.Co. r. 947 Clark 
Atkins John, moulder, r. 48 N. Aun 
Atkins John, printer, r. 149 N. Clark 
Atkins John S. printer, Chronicle Pub. Co. r. 218 N. 

Atkins Martin, printer, Chronicle Pub. Co. r. 218 N. 


Atkins Snmner F. machinist, r. 725 State 
Atkins WJliam, foreman, gas house, r. 180 Max- 

Atkins William, mason, r. 333 Hubbard 
Atkins W. teamster, N. C. C. Ry. 
Atkins W. A. elk. r. 20 Willard PI. 
Atkins & Burgess, Vulcan Iron Works, 80 to 90 N. 


Atkinson Charles, elk. r. Orient House 
Atkinson Elizabeth, wid. John, washerwoman, r. 

198 4th av. 

Atkinson Ellen, r. 51 Johnson 
Atkinson E. M. (Atkinson & Clement), r. 73 Forest 


Atkinson George, woodturner, r. 266 S. Desplaines 
Atkinson Henry, boardinghouse, 158 Monroe 
Atkinson Isaac, railroadman, r. 76 4th av. 
Atkinson John, auctioneer, 266 Clark 
Atkinson John (Earnshaw, Atkinson & Co.), r. 136 

4th av. 
Atkinson John, jr.snpt. Peoples'Gas Lightand Coke 

Co. r. 51 N. Ashland av. 
Atkinson Philip, sewing machine attachments, 164 

Randolph, r. ws. Henshaw av. nr. Milwaukee av. 
Atkinson Richard, blusmith, r. '46 N. Peoria 
Atkinson Robert, saddler, Grant & McLean, r. 

Holt's blk. 

Atkinson Samuel, lab. r. 505 Elston av. 
Atkinson Sarah T. wid. Henry, r. 46 37: h 
Atkinson S.M. gen. agt. Chicago Spring Works, r. 

128 Throop 

Atkinson William, r. 21 N. Union 
Atkinson William H. elk. 144 Dearborn, r. 46 37th 
Atkinson & Clement, house and sign painting, 

9 Vincennes av. 

CO. of Providence, R. I., Teall & Fisher, agts. 

150 Washington 

of Albany, N. Y., J. C. Laiubrite, gen. agt. 

North West. 170 LaSalle 
Atlantic & Pacific Tel. Office, 128 Washington, A. 

S. Willmarth, pres. Alfred Nelson, sec. and 

treas. E. D. L. Sweet, gen. manager, E. O. 

Wait, supt. 

Diebold <& Hiexizle's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O3 Dearborn Street. 

In Six Large Harris' Safes, Factory, 6O and O2 South Canal St. 





Attendee R. student Bryaut & Chase's Busi- 
ness College 

Atterton Jesse, coachman, R. B. Mason, r. 363 

Michigan av. 

Attudusky F. carpenter, GOSS& Phillips Mnfg Co. 
Attwood John, drayman. T. Althrop, r. 220 State 
At water Edward, r. 114 W. Madison 
Atwater H. B. (Atwater & Co.), r. Highland Park 
Atwater John L. real estate and loan agt. r. 524 

Webster av. 
Atwatur J. L. student, Bryant & Cliase's 

Business College 
Atwater Margaret Mrs. r. 362 Division 
Atwater Samuel T. adjuster of Marine losses,room 

19, 166 Washington, r. Clifton House 
Atwiitcr S. E. Mrs. r. 209 W. Washington 
ATWATER fe CO. farming tools, mnfrs. agts. 

and jobbers, 175 Randolph 

Atwill J. stonecutter, Henry Furst, r. 48 Rucker 
Atwood Bvron L. elk. W.A. Butters & Co. r. State, 

cor. 22d 
Atwood Charles, night editor, Chicago Times, r. 

31 State 

Atwood Clinton, engineer, r. 610 8. Canal 
Atwood Dan, agt. Great Western Despatch. 101 

Dearborn, r. 104(j Indiana av. 
Atwood Eugene, r. 1513 Wabash av. 
Atwood Frank, restaurant, 79 Clark, r. Hotel Garni 
Atwood George W. tanner, r. Halsted, se. cor. 

Belden av. 

Atwood G. E. shipping elk. r. 28 W. Washington 
Atwood H. F. elk. Hibbard & Spencer, r. 166 W. 

Atwood Jesse' A. miller, State Mills, r. 227 Wabash 


Atwood John, teamster, r. 517 State 
Atwood J. P. lawyer, room 7, 70LaSalle, r. Winetka 
Atwood M. W. salesman, Sprague, Warner & Co. 

r. 464 W. Washington 
Atwood T. G. (T. G. Atwood & Co.), 79 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Atwood T. G. & Co. planingmill and box factory, 

403 to 409 Lumber 

Atzaroth Fritz, barber, Henry Domke 
Atzel Gorge, feed store, 562 S. Canal 
Atzel George, harnessmkr. 81 N. Wells 
Atzel John, merchant, r. 562 S. Canal 
Atzeroth Frederic, barber, Frederic Meckes, r. 

Halsted opp. Transit House 
Anb John, teamster, r. 89 Whitney 
Aubach Rudolph, bartender, 376 S. Morgan 
Aubert Henry, lab. r. 130 Orchard 
Aubert, teamster, r. 38 Willow 
Aubery John, carpenter, r. 179 18th 
Auderer Charles, plasterer, r. 351 S. Canal 
Aueers Otto, saloon, 6% State 
Auer A. B. foreman, pressroom, Culver, Page, 

Hoyne & Co. r. 917 W. Washington 
Auer George, butcher, r. 189 Elm 
Auer George (Pomy & Auer), grocers, r. 237 Clark 
Auerbach Henry, saloon, 93 Milwaukee av. 
Auerbach Maurice, elk. John Sangermann, r. 788 

Archer av. 

Auerbach Soloman, saloon, 93 Milwaukee av. 
Auerbrock Morris, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 

Anfderbezke William, carpenter, r. 27 Sampson 
Augrest Mattis, lab. r. ns. 19th, bet. Paulina and 

Aughinbaugh C. R. (Aughinbaugh & Co.), r. 595 

\Ventworth av. 
Aughinbaugh & Co. jobbers in fancy groceries 

and com. mere. 45 and 47 River 
Auguss M. milliner, r. 461 Clark 
August Herman, carriage trimmer, r. al. rear 167 

August Peter, billdistributor, r. N. Pearson, sw. 

cor. N. Wells 
August Wandel, blksmith, r. 1163 Milwaukee av. 


2fo. 158 State Street. 

Jacob H. Sh.iph.erd & Co., J 

New York, . - - 24 Pine Street. 
Chicago, - 155 & 157 LaSalle Street. Tf 
And Twenty-Second St. Bank. 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large GB 
investments of Eastern capital. 

August William, bartender, 65 State 

Augustana Swedish Monthly, Prof. T. N. Hasset- 
quist and A. R. Cervin, editors, r. 139 N. Clark 

Augusten Thomas, marblecarver, r. ss. Rebecca, 
bet. wood and Paulina 

Augustine G. H. elk. Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 516 

Augustine J. J. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 
516 Fulton 

Augustus Charles, grocer, r. 443 Wells 

Augustus Jacob, carpenter, r. 635 N. Ashland av. 

Aim Charles, plasterer, r. 170 Dayton 

Aul Michael, lab. r. 50 Archer av. 

Aul Peter, lab. r. 122 Barber 

Aulbrich Auguste, varnisher, r. 14Newberry 

Auld William, plasterer, r. Brevoort House 

Aulford Thomas, waiter, r. 82 Sherman 

Aulich August, miller, r. Elston rd. cor. Division 

Aulrich Henry, miller, r. 19 Weed 

Ault E. T. (E. T. Ault & Co.), 345 W.Randolph 

Ault E. T. & Co. druggists, 345 W. Randolph 

Ault John, lab. 53 Wallace 

Ault Peter, fireman, r. rear 221 North av. 

Aulwnrm William, salesman, D. S. Heftron & Co. 
r. 71 Ewing 

Aumann John, housepainter, 73 Dearborn, r. 261 

Aumann Max, blksmith, r. Arctic House 

Aumann Peter, carpenter, r. 261 Blackhawk 

Aumelia Joseph, lab. r. Trnmbull, nr. Wallace 

Aurich Carl, tailor, r. 39 Whitney 

Aurich Godfrey, carpenter, r. 485 W. 12th 

Aurich William, machinist, r. 21 Dunn 

Aurich William, lamp mufr. r. 934 W. Harrison 

Auser Fritz, lab. r. 205 Dayton 

Austaen Nick. lab. r. 19 Starr 

Austin Alexander, lab. r. 292 30th 

Austin Asa, patternmkr. r. 87 Hubbard 

Austin Sylvester, painter, r. Union Hotel 

Austin A. B. dealer in trees, r. 925 W. Lake 

Austin Benjamin, r. 126 Warren ay. 

Austin Charles, druggist, r. 131 Micnigan av. 

Austin Charles C. bkpr- Wm. Hansbrough, r. 201 

Austin C. D. gunoowder, 81 and 83 S. Water, r. 1222 
Wabash av. 

Austin Dell, Miss, teacher, Burr Industrial School, 
bds. 167 Wabash av. 

Austin Edward, salesman, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 
Anderson's European Hotel 

Austin Edward S. bkpr. William A Butters & Co. 
r. 365 Catherine 

Austin Edwin C. mnfr. r. 362 Fulton 

Austin Edwin, butcher, r. Rosebud, nr. Western av. 

Austin Elorn, r. 400 Michigan av. 

Austin Frank, elk. r. 290 W. Washington 

Austin Frank H. salesman, H. W. Austin, 221 S. 

Austin Fred. C. bkpr. H.W. Austin, r. 290 W. Wash- 

Austin George, teamster, r. 210 4th av. 

Austin Henry S. justice peace, rooms 11 and 12, 
Masonic bldg. r. 426 Fulton 

Austin H.W. pumps and staple hardware, 221 and 
223 S. Water, r. Harlem 

Austin James (Garnett & Austin), r. 201 25th 

Austin James, sailor, r. 194 Fulton 

Austin James W. sailor, r. 348 Blue Island av. 

Austin John, architect. 12 Otis blk. r. 687 W. Lake 

Austin John, butcher, r. Rosebud, nr. Western av. 

Austin John S. (Austin & Valiant), r. 365 Cath- 

Austin Joseph, lab. r. 896 S. Halsted 

Austin Joseph J. teamster, r. Kinzie,ne. cor. Oak- 

Austin Joseph S. elk. Webster Bros. r. 140 Wabash 

Austin J. coachman, W. W. Boyington, r. 51 Cal- 
umet av. 





W. W. KIIHBALL, Ilallctt, Davis &, Co.'s Piano, 








Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 







Office and Yard. No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

Austin J. K. rcalestate, r 201 25th 

Austin Lucy Mrs. r. 69 Hinsdale 

Austin L. A. wid. Ira G. r. 201 25th 

Austin L. H. mechanic, r. U. S. Hotel 

Austin L. P. wid. R. H. r. 407 State 

Austin Martin, lab. r. 27 Arthur 

Austin Melton, lab. P., Ft. W. & C. R. K. r. 27 Ar- 

Austin Minnie Miss, r. 42 LaSalle 

Austin Patrick, lab. r. 27 Arthur 

Austin Richard, lab. r. 414 W. Indiana 

Austin Sarah E. Miss, teacher, Ogden School, r. 69 
E. Hinsdale 

Austin S. W. r. 285 Huron 

Austin Willis Agard, tuckpointer, r. 687 W. Lake 

Austin & Valiant, painters, 365 Catharine, and 18 

Austrian A. mnfr. r. 573 Wabash av. 

Au-:;- : an Joseph (Leopold & Austrian), r. 370 
Michigan av. 

Austrian Solomon (Smith & Austrian), r. 573 
Wabash av. 

Austwick Henry L. cook, Tremont House, r. 89 

Auten Philip L. foreman, r. 275 S. Morgan 

Auth L. C. L. watchman, r. 583 S. Canal 

Anzeller August, fruit, r. 42 W. Lake 

Avens Peter, lab. r. 63 Wallace 

Avenue Hall, Alexander McGregor, janitor. 147 22d 

Avenue House. Miss A. Dowling, propr. Wabash 
av. nr. 22d 

Aver A. R. druggist, 819 State 

Averbeck Henry, elk. r. 249 Church 

Averell A. S. real estate broker, room 7, Metropoli- 
tan blk. r. 600 Wabash 

Averill Dell, printer, J. W. Dean, r. 193 Clark 

Averill George B. foreman, r. 448 W. Adams 

Averill Williard C. tinner, r. 211 W. Washington 

Avers C. lab. r. 125Bissell 

Avers F. H. carpenter and builder, Judd, cor. Stew- 
art av. r. 269 South Park av. 

Avers William, carpenter, r. 77 Shurtleff av. 

Avery Charles D. r. 116 S. Sangamon 

Avery C. A. foreman, L. H. Ringe, r. 1404 Wabash 

Avery Daniel J. (Runyan, Avery, Loomis & Com- 
Btock). r, 351 W. Jackson 

Avery D. W. foreman, r. 78 Canalport av. 

Avery John Briscow, lab. r. 210 W. Chicago av. 

Avery John H. ins. 126 Washington, r. 46 and 48 

Avery John H. jr. asst. salesman, J. V. Farwell & 
Co. r. 48 Jackson 

Avery, Murphy & Co. lumber, Fisk, cor. 22d 

Avery Newell (Avery, Murphy & Co.), r. Detroit, 

Avery Oscar F. com. mer. r. 455 Wabash av. 

Avery Samuel J. physician, 85 Washington, r. 328 

Avery Thomas M. lumberyard, Canal, cor. W. 
Water, r. 245 W. Washington 

Avery William B. salesman, D. S. Clovert, r. Clif- 
ton House 

Avery W. D. salesman, Armstrong & Co. r. Belvi- 
dere, Ills. 

Avgaarile Antone. roofer, r. 401 Hubbard 

Avfld Charles, lab. r. 144 Henrv 

Avildsen George P. lab. 38 W. Erie 

Avoy William, lab. r. 134 1st 

Aw John, woodsawyer, r. 101 Hnrlbnt 

Awa John, housemover, r. 35 Mendell 

Axelson Aage, painter, r. 86 Townsend 

Axelson Niels, painter, r. 80 Townsend 

Axen William, carpenter, Hall & Frost 

Axman David (D. Axman & Son), 200 5th av. 

Axman D. & Son, boots and shoes, 200 5th av. 

Axman Philip (D. Axman & Son), r. 200 5th av. 

Axsmith John, lab. Letz & Co. r. 98 Bunker 
Axt William, barber, 59SJ State 

Axiel W. elk. r. 382 South Park av. 

Axtell Osman P. r. 139 Cottage Grove av. 

Axtell Samuel, lab. r. 82 Pacific av. 

Axtell Volney F. salesman, S. J. Learned, r. 186 

Stanton av. 
Axtell W. M. cik. Western News Co. r. 625 W. Kin- 


Ay Georsre, teamster, r. 131 W. Lake 
Avars Charles G. Dep. Sheriff, Sheriff's office 
Ayars James, jr. (Ayars & Co.). r. 1202 Prairie av. 
Ayars & Co. com. mers. 90 LaSalle 
Aye Frederick, hardware, 78 Archer av. 
Ayer B. F. (Beckwith, Ayer & Kales), r. 795 Wabash 


Ayer Charles W. bkpr. r. 720 Wabash av. 
Ayer Frederick, lab. r. 59 Hanover 
Ayer Frederick A r. 720 Wabash av. 
Ayer Herbert C. (Hale, Ayer & Co.), r. 399 Huron 
Ayer I. Winslow, physician, 255 Wabash av. r. 720 

Wabash av. 

Ayer Jacob, wks. S. K. Martin, r. 420 Hebert 
Ayer John V. (Hale, Ayer & Co.), r. 1 Park Row 
Ayer P. B. (Hale. Ayer & Co.), r. 1 Park Row 
Ayers Chas. stndent, Bryant <fc Chase's Bus- 
iness College 
Ayers Charles, realestate, Evans av. bet. 45th 

and 46th 

Ayers Charles B. elk. Ayers & Goble, 165 S. Water 
Ayers George A. agt. r. 123 W. Jackson 
Ayers Joseph, r. 189 W. Erie 
Ayers Luther, currier, r. 162 N. Peoria 
Ayers W. B. (Ayers & Goble), 165 S. Water 
Ayers & Goble, com. mers. 165 S. Water 
Ayjons John, tailor, r. 146 Catharine 
Aylesworth Henry, shoeingforge, 660 W. Madison, 

r. 778 Fulton 

Aylesworth Porter, blksmith, r. 778 Fulton 
Aylesworth William H. horseshoeing, rear 78 Mon- 
roe, r. 778 Fulton 

Ayling Henry W. expressman, r. 350 Centre 
Aylsworth Robert, grocer, r. 347 W. Washington. 
Aylward William, machinist, r. 147 W. Polk 
Aymona; Marcel, boatman, r. 91 Foster 
Ayres Charles, mer. r. 110 Walnut 
Ayers Charles S. tinsmith, r. 110 Walnut 
Ayres Enos (Ayres & Eoff), r. 541 Wabash av. 
Ayres H. r. 541 Wabash av. 
Ayres Laura D. Mrs. teacher, Wasington School, r. 

235 Van Buren 

Ayres L. M. elk. r. 24 Aberdeen 
Ayres Marshall, realestate, r. 346 N. Dearborn 
Ayres & Eoff, realestate and loan brokers, room 7 

Larmon Block 
Aze Emel, lithographer, r. 314 5th av. 

BAAB PETER, harnessmkr. 25 W. Randolph,, 
r. 499 S. Canal 

Baade Henry, lab. r. 276 N. State 

Baak B. Rev. r. 2% W. 12th 

Baar Jacob, lab. r. 89^ Pratt 

Baar Peter, barber, 61^W. Kinzie, r. 66 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Baars Johann, cabinetmkr. r. 192 Bremer 

Baars Marie, wid. Christian, r. 192 Bremer 

Baarsh Julius, cabinetmkr. r. 115 W. Kinzie 

Baas Charles, teamster, r. 557 State 

Baas F. pedlar, r. 537 State 

Baas W. G. printer, Live Stock Journal, r. 286 W. 

Baase L. machinist. Excelsior Machine Works 

Baasen J. G. elk. Home Ins. Co. r. 362 Wells 

Baatz Charles, lab. r. rear 281 South Park av. 

Babb J. H. agt, F. Parmelee & Co. 

Babbitt Benjamin, milkman, r. 3 Burton pi. 

Babbitt B. T. soap and saleratus mnfr. room 12, 99 

Babbitt Daniel S. foreman, J. Beidler&Bro. r. 22d, 
cor. Loomis 

Babbitt Mary Mrs. nurse, r. 869 State 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

The City Clerk of Chicago Ues a Five Ton Safe, 

Made at Harris' Safe Factory, OO and O2 South Canal St 







Babbitt William D. with Continental Life Ins. Co. 

r. 618 W. Monroe 

Babbot & Hickman. meat market. 232 W. Randolph 
Babcock Abiram, cabinctmkr. r. 225 Blue Island av. 
Babcock Alonzo, machinist, r. 730 W. Lake 
Babcock Andrew, cabinetmkr. r. 193 N. Halstcd 
Babcock Billings. student, r. 4W N. Wells 
Babcock B. F. printer, 100 Washington, r. 30 Aber- 

Babcock Catharine, wid. Gilbert, r. 100 Walnut 
Babcock Charles, tinsmith, r. 15 N. Wells 
. Babcock Charles F. principal, Holden School, r. 53 

Babcock C. W. bkpr. Goes * Phillips Mnfg. Co. r. 

328 W. Lake 

Babcock David, mechanic, r. 340 Hnbbard 
Babcock Diadamia, wid. Jaro'l S. r. 474 Fulton 
Babcock 1). C. ins. a#. r. 114 W. White 
Babcock Emmett C. tinner, r. 15 N. Wells 
Babcock E. O. trav. salesman, r. 246 Wabash av. 
BABCOCK FRAIVKXI^V, manager, western 

I)ept. John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co. of 

Boston, 135 LaSalle, r. 16 Bryant aT. 
Babcock Henry, r. St. Carolines Ct. 
Babcock Henry H. teacher, r. 11 18th 
Babcock L. S. Mrs. student, Bryant &. Chase's 

Business College 

Babcock Myria W. wid. Timothy, r. 328 W. Lake, 
Babcock O. M. act. Rock River Navigation and 

Water Power Co. room 19, 125 Dearborn, r. 137 

W. Lake 
Babcock Sarah O. prin. N. Chicago Rolling -Mill 

Primary School, r. 249 Ohio 

Babcock S. a<;t. F. Parmelee & Co. r. Palatine, 111. 
Babcock S. A. (W. S. Babcock <fc Bro.), r. 410 Burn- 

Babcock T. H. bkpr. r. 1031 Michigan av. 
Babcock William J. sailor, r. 340 Hubbard 
Babcock W. S. (W. S. Babcock & Bro.), r. 400 


Babcock W. S. & Bro, lumber dealers, 400 Lumber 
Babe Johanna, wid. William, confectioner, 114 

Lincoln av. 

Babel , carpenter, r. 64 Wright 

Baben Joseph, carpenter, r. 557 S. Halsted 
Babendererde John, r. 59 Emma 
Baber J. boot and shoemkr. 211 North av 
Baberbush B.W.(Baberbush& Meerdink),r. 301 22d 
Babcrbush <fc Meerdink,carpenters,232 Calumet av. 
Babington Henry, tel. operator, L. S. & M. S. R.R. 

r. ns. 34th, bet. Wabash av. and State 
Babiugton Johanna, wid. Pierce, r. rear 1555 State, 
Babington Perry, engineer, r.ns. 34th, bet. Wabash 

av. and State 
Babist L. stonecutter, Henry Furst, r. 381 Blue 

Island av. 

Babst R. saloon, 115 W. Lake 
Baccus S. M. Miss, hairworker. r. 93 S. Halsted 
Bach August, carpenter, r. 595 Mitchell 
Bach August, janitor, First German High School, 

r. 505 S. Union 

Bach August, stonecutter, r. 17th, nr. Johnson 
Bach Bafthas, lab. r. 179 Arnold 
Bach Carl, cigarmkr. r. 4th, cor. Peoria 
Bach Henry, lab. r. ns. Thomas, bet. Wood and 


Bach Johann, harnessmkr. r. 2d, nr. Noble 
Bach John, dyer, W. Tnrkington, r. 52 N. State 
Bach John, lab. r. ns. Julian, bet. Paulina and 


Bach Muthias. lab. r. 160 Milwaukee av. 
Bach Theresa, wid. Auto'.:. "-<". SiM'i'wIck 
Bachan Thomas, lab. r. 1 . 
Bachant Levi, salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 167 

Bacharach B. wid. Samuel, furniture and crockery, 

2-23N. Clark 

Bacharach Isador, bkpr. Heilbron & Bro. r. 123 N. 



No, 158 State Street. 


O-i Washington Street, Chicago, mt 



Envelopes, Strawfcoard, Glazed & Plated Papers, 4s. 2 

BacheldorE. A.(Greenleaf & Bacheldor). r,147 22d, 

Bachclle Gideon V. physician, r. 389 S. Halsted 

Bachen Charles, wagonmkr. r. 17 Canal 

Bacher Jacob, housemover, r. 231 Hurlbu 

Baclile John, cabinetmkr. r. 361 Clybourne av. 

Bachli John jr. r. 9 Archer av. 

Bnchman August, carpenter, r. 106 Howe 

Bachman Conrad, brushmkr. Gerts, Lumbard & 

Bachman Gustav, butcher F. S. Bortree & Bro. r. 
146 Church 

Bachman John, shoemkr. 138 Clybourne av. 

Bachmann Alurin, brewer, Bucks' Chicago Brew- 

Bachmann Charles, porter, W. M. Hoyt & Co.r. 358 

Bachmann Conrad, lab. r. Egan av. nr. Wallace 

Bachmann C. express, 437 State 

Bachmann Henry, lab. r. 198 S. Canal 

Bachmann Herman, baker, r. 561 S. Jefferson 

Bachmann Joseph, saloon, 321 W. 12th 

Bachnowski Adolph Rev. pastor, St. Stanislaus, 
Church, r. 336 Noble 

Bachschmidt Charles, lab. r. 15 Emma 

Bacigalipi Lorenzo, lab. r. 785 Milwaukee 

Back Edward, shoemkr. r. 1158 Milwaukee av. 

Back Jacob, butcher, r. 127 Sedgwick 

Back Wilhelm, woodcarver, Schulz & Gobek, r. 178 
Cly bourn av. 

Backenhofen A. saloon, 246 S. Halsted 

Backenus David, wagonmkr. r. 65 La Salle 

Backer Catherine, r. 146 Burnside 

Backer David, painter, r. 263 W. Lake 

Backer Frederick, harnessmkr. W.J. Ralph, r. 1371 

Backer Jacob, lab. r. 287 Noble 

Backer John, sashmkr.Northside Planing Mill Co. 

Backer Peter, boilermkr. r. 342 North av. 

Backer Peter, tinsmith, r. 195 Rush 

Backer Veronica Mrs. r. 25 Linden 

Backert Anthony, sailor,r. 55 Kinzie 

Backhaus Frederick, r. 571 Mitchell 

Backman Charles, wks. Walker, Oakley & Co. r. 

160 N. Desplaines 
Backman R. shoemkr. r. 18 Gurley 
Backman William, r. 438 W. 12th 
Backmann Frederick, painter, r. 31 Menomonee, 
Backstein Oscar, upholsterer, r. 81 Wesson 
Backstroin Gustav, cooper, r. 15 Bremer 
Backstrum John, puddler, r. Market sq. bet. Ash- 
land av. and 31st 

Backus Anna H. r. 168 S. Peoria 
Backus Clinton E. bkpr. W. B. Keene & Cooke, r. 

1688. Peoria, 

Backus C. F. livery stable, r. 228 4th av. 
Backus Edward, stonecutter, r. 290 Laflin 
Backus F. C. student, Bryant <fc Chase's 

Business College, r. 347 W. Adams 
Backus John (Backus & Plummer), r. 17 3d av. 
Backus John, lab. r. 1013 S. Halsted 
Backus Olive, teacher. Wells School, r. 658 Fulton, 
Backus William, lumberinsp. r. 267 S. Clinton 
Backus & Plummer, whol. fruit and produce, 141 S. 


Bacon Albert, elk. r. 436 State 
Bacon Albort M. Rev. r. 12 Cottage pi. 
Bacon Brothers & Co, tanners and mnfrs. oak leath- 
er and belting, 40 LaSalle 

Bacon C. A. bkpr. G. A. Emery, r. 272 W. Lake 
Bacon C. V. (Bacon Bros. & Co.) 
Bacon Drusilla, wid. Simeon, r. 124 Sophia 
Bacon D. L. salesman, W. R. Wood, r. 436 State 
Bacon Daniel F. furniture, r. 748 Michigan av. 
Bacon Edward B. salesman, Clement, Morton & 2o. 

r. 205 Lincoln av. 

Bacon Edward E. framemkr. r. 28 nr. Stewart a^.. 
Bacon George F. (Knowles, Burdsall it Bacon), r. 84 

My rick av. 
Bacon George M. salesman, Bennett, Fuller* Co. 











Mead &, Coe, Real Estate and Loan Office, 154 Washington St., 

Money Invested on Bond &, Mortgage, & Interest payable at any place wished. 

Philip A. Hoyne, U.S. Commissioner, also Commissioner of Deeds, 

And IVotary Public? Office. Custom Iloase Building. 




"77ilmington Coal. 

Better by ft!2 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than most Ohio and Peunsylvania Coal sold in this market, 
and as ^ood as the best for all ordinary purposes. C?~Free of Slnto 
tod Sulpnur. 

CMcayo and Wiltninntnn Coal Co., 

No, S West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

Bacon Gilbert S. bkpr. Knowles, Burdsall & Bacon, 

T. 84 My rick av. 
Bacon Henry M. lawyer, room 18, Portland blk. r. 

84 MjTlck av. 

Bacon H. E. (Bacon Bros. & Co.), r. Pawtucket, R. I. 
Bacon H. M. student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Bacot I. C. elk. r. 358 Wentworth av. 
Bacon John, capt. r. Wright's Hotel 
Bacon John, elk. Union Steamboat Co. r. 356 Indi- 

Bacon Massena P. (Bacon Bros. & Co.), r. Pawtucket 
Bacon Miles W. editor Western Rural, r. 21 

Newberry av. 

Bacon Moses S. (Bacon & Co.), r. 692 Sedgwick 
Bacon N. H. Mrs. r. room 3, 42 LaSalle 
Bacon Philo J. builder, r 228 S. Morgan 
Bacon Roswell B. (Bacon & Norton), r. 355 Huron 
Bacon William, brakeman, r. 124 3d av. 
Bacon W. G. messenger, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 533 S. 


Bacon & Co. com. mere. 146 LaSalle 
Bacon & Norton, lawyers, 88 Washington 
Bacorn Samuel V. salesman, Joseph T. Ryerson, r. 

519 Hubbard 
Bacroover Jacob, butcher, Christhn Haller, r. 161 W. 


Bad Mathias, gilder, r. 69 White 
Badcke John, groceries and saloon, Clybourn av. 

ne. cor. Sheffield av. 

Bade Bernard, butcher, 400 Milwaukee av. 
Bade Henry, carpenter, r. 63 Cornell 
Badeau W. C. mnfr. drugs, r. 1628 Prairie av. 
Badee Fred, poster, r. 427 Milwaukee av. 
Badenoch Joseph, jr. salesman, S. K. Martin, r. 387 

W. 16th 

Bader Adolph, architect, r. 68 Sherman 
Bader Anton, bartender, C. Hau, r. 210 Oak 
Bader Boniface, lithographer, Nelke, Black <fe Co. 

r. 264 Sedgwick 

Bader Emil, barber, r. 174 Cottage Grove av. 
Bader John, lab. r. 107 Brown 
Bader John. jr. lab. r. 21 Kroger 
Badger A. C. (A. C, & O. F. Badger and Badger & 

Hilton), trustee, Life Association of 

America, r. 52 Calumet av. 
Badger A. C, & O. F. bankers, 51 Dearborn 
Badger Brackett H. trav. agt. r. 253 Warren av. 
Badger John H. trav. agt. r. 053 Warren av. 
Badger Joseph W. r. 470 W. Washington 
Badger Leandus, bkpr. r. 319 S. Ashland av. 
Badger O. F. (A. C. & O. F. Badger), r. 52 Calumet 

Badger & Hilton, com. paperdealers, 26 Michigan 


Badgley Nelson, lab. r. 64 W. Lake 
Badgley Squire, teamster, r. 64 W. Lake 
Badka August, lab. r. 468 Clark 
Badke Julius, compositor, Volks Zeitung 
Badnoc Joseph, lumberman, r. ws. Shurtleff av. 

bet. 30th and 31st 

Badnoch Joseph, lab. r. 387 W. 16th 
Badnock Eliza, wid. William, r.462 W. 12th 
Badnock William, gasfitter, r. 462 W. 12th 
Badums Matthew, driver, r. 212 4th av. 
Badura Anton, lab. r. rear 18 Chapin 
Badura Stanislaus, lab. r. 18 Chapin 
Baecht Herman, foreman, Leopold, Kuh & Co. r. 

31 Langley 

Baecht Louis, lab. r. 81 Mcajrher 
Baedeker Adolphns, elk. r. 233 Blue Island av. 
Baedeker Eliza Mrs. milliner, r.233 Blue Island av. 
BAKI>Kll, AWAMSOIV &, CO. mnfrs. 

glue, curled hair, sandpaper, etc. 181 Lake 
Baeder Charles (Baecler. Adamson & Co.) 
Baeder Charles V. (Baeder, Adamson & Co), r. 

Baeder Gottlieb, foreman, Jillett & King, r. 150 


Baelafalt John, carpenter, r. 59 N. Market 
Baelt'uset J. lab. r. 1S9 Forrest av. 
Baelfuset William, mason, r. 1?9 Forest av. 
Baend Christian, lab. r. 385 W. Chicago av. 
BaerAdam, street commissioner, r. Ill Chicago av. 
Baer Adam C. (Bat-r & Bro.). r. 267 Rush 
Baer A. J. jr. gasfltter, 133 N. Clark, r 111 Chicago 


Baer Ferdinand, express, r. rear 105 W. Kinzie 
Baer Frank, elk. Charles Hoffman, r. Ill Chicago 


Baer Frederic (E. Wather & Co.). r. N. J. 
Baer Hermann, pipeman fire engine No. 11, r 111 

Chicago av. 

Baer Jacob F. (Baer & Bro.). r. 267 Rush 
Baer John, blksmith, r. 20 Frank 
Baer Joseph, grocer, 237 N. Clark 
Baer Joseph, r. 141 W. Randolph 
Baer P. dry goods, 70 Randolph, r. 1233 Indiana av. 
Baer Simon, carpenter, r. 448 N. Paulina 
Baer Valentine, machinist, Bliss. TiHotson & Co. 
Baer William, shoemkr. 200 Madison, r. 230 Adams 
Baer & Bro. grocery and saloon. 267 Rush 
Baeran Hierronimus. r. 353 Blue Island av. 
Baerman Henry, porter, office pur. agt. 1. C. R. R, 
Baertschy Ulrich, collarmkr. Ortmayer, Lewis & 

Co. r. 431 Sedgwick 

Baesch Gottleib. lab. Pillsbury, Bradley & Co. 
Baeslan William F. elk. r. 92 Sigel 
Bageley Charles, lab. r. 153Townsend 
Bageley Charles P. asst. foreman, E. Mail, 16 Ad- 

Bagg F. S. bkpr. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 418 Wabash av. 
Bagge Thomas, asst. baggagemaster, r. 68 Meridan 
Baggerly Charles E engineer, Henry W. King & Co. 

r. 153 Townsend 

Baggerman Hemy, stonecutter, r. 130 Barber 
Baggeson Abraham, elk. Thompson, Steele & Price 

Mnfg. Co. r. Ada. bet. Indiana and 4th 
Baggeson Simon, elk. Thompson, Steele & Price 

Mnfg. Co. r. Ada, bet. 4th and Indiana 
Baggett Henry, finisher, A. L. Crocker, r. 70 Ohio 
Baggett James, lab. r. 70 Ohio 
iBaggot Edward, (Baggot & Almy), r. 442 W. Taylor 
Baggot & Almy, gasfixtures, 163 and 165 Lake 
Baggott J. E. propertyman. McVicker's Theatre, r. 

13 3d av. 

Baggs James, sailor, r. 289 Main 
Bagley A. C. r. 16 Adams 
Bagley B. W. barber. 686 Archer av. 
Bagley C. H. bkpr. Chicago Union Lime Works, r. 

79 Morgan 

Bagley Peter, lab. r. 293 21st 
Bagley Thomas, boat and yawl builder, n. end Clark 

St. bridge, r. 35 Mark 

Bagman Henry, carpenter, r. 50 N. Halsted 
Bagnall Joseph, coremkr. Clark, Raffen & Co. r. 62 

N. Market 
Bagnall William, printer, Floto, Kurz & Co. r. 288 

S. Canal 

Bagnall William T. moulder, r. 62 N. Market 
Bagwell Frederick W. printer, r. 358 Centre 
Bagwell George M. printer, i. 358 Centre 
Banda John, foreman, Chicago Scale Co. r. es. 

Samuel, bet. Clarinda and Cornelia 
Bahe Henry, constable, r. 400 W. Harrison 
Bahen John, wks. Wm. Goldie 
Bahlen D. cabinetmkr. Stotz & Woltz 
Bahlenhorst John, teamster, r. 704 N. Wells 
Ba'hmon H. carpenter, r. 213 1st 
Bahnsen Peter, bricklayer, r. 160 Milwaukee av. 
Bahr William, shoemkr. Fred Horn, r. 11 Penn 
Bahta Henry, scalemaker, Chicago Scale Co. 
Baicy William, porter, 437 Clark 
Baid John, butcher, r. ns. 31st, opp. Fox 
Baier Andrew, lab. r. 318 3d av. 
Baierle Adam, brewer, Sands' Ale Brewing Co. r. ' 

87 Pearson 
Baike Philip, lab. r. 133 Ruble 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

63 Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, OO and 63 South. Canal Street. 

\VtI. TOOL. DEE, Agent for Jackson stone Sewer Pipe, 





Bail Foster, stonecutter, r. 262 S. Loomis 

Bail James, stonecutter, r. 262 S. Loomis 

Bail Mark, stonecutter, r. 262 S. Loomis 

Baildon George, filegrinder, r, 114 W. Harrison 

Bailey Albert, elk. r. 249 Superior 

Bailey A. elk. r. Girard House 

Bailey A. S. coal and wood, 140 Canal, r. 159 S. 


Bailey Bennett, carpenter, r. 301 Fulton 
Bailey Charles, machinist, r. 121 W. Lake 
Bailey Charles, painter, r. 1377 State 
Bailey Charles H. photographer, r. Victoria, bet. 

Hubbard ct. and Peck ct. 
Bailey Charles L. coal agt. r. 882 Indiana ay. 
Baiiey Charlotte O. Mies, teacher Dore School, r. 190 

S. Sangamon 
Bailey Daniel, foreman, Wright Bros. r. Revere 


Bailey David, salesman, r. 379 W. Monroe 
Bailey Dr. r. Douglas House 
Bailey Edmund, builder, r. 513 Wabash av. 
Bailey Electa B. wid. Isaac, boarding house, 188 


Bailey E. C. carpenter, 513 Wabash av. 
Bailey E. B. salesman, Bowen, Hunt & Winslow, r. 

683 Wahash av. 

Bailey Frederick, agt. r. 168 N. Dearborn 
Bailey Frederick, painter, Novelty Carriage Works, 

r. Wabash av. 
Bailey F. C. agt. N. E. Type Foundry, 47 S. Water, 

r. 168 N. Dearborn 
Bailey F. H. sec. Board Public Works, 22 City 

Hall, r. 293 W. Jackson 
Bailey George, carpenter, r. 801 Falton 
Bailey George F. lawyer, 39 Clark, r. 352 Chicago 

Bailey George G. bkpr. S. D. FOBS & Co. r. 203 S. 

Bailey George H. (Chase Bros. & Co.), r.733 Sedg- 


Bailey G. E. student, r. 4 Seminary blk, 
Bailey G. S. Rev. sec. Baptist Union Theo- 

' logical Seminary, r. 4 Seminary blk. 
Bailey Hamilton, carpenter, r. 18 Oakwood av. 
Bailey Henry, engineer, r. 243 Main 
Bailey Henry, pedlar, r. 122 2d 
Bailey Henry C. agt. r. 222 Walnut 
Bailey H. r. 223d av. 

Bailey H. A. machinist, r. 157 W. Jackson 
Bailey James C. painter, r. 344 Walnut 
Bailey James M. watchman, r. 188 State 
Bailey Jerome, miller, r. 11 McGrath 
Bailey Jerome, teamster, J. W. Loomis & Co. r. 

rear 740 W. Van Buren 

Bailey John, pedlar, Victor Barothy, r. 91 Jackson 
Bailey John, saloon, 184 W. Lake 
Bailey John, teamster, r. es. Hyde Park av. nr. 


Bailey John, tinsmith, r. 899 S. Clark 
Bailey John, r. 122 Gnrley 
BAltEY JOHIV C. W. (J. C. W. Bailey & 

Co.), and publisher, Voice of Masonry, 129 

Dearborn, r. 160 Warren av. 
Bailey John F, r. 729, W. Tyler 
Bailey J. B. com. mer. r. 182 Augusta 
Bailey J. C. agt. Safety Deposit Life Ins. Co. of 

Chicago, r. 825 W. Monroe 
BAILEY J. C. W. fc CO.mnfrs. Masonic 

regalia, 129 Dearborn 

Bailey J. M. (Bailey & Brawley). r. Freeport 
Bailey J.T. boardinghouse, 800 Hubbard 
Bailey J. W. printer, r. 38 3d av. 
Bailey Lewis E. elk. r. 85B W. Lake 
Bailey Lizzie Miss, teacher, Kinzie School 
Bailey Luther, brasswkr. r. 412 W. Indiana 
Bailey Michael, bricklayer, r. 153 Brown 
Bailey Michael, carpenter, r. 512 State 
Bailey M. B. alderman, 8th ward, 103 Madison 
Bailey Orrin, painter, r. 800 Hubbard 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 


At 137 & 139 Ftate Street. 

Bailey Roger, lab. r. 899 Clark 

Bailey Roger, plasterer, r. 65 Hastings 

Bailey R. J. carpenter, r. 345 S. Morgan 

Bailey Sarah L. Miss, teacher, Dearborn Seminary 

Bailey S. S. salesman, C. S. Brownell, r. 279 S. 

Bailey Thomas, bkpr. r. 513 Wabash av. 

Bailey Thomas, cook, Chauncey's 

Bailey Thomas F. foreman, H. H. Shufeldt & Co. 
353 Centre av. 

Bailey Thomas R. bkpr. Scanlan & Fitzgibbon, r. 
393 W. Taylor 

Bailey William, boardinghonse, 15 Wells 

Bailey William, furniture repairer, 176 Monroe 

Bailey W. H. elk. P. O. r. 1368 State 

Bailey W. H. tobacconist, 1368 State 

Bailey & Brawlev, lawyers, 143 Clark 

Bailey, see also Bayley 

Bailitz Frederick, locksmith, r. 204 Forquer 

Bailitz Michael, lab. r. 204 Forquer 

Baillargeon Anthony, carpenter, r. 303 S. Morgan 

Baillargeon Joseph, student,Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Bailor Charles, student, Bryant <fc Chase's 
Business College 

Baily A. salesman, C. W. & E. Pardridge & Co. r. 
2 S. Water 

Baily E. (Paling & Baily), r. 272 N. Franklin 

Baily Rachel, washing, r. 116 Pacific av. 

Bain George, saloon, 119 Market 

Bain Roger, plasterer, r. 66 Purple 

Bainbridge Benjamin, wks. Walker, Oakley & Co. 

Baine David, plumber, r. 73 Sholto 

Baine Edward, r. 348 W. Madison 

Baine George, moulder, r. 73 Sholto 

Baine Lonis^ plumber, McCartney & Hamblin 

Baine, see also Bane 

Baines F. J. M. elk. E. A. Clark, r. 353 Clark 

Baines John, boardinghouse, 273 Michigan 

Baines John, liquors and cigars. 79 Randolph, r. 71 
N. Dearborn 

Baines Thomas, lab. r. 39 Huron 

Bains William, elk. R. M. Oliver, r. Mansion House 

Bainter Jane Mrs. laundry, r. 148 S. Halsted 

Bainter Mrs. milliner, 766 W. Lake 

Baintkey Charles, lab. r. 10 N. Paulina 

Bair Adam, porter, Taylor & Wright, r. 595 N. 

Bairassa James E. teacher, r. 624 State 

Baird Andrew, blksmith, r. 302 Calumet av. 

Baird Archy, boilermkr. r. 486 Burnside 

Baird F. organist, r. 441 W.Washington 

Baird Lyman (Baird & Bradley), 383 N. LaSalle 

Baird Phebe S. wid. John, r. 42 Jackson 

Baird R. S. ins. agt. 143 LaSalle, r. 469 Michigan av. 

Baird William, blksmith, I. C. R. R. r. 486 Burn- 

Baird W. B. (Eicksmanu & Baird), r. 81 S. Canal 

BAIRD <fc BRADLEY, loan and realestate 
agts. 90 LaSalle 

Bairnson John T. engineer, r. 669 N. Ashland av. 

Bairnson Thomas, bllismith, r. 669 N. Ashland av. 

Baisch William, bartender, r. 423 State 

Baje William, vinegarmkr. Adam Gareis, r. 5th av. 

Bakeland Mary Miss, r. 96 Larrabee 

Bakeman Nelson, jeweler, M. Campbell, r. 101 

Baker Albert, elk. r. 244 Superior 

Baker Albert, shoemkr. T. B. Weber & Co. r. In- 
diana, cor. Morgan 

Baker Alden S. lab. r. 75 Coventry 

Baker Alfred, stockdealer, r. 113 Blue Island av. 

Baker Alvin B. sash and blindmkr. r. 564 S. Hal- 

Baker Arnold A. H. r. 51 Turner blk. 

Baker Ashicl M. (Baker & Hayward), r. 106 Vin- 
cennes av. 

Baker Augusta, wid. Michael, dressmkr.119 5th av. 


Mead & Coe, Loan and Real Estate Agent*. 154 Washington St., 

Money Loaned for Non-Resideiits on Real Estate Security. 

Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L,. Bailey. Manager, 

05 W. ia<li St. i General Office, 151 Monroe St. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 




Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

& Baker A. W. tinner, C. M. Burwell, r. 294 5th 
kl av. 

* Baker Benjamin, carpenter, r. 112 Maxwell 
** Baker Benjamin F. salesman, Boweu, Hunt & 
(JD Winslow, r. 223 W. Washington 

- Baker Bernard, cooper, r 291 Catherine 
* Baker B. F. (B. F. Baker & Co.), r. 774 W. Madi- 
M son 

?% Baker B. F &Co. com mers. 122 S. Water 
^ Baker B. M. dentist,room 8 Methodist Church blk. 
W r. 535 W. Washington 
> Baker Caleb, wagoncover mnfr. r. 182 Erie 
2 Baker Caspar, cooper, r. 82 Purple 
R Baker Catherine E. boardinghouse, 807 Clark 
SI Baker Charles, coachman, G. Sturges, r. 109 Pine 
ijj Baker Charles, grocer, r. 72 N. Ann 
4*1 Baker Charles, lab. r. Benson, nr. 31st 
" Baker Charles, lab. r. 104 Orchard 

Baker Charles, shoemkr. T. B. Weber & Co. r. 26 
W. Oak 

O Baker Charles, tinsmith, r. 94 5th av. 
A Baker Charles H. r. 45 Van Buren 
X Baker Charles T. finisher, Bent & Goward, r. 892 
* State 

Baker Christian, flagman, r. rear 291 Catherine 
Baker Cynthia, r. 24~Paciflc av. 
Baker C. A. r. 124 S. Morgan 



. . . . 

fl> Baker C. H. gen. agt. Security Life Ins. Co.ofN.Y. 
fe 106 Clark, r. 254 Calumet av. 

%. Baker C. J. (Murray & Baker), r. 182 Erie 
pa Baker David, lab. r. 244 5th av. 

eg Baker David H. (G. P. Comstock & Co.), r. ws. Cor- 

3 nell, bet. 52d and 53d 

Baker Digory W.(Baker & Brother), r. 254 W.Mad- 


gg Baker D. W. (D. W. Baker & Co.), r. 106 Vincennes 
r"\ av. 

** Baker D. W. & Co. com. mers. 159 S. Water 
Baker Edwin, lab. r. 278 S. Halsted 

Baker Eugene, blksmith, J. H. Kline, r. 35 Hano- 

Baker E. cooper, r. 151 N. Sangamon 
rf Baker E. lab. r. 362 Erie, 

3 Baker E. H. engineer, r. 208 Burnside 

5 Baker E. H. trav. agt. Phelps, Dodge & Palmer, r. 

28 Speed blk. 

C Baker E. R. trav .salesman, C. O. Thompson & Co. 
fa Baker Frank, elk. E. Hannaford & Co. r. 163 N. 
'* Dearborn 
m Baker Frank, elk. r. 558 Sedgwick 

A Baker Frank,student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 

i in -s College 

* Baker Frank,watchman,r.92 Newberry av. 

CS Baker Frank W. jr. machinist, r. 845 Wabash av. 

U Baker Franklin (Baker & Gifford), r. 845 Wabash 

Jm Baker Franklin, monlder, r.286 Illinois 
^ Baker Frederick, brewer, r. 249 Calumet av. 
Baker F. bricklayer, r. 208 Coolidge 
Baker F. B. com." mer. r. 774 W. Madison 

^ Baker F. S. elk. r. Vincennes av. cor. 38th 

2 Baker George, bkpr. J . G, Ashleman 

J5 Baker George, brewer, r. al. bet. Stone andAstor, 

nr. Grand Haven 

f! Baker George, jewelry, r. 147 S. Halsted 

fa Baker George, lab. r!291 Catherine 

5 Baker George, shoemkr. r. 11 Mark av. 

Baker George L. conductor. M. S. R. R. r. 311 State 
ft Baker Godfrey, r. 189 Church 

Baker G. T. (Baker & Montague), r. N. Y. 

Baker Harriet, wid. T. S. r. 287 W. Monroe 
Baker Harry J. elk. Root & Cady 

2 Baker Henry (Baker & Bro.). r. 284 W. Madison 

C5 Baker Henry, machinist, r. 152 Canalport av. 
^ Baker Henry, sashmkr. North Side Planing Mill Co 
W Baker Henry, r. Barnes House 
Baker Henry Mrs. nurse, r. 158 Centre av. 

B Baker Henry F. whol. grocer, r. 19J Watnut 

fa Baker Henry P. r. 81 23d 

Baker Hiram K. carpenter, Edward Iverson, r. 112 

and 114 Franklin, 

Jaker H. D. mail agt. r. Allen House 
Bauer I. S. (James Baxter* Co.) 
Baker Jacob, milk, rear 1061 Milwaukee av. 
Jaker James, wood and coal, r. 827 W. Tyler 
Jaker James L. foreman I. C. R. R. r. Vincennes 

av. cor. 38th 

Baker John, assistant, Robert Gibson, r. 11 Mark 
Baker John, bkbinder, r. 180 N. Market 
Jaker John, elk. J. Morris & Co. r. 212 Randolph 
Jaker John, elk. r. 165 Adams 
Jaker John, elk. r. 113 Blue Island av. 
Jaker John, cooper, r. 8 Lawrence pi. 
Jaker John, dentist, r. 11 Mark av, 
Jaker John, porter, r. 228 Michigan av. 
Jaker John, porter, r. rear 831 W. Lake 
Jaker John, saloon 175 Jackson 
Jaker John, teamster, r. 161 S. Green 
Jaker John, wirewkr. r. 61 Burling 
Baker John L. propr. Brighton House, r. Western 
"*? av. cor. Archer av. 

Baker John M. elk. Gale & Blocki, r. 202 Ran- 

Baker John P. r. 81 23d 
Jaker, Joseph, butcher, r. 21 W. Randolph 
Raker Joseph, carpenter, r. 232 Blue Island av. 
Baker Joseph, lab. r. 350 Brown 
Baker J. brickmkr. r. 61 Burling 
Baker J. driver. N. C. C. Ry. 
Jaker J. C. confectionary, 545 S. Canal 
Baker J. J. agt. Lake Huron Stone Co. r. Lake 


Baker J. J. capt. r. Maulton House 
Baker J. L. elk. B. F. Baker & Co. r. 590 Fulton 
3aker J. W. conductor, r. 510 N. Clark 
Uaker Kate, seamstress, r. rear 291 Catharine 
Baker Lewis, elk. r. Gordon, nr. Winter 
Uaker Lomard, lab. r. 288 4th 
Baker L. S. foreman, Galena Elevator, r. 163 N. 


Baker L. V. boot crimper r. 605 Fulton 
Baker Mary Mrs. r. 204 N. Clark 
Baker Moses (French & Baker) 
Baker M. C. com mer. room 5 Methodist Chnrch 

blk. r. 1148 Michigan av. 
Baker Nicholas, butcher, Jacob Rieber 
Baker N. pressman. Trioune, r. 244 Superior 
Baker N. C. elk. r. 244 Superior 
Baker O. P. lightning conductors, 57 N. State, r. 

48 St. Johns pi. 

Baker Patrick, hostler, r. 180 State 
Baker Peter, tinner, Dane, Westlake & Covert, r. 

195 Rush 

Baker Philip, baker, r. 772 W. Lake 
Baker P. moulder, r. 24 Burling 
Baker R. S. lumber, r. 215 State 
Baker Samuel (Spanlding & Merrick\ trnstep r 
Life Association of America, r. 1211 
Indiana av. 
Baker Samuel, bkpr. Cushman, Calkins & Co. r. 

743 Michigan av. 
Baker Samuel J. salesman, Cobb Bros. r. 341 Wa- 

bash av. 

BAK Kit SMITH &. CO. heating and ventil- 
ating engineers, M. T. DeWitt, manager, 127 

Baker S. saloon. 525 State 
Baker S. E. foreman, r. 57 Lansrley 
Baker Thomas, engineer, C. & N. W. Ry. r. 136 N. 


Baker Thomas, lab. r. 43 Michigan 
Baker Thomas, lab. r. 144 N. Sangamon 
Baker Thomas J. wood and coal, 98 W. Madison. 
Baker T. S. elk. r. 92 Hill 
Baker Valentine, lab. r. 117 W. Randolph 
Baker Valentine, wks. Stock Yard Co. r. Gordon, 

nr. Winter 
Baker William, bricklayer, r. 126 Orchard 

Yale Lochs 


9il Dearborn Street. 









Baker William, butcher, r. 120 Sebor 

Bakor William, druggist, 669 Archer av. 

Baker William, foreman, paint shop, H. A. Pitt's 
Sops, r. 23 P. Jefferson 

Baker William, gen. manager, Tappan, McKillop 
& Co.'s Com. Agency and Chicago Journal of 
Commerce, r. 97 Centre av. 

Bakor William, lab. r. 213 Blackhawk 

Baker William, lumberman, r. 152 Cnnalport av. 

Baker William, ma^on, r. 150 N. Market 

Baker William, shoemkr. T. B. Weber & Co. r. 

Baker William, supt. r. 845 Indiana av. 

Baker William, r. 552Sedg\\i;k 

Baker William, r. 113 Blue Island 

Baker William A. barber, r. 92Newberry av. 

Baker William A. collector, r. 188 W. Washington, 

Baker William D. wood engrarer,73 Clark, r. 478 W. 

Baker William, H. jr. elk. Tappan, McKillop & Co. 
r. 97 Centre av. 

Baker William M. elk. 36 and 38 River 

Baker William M. 908 Indiana 

Baker William R. machinist, r. 269 Illinois 

Baker William T. (Knight, Baker & Co.), r. 797 
Michigan av. 

Baker William W. elk. r. 1482 Prairie av, 

Baker Wolfgang, cabinetmkr. r. 85 Townsend 

Baker W. H. merchant, r. 16 Clybourne av. 

Baker W. Scott, engineer, r. 174 W. Washington 

Baker W. Vincent, cash. Chicago Life Ins. Co. r. 564 
Michigan av. 

Baker , r.41 S. Carpenter 

Baker & Brother, wood and coal, 55 8. Market 

Baker & Gifford, whol. hosiery, 30 Lake 

Baker & Hayward, com. rners. 193 S. Water 

Baker <fc Montague, com. mers. 41 Chamber of Com- 

BakhardtEmanuel, painter, 180 Wesson 

Baknal Louis, furrier, Joseph Ullmann, r. 605 Divis- 

Balatka Hans, musicdirector,22 and 23 Crosby Opera 
House, r. 146 Chicago av. 

Balch Frank S. notary, 144 Washington 

Balch William, butcher, 27 Rush 

Balcom Charles, carpenter, r. 49 N. Ada 

Balcooi George, elk. r. 49 N. Ada 

Bsltom Uri (Holt & Balcom), r. 724 Michigan av. 

Bald Caspar, painter, r. 213 Hurlbut 

Baldauf Henry, bkpr. r. 87 23d 

Balder Amond, carpenter, r. 288 22d 

Balder Prank, lab. r. 42 and 44 Seward 

Balder Lawrence, carpenter, Ashland av. nr. Mulli- 

Balderman Herman, cabinetmkr. r. 35 Kay av. 

Baldin S. B. cooper, r. 684 Archer av. 

Baldrict Louis, lab. r. 195 Market 

Baldt George, tailor, r. 3U Linden 

Baldwin Albert, baker, r. 173 W.Madison 

Baldwin Algernon B. lawyer, 162 Lake, r. 79 Aber- 

. Baldwin A. M. salesman. Gregory, Strader & Co. r. 
Emerald av. nr. TrumbulT 

Baldwin A. S. artist, r.79S. Morgan 

Baldwin Bros. & Laufer, com. mers. 50 and 52 W. 

Baldwin Byron A. (Byron A. Baldwin & Co.), r. 
Everett House 

Baldwin Byron A. & Co. proprs. Everett House, 
Clark, cor. Van Buren 

Baldwin Catharine, wid. Michael, r. 13 English 

Baldwin Charles, agt. Co-operative Stove Co. r. 211 
and 213 Randolph 

Baldwin Charles, carpenter, r69 Dussold 

Baldwin Charles W. notelkpr. r. 142 Wabash av. 

Baldwin C. asst. sec. Chicago Gas Light & Coke Co. 
r. 94 W. Madison 

Baldwin C. s*rocer, r. 712 W. Washington 

Baldwin C. H. salesman, Doggett, Ba^sett & Hills 


Gas Fitting, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

Of the City of Chicago. 
CAPITAL, - - - $10O,OOO. 

JACOB R. SHIPHZRD, Prcs't, Loins WAHL, V. Pres't, 
CHAS.B.SIIEDD, Treas., Hon.I.G. WILSON, Counsel. 

Eiclusively a SAVIN'GS Bank Xo commercial accounts received 
'Fays six per cent, upon Deposits Money to loan on Real Estate. 

Banking House 164 Twenty-Second St, 

Baldwin C. L. carpenter, r. 161 W. Harrison 
Baldwin E. B. (Baldwin & Stone), r. 83 Warren av. 
Baldwin E. W. night elk. Transit House 
Baldwin Fred, foreman. Beal & Brown 
Baldwin F. L. elk. Board Public Works, r. Wheaton, 
Baldwin Gaylord S. (Redfleld & Baldwin;, r. 83 

Warren av. 

Baldwin George, agt. r. 65 Partav. 
Baldwin Gilbert, book storo. 259 W. Harrison 
Baldwin Gilbert J. salesman, Miss J. E. Baldwin, r. 

1570 State 
Baldwin Gilbert H. bkpr. Kimball & Sheridan, r. 

919 State 

Baldwin Heman. loan and real estate. 112 Dear- 
born, r. 617 Michigan av. 
BaldwinHerbert L. (Baldwin, Walker* Co.), r. 1138 

Prairie av. 

Baldwin H. carpenter, r. 873 H State 
Baldwin H. A. fancy dryeoods, 254 State 
Baldwin H. G. lab. r 2711113. 
Baldin H. P. carpenter, r. 112 S. Halsted 
Baldwin H. W. agt. Bremner & Co. 
Baldwin James A. bkpr. I. Waixel. r. S3 23d 
Baldwin John, carpenter, r. 167 N. Halsted 
Baldwin John, supt. Shopman's Lead Works, r. 1224 

Prairie av. 

Baldwin John, tinware, r. 62 Centre av. 
Baldwin John A. (Le Row, Peters & Co.), r. 115 

Prairie av. 
Baldwin John A. mail agt. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 115 

Calumet av. 
Baldwin John G. bookseller, 119 Monroe, r. 659 

Baldwin John J. agt. Iron Clad Can Co. 236 Lake, 

r. 62 Centre av. 
Baldwin John, jr. (Baldwin, Walker & Co.), r. 1138 

Prairie av. 

Baldwin J. E. Miss, books and stationery, 130 Dear- 
born, r. 1570 State 
Baldwin J. K. cigars and tobacco, 29^ Archer av. 

r. 612 State 
Baldwin J. S. (Baldwin Bros. & Laufer), r. 148 N. 

Baldwin Lewis P. (Baldwin & Taylor),r. 246 Calumet 


Baldwin Lewis J. conductor, r. 246 Calumet av. 
Baldwin L. dry goods, 204 W. Madison 
Baldwin Matthew S. engineer, R. A. Loveland & Co. 

r. State cor. Taylor 
Baldwin M. C, money broker, room 15, Portland 

blk. r. Sherman House 
Baldwin M. C. broker, r. 1C98 Indiana av. 
Baldwin M. J. (Baldwin Bros. & Laufer) r. 342 Wal- 

Baldwin Porter, teamster, r. 413 S. Halstod 
Baldwin S. T. artificial light, r. 170 W. Madison 
Baldwin S. W. laundry, 404 State 
Baldwin Thomas W. r. 548 W. Washington 
Baldwin T. F. real estate agt. r. 548 W. Washing- 
Baldwin, Walker & Co. brokers, room 5, Otis 

Baldwin William, salesman, Field, Leiter& Co. r. 

65 Park av. 

Baldwin William, teamster, r. 13 English 
Baldwin William A. capitalist, r. Adams House, 
Baldwin William A. foreman, McCready, Smith & 

Allen, r. 25 Vedder 
Baldwin William E. entryclk. Fitch, Williams & 

Co. r. 246 Calumet av. 
Baldwin William Y. carpenter, r. 525 Cottage Grove 


Baldwin , hardware raer. r. 362 S. Halsted 

Baldwin & Stone, com. mer. 134 Kinzie 

Baldwin & Taylor, silverplaters and bellhangers, 

6 Washington 

Balensiefer T. gardener, r. 185 Orchard 
Bah ntine Eugene, com. broker, r. 66 Park av. 






Mead & Coe, Real Estate and Loan Brokers, 

154 Washington St., do a strictly Commission Business. 

Head & Coe, Real Estate and Loan Agents 151 Washington St., 

Any information in relation to Chicago Real Estate freely given. 




Wilmington. CoaL 

Better by 32 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than mitt Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal cold in thit market, 
and t\t ood us the belt for all rdiuary purposs. tJTFree of Slute 
and Stilpnur. 

Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. 8 West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

Baley M. r. 604 S. Union 

Balfour Herman, moulder, r. 257 let 

Baltbur James, salesman, Shoenfield Bros. & Co. 

Balfour John, salesman, Shoenfleld Bros. & Co. r. 

162 Calumet av. 
Balfuss Henry, lab. r. Butterneld, bet. 38th and 

Balfuss William, lab. r. 406 26th 

Balin , carpenter, r. rear 75*4 Bremer 

Balinski John, sailor, r. 152 Bunker 

Balinski Philip, lab. r. al. rear 167 Bunker 

Balinski William, sailor, r. 152 Bunker 

Balk Jacob, lab. r. 5 Kroger 

Balkam A. L. Mrs. r. 220 Wabash av. 

Balkam E. C. elk. Merchants' Dispatch, r. 220 

Wabash av. 
Balke Julius, billiard table mnfr. 165 Washington, 

r. Cincinnati, O. 
Balke Martin, lab. r. 205 Dayton 
Balkeed August, teamster, Sinclair & More 
Balken John, Journal office, r. 345 Hurlbut 
Balken Peter, foreman, Evening Journal, r. 345 

Balkie E. Wilhelm, pastrycook, Palmer House, r. 

73 Whitney 

Balkin F. lab. r. 164 Michigan 
Ball Annie Miss, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Ball Charles H. salesman, Swarthout, Kent & Co. 

r. 76 Randolph 

Ball David, engineer, r. 257 W. Tyler 
Ball Edward, porter, r. rear 439 Clark 
Ball E. <fc Co. mower and reaper mnfrs. 170 Wash- 

Ball Farlin Q. lawyer, r. VanBuren, ne. cor. Win- 
chester av. 

Ball Francis (Walker & Ball), r. 683d av. 
Ball George, supt. Ills. Steam Forge Co. r. 479 

Elston rd. 
Ball George C. elk. registrar's office, Board of 

Trade, r. 53 N. Ashland av. 
Ball George J. tinner, r. 253 Laflin 
Ball Geo. W. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Ball G. butcher, r. 95 N. Clark 
Ball H. B. trav. agt. F. D. Cossitt & Co. 
Ball James, plumber, r. 650 State 
Ball James H. lawyer, r. 147 S. Halsted 
Ball James M. (Matthews & Ball), r. 53 N. Ashland 


Ball Joel, r. ws. Adams, bet, 55th and 57th 
Ball John, shoemkr. P. Schneider, r. 324 State 
Ball Louis C. bkpr. r. 463 Division 
Ball Martha, wid. Alvin, r. 126 N. Clark 
Ball Martha, wid. Billings, dressmkr. 126 N.Clark, 
Ball Mary, wid. James, r. 650 State 
Ball Mary A. wid. Thomas, r. 933 State 
Ball Rufns, messenger. Am. M. U. Ex. Co. 
Ball Samuel, carpenter, r. 253 Laflin 
Ball Samuel, jr. confectioner, r. 253 Lafliu 
Ball S. R. r. ws. Adams, bet. 55th and 57th 
Ball Thomas, painter, r. 933 State 
Ball T. H. (Elmer & Ball), r. 18 N. Ann 
Ball William, engineer, r. 257 W. Tyler 
Ball William, sexton, r. 2024th av. 
Ball W. T. com. mer. and cooperage, 167 S. Water 

and 95 S. Desplaines, r. 152 Superior 
Ballad John, painter, r. 1516 State 
Ballagon Henry, machinist, r. 343 W. 12th 
Ballard Addieon, lumber, 146 Alarket, r, 300 

Michigan av. 

Ballard Charles L. r. 366 N. LaSalle 
Ballard C. J. ins*, adjuster, r. 6tHj N. LaSalle, 
Ballard D. Page, salesman, J. V. Fanvell & Co. r. 

1% Michigan av. 

Ballard Edward Mrs. r. 8215 Michigan av. 
Ballard E. A. Mi>. r. 196 Michigan ay. 
Ballard E. A. physician, r. 1144 Michigan av. 
Ballard George C., Adams Ex. r. 50 Quincy 

Ballnrd Henry E. salesman, D. R. Crego, r. 147' 

Ballard H. C. lawyer, 128 Washington, r. 1363' 

Wabash av. 

Ballard John A. carpenter, r. 1174 State 
Ballard Lee. porter, r. 122 Pacific av. 
Ballard O. W. (Olinger .6 Ballard), r. 201 Michigan' 


Ballasky John, cigarmkr. r. 184 W. Randolph 
Ballawanz William, lab. r. 681 N. Ashland av. 
Ballawich Joseph, lab. r. rear 208 Tpwnsend 
Balle Peter, carpemer, r. 141 W. Erie 
Ballegoyen H. machinist, I. C. R. R. 
Ballentine David (Ballentine, Lawrence & Co.) T 

com. mers. r. Waukegan 
Ballentine James M. (Ballentine, Lawrence* Co. ) v 

r. Detroit 

Ballentine John G. elk. W. B. Clapp & Bro. 
Ballentine, Lawrence & Co. com. mers. room 29 r 

164 Washington 

Bailey Alexander, coachman, Moses Gnnn, 49 Ca- 
lumet av. 

Ballin Joseph, salesman, Shoenfeld Bros. & Co. 
Ballin Meyer, notions 42 Lake, and dry goods 132 

22d, r. 132 22d 

Balling Antony, notions 582 S. Halsted 
Balling George M. furniture dlr. r. 118 5th av. 
Ballinger James, printer, r. 52 Jackso i 
Ballje John, lab. r. 689 S. Morgan 
Ballman John, blksmith, r. 146 S. Park av. 
Ballmann Nicholas, lab. 81 Barber 
Ballord Thomas, lab. r. rear 197 Forquer 
Ballon Elijah, carpenter, r. Quincy bet. Clinton and 


Ballou F. G. lumber, r. 236 Warren av. 
BallouLovain (Lansing &. Ballon), r. Austinville, 
Ballou Merrill B. bootmkr. M. D. Wells & Co. r. 

36 Michigan 
Balloud Lawrence, lab. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 589 


Ballough Fred. D. bar tender 80 and 82 N. Wells 
Balls J. H. cooper, r. 152 Snperier 
Balmer John, carpenter, r. 16 O'Brien 
Baiov Charles, lab. r. 80 Holt 
Balov Chris, lab. r. 80 Holt 
Bals Frederick, boarding house, r. 160 Milwaukee- 


Balster August, baker, r. 40 W. Indiana 
Balthasar Anton, grocer 170 Butterfleld 
Balthausen Henry, porter, r. 160 Cornell 
Balthis Amanda Miss, elk. r. 234 Coolidge 
Balthis Charles E. elk. r. 203 Warren av. 
Balthis C. C. trav. agt. Parkhnrst & Wilkinson, r.. 

203 Warren av. 

Balthis Milton Z. elk. r. 43 Hamilton av. 
Balthis William, grocer, 740 W. Madison, r. 43 

Hamilton av. 
Baltimore Charles, teamster, r. Egan av. bet. 

Wentworth and Stuart avs. 
BALTIMORE &. OHIO B.B. James Walsh v 

gen. agt. 94 LaSalle 
Baltz C. (C. Baltz & Co.) 
Baltz C. & Co. com. mers. 66 W. Lake 
Baltz Henry, lab. r. Evans, nr. Lincoln 
Balu John, cooper, r. 752 Clybourn av. 
Balur Christian, lab. r. 14 Fisk 
Balwarnz William, lab. r. 631 N. Ashland av. 
Balwin George, sailor, r. 452 S. Morgan 
Baly John, lab.r. 166 Sebor 
Balz Carlotta Mrs. r. 45 Fay 
Balz Charles, grocer. 363 3d av. 
Balz John lab. r. 168 Rumsey 
Bamberg Charles A. porter, E. Hunt & Son, r. 151 

W. Washington 

Bamberger Fiorina, mason, r. 17 N. Green 
Bambridge Louis, carpenter, r. 403 State 
Bame Mary, wid. Charles, r. 159 DeKoven 
Bamer Hiram, tinsmith, r. 136 Catharine 
Bami'ard James T. elk. Tremout House 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Bank Vaults made al Harris* Safe Factory, 

fin nii.l II 1 * SOT'TII rA"V,T. ST1 


DEE, Agent for Jackson tone Server 




Bamford Matilda Jane, wid. Geortre. r. 13 Uubbard 
Bamford Samuel, printer, r. 13 Hubbard 
Bamick O. carpenter. Goes & Phillips Mnfg. Co. 
Bamriek James, painter, r. 941 W. Lake 
Banberg Frederick, baggageman, C. & N. W. Ry. 

r. 3S4 W. Chicago av. 
Bancroft C. W. agt. Caynga Mnfg. Co. 441 W. 


Bancroft Frank, elk, r. 66 Monroe 
Bancroft James, student, Bryant &- Chase's 

Business College 
Bancroft John, porter, Thomson's Restaurant, 

r. 123 Canal 
Bancroft John L. printer, Round? & Kane, r. 616 


Bancroft Sidney, lab. r. 128 W. Harrison 
Band Christian, bridgetender. r. 50 Larrabee 
Band E. C. stencilcutter, C. H. Hanson, r. 50 Larra- 

Band S. G. elk. S. Craig, r. 139 Erie 
Bandell L. barber, W. Leonard, r. 399 V4 W. Lake 
Bandelow Gustav, machinist, R. Wheeler, r. 250 

Clybounie av. 

Bander William, driver, 19 N. Union 
Bandhauer Joseph, lab. r. 113 Augusta 
Bandle Frederick, tanner, 399^4 W. Lake 
Bandle Frederick, jr. salesman, r. 399V4 W. Lake 
Bandle Louis, barber, r. 899^ W. Lake 
Bandlim William, carpenter, r. 84 Hurlbut 
Bandlow Adolph, machinist, r. 245 Einzie 
Bandman Hermann, printer, r. 119 Ontario 
Bane Elizabeth, wid. Peter, r. 40 Fry 
Bane George M. lawyer, 117 Clark, r. Matteson 

Bane Levi B cashier, Clement. Morton & Co. r. 742 

W. Monroe 

Bane O. F. (Clement, Morton & Co.), r. 742 W. Mon- 

Bane, see also Bain 

Banell Samuel, lab. r. Ullman. nr Springer av. 
Baueng John, musician, r. 20 Weed 
Baneroe B. liquors and candy, r. 17 N. Clark 
Baneroe Louis, elk. B. Baneroe, r. 17 N. Clark 
Banert Frederick, bartender, r. 150 N. Union 
Banes George, policeman, r. Kingsbnry, cor. Erie 
Bang Christopher, caroiler. r. 302 Larabee 
Bang Jacob, lab. F. Labahn, r. ws. Halsted, bet. 

Willow and Linden 

Banger Nicholas, foreman, r. 63 Larabee 
Bangert John, cooper, r. 16 Wesson 
Banggnist Christine, boardingbouse, r. 14 26th 
Banghart Robert M. carpenter, r. 329 Forest av. 
Bangratz Catharine, wid. Frank, r. 23 Wesson 
Bangratz Jacob, carpenter, r. 532 Canal 
Bangs Bros, furnaces and stoves 156 State. 
Bangs Dean (Bangs Bros.), r. 1105 Indiana av. 
Bangs Edward, tinsmith, Bangs Bros. i. 185 W. 

Bangs Edward jW. (I. B. Hobbs & Co.), r. 122 S. 


Bangs George S. r. 11 Ellis' Park 
Bangs Isaac W. (Bangs Bros.), r. 64 25th 
Bangs John D. elk Bangs Bros. r. 82 20th 
Banholzer John B. harnessmkr, r. 133 Chicago av. 
Bank August, tailor, r. 110 Sampson 
Bank Charles, lab. r. 307 22d 
Bank John, machinist, C. P. Hoffman 
BankaPodley. shoemkr. 647 S. Morgan 
BANKER BROS. & REE;VE, gen. mana- 
gers, U. S. Life Ins. Co. of New York city, 154 

Banker E. W. trav. agt. Heath & Milligan 
Banker George L. elk. P. H. Willard & Co. r. 976 

\V. Monroe 
Banker James H. treas. L. S. & M. S. R. !R. r. N. 

Y. city 
Banker John W. bkpr. Banker Bros. & Greene, r. 

BankerJLawrence, confectioner, r. 104 W. Randolph 



No. 158 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, 
M.\ Vl-M,oii:s, CARI>BOARI>, A.C., <fcf. 

Cleveland Paper Company, 


Banker William 8. (Banker Bros. & Greene), r. 


Bankhead John E. artist, r. 376 Clark 
Bankilam Benjamin, lab. r. 602 Archer av. 
Bankmann Ernst, lab. r. 26 Barber 
Banks A. Arthur, elk. Gage Bros. & Co. r. 168 Park 

Banks A. E. salesman, Doggett, Bassett * Hills, r. 

St. James Hotel 
Banks A. H. shoemkr. Farnnm, Flagg & Co. r. 123 

Western av. 
Banks A. O. salesman, M. D. Wells & Co. r. 386 

South Park av. 

Banks Charles, barber, S. B. Dawson, r. LaSalle 
Banks Edward S. printer, r. 128 S. Desplains 
Banks Eugene, baggageman, L. S. & M. S. R. R. 

r. 68 W. Randolph 
Banks E. trav. agt, r. 98 S. Green 
Banks Henry, waiter, Sherman House 
Banks Horace, expressdriver, r. 240 N. Wells 
Banks James, lab. r. 737 S. May 
Banks James M. r. Leavitt, nw. cor. Van Buren 
Banks James N. physician, 44 Clark, r. 874 Michi- 
gan av. 

Banks John, lab. r. ns. Harbine, nr. Laflin 
Banks Mary, wid. Austin, r. 15 Union Park pi. 
Banks Michael, bartender, J. Appleton, r. 2183d 


Banks Stephen, teamster, r. 128 S. Desplaines 
Banks William, physician. 260 S. Halsted 
Banks William, teamster, Lull & Holmes, r. 41 W. 

Banks William, teamster, r. ns. 21st, bet. Wood 

and Lincoln 

Banks William, waiter, r. rear 179 Jackson 
Banks William H. (Bradley & Banks), r. 526 W. 

Bankson Andrew, messenger, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 

733 W. Lake 
Bannard Henry C. with Franklin MacVeagh, r. 19 

Bannard H. B. wid. William, boardinghouee, 246 

Wabash av. 

Banner I. lab. r. 61 Ullman 
Banner John, milkpedlar, r. 230 W. Taylor 
Banning Hugh, cooper, r.19 Butterfield 
Banning Philip, cooper, r. 19 Butterfleld 
Bannotz Jon, r. 38 Kroger 
Bannwick Michael, collarmkr. Grant & McLean, r, 

489 N. Clark 

Banroff Henry, butcher, r. 133 Chicago av. 
Banser Henry, lab. r. 85 Canalport av. 
Bansmith Augustus, cooper, r. 265 W. Kenzie 
Banson B. A. sailor, r. 201 N. Union 
Banta James H. engineer, I. C. R. R. r. 562 Michi- 
gan av. 

Banta Levi S. drygoods, 1290 State 
Banhauer Frank, wks. Sammons, Clark & Co. 
Bantman Herman, printer, r. 119 Ontario 
Banton George S. elk. frgt. auditor,C., B. & Q. R.R. 

r. 178 Michigan av. 

Banyea J. bartender, J. Yettaw, r. 489 Sate 
Banyon Augustus H. justice of the peace, 87 Clark, 

r. 18 Harrison 

Banyon Horace, japanner, Dane, Westlake & Co- 
vert, r. 18 Harrison 
Banyon John F. elk. r. 18 Harrison 
Banyon Walter, lampmkr. r. 18 Harrison 
Bim/.wyer Bernhard, barber, r. 92 E. White 
Baof C. cooper, r. 41 Knerr 
Bnpp George, railroadman, rj 610 S. Canal 
Baptie Robert, bkpr. Reid, Mnrdock & Fischer, r. 

113 Michigan av. 
Baptist Union Theological Seminary, Rev. G. W. 

Northrup, D.D. pres. Rhodes av. bet. College 

and University pi. 
Bar Fitz, baker, r. 110 Augusta 
Bar Henry, lab. r. rear 336" S. Desplaines 
Bar Jacob (Bar & Stern), r. 133 S. Lincoln 

Mead & Coe, Real Estate Agents, 154 Washington si.. 

Property Rented and Rents Collected. 

MEAD & C'OE, Real Estate Agents, 

154 Washington St. Taxes paid for Xon-Resideuts. 




L Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


! Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 

_r Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

^*. Bar Joseph, milkman, r. Elston av. nw. cor. Ar- 

M mitage av. 
SL Bar Louis, pedlar, r. 287 Noble 
gt Bar & Stern, meatmarket, 736 W. Madison 

r"5 Bar, see also Barr 

^ Barage , shoemkr. r. 40 Hunt 

. Baiagwanath William, boilermkr. r. 233 Franklin 
y Baran John, lab. r. 546 Centre av. 

2 Baranack Joseph, tailor, John Kustkee, r. 72 Buuk- 

rft er 

*** Barbara Mary Ann Miss, wreathmkr. 450 Clark 
r> Barbaras Sophia, wid. Theodore, r. 15 Archer av. 
> Barbe B. r. 1387 Wabash av. 
43 Barbe Ferdinand, blksmith, A. Kiesling, r. 8 N 


J Barbe Martin, realestare and loan broker, 125 Dear- 
born, r. 1387 Wabash av. 

3 Barbe Morris, elk. r. 1387 Wabash av. 
JB Barbe Samuel, r. 1387 Wabash av. 

^ Barbe Simeon, salesman, Fitch, Williams & Co. r. 

1387 Wabash av. 

L Barbean Joseph, barber, 150 N. Dearborn 

^ Barbean. Michael, cabinetmkr. 442 N. Dearborn 

Barbean Tarser, wid. Anton, r. 442 N. Dearborn 
^ Barbeau Gustav, plumber, r. 438 Centre av. 

^ Barbeau James, carpenter, r. 15 Gold 

Barbeau Joseph, scroll sawyer, r. 46 Sholto 
* Barbeau Joseph, shoemkr. r. 438 Centre av. 

Barbee James S. policeman, Union Park Station, r. 
581 W. Indiana 
& Barber Adam S. driver, R. A. Williams, No 17, r. 

80 W. Lake 

af Barber Charles, bkpr. Chicago Towing Associa- 
M4 tion, r. 467 W. VanBuren 
"** Barber Clark, white washer, r. 65 4th av. 
A Barber Daniel J. lab. r. 191 Fullerton av.' 

Barber Edward (Bowen, Hunt & Winslow), r. 254 
. i N. LaSalle 
ij Barber Edward D. elk. r. 484 Division 

Barber Eliza A. wid. William, r. 180 W. Washing- 
taft ton 
~ Barber E. L. (L. Barber & Sons), r. 167 W. 12th 

Barber E. L. lawyer, r. 444 Burnside 

** Barber Fanny A. Miss, asst. teacher, Lincoln 
QC School, r."269 Lincoln av. 

Barber Gaorge, teamster, r. 25 Belden pi. 
JJ Barber G. L. (L. Barber* Sons), r. 230 S. Morgan 
Hi Barber G L. elk. Walker, Dexter & Smith, r. 229 
W. Washington 

7jr Barber Hiram jr. (Barber <to Lackner), r. 877 Michi- 
gan av. 
{g Barber H. H. salesman, Franklin MacVeagh, r. 

St. James, Hotel 

" Barber James, elk. r. 532 Victoria av. 
Of) Barber Joseph N. asst. supt. Chicago Bethel Home, 
ii r. 112 and 114 Franklin 

2 Barber J. jr. dry goods, 34 and 36 Washington, r. 116 
^ S. Green 
* Barber L. (L. Barber & Son) r. 45 S. Curtis 

0* Barber L. carpenter, r. 444 Burnside 
Barber L. & Sons, wines and liquors, 117 Franklin 
W Barber Mary A. Mrs. r. 339 N. Paulina 
. Barber M. A. teacher, Wells School, r. 339 N. Paa- 

fl Barber Royal E. salesman, r. 186 S. Sangamon 
Barber R. M. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 

W Barber R. P. (R. P. Barber & Co.). r. 361 Superior 
S* Barber R. P. & Co. grain and com. mers. 184 
fit Barber Peter lab. r. 33 Clarinda 

Barber Sarah Miss, washing, r, 138 Pacific av. 
O Barber Seth, dry goods, r. 116 S. Green 
if. Barber Sophia Miss, elk. F. Mueller, r. 22 Clark 
J5 Barber & Lackner, lawyers, 106 Madison 
Q Barberier George, plumber, John Hughes & Sons 
! Barbian Catharine, wid. John, washing, r. 126 
-iS Goethe 

Barbian Joseph, brewer, r. 505 N. Dearborn 

Barbian Joseph jr. barber, r. 505 N. Dearborn 
Barbian Nicholas, cooper, r. 497 N. Clark 
Barbien Michael, cabinetmkr. Schnlz & Gobel, r. 

442 North av. 

Barbier Joseph, carpenter, r. 2^6 Clark 
Barbier Marion, builder, r. 625 W. Adams 
Barboro Dominick. elk. L. Biggio, r.30 W. Randolph 
Barbour Frank A. elk. Chicago Firemanslns. Co. r. 

363 W. Lake 

Barbour F. E. elk. I. C. R. R. r. 363 W. Lake 
Barbour John. (Snyder & Barbour) 
Barbour Joeie B. elk. Y. M. C. A. r. 447 N. Dearborn 
Barbour Lyman L. (.Ira Minard & Co.), r.St. Charles, 

Barbour Stillman, machinist Bent & Goward, r. 363 

W. Lake 

Barcal Jacob, cisrarmkr. r. t97 Larrabee 
Barcal Mat. r. 597 Larrabee 
Barcek Frank, lab. r. 44 Burlington 
Barchard John.|lab. r. 377 Sedgewick 
Barck Edwin, musicteacher, r. 20 Kramer 
Barclay Daniel, ghowcasemnfr. 141 State, r. 756 W. 


Barclay Frank, wks. Pugh Bros. 
Barclay Horace, elk. r. 248 Calumet av. 
Barclay H. B. paying teller Manufacturers National 

Bank, r. 227 N. LaSalle 
Barclay Joanna Mrs. nurse, r. 34 S. Clinton 
Barclay John L. r. 227 N. LaSalle 
Barclay J. machinist, r. 273 4th av. 
Barclay Lucian P. r. 128 Sophia 
Barclay Elvira D. Mrs. teacher, LaSalle Street Pri- 
mary School, r. 128 Sophia 
Bard C. W. salesman. Field, Leiter & Co. r. 120 W. 

Bard David J. salesman, David J. Brown, r. Briggs 


Bard John, cai-penter, r. 644 Hubbard 
Bard John, lab. C. & N. W. Ry. Wis. Div. r. 202 


Bard Joseph, driver, S. Strauss, r. 113 N. Clark 
Bard J S. salesman. Allen & Mackey.r. 983d av. 
Bard N. R. salesman, Simpson, Norwell & Co. r. 

120 W. Washington 
Bard R. S. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 538 W. 


Bard S. elk. r. 538 Washington av. 
Bard S. M. salesman, r. 771 W. Adams 
Barden Gustavus E. cashier, Custom House, r. 296 

Wabash av. 
Bardon D. G. (D. G. Harden <fc Brother, and Lea 

vitt, Bardon & Co.), r. 609 State) 
Bardon D. G. & Bro. grocers, 609 Stati 
Bardon John, shoemkr. P. Fries, bds. 754 State 
Bardon M. M. (D. G. Bardon & Bro.), r. 609 State 
Bardry John, lab. r. 38 4th 
Barduska Peter, lab. r. 8 Currier 
Bareuty John, locksmith, r. ' 91 Clark 
Barfoot Charles, lab. r. es. Butterfield, bet. Egan 

av. and 38th 
Barfoot Chris, lab. r. es. Bntterfleld, bee. Egan av. 

and 38th 
Barfoot Henry, lab. r. es. Butterfield, bet. Egan av. 

and 38th 

Barfoot William, carpenter, r. 370 W. Taylor 
Bare R. L. lab. r. rear 261 W. Indiana 
Bargen Mathias, coopar, r. 82 Barber 
Bargen Timothy, watchman, r. 149 W. 18th 
Bargend Henry, lab. U. R. Mill Co. 
Barger Hezekiah. clothing cutter, r. 311 State 
Barger Peter, heater, U. R. Mill Co. 
Bargerbu-'h William, carpenter, r. 301 22d 
Bargman Larkin, lab. r. 75 Stewart av. 
Bargstrora Charles, lab. U. R. Mill Co. 
Bargwardt Charles, carwasher. r. 63 Fry 
Barht Benjamin, lab. r. 223 Larrabee 
Barhyat Andrew, machinist, G. W. Hannis, r. 170 N. 

Baril Joseph E. carpenter, r. 4 University pi. 



and Lactaaia Coal; 


Cor. Ittarlset and Washington Streets. 

A Large Stock of New and Second-hand Safes at 

HARRIS' FACTORY, OO and 62 South Canal Street. 



By WM. M. I>EE, Ho. 1O5 Monroe Street. 




Baring John, painter. W. Edmonds, r. 121 Fry 

Baring Neck, carpenter, A. H. Beese, r. 122 Fry 

Baring Simon, tailor, r. 121 Fry 

Baring Stephen, bartender, C. Hau, r. 424 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Barington G physician, r. 107 S. Desplaines 

Barisch Margaret, Mrs. r. 107 Sebor 

Barishman C. Mrs. r. 380 State 

Barka Christian, barber, r. H06 W. Indiana 

Barkell Q. broker, r. 506 Wabash av. 

Barker Anthony, peddler, r. 147 Coventry 

Barker A. C. carpenter, r. rear 301 State 

Barker A. Mrs. r. 569 Sedgwick 

Barker A. S elk. r. 267 Maxwell 

Barker B. M. dentist, room 8 Methodist Church blk. 
r. 533 W. Washington 

Barker Charles, furniture, r. 149 S. Halsted 

Barker. Charles, tinsmith, r. 271 31st 

Barker C. A. com. mer. 254 and 256 S. Water 

Barker David, watchman, r. 69 Judd 

Barker Edward, flremtn, I. C. R. R. r. 3933d av. 

Barker Eugene, teamster, r. 239 Forquer 

Barker E. C. agt.. r. 67 25th 

Barker Frank W. elk. S. C. Griggs & Co. r. 122 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Barker George (Barker & Leon), r. 35 Ontario 

Barker George, bricklayer, r. 158 Sampson 

Barker George, fireman, r. 196 Washington av. 

Barker George F. tea broker, 49 S. Water, r. 506 
Wnbash av. 

Barker Howard, cabinetmkr. r. 148 South Park av. 

Barker H. E. furniture, 31 26th 

Barker James, lawyer, r. 122 Cottage GJOVC av. 

Barker James G. sandpaper machine rnnfr. r. 346 
Park av. 

Barker James S.i Stevens & Barker), r. 44th, cor. 
Cottage Grove av. 

Barker John(Haskell & Barker), r. 580 Michigan 

Barker John, carpenter, r. 226 Sampson 

Baker John, miner, r. 102 Carroll 

Barker John B. carpenter, r. 652 Hubbard 

Barker John C. (Matthews & Co.), r. 101 Washing- 

Barker John C. lawyer, 117 Clark, r. 965 N. Clark 

Barker John R. (Barker & Illsley). r. 301 State 

Barker John W. cigarmkr. r. 95 W. Harrison 

Barker John W. printer, r. 658 W. Kinzie 

Barker Joseph, bartender, W. F. Jackson, r. 118 

Barker Joseph, carpenter, r. 29 Polk 

Barker Joseph, lab. r. rear 30 Lime 

Barker Joseph, sandpaper machine miifr. r. 346 
Park av. 

Barker Joseph N. (Barker & Wait), r. 122 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Barker J. F. (Stevens, Barker & Co.), r. 44 Cot- 
toge Grove av. 

Barker J. M. trav. agt, r. Lake shore, nr. 41st 

Barker Manes, lab. r. 177 Coolidire 

Berker Morris, lab. r. 141 Wabarisia av. 

Barker M. E. elk. Hall, Kimbark & Co. 

Barker M. W. carpet renovator, r. 14 Adams 

Barker O. B. vice pres. N. Ludingtan Co. r. 837 
Wabash av. 

Barker Paul, tailor, r. 190 Blackhawk 

Barker P. A. boarding house, r. 548 Wabash av. 

Barker Richard, bricklayer, r. 513 Morgan 

Barker Richard, Mrs. r. 498 S. Union 

Barker Riley, moulder, r. 196 S. Halsted 

Barker Roland, lab. r. 165 Wabansia av. 

Barkei-S. A. Miss, teacher. Scamraon School, r. 102 
W. Adams 

Barker Wallace H. elk. Bullock Bros. r. 239 Forquer 

Ea-ker Walter G. elk. Jones & Laughlins, r. Clifton 

Barker William, roaster, Knowles, Burdsall & 
Bacon, r. 3(5 Perch 

Barker, , agt. r. a/? W. Randolph 



.ZV T 0. 158 State Street. 

Ol Washington Street, Chicago, 



Envelopes, Strawboard, Glazed & Plated Papers, to. 

Barker , mason, r. es. Woodlawn av. bet. 54th 

and 55th 

Barker & Illsley, hardware, 273 and 275 State 
Barker & Leon, real estate, 25 Kinzie 
Barker & Wait, attorneys. 157 Randolph 
Barkhaus Fried (M. E. Stauger & Co.), r. 103 W. 


Barkis Frank, painter, r. 259 W. Lake 
Barkles Ernest, r. 639 S. Morgan 
Barkles Louis, lab. r. 8 N. Paulina 
Barkley Joseph, salesman, Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 

516 Fulton 

Barkman Charles, waiter, r. room 14, 190 Clark 
Barkman C. S. photographer, r. 188 Clark 
Barkroan E. W. photographer, r. 188 Clark 
Barkman Frederick, waiter, r. room 14, 190 Clark 
Burkofski L. pedler, r. 134 Pacific av. 
Barkouski Simon, pedlar, r. 267 4th av. 
Barkow A. lawyer, r. 506 Wabash av. 
Barkser Matthew, lab. r. 78 Butterfleld 
Barlein George, barber, Sutter & Koch, r. 227 Wells 
Barleon Benedick, carpenter, r. 241 Townsend 
Barlets C. bartender, r. 113 3d av. 
Barlett J. W. elk. r. 12 Adams 
Barlow Charles, bkpr. r. 232 W. Tyler 
Barlow C. G. billiard saloon, 185 W. Van Buren 
Barlow C. T. bkpr. McDonald <fc Roe, r. 318 W. Van 


Barlow Davis, pedler. r. 429 Clark 
Barlow Edward elk. R. G. Dun & Co. r. 103 llth 
Barlow E. wid. Robert, r. 264 W. Harrison 
Barlow George W. (R. & G. W. Barlow), r. 370 


Barlow Harry S. ticket agt. 60 Clark, r. 217 Lake av. 
Barlow James, polisher, r. 113 North av. 
Barlow John W. Capt. Chf. Eng. Headqrs. Mil. Div. 

of Mo. r. 659 Wabash av. 
Barlow J. H. bkpr. Elisna Eldred, r. 81 O'Brien 
Barlow Mary Miss, teacher, r. 1042 Indiana av. 
Barlow N. B. (Ottaway & Barlow), r. 370 Wells 
Barlow Richard (R. & G. W. Barlow), r. 299 Warren 


Barlow Robert, bricklayer, r. 168 North av. 
Barlow R. & G. W. flour, feed and coaldealers, 276 

and 278 LaSalle 

Barlow Warren, r. 281 Michigan av. 
Barlow William, oildealer, r. 131 Michigan av. 
Barlow William A. (Barlow & Wells), r. 446 Wabash 

Barlow William M. elk. Tappan, McKillop & Co. 

Com. Agcy. r. 131 Michigan av. 
Barlow & Wel'ls, stovedealers, 168 Lake 
Barloy Praxede, cabinetmkr. 298 W. Polk 
Barman John E. printer, r. Evanston, Ills. 
Barmm Charles H. (dowry &Barmm),r. 664 Wash- 
ton av. 

Barnaby Timothy, shoemkr. r. 89 Mulligan 
Barnack John, lab. r. 458 Milwaukee av. 
Barnard Alice L. Miss, head asst. Dearborn School, 

r. 115 Superior 

Barnard Charles J. elk. Com. Nat. Bank, r. Evan- 
ston, 111. 
Barnard D. E. lawyer, room 14 Larmon blk. r. 115 


Barnard Edward, elk. Hovey & Co. r. 124 Ellis av. 
Barnard E. M. dep. elk. County Court, r. Lake 

Barnard Frederick (Beach* Barnard), r. Lombard, 


Barnard Frederick W. actor, r, 155 W. Jackson 
Barnard F. A., Chicago Star Printing Ink Co. 
Barnard F. E. salesman, Ingraham, Corbin &May, 

r. 380 N. LaSalle 
Barnard Georse. salesman, S. C. Griggs & Co. r. 

Evanston, 111. 
Barnard G. W. (,Swain, Barnard & Co.), r. Avenue 


Barnard John, teamster, r. Harbine. sw. cor. Wood 
Barnard John F. contractor, r. 157 Cass 


















Commissioner U. S. Court of Claims. Washington, D. C., 

See Adv't. PHILIP A. MOTIVE, Custom House. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


ilmlngton Goal: 



Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

Barnard Lucius, teamster, r. Harbine, svv. cor. 


Barnard Phillip, engraver, r. 460 North av. 
Barnard Richard (Thomas Phelps & Co.), r. 248 

Warren av. 

, Barnard 8. W. (R. A. Loveland & Co.) 
Barnard Thomas, city circulator, Republican, r. 505 

N. Clark 

Barnard William, elk. H. Parker, r. 33 Wendell 
Barnard, see also Bernard and Bernhard 
Barndt Albert, lab. r. as. Augusta, bet. Paulina and 

Barndt Frederick, lab. r. ss. Augusta, bet. Paulina 

and Rumsey 

Barndt Frederick, jr. lab. r. PS. Augusta, bet. Pau- 
lina and Rumsey 

Barne John H. elk. r. 204 W. Taylor 
Barnec Richard, lab. r. 236 Sherman 
Barnecke Conrad, lab. r. 204 Townsend 
Earned Charles, lab. J. Proctor, r. ws. Sonthport 

av. bet. Fullerton and Webster avs. 
Earned Sarah Mrs. r 228 W. Monroe 
Barnes Aaron H. policeman, 2d prect. r. 204 W. 


Barnes A. C. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. N. Y. 
Barnes A. 1). r. 263 Washington av. 
Barnes A. S. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. N. Y. 
Barnes A. S. & Co. school book publishers, 159 


Barnes Benton, teamster, r. W. 22d, nr. Paulina 
Barnes Catherine, wid. Michael, r.|472 Centre av. 
Barnes Charles, shipping elk. r. 35 Hammond 
Barnes Charles J. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. 523 Wa- 

bash av. 
Barnes Charles L. bkpr. National Live Stock 

Journal, r. 63 St. Clair 
Barnes Charles W. (Barnes & Co.), r. St. Dennis 


Barnes Edward A. writer, r. 22 Miller 
Barnes Ellen Mrs. r. 42 Eagle 
Barnes Frank D. conductor, N. C. C. Ry. r. 388 N. 

Barnes Frank G. salesman, Barnes & Co. r. Revere 

Barnes F. A. elk. M. M. Dell, r. 224 Cottage Grove 


Barnes F. N. capt. r. 578 S. Canal 
Barnes George, bricklayer, r. 272 N. Union 
Barnes George, elk. r. 1 74 Clark 
Barnes George, elk. Wright & Beebe, r. 17 LaSalle 
Barnes George K. elk. C., R. I. & P. R. R. r. 362 W. 


Barnes G. T. lab. r. 200 W. Lake 
Barnes Harlow, lab. r. 97 Hinsdale 
Barnes Henry J. agt. 153 LuSalle, r. 304 W. 


Barnes Henry P. painter, r. 22 Miller 
Barnes House, W. K. Swallow, propr. Randolph, 

s. w. cor. Canal 

Barnes H. B. (A. S. Barnes & Co."). r. New York 
Barnes Isaac, bkpr. National Loan and Trust Co. 

r. 247 Indiana 
Barnes Jacob, lab. Sands' Ale Brewing Co. r. 51 


Barnes James, engineer, r. 1% Washington av. 
Barnes James, lab. r. 509 S. Canal 
Barnes John, stonecutter, r. 280 5th av. 
Barnes John, coachman, John barker, r. 580 Michi- 
gan av. 

Barnes Joseph, lab. r. 488 Archer av. 
Barnes J. C. (A. S. Barnes & Co.), r. N. Y. 
Barnes J.C. com. mer. r. 648 Burnside 
Barnes J. Spencer ^Bishop <fc Barnes), r. Briggs 


Barnes Martin, r. 53 McHenry 
Barnes Matthew, blksmith. 87 Ohio. r. 22 Noble 
Barnes Michael, elk. r. r 839 S. Halsted 
Barnes Noah, merchant, Jefferson av. nw. cor. 51st 
Barnes Norman S. physician, 66 Madison 

Barnes O. A. dental depot, Mi Madison, r. 243 Tyler 
Barnes O. W. elk. West & Bond, r. Ill S. Peoria 
Barnes Patrick, teamster, r. 119 Gurley 
Barnes Royal B. r. 171 W. Jackson 
Barnes Thomas, butcher, Reid & Sherwin 
Barnes Thomas, drayman, r. 447 W. Erie 
Barnes Thomas J. driver, r. 181 S. Leiivitt 
Barnes William (Barnes & Co.), r. 478 N. LaSalle 
Barnes William, printer, r. Ill Adams 
Barnes William, stockdealer, r. 98 Harrion 
BAKZVES VVir,JvIAM B. agt. Edward's 

Publishing House, 164 Clark 
Barnes William H. supt. shipping dept. J. M. W. 

Jones, r. 182 S. Sangamon 
Barnes William P. bkpr. r. 171 W. Jackson 
Barnes \V . P. r. 89 Van Buren 

Barnes (E. F. Pierce & Co.), r. 319 W. Monroe 

Barnes , bkpr. r. 247 Indiana 

Barnes . trav. agt. r. 230 W. Monroe 

BAKIVES fc CO. hats, caps and furs, 112 and 114- 

Washington, cor. Clark 
Barnes, see also Barns 
Barnet Aaron, meatmarket, 392 Clark 
Barnet Albert, r. 1266 Prairie av. 
Barnet Alexander, brass foundry, 87 Franklin, r. 

134 Newberry av. 
Barnet Annie, r. 1266 Prairie av. 
Barnet George, realestate, room 12, 131 LaSalle. r. 

1041 Prairie av. 
Barnet H. L. lawyer, 1 Major Block, r. 1266 Prairie 


Barnet James (Barnet & Son), r. 160 Newberry av. 
Barnet James, r. 1266 Prairie av. 
Barnet James A. (Barnet;& Son), r. 160 Xe wberry av. 
Barnet John, stonecutter, D. R. Mill Co. r. 139 New- 
berry av. 

Barnet Joseph, r. 1266 Prairie av. 
Barnet William, waiter,Thornsons' Restaurant, r. 138 

Pacific av. 

Barnet William, r. 1266 Prairie av. 
Barnet & Son, job printers, 186 Lake 
Barnett Alexander, type founder, Marder, Lnse & 

Co. r. 215 S. Hoyne 
Barnett B. millinery, r. 442 State 
Barnett Ferdinand, janitor, r. 301 Bnddan 
Barnett George, bricklayer, r. rear 1208 State 
Barnett George, shoemkr. r. 425 Cottagr Grove a\ 
Barnett G. W. (Barnett & Nichols), r. 428 North a-v 
Barnett James, butcher, r. 148 Pacific av. 
Barnett James, plasterer, 28 Cottage pi. 
Barnett James, secondhand furniture, 1208 State 

r. rear 195 26th 

Barnett James, shoemkr. T. H. Grant 
Barnett John, cook, r. 418 State 
Barnett John, waiter, r. 52 W. Madison 
Barnett J. H. expressman, r. 428 North av. 
Barnett Louis, tailor, r. 42 W. Randolph 
Barnett Max, pedlar, r. 148 Pacific av. 
Barnett Napoleon, plasterer, James Barnett, r. 28 

Cottage pi. 

Barnett Richard, coachman, r. 19 Michigan av. 
Barnett Richard, teamster, F. Newhall & Co. r. 17 

S uperior, 

Barnett S. L. elk. H. O. Stone, r. 301 Bnddan 
Barnett Thomas, printer, Floto, Kurz & Co. r. 41 


Barnett William H. porter, r. 225 3d av. 
Barnett Jk Nichols, fruit com. mei s. 120 S. Water 
Barney English, waiter, Tremont House 
Barney H. L. realestate, r. 77 and 79 W. Madison 
Barney J. W. elk. Braxelton, Fish & Co. r. 149 22d 
Barney Margar <t, r. 385 Indiana 
Barney Reynolds, tinner. Boomer & Jenks 
Barney William, carpenter, r. 118 Burnside 
Bjirney W. J. realestate, 163 LaSalle, r. 384 Michi 

gan av. 

Barnham Edward, com. mer. r. 271 Ontario 
Barn hart A. M. (Barnhart Bros. & Spindler), r. 22 
W. Monroe 



Pig Iron and Iron Ores 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

** . H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, OO and <)* Smith Canal Street. 


DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 

No. 105 >I01VROE STREET. 



Barnbart Bros*. & Spindler. proprs. Great Western 

Type Foundry. 74 and 70 Madison 
Barnhart. W. (Barhhart Bros. & Spindler), r. 261 W, 


Birnhurst John, drayman, r. 40T North av. 
Barnidge John, elk. P. MacVeagh, r. -204 Oak 
Barnitt E. H. paperhanger, J. J. McQrath, r. 188 

Barnitt Peace, paperhanger, J. J. McQrath, r. 188 


Barnitt Richard, r. 78 Superior 
Barnitt Richard, jr. fruit dealer, r. 78 Superior 
Barnitz George C. (Oglesby. Barnitz & Co.). r. Ohio 
Barnitz G. H. bkpr. Ogles'by, Barnitz & Co. r. 01 

Park av. 

Barnowski Franz, lab. r. 44 George 
Barns Lewis,r. rear 103 Foster. 
Barns M. H, (M. H. Barns & Co.) r. 284 Blue Island 


Barns M. H. & Co. oil can mnfrs. 284 Blue Island av. 
Barns Thomas, butcher, r. 64 McGregor 
Barns, see also Barnes 
Barnsfather Mary, wid. George, r. rear 588 S. Hal- 

Barnstedter George, cooper, Crosby & Forster, r. 

16 Wesson 

Barnt F. plasterer, r. 233 Dayton 
Barnt Tobiason. lab. r. 75 Hnbbard 
Barnum Ambrose J. cattledlr. r. 679 S. Union 
Barnnm Bros, toys and fancy goods. 41 Lake 
Barnum C. C. cattledlr. r.679 S. Union 
Barnnm D. N. machinist, r. 640 Washington av. 
Barnnm Frank N. brakeman. r. 559 State 
Barnum John L. packer 607 State, r. 886 Michigan 


Barnum Protns, elk. r. 779 Washington av. 
Barnnm Samuel, (Barnum Bros.) r. Lake Forest 
Barnum Stephen O. (Barnnm Bros.), r. Buffalo 
Barnnm William H. bnsdriver, r. 1260 Wabash av. 
Barnum W E. carpenter, r. 332 Calumet 
Barnum W. H. (Barnum & Richardson Mnfg. Co.) 
Barnnm W. H. (Niesen & Barnum), r. 135 Douglass 


Barnum W. L. (Rouse & Barnum), r. Clifton House, 
Barnnm & Richardson Mnfg. Co. car wheel works, 

64 S. Jefferson 
Baron Joseph, barber, Palmer House, State, cor. 

Qnincy, r. 205 W. Randolph 
Baron Theodore, hats, 224 N. Clark 

Baron . lab. r. rear 236 3d av. 

Baroon A. F. elk. S. Klein, r. 184^ Clark 
BAKOTII Y VICTOR, mnfr. mineral spring wa- 
ter, 120 Dearborn, 

Barr George, engineer, r. 147 Indiana 
Barr Jacob, butcher, r. 13 Lincoln 
Barr Jacob, carpenter, r. 135 W. Indiana 
Barr Peter, barber, r. 6(5 Milwaukee av. 
Barr William, milkman, r. 533 N. Ashland av. 
Barr, see also Bar 

Barrare Christopher, r. 446 Mitchell 
Barratt Caleb, stock broker. 106 La Salle 
Barratt Patrick, lab. r. 57 Townsend 
Barratt Patrick, shoemkr. C. B. Sawyer & Co. r. 25 

Michigan av. 

Bnrratt Thomas, police sergt, r. 516 Burnside 
Barrcll George H. steward, Clifton House 
Barrell Jawes, bkpr. Armour Dole & Co. r. 1119 

Indiana av. 

Barren Thomas, lab. r. 12 Bel knap 
Barrenche Heinrich, saloon r. 161 Chicago av. 
Barrett Ann, wid. Patrick, r. 800 W. Lake 
Barrett Anthony, baker, r. 154 N. Peoria 
Barrett Anthony L. elk. Ross & Gossage, r. 187 

S. Hoyne 

Barrett Antono, tailor, r. 131 Huron 

mnfrs. roofing materials, sheathing felt etc. 

124 LaSaile 
Barrett A. brnshmkr. r. 439 N. Wells 


Gas Fitting, 

167 & 109 LAKE STREET. 


Of the City of Chicago. 
CAPITAL, ... $100,OOO. 

JACOB R. SHIPHEBD, Pres't, Louis WAHL, V. Pres't, 
CHAS.B.SHEDD, Treas., Hon. I. G. WILSON, Counsel. 

Eiclusively a PAVINGS Bank No commercial accounts received 
Pnj-8 >ix per rent, upon Deiwsits Money to loan MI Until Eitata. 

Banking House 161 Twenty-Second St. 

Barrett A. detective, r. Everett House 
Barrett A. Mrs. saloon, 800 W. Lake 
Barrett Bridget, wid. William, grocer, 540 S. Jef- 
Barrett Charles, produce com. mer. 11 LaSaile, r. 

57th, cor. Madison av. 
Barrett Charles, bartender, National Dining Hall, 

r. 232 Huron 
Barrett Charles E. bkpr. Columbian Iron Works, 

r. 152 Aberdeen 

Barrett Cornelius, gasfltter, r. 33 Wesson, 
Barrett Daniel, lab. r. 262, Augusta 
Barrett Daniel, jr. r. 262 Augusta 
Barrett Denis, lab. r. 252 Michigan 
Barrett D. porter, Ingraham, Corbin & May, r. 65 

Barrett D. P. (D. P. Barrett & Co.), r. Cornell, ne. 

cor. 53d 

Barrett D. P. & Co. paperboxmkrs. 140 Lake 
Barrett Edward, driver, r. 21 Park av. 
Barrett Edward, lab. r. 86 Ontario 
Barrett Ellen, wid. William, r. 526 W. Taylor 
Barrett E. d. lithographer, Nelke, Black & Co. r. 14 

Barrett E. P. messenger, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 117 


Barrett Prank, milk depot, 35 N. Union 
Barrett P.M. elk. comptroller's office, r. 158 19th 
Barrett George, wks. Curtis Shoe Co. r. 102 N. La- 
Barrett Henry, com. mer. 11 La Salle, r. ws. Madi 

son bet. 57th and 58th 
Barrett Henry, lab, r. 158 19th 
Barrett Henry, r. 234 Townsend 
Barrett Isaac, plumber, r. 262 Augusta 
Barrett James, (Cary, Barrett & Co ), r. 695 N. 


Barrett James, expressman, r 562 Wentworth av. 
Barrett James, lab. r. rear 980 S. Halsted 
Barrett James, lab. r. Lancaster av. nr. Fox 
Barrett James, shoemkr. r. 126Sieel 
Barrett John, butcher, Reid & Sherwin 
Barrett John, carpenter, r. 262 Augusta 
Barrett John, carpenter, r. 112 Bunker 
Barrett John, conductor, r. rear 394 N. Dearborn 
Barrett John, driver, r. 42 Maple 
Barrett John, lab. r. 827 Clark 
Barrett John, lab. r. 72 Keeley 
Barrett John, lab. r. 33 Wesson 
Barrett John, mason, r. 102 Seeley av. 
Barrett John, shoemkr. r. 526 W. Taylor 
Barrett John, teamster, r. es. Qmnn, nr. Archer av. 
Barrett John G. salesman, Hayes, Gibbons <fc Co. r. 

11 Lawrence pi. 

Barrett John J. lab. r. 149 Ewing 
Barrett John P. chief opr. flre alarm telegraph, r. 27 

W. Whiting, 
Barrett John R. bookbinder, 129 S. Clark, r. 25 


Barrett John S. elk. r. 322 N. Water 
Barrett Joseph, editor, r. 339 Centre av. 
Barrett Joseph, r. 227 Michigan 
Barrett Lawrence, lab. r. 45 Indiana 
Barrett Maimie, opr. J. T. Webber & Co. r. 193 W. 


Barrett Mark, plumber, r. 27 Huron 
Barrett Martin, plumber, r. 42 N. Green, 
Barrett Martin, stonecutter, r. 27 Huron 
Barrett Mary Mrs. r 149 Illinois 
Barrett Maurice E. expressman, r. 107 S. Clinton 
Barrett Michael, hatter, G. M. Kelley & Co. r. 303 S. 


Barrett Michael, teamster, r. rear 664 S. Halsted 
Barrett Michael, r. 526 W. Taylor 
Barrett M. L. cashier, P. L. Garrity 
Barrett Nicholas, lab. r. 42 N. Green 

Co. r. 107 Calumet av. 

THE INTERIOR, W. . Mills, Publisher, 

Office, Room O, Monroe Building, Chicago, III. 

Mead <St Coe, Real Estate and Loan Agent*, 154 Washington t , 

Money loaned on approved real estate security without expense to the lender. 



|j "Wilmington Coal. 

Better by 32 pel* cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than mist Oh n and Pennsylvania Coal sold in thi- market, 
and as good as the bust for all ordinary purpoiws. t3TFret at sLt.t 
md Sulpour. 

Chicago and. Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. Wait Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

Barrett Oscar W. (O. W. Barrett & Co.), r. 178 S. 

BARRETT O. W. & CO. gen. ins. a^ts. 

120 LaSa'lle 

Barrett Patrick, lab. r. 16 Arnold 
Barrett Patrick, lab. r. 19 Huron 
Barrett Patrick, lab. r. 41 Huron 
Barrett Patrick, lab. r. 117 Sedgwick 
Barrett Patrick, shoemkr. r. 25 Michigan av. 
Barrett Richard, bricklayer, r. 117 Sedgwick 
, Barrett Richard J. notary public, r. 137Hubbard. 
Barrett Stephen Rev. pastor, St. Stephen's Church, 

r. 197 W. Indiana 
Barrett Samuel E. (Barrett, Arnold & Kimball), r. 

323 N. LaSalle 

Barrett S. L. Mrs. r. 289 Brie, w 20 
Barrett Thomas, lab. r. 187 W. Taylor 
Barrett Thomas, porter, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 117 


Barrett Thomas, puddler, r. 64 Pitney av. 
Barrett Thomas, railroadman, r. 224 Aberdeen 
Barrett Thomas, sergeant police. Cottage Grove av. 

sub. station, r. 595 Butterfleld 
Barrett Thomas D. dep. elk. Criminal Court, r. 

Laflin, cor. Harbine 
Barrett Thomas K. editor, r. 72 Foster 
Barrett T. butcher, r. 21 Hanover, 
Barrett William, conductor, Am. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 

117 Sedgwick 

Barrett William, fireman, r. 311 S. Desplaines 
Barrett William, lab. r. 22 Qurley 

Barrett , brush mnfr. r. 175 Wabash av. 

Barrey E. M. carpenter, 62 W. Hinsdale 

BarreyF. driver, N. C. C. Ry. 

Barrey James, butcher, jr. 388 S. Clinton 

Barrick Patrick, lab. r. 131 Bremer 

Barrills Costin, carpenter and cabinetmkr. 248 


Barring John, signpainter, W. Edmonds, 
Barris Andrew, printer, Lakeside Pub. Co. r. 217 


Barritt Cornelius, gasfttter, r. 33 Wesson 
Barritt John. lab. r. 33 Wesson 
Barrmann H. elk. 243 Blue Island av. 
Barron Anne Miss, dressmkr. r. 39 Brown 
Ban-on A. F. elk. S. Klein, r. 184H Clark 
Barron Charles T. painter, I. C. R.R. r. 567 Burn- 
Ban-on George (Milward, Barron & Co. and Henry 

Milward & Co.), r. 1218 Indiana av. 
Barron George, com. mer. r. 283 N. Market 
Barron James, lab. r. 497 Lumber 
Barron James, shoemkr. r. 762 Indiana av. 
Barron John, tailor, 682 Archer av. 
Barron John P. (Daniels & Barron), r. 39 Brown 
Barron J. F. (Barron & Martin), r. 61 N. May 
Barron Michael, lab. r. 839 S. Halsted 
Barron Walter, lab. r. 107 Main 
Barron & Martin, grocers, 61 N. May 
Barrow John, elk. P., Ft. W. <fc C. R. R. 
Barrow John, tin, copper, and sheet ironware, 316 

W. Harrison 

Barrow Patrick, lab. r. 118 Barber 
Barrow Timothy, shipcaulker, r. 26 Johnson 
Barrow William, wigmkr.103 Madison, r. 848 Fulton 
Barrow William, jr. wigmkr. r. 848 Fulton 
Barrows George G. bkpr. D. F. Groves, r. 456 W. 

Barrows Geo. G. student, Bryant &, Chase's 

Business College 
Barrows James L. (Thos. Barrows & Co.), r. 26 Park 

Barrows J. Lloyd, jr. (Thos. Barrows & Co.), r. 26 

Park av. 
Barrows John J. trav. agt. Thomas Barrows & Co. 

r. 26 Park av. 

Barrows Peleg (Thos. Barrows & Co.), r. 26 Parkav. 
Barrows Theodore C. contractor and builder, r. 131 


Barrows Thomas (Thos Barrows & Co.), r. 26 Park 

Barrows Thos & Co. gen. agts. Finkle & Lyon'a 

Sewing Machines. 101 Washington 
Barrows Willard J. cabinetmkr. r. 286 W. Madison 
Barrows William S. r. 131 Michigan av. 
Barry Albert, waiter, Sherman House 
Barry Charles, elk. r. 132 24th 
Barry Charles, r. 142 W. Monroe 
Barry Daniel, caulker, r. 509 S. Union 
Barry David, lab. r. rear 370 5th av. 
Barry David, lab. r. 232 Sherman 
Barry David, lab. r. 218 W. Polk 
Barry David, lab. r. 33 Cayuga 
Barry David, printer, r. 75 Huron 
Barry David, teamster, W. E. Johnson 
Barry Edmund, elk. John Baines, r. 71 N. Dear- 

Barry Edward.lab.162 Sebor 
Barry Eli, nailmkr. r. 258 S. Desplalnee 
Barry Eliza Mrs. dressmkr. r. 131% W. Madison 
Barry Eliza, wid. John, r. 42i Noble 
Barry Elizabeth, forewoman, r. 184 S. Jefferson 
Barry Ellen, wid. John, washerwoman, r. 36 Elgin 
Barry Francis, engineer, Illinois, No. 15, r. 732 S. 


Barry Frank, driver, r. 42 Maple 
Barry Fredrick, lab. U. R. Mill Co. 
Barry George (Barry & Van Vliet), r. 185 Indiana 
Barry George, bkpr. Barry & dishing, r. 132 24th 
Barry Gerald, conductor, A. M. U. Ex. Co., r. 285 

Centre av. 
Barry Gerard H. elk. city engineers' office, r. 534 


Barry Henry, brassfinisher, r. 28 S. Desplaines 
Barry James, ant. r. 192 N. Peoria 
Barry James, capt. r. 29 Bigsby pi. 
Barry James, lab. r. Eganav. cor. Wallace 
Barry James, lab. r.89 Williams 
Barry James, millinery, 88 Ewing 
Barry James, patternmkr. r. 145 'dams 
Barry James, shoemkr. r. 216 Wentworth av. 
Barry James, r 132 24th 
Barry James P. carpenter, r. 462 Centre av. 
Barry John, bookbinder, Culver, Page, Hoyne & 


Barry John, brassfinisher, r. 150 S. Clinton 
Barry John, elk. r. 51 Wright 
Barry John, engineer, r. 292 N. Franklin 
Barry John, foreman, McDonald <fc Roe, r. Be- 

koven, bet. Desplaines and Halsted 
Barry John, grocer, 200 Pine 
Barry John, helper, r. 43 Elgin 
Barry John, hostler, r. 192 State 
Barry John, lab. r. 106 Rebecca 
Barry John, lab. r. 140 S. Canal 
Barry John, lab. r. 255 21st 
Barry John, lab. r. 313 21st 
Barry John, lab. r. 139 Sholto 

Barry John, (repairer J. B. Lamkin), r. 643 S. May 
Barry J. K., real estate 104 Randolph, r. 746 W. 


Barry J. W. elk., M. C. R. R. r. 374 Michigan av. 
Barry Lawrence, lab. r. rear 299 Catherine 
Barry Lawrence, pedlar, r. 202 Oakley 
Barry L. D. supt. Chicago Cast-steel Co. 
Barry Margaret Mrs. grocer, r. 113 Wright 
Barry Mary Mrs. r. rear 325 Clark 
Barry Michael, carpenter, r. 281 Sedgwick 
Barry Michael, lab. r. 248 N. Market 
Barry Michael, lab. r. rear 208 South Park av. 
Barry Michael, lab. Peshtigo Co. r. 323 N. Water 
Barry Mrs. milliner, 289 W. Polk 
Barry Oliver, elk. J. M. Harvey, r. 292 N. Franklin 
Barry Oliver, steamfltter. r. 181 S. Halsted 
Barry Patrick, agt. r. 52 Wright 
Barry Patrick, fireman, r. 40 Blackwell 
Barry P. M. (W. McGuire & Co.) 
Barry Richard, boilermkr. r. 73 Johnson 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

O.t Dearborn Street. 

Safes Repaired and Exchanged at Harris' 

SAFE FACTORY, GO and O2 South Canal Street. 

Wlf. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 




Barry Richard, lab. r. 20<> Division 

Barry Richard, lab. r. Jeflerson cor. Canalport av. 

Barry Richard, lab. r. Rawson, cor. McHenry 

Barry Simon, lab. r. 18 Wright 

Barry S. S. (Barry & Gushing), r. 402 W. Monroe 

Barry Thomas, packer, Lord, Smith & Co. r. 207 S. 


Barry Thomae, foreman, fire dept. r. 295 22d 
Barry Thornae, plasterer, r. 208 W. Chicago av. 
Barry William, brassflnisber, r. 261 Fulton 
Barry William, machinist, r. 234 Desplaines 

Barry , 874 Michigan av. 

Barry & Cushing, signpaiming, 145 State 
Barry & Van Vliet, cigar mnfrs. 104 N. Clark 
Barsaloux Napoleon (Joon McNicholas & Co.), r. 

142 Walnut 
Barse Charles J. snpt. West Div. Street Ry. barn, r. 

945 W. Lake 

Barse George R. (W. T. Keenan & Co.), r. Arling- 
ton, Ills. 

Barsham John, artist, r. 154 W. Adams 
Barsley A. cement roofer, r. 161 29th 
Barsoe Christian, teamster, r. 43 W. Oak 
Barsom Henry, r. 516 W. 16th 
Barstow A. M. hat mnfr. 53 McCormick's bldg. r. 

442 Calumet av. 
Barstow Charles, elk. H. W. & J. M. Wetherell, r. 

44 N. Carpenter 

Barstow Gail, trav. agt. r. 109 Adams 
Barstow George F. (Baretow & Bensley), r. 771 

Cottage Grove av. 

Baretow G. 8. elk. Grannis & Farwell, r. 168 Calu- 
met av. 
Baretow Henry H. agt. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. r. 44 N 

Barstow Joseph, hats, caps and furs, 104 Randolph, 

r. 65 8. Curtis 

Barstow & Bensley. com. mers. 184 S. Water 
Bart M. mattrassmkr. r. 520 State 
Barta Frank, lab. r. 442 S. Clinton 
Barta James, blksmith, r. 440 Archer av. 
Barta Ludwick. carriagesmlth, r. 148 W. 12th 
Barta Robert, blksmith Novelty Carriage Works, r. 

Canal cor. DeKoven 
Bartas James, blksmith, D. McCormick, r. 381 4th 

av, w 3 

Bartas James, carpenter, r. 57 Burlington 
Bartas Wensel, teamster, r. 134 Hurlbut 
Bartchen Peter, wiper, r. 147 Catharine 
Bartech Frank, lab. r. 44 Burlington 
Bartee Charles, milkman, r. 338 Throop 
Bartel Albert, tailor, r. 22 Finnell 
Bartel John, saloon 59 Blue Island av, 
Bartell Jacob, varnisher, r. 69 W. Liberty 
Bartell John, carpenter 22 S. Jefferson, r. 409 W. 

Chicago av. 

Bartell John, showcasemkr. r. 69 W. Liberty 
Bartell Lena, wid. John, r. 69 W. Liberty 
Bartell Robert, plumber, r. 409 W. Chicago av. 
Bartells Joseph, lab. r Harbine bet. Ashland av.and 

Bartells William, teamster, r. Harbine bet. Ashland 

av. and Laflin 
Bartelme Baltezar, city contractor, r. 256 N. Hal- 


Bartelme M. cigarmnfr. 557 S. Canal 
Bartelme Peter, saloon, 524 N. Clark 
Bartelme William, stonecutter, Peter Wolf & Son 
Bartels August (Bartels Bros.) r. 6(14 S. Jefferson, 
Bartels Bros, flour and feed, 604 S. Jefferson 
Bartels Charles, lab. r. 36 Hinman 
Bartels Christian, carpenter, r. 414 Maxwell 
Bartels Clans, (Bartels Bros.) r. 604 S. Jefferson 
Bartels Edward, pedlar, r. 45 Lime 
Bartels Frederick, cabinetmkrr r. 38 Clybonrn av. 
Bartels Frederick, tanner, r. 141 Fry 
Bartels G. H. (Bartels & Lierman) r. 13 S. Sanga- 

Bartels Henry, groceries, 265 Blue Island av. 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET, 


At 137 & 139 State Street. 

Bartels Henry W. bartender, r. rear 261 N. Sanga- 

Bartels John, carpenter, r. 414 Maxwell 

Bartels John H. liquor, 13 S. Union 

Bartels J. H. A. asst. sec. Republic Ins. Co. of Chi- 
cago, r. 374 Sedgwick 

Bartels Lewis, constable, 131 Clark, r. 66 Mohawk 

Bartels Louis, lab. r. rear 131 W. 18th 

Bartels Mary Mrs. (Bartels & Peters), r.288 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Bartels Peter, flour and feed, 569 Milwaukee av. 

Bartels William, bkpr. Howard, White & Crowell, 
r. 286 W. Taylor 

Bartels William, lab. r 16 Luke 

Bartels William, lumberman, r. 73 Wilson 

Bartels William, r. 458 Centre av. 

Bartels & Lierman, liquors, whol. 73 W. Lake 

Bartels & Peters, flour and .feed, 283 Milwaukee 

Bartenschlager Joseph, boardinghonse and saloon 
168 Van Buren 

Bartenstein Henry, cabinetmkr. r. 294 N. State 

Barter Charles, lab. r. 27 Barber 

Barter Ellen, teacher North Branch Primary School, 
r. 522. Webster av. 

Barter G. C. elk. r. 458 W. Randolph 

Barter J. O. com. mer. r. 409 W. Madison 

Barter Nellie E. Miss, teacher North Branch school, 
r. 522 Webster av. 

Barter T. O. (Barter & Whitehonse), r. 409 W. Mad- 

Barter <fc Whitehouse, com. mers. and pork packers, 
158 LaSalle 

Bartett William, machinist, r. 14 Hubbard 

Barth Anna, wid. John, r. 180 W. Taylor 

Barth E. Miss, tailoress, r. 95 Archer av. 

Barth Ferdinand, elk. r. 95 Archer av. 

Barth Harm., tailor, r. 481 Arnold 

Barth Herman, lab. Garden City Mnfg and Supply 

Barth Jacob (National Boiler Works), r. 250 S. Clin- 

Barth J. G. boilermkr. r. 51 Catharine 

Barth Louis, barber, 696 State, r. 103 14th 

Barth Mathias, expressman, r. 485 N. Clark 

Bartb Mathias, tailor, r. 315 North av. 

Barth Paul G. barber. Fred. Rintz, r. 304 Hnbbard 

Barth Regina. r. Ill Newberryav. 

Bartha John. lab. Elisba Eldred 

Barthalin William, policeman. 1st prect. r. 127 12th 

Barthel Peter, foreman, C. F. Manrer, r. 595 N. 

Barthelman John C. turner, Kirschten & Bros. r. 20 

Barthelmes Nicholas, r. 250 Mohawk 

Barthelmy Frank, contractor, r. 143 Larabee 

Barthelmy George, mnfr. furniture. 12T Jefferson 

Barthelmy Jacob, contractor, r. 143 Larabee 

Barthelmy John, contractor, r. 143 Larabee 

Barthelmy P. painter, r. rear 148 Larrabee 

Barthels Henry, shoemkr. r. 103 W. Erie 

Bartber Louis, lab. r. 666 Sedgwick 

Barthey Frank, lab. r. rear 114 Wesson 

Earthing Frederick, agt. Hom Ins. Co. 

Bartholdv N. C.(N. C. Bartholdy & Carr.), r. 55 and 

Bartholdy N. C. & Carr. hardware, 55 and 57 Mil- 
waukee av. and 319 Division 

Bnrtholemei Daniel, cabinetmkr. 36 Fisk 

Bartholmai Jacob, stonecutter, Henry Kerber, r 340 
5th av. 

Bartholmey John, lab. r. 98 McGregor 

Bortholnmae Frank (F. Bartholomae & Co.), r. 331 
W. 12th 

Bartholomae F. & Co. brewers. 12th cor. Brown 

Bartholomas Philip, eupt. Huck's Chicago Brewery 
Co. r. 470 N. State 

Bartholomew B. ins. act. r. Matteson House 

Bartholomew E. L. printer, r. 96 W. Washington 














THE INTERIOR Newspaper, 

Organ of the Re-united Presbyterian Church. 

Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L,. Bailey, Manager, 

Yard, O3 W. 12th St. j General Office, l.TU Monroe St. 




'-Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Office and Yard. No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 


* Bartholomew E. S. (Mofiett& Bartholomew),r. An- 
g derson's Hotel 

B Bartholomew Harriet E. wid. P. H. r. 96 W. Wash- 

JJ ington 
^ Bartholomew Jacob, mason, r. 223 21st 

Bartholomew John, confectionery, r. 418 W. Van 


W Barlick John, lab. r. rear 336 Noble 

& Bartin Dan. elk. r. 134 Wells 
JJQ Bartke August, pedlar, r. 197 W. Chicago av. 
Bartky John, basketmkr. r. 8 Myrick av. 

^ Bartle James, bartender, r. 421 Clark 

JT Bartles John F. carpenter, r. 121 4th av. 
B Bartles William, teamster, 76 N. La Salle 

& Bartlett Anna Miss, teacher, Kinzie School 
Bartlett A. C. (Hibbard & Spencer), r. 31 Bryant av. 
J Bartlett A. L. (Ely. Burnham & Bartlett), r. Drexel 

gav. bet. Oakwood av. and 41st 
Bartlett A. M. builder, r. 475 W. Randolph 
Bartlett Benjamin J. foreman E. C. Preble, r. 880 
jj| Michigan av. 
M Bartlett, Batman & Parker, trusses arid supporters, 

181 Dearborn 

tat Bartlett B. H. teacher, r. 43 S. Halsted 
~ Bartlett Charles', carpenter, r. Uhlich House 
- Bartlett Charles S. paymaster, C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 
.2. 157 Calumet av. 
?j Bartlett Clara L. Miss, teacher, Rush Street School, 

r. 666 N. LaSalle 

f Bartlett Christopher C. sailor, r.311 Sedgwick 
W Bartlett C. B.lumberinspector, r. 26 S. Desplaines 

Bartlett C. H. carpenter, H. Bennett, r. 373 Butter- 

*2 Bartlett E. G. cigarmkr. r. 328 Mohawk 
i Bartlett E. P. salesman, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 364 

9 Ohio 
. Bartlett George V. (McBride & Bartlett), r. New 

Bartlett G. driver. Garden City Express Co. 

Bartlett G. prof, of chemistry, r. 1105 Prarie av. 
F^ Bartlett G. A. bkpr. McBride & Bartlett, r. 746 

Michigan av. 
.? Bartlett Harry C. collector, Taylor & Wright, r.874 

W. Washington 

<** Bartlett Henry, lab. r. 104 12th 
flj Bartlett Henry, teamster, r. 38 Walnut 
M Bartlett Henry A. bellboy, Sherman House, r. 80 4th 
J av. 

3 Bartlett Henry A. cigarmkr. r. 328 Mohawk 
QC Bartlett Howard, salesman, Mosher <fc Linsley, r. 

97 3d av. 

w Bartlett J. B. elk. McCann, Fitch & Converse, r. 
^ 717 W. Tyler 

Bartlett James, r. 38 Canalport av. 
D Bartlett Jerry S. baker, Thompson & Templeton 
^ Bartlett John, coachman, r 27 Park av. 
m* Bartlett John, sailor, r. 62 Hastings 

Bartlett John, r. 38 Walnut 

r Bartlett John A. (A. P. Downs & Co.), r. 607 W. 
Q Jackson 

r~\ Bartlett John G. veterinarysurgeon, r. 717 W. 

Bartlett J. C. (Bartlett, Butman & Parker), r. 

Boston, Mass. 
H BarlettJ. C. pawnbroker, 176 Clark and 137 Mon- 

u Bartlett J. P. elk. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 462 Mich- 
igan av. 
,JJ Bartlett J S. com. mer. r. 648 Butterfleld 

r. Bartlett Lorenzo, reaper agt. r. 395 W. Adams 
** Bartlett Mary, wid. Richard, boardinghouse, 248 

A S. Desplaine* 

f~- Bartlett Miles, bartender, James Hething 

** Barrlett Murry H. (Alien & Bartlett), r. 475 W. 

tt Bartlett M. S. Mrs. teacher, LaSalle St. Primary 
'3 School, r. 666 N. LaSal'.e 
* Bartlett N. Gray, editor, Chicago Pharmacist, 77 
U Dearborn, r. 1105 Prairie av. 

Bartlett O. G. lawyer, 96 Washington 
Bartlett R. A. lab. r. 208 and 210 W. Lake 
Bartlett R. E. bkpr. r. 170 S. Green 
Bartlett Seth, speculator, r. 78 N. Clark 
Bartlett Silas, foreman, r. 666 W. Madison 
Bartlett T. A. agt. Swarthout, Kent & Co. r. 55.) 

W. Washington 

Bartlett William H. waiter, r. 80 4th av. 
Bartlett William K. cooper, C. L. Woodman & Co. 

r. 362 Hubbard 
Bartlett William M. agt. Thompson & Templeton, 

r. 646 Butterfleld 

Bartlett W. A. Rev. pastor, Plymouth Congrega- 
tional Church, r. 18 Eldridere ct. 
Bartlett W. H. L. (W. H. L. Bartlett & Co.), r. 151 

Bartlett W. H. L. & Co. druggists, sundries, 151 


Bartlew William, mason, r. 646 Butterfleld 
Bartleway Frank, teamster, r. 18 Rees 
Bartley Felix, lab. r. 159 Laurel 
Bartley Jackoson, waiter, Palmer House 
Bartley John, lab. r. 353 S. Clinton 
Bartley L. C. salesman, r. 395 W. Adams 
Bartley Michael, butcher, r. 332 Archer aT. 
Bartling Henry, Mrs. r. 1605 Prairie av. 
Bartling Louis, elk. .Frank Sturges & Co. r. 19 

Bartling William Rev. pastor St. James E. L. 

Church, r. 185 Fremont 
Bartly John, carpenter, r. 103 Ellis ay. 
Bartmann Charles, saloon, 106 Madison, r. 245 W. 

Chicago av. 

Bartmann Christian, tanner, r. 28 Wade 
Bartmann Joachim, r. 553 N. Franklin 
Bartmann Regina, wid. Zacharias,*. 70 Cornell 
Barto Francis Miss, teacher, r. 86 W. Adams 
Barto Jacob, coal dealer, r. 673 Sedgwick 
Barto John, blksmith, r. 27 Barber 
Bartodziey Lorenz, lab. r. 117 Crosby 
Bartoge Frank, lab. r. 114 Wesson 
Bartol H. B. fgt. elk. Adams Ex. Co. r. 261 N. 


Bartold Frederick, butcher, 347 North av. 
Bartoline William, policeman, r. 125 12th 
Bartolme John, gardener, r. 261 Mohawk 
BartolomeoF. shoeinkr. 134 VanBureu, r. 66 Sner- 


Bartolomeo G. shoemkr. r. 66 Sherman 
Barton Cecilia, dressmkr. 893 W. Lake 
Barton Charles, r. 884 State 
Barton Charles R. (Barton & Jones), r. 190 W 

Barton E. M. (Gray & Barton), r. Rhodes av. cor. 

University pi. 
Barton Frank E. elk. Hitchcock & Walden,r. 250 

Warren av. 
Barton George, printer, Workingman's Advocate. 

r. 72 W. Madison 
Barton George T. bkpr. Realestate Loan & Trust 

Co. r. 570 Burn side 

Barton Henriette Miss, dressmkr. r. 352 Clark 
Barton H. B. (Smith & Barton), r. 893 W. Lake 
Barton James, bartender Chapin & Gore, r. 448 

Barton John, bkpr. J. B. Batchelder, r. 344 W. 

Barton John, gardener, r. ns. Webster av. bet. 

Franklin and lake shore 

Barton John, lab. r. ns. 21st, bet. Wood and Lin- 

Barton Joseph, salesman, r. 232 S. Sangamon 
Barton J. coachman, r. 537 Victoria av. 
Barton King M. elk. Hitchcock & Walden, r. 250 

Warren av. 

Barton Lr-wis H. grocer. 305 24th 
Barton Moses, pedlar, r. 154 Pacific av. 
Barton N. A. insurance, r. 895^ W. Lake 
Barton P. L. mnfr. r. 13 28th 

Diebold <& 3ienzle' 

D. S. COVERT, Gon'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Allan I "iukcrtou keeps the Records of his Office 

In Six Large Harris' Safes, Factory, OO and 62 South Canal St. 

\V.tI. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





Barton Sanford W. elk. Smith & Barton, r. 893 W. 

IBarton William, elk. r. 884 State 

Barton William A. contractor, r. 1298 Wabash av. 

Barton & Jones, lumber dealers, 12th, cor. Lumber 

Fartoo Ansust, lab. r. 28 Barber 

Bartoo William, lab. r. 28 Barber 

Bartosh William, machinist, I. C. R. R. r. 1588 State 

Bartossi Laurence, lab. r. rear 117 Crosby 

Bartow Alfred, lawyer. 104 State, r. 506 Wabash av. 

Bartram Abigal. wi'd. Harmon, r. 703 Larrabee 

Bartram Ernst. blksmith, r.830 State 

Bartram Henry, butcher, r. 190 Cottage Grove av. 

Bartram H. L. bkpr. Lacledo Hotel 

Bartram Wheeler, policeman, Sdprect. r. 703 Larra- 

Barts John, fireman, C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

Barts Paul, tmrber. r. 304 Hnbbard 

Bartsch Conrad, tailor, 571 Wells 

Bartschy G. C. mechanic, r. 108 N. Clark 

Barttas John, r. 18 Miller 

Bartto Andrew, cook, r. 17 Milwaukee av. 

Bartuska Joseph, elk. Harder & Hafer, r. 236 Kos- 

Bartuska Vit, tailor, r. 55 Augusta 

Barty John, painter, r. 45 Emma 

Barty William, lab. r. 89Fisk 

Bartzhy , r. Huber House 

Bartzies Christian, mason, r. 605 Wells 

Baruth William, grocer, 74 Wells 

Baruth William, jr. elk. William Baruth, r. 157 
Town send 

Barwick John, coaldlr. 62 Lumber, r. Brooks bet. 
Ellis and Drexel avs. 

Barwick W. student, Bryant and Chase's 
Business College 

Bary Edward, lab. r. 327 4th av. 

Barz Nicolas, lab. r. 130 McGregor 

Barz William, carpenter, r. 77 Fry 

Bas Henry, lab. r. 526 S. Canal ' 

Basch Abram. tailor, 227 Clark, r. 35 3d av. 

Basch Henry, barber, 129 W. 12th ^ 

Basch Jacob, lab. r. 103 Cottage Grove av. 

Baschau Levi, elk. r. 167 Adams 

Bascom Addison D. foreman, Union Elevator, r. 261 

Bascom James A. bkpr. cash, office C., R.I. & P. 
R. R. r. 105 VIncennes av. 

Bascom J. H. propr. Home Journal, r.166 Randolph 

Baseka John, lab. r. 71 Barber 

Baseler Charles, elk. Moench & Reinhold 

Basey Robert W. elk. r. 330 Fulton 

Bash Albert, r. 567 N. Dearborn 

Bash Daniel N. (Bash & Shapley), r. 476 N. Dear- 

Bash Frank S. bkpr. r. 212 Superior 

Bash Henry, saloon and boarding house 246 Michi- 

Bash James, lab. r. 107 W. 18th 

Bash J. clothing 235 Clark 

Bash & Shapley, real estate, room 1, Portland 


Basherk John, lab. r. 88 Barber 
Bashold George, lab. r. 307 22d 
Baska V. lab. T. W. Harvey 
Basketfleld John, lab. r. 24 Blackwell 
Baskgen Joseph, tanner, r. al. rear 548 W. Chicago 

Baskins John, polisher, Sherman Marble Co. r. 42 

Adams William, elk. J. B. Shay, r. 92 Sigel 
Easier Frederick, moulder, r. 51 Oakwood 
Basquil Elair, carpenter, r. 75 Sampson 
Bass Fanny C. teacher, Foster School, r. 214 S. 

Bass Kate Miss, teacher, Mitchel St. Primary 

School, r. 214 S. Green 
Bas& Myron H. elk. Perkins Bass, r. 517 Belden 


No. 158 State Street. 

Jacob R. Shipherd & Co., O 

IVew York, - 24 Pine Street. 

Chicago, - 155 & 157 LuSulle Street. 
And Twenty-Second St. Bank. 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large 
investments of Eastern capkal. 

B iss Perkins, lawyer, 93 Dearborn, r. 497 Wabash 


Bassa John, wagonmkr. r. 164 N. Rucke 
Bassah Heinrich, tailor, r. 17 Fisk 
Basse F. L. F. foreman, Mears, Bates & Co. r. 159 

r. 159 Sheffield av. 
Basse W. H. T. chemist, 748 S. Halsted 
Bassenhorst Heinrich, lab. 126 W. Erie 
Bassenhorst Wilhelm, carpenter, r. 126 W. Erie 
Bassett Andrew F. carpenter, r. 308 South Park av. 
Bassett Andrew J. elk. G.Div. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 263 

W. Randolph 

Bassett Ann Mrs. doctress, r. 395 Fulton 
Bassett A. O.(J. S. Bassett & Co.), r. 334 W. Van 


Bassett Charles, elk. r. 251 W. 16th 
Bassett Ch-iuncy, elk. r. 315 W. Randolph 
Bassett Chauncy. lab. r. ?95 Fulton 
Bassett C. wks. Palmer, Fuller & Co. 
Bassett C. L. elk. r. 502 Burnside 
Bassett Daniel, machinist, C. & N. W. Ry. r. 196 


Bassett E. A. physician, 187 and 189 Clark 
Bapsett George, painter, r, 175 Ewing 
Jassett George, r. 504th av. 
Bassett Henry A . salesman, Heartt, Wait & Dodge, 


BASSETT irtA, organ tuner, 453 W. Harrison 
Bassett Jamesfboardinghouse, 1170 State 
Bjeeett JameiwS. (J. S. Bassett & Co.), r. 499 Michi- 
gan aup 

Bassett JaUfi. 128 LaSalle. r. 133 S. Morgan 
Bassett John J. (Bassett, Whitlock & Co.), r. 315 W. 


BasseDt J. J. carpenter, r. rear 467 Burnside 
Bassett J.8.& Coj>Iumbers and trasfltters,84 Monroe 
Bassett J. W. r. Rdoiph, cor. Halsted 
Bassett Nelson M. keeper supply store, C. & N. W. 

Ry. 44 Wells, r. Austin 
Basse tt O. P. (Bassett, Whitlock & Co.), r. 181 W. 


Bassett O. T. student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Bassett Patrick, hostler. S. C. Ry. Co. 
Bassett Samuel, newsdealer, r. 363 State 
Bassett Samuel W. bkpr. Heartt, Wait & Dodge, r. 

HON. Dearborn 

Bassett Thomas ( Bassett <fc Hammond), r. Winetka 
Bassetf Wallace W. shipping elk. Palmer, Fuller & 

Co. r. 502 Burnside 

Bassett, Whitlock & Co. printers, 97;W. Randolph 
Bassett William, engineer, r. McHenry, bet. W. 

North av. and Rawson 
Bassett W. R. livery stable, 189 State, r. State, sw. 

cor. Quincy 

Bassett . r. room 45. 182 Dearborn 

Bassett & Hammond, hats, caps and furs, 124 Lake 
Bassford Abram, supt. billiard hall, r. 131 22d 
Bassford Laura M. Miss, teacher Jones school, r. 88 

Van Buren 

Bassford S. C. elk. Mandel Bros. r. 66 Monroe 
Bassil Daniel, lab. r. 322 Brown 
Bast Edward C. manager Ziegler & McCnrdy, r. 275 

W. Monroe 
Bast J. S. carpenter, 118 and 120 W. White, r. 18 W. 


Bast L. r. 104 N. Desplaines 
Bast M. r. 104 N. Desplaines 
Bast William, carpenter, r. 125 Illinois 
Bastam Alexander, model maker 162 S. Water, r. 96 

N. Desplaines 
Bastam Frederick, model maker A. Bastam, r. 96 

N. Desplaines 

Basteon John, tailor, r. 154 Ewing 
Bastian Francisca, wid. William, r. 165Hurlbnt 
Bastian Gotthard, shoemkr. r. 180 W. Chicago av. 
Bastain O. tanner, r. 194 N. Union 
Bastian Philip, carriage driver, r. 303 W. Madison 
Bastian Vital, lab. r. 146 W. Division 

















Mead & Coe, Real Estate Brokers, 154 Washington St., 

Have a large list of first-class business property for sale. 




"Wilmington Coal. 

Better l>y !t2 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than most Giro nnd Pennsylvnnia Cf>al sold in thi- mnrke', 
id as Rood us the !* ,1 lor :ill ordiiinry purposes. 1ST free of M..le 
- J c - 


Cfticayo and Wilniinfjtnn Cnl Co., 

No. 2 West Van Buren Street, Chi 


Bastic Thomas, machinist, C., K. I. & P. R. R. 
Bastin David, bartender, r. 128 Van Buren 
Bastin Michael, railway, r. 19 Seward 
Bastjen John, tanner, Eliel & Co. r. 548 W. Chicago 


Batch Charles, cigar mkr. r. 102 4th 
Batch JuMus, painter, r. 254 Larrabee 
Batchelder Adalbert, bkpr. Sprague, Warner & Co. 

r. 266 Illinois 

Batchelder Charles, student, r. 785 W. Washington 
Batchelder Israel H. restanrant, 440 State 
Batchelder James L. (Batchelder & Frisbee), r. 785 

W. Washington 
BATCHElrDER 3. B. photographic material, 

180 Lake, r. 170 W. Washington 
Batchelder & Frisbee, bookbinders, McCormick'a 


Batcheldor George H. printer, r. 279 Warren av, . 
Batcheiler W. (Batcheller & Benton), r. Matteson 


Batcheller & Benton, lumber, Throop, s of 22d, of- 
fice. 232 S. Water 

Batcheller & Sons, agricultural forks, 33 8. Water 
Batchelor Francis, wid. Merritt, nurse, 444% N. 


Batchelor George, painter, r. 184 Ewin 
Batchin James, stonecutter, r. 295 
Bateham William, shingle mnfr. r. 

Bateham W. B. alderman 9th Ward, 

Canal, r. 286 W. Harrison 
Bateman Henry, cabinetmkr. r. 98 Samps* 
Bateman John, lab. r. 44 Nebraska 
Bateman Joseph, elk. Henry Frederick, "JOGS 

Clarfe v--^ 

Bateman S. drygoods. 415 Clark.^^ * 
Bates Adna, agt. burglar alarm, T. Monroe, cor. 

Bates Ansel, lawyer, room 16, 145 Madison, r. 603 

W. Madison 

Bates A. T. (W. L. Bates & Co.), r. 558 W. Wash- 

Bates Bradley, grocer, 613 W. Van Buren 
Bates Charles S. com. lumber, 232 S. Water, r. 858 

.W. Lake 

Bates David, r. 169 Calumet av. 
Bates Eli (Mears, Bates & Co.), r. 367 Ontario 
Bates F. painter, C. & N. W. Ry. Co. r. . Oak 


Bates George, elk. r. 49 S. Curtis 
Bates George, lab. r. 566 S. Halsted 
Bates George C. (Bates & Hodges), r. room 4 124 

Bates George C. bkpr. Haskin, Martin & Wheeler, 

r. 148. Curtis 
Bates George H. pedlar, A. Thomas & Co. r. 77 


Bates Henry K. shoemkr. r. 149 Aberdeen 
Bates Henry L. printer, r. 10 Peck Ct. 
Bates Horace, elk. r. 307 W. Randolph 
Bates H. B. com. mer. r. 190 Wabash av. 
Bates H. R. butcher, 137 S. Halsted, r. 367 W. Ran- 
Bates James, shipcarpenter, W. Bates & Co. r. 384 

5th av. 
Bates John G. salesman, Richards, Crnmbangh & 

Shaw, r. Briggs House 
Bates Joseph E. gen. agt. Anchor Life Ins. Co. 172 

LaSalle, r. Maywood 
Bates J. agt. r. 312 Fulton 
Bates Lewis, express, r. 131 4th av. 
Bates Lizzie Miss, r. 379 Michell 
Bates L. C. Rev. r. 93 Walnut 
Bates Margaret, r. 286 W. Taylor 
Bates Margaret Mrs. r. 148 N. Green 
Bates Marseilles, pedlar, A. Thomas & Co. r. 77 

Bates M. J. Mrs. intelligence office, 181 Madison, r. 

10 Peck ct. 

Bates Newton H. bkpr. Iveson, Blakemau, Taylor & 
Co. r. 136 Morgan 

Bates Robert C. coal dlr. r. 203 W. Madison 

Bates Robert M. elocutionist and actor, 144 Madi- 

Bates R. W. (Bates & Westworth), r. 13 Aberdeen 

Bates Stephen, shipcarpenter, r. 173 W. VanBu- 

Bates Thomas,foreman Gilroy Chain Mnfg. Co.r.155 

Bates T. H. r. 464 W. Randolph 

Bates William H. milkman, r. 445 N. Dearborn 

Bates William W. (William W. Bates & Co.), r. 52 
Price pi. 

Bates William W. & Co. dry dock, 384 5th av. 

Bates W. L. (W. L. Bates & Cp.), r. 558 W. Wash- 

Bates W. L. & Co. gen. agts. Finkle & Lyon S, 
M. Co. 101 Washington 

Bates W. S. packer, D. B. Fisk & Co. r. 312 Fulton 

Bates , r. 517 State 

BATES & HODGES, attorneys, rooms 5 and 
6, 124 Washington 

Bates & Westworth, carvers, 86 and 88 W. Ran- 

Batesman John, shoemkr. r. 37 4th 

Batesou Alexander, lumber, 3*7 Archer av. r. 1002 
Indiana av 

Batey Richard, elk. Republican Co. r. 98 Washing- 

Bath Charles, r. 131 Henry 

Bath Herbert, joiner, r. 131 Henry 

Bath Joseph, student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College* 

Bath Paul, lab. r. 41 Sigel . 

Bath-William, sailor, r. rear. 27l'$lst 

Bathe Joseph K sttMent,r.50^.Peoria 

BatbanannOaiifis T. fancygoods, r. 138 Chicago 

iatho Elizabeth, wid. PeteVv.r. w"Larrabee 
Bathol John, Jab. r. 350 WOPolk 
Bathriqk Caffr^!* D.tlk. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 621 W. 
kjf- Washington 

mths Joseph, elk. H. Sontag, r. 170 W. Polk 
Batke Albert, lab. r. 50 S. Curtis 
Batles Anton, elk. r. 374 Sedgwick 
Batles George, painter, r. 374 Sedgwick 
Batll Mary Mrs. r. 143 Ruble 
Batowski Frank, lab. r. 186 Buddan 

Batrchar , builder, r. 329 Clybourn av. 

Bats John, lab. r. Dexter, nr. Mayflower 

Bats John, jr. lab. r. Dexter, nr. Mayflower 

Batson Edward, carpenter, r. 101 School 

Batson F. harnessmkr. r. 181 Indiana 

Batson James, printer, r. 503 W Madison 

Batt Harry, lab. L. S. & M. S. ft. depot 

Batt Henry, elk. r. 19 Dussold 

Batt John, physician, r. 324 Fulton 

Batta Hubert, carpenter, r. 309 22d 

Batta Michael, carpenter, r. 309 22d 

Batta William, carpenter, r. 309 22d 

Battan Clos, lumberman, r. rear 166 Canalport 


Battcher John, lab. r. 190 Canalport av. 
Battelman "Christ, turner, r. 20 Howe 
Batten C. D. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 3M 

W. Randolph 
Batten John H. associate elk. Superior Court, r. 

Fullerton av. nw. cor. Racine av. 
Batten J. H. jr. lawstudent, r. Fullerton av. nw. 

cor. Racine av. 

Batterman John, grocer, 567 S. Canal 
Batterman John jr. student, r. 567 S. Canal 
Batterman John C. shipping elk. Herhold, Johnson 

& Co. r. 150 Bremer 

Batterman Joseph, printer, r. 91 Franklin 
Batterman William, alderman 7th Ward, r. 72- 

Battermann Henry, saloon, 153 W. Lake 



Willow Bank Coal ; 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

_ ~~ 

The City Clerk of Chicago Uses a Five Ton Safe, 

JIade at Harris' Safe Factory, GO and 62 South Canal St 

W]fl. M. I>I:L:, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





B.. Hermann William, elk. City Collector's office, r. 

166 Brenier 

Bam-rmann William, grocer, 804 S. Halsied 
Battersby Joseph, photographer, r. 221 W. Madi- 
Battershall F. H. cash. U. S. Int Rev. office, r. 

51 8. Elizabeth 
Battershall M. agt Beards & Cummin gs, r. 426 

W. Madison 
Battershal) William, boardinghouse, r. 236 South 

Park av. 
Battershall William, jr. painter, r. 236 South Park 


Patterson Horace, pedler. r. 293 5th a v. 
Battey P. A. (Page & Battey), r. S. Halsted, nr. 


Battey Richard, machinist, r. 755 Hubbard 
Battie Irfiwrence, lab. r. rear 193 S. Jefferson 
Battle Walter, fireman, r. 598 S. Union 
BattinA. J. r.47 37th 

Battiu , elk. r. 354 W. Randolph 

Battis H. A. carpenter, r. 1 Taylor 

Battles Asa (Byron A. Baldwin & Co.), r. Everett 

Battles Edgar C. laster, Curtis Shoe Co. r. 442 N. 


Battles John F. elk. Tolman & King, r. 442 N. State 
Battles William, carpenter, r. 103 Indiana 
Battoi Charles, fruit, 327 H Clark 
fBatty John, helper, r. Redfleld, nr. McHenry 
Baty Amos, gilder, r. 318 Throop 
Baty Francis, carpenter, r. rear 430 S. Halsted 
Baty Thomas, carpenter, r. rear 430 S. Halsted 
Baty Thomas, newsagt. r. 78 Sampson 
Batzhold Ernst, varmsher, r. rear 81 Illinois, 
Batzlaff. Albert, blksinith, Rossow Bros. <fc Co. r. 46 

Batzlaff Charles, blksmith, Rossow Bros. & Co. r. 

46 Kroger, 

Baubender'Fred, lab. r. 33 Gardner 
Bauch George, lab. 298 21st 
auch John, carpenter, r. 258 Vine 
Banch Peter, painter, r. 255 Blue Island av. 
Baucher James, lab. Heeney & Campbell, r. 203 


Banchleher Frank, lab r. 231 Dayton 
Bauchleher Julius, lab. r. 231 Dayton 
Bauchleher Kate, wid Michael, r. 231 Dayton 
Bauck M. lab. Goss < Phillips Mnfg. Co. 
Bauck William, lab. r. 870 Clybonrn av. 
Bande Gardner, r. 45 Emma 
Baude George, express, r. 89 N. Elizabeth 
Baude Henry, expressman, r. 43 Emma 
Bander Charles, lab. r. 145 Chicago av. 
Bauder Frank, lab. r. 201 Evans 
Bauder Frederick, currier, r. 17 Wade 
Bauder F. (Voellmy & Bauder), r. 72 Whitney 
Bauderman Mathilda, teacher, St. Josephs School, 

r. 341 Chicago ay. 

Baudkavier James, shoemkr. r. 170 Ewing 
Bandonine Abrm. caller, Field Leiter & Co. r. 370 


Bandry Alfred, lab. Spaulding & Merrick 
Bauer Albert, cook, Sherman House 
Bauer Augustus (Bauer & Loebnitz), r. 18 Chesnut 


Bauer Banckratz saloon, 660 S. Haleted 
Bauer Caspar, (Bauer & Mohr), r. 232 Noble 
Bauer C. cigarmkr, r 276 Clark 
Bi.uer Edward, boots and shoes, r. 670 State 
Bauer Francis, elk. r. 322 North av. 
Bauer Frank, trunkmkr. r. -1^' D1*'lion 
Bauer George, carpenter, Go?s'Jt Phi!!ii>8 Mnfg Co. 
Bauer Henry, bricklayer, r. 126 Orchard 
Bauer Henry, wks. Doig & Van Duser 
Bauer Henry, r. 42 Sherman 
Bauer Herman, barber, r. 102 Sedgwick 
Bauer H. with J. Bauer & Co. r. .334 N. State 
Bauar Jacob, cooper, r. 812 Clark 



167 & ICO Lal;e Street. 


Catalogue and Samples sent on Application. ^ 


94 Washington Street Chicago- 

Bauer Jacob, shoemk<\ 201 1 /4 5th av. r. 163 Adams 

Bauer Johanna, wid. William, r. 221 and 223 Oak 

Bauer John, leathermer. r. 420 N. Wells 

Bauer John, saloon, 456 Larrabee 

Bauer John, tailor, r. 5 Sullivan 

Bauer John. r. 140 Ruble 

Bauer Joseph, house mover, r. 164 Mitchell 

Bauer Jnlins (J. Bauer & Co.), r. 270 Michigan av. 

Bauer J. mason, r. 131 Burling 

Bauer J. A. teacher St. Michael'* School, r. 188 

Bauer J. & Co. music and musical instruments, 69 

Bauer Killan, trunkmkr. r. 425 Division 

Bauer Lewis, carpenter, r. 225 8. Peoria 

Bauer Louis, file mnfr. r. 346 S. Halrted 

Bauer Louis, wks. J. Flynn. r. 263 Clark 

Bauer Louis P. elk. 209 Blue Island av. r. 362 Hal- 

Bauer Max, trav. agt. I. Hamburger, r. 181>4 N. 

Bauer Michael, elk. r. 180 North ay. 

Bauer Nicholas, brushmkr. Certs, Lumbard & Co. 
r. 232 Noble 

Bauer Sebastian, r. 420 N. Wells 

Bauer S. mason, r. 131 Burling 

Bauer William, cooper, r. Clark cor. 17th 

BAFER & tOEBNITZ, architects, rooms 5 
and 6, 36 La Salle 

Saner & Mohr, wood yard, Elston road, nr. W. 

Bauer see also Baur 

Bauerle Leonhart, wood turner, r. 592 W. Indiana 

Bauerle Michael (Patzack & Bauerle), r. 189 If. 
Chicago av. 

Baugnst A. lab. r. 3 Knerr 

Baugh John M. Rev. pastor United Presbyterian 
Church, r. 99 S. Robey 

Baughan Alfred, collarmkr. r. 201 W. Madison 

Bauzhman William, cooper, r. 132 N. May 

Baul Frank, lab. r. 42 Burlington 

Bauland Jacob, bkpr. H. A. Kohn & Bros. r. 58 4fn 

Banland Joseph, elk. Mandle Bros. r. 56 4th av. 

Bauland J. student, Bryant <fc Chase's Busi- 
ness College 

Bauland Sarah Mrs. r. 58 4th av. 

Bauld A. lab. r. 221 S. Clinton 

Bauler Hubert, musician, r. 70 Mohawk 

Paulmaster Earnest, lab. r. 177 let 

Baum B. A. jeweler, r. 429 State 

Baum Christian, carpenter, r. 68 Luke 

Baum C. F. conductor, r. 96 Brown 

Banm Emannel (L. Baum & Bro.) 

Baum Frederick, carriagemkr. r. 121 4th 

Baum Gabriel, elk. Daniels & Baum, r. 150 W. Jack- 

Baum Henry, servant, r. 190 Wabnsh av. 

Baum Julius (Littauer & Baum), r. 445 N. LaSalle 

Banm Leopold (L. Banm & Bro.), r.78 W. Madison 

Banm L & Bro. tobacco and cigars, 78 W.Madison 

Baum Moses (Daniels & Banm), r. 124 W. Jackson 

Bauman August, mason, r. 259 Blackhawk 

Bauman Folrat, lab. r. 43 Elgin 

Banmnn Jacob, lab. r. 70 Purple 

Bauman John G. blksmith, P. Lersch, r. 332 22d , 

Bauman Leo, cigarmkr. r. 473 N. Franklin 

Bauman Lucas, r. 67 Veddcr 

Banman Nicholas, lab. r. 3! Elgin 

B.,uman Peter, lab. r. JSEL'in 

Biiumann Carl, lab. r. 54 Hawthorne av. 

Banmann Christof. r. 1(17 Milwaukee av. 

Baumann Edward-, (F. & E. Baumann), r. 638 N. 

Baumann Frank, lab. r. 144 Clvbourn av. 

Banmann Frederick, (F. & E. Baumann,), r. Lake- 

Banmann F. & E, architects, 156 Washington 
' Baumann George, meatmarket, 101 Blue Island av. 

















THE INTERIOR, Rev. A. Swazey, D.D., 

Editor-in-Chief, Office, Corner Clark and Monroe Si*. 


See Adv't. PIIIMP A. MOTIVE, Custom House Building. 




i Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Office and Yard, Ho. 2 W. VanBuren St. 





'Baumann Georsre, wagonnikr, William Neff, r. 64 

Blue Inland av. 

Baumann Henry M. coffinmkr. r. 419 5th av. 
Battmann H. bricklayer, r. 48 Fremont 
Baumann John, barber. 123 W. Randolph, r. rear 

103 W. Madison 
'Baumann John, woodyard, 73 Milmaukee av. r. 69 

N. Noble 

Baumann Julius, barber, 586 8. Halsted 
Baumann J. H. tailor, 1371 State 
Banmann Mathias, pressman, Evening Mail, r. 67 

Baumann Stephen (Kosche & Baumann), r. 134 Cly- 

bourn av. 
Baumann Wilhelm, foreman, N.S. Gas Works, r. 211 


Baumann William, lab. r. 212 Blackhawk 
Baumar Gustavns H. r. 506 Webster av. 
Baumbach Adolph.Jprof. music, r. 1082 Wabash av. 
Baumdererde Joachim, lab. r. 81 Wade 
Baumeisder Elizabeth, wid. Theodor, r. 98 Wesson 
Baumeister George, cook, r. 152 Hurlbut 
Baumeister George, varnisher, J. N. Brunswick Bro. 

r. 46 Canal 

Baumeisser Joseph, cigarmkr. 121 Sedgwick 
Baumer Julius, scenic artist, r. 277 W. Randolph 
Baum^arten Frederick (Baumgarten & Topp), r. 

146 Rnmsay 

Baumgarten Frederika. wid. Paul, r. 155 Wesson 
Baumgarten James, elk. r. 348 iBlue Island av. 
JBaurnsrarten John (Baumgarten & Bro.), r. 187 W. 

Chicago av. 
Baumgarten J. F. (Baumgarten & Bro.), r. 186 W. 


Baumgarten & Bro. com. mers. 186 W. Randolph 
Baumgarten & Topp. grocers. 146 Rumsey 
Baumgarter C. F. elk. H. Fuerstenberg & Bro. r. 

34s Blue Island av. 
Baumgartner Francis J. cigar store, 178 Blue Island 

av. r. 367 S. Morgan 

Baumgartner Frank, butcher, r. 313 and 315 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Baumgartner F. printer, r. 390 S. Morgan 
Baumgartner Mary, wid. Paul, r. 104 Clybourn av. 
Baumgartner P. G. cigars and tobacco, 113 Dear- 

Baumister John, teamster, r. 126 Fry 
Baumrnk Joseph, carpenter, r. 37 Burlington 
Baumruker Martin, tailor. 133 Luke 
Banmstark Barney, carpenter, r. 113 12th 
Baumsterk Charles, barknr. T. Welch, r. 250 Lake 
Baumyer Henry, tanner H. L. Spangenberg, r. Di- 
vision se. cor. Noble 
Baunach Charles, lithographer Gt. Western Lith. 

Co. r. 317 3d av. 

Bauney John, carpenter, r. 382 Larrabee 
Baunyard H. carpenter, r. 140 Dayton 
Baunyard P. carpenter, r. 140 Dayton 
Baur Casper, r. 625 N. Wells 
Baur John (Sebastian Baur & Co.), r. 420 N. Wells 
Banr Joseph, carpenter, r. 86 Sigel 
Baur Sebastian, (Sebastian Baur & Co.), r. 420 N. 


Baur Sebastian & Co. leather and findings, 194 Lake 
Baura Henry, carpenter, r. 129 Blue Island av. 
Baurget James, carpenter, r. 203 Ewing 
Baurmann Frederick, plumber, r. 29 Newton 
Bans John, police scrgt. Larrabee St. station, r. 227 

North av. 

Bausacke Charles, carpenter, r. 349 Church 
Bause Baldeser, lab. r. 168 Brown 
Bausen B. mer. r. Huber House 
Bansenbach. C. G. watchmkr 628 S. Canal 
Bansher Henry, jr. (Fogg, Bausher & Co.), r. 287 


Bausman Julien. painter 149 Lake 
Banst H. bartender, r. 123 Indiana 
Baust L. A. cigarmkr. r. 123 Indiana 
Bausteis Martin, teamster, r. Loomis, s of 2'2d 

Bautch George, saloon, 85 W Adams 

Bautz Robert, painter, r. 206 W. Madison 

Bauwens Ivo. r. 33 Johnson 

Bavil Joseph, lab. r. Von Horn. nr. Iglehart 

Bavin Edward, mer. r. 340 W. Harrison 

Bavin Eliza Mrs. (B. M. Gordon & Co.), r. 26 Wi!- 
lard pi. 

Bavin George, printer, r. 340 W. Harrison 

Bavin William, r. 26 Willard pi. 

Bavlicke Thomas, lab. r. rear 29 Burlington 

Bawer Matthias, carpenter, r. 13 Coolidge 

Bawson Petei, sailor, r 336 Hubbard 

Baxa Mack, shoemkr. r. 180 Dekoven 

Baxa Wenzel, shoemkr. r. 180 Dekoven 

Baxter Andrew J. physician, 121 Clark, r. 233 On- 

Baxter A. E. wid. George, r. 191 W. 16th 

Baxter Benard. teamster, r. 310 5th av. 

Baxter D F. (Webster & BaxterX r. 347 Ohio 

Baxter Edward G. elk. J. W. Doane & Co. r, 287 

Baxter George, fereman I. C. R. R. car shops, r. 152 
Newberry av. 

Baxter George, saloon, 272 N. Uuion 

Baxter Gilbert, machinist, Wallace* Smail, r. 37 

Baxter Henry, cutter, Simon, Strauss & Co. r. 260 
W. Lake 

Baxter James (James Baxter & Co.), r. 82 Ashland 

Baxter James, stonecutter, r. 150 Newberry av. 

Baxter James H. teamster, r. 3105th av. 

Baxter James & Co. bankers, 144 Washington 

Baxter Jane, wid. William, r. 150 Newberry av. 

Baxter John V. builder, r. 106 S. Green 

Baxter J. dry goods, 181 W. Madison, r. 144 W. 

Baxter J. W. elk. r. 34 and 36 Washington 

Baxter M. H. r. 29 W. Randolph 

Baxter F. G. manager, T. W. Baxter & Co. r. 343 W. 

Baxter F. M. elk. Republic Ins. Co. r. 364 Wabash av. 

Baxter T. W. & Co. mill furnishing, W. Water, bet. 
Madison and Washington 

Baxter William. fireman,>. 191 W. 16th 

Baxter William, saloon, 3 Custom House pi. r. 198 

Baxter William, stonecutter, r. 552 S.Morgan 

Baxter William G. elk. Gale and Blocki, r. 106 S. 

Baxter W. r. 411 W. Madison 

Baxter W. P. elk. C. O. Thompson & Co. r. 21 Wil- 
lard pi. 

Bay Edward F. elk. S. Taylor, r. 157 18th 

Bay Edwin R. Mrs. r. 159 Aberdeen 

Bay George P. (Geo. P. Bay & Bro.), r. 3 Rucker 

Bay George P. & Bro. grocers, 288 Hubbard 

Bay Henry K. (George P. Bay & Bro.), r. 288 Hub- 

Bayan James, coachman A. M. Billings, r. 504 W. 

Bayer Adam, corporal U. S. A. recruiting office, r. 34 

Bayer Augustus, carpenter, r. 50 N. Halsted 

Bayer A. cigarmkr, r. 40 Hastings 

Bayer Charles, furniture, 423 S. Canal, r. 110 W. 

Bayer H. E. carver. Pries & Wiechmann, r. 110 W. 

Bayert Augustus, blksmith, J. Smith & Co, r. 109 

Bayha David, maltster, F. Wacker & Co. r. Cly- 
bourn pi. nw. cor. Southport av. 

Bayles Carrie M. Miss, boardinghouse. 23 Pine 

Bayless Theodore P. salesman, S. C. Thompson & 
Co. r. 107 N. Desplaines 

Bayley D. r. Revere House 

Bayley James M. special policeman, 1st Nat. Bank, 
r. 188 State 

Yale Locks 



OS Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, 6O and 2 South Canal Street. 

WM. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





Bayley Patrick, lab. r. rear 33 Crittenden 

Bayley W. L. S. ins. 126 Washington, r. 625 W. 


Bayley, see also Bailey 
Baylis Abram P. r. 96 Kith 
Baylis William, teamster, r. 96 16th 
Bayliss Jeremiah H. Rev. pastor Trinity M. E. 

Church, r.. 1009 Indiana av. 
Bayne William, elk. Q. A. Seaverns. r. 457 Hubbard 
Baynes Anthony (O'Connor & Baynes), r. 224 N. 


Baynes Anthony, lab. r. 27 Erie 
Baynes George, constable, 5 Unlich's blk. r. 30 


Bayrd Edwart, cnulker, r. 440 Burnside 
Bayall Albert, lab. r. 218 Coolidge 
Baziu Louis, lab. r. 903 State 
Bazinet B. wks. William Goldie 
Bdankeop James, engineer, Western White Lead 

Co. r. 146 Cass 

Beach Adelbert, printer, r. 135 Adams 
Beach Charles, builder, r. ws. Racine, r. of Fuller- 
ton av. 

Beach Charles E. mailcarrier, r. 81 Aberdeen 
Beach C. B. bkpr. Jones, Junkin & Co. r. Central 

Park Boulevard 
Beach Eben C. (John F. Rathbone & Co.). r. Al- 

banv, N. Y. 

Beach E. A. (D. H. Lincoln & Co.), r. 43 Bryant av. 
Beach E. F. bkpr. Gray, Griswold & Co. r. 17 Pierce 
Beach E. Kellogg, realestate, r. 169 Lincoln av. 
Beach E. W. lab. r. rear 921 Arnold 
Beach George, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 

Beach George M. (Chapman & Beach), r. Ill Michi- 
gan av. 

Beach Hector S. mechanic, r. 42 Hamilton av. 
Beach Heman, painter, r. 1060 Prairie av. 
Beach H. A. ins. elk. 13 Tribune bldg. r. 9 Centre av. 
Beach James, lawyer, r. 691 Indiana av. 
Beach James, machinist, r. 137 W. Madison 
Beach James S. physician, room 52, 154 Madison, r. 

17 Pierce 

Beach James W. lawyer, % Washington 
Beach John, driver, r. 1006 State 
Beach L. H. (Harbridge & Beach), r. 17 Pierce 
Beach Mary E. Mrs. confectionery, 72 Aberdeen, r. 

81 Aberdeen 

Beach Sarah, wid. John. r. 35 Price pi. 
Beach S. S. (Beach & Barnard), r. 125 W. Jackson 
Beach Thomas S. elk. S H. McCrea & Co. r. 11 N. 


Beach William H.r. 125 W. Jackson 
Beach W. J. conductor, Pullman Car Co. r. 293 Park 


Beach & Barnard, job printers, 126 Clark 
Beacon Nathan, waiter, Sherman House 
Beacon Thomas, blksmith. D. Russell, r. 80 Laflin 
Beadell Madison, policeman, 1st prect. r. 1024 S. 


Beadleston Alonzo, printer, r. 936 State 
Beadman Frank, lab. r. 500 W. Indiana 
Beagen John, carpenter, r. 56 Farrel 
Beagil Henry, lab. r. 200 W. Kinzie 
Beagle Samuel, painter, r. rear 206 South Park av. 
Beagley Thomas, boatbuilder, r. 35 Mark 
Beahm John, wagonmkr. M. Schaffhausen, r. 81 


Beahm J. paperhanger, r. 152 3d av. 
Beahm Rudolf, machinist, r. 23 Langdon 
Beahringer Henry, tnmkmkr. r. 279 North av. 
Beair Bernard, ciirarmkr. r. 2094th av. 
Beal Elizabeth Mrs. dressmkr. r. 294 Morgan 
Beal Frederick, lab.r. 334 Brown 
Beal George, waiter, St. James hotel 
Beal Madison (M. Beal & Co.), r. 470 W. Jackson 
Beal M. & Co. real estate and loan office, 5 Major 

Beal R. J. (Beal & Brown), r. 38 Western av. 



No. 138 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, 

Cleveland Paper Company, 


Beal Stephen, foreman, r. 294 Morgan 

Beal & Brown, carriagemufrs. 142 und 144 W. Madi- 

Bealdt August, lab. C. Labahn, r. 18 Kroger 

Beale Joseph B. artist, W. D. Baker, r. Nevada Ho- 

Beale Stephen, lab. 82 Evan? 

Beale Z. painter, r. 679 S. May 

Bealer D. A. musirnn. r. 188 N. Clark 

Beales Charles A. 'in.enter, r. 223 25th 

Beall Charles M. l>kpr. C. B. Sawyer & Co. r. 15)9 
Washington av. 

Beall I. H. trav. agt. L. J. Colburn & Co. r. 385 Wa- 
bash av. 

Bealow Gottleib, cooper, r. 309 W. Kinzie 

Beals A. grocer, 1 Taylor 

Beals David S. with Union Mnfg. Co. of Chicago 

Beam Charles W. printer, r. 187 3d av. 

Beam Edward, carriage washer, r. 75 Randolph, 

Beam L. r. Schail's House 

Beamisk A. horseshoer, W. F. Lewis, r. 301 5th av. 

Bean Dixon, salesman, C. W. & E. Pardridge & Co 
r. 81 24th 

Bean Edwin, lawyer, r. 351 Ohio 

Bean George, liquor dlr. r. 52 Wisconsin 

Bean H. r. 71 Oakley 

Bean John, candymkr. M. E. Page & Co. r. 36 Oak- 

Bean John, lab. r. 29 Bryant av. 

Bean J. E. wid. D. F. dressmkr. r. 157 Warren a*. 

Bean Kate, wid. Harvey laundress, r. 14 14th 

Bean Lucas, brewer, r. 29 Bryant av. 

Bean William H. salesman, Hamlin, Hale & Co. r. 
420 S. Hoyne, 

Beanke Adolph, lab. r. Ashland av. nr. River 

Bear Aaron, lab. r. 121 Qnincy 

Bear B. cigarmkr. r. 209 4th av. 

Bear Frederick, baker, F. Voltz, r. 110 Augusta, 

Bear George, harnessmkr. r. 269 W. Randolph, 

Bear Jacob, lab. Thomas Goodwillie, r. 93 Hurlbut, 

Boar Marcel! B. elk, 871 S. Halsted 

Bear Richard, farmer, r. 9 Frank 

Bearborn Barney, lab. r. 717 N. Wells 

Beard Alexander, butcher, r. 273 4th av. 

Beard Charles, machinist, r. 183 S. Green 

Beard Charles A. lab. r. 439 Clark 

Beard James, cook, Chaunceys. r. 439 Clark 

Beard Richard, mer. r. 521 Warren av. 

Beardman H. pedlar, r. 262 4th av. 

Beardnan R. upholsterer, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 322 

Beards & Cummings, whol. teas and coffees, 46 
Michigan av. 

Beardslee Reuben, com. mer. 52 Lake, r. 21 28th 

Beardsley A. H. elk. r. Vincennes av. cor. Egan av. 

Beardfley Carlos, distiller, r. 212 Sedgwick 

Beardsley C. wid. H. H. r. Vincennesav. cor. Egau 

Beardsley George P. boardinghonse, 119 S. Jef- 

Beardsley J. G. bkpr. J. Forsyth & Co. r. 3 Grove- 
land Prk 

Beardsley J. J. lawyer, 12 City Hall 

Beardsley Lawrence S. bkpr. r. 273 W. VanBuren, 

Beardsley William H. engineer, r. Butterfleld, nr. 

Beare Nicholas, lab. r. es. McHonry. s. North av. 

Beararh Mary, wid. Nels, boardinnhouse, r. 229 W. 

Bearlin Patrick, drayman, r. 49Ontario 

Bearm William, lab. r. 168 Rumsry 

Btiaruntt Jacob, tailor, 585 S. Halsted 

BeuntoonL. baker, r. 51 Milwaukee av. 

B";ir-;u-h Louis, tinner, r. 30 Purple 

Bears Edward, lawyer, r. 24 W. Randolph 

Beart Geonre, brewer, r. 74 Oakwood 

Beasley John. bkpr. r. 181 W. Monroe 

Befttaox Julius, carpenter, r. 247 S. Halted 

Beaten Alice, wid. George, r. 125 Washington av. 










Subscribe fur THE INTERIOR, 


Wilmington Star Coal Co., C L. Baiicy. Manager, 

Yard, O.I IV. 12th St. General Office, 151 >f oiiroe St. 





"Wilmington Coal. 

Better by 32 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better thnn nv.t Oh o and Pemm-lvanm Coal sold n lhi< market, 
t * rti s p"'" 1 as the I*'! for all ordinary purposes. tSTFree O f Slute 
and itt'ir 


. <n 




Chicago and Wilmituftnn C'tnl Co., 

No. 2 Went VatiBuren Street, Chic 


Beatie John, carpenter, r. 185 N. Panlina 

Beaton A. carpenter, r. 30 'Liberty 

Beaton E. Mrs. midwife, r. 41 Illinois 

Beaton Francis, lab. r. 35 O'Brien 

Beaton John, blksmith, r. rear 35 O'Brien 

Beatrie John, lab. r. 325 4th av. 

Beatson Jehn, saloon, 292 State 

Beattie James, printer, r. 48 N. Curtis 

Seattle John, lab. r. 67 Barber 

Beattie John J. carpenter, F. H. Avers, r. 666 


Beatty Afexander, express driver, r. 305 5th av. 
Beatty Dempster, salesman, Prescott & Williams, 

r. 223 N. LaSalle 

Beatty Edward.lvatchman, r. 478 N. Ashland av. 
Beatty E. L. elk. Men-lam. Moseley & Co. r. 223 N. 
Beatty James, lab. Gustav Koch. r. 162 N. Clark, 
Beatty John, lab. r. 208 Dearborn 
Beatty John, painter, r. 1C7 18th 
Beatty John K. architect and builder, r. 478 N. 

Ashland av. 
Beatty J Mrs. embroidery and stamping, 162 N. 


Beatty Thomas, elk. P. O. r. 179 8. Halsted 
Beatty William, engineer, r. 48 N. Curtis 
Beaubien Kate, wid. John, r. 341 W. Indiana 
Beaubien Alexander, detective, r. 597 W. Indiana, 
Beaubien Robert E. brakeman, r. 597 W. Indi- 

Beaucaire Victor, barber, r. 594 W. Lake 
Beaufort Henry, barber, r. 14 Pacific av. 
Beanfort Henry, porter, Petition Bros. 14 Pacific 
Beaulac Firmin, shoemkr. r. 95 Randolph 
Beaumann Henry, carpenter, r. 698 8 Canal 
Beaumester Henry, lab. r. 128 Ruble 
Beanmieeter George, restaurant, 135 Lake, r. 152 


Beaumont George, butcher, r. 174 Arnold 
Beaumont Thomas, timekpr. Am. Bridge Co. r.917 

Wentworth av. 

Beauregard Raymond, elk. r. 85Sholto 
Beaver James "E. (J. S. Bassett & Co.), r. 499 

Michigan av. 

Beaver Theodore G. lawyer, room 6. 108 LaSalle, 
Beavis John, trav. agt. f. 217 Carroll 
Beavis John B. r. 168 Curtis 
Beazell J. W. patentright, r. 365 Wabash av. 
Beazley John, elk. r. 97 S. Clinton 
Bebbar A. painter, r. 119 North av. 
Bebber Adolph. dry goods, 554 Sedgwick 
Bebbington E. K. elk. Lills Chicago Brewery Co. r. 

Pine, se. cor. Chicago av. 

Bebby Frederick A. act. 55 Monroe, r. 353 Burnside, 
Bebee H. O. bartender, r. 125 W. Washington, 
Bebernity Fritz, barber. 130H Chicago av. 
Bebo Christian, tailor, r. 49 Hastings 
B'/bow John (Wendt & Bebow). r. 30 Dobyns, 
Becack James, lab. r. 26 Burlington 
Becans; John. lab. r. 42 Burlington 
Bech E. elk. Hodges & Homer, r. Evanston Station, 
Bechard Anton, Inb. r. 38 Rebecca 
Bechek Frank, cigarmkr. M. Betterman 
Becher John, blksmith. r. 315 4th av. 
Becher J. (Becher & St. Onge), r. 469 Blue Island, 


Becher & St. Onge, wagonmkrs. 469 Blue Island av. 
Bechlenberg Herman, lab. r. 191 Mohawk 
Bechler R. woodturner, Sugg & Beiersdorf, r. 208 

Blue Island av. 

Bechner John. lab. r. rear 16 Dussold 
Bechstein Henry, trimmer, Bohanon & Pnrington, 

r. 49 N. Green 

Bechtel Jacob, machinist, r. 466 Elston av. 
Bechtel John, lab. r. 135 Sheffield av. 
Bechter Peter, bookbinder, r. 241 Rush. 
Bechtold Henry, lab. r. ss. 21st, bet. Wood and Lin- 
Beck Adam, lithographer, Floto, Knrz & Co. r. 232 


Beck Alexander R. lumber in*pec. r. 120 Lytle 

BecK August, cigarmkr. r. 93 Hurlbut 

Beck August (Beck & Wirth). r. 356 N. LaSalle, 

Beck Charles, blksmith. r. 3 Garry 

Beck Charles, butcher, r. 446 N. Ashland av. 

Beck Charles G. upholsterer, r. 223 4th 

Beck Charles W. ehoemkr. r. 97 14th 

Beck Christoph.-r, butcher, Holt, bet. Chicago av. 
and Fry. r. 157 Fry 

Beck Christian, lab. r. 346 23d 

Beck C. butcher, r. 157 Fry 

Beck Edward, painter, r. 186 Van Bnren 

Beck Ernst, carpenter, r. 659 N. Halsted 

Beck Frederick A. shoemkr. T. B. Weber & Co. r. 

Beck George H. cutter, H. A. Kohn & Bros. r. 241 

Beck Gideon, machinist, J. Williamson, r. Ill Madi- 

Beck Henry, elk. H. C. Smith, r. 55 Linden 

Beck Henry, lab. r. Blue Island av. bet. Robey and 

Beck Henry, lab. r. 346 22d 

Beck Ignatz, carpenter, r. 276 Centre 

Beck Ignatz, tanner, r. 387 Milwaukee av. 

Beck Isaac, liquor, 240 4th av. 

Beck John, lab. r. rear 289 3d av. 

Beck John, lather, r. 256 Lincoln av. 

Beck John, porter, Burley & Tyrrell, r. 33 Orchard 

Beck John, teamster, r. 157 Mohawk 

Beck John, tel. opr. r. Central House 

Beck Joseph, cooper, r. 94 Hickory 

Beck Joseph, tailor, r. 170 Banker 

Beck Joseph A. sailor, r. 153 Johnson 

Beck J. H. salesman, Simpson, Norwell & Co. r. 77 
5th av. 

Beck L. W. realestate, room 1, DeHavenblk. r. Pal- 
mer Hou 

Beck Mary, wid. John, r. 79 Howe 

Beck Michael, tailor, Jacob Muller, r. 281 Black- 

Beck Michael, lab. r. 215 Johnson 

Beck M. A. Mrs. r. 130 N. State 

Beck Neils, tailor, G. W. Mathews, r. 223 4th 

Beck Nicholas, lather, r. 82 Howe ' 

Beck Niclas. carpenter, r. 22 Chapin 

Beck N. sboemkr. r. 313 4th av. 

Beck N. weaver, C. Mathies, r. 24 Chapman 

Beck Peter, teamster, r. 119 W. 12th 

Beck Philip, shoemkr. r. 216 Henry 

Beck S. B. r. 240 4th av. 

Beck Thomas, harnessmkr. r. 775 W. Indiana 

Beck Wilhelm, tanner, r. Elston av. cor. Division, 

Beck William, pedlar, s. 349 N. Ashland av. 

Beck William, tanner, Loescber & Co. r. North: 
River House. Elston av. 

BECK &. WIRTH, tobacco mnfrs.392 and 394 
N. Clark, office and salesroom 87 and 89 Michi- 
gan av. 

Beckdors Jacob, cooper, r. 132 N. May 

Beckel Louis, baker, r. 401 Clark 

Beckenfeld Charles, brickmkr. r. 20 Langdon 

Becker Anna Mrs. r. 197 Hurlbut 

Becker August, baker. C. L. Woodman & Co. r. 177 
N. Clark 

Becker Augustus C. elk. A. F Becker, r. 267 State 

Becker Augustus F. stoves, 267 State 

Becker A. saloon, 181 Townsend 

Becker Bernard, gardener, r. 233 Vine 

Becker Bernhardt, carpenter, r. 246 W. 12th 

Becker Caspar, baker, r. 45 Purple 

Becker Charles, butcher, r. Halsted cor. 41st 

Becker Charles, lab. r. Benson cor. Lancaster av. 

Becker Chades, saloon and boardinghouse, Halsted 
nr. stock yards 

Becker Charles, shoemkr. 603 Archer av. 

Becker Charles, trav. agt. r. 550 W Madison* 

Becker Charles, r. Butterfield. bet. 37th and 38th 

Becker Charles (Becker & Hippie), r. 546 Hurlbut 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

03 Dearborn Street. 

Bank Vaults made at Harris' Safe Factory, 






Becker Charles G. lumber, r. 546 Hurlbut 

Becker Cornelia D. wid. Vroinan, r. 762 Sedgwick 

Becker C. E. policeman 1st prect. r. rear 414 Burn 

Becker C. G. Rev. pastor German M. E. church, r. 
312 Maxwell 

Becker David, foreman J. F. Warren & Co. r. 263 
W. Lake 

Becker Frank, carpenter, r. 415 Larrabee 

Becker Frank, lab. r. 2!)() North ay.. 

Becker Frank, r. Halsted cor. 41st 

Becker Fred, r. 87 N. Wells 

Becker Frederick, carpenter, r. 359 5th av. 

Becker Frederick, lab. r. 44 Nutt 

Becker Frederick, sailor, r. 12 Lisle 

Becker F. W. (Carter, Becker & Dale), r. 310 Mich- 
igan av. 

Becker George, boots and shoes, 54 Milwaukee av. 
r. 62 Milwaukee av. 

Becker G. brewer Huck's Chicago Brewery Co. 

Becker Hellegher, lab. r. 73 Polk 

Becker Henrj 1 , butcher, r. 241 Vine 

Becker Henry, lab. r. 198 N. Desplaines 

Becker Henry, teamster, r. 272 Noble 

Becker Henry, wood carver, r. 247 N. Carpenter 

Becker Hidwig, wid. Jacob, r. 83 W. Adams 

Becker Hilter, lab. r. 73 Polk 

Becker H. collector, r. 128 Superior 

Becker Jacob, beltmkr. r. Milwaukee av. 

Becker Jacob, coachman, r. 1*29 Wabash av. 

Becker Jacob, gardener, r. 539 Sedgwick 

Becker Jacob, mer. tailor, 25Clybourne av. 

Becker Jacob, propr. Washington House 

Becker Jacob, saloon. 623 S. Halsted 

Becker Jacob, r. 569 Wells 

Becker John, barber, r. 160 W. Washington 

Becker John, blksmith. J. H. Kline, r. 315 4th av. 

Becker John, boilermkr. r. 133 Mohawk 

Becker John, butcher, r. 1554 S. Halsted 

Becker John, carpenter, Bent & Goward, r. 74 Cly- 
bourne av. 

Becker John, carpenter, r. 102 Mitchell 

Backer John, car repairer, r. ns. Connor, bet. Sedg- 
wick and Hurlbut 

Becker John, gardener, r. 48 Howe 

Becker John, hairdresser, Randolph, cor. Clark, r. 
160 W. Washington 

Becker John, harnessmkr. r. 56 Barber 

Becker John, lab. r. 1010 S. Halsted 

Becker John, lab. r. 415 Wells 

Becker John, painter, r. 22G Sherman 

Becker John, saloon and boardinghouse. r. 824 

Becker John, tailor, r. 547 N. Franklin 

Becker John, teamster, r. 104 Rees 

Becker John (Hammerschmitt & Becker), r. 7CO S. 

Becker Joseph, clgarmkr. F. Burg. r. 455 Larrabee 

Becker Joseph, saloon and boarding. 555 Clark 

Becker Catherine, wid. John. r. 217 Hurlbut 

Becker Louisa, wid. Fritz, r. 53 Chicago av. 

Becker L. A. Mrs. boardinghouse 95 N. Wells 

Becker MngdaleuaMrs. saloon, 117 5th av. 

Becker Margaret,, wid. Henry, r. 181 Fry 

Becker Maria Mrs. r. 272 Noble 

Backer Mary Mrs. saloon, 359 5th av. 

Becker Mathias, lab. r. 104 Larrabee 

Becker Matthias, blksmith, r. 51S Hanover 

Becker Max, fancy goods, 12 N. Clark 

Becker Michael, boilerinkr. r. 82 Hurlbut 

Becker Michael, lab. r. 23 Loewe 

Becker Michael, lab. r. 97 Mohawk 

Becker Michael, saddler, D. Horton & Co. r. 205 W. 

Becker Michael, jr. lab. r. 97 Mohawk 

Becker Nathan, bluing rnnfr. r. 161 W. Randolph 

Becker Nicholas, boilermkr, r. 133 Mohawk 

Becker Nicholas, butcher, r. 241 Vine 

Becker Nicholas, cooper, r. 212 Mitchell 

, IL1L Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET, 



At 137 & 139 State Street 

Becker Nicholas, housemover. r. 198 Church 

Becker Nicholas, lather, r. 238 Vine 

Becker Nicholas, painter, r. 238 Sherman 

Becker Peter, butcher. S. Hardy, r. 225 North av. 

Becker Philipp, foreman, S. Hardy 

Becker Phillip (Becker & Kopsell), r. 56 4th av. 

Becker P. saloon. 66 Canalport av. 

Becker R. millinery goods, r. 458 N. Wells 

Becker Simeon, stonecutter, r. 390 Laflin 

Becker Theodore, salesman, Simon Klein 

Becker Tongues, capt. r. 267 8. Morgan 

Becker Walter S. salesman, D. B. Fisk & Co. r. 95 ' 

S Hoyne 

Becker William, carpenter. 93 Stewart av. 
Becker William, engineer LilTs Chicago Brewery 

Co. r. 264 Rush 

Becker William, grocer, 2P5 Division 
Becker William, lab. r. Butterfleld, bet 37th and 


Becker William, shoemkr. r. 88 Chicago av. 
Becker Wolfgang, pianomkr. r. 85 Townsend 
Becker & Hippie, hardwood lumber, 460 N. Water 
Becker & Kopsell. trunkmnfrs. 297 and 297Vi Clark, 

saleroom 107 Randolph 
Beckerley James G. engineer, Leopold, Kuh & Co. 

r.818 W. Washington 

Beckert Charles, gardener, r. rear 641 Wells 
Beckert Frederick, baker, r. 52 W. Adams 
Beckert L. sign and banner painter. 44 5th av. 
Becketl. boardinghonse, 10808. Halsted 
Beckett Benjamin, carpenter, r. 66 Monroe 
Beckett F. W. salesman, r. 113 12th 
Beckett James D. livery and sale stable, r. 341 W. 


Beckett Pauline Mrs. dres-mkr. 738 State 
Beckett Philip, elk. r. 341 W. Washington 
Beckett William, gunsmith, r. 723 State 
Beckett William H. elk. Tappan, McKillop & Go's 

Com. Agency, r. 137 Chirk 
Beckford George W. auctioneer, Q. P. Gore & Co. r. 

Honore blk. 

Beckham Daniel, lab. r. 14 Sheffield av. 
Beckham P. lab. r. 14 Sheffield av. 
Becking Theodore, wagonmkr. r. 65 Menomonee 
Becking William, carpenter, r. 245 W. 16th 
Beckler Ashlln, printer. Spalding & Lamonte. r. 148 


Beckler A*hlin J. printer, r. 776 Sedgwick 
Beckler Eliza, wid. Conrad, r. 776 Sedgwick 
Becklund F. lab. r. 251 N Marke 
Beckley John, headwaiter. St. James Hotel 
Bockman August, shoemkr. W. Rinn. r. 647 Wells 
Beckman Benjamin, engineer, r. T73 Forquer 
Beckman Christian, lab. r. 110 Linden 
Beckman Fred, agt. Jarshishek <fc Beckman, r. 34 


Beckman George, r. 34 Granger 
Beckman Gotlieb, musician, r. 171 Townsend 
Beckman Henry, (Jarshishek <fc Beckman), r. 28 


Beckman John, lab. r. 27 Kinzie 
Iteckman John, shipcarpenter, r. 274 Coolidge 
Beckman Mary Mrs. r. 38 Granger 
Beckman Niels, silversmith, r. rear 28 Wesson 
Beckman William, lab. r. 134 W. Liberty 
Beckmann A. teacher, r. 255 W. Randolph 
Beckmann Einanuel, porter, Union Hotel 
Beckmann Fritz, plasterer, r. 74 Oakwood 
Beckstrom Charles, basketmkr, r. 75 Clybourn 

Beckstrom Charles, finisher, B-^dley & Smith, r. 92 


Beckdne Joseph, horsesboer, 30 Kinzie 
Beckwith Albert C. painter, Barry & Gushing, r. 143 

S. Saugamon 

Beckwith, Ayer & Kales, lawyers, room 9, 182 Dear- 
Beckwith Charles L. (C. H. Beckwith & Sons), r. 

140 Michigan av. 



Mead cV Coc, Loan and Real Estate Agents, 154 Washington St., 

Money Z>oaned OK Renl Estate for a term of years. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


on Goal; 



Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

Beckwith Corydon (Beckwith, Ayer & Kales), r. 272 

Beckwith C. H. (C. H. Beckwith & Sous), r. 140 

Michigan av. 
Beckwith C. H. & Sons,whol. grocers.113 and 115 S. 


Beckwith Edward S. Drainer, r. 1-13 8. Sangamon 
Beckwith Frank H. (C. H. Beckwith & Son), r. 140 

Michigan av. 

Beckwith George M. com. trav. r. 302 Chicago av. 
Beckwith Hannah H. piano teacher, r. 302 Chicago 


Beckwith Hariet, wid, William, r. 302 Chicago av. 
Beckwith Henry J. elk. Van Schaack, Stevenson & 

Reid, r. 197 N. Dearborn 
Beckwith J. Carroll, student, r. 140 Michigan av. 
Beckwith J. L. agt. marine dept. Albany City Ins- 
Co. 166 LaSalle 
Beckwith R. F. painter, 23 S. Halsted, r. 154 W. 


Beckwith William H. lab. r. 7 Fry 
Beckwood Frederick, mason, r. 130 Noble 
Becwar John, tailor, r. 134 Hurlbnt 
Becy James, bricklayer, r. 364 W. Polk 
Beda Peter, blksmith, r. 152 Hastings 
Bedell E. A. elk. F. D Cossitt & Co. r. 217 Indiana 
Bedell George, boarding honse, 158 N. Dearborn 
Beder S. publisher, Chicago Daily Fremad, 1 N. 

Clark, r. 690 N. Franklin 
Bedford Donald, coachman, r. 868 W. Madison 
Bedford Frank, painter, J. G. Read, r. 70 W. Ran- 
Bedford Lyman. physician, r, Wahpanseh, bet. But- 

terfleld and Burnside 

Bedipher August, lab. r, ns. 17th pr. John 
Bedkerjer Carl, express, r. 540 Division 
Bedlan Frank, tobacco and cigars, 471 S. Canal 
Bedlan Vovrsenek, carpenter, r. 23 Bunker 
Bedlan Wet, lab. r. rear 2.3 Bunker 
Bednass Jacob, lab. r. 116 Catherine 
Bedralk John, tailor, r. 53 Barber 
Beduhn August, lab. r. 28 Barber 
Bee Elizabeth, wid. Albert, r. 60 Jackson 
Bee Joseph (National Boiler Works), r. 546 Hnb- 


Beebe Alonzo, r. 132 N. Carpenter 
Beebe A. G. physician, 66 Randolph 
Beebe Betsey Mrs. r. 416 Belden av. 
Beebe Edward H. lawyer, 39 Clark, r. 368 Ohio 
Beebe Fraiik. elk. Bullock Bros. r. 941 N. Clark 
Beebe George T. (Wright & Beebe), r. 1051 N. Clark 
Beebe G. D.' surgeon, 66 Randolph, r. 978 Wabash 


Beebe Henry, r. 156 S. Peoria 
Beebe H. L. 'bartender, W. VanFleet, r. 156 S. Peo- 

Beebe H. S. bkpr. Pratt Bros. r. 336 Indiana 
Beebe John, policeman. 1st prect. r. 365 W. Kinzie 
Beebe J. W. oakery, 205 State, r. 49 Grand Haven 
Beebe LeGrand, r. J60 N. May 
Beebe Luther A. (L. A. Beebe & Co.), r. 418 Centre 

Beebe L. A. & Co. hardware and stoves, 381 and 383 

Centre av. 

Beebe Mary Miss, teacher. Kinzie School 
Beebe Mary, wid. W. J. dressmkr. r. 153 Huron 
Beebe Thomas H. pres. Peshtigo Co. r. 368 Ohio 
Beebe William H. cash. Peshtigo Co. r. 368 Ohio 

Beebe , elk. r. room 31, Butter's blk 

Beebout J. E. com. mer. 180 S. Water, r. 166 Clark 
Beecha August, lab. r. 197 Forqucr 
Beecha James, blksmith. r. 197 Forquer 
Beecham F. J. flour and feed, r. 748 Cottage Gr< 

Beechnm Horace K. storekpr. I. C. R. R. r. 799 

Cottage Grove av. 

Beecham L. wid. John. r. 799 Cottasre Grove av. 
Beechan W. E. elk. I. C. R. R. r. 6<J9 CottageGrove 

av. * 







BANKERS' SAFES made at Harris' 

SAFE FACTORY, OO and O2 South Canal Street. 

Beecher A. blksmith. II. Willetts, r. 97 Archer av. 
Beecher A. W. printer, Evening Pott, r. 208 8. 

Beecher E. B. (Swift * Courtney and H.W.Beecher 

& Co.Vr. Westvillo, Conn. 
Beecher E. C. elk. C. B. & Q. R. R. r. Michigan, 

ne. cor. Clark 
Beecher Fred G. tel. operator, r. 112 N. Ashlaiid : 

Beecher H. W. (H. W. Beecher & Co.), r. 309 State 
Beecher H. W. & C'o. grocers. 320 State 
Beecher Jerome, capitalist, 126 Dearborn, r. 241 

Michigan av. 

Beecher John, blksmith. r. 12 Eliza 
Beecher J. N. jewelry store. 318 W. Madison 
Beecher Lewis, jeweler, r. 309 W. Madison 
Beecher Maty Ward Miss, r. 305 W. Monroe 
Beecher William, blksmith. r. (!8 W Monroe 
Beecher, William, r. rear 112 Pacific av. 
Beecher W. H. bkpr, J. Beidler & Bro. Lumber Co. 

r. 261 W. Washington 
Beeeher W. H. Rev. r. 305 W. Monroe 
Beechler James, confectioner, 132 Dearborn, r. 252' 

5th av. 

Beecroft John, butcher, r. 11*4 Depnyster 
BeecroftJ. R. elk. Ross* Gossage, r. 16Seely av. 
Beecroft Robert, butcher, r. 11 H Dupuyster 
Beegan Catherine Mrs. r. 11 Depnyster 
Beehen R. lab. r. 559 Clark 
Beehler Adam, confectioner, 174 18th 
Beehling Henrv, carpenter, r. 622 4th 
Beek George N. elk. r. ws. Lake av. bet. 48th and* 


Beek Joseph M. elk. Buck & Rayner, r. 66 Madison 
Beeker William, carpenter, r. 93 Stewart av. 
Beekman August, lab. r. 113 Townsend 
New York, Teall & Fisher, agts, 150 Washing- 

Beekman John, painter, r. 186 W. Jackson 
Beekman M. A. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 186 W. Jackson- 
Beem Martin, lawyer, rooms 15 and 16, 166 Wash- 
ington, r. 284 Wabash av. 
Beemer Benjamin, machinist, r. 42 Bradley 
Beemer Henry, lab. r. 46 Ingraham 
Beemer Joseph, salesman, John McNicholas, r 142~ 


Beemer Laura, wid. James, r. 249 Indiana 
Beemer Mary, wid. Alexander, r. 42 Bradley 
Beemish Albert, fireman, Sinclair & More, r. 90 Re- 

Beene John, lab. r. rear 268 Arnold 
Beer Alexander, coachman, r. 384 W. Washington 
Beer Carl (Schweitzer & Beer), r. 370 N. State 
Beer Charles, machinist, J. F. S. Holbeck 
Beer Ferdinand, harness. 664 Milwaukee av. 
Beer Frank, saloon, r. 53 Elgin 
Beer Franz, cooper, J. Braun, jr. r. 351 Milwaukee 


Beer Herman, packer, r. 367 Larrabee 
Beer William, butcher, r. 281 Arnold 
Beerkemeir Alexander, elk. r. rear 48 Pearson 
Beerkle Frederick, collarmkr. r. 10 Price pi. 
Beers Charles G. elk. Coan & Ten Broeke, r. 290 W. 

Beers Cyrenius (Beers & Bro.), r. Jones nr. Douglas 


Beers C.I. r. Clifton House 
Beers Emmerson, engineer, r. 586 W. Indiana 
Beers George T. (Beers & Bro.). r. 175 Main 
Beers James, cook, r. rear 439 Clark 
Beers J. clothing, 89 Lake, r. 48 Congress 
Beers J. H. (Warner, Higgins & Beers), r, Spring- 

Beers Samuel, farmer, r. Egan av. cor. Beers 
Beers Simon E. elk. r. Jones, bet. Douglas and 


Beers W. H. elk. Warner, Higgins & Beers, r. 201 
W. Washington 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

O3 Dearborn Street. 





Beers & Bro. drygoods and groceries, 888 Ar- 
cher av. 

Beesdly E D., Wankegan ale, !) S.Canal, r. Wauke- 
sran, Ills. 

Beese Adolph H. sash and door mufr. r. 225 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Beese C. flrenian. P. & Ft. W. R. R. r. 57 Catherine 

Beese Fred (Krupke & Beese), r. 187 N. Wells 

Beese John, wagonmkr. 434 Chicago av. r. 164 

Beeeenmeyer George, machinist, r. 626 N. Wells 

Beesley Edmond, mason, r. 932 Clark 

Beeson Henry D. signpainter, 232 Washington, 
r. !>60 W. Jackson 

Beeson Stephen, tailor, r. ws. Western av. nr. Mil- 
waukee av. 

Beeson Walter Q. elk. Field Leiter & Co. r. 960 W. 

Beeson William H. signpainter, E. Deride, r. 960 
W. Jackson 

Beetham George, elk. A. Drake, r. California, bet. 
Van Bnren and Jackson 

Beetle George L. elk. r. 429 W. Monroe 

Beetles Joseph, r. 617 W. Washington 

Beeton Frank, lab. r. 35 O'Brien 

Beetzel Charles, carpenter, r. 106 W. Division 

Beetzel Charles, carpenter, r. 106 W. Division 

Beetzel John, cigarmkr. r. 106 W. Division 

Befelt James, framemkr. r. 55 W. Liberty 

Begelow James C. elk. Warner Medicine Co. r. 
Warren av. 

Beger W. F. elk. M. 8. Eisendrath, r. 240 N. Frank- 

Begg Jamee, miller, Norton & Co. r. 151 W. Jack- 

Beggs Samuel, stonecutter, r. 331 5th av. 

Begi Abel, cooper, r. 331 Hurlbut 

Begley John, lab. r. 143 Wright 

Begley John, sailor, r. 28 Dussold 

Begner Frederica, wid. Henry, r. 320 W. Chicago 

Begole Bradley B. carpenter, r. 732 Sedgwick 

Begonia Franklin, carpenter, r. 140 W. Taylor 

Begoyen Joseph, teamster, Soper, Brainerd & Co. 
r. 72 W. 12th 

Behan Christopher, harnessmkr. Boynton & Noyes, 
r 137 Clark 

Behan Edward, lab. r. 102 Maxwell 

Behan Garrett, lab. r. 12 Wright 

Beban James, lab. r. 102 Maxwell 

Behan John, carpenter, r. Ill Forquer 

Behan Martin, lab. r. Ill Forqner 

Behan Michael, currier, r. 162 N. Peoria 

Behan Patrick, grocer, 574 S. Canal 

Benan Samuel E. receivingclk. N. C. C. Ry. Co. r. 
430 N. Clark 

Behan Thomas, lab. r. 102 Maxwell 

Beharmann Fredrick, carpenter, r. 251 Wentworth 

Behdloff Joseph, baker, r. 139 Church 

Behel Wilbur F. foreman, r. 281 Centre av. 

Behl C. T. W. tailor, 936 State 

Behlan Louis, pastrycook, Metropolitan Hotel 

Behiendorf Frederick, U. S. storekeeper, 16 S. 
Water, r. 242 Schiller 

Behler Charles, lab. r. 139 Sigel 

Behles Peter, foreman, Chicago Steam Boiler Mufg. 
Co. r. 75 Clybourn av. 

Behlis John, teamster, r. 377 N. State 

Behm Anna, wid. Wenzel, r. 205 Hurlbut 

Behm Caroline, wid. John, tailorees, r. 415 W. 
Chicago av. 

Behm Charles, housemover, r. 365 3d av. 

Behm Charles, shoemkr. 222 Cottage Grove av. 

Behm John, Wftgonmkr. r. 31 Coondge 

Behm John, woodsawyer. r. 240 Blackhawk 

Behm Louis, shoemkr. r. 177 Cottasre Grove av. 

Behm Martin, driver, Harder & Hafer, r. Arnold, 
nr. 23d 



JVo. 138 State Street. 

W. 0. CLA2ZE, Manager. 0. H. EOBE2TS, Agent. 


A<>. O4 Washington Street, Chicntto. 



Behn C. carpenter, r. 1563 State 

BehnFred. lab. r. 1503 State 

Behn Frederick, shipping elk. Miller Bros. &Keep, 

r. 60 Cornell 

Behn Henry, lab. r. 101 Milwaukee av. 
Behnke Augustus, lab. r. Rnmsey, bet Augusta 

and Emily 

Behnke Carl, r. 50 George 
Behnke Charles, lab. r. Runisey, bet. Augusta and 


Behnke Henry, lab. r. 52 N. Paulina 
Behnke Herman, lab. r. 37 Chapln 
Behnke John, watchmkr. r. 063 S. Halsted 
Behnke Julius, cabinetmkr. Preston & Brooks, r., 

136 Sedgwick 
Behnke Valentine, agt. Franks & Maass, r. 403 5th 


Behoe F. lab. Goss & Phillips Mfg. Co. 
Behofske A. pedler, r. 300 Clybourn av. 
Behrel C. upholsterer, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 386 


Behrel Hugo, upholsterer, W. Bailey, r. 286 Sedg- 

Behrels Nicholas, boardinghouse. 532 S. Canal 
Behren Henry, cigarmkr. r. 35 Hastings 
Behrend Francis, confectioner, L. J. Colburn & Co. 

133 Church 

Behrendt August, lab. 598 Elston av. 
Behrens August, masher, T. Holihan & Co. r. 589 

Elston av. 

Behrens Charles, lab. r. 445 W. Chicago av. 
Behrens Charles, tailor, r. 79Hubbard 
Behrens George, cabinetmkr. r. 134 Augusta 
Behrens George H. (Ahrens & Behrens), r. 198 

Chicago av. 

Bebrens Henry, blksmith and wagonmkr. r. 33 Wil- 

Behrens H. boot and shoemkr. r. 68 Canalport av. 
Behrens John, masher, Holihan & Co. r. Noble, nr. 


Behrens Nicholas, lab. r. 63 Purple 
Behrens Otto, stavemkr. r. 131 Mohawk 
Behrenson T. tailor, r. 4 Huron 
Behrer Christian, teamster, r. 234 North av. 
Behrer Joseph, expressman, r. 385 North av. 
Behringer L. saloon, 157 Orchard 
Behrle Raymond (Muhlbauer & Behrle), r. 346 W. 


Behrnd B. trav. salesman, r. 182 N. Halsted 
Behrndt John, p. 744 S. Halsted 
Behrnes Charles, carpenter, r. 363 Sedgwick 
Behrns Frederick, pedlar, r. 21 Cornelia 
Bel D. lab. r. 406 W. Harrison 
Bei J. lab. r. 406 W. Harrison 
Be ice George, blksmith, r. 185 Mohawk 
Beidler Augustus F. sec. J. Beidler & Bro. Lumber 

Co. r. 261 W. Washington 
Beidler, Henry (J. Beidler & Bro. Lumber Co.), r. 

Beidler Jacob (J. Beidler & Bro. Lumber Co.), r. 

261 W. Washington 
Beidler J. & Bro. Lumber Co. A. F. Beidler, sec. 

22d, cor. Loomis 

Beidler William H. student, r. 261 W. Washing- 
Beidler W. H. student, Bryant &, Chase's 

Business College 
Beier John, lab. r. 51 Siijc'l 
Beier Philip, lab. r. 53 Sigel 
Beier William, shoemkr. r. 198 S. Canal 
Beierlein Adam, farmer, r. 159 W. 18th 
Beierlein John C. (Rickard & Bcicrlcin), r. Hyde 

Betendorf Jacob (Sugg & Beiersdorf), r. 350.Wa- 

bash av. 

B.'icr-dorf R. flour, r.1170 Prairie av. 
Boii-rsdorft 1 Edward, lab. r. 21 Cornelia 
BeiiVld Joseph, eniryclk. Field, Leiter & Co. r.150 




Mead & C>c, Real Estate and Loan Agents. 154 Washington St., 

We invite correspondence on any matters connected wit!* Chicago Real Estate. 




"Wilmington Coal. 

Setter by 32 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

id Pennsylvania Coal sold in this market, 
all ordinary purposes. t^Fre* of Slate 

Better than most Ohio 
and an eood aa the bst f 
and gwprtor. 

Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co., 

Xo. -2 Weal Van Buren Street, Chi. 

BEIFEI^D M. hats, caps and mnfr. furs. 87 
Lake. r. 63P Wabash av. 

Beigh John, cooper, r. 14 Fox pi. 

Beigh Peter, lab. r. Elston av. cor. Fox pi. 

Beihn John, r. 10 Coolidge 

Beikerfeld Christopher, lumbermau, r. 681 S. Un- 

Beil Christopher, woodsawyer, r. 12 Hull 

Beil Michael, lab. r. rear 58 Rees 

Beil fuss Charles W. lab. r. es. Calumet av. bet. 
Egan av. and Wahpanseh av. 

Beilflua John, grocer, r. 924 Butterfleld 

Beilfuss William, grocer, 355 State 

Bein August, lab. r. 563 W. 12th 

Beina Frank, lab, r. 68 Bnshnell 

Beirne James, lab. r. 193 Mather 

Belrne Michael, lab. r. 456 S. Jefferson 

Beirne Parrick, grocer. 631 S. Canal 

Boiraes Owen, bootmkr. r. 89% N. Wells 

Beirs Henrietta Mrs. milliner, r. 52 W. Randolph. 

Baia Charles, fireman, r. 57 Catherine 

Beisbarth Ed. carpenter, r. 177 Wright 

Beish Wallace, lab. r. rear 60 Fry 

Beisner George (H. & Q. Beisner), r. 307 W. Lake 

Beisner Henry (H. & G. Beisner). r, 307 W. Lake 

Beisner H. &:G. grocers. 200 W. Lake 

Beissulnger William, turner, J. M. Brunswick & 
Bro. r. 218 Illinois 

Beister Rudolph, draughtsman, M. I. & P R. R. r 
State, cor. 47th 

Beitz Augustine, wid. Frederick,r. Hawthorne av. s. 
of Division 

Beitz Oustav (G. & W. Beitz), r. Hawthorne av. s 
of Division 

Beitz G. <fc W. lumber mers. Hawthorne av. s. of 

Beitz William (G. & W. Beitz), r. Hawthorne av. s. 
of Division 

Beizen Nicholas, moulder, r. 237 Blackhawk, 

Beken Christopher, tailor, r. 86 Emma 

Beker Wilhelm. shoemkr. r. 112 Townsend 

Bokner John, lab. r. 45 Burlington 

Belanger Azem, wagonmkr. r. "67 Bremer 

Bdanger Louis, carpenter, r. 9 Henry 

Belcher Charles, r. 189 Walnut 

Belcher Jacob, waiter, r. 212 4th av. 

Belcher Louis, blksmith, r. 178 Fry 

Belcher William, elk. r. 130 N. State 

Belubtram. masou, r. 15-2 Chicago av. 

Beldam Ann, wid. Thomas, r. 180 Burnside 

Beldam George, lab. r. 184 Burnside 

Beldam Thomas, lab. r. 184 Buraside 

Belden Charles W. (Brintnall, Terry & Belden), r 
1145 Prairie av. 

Belden Harlow, brakeman, r. 81 S. Halsted 

BelHen Horace, ins. aei. r. 45 N. Green 

Belden H. R. col. agt. Warner, Higgins & Beers, r. 
201 W. Washington 

Belden John, builder, r. 81 S. Halsted 

Belden JohnS. asst. supt. western branch, Se- 
curity Ins. Co. of N. Y. r. 1190 Prairie av. 

Belden Marshall, carpenter, r. 106 W. Quiucy 

Belden O. W. with Seeberger & Breakey, r. 529 
Wabnsb av. 

Belden W. P. carpenter, r. 46 S. Morgan 

Belding A. N. (fielding; Bros. & Co~), r. Conn. 

Belding Bros. & Co. mnfrs. sewing silk and ma- 
chine twist, 56 and 58 Wabash av. 

Belding C. Mrs. r. 284 Indiana 

Belding Frank H. trav. agt. Belding Bros. & Co. 
r. 46 Bryant av. 

Belding H. H. (Belding Bros. & Co.), r. 46 Bryant 

Belriing Peter, saloon 290 Milwaukee av. 

BtlrtinsrS. H. physician, r. 466 Burnside 

Beldinir S. P. bkpr. H. E. Mallory, r. Murray, nr. 
Tram boll 

Belecau Thomas, carpenter, r. 329 W. Polk 

Beleck John, carpenter, r. 157 Bunker 

Beleck Stephen, carpenter, r. 157 Bunker 

Belek Frank, lab. r. 40 Fisk 

Belekan Frarz, tailor, 13 Augusta 

Belekau Wenzel, lab. r. 18 Augusta 

Beleke C. J. teacher, 144 W. White 

Beleke's Classical School, Killough & Lauth, 
propt's. 144 W. White 

Belenger Esther, wid. Peter, r. 89 Norton 

Belenger Francis, carpenter, r. 463 S. Morgan 

Belerch Theodore, lab. r. 159 Mohawk 

Belfleld Henry H.prin. Dore School, r. 196 Centre 

Belfleld T H. realestate agt. 86 La Salie, r. ws. 
Shurtleffav. bet. Douglas pi. and 36th 

Belfleld William, who!. tobacconist, r. 202 Centre av. 

Belger Adam, cigarmkr. r. 142 N. Sangamon 

Belicke Gustav, locksmith, 222 Randolph, r. 254 

Belikan John, lab. r. rear 105 Wade 

Belikan John, lab. r. rear 93 Wade 

Belikan Valentine, tailor, 310 22d 

Beling Herman, driver, r. 561 S. Jefferson 

Belinger Joseph, teamster, r. 486 N. State 

Beline William, painter, r. 543 S. Union 

Belka August, lab. r. 45 Hastings 

Belke William, fruit dealer 57 and 59 Clark, r. 1-32 

Belknap A. L. (A. L. Belknap & Co.), r. 968 Wabash 

Belknap A. L. & Co. com mers. 163 Washington 

Belknap William S. elk. U. S. Ex. Co. r 16 Adams 

Bell Adam elk. A. Brown, r. 48 McCormick'a bldg. 

Bell Adam, lab. r. 378 S. Halsted 

Bell Alexander, com. mer. r. 824 Prairie av. 

Bell Alexander, mason, r. 94 N. Dearborn, 

Bell Alexandr H. engineer, Home for the Friend- 
less, r. 911 Wabash av. 

Bell Amede. shoemkr. r. 77 Blue Island av. 

Bell Ann. wid. Thomas, r. 373 S. Halsted 

Bell Archibald, salesman A. Burgess, r. 214 N. 

Bell Arthur, bkpr. r. 159 S. Robey 

Bell Arthur, salesman G. W. Marshall & Co. r. 25 
N. Robey 

Bell Arthur, trunk andboxmkr. J. Lyons, r. 201 W. 

Bell A. C. elk. George McPherson, r. 495 W. Madi- 

Bell A. J. sec. Sevier Mining Co. r. Oak Park 

Bell Barber, machinist, r. 57 Egan av. 

Bell Benjamin L. P. carpenter, r. 884 Clark 

Bell Charles A., Cincinnati Wine Co.r. 822 W. Jack- 

Bell Charles A. engineer, Soper, Brainard & Co. r. 
412 S. Canal 

Bell Cornelia Miss, washwoman, r. 384 Clark 

Bell Daniel J. r. 391 W. Randolph 

Bell E. J. Miss, r. 416 North av. 

Bell Francis G. bricklayer, r. ws. Quinn nr. Wrong 

Bell F. G. r. Metropolitan Hotel 

Bell George, painter, r. 77 Blue Island av. 

Bell George, painter, r. 16 Fourth av. 

Bell George, wood and coal. 568 State, r. 613 State 

Bell George L. physician, 75 S. Halsted, r. 694 W. 

Bell George L. jr. bkpr. Childs & Verdeir, r. 694 W. 

Bell George S. painter, Heath & Milligan 

Bell Harrison, dry goods, r. 16'^ Aberdeen 

Bell Henry, stonemason, r. 317 S. Jefferson 

Bell Henry, lab. r. 823 Clybourn av. 

Bell Hiram, painter, r. 261 29th 

Bell James, cardriver, r. 81 Coolidge 

Bell James, carpenter, r. 38 W. Adams 

Bell James, lab. r. 823 Clybonrn av. 

Bell James, plumber. Sanders & Bro. r. 650 State 

Bell Jfimes. janitor McCom.ick 1 s bldg. r. McCor- 
mick's bldg. 

Bell James, salesman, W. T. Hammond, r. 17 Gold 

Diebold & Xienzle'@ 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

03 Dearborn Street. 

A Large tock of New and Second-hand Safes at 

HARRIS' FACTORY, OO ami 63 South Canal Street. 



By WM. M. I>KK, IVo. 1O5 Monroe Street. 




Bell James, wagonmkr. r. 754 8. Halsted 

Bell Jane Miss, seamstress, r. 373 S. Halsted 

Bell John, machinist, Rossow Bros. & Co. r. rear 

117 Larrabee 
Bell John, carpenter, C.. R. I. & P. R.R. r. 396 


Bell John, shipcarpenter, r. 100 Hickory 
Bell John A. tel. operator, r. 140 W. Washington 
Bell John B. physician, 169 Clark, r. 85 8. Green 
Bell John H. elk. r. 703 Pulton 
Bell John M. jr. bkpr. Doggett, Baseett to Hills, r. 

14 N. Sheldon 

Bell Joseph, lawyer, r. 26 Van Buren 
Bell Joseph M. gwfttter, r. Huber House 
Bell Joshua, r. 884 Clark 

Bell Julia, wid. Pope, washwoman, r. 1208 Spring 
Bell J. B. dentist, 85 Washington, r. Clifton House 
Bell J. M. academv, r. 14 N. Sheldon 
Bell Kossuth H. bkpr. r. &S4 Clark 
Bell Leonard P. elk: J. Souerbry. r. 694 W. Monroe, 
Bell Mannaduke, painter, r.201 W. Randolph 
Bell M. P. tailor, r. 107 W. 12th 
Bell N. lab. r. 685 Union 
Bell Peter, lab. r. 19 N. Union 
Bell Robert, coachman, r. 1040 Washman 
Bell Robert, machinist, Holmes, Pyott & Co. r. 125 

W. Madison 

Bell Robert, watchman, r. 65 Shurtleff av. 
Bell R. L. broker, r. 115 Robey 
Bell R. P. painter, r. 261 29th 
Bell Samuel, carpenter, r. 37 Granger 
Bell Samuel, lab. r. Girard House 
Bell Samuel B. elk. R. G. Dun & Co. r. 335 Michi- 
gan ay. 
BellSamuel J. C. machinist, C. & N. W. Ry. r. 284 


Bell Snrnh, wid. John, r. 76 Butterfield 
Bell Thomas, r. 137 N. Clark 
Bell Thomas, cooper, r. 112 Hickory 
Bell Thomas, drayman, H. N. Wheeler & Co. r 585 

8. Canal 

Bell T. shoemkr. r. 260 Cottage Grove av. 
Bell Walter, salesman, George P. Foster r. 115 N. 

Bell William, steamfitter, Walworth, Purse & Co- 

r. 215 Brown 
Bell William, tinner, Evenden & Co. r. 48 McCor- 

miek Bldg 

Bell W. W. r. 159 S. Robey 

Bellamy Alfred (Bellamy & Son), r. 840 Wabssh av 
Bellamy Alfred D. (Bellamy & Son), r. 840 Wabash 


Bellamy Cyrus, r. 676 Fulton 
Bellamy C. M. tinsmith. G. H. Peck, r. 681 Lake 
Bellamy & Son, mnfrs. agts. oil cloth, 68 Lake 
Belle Harkin, mer. r. 112 Maxwell 
Bcllendorf Henry, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Bellert Leopold, wagonmkr. r. 210 Franklin 
Bellew Benjamin, blksmith, r. 265 N. Sangamon 
Bellew Francis, drayman, r. 10811th 
Bellew John, blksmith. r. 361 3d av. 
Bellew John, shipcarpenter, r. 143 W. Jackson 
Bellinger Richard, policeman, central station, r. 1' 

Lincoln pi. 
Bellinghauseu Heinrich, Chicago Daily Union, r. 60( 

Y. Wells 
Bellingbausen William, Chicago Daily Union, r. 60( 

N. Wells 

Bellman Henry, shoemkr. 486 S. Halsted 
Bellnap Andruw, bricklayer, r. 27 Sampson 
Belloie E. F. musician, r. 209 N. Wells 
Bellows Frank, lab. r. 229 Illinois 
Bellows George G. lawyer, room 23 145 Madison, r 

Douglas House 

Bellows John, hotel agt. r. 98 Illinois 
Bellows John D. agt. r. Moulton House 

Bellows , conductor, r. 295 Michigan 

Belman , carpenter, r. 105 Indiana 


Catalogue and Samples sent on Application. 41 


04 \Vashiugton Street Chicago. 

H. M. Wilmarth. L Bro. 

as Fitting, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 




3elo Frederick, lab. r. 220 S. Jeffereou 
lowski John, lab. r. 140 Cornell 

Jelt Thomas, porter, A. Dickinson, 5th ay. se. cor. 

Jelt Thomas, waiter, r. 209 5th av. 
3elter Edward, lab. r. 110 Willow 
Belter F. lab. r. 110 Willow 

Jelter Joseph, lab. r. 327 N. Carpenter 

Jelton George, grinder, r. 114 W. Harrison 

Jelton Thomas, waiter, Killing & Thacher 

Jelway Mary, wid. George. r."l21 N. Market 
Belwood William, gilder, W. T. Noble, r. 113 Wes- 
tern ay. 

Beltz Albert, coachman, C. Rietz, r. 453 W. Ran- 
Beltz Henry, lab. r. 537 W. 12th 

Jeltz Traugodt, tailor, r. al. bet. Clybourn av. and _ 

Halsted, Blackhawk and Rees 
Beltz William, lab. r. 573 W. 12th A 

Jelz Jacob, grocer, 312 W. 22d ** 

Jelzer Adam, pedlar, r. 65 Clybonrn av. ^ 

Jelzer Conrad, lab. r. 167 Clybourn av. 

3elzer Henry, r. 178 Clybourn av. 

3elzer John, cabinetmkr. r. 135 Dayton W 

BelzetJosenh, elk. r. 115 Hnrlbut 
Bement C. E. millwright, r. 285 S. Halsted 
Bement Edwin N. elk. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 508 Wa- 
bash av. 

Bement John S. carpenter, r. 1219 State 

Bemer Martin, lab. r. 2S Fisk 

Betnin John, lab. r. 94 W. 18th , 

Bemis Catharine Miss, r. 294 Clark 

Bemis E. C. brewer, r. 97 25th 

Bemis Henry B. r. 137 Calumet av. 

Bemis W. Prank, r. 772 Michigan ar. 

Bemish Abraham, blksmith. r. 301 5th av. 

Bemish George, lab. r. 810 Archer av. 

Bemish John, shoemkr. r. 401 S. Clinton 

Bemolt Henry, stonecutter, r. 311 Coolidge 

Benard C. engineer, r. 207 Archer av. 

Benard E. M. Mrs. student, Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Benau Frank, lab. r. 207 De Koven 

Bence Henry. watchman, r. al. bet. Clybourn av. and 9 
Halsted, Blackhawk and Rees 5 

Bence Paul, barber, J. L. Gallez. r. Langdon, bet. h^ 
Clybourn av. and Rees 

Benda Joseph, tailor. 49 Ellsworth 

Bendabn Frederick, lab. r. 43 Lydia 

Bendel Adolph, locksmith, r. 12 Goethe w 

Bendel Amalla Mrs. r. 12 Goethe HB 

Bendel Franz, cabinetmkr. J. M. Brunswick & A 
Bro. r. 10 Goethe 

Bendel Joseph, carpenter, r. 12 Goethe 

Bendel Julius, carpenter, H. Ricke, 12 Goethe Tgt 

Bendel William, r. 23 Margaret fjL 

Bendel , cigarmkr. F. Wenzer. r. 12 Goethe 

Bender Adam, policeman, r. 501 Milwaukee av. ** 

Bender Albert, carpenter, r. 133d av. 

Bender B. sailor, r. 214 Huron 

Bender Charles, carpenter, r. 153 Superior H* 

Bender Conrad, wagonmkr. r. 265 Hurlbut *| 

Bender Dennis, lab. r. 87 Fisk 

Bender D. teamster, r. 146 N. Jeffereon > 

Bender Frank, blksmith. r. al. rear 155 Bunker 

Bender Frederick, night watchman. Reform School ^ 

Bender Gottlieb, expressman, r. 110 Orchard 

Bender G. A. (Schmitt & Bender), r. 509 Larra- J 

l,ee W 

Bender James, lab. T. W. Harvey, r. Morgan, nr. 

22d ft 

Bender John, r. 88 Ruble DB 

Bender Joseph, lub. r. S7 Fisk J*7 

Bender Lewis W. salesman, r. 77 Aberdeen ^ 

Bender Mary, wid. Bernhard, r. 203 Hurlbut M 

Bender Mathias. r. 14 Lisle pi 
Bender Michael, carpenter, r. 132 Schiller 
Bender Philip, lab. r. 543 N. Ashland av. 

Bender Richard, lab. r. 146 N. Jefferson rm 


W. W. Kimball, Pianos to rent and sold on time. 

Commissioner of Deeds for every tate and Territory, 

PHILIP A. HOY:VE, Custom House Building. 




e "Wilmingtcm Coal. 


A Better by 32 per cent than any other 
A Illinois Coal. 

j Better than most Oh o and Penneylvenin Coal sold in ihi- market, 
V? and as good as the beat for nil ordinary purposes. i2TFree of Slute 
ft*, and Sulpnur. 

Chicago and Wilmington Con I Co., 

f No. -I Wust Van Bureu Street, Chicago. 


Bender Robert, harnessmkr. A. Dippe, r. 68 W. 
M Lake 

j< Bender Thomas, boardinghouse, 18 3d av. 

fl{ Bender William, lab. r. 11 Ruble 
5 Bender William, lab. r. 579 S. Halsted 
** Bender Winzel, shoemkr. r. 363 Clark 
. Bending Henry, cigarmkr. r. 443 Clark" 

Q Bending John, tabletender, R. Kleemann & Co. r. 

flj 23 Oakwood 
rf) Bendixon O. agt, r. 14 Hunt 
** Bendler August, polisher, r. 321 N. Paulina 
* Bendlow Rudolph, machinist, r. 175 W. Randolph, 

Pi Bendraett Fred,coachman, r. rear 107 Loomis 
j Bendsall John, lab. r. 56 Burlington 

Q, Benecke Henry, barber, r. 34 Blue Island av. 

r Benecke William, barber, r. 154 W. Randolph 

2 Benedict Amzi (Field, Benedict & Co.), r. Lake 

S Benedict A. B. agent, r. 158 W. Adams 
~ Benedict D. B. (Danforth & Co.) 

Benedict E. R r. Yiy z Silver 

M Benedict E. U. builder, r. 1260 Prairie av. 

m Benedict Frank P. printer, r. 194 W. Adams 
, Benedict George G. lightningrods. r. 792 Fulton 
^ Benedict H. W. canvasser, r. 320 Wabash av. 

^ Benedict, Julius, porter, Greenebaum Sons, r. Niag- 

ara House 

* Benedict Louis, prop. Foundry Facing Mills, r. 206 
W W. Madison 

< Benedict M. S. (A. Cruver & Co.), r. 184 Randolph 
4 Benedict Russel (M. D. Wells & Co.), r. 618 Wn- 

bash av. 

85* Benedix William, tailor, r. 259 Larrabee 
1*4 Beneferd F. ghoemkr. r. 50 Reese 
** Benefold Christian, lab. r. Hawthorn av. nr. W T eed 
Q Benerhart Ludwik. carpenter, r. 132 N. Halsted 
Benerhart Peter, carpenter, r. 181 N. Halsted 

H* Benes John, lab. r. 106 String 
Benesch Joseph, lab. r. 43 Burlington 
. Benett Matthew, bricklayer, r. 98^ N. Market 
fe Benfred August, r. 417 S. May 
' Benga Antony, lab. r. rear 27 Kroger 

Benga Joseph, lab. r. rear 27 Kroger 

** Bengley Alexander, grocer, 16 Rush, r. 99 Sedg- 
Wl wick 

*> Bengts Trens, carpenter, r. 525 W. Chicago av. 
,2 Bengtson A. bartender, John Wedberg, r. 114 Bre- 
* mer 

ft Bengtson Hans, express, r. 38 Bremer 
rft Bengtson Niels, grocer, 20 Larrabee 

Bengtson Niels P. lab. r. rear 27 Bremer 
jj Benbam Edward, elk. Claris & Rogers, r. 293 W. 


^ Benham James W. bkpr. Kenley & Jenkins, r. Clar- 
QC endon House 
*} Benham John (C. H. Fargo & Co.), r. 874 Michigan 

" Benham J. W. r. 152 N. Clark 

* Benham Luke (Field & Benham), r. 101 Park av. 
Benham May Miss, seamstress, r. 290 Clark 
j Benham R. S. bkpr. L. Barber & Sons, r. 117 FranK- 

. Benham S. grocery, 1% 4th av. 

Benight J. McD. supt. 1st floor, J. V. Farwell & 
B Co. r. 232 W. Monroe 

M Benigiers Henry, butcher, r. 987 State, w 4, b Ger- 
... many 

Bening Charles, lab. r. 81 Fry 

Bening Frederick, tailor, r. 179 Mohawk 
' Benintrhoff Reuben, carpenter, 43 Johnson 

W Benjamin'. Almon M. turnkey, Armory, r. 16 S. 

. Benjamin Charles, driver, Brink & Stiles, r. 58 Whi- 
sD ting 

ft Benjamin Charles, machinist, r. 754 Indiana av. 
tt Benjamin D. M. (Pillsbury, Bradley & Co.) r. Big 
'J Rapids. Mich. 

M Benjamin Edwin (Goodwillie, Benjamin & Co), r. 
O Wilmot av. bet. Henshaw and Hermitage avs. 

Benjamin Elias, elk. r. 112 N. Wood 
Benjamin H. C. engineer, r. 158 W. 12th 
Benjamin M. cutter, Turtle, Thompson & Wetmore, 

r. 186 Superior 

Benjamin O. R. com. mer r. 16 S. Green 
Benj.-imin S. S. (Pearce & Benjamin), r. Adams 


Benjamin V. r. 485 Loomis 
Benjon Leonard, agt. r. 106 N. Wells, 
Benk Charles, lab. r. ss. Clayton, bet. Wood and 


Benkaser Louis, brewer, r. 566 Wentworth av. 
Benke Julius, cabinetmkr. r. 136 Sedgwick 
Benkert William F. butcher, r. 506 Webster av. 
Benkler William, shoemkr. r. 130 Goethe 
Benkoufski Lawrence, lab. r. 351 W. 12th 
Benlzkop Adam, lab. r. 72 Fisk 
Bennard Charles F. elk. T. B. Weber & Co. 1227 

Wabash av. 

Bennedy C. F. teamster, r. 542 Archer av. 
Bennein William, r. 14 Mark 
Bennefeldt Fritz, cigarmkr. r. 339 Larrabee 
Benneke William, barber, r. 184 W. Randolph 
Bennella Thomas, machinist, r. 260% 22d 
Bennenjj John, turner, r. 451 S. Morgan 
Benner Augustus, bricklayer, r. 252 21st 
Benner George (Benuer & Pudewa), r. 192 5th av. 
Benner Jacob, cigars, 363 North av. 
Benner Matthias, 3d asst. fire marshal, r. 76 W. 


Benner & Pudewa, butchers, 192 5th av. 
Bennett Abraham, lab. r. 270 S. Jefferson 
Bennett Albert, lab. r. 23 English 
Bennett Alexander, notions, 583 S. Halsted 
Bennett Alford, plumber, r. 472 Butterfleld 
Bennett Alpheus A. teamster, E. Mendsen & Co.r. 

256 W. 22d 
Bennett Ammi M. broker, 53 Pope's blk, r. 250 W. 


Bennett Andrew, carpenter, r. 370 Hnbbard 
Bennett Andrew, lake capt. r. 92 St. Clair 
Bennett A. D. r. 489 W. Madison 
Bennett A. F. r. 165J4 W. Harrison 
Bennett Benjamin, policeman, r. 43. Pearce 
Bennett Benjamin J. watchman, r. 256 W. 22d 
Bennett Charles, r. Uhlich House 
Bennett Charles, vinegarmkr. S. Myers & Co. 
Bennett Charles E. hairdressing, 96 and 98 State, r. 

19 Quincy 

Bennett Clark L. carpenter, 375 S. Halsted 
Bennett Cornelius, plumber, r. 270 S. Jefferson 
Bennett C. W. (Bentley, Bennett, Ullrnann & IvesV 

r. 634 N. LaSalle 

Bennett Edwin B. elk. r. 341 Walnut 
Bennett^Elizabeth, wid. Elisha, r. 131 Ellis av. 
Bennett Ellen, wid. Patrick, r. Columbia, nr. Ash- 
land av. 
Bennett Ellis, engineer, r. 45th, cor. Cottage Grove 


Bennett E. A. flagman, r. 341 Walnut 
Bennett E. E. wid. Harrison, r. 131 Hubbard 
Bennett E. F. carpenter r. 85 Catherine 
Bennett E. J. carpenter, r. 480 N. Clark 
Bennett E. W. asst. bkpr. H. H. Sharpe & Co. r. 131 

Ellis av. 

Bennett Frank, bartender, r. French Hotel 
Bennett Frank, carpenter, r. es. Langley, bet. 45th 

and 46th 

Bennett Frank, conductor, r. 446 W. Madison 
Bennett, Fuller & Co. whol. fruits and fancy gro- 
ceries. 36 S. Water 
Bennett F. lab. r. 208 W. Lake 
Bennett George, distiller, r. 77 N. Curtis 
Bennett George, gasfitter, r. 105 Mather 
Bennett George, nailrakr. r. 181 S. Jefferson 
Bennett George, policeman, r. 113 W. Washington 
Bennett George P. salesman, r. 229 W. Washington 
Bennett Gershom, machinist, r. G70 State 
Bennett Harry, gasfitter, r. 270 S. Jefferson 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

O3 Dearborn Street. 

S. B. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and 

PROOF SAFES, OO and 63 South Canal Street* 



By W3I. 31. I>EK, Xo. 105 Monroe Street. 




Becnett Henry carpenter and builder, ns. 23d, bet. 

Michigan and Indiana avs. office, 8 State, r. 935 

Wabash av. 

Bennett H. C. (Bennett <fe Zollars), r. 159 Walnut 
Bennett H. J. livery stable, 454 and 456 State 
Bennett James, finisher, A. 8. Hale & Bro. r. 13 


Bennett James, capt. r. Union Hotel 
Bennett James J. (Bennett & Riley), r. 165 Ew- 


Bennett James M. watchmkr. r. 3(V4 Wabnsh av. 
Bennett James S. conductor, r. 301 W. Tyler 
Bennett Jane Miss, domestic, r. Ashland av. cor, 


Bennett John, bartender, J. O'Hara, r. 138 Jack- 

Bennett John, bricklayer, r. 331 Hnbbard 
Bennett John, railroadman, r. 126 N. Carpenter 
Bennett John T. teamster, r. 226 W. Taylor 
Bennett John W. (Beimett & Sherburue), r. 1276 

Indiana av. 

Bennett Joseph, painter, r. 294 W. 12th 
Bennett Joseph, propr. Potomac House, r.27 Mich- 
igan av. 

Bennett Joseph T. printer, r. 237 Porquer 
Bennett J. L. (Bennett & DeVere, and Bennett & 

Stewart), r. 416 W. Harrison 
Bennett J. L. .elk. r. 800 Cottage Grove av. 
Bennett Lucian E. lab. r. 2fe English 
Bennett L. H. photographer, r. 165'/4 W. Harrison 
Bennett Martin, r. 260 22d 
Bennett Mary, r. Ashland av nr. Columbia 
Bennett Maurice, lab. r. 140 W. 18th 
Bennett Medical College, Prof. Jay, dean of the 

faculty, 180 and 182 W. Washington 
Bennett Michael, lab. r. Columbia, nr. Ashland av. 
Bennett Mrs. seamstress, r. 239^ Walnut 
Bennett M. E. Mrs. student, r 292 Sedgwick 
Bennet Patrick, lab. r. Douglas ph bet. Laurel 

and Ullman, 
Bennett Paulina, wid. George, queensware 161 W. 

Bennett P. A. salesman Field, Letter & Co. r. 130 

3rd av. 

Bennett P. R. harnessmkr, 117 W. Lake 
Bennett Robert, blksmith, r, 485 8. Jefferson 
Bennett Robert, policeman, r. 270 S. Jefferson 
Bennett Robert J. (Bennett, Fuller & Co.), r. 456 W. 


Bennett Roland, lab. r. 43 Meridian 
Bennett Roland, machinist, r. 95 Butterfield 
Bennett Rosey, wid. Hugh, r. 117 W. Lake 
Bennett R. J. salesman Brintnall, Terry & Belden, 

r. nr Lincoln pk. 

Bennett R. 8. M. elk. r. 16 S. Clinton 
Bennett Samuel Frederick, bkpr, r. 713 W. Chi- 
cago av. 
Bennett Sidney S. floor manager Ross & Gossage, 

r. Nevada House 

Bennett Simon, lab. r. 164 W. 18th 
Bennett S. D. N. trav. agt. Jones & Langhlin, r. 

N. Y. 
Bennett S. 8. bkpr Shoenfeld Bros. & Co. r. 441 

W. Jackson 

Bennett Thomas, teamster, r. 226 W. Taylor 
Bennett Thomas, lab. r. 24 Superior 
Bennett Thomas E. (Massey, Webster <fc Co.), r. 

47 W. Van Buren 

Bennett Timothy, plasterer, r. 697 State 
Bennett Warren, boarding house, r. 670 State 
Bennett William, com. mer. 168 W. Adams 
Bennett William, r. 331 Hnbbard 
Bennett William, jr. lab. r. 331 Hubbard 
Bennett W. F. meat market 55 Douglas pi. r. 100 

Lake av. 

Bennett W. H. nailmkr. r. 40 W. Monroe 
Bennett & DeVere, lawyers. 26 Portland Block 
Bennett & Riley, cabinetmkrs. iear213 W. Polk 
Bennett <fc Sherbnrne, lawyers, 93 Washington 



. 158 State Street. 


At 137 & 139 State Street 

Bennett & Stewart, phonographic reporters, 26 

Portland block 
Bennett & Zollars, lawyers, room 10 Methodist 

Church Block 

Benney W. H. engineer, r. 10 W. Randolph 
Bennie Francis, moulder, r. 45 Harrison 
Benniker William, barber, C. E. Bennett 
Benning Berny, machinist, r. 5198. Morgan 
Benning George, mason, r. 50 Goethe 
Benning Herman, mason, r. 50 Goethe 
Benning B. J. W. machinist, r. 519 S. Morgan 
Bennington R. carpenter, r. 248 4th av. 
Bennitt Ann, wid. William, r. 543 Chicago av. 
Bennitt Edward, lab. F. H. Hannah & Co. r. 263 


Bennitt Hiram, coal mer. r. 131 W. Kinzie 
Bennitt H. teamster, F. H. Hannah & Co. r. 263 


Benort Mary A. wid. John, r. 31 Hope 
Benot Joseph, elk. P. Gillespie, r. 72 3d av. 
Bensbeck Lars, baker, r. 198 Mitchell 
Bensberg Johannes, cutter, P. Kellogg & Co. r. 

192 W. Randolph 
Benscheid Gustav, printer, Floto, Kurz & Co. r. 

191 N. Wells 

Benschopp T. carpenter, r. 39 Kossuth 
Bensen Henry, cigarmkr. r. 160 Hurlbut 
Bensen John, lab. r. 179 Hnbbard 
Bensinger Emile (Bensinger & Childs), r. 164 


Beneinger M. supt. Brunswick Billiard Hall 
Bensinger & Childs, renovating carpets, 70 Ran- 

Bensley Bros. com. mere. 66 Pope's blk. 
Bensley D. W. (Bensley Bros.), r.46 Oakwood av. 
Bensley George E. (Barstow & Bensley), r. 773 

Cottage Grove av. 

Bensley J R. (Bensley Bros.) r. 46 Oakwood av. 
Benson Abraham H. trav. agt. r. 636 Washington 


Benson Andrew, lab. r. 395 25th 
Benson Bernt, sailor, r. 191 N. Curtis 
Benson Charles, sailor, r. 537 N. Ashland av. 
Benson Charles E. supt. Dennison & Co. 88 LaKe 

r. 12 Eldridge ct. 

Benson Christian, carpenter, r. 9 Erie 
Benson Christopher, lab. r. 9 Erie 
Benson C. elk. r. 12 Eldridge ct. 
Benson Edgar, elk. r. 351 W. Tyler 
Benson Ephraim, miller, r 351 W Tyler 
Benson George, machinist, r. 451 W. Tyler 
Benson H. m-son, r. 34 Temple 
Benson James, founder, r. 808 Archer av. 
Benson John, carpenter, r. 36 4th 
Benson John, foreman, J. McEwen, r. 89 Whiting 
Benson John, stonecutter, Grant & Price, r. 355 S. 


Benson L. lab. r. Lincoln pk. 
Benson Martin, sailor, r. 89 N. Wells 
Benson Mary, tailoress. r. 114 Hickory av. 
Benson Mary A. wid. William, r. 147 N. Green 
Benson O. (O. Benson & Co.), r. 94 Chicago av. 
Benson Olof, contractor, Lincoln Park, r. Lincoln 


Benson O. & Co. mer. tailors. 94 Chicago av. 
Benson Paul. lab. r. 162 W. Kinzie 
Benson Sarah, wid. W.W. r. 244 Erie 
Benson Trellsy, lab. r. 535 W. Chicago av. 
Benson \Vi!liam,currier,Hammond & Bro 
Benson William, lab. r. 30 Sloan 
Benson William, stonemason, r. 310 21st 
Benson William, tanner, r. 176 Case 
Unit Clnn-nci- K. elk. r. 119 1 
Bent John, coppersmith, r. 35 S. Union 
Bent John W. (Bent & Goward). r. 17 S. Curtis 
Bent S. A. salesman. Bent & Goward, r. 259 W. 


Bent Thomas, r. 156 Superior 
Bent Timothy, barber, r. 4034th 








THE INTERIOR, W. S. Mills, Publisher, 

Office, Room O, Monroe Building, Chicago, 111. 

Mead & Coe, Real Estate Brokers, 154 Washington St., 

Have a fall list of desirable residence lots. 




*; Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


{Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 

& Office and Yard, No. 2 V. VanBuren 8t 
















Bent & Goward, mnfrs. refrigerators, 211 and 213 

Bentenmuller G, mnfr rifles, &c. 116 5th av. 

Benter Dean, r. 136 W. Randolph 

Bentham Christopher, bkpr. Stark & Allen, r. 109 

Benthay Prank, gardener, r. 512 S. Parkav. 

Benthien Frederick, bpxmkr. r.446 Clybourn av. 

Benthren John, boxnailer, r. 446 Clybourn av. 

Bentler William, r. 268 3d 

Bentley Betsey, wid. Niles, r. 71 4th 

Bentley, Bennett, Ullmann & Ives, lawyers, 112 

Bentley Conrad, engineer I. C. R. R. r. 901 Clark 

Bentley Cyrus, (Bentley, Bennett, Ullmann & 
Ive*), r. 187 Michigan av. 

Bentley C. D. drover, r. 522Burnside 

Bentley Frank, bkpr. r. 247 W. Monroe 

Bentley George (George Bentley & Co, ), r. Emerald, 
s. of Trnmbull 

Bentley George, lab. r. 147 4th 

Bentley George A, Co. com. mers. Stock Yard Ex- 

Bentley Harvey, salesman, George Bentley & Oo. 
r. Emerald, s. of Trumbull 

Bentley James, steamfltter, r. 27 S. Canal 

Bentley John, millwright, r. 399 S. Morgan 

Bentley Joseph, machinist, r. 416 Erie 

Bentley L. R. agt. Bussey, McLeod & Co. r. 113 
Michigan av. 

Bentley R. Barker, batteryman, A. & P. Tel. Co. 
r. 256 Warren av. 

Bentley Thomas, bkpr. G. W. Lithographing Co. r. 
522 Burnside 

Bentley W. G. bkpr. The Advance, r. Monroe, nr. 

Benton A. F. r. 204 Park av. 

Benton Charles L. elk. Dennison & Co. r. 245 Chi- 
cago av. 

Benfcon Frank, bnsdriver, r. 1351 State 

Benton George C.(Batcheller & Benton), r. 893 In- 
diana av, 

Benton Harry, carpenter, r. 403 State 

Benton James R. auctioneer, W.JGrundman, r. 134 
N. Jefferson 

Benton R. M. dentist, 260 S. flalsted, r. 268 S. Mor- 


Benton S. E. elk. r. 37 Clybourn av. 
Benton William, wks. F. Parmelee & Co. r. 67 


Benton , tel. op. r. 20V4 Silver 

Bentson Ole, butcher, r. 26 W. Erie 

Bentson Gustav, lab. r. 193 W. Chicago av. 

Bentz Adam, tinner, r. 696 Washington av. 

Bentz George, machinist, r. 6% Washington av. 

Bentz J. B. salesman, W. H. Muller, r. 144 N. Clark 

Bentz J. H. barber, 186 Clark, r. 77 Pratt 

Bentz Mark, lab. r. 79 Pratt 

Bentz Mary, wid. Jacob, dressmkr. 144 N. Clark 

Bentz Michael, porter, D. Blum, r. 79 Pratt 

Benz Alois, stockingmkr, r. 49 Cedar 

Benz Caspar, honsemover, r. 271 Blackhawk 

Benz Christian, stonecutter, r. 537 S. Jefferson 

Benz Christopher, blksmith, r. 264 W. Chicago av. 

Benz David, bartender. C. Knehne, r. 75 N. Wells 

Benz Ferdinand, lab. r. rear 618 Centre av. 

Benz George, tailor, r. 234 DeKoven 

Benz John, lab. r. rear 618 Centre av. 

Benz Mike, house mover, r. 231 Vine 

Benz Philip, wood and coal, 334 W. Lake, r. 43 N. 


Benz P. W, metal spinner, r. 183 3d av. 
Benze Herman, salesman. S. H. Kerfoot, r. 219 S. 

Benzel Henry, teamster, F. & E. Jaeger, r. 585 N. 


Benziger Albert, cook, r. 93 E. White 
Benziger Barbara, wid. John,T. 93 E. White 
Benziger Bernard, barber, r. 93 E. White 

Benziger John, v arnisher, r. 93 E. White 
Benziger Solomon, upholsterer, r. 93 E. White, 
Benzinger Frederic, groceries, flour and feed, 219 

North av. 

Benzo A-ugust, saloon, 571 Elston av. 
Benzon Emil (Anton Rohde & Co.), r. 107 Chicago 


Beong Benjamin, carpenter, r. 267 3d av. 
Beoug Peter, lab. r. 267 3d av. 
Beong Philip, lab. r. 267 3d av. 
Beramck Joseph, tailor, r. 72 Bunker 
Berbach Joseph, prop. Western Eagle Hotel, r. 38 


Berblinger Henry, cooper, r. 249 Calumet av. 
Berblinger William L. elk. Frank Sturges & Co. 

r. 176 Adams 

Berby Marshall, carpenter, r. rear 159 Meagher 
Berch Joseph, lab. r. 27 Willow 
Bercher August, meat market. 542 Sedgwick 
Bercher Henry, painter, 390 Milwaukee av. 
Bercher John, lab. r. 256 W. 22d 
Bercher John, lab. 276 Coolidge 
Bercher William, painter. 390 "Milwaukee av. 
Berchert Lucas, lab, r. 145 Catherine 
Berck Christian, r. 61 Chicago av. 
Berck Christopher, teamster, r. 288 Church 
Berck Emanuel (Grossman & Berck), r. 195^i W. 


Berck William, saloon, 3 Mohawk 
Berclos Peter, lab. r. 66 S. Peoria 
Berdel Henry, tinsmith, r. 158 W. Harrison 
Berdel William, elk. Frederick Burcky, r. 86 5th 


Berebe A. distiller, r. 40 Blue Island av. 
Bereiter John, brewer, Sands Ale Brewing Co. r. 303 


Berends E. zinc stamper, r. Sherman, bet. Harri- 
son and Van Buren 

Berendsen Erasmus, lab. r. rear 169 N. Union 
Berens August, blksmith, r. 16 Wesson 
Berens John, agt. r. 97 Vedder 
Berensen Berent, sailor, r. 191 N. Curtis 
Berent Carl, lab. r. 39 Will 
Berentz August, mechanic, r. 228 Division 
Berentz Carl, lab. r. 11 Crittenden 
Beresford James W. bkpr. Com. Nat. Bank, r 1013 

W. Jackson 

Beretta Pablo, mnfr. cigars and tobacco, 56 Ran- 

Berey Michael, lab. r. 247 N. Market 
Berfust A. tailor, r. 73 Hubbard 
Berg Adam, r. 103 Kinzie 
Berg Adolph (Berg & Bro.), r. 87 23d 
Berg Albert carpenter, r. 199 Sedgwick 
Berg Anton, blksmith, r. 181 W. Erie 
Berg Anton, ins. agt. r. 307 5th av. 
Berg August, barber, r. iO Goethe 
Berg August, blksmith, r. 179 W. Erie 
Berg Charles F. bkpr. C. W. Church & Co. r. 307 

5th av. 

Berg Christian, carpenter, r. 78 Hubbard 
Berg Christopher, lab.i. 593 N. Halstod 
Berg David (Berg & Bro.), r. 1067 Wabash av. 
Berg Dora, wid. Ferdinand, r. 70 Goethe 
Berg Edward, printer, r. 119 Ontario 
Berg Erasmus, mechanic, r. 135 W. Indiana 
Berg George, paperhanger, r. 464 N Dearborn 
BergG T. carpenter, r. 21 Elston av. 
Berg Henry, meatmarket, 51 Adams, r. 42 3d av. 
Berg Herman, trav. agt. J. Beiersdorf,r. 350 Wabash 


Berg Jacob, carpenter, r. 27 Chicago av. 
Berg Jacob, tailor, r. 126 Clybouru av. 
Berg Jens N. agt. r. 17 Fay 
Berg John, carpenter, 21 Elstou av. 
Berg John, grocer, r. 181 Wright 
Berg John, painter, Clybourn aad Halsted, 

Blackhawk and Rees 

Diebold &. Hienzle's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O3 Dearborn Street. 



By \VJI. M. 1>EK, \'o. 1O5 Monroe Street. 




Berg John, tailor, r. 71 y t Indiana av. 
Berg John, varnisher, r. 154 N. Peoria 
Berg Joseph, r. 71 W. Monroe Harmon, Messer& Co. r. 71 

W. Monroe 

Berg Kisten, wid. John, r. 61 4th 
Berg Louis A. stonecutter, r. 307 5th av. 
Berg Margaret, r. 198 S. Desplaines 
Berg Margretha. wid. Victor, r. rear 53 Bremer 
Berg Martin, asst. baggage master, C. & N. \V. Ey. 

r. 170 W. Indiana 

Berg Morris (Berg & Daube), r 164 Adams 
Berg Morris H. salesman, r. 42 3d av. 
Berg M. bkpr. J. Beiersdorf, r. 350 Wabash av. 
Berg M. grocer, 143 5th av. 
Berg Nelson M. r. 240 Superior 
Bjrg Nicholas, tailor, r. 22 Milwaukee av. 
Berg Nils, lab. r. 103 Sedgwick 
BergN. P. blksmith, r. 6f Wesson 
Berg Ole, framemkr. r. 315 23d 
Berg Paul, canvasser, r. 176 Madison 
Berg Peter, sailor, r. 57 Wesson 
Berg Seligman, grocer, r. 173 Adams 
Berg Simeon, grocer, r. 143 5th av. 
Berg S. upholsterer, r. 22 Milwaukee av. 
Berg Walter A. tailor, r. 159 N. Union 
Berg William, ship carpenter, r. 50 Cherry 
Berg William F. stonecutter, r. 307 5th av. 

Berg , carpenter, r. 473 N. Franklin 

Berg & Bro. meat market, 139 22d 
Berg & Danbe, batchers, 181 Madison 
Bergdolld Jacob, r. 316 W. 22d 
Bergdolld Sebastian, butcher, 316 W. 22d 
Berge Anton, r. 77 Pratt 
Berge William, lab. r. 143 W. Randolph 
Bergeland Ole, shoemaker, r. 15 Fay 
Bergelen Fred, machinist, r. 543 N. Wells 
Bergen Andrew, lab. r. Levee, cor. Post 
Bergen Henry B. (Perry & Sturges), r. 40 W. Madi- 

Bergen James, policeman, 1st prect. r. 42 Kossuth 
Bergen John, carpenter, r. 212 N. Desplaines 
Bergen John, lab. r. 524 Archer av. 
Bergen John, lab. r. 272 Noble 
Bergen Joseph Y. (R. Abbey & Co.), r. Revere 

Bergen Mike, teamster, Blake, Whitehouse & Co. 

r. Erie se. cor. Townsend 
Bergen Richard, lab. Armour & Co. 
Bergen Richard, grocer, 529 Archer av. 
Bergenbush Bernard W. policeman, 1st prect. r. 

301 22d 

Berger B. F. physician, 11 Uhlich blk. r. 108 Wells 
Berger Charles, lab. r. 45 Gardner 
Berger Charles, expressman, r. 444 S. Union 
Berger Charles, bartender, B.Sadler, r. 189 N.Clark 
Berger Charles, stonecutter, r. 471 5th av. 
Berger Elizabeth Mrs. r. 273 Larrabee 
Berger Frederick, shoemkr. r. 427 4th 
Berger Gustav, weaver, r. 218 North av. 
Berger Henry, tailor, r. 28Menominee 
Berger Henry, woodturner, H. Ricke, r. 15, Rees 
Berger Henry, cutter, Cahn, Wampold & Co. r. 710 

N. Halsled 

Berger Hubert, weaver, r. 218 North av. 
Berger John carpenter, ns. Connor, bet. Sedgwick 

and Hurlbut 

Berger John, teamster, r. 145 Farrell 
Berger John H. carver, r. 15 Rees 
Berger John S. salesman, Hotchkies, Eddy & Co. r. 

63 Seeley av. 

Berger Louis, carpenter, r. 21 Rees, w 17 
Berger Louis, r. 606 Sedgwick 
Berger Mathew boardinshouse, r. 71 S. Halsted 
Berger P. trunkmkr. r. 388 Clybourn av. 
Berger P. F. physician, r. 108 N. Wells 
Bergeren John, blksmith, r. 304 South Park av. 
Bersrerhauser Frederick, lithographer, r. 85 W. 


H. M. Wilmartli & Bro. 

Cas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

Jacob R Shipherd 1 & Co., 

New York, 24 Pine Street. 

Chicago, - 155 & 157 LaSalle Street. 
And Twenty-Second St. Bank. 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large 
investments of Eastern capital. 

Bergermairer Peter, turner A. Ranch 
Bergerman Charles, shoemkr. r. 181 Augusta 
Bergerson C. J. painter, r. 245 Townsend 
Bergerson Olav, cabinetmkr. r. 693 Bntterfield 
BergesenF. O. r. Elm, ne. cor. Wesson 
Bergesen O. (Bergesen & Olson), r. Williams Hotel 
Bergesen <fc Olson, proprs. Williams Hotel, 59 and 

61 Kinzie 

Bergfeld H. G. porter, r. 38 Sophia 
Bergfeld R. H. elk. r. 38 Sophia 
Bergfleld William, packer, r. 481 Mitchell 
Berpgren Charles A. coachman, r. ISMarshfleld av. 
Berggren Erick, tailor, C. Jensen, r. 98 Ohio 
Berggren F. upholsterer, r. 148 Bremer . 
Berggren Gustaf, baker, 134 Wesson 
Berggren John, lab. r. 52 Dicksou 
Berggren John A. lab. r. 230 N. Market 
Berggren Peter, tailor, r. 15 Bremer 
Bergh Andrew, city insp. r. 42 Granger 
Bergh Christian, captain, r. 215 W. Indiana 
Bergh J. M. tailor, r. 296 Morgan 
Bergh MarieS. teacher, Dore School, r. 296 S. Mor- 

Bergh Mary, wid. Nelse, r. 229 W. Erie 
Bergh N. S. shoemkr. C. L. Wehe, r. 208 W. Lake 
Berghaur Paul, bartender, r. 261 Clark 
Berghoffer Philip, lab. r. rear 298 21st 
Bergholtz John, lab. r. 21 Sullivan 
Bergh nis D. (D. Berghnis & Co.), r. 378 Washing- 
ton av. 

Berghuis D. & Co. grocers, 280 W. Lake 
Berginger Henry trunkmkr. Lindauer & Co. r. 283 

North av. 

Bergk Oscar J. physician, r. 188 Blue Island av. 
Berglund Bernhard, painter, r. 89 Townsend 
Berglnnd August, carpenter, r. 183 Larrabee 
Bergman Adam, cigarmkr. r. 56 Menomonee 
Bergman Christopher, groom, A. M. U. Exp. Co. r. 

van Buren. cor. Pacific. av. 
Bergman E. tobacconist, 998 State 
Bergman Frank A. tinsmith, r. 258 W. Tyler 
Bergman Fred, groom, A. M. U. Exp. Co. r. Van 

Buren, cor. Pacific av. 

Bergman Gustav, ragman, r. rear 51 W. Erie 
Bergman Henry, groom, A. M. U.JExp. Co. r. Van 

Bnren, cor. Pacific av. 
Bergman Henry, carpenter, J. Sunnock, r. 50 N. 


Bergman Johan, lab. r. 57 Bremer 
Bergman John, stonemason, r. 45 Purple 
Bergmann Adam, cigarmkr, r. 59 Laramon 
Bergmann August, cabimetmKr. r. 294 Milwaukee 


Bergmann Ellen, wid. Ott, r. 61 Goethe 
Bergmann Henry, lab. r. 395 24th 
Bergmann John, painter, G. V. Drake, r. 243 Ab- 

Bergmann John, machinist, r. 124 Luke 
Bersrmann John C. r. 61 Goethe 
Bergmann Peter, r. 208 Mohawk 
Bergmann P. (Bergmann & Chnstesen), r. 73 S. 


Bergmann & Christesen. painters, 63 S. Halsted 
Bergmark Augustus, lab. r. 30 Alexander 
Bergmark Charles, lab. r. 30 Alexander 
Bergmark G. heater, r. 30 Alexander 
Bergmark H. lab. r. 30 Alexander 
Bergmark John, lab. r. 30 Alexander 
Bergner August, lab. r. 119 14th 
Bergner Charles, lab. r. 119 14th 
BcrjznerDorathea Mrs. r. 119 14th 
Bergner Henry, confectionery, r. 101 Bntterfleld 
Bergner Julius, tanner, r. 56 Hawthorne av. 
Bergner Lodolf, teamster, r. 119 14th 
Bergner William, sailmkr. r. 106 North av. 
Bergoe Christian, cooper, r. rear 14 Lnrrabee 
Bergold Emmet O. cigarmkr. r U. S. Hotel 
Bereolth Peter, carpenter, r. 431 Cottage Grove av. 
Bergowist N. M. bricklayer, r. 182 N. Desplaines 

















THE INTERIOR Newspaper, 

Organ of the He-united Presbyterian Church. 

Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L,. Bailey, Manager, 

Yard, 9H \V. 12tli St. ; General Office, 151 Monroe St. 






Wilmington Coal. 

Better by 32 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than m"t Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal sold in this market, 
and a good as the baat for all ordinary purposes. C?~ Free of Slut* 
and Sulpiur. 

Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. -i West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 











Bergquist A. wid. John, r. 102 Ontario 

Bergquist Bengt, wagonmkr. r. 114 Sedgwick 

Bergros Amer, mason, r. 26 Sloan 

Bergsersen Henry, r. 96 Luke 

Bergstedt Christine, wid. Christian, r. rear 10 


Bergsten Oscar, lab. r. rear 55 4th 
Bergstroem A. lab. r. 28 Bremer 
Bergstroern Charles, carpenter, r. 87 Bremer 
Bergstrom Alec, carpenter, r. rear 7 Will 
Berg/trom A. Q. furnituremkr. O. Nottleman, r. 116 

N. Market 

Berguson Samuel, boxnailer. r. 77 St. Clair 
Bergstrom Frederick, cigarmkr. r. 10 Milwaukee 


Bergstrom L. G. orgranmkr. r. 87 Bremer 
Bergnson Mrs. r. 77 St. Clair 
Berigen O. F. tailor, r. 5 Illinois 
Bender John P. carpenter, r. 39 Hanover 
Beringer Joachim, lab. r. al. bet. Clybourn av. and 

Halsted, Blackhawk and Rees 
Beritz John, carpenter, r. fiOG Wentworth av. 
Beritz Samuel, elk. r. 129 W. Jackson 
Berk Frederick, lab. r. 51 Hinsdale 
Berkel Peter, r. 368 North av. 
Berkes Henry, saloon, 157 Randolph, r. 112 5th av. 
Berkheardt James, lab. r. 38 Sherman 
Berkholts Wiliiam, lab. r. 647 S. Morgan 
Berklar John, sawyer, r. 794 N. Halsted 
Berkman Joseph, lab. r. 26 Dussold 
Berlen Gnstav, blksmith, r. 175 Brown 
Berlet Robert, turner, r. 121 Hurlbut 
Berlien John, (Stoll & Berlien), r. 164 Michigan 
Berlien Otto, salesman, r. rear 72 N. Dearborn 
Berlin Block. Monroe, cor. State 
Berlin Frederick, carpenter, r. 236 Townsend 
Berlin Henry, lab. r. 476 W. Chicago av. 
Berlin Magdalene, wid. Frederick, r. 236 Town- 
Berlin William, painter, 171 and 173 Catharine, r. 

543 S. Union 

Berlintz A. B. hats and caps, r. 208 Ohio 
Berlizheimer Beruhardt, r. 177 Ontario 
Berlizheimer David (N. Berlizheimer & Son) 
Berlizheimer Isaac, r. 537 N. LaSalle 
Berlizheimer L-aac, millinery, 104 Clybourn av. 
Berlizheimer Louis (L. & R. Berlizheimer;, r. 155 


Berlizheimer L. & R. drygoods, 132 N. Clark 
Berlizheimer N. (N. Berlizheimer & Son) 
Berlizheimer N. & Son, drygoods, 176 N. Clark 
Berlizheimer Richard, (L. & R. Berlizheimer), r. 

155 Erie 

Berlk Nicholas, carpenter, r. 19 Lisle 
Bermal Daniel, driver, street car. r. 887 State 
Bermau Frank, lab. r. rear 157 Bunker 
Berman Frank, jr. lab. r. rear 157 Bunker 
Berman Friend, wines and liquors, r. 164 W. Ran- 

Bermingham James, shoemkr. r. 17 Erie 
Bermingham John, compounder. r. 241 Clark 
Bermingham Thomas, bkpr. Roche, Goldstein & 

Farrell, r. 52 S. Green 
Berminerhaus Eugene, chemist, Huyck & Knox, r. 

156 Huron 

Berminghaus Julius, printer, r. 165 Huron 

Bern John, lab. r. 46 Burlington 

Bernadene E. bartender, r. 250 Clark 

Barnahr William, lab. r. ss. Fullerton av. bet. 

Southport av. and High 
Barnard Adam, cabinetmkr. r. 135 N. Wells 
Bernard Charles F. elk. r. 1227 Wabash av. 
Bernard Edward H. printer, r. 13 Orchard 
Bernard Frank, lab. r. 44 Finnell 
Bernard Joseph, pedlar, r. 150 Pacific av. 
Bernard Lucas, stonecutter, r. 239 Maxwell 
Bernard N. bkpr. E. E. Ryan & Co. r. 357 W.Taylor 
Bernard Peter, lumber insp.r.ll Jjhnson 
Bernardy Mathew, lab. r. 163 Cottage Grove av. 

Bernauer's Building, Lake. nw. cor. Clinton 

Bernbaum Charles, tailor, r. 62 4th av. 

Bernd Charles, lab. r. 83 Fry 

Bernd Henry, cigarmkr, r. 35 Hastings 

Bernde August, blksmith, r. es. Clybourne av. nr. 

Bernds A. locksmith 107 N. Clark, r. 228 Division 

Berndt August, lab. r. 63 Fremont 

Beradt Charles, shoemkr, r. 170 Indiana 

Berndt Charles, lab. r. 13 Crittenden 

Berndt Fred, lab. r. 33 Vedder 

Berndt Fred, lab. r. 63 Fremont 

Berndt Frederick, lab. r. Harbine bet. Centre av. 
and Throop 

Berndt Henry, lab. r. 91 Hurlbut 

Bemdt Herman, elk. John York. r. 187 W. 12th 

Berndt Julius, tobacco, 501 Clark 

Berndt Mary, wid. Frederick, r. Benson cor. Lancas- 
ter av. 

Berndt Sophia, wid. Cherlock, r. Harbine bet. Cen- 
tre av. and Throop 

Bernedt John, wasronmkr. r. ws. al. bet. North av. 
and Blackhawk, Larrabee and Orchard 

Bernell Albert, restaurant. 63 W. Madison 

Berner Frank (Rogers & Berner), r. 789 W. Wash- 

Berner Frederick, policeman, r. 148 Hurlbut 

Berner Henry, teamster, r. 506 N. Wells 

Berner Jacob, r. 572 State 

Bernerd John, tailor, r. 427 W. Chicago av. 

Bernet Charles, lab. r. 52 Rees 

Bernet John, baker, r. 192 Ewing 

Bernet John, Jab. Childs & Verdier, r. 192 Ewing 

Berneth Charles, lab. r. ws. Sonthportav. bet. Web- 
ster av. and Belden av. 

Bernett Charles, cabinetmkr. r. 363 Sedgwick 

Bernett Christian, carpenter, r. 341 Noble 

Bernetz John, tailor, r. 178 Blue Island av. 

Berngen Morris, butcher, Rogers & Co. r. 298 S. 

Beraham Herman trunkmkr. r. 262 Blackhawk 

Bernham Robert, mason, r. 262 Blackhawk 

Bernhard Andrew, carpenter, r. 64 Bremer 

Bernhard C. cigar store 141 N. Clark, r. 234 N. 

Bernhard Geubert, elk. Shnltz & Yaeger, r. 45 
Centre av. 

Bernhard John, lumberman, r. 124 Canalpcrt av. 

Bernhard M. leathe- mer. r. 27 16th 

Bernhard Philip, engraver, J. Manz, r. North av. nr. 

Bernhardt Gnstav, architect, r. 229 Division 

Bernhardt John, tailor, r. 559 S. Jefferson 

Bernhardt, John, wagonmkr. r. 812 N. Halsted 

Berchardt Paul, elk. r. 171 Fry 

Bernhardt Robert, carpenter, r. 227 N. Market 

Bernhardt Theodore A. cigarmkr. R. R. Foote 

Bernhardt Theodore G. architect, 157 Randolph, r. 
229 E. Division 

Beruhardt Wittick, r. 8729th 

Bernhart Jacob, saddler, 516 N. Wells 

Bernheiden H. baker, r. 378 Centre av. 

Bernheimer Jacob, messenger, German Nat. Bank, 
r. 221 4th av. 

Bernier J. H. jeweler, O. Engebregtson, r. Madison, 
cor. Glark 

Berninger August, elk. E. Rome, r. 249 N. Clark 

Bernitz Christian, upholsterer, r. 101 Mohawk 

Bernkak Frank, lab. r. 27 Kroger 

Berns Charles, lao. r. 17 Emma 

Berns John, lab. r. 233 Rush 

Bernst Carl. lab. r. 33 Fisk 

Bernstein F. S. tobacconist, r. 77 4th av. 

Bernstein Henry, miller, r. 10 Hanover 

Bernstein Julius, r. 135 Ontario 

Bernstein J. cloth mer. r. 15 N. Peoria 

Bernstein Louis, crlazier, r. 599 S. Canal 

Bernstein T. clothing, 5 Kinzie, r. 69 Kinzie 

Berusten Flank, sailor, r. 33 Catherine 



Cannel Goal; 


Cor. Marltet and Washington Streets. 

Allan Pinkcrton keeps the Records of his Office 

In Six Large Harris' Safes, Factory, GO and O3 South Canal St. 


By YVM. M. I>EE, IVo. 1O.T Monroe Street. 




Fernth Charles, lab. r. 17 Emmett 
Bernts ('h)irles. lab. Sinclair & More 

Pernts P. lab. Sinclair & More 

Bjrntsen A. M. cooper, r. 73 Erie 

Berntson, Engebert Marcus, lab. r. 96 Sedgwick 

Perr Charlotte wid. Ernest, r. 563 W. 12th 

Berr Ferdinand, lab. r. 168 Rumsey 
Berr James, carriagemkr. r. 754 S. Halsted 

Berr William, blksmith, r. 754 S. Halsted 

Berran Joseph, tailor, r. 401 8. Clinton 

Berranger Charles, gold and silver electro plater, 
118 Clark 

Berreshiem Antony (Berreshiem & Son), r. 262 

Berreshiem Antony, jr. (Bereshiem & Son), r. 262 

Berreshiem & Son. grocers. 262 Catherine 

Berret Charles, lab. r. \vs. al. bet. North ay. and 
Blackhawk. Larrabee and Orchard 

Berret Wilhelmina. wid. Frederick, r. ws. al. North 
av. and Blackhawk, Larrabee and Orchard 

Berrigan Patrick, lab. r. 212 N. Desplaines 

Berrington A. saloon. 20 W. Lake 

Berron Frank, lab. r. 85 Evans 

Berry A. R. upholstering, 412 W. Madison 

Berry Benjamin, lab. r. 41 Meridian 

Berry Charles, lab. r. 57 Bremer 

Berry Charles C. train master I. C. R. R. r. 115 
Ellis av. 

Berry David, baggageman I. C. R. R. 

Berry D. wire weaver, Jones & Price, r. 113 Erie 

BerryE W. salesman, Hayden & Kay, r. 260 W. 

Berry Francis, butcher, r. 161 Forquer 

Berry Francis, engineer, r. 735 S. May 

Berry Frank W. salesman, Smeal, Rebanks & Co. r. 
206 Wabash av. 

Berry Frederick, hostler, r. rear 78 Monroe 

Berry George.waitei, Thomson's Restaurant, r. Rey- 
nold's blk. 

Berry H. C. sec. 103 Madison 

Berry H. M. hardware, 1085 State 

Berry J. R. locksmith, r. 65 Kroger 

Berry James, collector, r. es. N. Branch Water, nr. 

Berry James (James Berry & Co.), r. 109 W. Ran- 

Berry James, shoemkr. r. rear 216 Wentworth ar. 

Berry James, teamster, r. 438 Burnside 

Berry James, watchman, r. 311 W. 12th 

Berry James & Co. glasscutters, 23 N. Jefferson 

Berry John, bell boy. Sherman House, r, 187 4th av. 

Berry John, bkpr. Heath & Milligan, r. 250 W.Wash- 

Berry John, lab, r. 201 DeKoven 

Berry John, engineer, Frederick Qund, No. 14, r. 
183 N. Dearborn 

Berry John, porter, J. A. & H. F. Griswold, r. 139 

Berry Joseph, painter, r. 105 Ewing 

Berry J. W. lab. r. 484 W. 12th 

Berry L. trav. salesman, W. H. Sharp & Co. 

Berry L. D. (Chicago Caststeel Co.),r.220 Townsend, 

Berry Margaret Mrs. r. 83 St. Clair 

Berry Michael, lab. r. 205 Bnrnside 

Berry Myron J. fireman, r. 8 14th 

Berry M. F. elk. A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 221 W. Adams 

Berry Olirer. student, Bryant &, Chase's 
Business College 

Berry Oliver A. elk. 111. C. R. R. r. 115 Ellis av. 

Berry Patrick, lab. r. 186 W. Polk 

Berry Patrick, bhipping elk. W. Blair & Co. r. 197 

Berry Reuben, roofer, r. rear 257 State 

Berry Stephen, blksmith. r. 199 N. Halsted 

Berry Thomas (Berry* Co.), r. 65 W.Erie 

Berry Thomas, carpenter, r. 44 Brown 

Berry Timothy, shipcarpenter, r. 137 Main 

Berry William.clk. r.187 4th av. 



JVo. 158 State Street. 

W. C. CLABKE, Manager. C. H. EOBE2TS, Agent, <3R 


JVo. 94 Washington Street, Chicago. 4 



Berry William, distiller, r. 550 W. Indiana 
Berry & Co. butchers, 130 Clybourn av. and 124 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Berryman W.H. cigars, 65 Douglas pi. r. 610 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Berschot, wid. Van, r, rear 198 Aberdeen 
Bersheim George, railwayman, r. 602 S. Union 
Bersley C. distiller, r. 351 Division 
Berson John, carpenter, Reform School 
Berstma Frank, carpenter, r. 381 25th 
Bert Edward, physician, 223 Cottage Grove av. 
Bertalot Edward", elk. r. 398 N. LaSalle 
Bertel Frank A. currier, Union Hide & Leather 

Bertel Nicolas, conveyancer, 101 Washington, r. 

153 W. Harrison 

Bertels William, bootmkr. 1063 State 
Berth Otto, lab. r. ns. Luke, bet. Morgan andFisk, 
Berth William, lab. r. ns. Luke, bet. Morgan and 


Berther August, cabinetmkr. r. 374 Division 
Berthold Herman, teamster, r. 63 Noble 
Berthold John, packer, Moflett 4 Bartholomew, r. 

250 W. Polk 

Berthwick George, lab. r. 162 Bunker 
Bertimess Philip, carpenter, r. 176 Pacific av. 
Bertl ing Frederick, ins. agt. r. 302 Chicago av. 
Bertner J. F. elk. r. 108 N. Wells 
Bertram Charles, lab. r. 392 Noble 
Bertram Henry, eailor, r. 36 Cornell 
Bertram John, grinder, r. 8t. Luke's Hospital 
Bertram Wilhelm, carpenter, r. 312 Milwaukee av. 
Bertrand Francis X. elk. J. V. Clarke 
Bertrand Frederick, carrtegesmith, r. rear 41 Hunt 
Bertrand Solomon, painter, r. 423 Maxwell 
Bertrant Carolina, wid. H. r. 50 Harrison 
Bertraw Peter, carpenter, r. 419 8. May 
Berttig Edward, lab. r. 198 S. Cana[ 
Berven Henry H. (Berven & Amundsen), r. 92 Su- 

Berven & Amundson, grocers, 68 Chicago av. 
Berwick David, r. 415 Webster av. 
Berwin George A. salesman, M. Henoch 
Berwin L. D. clothing, 221 Clark 
Bery James, lab. r. 52 Superior 
Bery Martin J. lab. r. 52 Superior 
Berycr Henry, grocer, 675 Milwaukee av. 
Besaw Samuel, painter, r. 168 8. Halsted 
Becaw William, cooper, r. 16 1 N. Union 
Besch John, boilermkr. r. 103 Townsend 
Beech John, lab. r. 163 Cottage Grove av. 
Besch Peter, lab. r. 163 Cottage Grove av. 
Bescht Henry, mason, r. rear 256 Vine 
Bese Joseph, planer, r. 80 Fisk 
Beseler Joseph F. physician, r. 381 W. 12th, 
Besenberg William, lab. r. 80 Rees 
Besenhorst William, lab. r. 354 Milwaukee av. 
Besgen Charles, butcher, A. Heubaum, r. 631 Archer 


Besin Charles, carpenter, r. 611 Larrabee 
Beskey J. tailor, r. 106 Indiana 
Beslar Henry, upholsterer, r. 359 S. Jefferson 
Besley Henry,lawyer. r. 224 DeKoven 
Besley & Son, Wankegan Brewing Co., 9 8. Canal 
Beely Charles, salesman, Field, Letter & Co. r. 41 

8. Carpenter 

Besly Charles H. elk. r. 41 S. Carpenter 
Besly Oliver, moneybroker, 125 Dearborn, r. 41 S. 


Besnar Joseph, carpenter, r. 300 Cottage Grove av. 
Besodick John, cabinetmkr. r. 362 Loomis 
Besold Geonre, upholsterer, E. F. Hollister & Co. r. 

285 Hurlbut 

Beson W. M. salesman. C. W. & E. Pardridge <fc Co. 
Bessac H. W. printer, J. W. Dean. r. 193 Clark 
Besse Louisa, wid. Henry, r. 567 W. Indiana 
Besse William, carpenter, r. 567 W. Indiana 
Bessenden W. machinist, P. Ft. W. & C. K. R. r. 94 
Archer av. 




W. \V. Kimnall, Pianos to rent and sold on time, 


Mead & Coe, Real Estate Agents, 154 Washington St., 

Oive prompt and personal attention to matters intrusted to them. 








t, Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co, 


Celebrated Wilmington 

Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 













Besser George J. machinist, Singer Mnlg. Co. r. 67 
N. Sangamon 

Besser James, sewingmachines, r. 67 N. Sangamon 

Besserer 6. (Besserer & Prange), r. 336 Blue Island 

Beseerer & Prange , grocers, 336 Blue Island av. 

Besseser George T. elk. Jones & Laughlin, r. 33 

Besseson Charles J. porter, Parkhurst & Wilkinson, 
r. 179 Wesson 

Besseson Ole, elk. Parkhurst & Wilkinson, r. 179 

Bessinger B/clk.Flint, Thompson & Co.r. 248 State, 

Bessler August, stonecutter, r. 222 Blue Island av. 

Beet Charles, bkpr. T. & G. Mendelson, r. 156 Illi- 

Best Christopher, lab. r. 182 Augusta 

Best Daniel, stonecutter, r. 35 Charles pi. 

Best E. W. lab. r. 15McGrath, w 13 

Best Henry, grocer, 277 Rush 

Best Henry, mer. policeman, r. 180 Clybourn av. 

Best Henry H. supt. oil dept. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 385 
W. Indiana 

Best Jacob, lab. r. 76 Alexander 

Best John, student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Best J. D. (Best & Dickinson), r. Harlem 

Best Madius, r. 721 Indiana av. 

Best Iftartin, dep. sheriff, r. 208 Buddan, 

Best Mary, wid. Jacob, r. 493 S. Halsted 

BestN. D. stonecutter, r. 23 Charles pi. 

Best Oscar H. mechanic, r. 385 W. Indiana 

Best William, bookagt. r. 275 W. Monroe 

Best William, r. 56 28th 

Best William E. timekpr. r. 655 W. Monroe 

Best & Dickinson, grocers, 210 and 212 S. Wa- 

Besterfleld Henry, driver, r. 143 W. Indiana 

Bestler John, lab. r. Blue Island av. nr. Steele 

Boston Michael, lab. r. rear 201 Adams 

Beswick William (Indiana Pioneer Coal Mining 
Co.), r. Indiana 

Beter Jacob, painter, r. 247 Porquer 

Beteuler Ernst, carpenter, r. 325 23d 

Bethany Mission, 119 W. Van Buren 

Bethel Church, Kev. Brom, pastor, 241 3d av. 

Bethel Samuel D. r. 797 W. Washington 

Bethge August, nailmkr. r. 153 Sheffield av. 

Bethke Charles, safemkr. r. 20 Brown 

Bethke John, lab. r. 107 Ruble . 

Bethke Wilhelm, gardener, r.412 Noble 

Bethke William, cabinetmkr. r. 106 Mohawk 

Bethkoe Ludwig, lab.^G. & W. Beitz, r. bet. Rees 
and Blackhawk 

Bethune Agnes Mrs. r. 312 5th av. 

Betke John, wks. A. T. King & Co. r. 107 Canalport 

Betroek Joseph, lab. r. 60 Barber 

Beto Caroline, wid. Louis, r. 430 N. Wells 

Beto Frank, machinist, r. 430 N. Wells 

Beto Herman, machinist, r. 430 N. Wells 

Betsche Charles, upholsterer, r. 268 S. Clinton, 

Betsker Lizzie, seamstress, r. 95 N. Wells 

Betsman John W. shoemkr. r. 37 4th 

BettWilliam. r. Schall's House 

BettcherC. Mrs. r. 93 Orchard 

Bettcher William, lab. r. 336 N. Ashland av. 

Bettcker Christian, teamster, r. rear 617 N. Wells, 

Bettcker John, r. rear 617 N. Wells 

Betteldorf John, lab. r. 162 Bushnell 

Better Charles, machinist, r. 52 4th av. 

Betterman Mathias, citrarmnfr. 286'/ Clark 

Bettertil A. carriaizemkr. r. 141 DeKoven 

Bettes H. L. printer, Evening Mail, r. 54 Union, 

Bettey Edward, policeman, r 480 N. Ashland av. 

Bettey J. K. architect, r. 480 N. Ashland av. 

Betticher Peter D. contractor,^ 942 Wabash av. 

BettingMathias, carpenter, r. 3275th av. 

Bettis James R. printer, r. 17 3d av. 

Settles William, bkpr. Miller Bros. & Keep, r. 
Egan av. bet. South Park and Stanton avs. 

Bettruechi Cesar, laundry, 205 Adams 

Belts George, elk. H. H. Stoddard, r. 342 W. Madi- 

Betts James, lab. r. Douglas pi. bet. Laurel and 

Betts John.lab. r. 155 Archer av. w 6 

Betts John. lab. r. 655 Clark 

Betts L. helper, P.. F. W. & C. R. R. r. 293 22d 

Betts Michael, lab. r. Douglas pi. bet. Laurel and 

Betts O. R. trav. agt. N. C. Draper, r. Clifton House, 

Betty C. Henry, r. 098 Washington av. 

Betty William, elk. r. 48 S. May 

Betuchi Cesare. washman,r. rear 201 Adams 

Betz Adolph, lab. r. 1(3 Wesson 

Betz Antoin. lab. r. 379 Mitchell 

Betz Antoin, jr. lab. r. 379 Mitchell 

Betz Charles, oagsiagemaster, C., A. & St. L. R. R. 
r. 88S.Jefterson 

Betz Charles, stonecutter, r. 206 Van Buren 

Betz Conrad, barber, 211 N. Wells, r. 150 Superi- 

Betz C. teamster, r. 150 Superior 

Betz Jacob, expressman, r. 591 Washington av. 

Betz Joseph, wks. Western Bank Note and En- 
graving Co. r. 99 Hnrlbut 

Betz Lewis, saddler, r. 206 Van Buren 

Betz Peter, lab. 675 S. Halsted 

Betz Peter, lab. r. 20 W. 17th 

Betz Sarah, wid. J. r. 138 W. Madison 

Betzel William, bricklayer, r. Wood, sw. cor. 

Betzman John W. jr. baggagemaster, r. 57 4th, 

Beu John, lab. r. 45 Kroger 

Beuchor John, elk. P. O. r. 332 Sedgwick 

Benhaltz Charles, lab. r. 600 Centre av. 

Bennz John. elk. r. 367 Division 

BeuRema Menno, lab. r. 89 Fry 

Benrmau George, painter, r. 327 N. Water 

Beuster H. butcher, r. 125 Orchard 

Beuthin Frederick, lab. r. 139 Augusta 

Beutter John, policeman, let prect. r. 22d st. police 

Beutz Ambrose, lab. r. 399 Larrabee 

Bevan Alex, student, Bryant & Chase's Busi- 
ness College 

Bevan Charles, elk. r. rear 82 Ewing 

Bevan John (J. Bevan & Co.) r. 112 3d av. 

Bevan J. & Co. paperdlrs. 191 S. Water. 

Bevan Thomas, elk. J. Bevan & Co. r. 112 3d av. 

Bevans Benjamin, gravel mer. r. 124 W. Polk 

Bevans James, butcher, r. 330 Archer av. 

Bevans John, porter. Hatch House 

Bevans Lowell M. electrotyper, Marder, Luse & Co. 
r. 46 Franklin 

Bevans Martha, wid. John, r. 46 Franklin 

Bever Charles, lab. r. 255 Lirrabee 

Be^er f John R. student, Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Bever Mathias, student, Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Beveridge John L. (Bradwell & Beveridge), r. Ev- 

Beverley J. M. real estate and loan broker, 1 Major 
blk. r. 184 W. Washington 

Beverly A. coachman, r. 180 Ellis av. 

Beverly Giles, lab. r. 124 Jefferson 

Beverly Sandy, r. 180 Ellis av. 

Beverstein Frank, tel. op. r. Selah bet. Elm and 

Seville Charles, r. 61 W. Kinzie 

Bevineton Henry S. engineer I. C. R. R. r. 294 22d 

Bewis~D. L. fireman, r. 9725th, 

Bews Peter, awnina- mnfr. r. 254 W. Madison 

Be\vs Peter, r. 254 W. Madison 

Bexten Rose, wid. John. r. 580 4th 

Bey Herman, carpenter, r. 189 Augusta 



93 Dearborn Street. 

The City Clerk of Chicago Uses a Five Ton Safe, 

Made at Harris' Safe Factory, 6O anil 62 South Canal St. 



By AV>I. M. IEE, 

1O5 >ronroc- Street. 




Beye William, cash. County Treas. office, r. 203 W. 


Beyer Charles, barber, r. 710 Cottage Grove av. 
Beyer C. W. bkpr. Luut, Preston & Kean, r. Evans 


Beyer Ernst, carpenter, r. 884 State 
Beyer Prank, cabinetmkr. r. 214 Mohawk 
Beyer Henry, lab. r. 37 W. Kinzie 
Beyer Henry, shoemkr, r. 10 Sampson 
Beyer John, policeman, r. 254 3d av. 
Beyer Wilhelm, binder J. W. Middleton, r. 126 In- 

Beyette Samuel, painter, r. 2103d av. 
Beygeh Peter, butcher, r. 346 W. Division 
Beyranch Hieronimus, cutter. Cahn, Wampold & 

Co. r. 353 Blue Island av. 
Bezell Marcus, bkpr. r. 888. Halsted 
Bgank John, lab r. 29 Kroger 
Bnymer W. S. grocer, 217 N. Ashland av. r. 454 W. 

Chicago av. 

Biadarmann Charles, driver, r. 62 Alexander 
Bianga August, tailor, 172 Mohawk 
Bias William, iab. r. 222 4th ay. 
Bible and Publication Society, Rev. Fred. G. 

Thearle. dist. sec. 7 Custom House pi. 
Bibow Christian, carpenter, r. 262 Mitchell 
Bicha James, blksmith, Bohanon & Purington, r. 


Bicher Leopold, pedlar, r. 131 Schiller 
Bichl John, musician, r. 334 Chicago ar. 
Bichl John M. (Hazlitt, Reed & Bichl), r. 449 N. 


Bichl Joseph, printer, r. 449 N. Dearborn 
BIchle J. J. leader orchestra, McVicker's Theatre, 

r. 177 Rush 

Bichler Peter (Feltes & Bichler). r. 159 Mohawk 
Bichnell G. I. r. 548 Bntterfield 
Bicke Fred, hairdresser, S. Parker, r. 84 Monroe 
Bickel Charles, potter, F. Brown, r.26 String 
Bickel J. butcher, r. 176 Clybourn av. 
Bicker Gottfried, shoemkr. r. 47 Cornelia- 
Bicker William, r. 533 N. Clark 
Bickerdike Joseph, real estate, r. Otis bldg. 
Blckerdlke Joseph R. real estate, 85 Washington, 

r. 66 Madison 
Bickerton Joseph, manager, J. H. Ross. & Co. r. 

727 W. Monroe 
Bickerton Thomas W. elk. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 727 W. 


Bickey Frederick, barber, r. 84 Monroe 
Bickford Chas. B. student, Bryant &/ Chase's 

Business College. 

Bickford Charles D. asst. cash. State Savings Insti- 
tution, r. 704 Michigan av. 
Bickford Charlie F. elk. H. Bickford & Co. r. 154 

W. Lake 
Bickford C. M. student, Bryant &. Chasers 

Business College. 
Bickford D. C. railroadman, r. 444 N. Clark 
Bickford H. (H. Bickford & Co.). r. 154 W. Lake 
Bickford H. & Co. hardware, 154 W. Lake 
Bickford John, painter, r. 131 W. Lake 
Bickford R. K. (R. K. Bickford & Co.), r. 98 Park 

Bickford R. K. & Co. lumber com. mers. 8. Water, 

foot of Franklin 

Bickford Thomas, traveller, r. 79 W. Madison 
Bicking Fritz, salesman, M. Loeb, r. Desplaines, nr. 

Bickley . printer, r. 43 W. Washington 

Bicknell Andrew, r. 791 Cottage Grove av. 
Bicknell Edwin, real estate, r. 791 Cottage Grove av. 
Bicknell F. Wallace, bkpr. Fur^t & Bnidloy, r. 432 

W. Van Buren 

Bicknell Louis, r. 791 Cottage Grove av. 
Bicknell Orlando L. elk. r. 241 W. Indiana 
Bicknew John, teamster, r. 122 Auarasta 
Bidard Frank, lab. r. 598 Archer av. 
Bidaux Joseph, carpenter, r. 216 W. Polk 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET, 


At 137 & 139 State Street. 

Bidding August, carpenter, r. 347 N. Frankliu fif) 

Biddle Frederic, fllemkr, C. Eades ' 

Biddle G.W. A. (Biddle & Hunt), r. 466 W. Ran- O 

dolph Z 

Biddle H. 8. druggist, r. 433 Mate ~ 

Biddle Isaac, blksmith, r. 773 W. Indiana 
Biddle John, lab. r. 236 Rucker - 

Biddle William Thomas, clergyman, r. 130 Pacific S 


Biddle & Hunt, whol. clothiers. 45 and 47 Lake A 
Biddlecom M. P. elk, r. 172 S. Sangamon 
Biddleman Emil, machinist, r. 265 1st JT 

Biderman Harris, elk. J. Lenz 
Bidinger Frank, cooper, r. 556 S. Morgan 
Bidlar Joseph, saloon. 403 W. 16th 
Bidlinsrer John, shoemkr, r. 319 4th av. 
Bidwell D. S. deliverer A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 49 Jack- B 

son (f$ 

Bidwell George F. r. Uhlich House 
Bidwell Maria Mrs. r. 49 Jackson 

Bidwell Mary, wid. Richard, r. 64 Wright P 

Bidwell M. A. r. 4 Hnbbard ct. 

Bidwell Richard, bricklayer, r. 62 Wright 

Bidwell T. S. physician, r. 133 Hickory 
Bidwell W. wks. H. Page, r. 215 State 
Bieber Conrad, cook, T. Welch, r. 250 Lake 
Biechman John, cigarmkr. r, 290 Canal 
Biedell Charles, carpenter, r. rear 330 W. Polk 
Biedell Henry, carpenter, r. rear 330 W. Polk 
Biedenweg Charles, lab. r. 529 N. Halsted 
Biedermann Emil, (Biedermann & Bischoff ), r. 234 


Biedermann Gustave, music teacher, r. 100 Jackson 
Biedermann & Bischoff, plumbers, 148 N. Clark 
Biederstadt Frederick, mason, r. 107 Mohawk 
Biegel W. brewer, Buck's Chicago Brewery Co. 
Biegler John C. tel. op. r. 195 Rush 
Biegler Mary, wid. John, boardinghouse, 195 and 

197 Rush 

Biegler Peter J. mason, r. 195 Rush 
Biegloew E. N. wid Harry, r. 325 W.Randolph 
Bieherman Willipm, expressman, r. 341 23d ^ 

Biehl Charles, barber. 451 Clark ^ 

Biehl Christian, saloon, 401 Milwaukee nv. 
Biehl Henry, salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 452 Z 


Biehl Joseph, carpenter, r. 269 Division J, 

Bieke Lorenzo.grocer, 452 ClarK 
Bieker Ernst (Thomas & Bieker), r. 365 W. Madi- * 


Bielefeld Fred, barber, 563 N. Wells, r. 519 N. WellB 
Bielefeld Peter, photographer, r. 447 N. Wells 
Bielefeld P. F. photographer, r. 421 Division 
Bielefeld Rndorf, lithograpner, Nelke, Black & Co. 

r. 602 W. 12th 

Bielenberg Peter D. carpenter, r. 604 W. Indiana 
Bieler Charles, carpenter, r. 9 O'Brien 
Biemolt A. bricklayer, r. 104 Gurley 
Bier Carl, r. 110 W. Harrison 
Bier Frank, machinist, r. 323 Sedgwick 
Bierbaum Bernhard. lab. r. 717 N. Wells 
Bierbrauer Conrad, boardinghonse. 143 W. Lake 
Bierdemann Ernest. W. turner, r. 222 Larrabee 
Bierlie M. tftner, Loescher & Co. r. 166 North av. 
Bierlinz LOCKS, r. 1U1 N. Wells 
Biermann G. painter,Heath & Milligan, r.260 North 


Biermann Henry, lab. r. 45 Meridian 
Biermann Hermann, cigarmkr. r. 260 North nv. 
Biermann II. (H. Biermann & Co.), r. 331 N. Ashland 


Biermann H. & Co. grocers, 331 N. Ashland av. 
Biermann John C. carpenter, r. 61 Goethe 
Biermann Robert, cigarmkr. r. 256 North av. 
Biersaeh Louis, tinner. R. Griffith, r. 30 Purple 
Biersdorf Robert, feed. r. 1170 Prairie av. 
Biersham Louis, tailor, r. 107 Michigan 
Biershe Joseph, carpenter, r. 132 Barber 
Bierwaldus Fight, lab. r. 170 Wallace 








THE INTERIOR, Rev. A. Swazey, D.I>., 

Edltor-In-Cnief, Office, Corner Clark and Monroe St. 


See Adv't. PHILIP A. MOTIVE, Agent, Custom House Building. 




J* "Wilmington Coal. 

Better by :S'-i per cent tlian any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than m8t Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal sold in this market, 
and as (food as the best lor nil ordinary purposes. CP~Free of Slut 
and Sulphur. 

Chicayo and Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. 2 West Van Buren Street. Chicago. 

Bierwirth Charles, musician, r. 189 Superior 

Bies Peter, expressman, r. 5 Ogden pi. 

Biesen Peter, sidewalk builder, r. 256 Burnside 

Biesen Stephen, saloon, 256 Burnside 

Biess Michael (Biess & Grass), r. Stone, rear 
Huck's Brewery 

Biess & Grass, flour, feed, etc. 238 Chicago av. 

Biessier Mary, wid. John, r. 39 Hastings 

Biesler Rudolph, draughtsman, r. Swan, nr. Went- 
worth av. 

Biesterfeld Conrad, teamster, r. 529 W. Chicago 

Bietchmar John, baker, r. 290 S. Canal 

Bietz Ferdinand, 'lithographer, r. 27 Clybourn av. 

Bietz Julius, lithographer, r. 27 Clybourn av. 

Biever John, shoemkr. r. 198 S. Canal 

Biffle Martin, teamster, r. 435 N. State 

Bigalke August, lab. r. ^5 Hastings 

Bigelow Albert A. (Otis & Bigelow), r. 83 Calumet 

Bigelow Alice A. Miss, teacher, Dorr School, r. 70 
3d av. 

Bigelow Anson, sawyer, r. 265 Maxwell 

Bigelow Anson A. (Bigelow Bros.), r. 986 Indiana 

Bigelow Amory (Hapgood, Bigelow & Co.), r. 519 

Bigelow A. H. machinist, r. 265 Maxwell 

Bigelow A. M. entry elk. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 841 
W. Madison 

Bigelow Bros, lumber, Fisk, bet. 22d and Lumber 

Bigelow Charles, bakingpowder, r. 119 4th av. 

Bigelow Charles, elk. r. 117 Rush 

Bigelow Charles, physician, 179 Clark, r. 48 Warren 

Bigelow Charles E. porter, Farnum, Flagg & Co r. 
Lake House 

Bigelow Charles H. (Bigelow Bros.), r. St. Paul 

Bigelow Charles L. conductor, r. 239*4 Walnut 

Bigelow C. D. elk. American Ins. Co. r. 122 S. San- 

Bigelow D. F. artist, 53 Crosby Opera House, r. 214 
W. Adams 

Bigelow Edward A. salesman, L. H. Bigelow, r 23 

Bigelow Elisha A.with Curtis Shoe Co. r. 74 25th 

Bigelow Ferdinand, carpenter. J. B. Thomas, r. 71 

Bigelow F. elk. r. 596 Wabash av. 

Bigelow George A. realestatu, 110 Adams, r. 83 Cal- 
umet av. 

Bigelow G. F. elk. Goodrich Trans. Co. r. 596 Wa- 
bash av. 

Bigelow Henry E. bkpr. Kirk.Coleman & Co. r. 188 

Bigelow House, Dearborn, bet. Qnincy and Adams 

Bigelow H. W. drygoods, 841 W Madison 

Bigelow Isaac, messenger, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 93 
S. Halsted 

Bi^elow James Charles, r. 48 Warren av. 

Bl<iEL.OW JAMES II. architect and rapt 
room 28, 84 LaSalle. r. 162 Walnut 

Bigelow James K. baking powder, r. 299 State 

Bigelow James L. bkpr. L. H. Bigelow, r. 23 Whit- 

Bigelow Joel (Pekin Tea Co.), and mnfr. baking 
powder, 05 Randolph, r. 119 4th av. 

Bigelow John, lab. r. 145 Wright 

Bigelow John C. lawyer, 65 Clark r. 947 Wabash 

Bigelow L. H. drugbroker, 37 S. Water, r. 23 Whit- 

Bigelow S. W. M:i s teacher, Douglas School, r. 101 
Wahpanseh av. 

Bigelow William, brakcman. r. 116 N. Green 

Bigelow William H. (Bigelow Bros.) 

Bigelow W. N. r. 436 Clark 

Bitrelow W. W. salesman, Hamlin, Hale & Co. 

Bigford M ircus A. salesman, Hall's Safe & Lock 

Co. r. 118 3d av. 
Bigger John, grocer, 69 Weson 

ers Henry S plasterer, r 141 Butterfield 
Bigsrins John, carriagemkr. r. 203 N. Clark 
Biggins Lorenzo, ice cream. 30 W. Randolph 
Biginns Michael, lab. r. 14 Barber 

trins Michael, lab. r. 27 Catherine 
Bigsrins Patrick, lab. r. 109 String 
Biggins Thomas, lab. r. 14 Wright 
Biggs Charles, (Biggs, Spencer & Co.), r. 20 Ches- 

aut pi. 

Biggs George D. machinist, r. 296 W. Indiana 
Bisrgs James, painter, r. 117 N. Green 
Biggs John, r. 50fi Michigan av. 
Biggs, Spencer & Co. mnfrs. and imps, cutlery and 

guns, 44 Lake 

Big?y Phillip, lab. r. 231 S. Clinton 
Bigle Louis, lab. r. 68 Wendell 
Bigler Gottlieb, policeman, 3d prect. 
Bigley P. J. student, Bryant <fc Chase's Busi- 
ness College 
Bigley William J. ironmoulder, r. 264 South Park 


Biglow Charles, tinsmith, r. 331 Stewart av. 
Biglow Isaac, beltmkr. r. Monroe, bet. Canal and 

Bignall S. L. (S. L. Bignall & Co.), r. 238 N. La 


Bignall S. L. & Co. hardware, who!. 232 Lake 
Bigoness O. trav. agt. Spraeue, Warner & Co. 
Bigonesse Frank, millwright, r. 140 W. Taylor 
Bigoniss John, r. 441 Bnrnsido 
Bigoniss Mack, candymkr. M. E. Page & Co. r. 441 


Bihel Jacob, butcher, r. 176 Clybourn av. 
Bihirns Frank, bricklayer, r. 476 Mitchell 
Bihirns Mary, wid. Martin, r. 476 Mitchell 
Bihler Jacob, barber, r. 358 S. Canal 
Bihlmear Edward, coppersmith, r. 420 22d 
Bihn Jacob, turner, r. 105 Newberry av. 
Bihn Joseph, enerineer. r. 567 S. Canal 
Bihn Peter, r. 105 Newberry av. 
Bilby Thomas, teamster, r/15 Kansas 
Bildhauser George (Tillman & Co.), r. 289 N. 


Bilek Frank, lab. r. 32 Burlington 
Bilek Stephen, carver, r. 157 Bunker 
Bilger Joseph, r. 570 N. Wells 
Bilker Lucas, printer, r. 570 N. Wells 
Bilia William, teamster, r. South Park av. sw. cor 


Bilip Ludwig, blacksmith, r. 143 W. Lake 
Bill Elwin, r. 965 Wabash av. 
Bill Jacob, lab. r. 852 N. Halsted 
Bill John, teamster, T. Goodwillie, r. North Pier 
Bill Nicholas, lab. r. 852 N Halsted 
Bill William (A. Hunt & Bill). and ieweler,103 State 

965 Wabash av. 

Bill , r. 65 W. Washinstou 

Billadeau Sophv Miss, tailoress, r. 57 Augusta 
Billerter Charles (Billerter & Miller), r. 167 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 
Billerter & Miller, furniture dlrs. 159 Cottage Grov 


Billesbach William, cooper, r. 95 Erie 
Billisrheim. Joseph, traveler, Grommes & Ullrich 
Billing John, sailor!, r. 31 Bremer 
Billinger Leander. shoernkr. 132 Sherman 
Billings A. M. pres. Peoples' Gaslight and Coke 

Co.r. 504 W. Lake 

Billings Charles S. student, r. 16 Laflin 
Billings C. A. bkpr. Chicago Plate and Bar Mill Co. 

r. 175 Calumet av. 

Billings Daniel, carpenter, r. 36 Vine 
Billings C. F. elk, r. 114 Hubbard 
Billings Frank, elk. C. T. Raynolds & Co. r. 175 

Calumet av. 
Billings George W. r. 175 Calumet av. 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PKOOF SAFES, CO and 2 South Canal Street. 



By WM. M. I>EK, Xo. 1O5 Monroe Street. 




Billings Henry, elk. r. 636 Bntterfield 

Billings Henry F. cash. Reynolds, Brown & Co. r. 

86 Langley 
Billings H. G. (Blanchard, Borland & Co.), r. 53 S. 


Billings John, shoemkr. 230 N. Wells 
Billings J. M. elk. r. 1039 Wabash av. * 
Billings Samuel, bricklayer, r. Brevoort House 
Billings Samuel, r. 43fi Michigan av, 
Biiliiurs Thomas E. printer, r. 125 N 1 . Clark 
Billings William, collector, r. 193 W. Washington 
Billington Garret, lab. r. 219 Oak 
Billington G. L. lab. r. 421 N. State 
Billinsky Esther, r. 168 Harrison 
Billow Charles, r. es. Rumsey bet. Augueta and 

Billow Eliza, wid. Fred, seamstress, r. 320 Cly- 

bourn av. 
Billow John, carpenter, r. es. Rumsey bet. Augusta 

and Emily 
Billow Steen, salesman Field, Leiter & Co. r. 320 

Clybonrn av. 
Bills C.H.r. 393 State 

Bills G. H. dentist, 125 Clark, r. Matteson House 
Bills Thomas L grainer, r . (599 Hubbard 
B:lo Johanna, wid, Helmuth, r. 58 Fry 
Btlodeaux Napoleon, salesman, r. 364 N. Wells 
Bilow Robert L. sewing machine agt. r. 271 State 
Bilski Joseph, shoemkr. 59 Adams, r. 350 State 
Bilthouse Elco, pedlar, r. 330 W. Erie 
Bimler F. lab. r. 143 Canalport av. 
Binart Luke, stonecutter. P. Nen & Co. 
Binart John, stonecutter, r. 848 5th av. 
Binart Peter, stonecutter, r. 348 5th av. 
Bincher John A. plasterer, r. 180 Butterfleld 
Bincli Fred, billiards, r. 209 and 211 Blue Island av. 
Binda Frank, lumber insp. r. 77 Ewlng 
Bindell Albert, teamster, r. 152 Quincy 
Binder Ernestina Mrs. r. 264 W. Chicago av. 
Binder Lewis, tailor, r. 100 5th av. 
Bindemann August, cabinetmkr. r. 89 Hurlbut 
Bindick Thomas, bartender, r. 241 Madison 
Binding Henry, r. 23 Oakwood 
Binding John, cigarmkr. r. 23 Oakwood 
Bindr H. G. blksmith and wasronmkr. 394 S. Canal 
Bindrim William, meat market, r. 229 Blue Island 

Bines R. M. grain dealer, 3 Chamber of Commerce, 

r. Orient House 

BinfaJtt George W. police capt. r. eg. Madison av. 
Binfflrd Lewis, janitor, 179 Clark 
Bing Andrew G. (A. G. Bing & Co.). r. 14 N. Clark, 
Bing Andrew G. & Co. employment agts. 14TN. 


Bing Casper, lab. r. 605 Elston av. 
Bing Henry, lab. r. 113 3d av. 
Bing Marie, wid Johan, r. Morgan, nr. Chicago av. 
Bingel William, brewer, r. 175 Archer av. 
Bingemann Henry, notions, 430^ State 
Bingenheimer Adam, shoemkr. r. 244 5th av. 
Bingenheimer Jacob, lab. r. 244 5th av. 
Binger Sebastian, bartender, r. 600 S. Canal ' 
Bingham Albert, real estate, r. 21 N. Union 
Bingham Charles, painter, r. 519 S. Canal 
Bingham Charles L. elk. 8. S. White, r. 1 Woodland 

Bingham Gurdon, salesman, Kirk, Coleman & Co. r. 

53 Warren av. 

Bingham Heber R. physician, r. 795 Michigan av. 
Bingham John, hackman, r. !)3 Illinois 
Biugham J. G. E. tinner, r. Ill Adams 
Bingham Reginald H. physician, 8S3 State, r. 795 

Michigan av. 
Bingham Stillman R. manager, Samuel S. White, r. 

1 Woodland pk. 
Biueham S. A. salesman, H. W. King & Co. r. 190 

Wabash av. 

Bingham W. W. dep. elk. Circuit Court, 155 Wal- 



No. 158 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, J5 

EAVEI.OPES, CAltI>BOAItI>, &.c., &c. S 

Cleveland Paper Company, M 


Bingham , dentist, r. 230 W. Monroe 

Binffluy E. Mrs. necktie mnfr. r. 109 W. Kinzle 
Bington E. C. carpenter, r. 1396 Wabash av. 
Biuinger Barbara Mrs. r. 49 Kramer 
Bink Casper, barn foreman, T. Holihan & Co. r. El- 
ston av. 
Binke Charles, lab. ws. Paulina, bet. Augusta and 


Binkley John E. printer, r. 244 Madison 
Bimnore Henry, law reporter, Tribune, r. 312 W. 


Binna C. lab. r. 24 Holt, 
Binne John, * torekpr. r. 292 Sedgwick 
Binnewies Honry, butcher, Broadway market, r. 

1011 State 
Binninger Jacob, barber, 341 W. Randolph, r. 385 

W. Randolph 

Biutz Frank, brewer, r. 286 Cottage Grove av. 
Binz Frank, brewer, r. 860 Michigan av. 
Binz John, musician, r. 14 Orchard 
Binz Lewis, brewer, r. 860 Michigan av. 
Biorn L J. blacksmith, r. 457 Wcntworth av. 
Bipper Frederick W. boots and shoes, r. 99 Sigel 
Bipper Mary E. miss, confectioner, r 169 YanBuren, 
Birch Elizabeth, wid. George, r. HSMiller 
Birch I. H. sailor, r. 13 Brown 
Birch Hugh F. law student, 77 Dearborn 
Birch Samuel, gum mKr. J. Butler, r. 229 Jackson, 
Birchell Frederick, stone cutter, r. 101 Polk 
Birchler Lewis R. b'kbinder, r. 416 Clark 
Birchler Thomas J. German Catholic bookseller, 

416 Clark 

Birchmeier Celestin, elk. J. B. Sullivan, r. 223 Oak, 
Eirchmeier Paul, stonecutter, r. 252 Oak 
Birchoft" Herman, elk. r. 180 N. Clark 
Bird Andrew J. foreman car repairs C., R. I. & P. 

R. R. r. 89Judd 

Bird Charles W. elk. Hurlbut & Edsall, r. 294 Hu- 
Bird Ed. J. student Bryant & Chase's Bust- 

ness College 

Bird Edward James, manager, r. 458 Elston av. 
Bird Fred E. elk. Lord, Smith & Co. r. Wabash av. 

nr. Jackson 

Bird G. W. mrs. r. 230 State 
Bird Horace G. gupt. Burlington Warehouse, r 860 

Wabash av. 

Bird James, bartender, r. 129 Quinsy 
Bird James A. T. builder, r. Leavitt nr. Park av. 
Bird James H. salesman, r. 456 W. Van Buren 
Bird Jane, wid. James, r. 452 Elston av. 
Bird John, lab. r. 577 Elston av. 
Bird Martha J. teacher. N. Chicago Rolling Mill 
Primary School, r. Elston av. cor Wabausia av. 
Bird MattheW, waiter, Sherman House, r. 222 4th 
Bird Oscar, harnessmkr. r. 202 Illinois 
Bird Patrick, baker, r. 129 S. Jefferson 
Bird Richard, sailor, r. 116 W. Liberty 
Bird S. puddler, r. Mendell, nr. Elston av. 
Mini William, barber, J. B. Dawson, r. 131 Clark, 
Bird William, catcher, r. 452 Elston av. 
Birdsall Frank, bkpr. gen. ticket office, C.,R.I. & 

P. R. R. r. 2ZO S. Green . 
Birdsall George K. carpenter, r. 810 4th 
Birdsall Robert, elk. G. D. C. & N. W. Ry. r. 266 N. 


Birdsall W. railroadman, r. 228 W. Monroe, 
Birdsall & Strobridge. mnfrs. threshing machines, 

William H. Brown, gen. agt. 95 W. Lake, 
Birdsey H. butcher, 313 Hubbard, 
Birg Henry, litho. printer. E. Mendel 
Kirs Julius, litho. printer, E. Mendel, r. Sedirwick 
Birge Henry F. circulator, Evening Post, r. 215 Lin- 
coln av. 

Birge Laura Miss, bkpr. Bennett. Fuller, & Co. 
Birhaming James, carpenter, r. 54(1 Arnold 
I'.irk .Jacob, prop. Wheeling House, 8J W. Lake 
Birk James, lab. r. 15 Wright 
Birk John, lab. r. 15 Wright 

Subscribe for THE INTERIOR, 



Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L.. Bai!cy, Jlaiiagcr, 

J Yard, O5 W. lath St. i Cwenernl Office, irl Monroe St. 





- Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


2 Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 

Office and Yard. No. 2 W. VanBuren St 

Birk John. r. 421 Clark 

Birk Mathias lab. r. al. bet. White and Whitney, 

Pine and Rush 

Birkan M. elk. r. 212 N. Desplaines 
Birkdahl Louis, lab. r. 151 4th av. 
Birkdahl Peter, lab. r. Madison sw. cor. 49th 
Birkcl Ludwig, carpenter, r. 207 Johnson 
Birkeland O. D. strident, Bryant & Chases's 

Business College. 

Birkeubile Sarah, wid. Christe, r. 356 Indiana, 
Birkenfeld Alex, pedler, r. 181 N. Wells 
Birkenfeld Bernard, upholsterer, r. 226 Cass 
Birkenshaw Charles, sewer builder, r. 58 5th ay. 
Birkenstein Sigmnnd (A. J. Felsenthal & Sons), 

r. 217 W. Adams 

Birkel Frank, lumberman, r. 18 Burlington 
Birker Otto, elk. r. Bremen pi. near Holstein av. 
Birkigt Herman, printer, r. State cor. Huron 
Birkin Charles, hostler, r. 793 State 
Birkland David O. dep, elk. Superor Court, r. Lake 


Birkloff Garrett, carpenter, r. W. S. John nr. 16th 
Birkmeir Louis, tailor, r. 55 Emma 
Birlingem Iva, auctioneer, r. 145 22d 
Birmele Jacob, teamster, r. 663 Archer av. 
Birmele Martin, shoemaker, 663 Archer av. 
Birmingham Daniel, drayman, r. 110 S. Peoria 
Birmingham Eliza Jane Mies, milliner, 5 Blue Is- 
land av. r. 110 S. Peoria 
Birmingham Jajnes, coachman, E. Morris, r. 818 


Birmingham John, drayman, r. 323 S. Desplaines 
Birmingham John, tel. op. r. 5 Bine Island av. 
Birmingham John J. car tender, r. 997 State 
Birmingham J. D. tel. op. C., B. & Q. R. R., r. 110 

S. Peoria 

Birmingham L. drayman, r. 323 S. Desplaines 
Birmingham L. R. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 997 State 
Birmingham Michael, elk. C., B. & Q. R. R. r. 110 S. 


Birmingham Patrick, boot cutter, r. 413 Erie 
Birmingham R. R. salesman, D. R. Biant & Co. r. 

1086 Wabash av. 

Birmingham Thomas, lab. r. 900 Clark 
Birnbaum Charles, trav. salesman, C. M. Henderson 


Birnbaum John, joiner, r. 3 Gardner 
Birnbaum Charles, cutter,Cahn,Wampold & Co. r.62 

4th av. 
Birney James D. sailmkr. Finney & Lyons, r. 385 


Birney John, bricklayer, r. 206 W. Lake 
Birney John, elk. T. McGuire, r. 7 Price pi. 
Birney Joseph, carpenter, r. 206 W. Lake 
Birney William. lab. r. 206 W. Lake 
Birney William, saloon, 217 Randolph, r. 206 W. 


Birney William, jr. plumber, r. 206 W. Lake 
Birnie Frank, printer, r. 1!>4 W. Adams. 
P.irnie George, printer, r. 230 Madison 
Birning John, plasterer, r. 256 Larrabee 
Birns Peter, cooper. 48 Wesson 
Biroth Augusta, wid. August, r. 73 Archer av. 
Biroth Henry, druggist, 39 N. Clark 
Birr Henry, carpe'nter, r. 68 Kansas 
Birr Herman, lab. r. 39 Kansas 
Birren Cornelius, coachman, r. 122 Eugenie 
Birren Henry, undertaker, 153 N. Clark, r. 122 Eu- 

Birren Nicholas, elk. r. 122 Eugenie 
Birt William, baker, r. 20 N. Rucker 
Birtees Carl. r. 24 Holt 
Birtels John, teamster, r 24 Holt 
Birth Joseph, lab. r. Van Horn, bet. Robey and 

Campbell av. 

Bisbee C. D. upholsterer, E. F. Hollister & Co. 
Bisbee JohnR. draughtsman, r. 720 W. Lake 
Bisbee Jnnius. builder, r. 329 V4 Parker 
Bisbee L. H. (Bisbee & Marsh), r. 187 Wabash av. 

Bisbee & Marsh, lawyers, 87 Washington 

Bisby D. elk. r. 117 W. Adams 

Bischoff Adolph, shoemkr. Ill Si<_'el 

Bischoff Adolph, plumber, r. 293 N. av. 

Bischoff Alex. H. (Biedermann & Bischoff), r. 152 
N. Clark, 

Bischoff Andrew, carriage painter. 321 Division, 

Bischoff Charles, blksmith, r. 267 S. Desplaines 

Bischoff Charles, plumber, r. 2'22 Division 

Bischoff Christian, dentist, 295 North av. 

Bischoff Ferdinand, salesman, Field, Letter & Co, 
r. 295 North av. 

Bischoff Henry, carpenter, r. 143 W. Randolph 

Bischoff Johannes, cabinetmkr. r. 460 Milwaukee- 

Bischoff Michael, policeman . r. 327 Division 

Bischoff Otto, bartender, r. 143 Canalport av. 

Bischoff Peter F. cutter, C. P. Kellogg & Co. r. 3fr 
Clybourn av. 

Bischoff Theodore, tinsmith, r. 223 Ontario 

Bischoff William F. barber, 202 N. Clark, r. 234 Su- 

BischoffW. H. elk. Carson, Pirie & Co. 

Bishoff A. wood turner, r. 300 N. Wells 

Bishop Addis E. printer, r. 201 Madison 

Bishop Adelbert, salesman, Mason Woodruff, r.. 
352^ Indiana 

Bishop Albro E. (Bishop & Lull and Bishop & 
Prindle), r. 207 W. Adam 

Bishop Alexander (Bishp & Barnes), r. 498 Wa- 
bash av. 

Bishop Anna, Ptndent, Bryant &, Chase's 
Business College 

Bishop A. D. bkpr. Dodge, Roberts & Co. r. 187 W. 

Bishop Catharine A. wid. Hiram N. r. 95 Park av. 

Bishop Charles, elk. r. 466 Burnside 

Bishop Charles, printer, r. 296 Fulton 

Bishop Charles C. elk. J. Baines, r. 71 N. Dearborn, 

Bishop C. J. (Bishop & Sherwood and Bishop, Hub- 
bard & Co.), r. 352% Indiana 

Bishop Dewitt, painter, r. 344 W. VanBuren 

Bishop E. T. elk. W. Branch Security Ins. Co. of 
N. Y. r. Portland pi. 

Bishop Frank, bartender, Wilson & Co. r. 98 Van- 

Bishop Frank C. (Bishop & Goolden), r. 748 Michi- 
gan av. 

Bishop Henry, lab. r. 86 Luke 

Bishop Henry W . (Thompson & Bishop), r. 128 
Michigan av. 

Bishop, Hubbard & Co. com. mers. 1698. Water 

Bishop James, bkpr. r. 1015 W. Jackson 

Bishop James K elk. Hurlbut & Edsall, r. 498 
Wabash av. 

Bishop James H. bkpr. E. K. Bruce, r. 205 Madison 

Bishop James M. rec. elk. Union Stock Yard office 
r. Mason, cor. S. Halsted 

Bishop John, plasterer, r. 446 N. Wells 

Bishop John C. carpenter, r. 433 Arnold 

Bishop John S. moulder, r. 69 School 

Bishop Joseph H. builder, r. 269 Superior 

Bishop J. r. 273 Michigan 

Bishop J. A. druggist, r. 498 Wabash av. 

Bishop J. D. okpr. Lane & Rock 

Bishop J. R. salesman, Warner, Hisgins & Beers, 

Bishop J. W. trav. apt. Sprague, Warner & Co. r. 
Anderson's Hotel 

Bishop Mary A. wid. Nathaniel, r. 570 W. Lake 

Bishop Mrs. r. 202 W. Madison 

Bishop M. L. wid. Albert H. dressmkr. r. 7625th 

Bishop Orris A. springbedmnfr. r. 48 Bremer 

Bishop Robert, carver, 96 Fulton, r. 63 W. Wash- 

Bishop Robert, r. 269 Superior 

Bishop Thomas, elk. J. F. Brabrook, r. 73 Foster 

Bishop William, bkpr. S. C. Griggs & Co. r. 157 S, 

Bishop William (Pitkin & Bishop), r. 302 Park av. 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Bank Vault* made at Harris' Safe Factory, 


W.1I. II. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 

No. 105 MOIVJIOr 




Bishop William S. elk. Cooley & Dwight, r. 1351 

Wabash av. 
Bishop William T. drirer, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 209 S. 


Bishop William W. elk. r. 131 S. Green 
Bishop <fe Barnes, hats, caps and furs. 115 Lake 
Bishop & Qoolden, wood and coal, 47 Cottage Grove 


Bishop & Lull, lumber, Throop, nr. 22d 
Bishop <fc Prindle, wagonmnfrs. 16 S. Jefferson 
Bishop & Sherwood, accountants, room 17, 106 Clark 
Bishop's Block, W. Washington, ne. cor. Clinton 
Bisinger Morris, hardware, 1535 S. Halsted 
Bisinger Morris A. elk. r. 1535 S. Halsted 
Bjsmark Joseph, carpenter, r. 199 Ontario 
Bisner George, grocer, r. 307 W. Lake 
Bisonirt Charles, saloon, r. 46 Blue Island av. 
Bissel George, tinner, r. 24 N. Green 
Bissell Albert, painter, r. 746 W. Lake 
Bissell Byron A. elk. Tolman & King, r. 145 Mon- 

Bissell G. F. insurance, r. 949 Prairie av. 
Bissell James, fireman, r. 118 Hubbard 
Bissell James, r. 453 8. Clinton 
Bissell John, lab. r. 453 S. Canal 
Btssell Josiah H. lawyer, 86 Washington, r. 478 

Wabash av. 

Bissell J. W. C. B. & G. R. R. r. 617 S. Canal 
Bissell K. M. Miss, teacher, Reform School, r. Lake 

av. bet. 42d and 43d 

Bissell Lauton M. shoemkr. r. 118 Hubbard 
Bissell William, sailor, r. 287 Main 
Bissell William Y. elk. r. 949 Prairie av. 
Bissett Janet, stationer, 161 24th 
Bissett Thomas, machinist, r. 161 24th 
Bissett Thomas, stationer, 346 N. Ashland av. 
Bissenger Benjamin, bkpr. r, 248 State 
Bissenger Charles, jeweler, H. Bissenger, r. 248 


Bissenger Henry, jeweler, 248 State 
Bisson Andrew, sifverplater, Crerar, Adains & Co. r. 

109 N. Wells 

Bisson Anna Mrs. board inghouse, 249 State 
Bisson John, carpenter, r. 249 State 
Bisson N. A. burnisher, r. 109 N. Water 
Bissonnit L. carpenter, r. 217 W. Folk 
Bisterfeld Conrad, teamster, r. 529 W. Chicago av. 
Bisterfeld William, baker, r. 125 N. Wells 
Bistram John, lab. r. rear 79 Division 
Bitcan Frank, lab. r. 44 Burlington 
Bitdorff Frederick, lab. r. ns Hobbie, bet. Selah 

and Larrabee 

Biter Adolph, lab. r. John, bet 16th and 17th 
Bitgenbach Edward, machinist, r. 112 Sherman 
Bitke Charles, snfemkr. r. 20 Brown 
Bituer Thomas F. tel. op. r. Transit House 
Bitschek Martin, lab. r. 37 Chapin 
Bittel Frederick, willowware. r. 405 Larrabee 
Bittel John, tanner, r.51 Elston av. 
Bittel Theodore, barber, r. 9 Rush 
Bittel Walter, policeman, 3d prect. r. 53 Burling 
Bittel William, elk. Western Hardware Mufg. 

Co. r. 9 Rush 
Bitter Albert, lab. r. 85 4th 

Bitter August, waterinspector, r. 116 Chicago av. 
Bitter James C. porter, F. & E. Jaeger, r. Green, 

cor. 4th 

Bittermann Louis, clothing, r. 1905th av. 
BittermannMathias,cigars and tobacco, 286^4 Clark 
Bittig Jacob, lithographer, r. 343 Sedgwick 
Bittinger Charles L. (Bittinger <fc Bro.), r. 123 N. 

Bittinger George W. (Bittinger <fc Bro.), r. 105 N. 

BITTllVGKR & BRO. imprs. of foreign and 

domestic fruits 47 Michigan av. 
Bittker John, lab. r. ws. Johnson bet. 16th and 17th 
Bittner Christopher, elk. r. 321 Michigan 
Bittuer Ernst, stairbldr. r. Ill Archer av. 


H. M. Wilmarth. &, Bro. 

Cas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

Of the City of Chicago. 
CAPITAL, ... $10O,OOO. 

JACOB R. SHIPHEUD. Pres't, Louis WAHL, V. Pn;s't, 
CHAS.B.SUEDD, Treas., Hon. I. G.WILSON, Counsel. 

Eicrusively H SAVINGS Bank No commercial accounts received 
PByt i* per cent, upon DepoiiU Money lo loan on Uml t.tat*. 

Banking House 164 Twenty-Second St. 

Bittner Frederick, painter, r. Ill Archer av. 
Bitlorf John L. lumber inspr. Peshtigo Co. r. 930 


Bituminous Rock Paving Co. room 6 164 Washing- 
ton, Hez. Young, secy. 
Bitzke John, lab. r. 10 Blair 
Biver Peter, teamster, r. 52 Mohawk 
Biwal Bartel, lab. r. Elm 
Biwal Thomas, Lake Shore Malt House, r. Elm 
Bixby C. S. (Crane & Bixby), r. 140 S. Green 
Bixby John, elk. r. 15 S. Union 
Bixby John L. elk. Fast Freight Line, r. 246 S. 


Bixby L. D. r 371 South Park av. 
Bixby R. S. stock elk. Keith Bros. 
Bizzmger Steven, tailor, J. Hirsdorff, r. Western av. 
Bjelke John M. grocer. 198Sedgwlck 
Bjerke Gudman, machinist, r. 124 Townsend 
Bjick Charles, carpenter, r. 199 Augusta 
Bjoerman John, tailor, r. rear 14 Larrabee 
Bjork John L. ins. agt. 1 Tribune bldg. r. 65 Chi- 
cago av. 

Bjorklund . tailor, r. 102 Bremer 

Bjorkman Peter, bricklayer, r. 313 Noble 
Bjornberg Samuel, lab. r. 22 Larrabee 
Bjornstad Ole, painter, r. 232 N. Green 
Bjorwick John, sailor, r. 213 N. Carpenter 
Bjystraem Carl P. lab. r. 21 Wesson 
Blachford Charles H. bkpr. F. MacVeagh, r. 194 

Wabash av. 

Blachford Emma J. wid. John H. r. 194 Wabash av. 
Blachford George F. r. 194 Wabash av. 
Black Alexander, bookbinder, Smeal, Rebanks <fc 


Black Angus, shipcarpenler. Miller Bros. r. 29 4th 
Black Apollonia Mrs. 1. 96 S. Peoria 
Black Charles, tinsmith, r. 280 W. Harrison 
Black Charles N. salesman, Field, Letter & Co. r. 

404 W. VanBuren 

Black David, painter, G. P. Dodge, r. 25 Deptiyster 
Black D A. salesman. A. G. Downs & Co 
Black Ellen, wid. Daniel, r. rear 102^ N. Ann 
Black Ernest, lab. r. 147 Ewing 
Black Fingall M. ins.inspector. r. 404 W. VanBuren 
Black Frank, lab. r. rear 58 Burlington 
Black George, depot master, C. & N. W. Ry. r. 

i57 Fulton 
Black George, salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 404 

W. VanBnren 
Black G. N.(Nelke, Black & Co.), r. 511 Washington 


Black Harriet Mrs. seamstress, r. 112'/ Pacific av. 
Black Henry, porter, r. 112'/i Pacific av. 
Black Henry Y. student, Bryant Si, Chase's 

Business College 
Black James, butcher, P. Bretchneider, r. 165 


Black James, furniture, r. 219 S. Desplaines 
Black James, lab. r. 407 Erie 
Black John, lab. r. rear 58 Burlington 
Black John, painter, r. 321 S. Morgan 
Black John, shipcarpenter, r. 29 4th 
Black John, tinsmith, 23 S. Canal, r. 125 W. Madi- 


Black JohnC. elk. Armour & Co. r. Briggs' House 
Black John H. elk. Teall & Fisher, r. 511 Washing- 
ton av. 

Black J. P. (Nelke, Black & Co.) r. 511 Washing- 
ton av. 

Black J. R. elk. r. 689 N. Franklin 
Black Lottie, boarding house, 246 State 
Black L. H. tailor, r. 979 W. Madison 
Black Mary Mrs. elk. J. West. r. 219 S. Desplainea 
Black T. L. salesman, Field, Lieter &Co. r. 344 W. 


Black William, engineer, Peatie & Son, r. Ill Hub- 
Black William, packer, A. Booth, r. 995 State ' 








3Iead & C*e, Real Estate Brokers, 154 Washington St., 

Buy and Sell Real Estate on Commission only. 





Better by :J'-2 ]>er cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better th.-in inet Oh o and lVmi?ylvnnia Cmil sold in thi- market, 
and as KOO.I ,,s the bu.tior i.H or.Uiiary purposes. 3*"Fiee of Slate 
aud Bum ur 

CMcayo and, WHinlnfft'>n Coirl Co., 

No. -2 West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

T Black William, printer, r. rear 102% N. Ann 
t Black William, shoemkr, r. 292 N. State 

fij Black William, weaver, r. 32 Fry 

jg Black William P. r. 280 W. Harrison 
r-( Black William P. (Dent & Black),r. 174 Michigan av. 
^ Black W. painter, r. 82 W. Lake 
. Black W. pressman,Tribune,r. 102(4 N. Ann 

y Black W. I), carpenter, r. 205 Adams 

qj Blackall A.H. American Coffee and Spice Mill?, 175- 
j* Michigan, salesroom, 49 Clark, r.267N. Dearborn 
** Blackall C. R. depositary Am. Bap. Pub. So- 

jT 1 ciety, r. 14 Bishop ct. 

^ Blackall Thomas, expressman, r. 53 String 
Blackall William, bkpr. A.H. Blackall, r. 267 N. 

A Dearborn 

? Blackaller Henry, bkpr. W. Haythorn, r. 135 S. Hal- 

2 Blackburn Adam, miller, A. M. Thomson, r. 426 N. 
S Wells 

H Blackburn Brothers, leather and findings, 227 Lake 
. Blackburn Christopher (Blackburn Brothers), r. 642 
W. Washington 

* Blackburn Edward J. r. 43 W. Washington 

^ Blackburn J. F. (Blackburn Brothers), r. 642 W. 
^ Washington 
^ Blackburn Martin, sailor, r. 102 Huron 

Blackburn M. A. Mrs. dressmkr, 170% W. Lake 
* Blackburn Richard Mrs. r. 34 N. Hoyne 

j Blackburn William A. prof. Presbyterian Theologi- 

f cal Seminary, r. Lake View 

CL Blackeller Henry, bkpr. r. 135 S. Halsted 

Blacker Henry, painter, r. al. bet. Clybourn av. and 
to* Halsted, Blackhawk and Rees 
M* Blackey J. B. carriagemkr. Pennoyer & Co. r. 130 3d 
2* av. 
Q Blackford George W. carpenter, r. 170 W. Jackson 

Blackball John, r. 179 W. Wright 

H* Blackler Brothers, meatmarket, 245 S. Halsted 
Blackler Edwin (Blackler Bros.), r. 245 S. Halsted 
. Blackler Thomas (Blackler Bros.), r. 51 Depuyster 
k Blacklock David, carpenter, r. 94 N. Paulina 

* Blacklock James, carpenter, r. 94 N. Paulina 

Blackman Abbie M. teacher, Holden School 

"** Blaekman Charles S. trav. agt. r. 889 Wabash ay. 
(H Blackman C H. (Linsley, Blackman & Co.), r. 475W. 
** Randolph 

^5 Blackman Edwin, office, 70 La Salle, r. 251 Erie 
Blackmail Henry, shoemkr. H. Brown, r. Austin 
it Blackman K. com. mer. r. 475 W. Randolph 
yfr Blacbman L. F. salesman, W. F. Foster & Co. r. 96 

W. Washington 

CS Blackman Orlando, prof, music, r. 72 3d av. 
J Blackman Stephen, lab. r. 883 W. Madison 
Blackman S. H. teamster, r. 492 Burnside 
GO Blackman Thomas, gardener, r. 108 N. Wood 
m Blackman W. L. (Liusley, Blackman & Co.), r. 506 
W. Monroe 

Blackman , boarding, r. 130 3d av. 

J" Blackmar James, r. 458 W. Randolph 
Blackmar M. E. physician, r. 632 W. Washington 
r-\ Blackmer A. T. musician, room 42, Shepard blk. 
^ Blackmer Charles, machinist, r. 170 Washington 

Blackmer Ernest, bkpr. Adams, Blackmer & Lyon 

Pub. Co. r. 78Seeley av. 
Q Blackmer O. C. (Adams, Blackmer & Lyon, Pub. 

M Co.), r - Oak Park 
g. Blackmoor Richard, cooper, r. 873% Slate 
y Blackmore Benjamin, water inspector, r. 473 N. 
g Clark 

* Blackmore Catherine, wid. John, r. 118 14th 
W Blackmore Henry, lab. r. 118 14th 

Blackmore Walter, elk. office Board Public Works, 
r. 473 N. Chirk 

CIJ Blackstone, T. B. pres. C., A. & St. L. R. R. 53 
ft Dearborn, r. 252 Michigan av. 
w Blucksione Walter, elk. Henry O'Brien, r. 24 Wash- 
'2 ington 

tS Blackwell Henry M. salesman, Loomis & Davis, r. 
Q 109 S. Green 

Blackwell John D. elk. P. O. r. 16 N. Elizabeth 

Blackwell Robert, painter, r. 211 Division 

Blackwell William, bKpr. Ills. Steam Forge Co. r. 
645-Milwaukee av. 

Blad John H. lab. r. rear 13 Bremer 

Blaese Jacob, carpenter, r. 245 Kmzie 

Blaesy John B. (Bridges & Co.), r. 102 W. Washing- 

Blagurd James, lab. Chapin & Foss 

Blaha George, butcher, R. J. Bowers, r. 146 W. Van. 

Blaha Joseph, butcher. R. J. Bowes 

Blahaer James, lab. r. 155 P^winir 

Blahaer Joseph, stonecutter, r. 155 Ewing 

Blahar Frank, tailor, r. 109 Ewing 

Blahar John, tailor, r. 24 Wright 

Blahar Joseph, tailor, r. 10!) Ewing 

Blahn John, wiper, r. 75 Meagher 

Blahn John, elk. r. 25 N. Halsted 

Blahnik L. apothecary and druggist, 88 W. 18th,. 

Blaikie George A. salesman Riley & Brandimoure,. 
r. 644 Wabash av. 

Blain Amabel F. Mrs. artist, r. 100 Douglas pi. 

Blain John, cook, r. 226 5th av. 

Blain Patrick, grocer, 185 S. Canal 

Blain W . S. physician, Madison sw. cor. Clark 

Blaine E W. elk. Kantzen & Co. 

Blaine Maria, wid. John, r. 86 Sherman 

Blaine W. A. agt. Hazard Powder Co. 8 State, r.. 
Wabash av. cor. Adams 

Blainey William, notions, 356 W. Polk 

Blair Alexander, foreman chair factory, r. 521 W. 
Chicago av. 

Blair A. J. real estate, room 19. 125 Dearborn, r. 9' 
S. Ann 

Blair B. A, elk. Hibbard & Spencer, r. 159 Michigan 

Blair Charles, teamster, r. 454 State 

Blair Claudius, driver Frank Sherman No. 9, r. 89- 
Stanton av. 

Blair Charles J. bridgebuilde.r, r. 159 Archer av. 

Blair C. B. Pres. Merchants' National Bank, r. 225 
Michigan av. 

Blair C. J. (Culbertson, Blair & Co.), trnstee,Ufe 
Association of America, r. 225 Michi- 
gan av. 

Blair David, elk. D. S. Covert, r. 43 Sholto 

Blair F. M. (Warner & Felix), r. 351 Indiana 

Blair F. P. carpenter, r. 139 37th 

Blair George A. salesman, Wilson Bros. r. 357 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Blair George W. (Sinclair & Blair), r. 2 Langley av. 

Blair Isabella, wid. William, r. 059 W. Monroe 

Blair James, moulder, r. 338 Washington ar. 

Blair James A. elk. Ferrier Bros. r. 659 W. Monroe 

Blair John, carpenter, r. 216 Wentworth av. 

Blair Lodge, 161 and 163 LaSalle 

Blair Louis, r. 91 Foster 

Blair Lyman (Culbertson, Blair & Co.), r. 274 Mich- 
igan av. 

Blair R. A. (A. G. Downs & Co.), r. Thatcher station 

Blair S. O. bkpr. B. B. Boynton & Co. r. 708 W. 

Blair Thomas, carpenter, r. 139 37th 

Blair Thomas A. r. 659 W. Monroe 

Blair William (William Blair & Co.), r. 230 Michi- 
6an av. 

Blair William S. elk. Merchants' Nat. Bank, r. 225 
Michigan av. 

BLAIR WILLIAM & CO. hardware, cutlery 
and metals, importers and whol. dlrs. 179 and 
181 Randolph 

Blaisdel Charles, carriagemkr. r. 163 Adams 

Blaisdell Charles W. printer, r. 69 Hill 

Blaisdell Harriet J. wid. John, boardinghonse, 21 
Eldridge ct. 

Blaisdell John C. patternmkr. r. 331 Hubbarcl 

Blaisdell John W. actor, r. 254 W. Adams 

Blaisdell S. E. (Blaisdell & Aldrich). r. 186 Walnut 

Diebold & 2ienzle's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O3 Dearborn Street. 

BAXKEKS' SAFES made at Harris' 

SAFE FACTORT, OO and 62 South Caual Street. 


By WM. M. I>EK. Xo. 105 Monroe Street. 





Blaisdell & Aldrich. cairiapomnlrs. 191 LaSalle 

Blake A. r. 658 W. Washington 

Blake Albert, jr. elk. City Hotel 

Blake Barnum, capitalist, 180 Washington, r. Win- 

Blake Charles, lab. r. 255 Coolidge 

Blake Charles E. elk. r. 159 S. Robey 

Blake Charles V. elk. A. D. Titsworth & Co. r. 21 
Willard pi. 

Blake Clarence A. (Blake, Whitehouse* Co.), r. N. 

Blake E. B. net. r. KK State 

BlakeE. R. W. refrigeratornikr. r. 1626 Prairie av. 

Blake E. Nelson, (Blake Walker & Co.), r. 20 Aber- 

Blake Prank, teamster, r. 493 Mitchell 

Blake F. elk. r. 212 S. Park av. 

Blake F. L. bkpr. W. O. Swett & Co. r. Ill S. Wa- 

Blake Henry, carpenter, r. 53 Ontario 

Blake Henry, elk. r. 745 Fulton 

Blake Henry, trav. salesman. Keith Bros. 

Blake Henry H.eec. Knickerbocker lias. Co, r. 252 
Calumet av. 

Blake H.L. salesman, G. B. Green, r. 116 Clark 

Blake James, r. 20 Gnrley 

Blake John, gasfitter, r. 477 Bntterfield 

Blake John, lab. r. 108 Ewing 

Blake John, lab. r. Ill Wabansia 'av. 

Blake John, lab. r 169 Deering 

Blake John, lab. r. 909 Archer av. 

Blake John, machinist, r. 125 W. Madison 

Blake J. carpenter, r. 211 Coolidge 

Blake J. Mathew. tanner, r. 587 Milwaukee av. 

Blake J. W. bkkpr. D. D. Mallory & Co. r. 491 W. 
W. Madison 

Blake Kate, wid. Michael, r. 334 W. Polk 

Blake Michael, lab. r. 93 Williams 

Blake O. B. grocer, r. 212 South Park av. 

Blake Patrick, gardener, r. Archer av. bet. Western 
av. and Trenton 

Blake Patrick, lab. r. 401 23d 

Blake Patrick, lumber insp. r. 10 Noble 

Blake Patrick, packer, Nye, Campbell & Co. r. 341 

Blake Patrick, plumber, r. 108 Ewing 

Blake Peter, lab. r. 38 W. Adams 

Blake Peter, lab. r. 341 Illinois 

Blake Stephen, gasfltter. r: 106 Ewing 

Blake S. C. physican, room 5, 184 Dearborn, r. 876 
Prairie av. 

Blake Thomas, lab. r. Coesitt. nr. Stewart av. 

Blake, Walker & Co. bakery, rear McVicker's theatre 

Blake Walter, teamster, r. 217 Wnbash av. 

UK A It K. WHITEIIOUSE <fc CO. miners 
and dlrs. in coal.yards west end 18;h st. bridge 
and Kingsbury, cor. Indiana, office, LaSalle, 
sw. cor. Washington 

Blake W. H. mdse broker 75 S. Water, r. Evanstou 

Blakeley George, pass. agt. Erie Railroad, 66 Clark 

Blakely A. W. city editor'Eveuing Post, r. Shurtleff 
av. cor 30th 

Blakely Charles, bartender, r. 464 State 

Blakely C. F. printer, Evening Post, r. Jenks'bldg. 

Blakely C. H. Chicago Evening Post, r. 581 Michi- 
gan av. 

Blakely David, pros. Post Printing Co. and editor 
Evening^Post, r. Riverside 

Blakely Z. Evening Post. r. 498 Butterfleld 

Blakeman Jacob, elk. r. 130 Washington av. 

Blakeman Richard, bkpr. r. 130 Washington av.J 

Blakemore Charles, tinsmith, r. 16 4th av. 

Blakemore Edwin, framemkr. r. 159 Fry 

Blakemore Francis J. framemkr. r. B58 Butterfleld 

Blakemore Joseph, framemkr. r. 056 Butterfiold 

Blekcney James, porter, r. 20 Market 

Blakeslee David, furniture, r. 10 N. Ada 

Blakeslee, H. L. dry goods,12022d,r.815 Prairie av. 



No. 138 State Street. 


O J Washington Street, Chicago, 



Envelopes, Strawlcard, Glazed & Plated Papers, fcc. 

Blakeslee Joseph, r. 214 N. Carpenter 
Blakesley Lorenzo P. painter, r. 110 W. Madison 
Hlakosley Lyman, engineer, r. 610 8. Canal 
Blakesley Robert, engineer, r. 610 S. Canal 
Blakeslev R. W. conductor, P. & Ft. W. R. R. r. 

Burlington House 
Blakesley William L. salesman, r. 106 Adams 
Blakesly William L. bartender, Willard & Parker, 

r. 214 W. Adams 

Blanar James, carpenter, r. 439 S. Canal 
Blanch Frederick, artist, r. 13 3d av. 
Blanch Jnmes. lab. r. 401 S. Halsted 
Blanch James T. elk. J. Gunzenhauser, r. 116 Ran- 
Blanchard, Borland & Co. lumberdlrs. 242 S. 


Blanchard Charles, elk. r. 101 Harrison 
Blanchard C. B. (Blanchard & Hatfield), r. 24 3d av. 
Blanchard C. W. elk. Metropolitan Hotel 
Blanchard Dennis, shipmaster, r. 179 Aberdeen 
Blanchard Edwin A. elk. Rufus Blanchard, r. Lom- 

Blanchard Edwin C. elk. Rufus Blanchard, r. Lom- 

Blanchard Edwin J. printer, r. 137 S. Clinton 
Blanchard Ira, solicitor, r. 277 Division 
Blanchard James G. elk. Smith, Cleary & Enright, 

r. 227 Ohio 
Blanchard Jennie Mrs. boardinghouse, 124 N. 

Blanchard Joseph, physician, 169 Dearborn, r. 265 

Michigan av. 

Blanchard J. J. (Blauchard & Russell), r. Jeffer- 

Blanchard Maria, wid. John, r. 163 W. Jackson 
Blanchard Marvin (.Blanchard & Millard), r. 324 

Blanchard Otis, depot engineer, C., R.I. &P. and 

L. S. & M. S. R. Rds. r. 128 VanBuren 
Blanchard Rufns, map publisher, 144 Lake, r. 

' Wheaton 

Blanchard R. P. (Blanchard & Russell), r. Jefferson 
Blanchard Wallace, physician, 169 Dearborn, r. 205 

Michigan av. 
Blanchard William (Blanchard, Borland & Co.), r. 


Blanchard William, r. TOO N. Oakley 
Blanchard & Hatfleld mufrs. paper boxes, 75 Wa- 

bash av. 

Blanchard & Millard, lawyers, room 7, 161 Washing- 

Blanchard & Russell, real estate brokers, 178 Dear- 

Blanchfleld Michael, lab. r. 677 Clark 
Blanchfleld Richard, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Blanchine John, lab. r. 166 Fry 
Bland Thomas, bellboy, Sherman House 
Blande Thomas baggageman, r. ss. Hastings, bet. 

Wood and Paulina 

Blander \dolph. bricklayer, r. 523 N. Franklin 
Blandow William, student, Bryant &. Chase's 

Business College 

Blandy H. & F. engines and saw mills. 36 S. Canal 
Blauey Charles, tinner, r. 239 W. Taylor 
Blaney Hugh, engineer, Richards, Crurnbaugh & 

Shaw. r. 239 W. Taylor V. Z. Bianey, r. 28! i Illi- 
Blaney James V. Z. physician and chemist, 

room 20, 143 Marlison, r. 289 Illinois 
Blaney Margan-i Miss, dressmkr. r. 10 Pine 
Blank Charles, tinsmith, 126 Sheffield av. 
Blank David, elk. Henry Oppenbeimer & Co. 
i Blank Fred, cabinetmkr, Rohn & Bro. r. 422 Max- 


Blank Henry, blksmith. r. 054 S. Morgan 
Blank J. B. elk. Ezra A. Cook <fc,Co. r. 56 Bau- 












3Iead & Coe, Real Estate and Loan Broker*. 154 Washington St., 

Real Estate Bought and !o'< 




Wilmington Coal. 

fg- Better by 32 per cent tJmii any otlier 
T, Illinois Coal. 

*J Better than mst Oh:o and Pennsylvania Coal sold in thi- mnrket, 
5$ nnd as a-o..ilas the best for ll ordinary purposes. OTtrt of Mute 

CbuJ Sulphur. 
CMcayo and Wilmington Coal Co., 

W No. 2 West Van Buren Street OIKMITO. 


Blank William, lab. r. es. Butterfleld bet. Egan av. 

and 38th 
Blanke George, dep. elk. circuit court, r. Lake 

Blanke William, saloon 67 W. Van Buren, r. 100 


Blankenberg Fritz, teamster, r. 447 Milwaukee av. 
Blankenzee G. wid. John, r. 424 W. Harrison 
Blankrer John, brewrer, r. .587 Archer av. 
^ Blanks James, painter, r. 89 4th av. 

r\ Blanks William, leather, r. 511 Michigan av. 
^ Blankschein Carl, tanner, Eliel & Co. r. 164 Rum- 
A sey, 

J: Blann Henry (H. & W. Blann). r. 711 Hubbard 
"* Blann H. W. wood and coal, 101 N. Paulina 
tfe Blann William (H. & W. Blann). r. 711 Hubbard 

Blantz John, butcher, r. 300 Carpenter 
mm Blanxeus C. elk. P. O. r. 127 S. Leavitt 
{S Blasch John, lab. r. 310 W. Chicago av. 
'w* Blasguy Peter, butcher, r. 80 Archer av. 
JJ Biaafiiok Jacob, lab. r. 130 Catharine 
Hi Blasins John, cutter, Lindauer, Levi & Co. r. 265 
J? Chicago av 
O Blast Roriiie, tinker, r. 12 Sholto 

Blata William, framemkr, r. 234 5th av. 
Blatchford E. W. (E. W. Blatchford & Co.), r. 375 
N. La Salle 

J** Br,ATCHFOR E. TV. & CO. mnfrs. lead 
VI pipe, sheet lead and linseed oil, 70 N. Clinton 
c Blatchford F. W. Mrs. r. 367 N. La Salle 
JJ Blatchford N. H. cash. Chicago Shot Tower Co. r. 
367 N. LaSalle 

{? Blatherwick Bros. & Chapman, com. mers. 129 S. 
35 Water 
^ Blatherwick Charles W. (Blatherwick Bros. & 

Chapman), r. 183 N. Curtis 

{4 Blatherwick Cynthia, wid. James, r. 183 N. Curtis 
Blatherwick Edwin G. (Blatherwick Bros. & Chap- 
man), r. 183 N. Curtis 

d Blatherwick Nelson J. lightning rods, r. 183 N. 
^ Curtis 

Blatherwick Norman R. (Lusk & Blatherwick), r. 
^ s62 Hubbard 

A Blatherwick Wilfred, Board Pub. Works, r. 183 N. 
r-( Curtis 

** Blatony Joseph, r. 92 Cottage Grove av. 
. Blatt Ralph, tinner, r. 21 Perch 
* Blattner Andrew, tinsmith, r. Blu3 Island av. nr. 
S cor. Clayton 
|M Blattner August, policeman, r. 52 Kansas 

Blattner Frederick, shoemkr. r. 52 Kansas 
W BlattnerF. J. grocer, 290 Blue Islaudav. 
* Blattner George, elk. r. 52 Kansas 
! Blattner Henry, letter carrier, r. 1570 Indiana av. 
pi* Blattner R. J., P. O. employe, r. 536 Burnside 
ft Blattner S. G. saloon, 145 Kinzie 
' Blau John, cooper, r. Clybourn av. 
6i Blauer Charles (C. Blauer & Co.), r. 52 N. State 
9! Blauer C. & Co. wines and liquors. 112 Randolph 
V Blauer Frederick (Blauer & Sperry), r. 123 N. La- 
* Salle 

w Blauer <fc Sperry. mnfrs. watch cases, room 17, 34 
rj and 36 LaSalle 
9 Blaul Adam, lab. r. 820 Ciybourn av. 
Q Blaul Frederick, butcher, r. 217 Clybourn av. 
Blauner John, brushmkr. r. 19 Goethe 
S Blaurock Charles A. agt. r. 434 N. Wells 

Blanxius Christian, elk. P. O. r. 127 S. Leavitt 
A Blayne Robert, boilermkr. r. Wentworth av. nr. 
** 45th 

" Blayney Arthur C. collector, r. 279 Centre av. 
S Blayney Charles C. clk.T.W.Blayney, r. 279 Centre 

BI.AY1VET THOMAS W.ins.agt.166 LaSalle, 

r. 279 Centre av. 

Blazer R. potter, r. 350 Clybourn av. 
Bleat Frederick, saloon. 133 Sampson 
Blech Richard, elk. Mandel Bros. r. 123 Indiana 
Blecha Joseph, lab. r. rear 492 S. Canal 

Bleck John, carpenter, r. 177 Burnside 

Blecker Henry, elk. r. 36 Pleasant 

Bleech Henry, butcher, r. Halsted, cor. 41st 

Blegen John, elk. r. 236 Holt 

Blehsing Bartholomew, organmkr. 555 N. Wells 

Blehsing Charles, organmkr. r. 555 N. Wells 

Blei Daniel, lab. r. 61 John 

Bleidermacher Martin, tailor, 818 Clark 

Bleiines George, salesman, 65 State, r. 58 Clybourn. 


Blemke Francis, mason, r. 75 Rees 
Blendno William. sewerbldr. r. 106 Clybourn av. 
Blenis L. propr. Blenis House, 29 W. Randolph 
Blenkinsop James S. engineer, r. 146 Cass 
Blenkinsop Joseph engineer, r. 146 Cass 
Bless Frederick, lab. r. 115 Hastings 
Blessig Frederick, lab. r. 158 Evans 
Blessing Ira M. foreman, Hair & Odiorne,r. 27th nr. 


Blessing Rudolphe. mason, r. 32 Willow 
Bletch Henry, butcher, r. Halsted nr. stock yards 
Bletner C. plasterer, r. 117 Sampson 
Blettner August, constable, r. 52 Kansas 
Blettner Henry, tailor, r. 57 Norton 
Blew Elizabeth, saloon 22 Pacific av. 
Blewit. J. C. engineer, r. 8 Rush 
Bley Charles, cigarmkr. r. 249 W. 12th 
Bley Charles, tailor, 202 Maxwell 
Bley John, glazier, r. 16 N. Green 
filial Louis C. collector, O. D. Orvis & Co. r. 170 


Blick Adam, cigarmkr. r. 229 Blackhawk 
Blicker Jean, polisher, R. B. Appleby, r. South 

Canal nr. W. 12th 

Blickhahn C. (C. & P. Blickhahn). r. 271 5th av. 
BHckhahn C. & P. cigarmnfrs. 271 5th av 
Blickhahn Nicholas, lab. r. 433 Larrabee 
Blickhahn P. (C. & P. Blickhahn), r. 12 Sher- 

Blickhan Adam, cigarmkr, r. 361 5th av, 
Blickhan Christian R. barber, r. 12 Sherman 
Blickhan Henry, cigarmnfr. r. 361 5th av, 
Blickhan Henry jr. cigarmkr. r. 361 5th av. 
Blickman E. groom. N. C. C. Ry. 
Blickman J. groom, N. C; C. Ry. 
Slid A. P. heater, r. 50 Hanover 
Slid C. J. helper, r. 50 Hanover 
Blid Francis, heater, r. 48 Hanover 
Blid John, lab. r. 130 McGregor 
Blid Oscar, helper, r. 50 Hanover 
Bliecher David, weaver, r. 287 Larrabee 
Bliese Anton, lab. r. Elston rd. nr. George 
Bliese August, lab. r. 76 Frv 

Bliesener Otto, elk. John C. Morper, r. 219 Rush. 
Bligh Charles, butcher, 64 N. Market 
Bli;gh Dennis, asst. James Blisch, r. 201 Adams 
Bligh James, grocer. 201 Adams 
Bligh James, stockkpr. r. 1596 S. Halsted 
Bligh Patrick, moulder, r. 240 S. Jefferson 
Bliller William J. salesman, Downes & Co. r. 340 


Blimas George, saloon, 65 State, r. 58 Clybourn av. 
Blink Minke, lab. r. Rebecca bet. 16th and Cather- 
Blinn C. A. accountant Ills. Cent. R. R. r. 37 Park 


Blinn Henry, graindlr. r.837 Wabash av. 
Blinn Jonathan, salesman, Ira P. Bowen & Co. r. 

837 Wabaash av. 
Blinn John H. elk. S. H. Ransom & Co. r. 837 Wa- 

bash av. 
Blinn Maria Mrs. boardinghouse, 245 and 247 W. 

Blinn Odelia Miss (Blinn & Johnson), r. 369 N. 


Blinn <fc Johnson, druggists, 369 N. Clark 
Blish J. K. binder, J. W. Middleton.r. 63 W. Erie, 
Bliss Aaron (Bliss & Brown), r. 618 W. Washiug- 




Erie and Briar Hill Coal. 


Cor. Market, aucl Washington Streets. 

A Large Stock of New and Sccond-liand Safes at 

II A KRIS' FACTORY, GO and C2 South Canal Street. 






Blis* Amelia R. teacher, Washington School, r. 211 
W. Washington 

Bliss A. H. gen. supt. Great Western Tel. Co. r. 622 

Bliss Charles, bartender, r. 503 State 

Bliss C. D. auctioneer, S. F. Hawley, r. 22 Van Bu- 

Bliss E. A. hostlar, Peoples O. & B. Co. r. rear 988 

Bliss E. W. (R. Burdett & Co.), r. 133 Superior, 

Bliss Frank T. bkpr. Bliss & Brown, r. 142 W. Madi- 

Bliss George H. (Bliss, Tiloltson & Co.), and supt. 
tel. C. & N. W. Ry. r. Kenwood 

Bliss G. A. (Jackson & Bliss), r. 384 Fulton 

Bliss Hale, elk, D. R. Dyche & Co. r. 181 W. Wash- 

Bliss H. L. painter 564 Wabash av. r. 506 State 

Bliss H. W. agt. S. H. Ransom & Co. r. 1301 Indi- 
ana av. 

Bliss Jacob F. painter, r. 473 W. 12th 

Bliss James, r. 16 Egan av. 

Bliss Lewis F. student Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Bliss L.James (Morehouse & Bliss,) r. 664 Fulton, 

Bliss, Moore & Co. whol. grocers 46 and 48 Michi- 
gan av. 

Bliss Perin, carpenter, r. 119 South Park av. 

Bliss P. P. music, r. 12 S. Elizabeth 

Bliss Samuel (Bliss, Moore & Co.) 604 Wabash av. 

Bliss Sylvester S. (Bliss & Sharp), r. 284 Ohio, 

Bliss, Tillotson & Co. telegraph machinery 247 S 

Bliss William, blacksmith, r. 194 State, 

Bliss William L. elk. P. O. r. 45 Van Buren 

Bliss Z. agt. Globe Mut. Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. r. 

Bliss & Brown, furnaces and stoves, 158 State. 

Bliss & Sharp,druggists and suraical instruments, 
105 State and 154 22d 

Blissing Ira, engineer, r. 348 W. 22d 

Bloch Anna, wid. Christian, r. 192 N. Market 

Bloch John, student, r. 192 N. Market 

Bloch S. pooltable, Brunswick Billiard Hall,r. 169 
W. Lake 

Blochberger Henry, butcher, r. Milwaukee av. bet 
Evergreen and Park avs. 

Block August, planing mill, r. 220 Sherman 

Block Carl, lab. r. 170 W. Chicago av. 

Block Charles, teamster, r. 9 Weed 

Block Fred, glazier, Geo. H. Misch & Bro. r. 533 N. 

Block F. grocer, 710 S. Halsted 

Block, Jacob W. student, r. 231 3dav 

Block John, foreman, S.D. Gardener & Co. r. 191 W. 

Block John. lab. r. 160 Cornell, w 15 m 5 f 2 t 7. 

Block John,teamster, bet. Alaska and Black- 
hawk, Larrabee and Orchard 

Block Joun. r. 533 N. Halsted 

Block J. W. student, Bryant and Chase's 
Business College 

Block Louie, cigar mkr. W. F. Kukla. r. Lake View, 

Block Solomon, (Block & Co.\ r. 457 Clark 
Block & Co. provisions. 366 Clark 

Blocki E. W. salesman, Rockwood & Blocki,177 W. 
Washing; on 

Blocki John, (Rockwood & Blocki),r. 177 W. Wash- 
ing on 
Blocki Philip, shoemaker, r. 54 Coolidge 

Blocki Win. T. (Gule & Blocki), 139 Park av 

Blocks Nicholas, carpenter, r. 493 N. Wells 

Bloder James, bkpr, r. 21 S. Desplaines 
Blodget Gay, bar tender, r. 157 18th 
Blodgett Gustavus, r. 145 Monroe 
Blodgett Harlow H. civil engineer, r. 13920th 
Blodgelt Henry L. grocer, r. 44 St. John 1 * 

Blodgett H.W. judge, U.S. Dist. Court, r. Wauke- 

H. II Wilmarth. & Bro. 


167 169 Lake Street. 


Catalogue and Samples sent on Application. M 


O4 Washington Street Chicago. /. 

Blodgett James, salesman, Knowles, Burdsall & Ba- 
con, r. 389 W. Randolph 

Blodgett John J. bkpr. D. M. Osborne & Co. r. ns. 
Jackson, nr. Lincoln 

Blodgett Russell, bkpr. G. W. Mathews, r. 113 Mich- 
igan av. 

Blodgett R. S. wid. Selby, r. 245 West Madison 

Bloechinger John, distiller, r. 25 N. Haleted 

Bloechlinger Xavier, butcher, r. 32 Purple 

Bloedorn August, elk. H. Regensburg & Co. r. 207 
N. Wells 

Bloenigen Elizabeth Mrs. washwoman, r. 292 23d 

Blogkhorn Charles, planer, r. al. bet. Clybourne av. 
and Halsted, Blackhawk and Rees 

Blohm John, lab. r. 482 Catherine 

IS loh m Louis, real estate, 153 Randolph, r. 81 W. 

Blohmti C. saloon. 206 Washington 

Blom August, r. 478 Mitchell 

Blorn August, lab. r. 166 W. 22d 

Blom B. lab. r. 108 Sedgwick 

Blom Charles, sailor, r. 251 N. Market 

Blom Gustavo, lab. r. 166 W. 22d 

Blom Jes (Blom t Whrenhondt), r. 241 Randolph 

Blom John, lab. r. 98 Sertgwick 

Blom John, tailor, r. 117 Townsend 

Blom & Whrenhondt, emigrant agts. 251 Randolph 

Bloma John, tailor, r. 342 S. Halsted 

Blombnr Augustus, carpenter, r. 119 N. Carpenter 

Blomgren Charles, tailor, r. 17 Vine 

Blomgren Claus, electrotyper, r. 31 Vine 

Blomgren John (John & Richard Blomgren), r. 214 

Blomgren John & Richard, tailors, 214 Sedgwick 

Blomgren Oscar N. electrotyper, Marder, Luse & 
Co. r. 17 Vine 

Blomgren Richard (John & Richrd Blomgren), r. 
214 Sedgwick 

Blomley E. bkpr. Kellogg & Co. r. 212 State 

Blomll John, cooper, N. W. Distilling Co. r. 752 
Clybourn av. 

Blomme Desra, lab. r. 821 Aberdeen 

Blomquist August, draughtsman, L. S. & M. S. R. 
R. r. 101 N. Clark 

Blomquist Charles E. shoemkr. r. 235 Townsend 

Blomquist Charles, tailor, r. 88 Bremer 

Blomqniat Sally, tailor, r. 24 Wesson 

Blondin Major, carpenter, r. 167 Adams 

Blood A. A. saloon,r. 174^ S. Clinton 

Blood Caleb, salesman, Mahon, Daly& Co. r 42 La 

Blood Gus, lab. r. 100 N. Wells 

Blood Hattie, teacher. Brown School, r. 597 W. 

Blood Hugh, lab. r. Levee, nr. Post 

Blood H. A. actor, McVicker's Theater, r. 90 War- 
ren ar. 

Blood John, lab. r. 16 Noble 

Blood Joseph, lab. r. Levee, nr. Post 

Blood J. B. tanner, r. 83 School 

Blood Mary L. teacher, Washington School, r. 53 

Blood Samuel, mail carrier, r. 594 Archer av. 

Blood W. M. elk. Tolrnau & King. r. 104 N. Wells 

Bloom Andrew J. repairer U. S. mail bags, r. 116 W. 

Bloom A. J. r. 42 Price pi. 

Bloom A. W. elk. John Hopp, r. 301 Sedgwick 

Bloom D. grocer and meat market, 109 S. Dcs- 
plaiues, r. 116 W. Monroe 

I Bloom David, r. 116 W. Monroe 

j Bloom Dora Mrs. confectionary, r. 121 W. Van 

! J31oom Edward, roofer, r. 65 Egan 

j Bloom Frederick, carpenter, r. 'i."> Kiran av. 

1 Bloom Frederick, lab. r. 305. S. Morgan 

1 Bloom Hans, waiter, r. 110 Jackson 

j Bloom Henry, railwayman, r. 163 W. 18th 

I Bloom Henry, teamster, r. 675 S. Union 

W. W. 341 51 BALL, Ilallclt, Davis & Co.'s Pianos, 


Notary Public and Conveyancer, 

See Adv't. PHILIP A. IIOY^E, Custom House Building;. 






Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Celebrated Wilmington Goal: 

Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 





Bloom James W. elk. P. O. r. 112 W. Madison 
Bloom John lab. r. 288 N. Ashland av. 
Bloom Leopold, bkpr. r. 421 W. Van Buren 
Bloom Louis (Bloom & Phastel), r. 402 Archer av. 
Bloom Louis J. tailor, 51^4 Randolph, r. 413 N. 


Bloom M. Igrain dealer, r. 421 W. Van Buren 
Bloom M. slipper mnfr. 153 Ewing 
Bloom O. upholsterer, r. 141 N. Clark 
Bloom , blksmith, r. Douglas av. bet. Jones and 


Bloom & Fbastel, grocers, 402 Archer av. 
Bloom John, elk. r. 100 Jackson 
Bloomenthal D. tailor. 132 W. Lake 
Bloomer 8. H. driver, C. D. Austin 
Bloomerth William, saloon, r. 91 Chicago av. 
Bloomerth William, packer, Uahn, Wampold & Co. 

r. 61 Chicago av. 

Bloomfleld James, mason, r. rear 494 N. Dearborn 
Bloomhaugen August, machinist, r. 201 Atigusta 
Bloomingstone John, salesman, Weage, Kirtland & 

Ordway, r. St. James Hotel 
Bloomington M. pedler, r. rear 287 3d av. 
Bloss O. F. boots and shoes, 14 Milwaukee av. r. 

139 W. Kinzie 
Blossom Calvin E. (Blossom & Johnson), r. 121 


Blossom & Johnson, com. mere. 14 Exchange pi. 
Blott Edward, lab. r. Benson, nr. 31st 
Blouhy James, lab. r. 39 Burlington 
Blount Fred M. elk. jr. S. Depository, r. 534 W. 

W. Monroe 

Blow James, gasfltter, r. .337 N. Franklin 
Blowey John, elk. Adams, Blackmer & Lyon Pub. 

Co. r. Oak Park 

Blowly Thomas, hostler, r. 579 W. Washington 
Blue Island House, Nicholas Till, propr. 76 Sher- 

Blue James, lab. r. 58 Williams 
Blue James W. sailor, r. rear 165 Adams 
Blue John, teamster, r. 58 William 
Blue Line Transportation Co. A. Wallingford agt. 

91 Lake 

Bluek Philip, pedlar, r. 227 N. Clark 
Bluel Daniel, lab. r. 742 Clybonrn av. 
Bluett William C. (Edwards, Bluett & Co.), r. 314 N. 


Bluett William, horseshoer, r. 340 W. Tyler 
Bluhm C. carpenter, r. 65 Eagan av. 
Blnhm Edward, agt. r. 65 Eagan av. 
Blnhm Gustave, cigars, 22 W. Van Buren 
Blubm Henry, policeman, 1st prect. r. Eagan av. nr. 

Cottage Grove 
Blubm John, lab. r. ws. High, bet. Belden av. and 

Fullerton av. 
Blnhm Otto F. elk. City Clerk's office, r. 545 But- 

Blum August, elk. Henry Greenebaum & Co. r. 134 

Blum Charles, adjuster, Thos. Barrows & Co. r. 131 

N. Carpenter 

Blum Chris, tailor, 4(i5 Larrabee 
Blum Christopher, tailor, J. M. Harvey, r. 42 Bau- 


Blum C. G. adjuster, Thomas Barrows & Co. 
Blum D. whol. liquor dealer, 235 Lake, r. 1037 Wa- 

bash av, 

Blum Fred, harnessmkr. r. 228 W. Lake 
Blum F. D. porter, r. 363 N. Franklin 
Blnm G. R. watchmkr. r. 61 Kinzie 
Blum Henry, machinist, r. rear 311 S. Jefferson, 
Blum John, lab. r. 36 Cornell 
Blnm John, tanner, r. 363 N. Franklin 
Blum Julius, elk. O. L. American & Co. r. 372 Michi- 
gan av. 

Blnmacher William, carpenter, r. 274 5th av. 
Blumanthal Charles, furniture. 343 State 
Blume Adolph, joiner, H. Ricke, r. 309 N. Frank- 

Blume Antoine, tailor, r. rear 18 Newberry av. 

Blume Caroline, wid. Gottlieb, r. 871 S. Halsted 

Blume Charlie, mechanic, r. 131 N. Carpenter 

Blume E. tailor, r. 77 N. Union 

Blnme Louis, shoemkr. r, es. Franklin, nr. Oak 

Blume Rachel, r. 433 Clark 

Blumenfeld S. shirt bosom mkr. 92 4th av. 

Blumenschein Adam, fl.jrist. 328 Cottage Grove av. 

Blumenthal C. furniture. 329 State 

Blnmenthal Isaac, pedlar, r. 149 Qnincy 

Blumenthal Julius, m~fr. neck wear, 11 and 13 

Lake, r. 47 Hubbard ct. 

Blumenthal Michael, meatmarkct, 135 W. Wash- 
ington, r. 141 W. Washington 
Blumenthal Michael, painter, r 364 North av. 
Blumenthal Moses, pedlar, r. 274 4th av. 
Blumenthal Nicholas M. elk. Chase Bros. & Co. r. 

364 North av. 

Blumenthal Peter S. mason, r 364 N. av. 
Blumer Denis, tinsmith, r. rear 138 W. Madison 
Blumer Ernest W. painter, r. 465 W. 12th 
Blumgreen Charles, tailor, r. 17 Vine 
Blumm Theodore, machinist, r. 528 Sedgwick 
Blummert William (Swenson & Blttmmert.) r. 91 

Chicago av. 

Blumnley Renben, blksmith. r. 171 Eagle 
Blumksya Charles, r. 164 Rumsey, 
Blunt Erastus, stonequarry, r. 752 Hubbard 
Blunt E. G. lime cement agt. r. 778 Hubbard 
Blunt Lourien, driver, R. Wheeler, r. 752 Hubbard 
Blunt Rufns, sewing machines, r. 752 Hubbard 
Blunt Thomas ptonequarry, r. 752 Hubbard 
Bins Frederick, lab. r. 697 S. Mortran 
Blust Ferdinand, carpenter, r. 179 Eagle 
Bluthardt Adolph (Bluthardt & Bro.), r. 797 W. 


Blnthardt August, cigarmkr. r. 797 W. Lake 
Blntbardt David, cutter, r. 797 W. Lake 
Bluthardt Gustavus (Bluthardt & Bro.), r. 797 W. 


Bluthardt O tobacco, r. 797 W. Lake 
Bluthardt T. physician, r. 797 W. Lake 
Bluthardt T. J. druggist, 247 W. Madison ' 
Bhithardt & Bro. cigarmnfrs. 590 W. Lake and 321 

W. Madison 

Blnthmann Jonan, lab. r. 42 Will 
Bly Charles, machinist, r. 6T9 S. May 
Ely James, puddler, r. 402 Elston av. 
Blyle Charles, bartender, r. 140 N. Union 

Blymyer , bell hanging, r. 150 Michigan av. 

Blyter William, salesman, r. 56 Judd 
Blythe David A. upholsterer, r. 342 Hubbard 
Boadman E. wid. J. T. boarding house, 411 W. Mad- 

Boaghet Charles, lab. r. 649 S. May 
Boahman Maria, cook. r. rear 363 6th av. 
Boake Charles A. elk. Tremont House 
Boal Charles T. (C. T. Boal & Co.), r. Tremont 


Boal C. T. & Co. stoves, etc. 98 and 100 Michi- 
gan av. 

Boam Robert, carpenter, r. 102 W. 18th 
Boamler August, machinist, r. 126Townsend 
Board C. H. dentist, 90 Washington, r. 573 N. 


Board E. J. elk. r. 225 Indiana 
Board James L. elk. Gal. Div. C. & N. W. Ry, r. 

225 E. Indiana 
Board of Education, office room 1. Commercial 

bldg. J. L. Pickard. Supt. and Sec. 
Board of Health, west wing of Court House 
Board of Police, office basement west wing Court 


Board of Public Works, west wing Court House 
Board of Trade Weighmaster, C. Carr weigher, 

53 Pope's blk 

Board of Vessel Agts. 49 Chamber of Commerce 
Boardman Frederick S. entry elk. Biddle & Hunt, 
r. 406 Erie 



Cannel Goal; 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

\fr S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, GO and G2 South Canal Street. 









Boardman George, r. 210 W. Madison 
Boardman H. K.~ W. physician, r. H Washington 
Boardman L_ cooper, r. rear 73 N. Noble 
Boardman d. W. steward Adams House, r. 174 

Michigan av. 
Boardman William, entry elk. Haywood, Cartled"-e 

& Honore. r. 381 Ontario 
Boardman William, mason, r. 243 W. Monroe 
Boardman W. H. asst. editor Railroad Gazette,r. 101 


Boarman Charley, lab. r. 25fi Coolidjre 
Boarman Jacob. 'lab. r.379 Washington av, 
Boasberg Benjamin, secondhand store, r. 235 5th 


Boasbert* Isaac, bookbinder, r. 235 5th av. 
Boat August, lab. r. rear 26 Mark 
Boat Charles, plasterer, r. 300 Is' 
Boatman David, bootmkr. J. F. Davis, r. 211 N. 


Boatman W. A. conductor, r. 349 Sedgwick 
Bobbin Willie H. student Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Bobbitt W. H. elk. r. 618 W. Monroe 
Bobeck Andrew, cabinetmkr. r. 193 N. Haleted 
Bobenson Alexander, cook. r. 124 Sherman 
Bober Franz, brewer, r. 295 Rush 
Bober Michael, lab. r. 133 Sheffield av, 
Bobien Henry, r. 123 N. Carpenter 
Bobier John, carpenter, r 483 Arnold 
Bobin John, shoemkr, r. 160 Huron 
Bobin Martin, shoemkr, r. 50 Ewing 
Bobins J. H. r. 1288 State 
Bobs F. G. elk D.M.Osborne & Co.r. es.Sangamon, 

bet. Randolph and Washington 
Bobyln John. r. 672 S. Hoisted 
Bobzien Elizabeth, wid. Frederick, r. 720 N. Hal- 


Bobzien Henry, lab. r. 48 W. Water,w 11. 
Bobzien John, painter, r. 720 N. Halsted 
Bobzin Charles, lab. r. 140 Augusta 
Boch Tator, lab. r. 5 Bauwann 
Boche Louis, diesinker, C. H. Hanson, r. 151 W. 


Bochien Frederick, lab. L. Miller, r. 29 Banwans 
Bochsbier John, lab. r. 202 Blackhawk 
Bock Andrew, butcher, r. 1030 S. Halsted 
Bock August F. cabinetmkr. S. Simons & Co. r. 

150 Hastings 

Bock Charles, carpenter, r. 441 Centre av. 
Bock Christian, teamster, r. 23 Starr 
Bock Clause, r. 46 N. Sangamon 
Bock C. H. expressman, r. 47fi N. State 
Bock Ernst, carpenter, r. 312 W. Chicago av. 
Bock Frederick, r. 641 South Unidn 
Bock F. tailor, r. 121 Orchard, 
Bock John, bntchar, 226 Madison 
Bock Julius, turner, E. Kirchner & Sons, r. 561 N. 


Bock Lewis, boot and shoemkr. 157 W Lake 
Bock , lab. r. 21 Howe 
Bockelie Nils C. printer, 5 r. Clark 
Bocker Henry,; bartender, Veit Schrant, r. 132 

Bockermann Albert, head bkpr. German National 

Bank. r. 88 Sigel, 
Bockermann C. bkpr. r. 88 Sigel 
Bockhold Theodore, lab. r. 321 Ashland av. 
Bockiman William, lab. 108 Cornelia 
Bocking James, conductor, r. 173 Meagher 
Bockinhaus Dedrich, wagonmkr. r. fi3 Fig 
Bockins C. J. watchmkr, A. H. Miller, r. 292 Wal- 

Bockius Charles R. foreman, r. 160 N. Morgan 
Bockins Daniel E. printer, r. 16f> N. Morgan 
Bockius Franklin B. E. student, r. 160 N. Morgan 
Bockius Mary Ann, wid. Josepn R. r. 160 N. Mor- 

Bockius Mary L. Miss, teacher, r. IfiO N. Morgan 
Bockins William J. printer, r. 160 N. Moraran 



No. 158 State Street. 

W. C. CLAEEE, Manager. 0. H. EOBS2T3 Agent 


Wo. 94 Washington Street, Chicago. 



Bocksenins John, salesman, r. 282 W. Indiana 
Bockstahler Liulwig, lab. r. 289 21sr 
Bockstaller George, umbrellamkr. 1524 Clark 
Bockta Ignatz, lab. r. 31 Burlington 
Boda Louis, lab. r. 3134th av. 
Bodack Charles, showcasemkr. r. 117 Division 
Bodamer Andrew, teamster, r. 210 Sherman 
Bodanier Philip, lab. r. 791 Clark 
Bodcin Henry, carpenter, r. 57 Ban wans 
Boddeker Bernard, expressman, r. 353 W. Chicago 


Boddy John C. carpenter, r. 778 Washington av. 
Bode Caroline, r. 26 Barber 
Bode Charles, lab. r. ws. High, bet. Belden av. and 

Fuller/ton av. 

Bode William, builder, r. 253 N. State 
Bodel Henry, barber, r. 104 N. Canal 
Bodelson H. W. elk. O. Moline, r. 196 N. Wells 
Bodeman Adolph, lab. r. 269 Huron 
Bodeman Alfred, r. 269 Huron 
Bodemann Wilhelm (Bodemann & Hasselbach), r. 

356 State 

Bodemann & Hasselback, druggists, 356 State 
Boden E. paperboxmkr. 88 Washington, r. 97 New- 
berry av. 
Bodenbourg Charles A. bookbinder, Batchelder & 

Frisbee, r. 83 Chicago av. 
Bodene A. elk. r. 370 State 
Bodenschatz C. cigar mnfr. 207 W. Randolph 
Bodenschatz Elizabeth, wid. George, r. 302 W. 

Chicago av. 

Bodenschatz John, carver, r. 302 W. Chicago av. 
Bodenschatz Nicholas, cigar mkr. r. 132 Cornell 
Bodenschatz Thomas, r. 177 W. Randolph 
Bodenschatz William, cigar mkr. r. 302 W. Chicago 

Bodenstedt Edward, physician, room 10 Ewing 


Bodglev Nelson, lab. Haas & Powell, r. 46 Lake 
Bodin Kmil. elk. r. 56 Bremer 
Bodin Nicholaus, painter, r. 56 Bremer 
Bodin Thomas, baker, r. 418 Clark 
Bodinus Frederick, bookbinder, Tvschncke & 

Hanson, r. 158 Superior 
Bodker James F. photographer 157 Lake, r. 481 

Milwaukee av. 
Bodle James B. (Cavanagh, Bodle & Co.) r. Adams 

Bodlev A. R. druggist, 194 N. Wells, r. 227 N. 

Bodman A. H. city editor Evg. Mail, r 25 Rice & 

Jackson's bldg. 
Bodman Mary A. miss, teacher Scammon school, r. 

411 W. Madison 

Bodtker Carl, gasfltter. r. 28 Will 
Bodtker Mrs. r. 481 Milwaukee av. 
Bodtt Margraret, wid. Louis, r. 118 N. Clinton 
Boebin John, shoemkr. r. 160 Ewinsr 
Boebin Mathew. shoemkr. r. 160 Ewing 
Boeck Charles T. shoemkr. r. 825 S. Halsted 
Boedeeker Edward, elk. F. Schifter, r. 302 -Bedg- 


Boodecker H. grocer. 607 Blue Island av, 
Boedeker Charles H. elk. Uphof & Locke, r. 140 

Wabash av, 

Boedekcr William, grocer, 191 Milwaukee av. 
Boedikcr August, letter carrier, r. 234 Noble 
Boedker Christopher, tailor, 22 Hnbbnrd 
Boehl Geortre. harnessmkr. r. 2(iil W. Randolph 
Boehlke Herman, pedlar, Buck's Chicago Brewing 

Co. r. Astor. nr. Grand Haven 
Boehm Adolph, liquors, r. 467 Centre av. 
Boehm Charles G. modeler, F. Brown, r. 90 flnst- 


Boelim Geonre. blksmith. r. 100 5th av. 
Boehm Geurgc Mrs. r. 338 23d 
Boehm John,tAilor.r.334 Bine Island av. 
Boehm John (J. lab: r. 36 Oakwood 
Boehm Leopold, cabinetmkr. r. 102 Mohawk 






THE INTERIOR, W. S. Mills, Publisher, 

Office, Boom O, Monroe Building? Chicago, 111. 

Mead & Coe, Real JC state Brokers, 154 Washington St., 

Buy and Sell Property for Subdivision. 




Wilmington Coal. 

Better by 32 per cent than, any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better than most Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal gold in this market, 
and as good as the best for all ordinary purposes. t7"Fref of Slate 

Chicayo and Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. 2 Wait Van Buren Street, Chicago. 


Bbehm William, salesman, F. Kaempfer, r. 135 N. 

Bbehmer Fred, (F. & W. Boehmer& Co.), r. 461 W. 

Boehmer F. & W. & Co, bakery, 461 W. 12th 

Boehmer William (F. & W. Boehmer <fc Co.), r. 461 
W. 12th 

Boehn William, painter, r. 144 1st 

Boehner Ginder, carpenter, r. 17 Rees 

Boehringer, Burmeister & Co. mer. tailors, 16714 

Boehringer John (Boehringer, Burmeister & Co.), 
r. 100 5th av. 

Boeke Frank, lab. r. 103 Sheffield av. 

Boeknar Joseph, pedlar, r. 152 Ewing 

Boelleger Louis, saloon, 95 Randolph, r. 199 Wash- 

Boener Hugh P. foreman, Dunlop, Reade & Brew- 

Boening William, plasterer, r. 69 Mohawk 

Boer Neck, lab. 141 N. Desplaines 

Boerlin John, engineer, r. 438 N. Wells 

Boerlin Lonis, optician, 46 Clark, r. 585 N. Dear- 

Boerman Peter, carpenter, r. 103 N. May 

Boeruer Christian, mer. r. 79 Hurl but 

Boerner C. R. (R. Boeruer & Sons), r. 892 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Boerner Fred, grocer, 188 W. Randolph 

Boerner George, bartender, r. 14 Sherman 

Boerner R. & Sons, wire window shades, 181 W. 

Boerner W. R. (R. Boerner & Sons), r. 892 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Boes Dante}, dyer, r. 114 Townsend 

Boes Jacob, printer, r. 39 N. Wells 

Boes John, expressman, r. 301 Hubbard 

Boese Albert (Boser & Boese), 4% N. Clark 

Boese Bros, furnituremnfrs. 87 W. Chicago av. 

Boese Charles, teamster, r. 82 Vedder 

Boese Ernst, carpenter, r. 74 Cornell 

Boese Ernst, machinist, r. 87 Cornelia 

Boese Fred (Boese Bros.), r. 303 Milwaukee av. 

Boese Heinrich, elk. W. C. Boleman, r. 434 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Boese Julius (Boese Bros.), r. 303 Milwaukee av. 

Boesenberg George, grocer, 266 W. Chicago av. 

Bosenberg Henry, elk. r. 66 W. Chicago av. 

Boesey Henry, elk. r. 434 W. Chicago av. 

Boetke August, lab. H. C. Tillinghast & Co. r. 75 

Boetker Henry, lab. r. 61 Phillips 

Bbettcher Carl. lab. r. 91 George 

Boettcher Friedrich, lab. r. 91 George 

Boettcher Friedrich, lab. r. 99 George 

Boettcher Johann, lab. r. 99 George 

Boettcher Laurenz, farmer, r. Elston av. nr. Armi- 
tage rd. 

Boettcher P. elk. r. 339 8. Jefferson 

Boettcher Wilhelm, lab. r. 91 George 

Boettcher William, carpenter, r. 270 let 

Boettger John, teamster, r. 217 Milwaukee av. 

Boettiger Adam, mason, 'r. 466 Milwaukee av. 

Boetriger Louis, saloon, Randolph cor. Dearborn, r. 
199 W. Washington 

Boettner John, locksmith and bellhanger, 349 State 

Boetz Gottfried, joiner, r. 20 Gardner 

Boeys Margaret, wid. Martin, r. 110 Gurley 

Bogalla Teriglio, bartender, A. Gaydou, r. 10 4th 

B'ogan John, lab. r 304 Chicago av. 

Boganoviek Nicholas, bartender Thos. E. Gilmore 

Bogardus Bros, cheese and dried fruits. 658. Water 

Bogardus E. (Bogardus Bros.), r. 513 Wabash av. 

Bogardus Henry A. (H. A Bogardus & Co.), r. 1294 
Prairie av. 

Bogardus H. A. <fc Co. cheese dealers, 181 8. Water 

Bogardus H. D. (Bogardus Bros.), r. 130 31st, cor. 
Calumet av. 

Bogart- Charles, shipping elk, r. Farnsworth House 
Bogart Clarence G. r 64"0akwood av. 
Bogart C. G. student, Bryant and Chase's 
Business College 

Bogart E. H. stock broker, Stock Yard Exchange, r. 
64 Oak wood av. 

Bogart Frank W. elk T. N. Jamieson, r. 64 Oak- 
wood av. Hyde Park, 

Bogart John, civil engineer. 73 Clark, r. Riverside 

Bogart , carpenter, r 123 S. Halsted 

Bogeman Henry, tailor, r 167 Walsh 

Boger Gottleib. saloon, 268 North av. 

Boger Philip, wagonmaker, r. 210 Randolph 

Bogert Dow, contractor and builder, r. 220 Park av. 

Bogg Wm. B. billman, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 102 

Bosgart Fred, tinner, Evenden & Co. r. 29 Claren- 

Boggerson Anna, wid. Hans, r. rear 197 N. Ada 

Boggs C. T. gen. agt. E. Mendsen te Co. r. 817 
Michigan av. 

Boggs James, carpenter, r. 95 Polk 

Boggs William, brakeman, r. 205 Michigan 

Bogiano Peter, stage driver, r. 649 Canal 

Boglan Charles E. blksmith, r. 381 Kinzie 

Bogle Daniel, coal, Clark, se. cor. Washington, 
yards, 227 Grove and 58 Kingsbury, r. 882 I nd- 
iana av. 

Bogle W. E. carpenter, r. 6 W. Cottage pi. 

Bogle W. S. elk. Daniel Bogle, r. 882 Indiana av. 

Bogt Frank, r. 272 N. State 

Bogue Charles, agt. r. 352 Clark 

Bogue Elias E. music teacher, r. ws. Hyde Park av. 
nr. 53d 

Bogue George M. with Marine Co. of Chicago, 
Hyde Park av. nr. 53d 

Bogue Hamilton B. elk. Ogden, Sheldon <fc Co. r. 
ws. Hyde Park av. nr. 53d 

Bogne Rqswell G. physician, 100 Washington, r. 9 
Washington pi. 

Bohacek Frank, jeweler, 488 S. Canal 

Bohall M. A. Miss, cigars and tobacco, 304 Clark 

Boham John, miller, r. 128 Ewing 

Bohan John, elk. C. <fe N. W. Ry. r. 96 Kinzie 

Bohan John M. pawnbroker, 358 Clark 

Bohan Patrick, lab. r. 11 Cass 

Bohannan William, foreman, J. S. Saberton, r.Schil- 
ler, nr. Astor 

Bohanon George W. (Bohanon & Purington), car- 
riage mnfrs. r. 73 W. Monroe 

Bohanon & Purington, carriage mnfrs. 58 and 60 W. 

Bohardt Josephine, cigarmkr. r. 191 Canalport av. 

Boheland H. Cook, St. James Hotel 

Bohemian Church, Rev. Joseph Moniteur, pastor, 
Desplaines. ne. cor, DeKoven 

Bohemian Turner Hall. 108 DeKoven 

Bohemian and English Free School, 74 and 76 W . 
Taylor, Leo Dvarak, prin. 

Bohin John. lab. r. 8114 Indiana 

Bohl John, tailor, r. 643 S. Jefferson 

Bohl , lab. r. 578 W. 12th 

Bohland Henry, confectionery, r. 121 Ontario 

Bohland John, foreman, Ortmayer, Lewis & Co. r. 
675 N. Franklin 

Bohle Henry, lab. r. 565 N. Wells 

Bohlens Charles E. collector, Ogden, Sheldon & Co. 
r. 16? Lake 

Bohler William, blksmth. r. 169 Fry 

Bohley Henry, saloon, 84 N. Wells 

Bohlich Miruael, lab. r. 129 Spring 

Bohling Henry, pedlar, r. 145 Wesson 

Bohm Frank boardinghouse, 42 W. 18th 

Bohm John, brickmkr. r. 281 Blackhawk 

Bohm John, carpenter, r. 1856 State 

Bohman G. A. bookseller. Swedish Luth. Pub. So- 
ciety, r. 633 N. Franklin 

Bohman John P. coppersmith,' r. rear 162 N. Hal- 

Yale Locks 



O:i Dearborn Street. 

Safes Repaired and Exchanged at Harris' 

SAFE FACTOKY, GO and O3 South Canal Street. 






Bohme Louis, machinist, r. 336 N. Carpenter 

Bohne John. elk. r. 21 N. Green 

Bohnec Frederic, bartender, r. 140 N. Union 

Bohnen George, tailor, r. 490 Stewart av. 

Bohnen George, with Eaton & Brown, r. 371 Michi- 
gan av. 

Bohner Friedrich, bartender, F. Hahn, r. Union, nr. 
Milwaukee av. 

Bohnsack Frederick W. boxmkr. D. P. Barrett & 
Co. r. 488 Larrabee 

Bohnwig Nicholas, r. 489 N. Clark 

Bohr John. lab. r. 38 Otis 

Boike August, lab. r. 13 Church pi. 

Boil Frank, tailor, r. 772 W. Lake 

Boil John, lab. r. 220 Henry 

Boilen Bryan, lab. r. rear 10 Pierson 

Boilvin VV. F. (Boilvin & Co.), and realestate, 106 
Monroe, r. 1020 W.-ibash, av. 

Boilvin & Co. Giroux's patent window screens and 
boot heel plate, 106 Monroe 

BoinF. whitewasher, r. 2694th av. 

Boin James, wood and coal. 67 Bunker 

Boise James, prof. University ol Chicago, r. 
University bldg. 

Boitans Louis, shoemkr. r. 205 Adams 

Boite John, expressman, r. 105 Wright 

Boitz Julius, painter, r. 599 Larrabee 

Boize Charles, carver, r. 476 W. Indiana 

Bojens Frank, lab. r. ?5 Catharine 

Bolfel James, lab. r. 118 Catharine 

Bokelmann Christian, carpenter, r, 143 W. Ran- 

Boker Joseph, teamster, r. 161 Quincy 

Bokerna Anton, lab. r. 34 Burlington 

Bokman Franz, druggist, r. 87 4th 

Bokorni. O.shoemkr.r. 446 S.Jefferson 

Bolan Edward, waiter, r. 207 Washington 

Bolan Frank, lab. Boser& Boese 

Bolan Hugh, mason, r. 119 N. Green 

Bolan John, lab. r. 107 Gurley 

Bolan Thomas, teamster, r. 115 Ewing 

Bolan W. lab. r. 174 Sebor 

Boland Daniel, carpenter, r. 19 O'Brien 

Boland James (Skelly, Gwynn & Co.), r. 139 Cath- 

Boland James, r. Revere House 

Boland James F. elk. Rhodes & Bradley, r. 170 W. 

Boland John, elk. r. 172 4th av. 

Boland John, lab. r. 195 Rush 

Boland John, mason, r. 140 Eugenie 

Boland John T. elk. Ujiited States Hotel 

Boland Michael, lab. r. Fox cor. 31st 

Boland Michael, lab. r. 75 Fry 

Boland Patrick, teamster, r. 197 Sebor 

Boland Rose, wid. John K. grocer, 170 W. Harri- 

Boland Thomas, lab. r.205 Burn side 

Bolander W. H., P., C. & St. L. R.R. r. 289 W.Ran- 

Bolaski Joseph, lab. r. ws. John bet. 16th and 17th 

Bolb Louis, lab. L. Miller, r. 736 Clybourn av. 

Boldan Modist, carpenter, r. 527 9. "Halstead 

Boldan Isaac W. carpenter, r. 781 Hubbard 

Bolde Franz, type founder, Barnhart Bros. & 
Spindler, r. 145 Pine 

Boldenweck Charles, elk. r. Tavlor cor. Halsted 

Boldenweck Frederick, dry goods, 289 W. 12th 

Boldenweck Jobn, elk. r. Taylor cor. Halsted 

Boldenweck L. H. stone contracter, 23 Franklin, 
r. 385 S. Halsted 

Boldenweck William, teamster, r. 385 S. Halsted 

Boldt Albert, blksmith, 141 and 143 Archer ay. 

Boldt Christopher, wagonmkr. r. 454 W. Chicago 

Boldt Frederich, barber, r. 176 Adams 

Boldt George, engineer, r. 41 Bauwans 

Boldt John, boots and shoes, 454 W. Chicago av. 

Boldt John, lab. r. s*. 17th nr. John 


H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Cas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

At 137 & 139 State Street. 

Boldt William, lab. r. 583 Elston av. 
Boldue Peter, r. 65 Myrick av. 
Bolep Charles, lab. r. 569 Sedgwick 
Bolen Edward, waiter, Matteson Bouse 
Bolen John, lab. C. Fitzsimmons, r. Union pi. 
Bolen Michael, lab. r. Fox, nr. Lancaster av. 
Bolender F. J. elk. George H. Hess, r. 445 N. Dear- 

Boler James, lab. r. Ill Sebor 
Boler Thomas, lab. r. Ill Sebor 
Boles William, carpenter, r. 125 Hastings 
Bolger Jeremiah, elk. r. 263 Mitchell 
Bolder Peter, lab. r. rear 72 Ewing 
Bolka John, lab. r. 495 S. Halsted 
Bolker Henry, policeman, r. 15 McGlashen 
Boll Christian, grocer, r. 297 21st 
Boll Theodore, actor, r. 421 S. Canal 
Bolland Harry, asst. weigher Board of Trade, r. 

Blue Island av. cor. Coolidge 
Bolland Henry C. weighmaster, r. 10 Newberry av. 
Bollend John, millstone builder, r, rear 101 W. Van 

Bnren ( 

Bollensen Louis, police, r. 65 Cedar 
Boiler Charles, lab. r. 675 W. Indiana 
Boiler Charles W. r. 488 N. Franklin 
Boiler Fried, shoemkr. r. 309 Milwaukee av. 
Boiler Jacob, shoemkr, r. 215 1st 
Boiler John J. saloon 224 W. Lake 
Boiler Michael, lab. r. 14 Fox pi. 
Boiler Nicholas, shoemkr. 309 Milwaukee av. 
Boiler Peter, flour mer. 652 W. Lake 
Boiler Phillip, salesman Ferry & Co. r. 29 Arthur 
Boiler Hiram H. grocery, r. 85 Cottage Grove ay. 
Bolles Horace T. builder, bds. 268 W. Harrison 
Bolles J. A. Rev. r. 33 Bryant av. 
Bolles William P. tailor, 107 22d, r. 85 Cottage Grore 

Bollman Henry P. elk. J. H. Bollman, r. 337 North 


Bollman H. carpenter, r. 1817th 
Bollman John H. grocer, 337 North av. 
Boliman N. car. oiler, r. 81 Barber 
Bollom Thomas, shoemkr. r. Bntterfleld nw. cor. 

Bollom William, carpenter, Bntterfleld nw. cor. i 

Bollt Jocham, lab. r. s. High bet. Belden av. and 

Webster av. 
Bolshaw H. William, saloon 126 Clark, r. room 27 

Ratter's blk. 

Bolstad Brenel B. carpenter, r. 165 W. Erie 
Bolstad Knud O. tailor, K. B. Olson, r. 94;Supe- 

rior , 

Bolster Adelbeit E. student, r. 48 4th av. 
Bolt Christian, lab. Rossow. Bros. & Co. 
Boltcher Andreas, shoemkr. r. 533 Ashland av 
Bolte Detrick, carpenter, r. 67 Waller 
Bolte Henry, pedlar, r. 313 Stewart av. 
Bolte Huis, lab. r. 662 W. 12th 
Bolte John, carpenter, r. Rebecca, bet. 16th and 


Bolte W. H. boarding house, 582 State 
Bolte W. P. plumber, r. 582 State 
Bolton Gnctav. architect, r. 223 Ontario 
BOETER ANDREW, propr. Illinois Iron 

Works. 172 and 174 VanBnren 
Bolter D. H. cabinetmkr. r. 67 Waller 
Boltez Herman, lab. Garden City Mnfrg. Sup. Co. 
Bolthis Howard, painter, r. 265 Leavitt 
Bolton Catherine, wid. Andrew, r. 373 Mitchell 
Bolton F. wid. Robert, r. rear 272 W. Harri-on 
Bolton James, agt. Singer Mnfg. Co. Ill State, r. 

16 Bishop ct. 

Bolton James, stonecutter, r. 372 5tn av. 
Bolton James, stonecutter, r. 23 Charles pi. 
Bolton Thomas, lab. r. 28 Penn 

Bolton . r. 139 N. Dearborn 

Boman Daniel, waiter, r. 11 4th av. 
Bombas Frank, lab. T. W. Harvey 

THE INTERIOR Newspaper, 

Organ of the Re-united Presbyterian ChwrcU. 

lYilmington Star Coal Co., C. 1L. RaiJej , Manager, 

Yard, O.I W. 12tU St. ? General Office, 151 Monroe St. 





.Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co, 




Office and Yard, No. 2 V. VanBuren St. 



Bombgardner John, carpenter, r. 390 S. Moriran 
Bomble John, cooper, r. 113 Catharine 
Bomboolah James, teamster, r. 207 DeKoven 
Bombroke Anton, lab. r. rear 23 Bunker 
Bomfard Benjamin, elk. r. 602 State 
Bomehake Henry, cisrarmkr. 44 Clybourne av. 
Bominger R. 0. stationery, r. Orient House 
Bomler J. carpenter, r. 16 CTBrian 
Bomonski Isaac, pedlar, r. 222 Sherman 
Bomsteen Henry I. tailor, r. 215 W. Indiana 
Bona Cheser. confectioner, 1535th av. 
Bona William A. real estate, r. 17 Egan av. 
Bonce Christopher, foreman, Avery, Murphy & Co. 

r. 22d. cor. Fisk 

Bonehard John, manchinist, r. 1298 S. H'llsted 
Bond Anders Robert, cabinetmkr. r. 195 W. Chicago 

Bond Anna, wid. William, boardinghouse, 380 N. 


Bond A. teamster, r. 64 St. Clair 
Bond Charles, cook, r. 106 Harrison 
Bond Charles N. printer, r. 320 Fulton 
Bond C. A. elk.' C. F Gunther. r. 303 Calumet av. 
Bond Edgar T. elk. U. S. Ex. Co. r. Ill S. Peoria, 
Bond Emma Mrs. r. 333 Clark 
Bond Enos. conductor, r. 41 Meridian 
Bond E. r. 300 Calumet av. 
Bond George, barber, r. 182 Noble 
Bond George saloon, 43 and 45 W. Randolph 
Bond Harriet, wid. Samuel, seamstress, r. 76 W. 


Bond Isaac, corn mer.'r. 884 Indiana av. 
Bond John, eng. J. Manz, r. 182 Noble 
Bond John, exp. r. 201 Jackson 
Bond John. Rev. pastor Evan. Luth. Trinity 

Church, r. 182 Noble 
Bond John J. wood eng. r. 182 Noble 
Bond John. S saloon. Ill W. Adams 
Bond L. L. (West & Bond), r. Ill S. Peoria 
Bond Mary F. Mrs. dressmkr, r. 219 Indiana 
Bond M. R. Adams, bet. 55th and 57th 
Bond M. S. P. (Bond & Chandler), r. 6S6 W. 


Bond Oscar W. elk. r. Ill S. Peoria 
Bond Ptfter, cabinetmkr, r. 277 N. Carpenter 
Bond Robert, cabinetmkr, r. 195 W. Chicago av. 
Bond Samuel H. porter, A. H. Miller, r. 106 Har- 

Bond Sarah J. Mrs. dressmkr, 106 Harrison 
Bond Thomas, barber, C. E. Bennett, r. 160 State 
Bond Thomas S. physician, 47 Clark, r. 16 Centre 

Bond T. H. r. 20 S. Ada 

Bond T. N. (Tuttle & Bond), r. 317 W. Washing- 

Bond William A. (Ulrich & Bond), r. 17 Eagan 

Bond William B. Rev. r. 16Centre av. 

Bond William L. com. mer. r. 17 Egan av. 

Bond William M. porter, r. 54 Price pi. 

Bond Willinm S. com. mer. r. 17 Egan av. 

Bond W. R. bkpr. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 16 Centre 

Bond & Chandler, engravers on wood, room 14, 106 

Bone Carl. lab. r. 100 Townsend 

Bone M-ithms. lab. r. 10i) Townsend 

Bone William, lab. r 124 Jefferson 

Bone William, lab. r, 100 Townsend 

Bonebag John, carpenter, r. 260 Coolidge 

Bonella "Thomas, machinist, r. 260 22d 

Bones Henry H. oik. Chicago Reducing and Sepa- 
rating Co. r. Matteson House 

Boness F. pedlar, r. 103 W. Erie 

Boney Ansrust. harnessmkr. r. 178 N. Clark 

Boney John, lab. r. 258 5th av. _ 

BoRftch Conrad, brewer, r. 807 Clark - 

Bonfield James, gardener, r. 65 Lyman 

Bonfleld John, com. mer. r. (>47 Archer av. 

Bonflekl Joseph F. (Durham & Bonfleld), r. es. 

Ellis av. s. of Brook 

Bonfleld Michael, gardener, r. 647 Archer av. 
Bonfield M. W. teamster Boyer & Corneau 
Bonfleld Thomas, janitor Holden school, r. 118 Ly- 

Bonfield Thomas, lab. r. 97 Mitchell 
Bonford Xortham, pedlar, r. Ii24 31>t 
Bongard Frank, tailor, r. 451 N. Wells 
Bonham Edward, com. mer. 138 S. Water, r.271 On- 

Bonhoff John, tailor, r. 727 N. Halsted 
Bonhonime Wilbrod. carpenter, r. 202 Mather 
Bonick Franklin, lab. r. Stewart av. nr. Woodan's 

Boniel Moses A. mnfr. cigarettes, 31 Ewing blk. r. 

287 N State 
Bonin Fred, joiner, H. Ricke, r. rear 45 Clybourne 

Boninger R. C. (Smeal, Rebanks & Co.), r. Orient 


Bonk Lucas, lab. r. 60 George 
Bonkamp Henry, teamster, r. 124 Ruble 
Bonke Albert. Tab. r. 133 Fry 
Bonn Henry, cigarmkr, r. 463 State 
Bonne Jacob, mason, r. 314 Larrabee 
Bonner Benjamin B. butcher, r. 829 S. Halated 
Bonner James, lab. r 124 N. Union 
Bonner John, trav. agt. r. 188 W. Washington 
Bonner Michael, butcher, r. 1503 S. Halsted 
Bonner William, elk. Vollor, Davis & Co. r. 108 

Bonner Z. painter, r. Washington House 

Bonner , elk. r. 371 Michigan av. 

Bonnet Henry F. paper-hanger, r. 509 N. Clark, 

Bonnet Isaac', pedlar, r. 253 4th av. 

Bonnett George, driver, S. C. Ry. r. 837 State 

Bonnett Isaac, pedlar, r. 379 5th av. 

Bonney Charles C. (Bonney, Fay & Grigg*), r. 424 

Full on 

Bonney. Fay & Griggs, lawvers. 156 Washington 
Bonni Daniel, tailor, r. 158 vV. Chicago av. 
Bonniwell Eugene C. elk. Brintwall, Terry & Bel- 
den, r. 244 Wabash av. 
Bonns S. H. (Harris. Heller & Bonns) 
Bonov Frederick, lab. r. 139 Butterfleld 
Bonover John, lab. r. 186 Bnddan 
Bonte S. P. C. framemnfr. 76 State, r. Cincinnati 
Bontecou Elijah W. salesman, A. Wiswall, r. 43 


Bonter Frank, contractor, r. 184 4th av. 
Bonterre R. agt. r. 1363 State 
Bonting William, billposter, r. 23 N. Halsted 
Bontron F. carpenter, St. L ike's Hospital 
BoobnrMik, lab. r. 133 Sheffield av. 
Boobier Samuel, waiter, Adams House 
Boode Hans, sailmkr. r. 151 Erie 
Booe James, drayman, r. 6W.Hinsdale 
Boof Mathew, carpenter, r. rear 498 Sedgwick 
Book A. Louis, lithographer, r. 172 Indiana 
Book D. M. with Marsh & Goodridge, r. 1188 State 
Book F. lab. r. 263 Coolidge 
Book Krisk, lab. r. 263 Coolidge 
Booker Charles, sailor, r. 561 Sedsrwick 
Booker Joseph B. ins. agt. r. 760 W. Van Buren 
Bookhonse Andrew, wagon mkr. r. 538 Larrabee 
Booksbank John, painter, r. 100 N. Curtis 
Booksbank Joseph, painter, r. 100 N. Curtis 
Booksbauk William, painter, r. 100 N. Curtis 
Boole Jacob L. bkpr. r. 601 N. Clark 
Booles John, bootmkr. r. 247 Madison 
Boolk John, cooper, Sands Ale Brewery Co. r. 225 

Bools Zaclock H. tinner. Dane, Westlake & Covert, 

r. (>35 Larrabee 

Boomer B. hardware, r. 847 Michigan av. 
Boomer Frederick, lab. r. 45 Halton av. 
Boomer George, blksmith. al. rear 71 Monroe 
Boomer John. elk. r. 847 Michiganav. 

Diebold <& Kionzlo's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O.I I>ear1>oru Street. 

Jlati Piiikerton keeps tlie Records of liis Office 

In Six Large Harris' Safes, Factory, GO and 63 Soiitli Canal St. 






Boomer L. B. pres. Am. Bridge Co. r. 579 Wabash 

av. cor. 14ih 

Boomer Norton W. prin. Jones school, r. N. Evans- 

Boomer William, elk. I. C. R. R. r. 258 Oak- 
Boomer W. II. (Boomer & Jenks), r. 847 Michigan 


Boomer& Jenks. house tarnishing sroods, 829 State 

Boone Andrew, plasterer, r. 3t> String 

Boone Block, 131 and 133 LaSalle, D."H. Killmore, 

Boone Daniel L. loan broker, Boone blk. r. 1156 
Michigan av. 

Boone Levi D. financial agt. Union Mutual Life Ins. 
Co. r. W>5 Michigan av. 

Boone R. M. boai-dinghouse, 30 and 32 W. Madi- 

Boone Samuel S. broker, 8 Boone blk. r. 665 Michi- 
gan av. 

Boonstar Cornelius, lab. r. 676 S. Morgan 

Boor John, lab. r. 51 Lime 

Boore Harry, waiter, E. H. Hutchinson & Co. 

Boori William, lab. r. 309 23d 

Boorman Charles D. r. 1160 State 

Boorman Christopher, elk. postoffice. r. 148 3d av. 

Boorman Hiram, mnfr. r. 172 W. Jackson 

Boorman James N. mnfr. r. 172 W. Jackson 

Boorman Jane E. wid. John, dressmkr. r. 1160 State 

Boorstock Anna, washerwoman, Cook Co. Hospital 

Boos Adam F. (Kirschten & Boos), r. 498 Sedgwick 

Boos Daniel, barber, Henry Glass 

Boos Hugh, packer, J. J. McGrath, r. Humboldt 

Boos Louis, tailor, r. 165 Eagle 

Boos Mathias, lab. Kirschten & Boos, r. 498 Sedg- 

Boose William, brewer, r. 2 Stone 

Booser William, lab. r. 14 Lock 

Boot A. M. painter, r. 528 Milwaukee av. 

Boot Frederick, lab. r. 635 N. Ashland av. 

Boot John, r. 750 W. Washington 

Boot J. W. (Lawson & Boot), r. 367 W. Harrison 

Boot Wallin J. wood and coal, r. 367 W. Harrison 

Booth Alfred, oysters and fish, 134 Dearborn, r. 607 
Michigan av. 

Booth Altfed, jr. cash. A. Booth, r. 607 Michigan av. 

Booth Anna, lab. r. rear 2 14th 

Booth August, policeman, r. 202 Luke 

Booth A. jr. student, Bryant <t Chase's Busi- 
ness College 

Booth C. A. boardinghouse, 38 and 40 W. Madison 

Booth Edward M. teacher, Dearborn Seminary, r. 
141 Park av. 

Booth Fred. lab. Street & Chatfleld. r 138 Fry 

Booth George, butcher, r. 85fi W. Lake 

Booth George (M. George & Co.).r. 40 Leavitt 

Booth Heman D. (Tobey & Booth), trustee Life 

Association of America, r. 850 Wabash av. 

Booth Henry, judge, Circuit Court, office, room 6, 
155 Washington, r. 505 W. Lake 

Booth Henry, butcher, T. 856 W. Lake 

Booth Henry, student, r. 505 W. Lake 

Booth Horace A. elk. A. M. U. Ex. Co. r.49 Jackson 

Booth John, wire cloth, sieves, &c. 179 Lake, r. 162 

Booth K. F. chief engineer C. & A. R. R. r. 75 

Booth Lewis S. railroad paymaster, r. 578 N. Dear- 

Booth, Linsly & Co. pen. com. 25 S. Water 

Booth L. L. bkpr. T. Holihan & Co. r. Lake View 

Booth Samuel, bailer, r. 465 S. Canal 

Booth Sidney, oysters, r. 6U6 Fulton 

Booth Stanley, drayman, Marston & Peck Bros. r. 
IHth, sw. cor. State 

Booth 8. M. advertising agt. room 4, 133 Dearborn, 
r. 28 Sevmour 

Booth S. M. student, Bryant &. Chase's 
Business College 



No. 158 State Street. 

Jacob K. Shiplierd & Co., 

:w York, - 24 Pine Street. * 

Chicago, - 155 &, 157 LaSalle Street. 

And Twenty-Second St. Bank. <* 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large tj 
investments of Eastern capital. 

Booth Thomas H. painter, Gerber, Wilson & Co. r. 
116 N. May 

Booth T. D. pork packer, 180 Chicago av. r. 211 
Chicago av. 

Booth W. butcher, r. 113 S. Canal 

Booth W. C. Mrs. boardinshouse, 40 to 44 Franklin 

Boothby James, r. Ublioh House 

Boothman John, elk. Toohey Bros. r. 362 S. Hal- 

Bootsley F. lab. r. 53 W. Liberty 

Booty John, carpenter, bds. 264 W. Harrison 

Booty W. teamster, r. 733 Veruon av. 

Bootz John, cooper, r. 419 N. State 

Boqne Hamilton B. elk. Chicago Land Co. r. Hyde 

Boqnet Programme, J. J. Ormand, pub. 115 Madi- 

Boras Edward, brickmkr. r. 20 Evans 

Borcald William, lab. r. 206 Dayton 

Borchardt Fred, teamster, r. 153 Division 

Borchardt J. F. elk. John Btirmester, r. 103 Samp- 

Borchardt Louis, teamster, r. 188 Bremer 

Borchardt Wilham, blksmith. 145 W. Clybourn pi. 

Borchell John, teamster, r. North Pier 

Borcheidt Amelia, wid. Albert, r. 512 N. Dearborn 

Borcherding William, teamster, r. 2 Lisle 

Borcherdt Albert F. bkpr. Culbertsou, Blair & Co. 
r. 512 N. Dearborn 

TJorcherdt Christian, lab. r. 123 Sampson 

Borcherdt J. C. mnfg chemist, 735 W. Madison 

Borcherdt Michael, lab. r. 38 Bradley 

Borcherdt Philip, lab. r. 123 Sampson 

Borcherdt , pedler, r. 267 4th av. 

Borchert Albert, npholsterer, 11854 W. Randolph 

Borchert Agues Mrs. dressmaker, 118% W. Ran- 

Borchert Henry, tailor, r. 330 Sedgwick 

Borchert H. student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Borchert Joachim, lab. r. 351 Noble 

Borchsenius John, salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 
193 N. Curtis 

Borck Fred, lab. r. 91 Burling 

Borck Henry, cooper, r. 112 Bremer 

Borck John, lab. r. 91 Burling 

Borcker John, carver, r. 51 Hustings 

Borckman Robert F. bkpr. P. & J. Smith, r. 328 E. 

Bord Annie, wid. John, r. 628 S. Union 

Bord Charles, r. 143 Fry 

Bord John, lab. r. 143 Fry 

Bordan Nicholas, lab. r. 192 Van Buren 

Bordaud M. D. r. 174 Clark 

Borden Emma, wid, John, saleswoman, Charles. 
Treadwell, r. room 64, Ratter's blk. 

Borden James U. capitalist, Tribune bldg. r. 
Briggs House 

Borden T. C. druggist, 1401 Indiana av. 

Bordset P. painter, r. 273 4th av. 

Borclin Charles, teamster, r. 814 N. Halsted 

Bordin Henry, shoemkr. 814 N. Halsted 

Bordwell William, lab. r. 203 W. 22d 

Borek John, lab. r. 20 Kroger 

Borell Carl A. r. rear 160Townsend 

Boreman Frederick, porter, r. 2 E. Oak 

Boreman Henry, drayman, r. 133 Townsend 

Boren John, engineer, r. 106 N. Franklin 

Boresson Peter, moulder, r. 108 Archer aT. 

Borg John J. puff mnfr. 76 Dearborn 

Borg Peter, r. 367 Hubbard 

Borgard , plasterer, r. 52 Sherman 

Borgerding Johatfn, r. 192 Wesson 

Borgesen Andrew, cabinetmkr.r. 191 Bremer 
Borgb J. carpenter, r. 682 Milwaukee av. 

Borglnnd Mathilda Mrs. r. 51 Bremer 

Borgmeier Adolph (Herhold, Johnson & Co.), r. 252 
, N. Moriran 

Borgmeier A. B. (Herr & Borgmeier), r. 27 Polk 







W. AV. KIMBALL, Hallctt, Davis &. Co.'s Pianos, 

ivo. oa WAsma 







Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 


"Office and Yard. No. 2 W. VanBuren St 

Borgmeier A. B. Mrs. dressmkr, 27 Polk 

Borgren Frank, boxmkr. Goodwillie & Benjamin, r, 

604 Centre av. 

Borgus August, lab. r. 101 W. Adams 
Borgwald Friederich, lab. r. 11 Chapin 
Borgwald John, lab. r. 40 Bauwans 
Borgwardt Christian, painter, r. 8!) George 
Borgwardt Emil, elk. M. Hermann, r. 234 N. Clark 
Borgwardt E. tailor, r. 12 Fry 
Borgwardt Joachim, lab. r. 89 George 
Borgwardt Johann, upholsterer, r. 89 George 
Borgwardt William, veterinary surgeon, 182 Cly- 

boarn av. 

Borgwarth John, lab. r. rear 82 Fry 
Borgwarth John, jr. teamster, r. 82 Fry 
Boring Charles O.. salesman J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 

830 N. Franklin 
Boring E. M. Rev. sec. of Home for Friendless, r. 

830 N. Franklin 
Boring Laura J. Miss, teacher LaSalle St. Primary 

School, r. 830 N. Franklin 
Borisch Peter, tailor, r. 154 Wright. 
BorK Henry, cooper, r. 112 Bremer 
Borke James, tobacco, r. 137 N. Franklin 
Borkely Bernalt, lab. r. 156 Sampson 
Borkvard John, lab. r. es. Rumsey bet Augusta and 

Borland J. A. salesman, Field, Letter & Co. r. 160 

Borland J. C. salesman J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 303 

W. Jackson 

Borland J. J. (Blanchard, Borland & Co.), r. 953 In- 
diana av. 

Borland Mathew W. druggist, r. 376 W, VanBu- 

Borle J. L. bkpr. Webster Bros. r. 601 N. Clark 
Borleaux Napoleon, furniture, r. 142 Walnut 
Berlin John, engineer, r. 438 N. Wells 
Borman Adolph H. general teller, Merch. Farmers 

& Mech. Sav. Bank, r. 138 S. Sangamon 
Borman Frederick, teamster, r. 2 Oak 
Borman George H. r. 772 Washington av. 
Bormann Albert, cigarmkr. r. 64 Gardner 
Bormann Henry, teamster, r. 133 Townsend 
Bormanu William, drayman, r. 522 Sedgwick 
Borms Peter, painter, r. 146 Clybournar. 
Born Baker, saloon. 81 W. Randolph 
Born Charles, shoemkr. r. 372 Milwaukee nv. 
Born Frederick, wopdcarver, r. 670 S. Union 
Born Henry, elk. Michel Bros. r. 132 Eugenia 
Born Jacob, saehmkr. r. 624 S. Union 
Born Jacob, woodcarver, r. 670 8. Union 
Born Jacob, jr. bkpr. Blanchard, Borland & Co. r. 4 

Hubbard ct. 
Born Jacob, jr. machinist, E. C. Preble, r. 670 S. 


Born John, sashmkr. r. 624 S. Union 
Born Lehrich, silverbeater, Herman Horn 
Born Nicholas, bartender, r. 62 W. Lake 
Born Rudolph, elk. L. Groene. r. 134 W. Randolph 
Born Sevrin. baker, r. 282 S. Canal 
Born William, lab. r. 30 Cornelia 
Born William, mechanic, r. 132 Eugenie 
Born William, saehmkr. r. 624 S. Union 
Bornar, F. lab r. 781 S. Jefferson 
Bornemann Edward, bkpr. Ernst Prussing, r. 6 

Larmon blk. 

Borner George, lab. r. 322 Milwaukee av. 
Borner John. elk. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. Campbell 

av. nr. Van Buren 
Borner William, agt. Allentown Fast Freight Line, 

159 Randolph, r. 816 Wabash av. 
Borngasser John, foreman, Park & Gillespie, r. 34 


Bornhofen John, carpenter, r. 186 Buddan 
Borni John, lab. r. rear 86 Bremer 
Bonm William, lab. r. 30 Cornelia 
Borns-chlegel Jacob, currier, r. 131 W. Erie, 
Bornt John, lab. r. ISFarrell 

Boroff James, porter, Bittinger & Bro. r. 93 VanBu- 

Boroff Susan, wid. Samuel, r. 93 Van Buren 
Borresen Ben, lab. r. 197 Curtis 
Borretti B. restaurant, 13 N. Wells 
Borris George, carpenter, r. 456 S. Jefferson, 
Borris John, carpenter, r. 456 S. Jefferson 
Borris William, carpenter, r. 456 S, Jefferson 
Borrisen Christian, ropemkr. r. 487 N. Franklin 
Borfman Ludwig, shoemkr. r. 435 Mitchell, 
Borrmaster Pete'r. sailor, r. rear 466 Milwaukee av. 
Borrson Christopher, lab. r. 158 Arnold 
Borsch Joseph, cooper, r. 124 Wright 
Borsch Peter, tinsmith, Barker & Illsley, r. 442 


Borscheid B. lab. r. 127 Burling 
Borscheid J. lab. r. 127 Burling 
Bonsen O. carpenter, r. 86 W. Division 
Borso Frederick, hatter, r. 556 Bntterfleld 
Bsrst Henry, carpenter, r. 131 Wentvvorth av. 
Borst Henry, lab. r. Archer av. cor. Ashland av. 
Bortan Peter, moulder, r. 149 Bntterfield 
Bortman Regina Mrs. r. rear 70 Cornell 
Bortree Edwin L. (F. S. Bortree & Bro.), r. 410- 

North av. 
Bortree Frank S. (F. S. Bortree & Bro.), r. 355 W. 

Bortree F. 8. & Bro. packers, 241 and 243 S. Canal, 

also 313 North av. 
Bortree Maurice R. (La Bar & Bortree), r. 892 W. 

Bos Herman, lab. r. Samuel, bet. Cornelia and Clo- 

BOP Jacob, blksmlth, r. Catherine, bet. Wood and 


Bos Jacob, lab. r. 676 S. Morgan 
Bos John, lab. r. rear 106 N. Ann 
Bos Sikke, type founder Marder, Luse & Co. r rear 

106 N. Ann 

Bosa Christ, lab. r. rear 681 S. Union 
Bosborn Thomas G. whitewasher, r. 668 Burnside 
Boscamp Arthur T. elk. E. Ball & Co. r. Indiana 

cor. Tinkham av. 

Boscamp Stanilaus, bartender, r. 68 Gardiner 
Bosch Henry J. C. painter, r. 253 S: May 
Boschen John, cooper, r. 96 N. Curtis 
Bose Caroline, wid David, r. 750 N. Halsted 
Bose Frank, lab. r. 750 N. Halsted 
Bose Jacob, woodyard, r. 124 Mohawk 
Boseck Charles, foreman, r. 62 Vedder 
Boseck Frederick, elk, A. Ullrick & Co. r. 62 Ved- 

Boseck John, porter, r. 116 Townsend 
Bosemer Charles, mason, r. 255 Division, 
Bosen Augustus, lab. r. 266 22d 
Boser Jacob (Boser & Boese). 124 Mohawk 
Boser & Boese, wood and coal, 252 N. Clark, yard 

Hawthorne av. cor. Haines 
Boshma John, porter, r. 2564th 
Boshnell John W. com. trav. r. 70 S. Morgan 
Bosker Edzo, carpenter, r. 316 Washington av. 
Boskowitz A. (J. & A. Boskowitz) r. 214 Erie 
Boekowitz J. & A. buflalo robes, 246 Lake 
Boskowitz J. (J. & A. Boskowitz), r. N. Y. 
Bosley D. W. (D. W. Bosley & Co.), r. 676 W. Lake 
Bosley D. W. & Co. manf. carved wood, 166 Lake 
Bosley E. F. housemover, r. 12 S. Peoria 
Bosloff John. lab. r. 32 Burlington 
Boslooper Peter, maeon, r. 221 27th 
Boslooper Tys, sailor, r. 221 27th 
Bosmenm John, lab. r. 22 Langdon 
Bosquet Amos, ehoemkr. r. 212 Wabash av. 
Boss Edward (Edward Boss & Co.), r. 133 Michi- 
gan av. 

Boss Edward & Co. distillers, 274 and 276 Madison 
Boss Edwin (A. B. hheldon & Co.), r. 133 Michigan 


Boss Henry, printer, r. 54 S. Morgan 
Boss H. sailor, r. 98 Stewart av. 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

The City Clerk of Chicago Uses a Five Ton Safe, 

Made at Harris' Safe Factory, GO and O2 South Canal St. 






BossatF. carpenter, r. 120 Willow 

Bo^at V. tailor, r. 120 Willow 

Boese Heinricb. shoemkr. r. 244 TownMnd 

Bosse Henry (Bosse <fc Lange), r. 312 Erie 

Bosse Henry, tailor, r. 114 Townsend 

Bosse Henry G. shoemkr. r. 244Townsend 

Bosse Martin, lab. r. Catherine bet. Wood and Pauli- 

Bosse Theodore, bookbinder, r. 439 Division 

Bosse & LaiiLre, stationer*, 119 N. Clark 

Bossen Herman, jrarduer, r. 08 Luke 

Bosshardt Rudolph, stonemason, r. 71 Meagher 

Bossi Jacob, carpenter, r. 1329 Prairie av. 

Bossi John, carpenter, 1329 Prairie av. 

Bossi Joseph, confectioner, 217 N. Clark 

Boss! S. carpenter, r.1829 Prairie av. 

Bossling H. carpenter, r. 50 Fremont 

Bosso John, candymkr. L.'J. Colburn & Co.. r. Aus- 

Bos t Frederick, lab. r. ss. Clayton bet. Wood and 

Bostnd O. carpenter, r. 204 S. Park av. 

Bosten Joseph, r. 11 Gold 

Bostler P. E. (P. E. Bostler & Co.). r.364 State 

Bostler P. E. & Co. grocers, 430 State 

Bostock Mrs. r. 583 Fulton, w 14, b England 

Boston Charles, bell boy, Sherman House, r. Dear- 
born se. cor. Washington 

Boston Christopher, bricklayer, r. Fnllerton av. sw 
cor. Cooper 

Boston James, gardener, r. 51st, se. cor. Woodlawn 

Bostrick C. lab. r. 1242 Michigan av. 

Bostum Mary, wid. Perry, washwoman, r. 229 Lake, 

Bostwick Charles, elk. Union Elevator, r. 650 S. Ca- 

Bostwick Edward, carpenter, r. 899 W. Lake 

Bostwick E P. trav. salesman, Hall & Harlow, r. 
1469 Prairie av. 

Bostwick Mary E. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 1339 Wabash 

Bostwiek Philo, cooper, r. 2W Cottage Grove av. 

Bostwick S. E. driver, Ac'ams Express Co. r. 76 

Bostwick W. C. bkpr. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 175 
Michigan av. 

Boswell C. lb. r. 546 8. Liberty 

Boswell William, com. agt. r. 192 Blue Island av. 

Boswinkel J. B. bkpr. r. 88 Lincoln av. 

Bosworth Harlan P. notary public, 55 Clark, r. 246 
Lake av. 

Bosworth J. C. elk. P. O.'r. 280 State 

Bosworth M. J. salesman, Field. Leiter & Co. r. 249 

Botamns Fred, bookbinder, r. 158 Superior 

Botberg Frederick, lab. r. 381 Chicago av. 

Botc John, bar tender, r. 419 N. State 

Botch Richard, bricklayer, r. 107 14th 

Botcher John, bkbinder. Adams, Blackmer & Ly- 
on Pub. Co. r. 358 Sedgwick 

Botclea Mark, foreman, Beach, Westermayer & 
Rothbarth, r. 588 Larrabee 

Botefuhr Charles, machinist, r. 441 S. Canal 

Boten Edward, boxmkr. r. 97 Newberry av. 

Botham Peter; moulder, r. 135 W. Lake 

Botham Thomas, elk. r. &33 W. Madison 

Bothe August, policeman, r. 202 Luke 

Botheroid John, sailor, r. 173 Barber 

Bothwell George W. livery stable, r. 1408 State 

Bothwell W. F. livery stable, State, cor. 3!fct, r. 1408 

Botkin Alex C. city editor rY>n<roTir:i8. r. Briggs 

Botkin Susan M. wid. George W. nurse, r. 422 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Botkin W. W. clK. postoffice, r. 759 Michigan av. 

Boto Johann. teamster, r. 100 Milwaukee av. 

Botsford Bennet B. (J. K. Bottsford & Sons), r. 614 
Wabash av. 



O4 Washington Street, Chicago, 



Envelopes, Stra-rtcsrd, Glazed & Plated Papers, 4o. 

No. 158 State Street. 

Botsford E. A. Mrs. r. 120 3d av. 

Boisford H. (Dow, Quirk & Co.), r. Tremont 

Boteford John R. (J. K. Botsford & Sons), r. 603 

Wabash av. 
Botsford J. K. ( J. K. Botsford & Sons), r. 603 Wa- 

bnsh av. 
BOTSFORD J. K. & SOXS, hardware and 

cutlery, 109 Lake 
Botsford t. B. r. 31 Myrick av: 
Bott John (Niebuhr & Bott), t-L 415 Sedgwick 
Bott John, lab. r. 310 21st 
Botte Charles, confectionery, 337 W. Madison 
BottenbergH. printer. Tribune, r. &53 Clark 
Botti Joseph A. physician, r 285 4th av. 
Bottle John, expressman, r. 38 Emma 
Boi ties Daniel, lab. r. es. Julian, bet. N. Paulina 

and Wood 

Bottles Henry, saloon, r. 118 Newberry av. 
Bottles William, mechanic, r. es. Macedonia, bet. 

Ellen and Division 

Botto Antonio, elk. J. D. Lake, r. 29 N. Canal 
Botto Joseph, elk. M. F. Casey, r. 617 N. Wells 
Botz William, carpenter, r. 166 North av. 
Botzbach Johannes, cabinetmkr. r. 55 Fry 
Botzem Henry, lab. r. 40 Howe 
Bouchar Daniel, blksmith, r. 745 S. May 
Bouchard Francis H. elk. J. Handlev. r. 8 Rush 
Bouchard Godfrey, teamster, r. 72 Wilson 
Bouchard Louis, lab. r. 145 N. Halsted 
Boucher Anna S. Mrs. r. 208 Maxwell 
Boucher George, elk. 84 Milwaukee av. 
Boucher James, lab. 203 Maxwell 
Boucher Louis, carpenter, r. 164 W. Polk 
Boucher Mary, wid. Frank, seamstress, r. 74 Henry 
Boucher Patrick, porter, r. 38 William 
Boucher W. O. elk. 121 Market 
Boucherd Edward, captain, r. 33 Sampson 
Bouchet Alfred, porter, r. 119 S. Hnlsted 
Bouchier Michael, blktmith, r. 745 S. May 
Bouck Foster, painter, Barry & Gushing 
Boudor A. Mrs. cigars, r. 410 State 
Boudreau Alice, wid. Lewis, r. 122 Ashland av. 
Boudreau Fred W. pilot, 122 Ashland av. 
Boudreau Lewis C. printer, r. 122 Ashland av. 
Boner M. butcher, 274 Cottage Grove av. 
Bouer Samuel, stonecutter, r. 758 S. Halsted 
Bouffard Frank, boatbnilder, r. 11 Gold 
Bouffard Joseph, boatbnilder, r. 47 Dobyus 
Bouffra Alex. r. 11 Gold 
Bouger Daniel, r. 143 Sampson 
Boughman H. G. foreman Evening Mail, r. 283 Park 

Boughton Barton A. (Boughton & Seymour), r. 1020 

Indiana av. 

Bonghton W. L. bkpr. Holmes & Hosford 
B onghton <te Seymour, painters, 95 22d 
Bougie James, carpenter, r. 317 5th av. 
Bougie Robert, stonecutter, r. 317 5th av. 
Bougue C. T. r. 381 State 
BonlLi John, miller, Norton & Co. r. 128 Union 
Bonhan Andrew, baker, C. L. Woodman & Co. r. 

226V4 N. Market 
Bonke Fritz, lab. r. 117Bissell 
Boul Frank, cook, r. 251 S. Halsted 
Bouland Frank, paperhanger, r. 447 S. Morgan 
Bouklen Henry, elk. Mut. Sec. Ins. Co. 
Bouldon John, lab. r. 31 Hope 
Boulger William E. elk. r. 236 Michigan 
Bonlin Lawrence, lab. r. 589 Union 
Bonlton George D. bkpr. 1st Nat. Bank. r. 93 Seeley 


Bonlus Mathew, r. 117 W. 12th 
Bound Samuel, carpcnte r. r. 125 Burnside 
Bounds F. G. r. Revere Housu 
Bourassa. lab. r. 655 State 
Bourcher August, lab. r. 101 W. Adams 
Bourcier Eugene, tailor, r. 479 5th av. 
Bourean Frank, carpenter, r. 578 Centre av. 


















THE IXTERIOR, Rev. A. Swazey, B.D., 

Editor-in-Chief, Office, Corner Clark ami Monroe Sta. 

Philip A. Iloyne, U.S. Commissioner, alo Commissioner of Deeds, 

Anu Notary Public; Office, Custom House Building. 




J; Wilmington Coal. 

Qf) Better by SJ3 per cent than any other 
r> Illinois Coal. 

Better than m"st Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal sold in thU market, 
V and as food as the best for all ordinary purposes. J3?"Free of Shite 

Chieayo and, Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. 2 Weal Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

Bourgeau Foreut, carpenter, r. 3 Scammon blk. 

Calumet av. cor. 33d 
Bourgeau Joseph, carpenter, Jenkinson' & Keitz, r: 

11 Gold 
Bourgeois D. French vinegar, wks. 51 Blue Island 


Bourgin. tanner, r. 44 Cornell 
Bourk Francis, carpenter, r. 396 S. Morgan 
Bourk Henry, blksmith, 12 Archer av. r. 107 24th 
Bourk Martin, blksmith, II. Bourk, r. 933 Siate 
Bourk Patrick, blksmith, H, Bourk, r. 933 State 
Bourk Peter, lab. r. 396 S. Morgan 
Bourke Henry, horseshoer, r. 264 N. Sangamon 
Bourke John, horseshoer. 1107 State, r. 197 24th 
Bonrke John, lab. r. 104 W. Madison 
Bonrke Ulick, furniture, 92 W. Madison, r. 174S. 

Bourne Charles A. with Jevne & Almini, r. 329 

Bourne Michael, cabinetmkr, r. es. Larraboe bet. 

Blackhawk and Clybourn av. 
Bourne Richard, sailor, r. 101 W. 12th 
Bourne Robert, sailor, r. 101 W. 12th 
Bourne William, sailor, r. 101 W. 12th 
Bournique A. E. dancing teacher, r. 12S 24th 
Bourret Alphonse, machinist, r. 164 W. Polk 
Bourton William, furnituredlr. r. 226 Blue Island 


Bouschaw Joseph, lab. r. 23 Canalport av. 
Boutell L. H. asst. U. S. dist. atty. r. Evanston 
Boutin Joseph C. elk. Hapgood, Bigelow & Co. r. 

226 N. Union 
Bouton Archibald, billclk. Knowles, Cloyes & Co. 

r. 721 Wabash av. 
Bouton Christopher B.(N. S. Bouton & Co.), r. 1181 

Indiana av. 

Bouton George H. mason, r .550 4th 
Bouton Le Grand L. salesman, N. S. Higgins, r. 721 

Wabash av. 
Bouton Nathaniel S. (N. S. Bouton & Co.), r. 590 

Wabash av. 
Bouton N. S.& Co. Union Foundry and Machine 

Shops, Burnside, cor. 15th 

Bouton William, bkpr.r. 746 and 748 Michigan HV. 
Boutwell F. M. salesman, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 281 

Michigan av. 

Boutwell Harvey, mechanic, r. 170 N. Carpenter 
Boutwell H. C. salesman, Enterprise Varnish Co. r. 

European Hotel 

Boveu H. W.(Bovee &HoweXv. 361 Washington av. 
Bovee M. B. paperhanger. r. -^5 Washington av. 
Bovee & Howe, saloon, 449 \V Randolph 
Boverat Leao. cigarmVr. r. I'O Randolph 
Boverat P. tobacconist, 141 W. Madison, r. 396 W. 


Bovers Christian, r. 630 Centre av. 
Bovers John, lab. r. 630 Centre av. 
Bovett James A. veterinary surgeon, r. 18 Quincy 
Bovret Peter, cisrarmkr. r. 396 W. Taylor 
Bow James M. barber. 191 y z W. Van Buren 
Bow John. lab. r. 98 Mitchell 
Bowan Thomas (Bowan & Fitzpatrick), r. 123 


Bowan William, expressman, r. 238 N. Franklin 
Bowan & Fitzpatrick, grocers, 240 5th av. 
Bowden Emergene E. teacher, Foster School, r. 335 

S. Hnlsted 

Bowden George, painter, r. 120 Michigan 
Bowden John! painter, r. 244 Washington nv. 
Bowden. Nicholas, student, Bryant &, Chase's 

Business College 
Bowden William, plumber, 68 Washington, r. 207 


Bowder William, lab. r. 19N. Union 
Bowe Edward, lab. r. 128 Butterfteld 
Bowe James, foundryman, r. es. Pitney av. nr. 

Archer ar. 

Bowe John, lab. r. 52 Wnbansia av. 
Bowe John, saloon, 854 S. Halsted 


Bowe William, foundryman, r. es. Pitney av. nr. 
Archer av. 

Bowe William, r. 854 S. Halsted 

Bowen Anna Miss, dressmkr. 347 W. Randolph 

P.owen A. tanner, r. 5 Price pi. 

Bowen Bros, real estate and capitalists, 174 La- 

Bowen Charles G. bkpr. r. 2)4 Fulton 

Bowen Charles H. elk. r. 125 Michigan av, 

Bowen Chauncey T. (Bowen Bros.),~ r. 126 Michi- 
gan av. 

Bowen Edgar J. grocer, 811 State, r. 3 18th 

Bowen Erastus, vet. surgeon, r 234 S.Clinton 

Bowen E. Miss dressing r. 215 State 

B.)wen E. A. sign painter, r. 89 Hoyne 

Bowen E. C. salesman, Walter A. Wood, r. 206 

Bowen E. K. receiving elk, Hamlinllale & Co. r. 
IflJ Dearborn 

Bowen E. R. military and regalia goods, r. 15 Cen- 
ter av. 

Bowen Frank, bricklayer, r. Ill Polk 

Bowen Frank A. broker, r. 352 Chicago av. 

Bowen Fred. W. elk. r. 15 Center av. 

Bowen George Henry, elk, Bowen, Hunt and 
Winslow, r. 125 Michigan av. 

Bowen George S. (Bowen Bros, and Bowen, Hunt 
& Winslow), r. 125 Michigan av. 

Bowen George S. jr. elk, 125 Michigan av. 

Bowen Gerard P. printer, r. 15 Centre av. 

Bowen Henry F. elk. Rice & Thompson, r. Cen- 
tral House 

Bowen Herman, fireman, r. 228 Evans 

Bowen, Hunt & Winslow, whol. dry goods, 15 and 
17 Randolph 

Bowen H. D. dry goods. 1438 State 

Bowen Ira P. (Ira P. Bowen & Co.), r. 126 Cass 

BOWEIV IRA P. & Co. china, glass and 
queensware, house furnishing goods, etc., 
whol. and ret. 107 Wabash av. 

Bowen James, bookbinder, Sewell & Henderson, r. 
231 Rush 

Bowen James A. student, r. 124 Michigan av. 

Bowen James H. (Bowen Bros.) and pres. Calu- 
met and Chicago Canal and Dock" Co. r. 134 
Michigan av. 

Bowen John, lab. r. 7 Fry 

Bowen John, lab. r. 131 Wright 

Bowen John, weigher, r. 284 Mitchell 

Bowen John J. goldbeater, r. 123 Quincy 

Bowei, Marshal H. harnessmkr. W. J. Ralph, r 223 

Bowen Mary S. wid. Daniel, saleswoman. R. B. 
Appleby, r. Central House 

Bowen Mathew, shoemkr. r. 187 Rush 

Bowen Owen, lab. r. 31st, nr. Archer av. 

Bowen Patrick, lab. r. 250 5th ay. 

Bowen P. (Bowen & Gillick). r. 119 29th 

Bowen T. B. elk. W. B. Clapp & Bro. r. 204 Ful- 

BO WEN &, GIULICK, grocers,117 29th 

Bower Alfred, r. 621 Fuller-ton av. 

Bower August, lab. r. 60Deeriug 

Bower James, elk. r 362 S. Halsted 

Bower John, baker, r. 93 Burling 

Bower John, lab. r. 254 Noble 

Bower John, teamster, r. 194 Kossuth 

Bower Leslie F. student, N. S. Dodge, r. 121 Madi- 

Bower Louis, carpenter, Smith* Johnson, r. 225 S. 

Bower Louis, carpenter, Smith & Johnson, r. 339 
W. Polk 

Bower Michael, painter, r. 120 De Koven 

Bower Norbert, carpenter, r. 166 W. 12th 

Bower R. A. compiler, Western Railway Guide, 51 

Bowerlie Jacob, cooper, r. 813 Clark 

Bowers Adam, cooper, r. 34 Broadway av. 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

03 Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, 6O and 62 South Canal Street. 

W3H. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Server Pipe, 







Bowers Alpheus, elk. A. G. Downs & Co. r. 680 N. 


Bowers Christian, teamster, r. 12 Blackwell 
Bowers Francis A. Mr*, r. 53 4th av. 
Bowers Prank, lab. r. 1099 State 
Bowers George, -brewer, r. 387 Archer av. 
Bowers George, carpenter, r. 11 Blue Island av. 
Bowers George A. salesman, Frank Sturges & Co. 

r. 247 Lincoln av. 
Bowers George C.cashr. Moore & Stearns,r. 181 W. 

Bowers G, J, Miss, asst. teacher, Porter's Nat. Tel. 

College, r. 680 N. La Salle 
Bowers II. W. plasterer, r. 98 Garibaldi 
Bowers John mer. r. 173 23d 
Bowers Joseph, lab. r. 526 S. Canal 
Bowers Joseph F. carpenter, r. 136 Harrison 
Bowers Joseph N. express, r. 485 Burnside 
Bowers J. Milton, physician. 423 North av. r. 843 

N. Clark 
Bowers Mary Mrs. boardinghouse, 148 South Park 


Bowers Miranda Miss, dressmaking, r. 149 Aber- 

Bowers Morris H. dentist, 181 Blue Island av. 
Bowers Nicholas, drover, r. 25 Sheridan pi. 
Bowers Peter, carver, Feeny & Burkhardt 
Bowers Samuel, porter. C. M. Thielcke, r. W. Har- 
rison, bet. Clinton and Jefferson 
Bowers S.. J. porkpacker, Grove, cor. 19th, r. 977 

Indiana av. 
Bowers Thomas, shoemkr. r. ws. Shurtliff av. bet. 

31st and 32d 
Bowers William E. carbuildr, r. 85 Judd 

Bowers , r. 320 Wabash ay. 

Bowersax Allen, salesman. Field. Letter & Co. 

Bowes Franklin, boxmkr. r. 117 W. 18th 

Bowes Frederick K. salesman. Hall, Kimbark & 

Co. r. 29 Park av. 

Bowes George, teamster, r. 146 Canalport av. 
Bowes John, puddler, r. Armitage av. nr. Mil. R. 

R. crossing 

Bowes Michael, blksmth. r. 130 N. Green 
Bowes Robert J. butcher, grocer and vessel sup- 
plies, 225 to 235 S. Desplaines, r. 429 W. Monroe 
Bowes William, lab. r. 50 String 
Bowie A. lab. r. Transit House 
Bowie Elizabeth S. wid. Stephen, laundress, r. 43 

43 Frank 

Bowie John, elk. r. 181 N. Sangamon 
Bowie John W. shippingclk. rT 181 N. Sangamon 
Bowie J. R. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 46 

Seeley av. 

Bowie Thomas, carpenter, r.266 Forquer 
Bowie William, machinist, r. 533 S. Canal 
Bowkhold Louis, lab. r. 26 N. Paulina 
Bowland George E. elk. Uphof & Lock, r. 116 Mich 

lean av. 
Bowland James, student, Bryant &/ Chase's 

Business College 
Bowland J. H. elk. r. 244 N. Wells 
Bowlen John, driver, r. 167 Arnold 
Bowler Henry, r. 720 S. Union 
Bowler H. I. bkpr. Shoenfeld Bros. & Co. r. 441 W 

Bowler H. S. elk. P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 441 W 


Bowler John, driver, r. 1104 State 
Bowler John, engineer, Hibbard & Spencer, r. 281 

Bowler William, salesman, C. W. & E. Pardridge 

& Co. r. 135 Adams 
Bowles Charles W. packer, Farnum, Flagg & Co. r 

810 W. Monroe 
Bowles Edwin, elk. frgt. auditor, C. B. & Q. R. R 

r. Hinsdale 
Bowles F. A. (Marsh, Bowles & Co.), r. 71 Wash 

Bowles F. G. salesman, r. 14 S. Sangamon 

H. M. Wilxnarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 



At 137 & 139 Hate Street. 


Bowles Jacob, elk. r. 1491 Indiana av. 
Bowles Michael, lab. r. 212 3d av. 
3owles Robert, turner, r. 343 W. Madison 
iowles Stephen B. pres. Western Star Metal Co. r. 

810 W. Monroe 
3owles S. W. stockbroker, r. Halsted, opp. Transit 

Bowles Thomas G. advertising agt. 4 Tribune bldg. 

r. 1854 Waba.-l nv. 
Bowley William, sin- mkr. r. 68 Fig 
BowHuH. Irvin. bkpr. r. 441 W. Jackson 
Bowman Andrew, tanner, Edward Engle & Bro. r. 

433 Milwaukee av. 

Bowman A. H. cigarmkr. r. 228 Evans 
Bowman Charles, teamster, r. 68 Kossuth 
Bowman Frank, bartender, Albert Cudney, r. Dear- 
born Theatre bldg. 

Bowman Frank, expressman, r. 463 W. 12th 
Bowman Fred, r. 381 Ontario 
Bowman Fritz, lab. r. es. Butterfleld bet. Egan av. 

and 38th 

Bowman Henry, cnbinetmkr. r. rear 419 5th av. 
Bowman Henry, porter, r. 198 W. Harrison 
Bowman Henry, jr. storekeeper, C. M. Thielcke, r. 

193 W. Harrison 

Bowman Herman, fireman, r. 228 Evans 
Bowman H. pedler, r. 262 Erie 
Bowman James, salesman, r. 254 5th av. 
Bowman John, bricklayer, r. 289 Blue Island av. 
Bowman John, lab. r. 53 Canalport av. 
Bowman John, woodyard. r. 69 N. Noble 
Bowman John L. printer, r. 109 W. Randolph 
Bowman Justin, Chicago Towing Association, r. 467 

W. Van Buren 

Bowman Mary. wid. William, r. 12 Lee pi. 
Bowman Peter, pedlar, r. 946 Clark 
Bowman Philip, lab. r. rear 289 3d av. 
Bowman Thomas, lab. r. 12 Lee pi. 
Rowman Thomas H. elk. D. B. Fisk & Co. r. 59 W. 


Bowman William, moulder, r. 661 State 
Bowman William, printer, William Rich, r, 198 \\ . 

Bowman William J. carpenter, r. 12 Lee pi. 

Bowman , ins. agt. r. 110 Sheldon 

Bowmann Christian, brewer, r. 25 Broadway av. 
Bowmar Daniel M. sec. Mnt. Security Ins. Co. 112 

La Salle, r. 624 N. La Salle 
Bowmar Joseph M. bkpr. Merchants' National 

Bank. r. Clarendon House 

Bowmar Joseph, elk. Insrrahnm Fenn, r. 215 State 
Bown S. H. foreman, Soper, Brainerd & Co. r. 291 H 

W. Taylor. 

Bows Richard, lab. r. 282 4th 
Bowser William, r. 92 W. Madison 
Bowyer Edward G. bkpr. Moss, Chambers & Me- i 

Bean, bds Madion House 
Bowyer Henry, tobacconist, r. 297 Michigan 
Box Thomas, lab. r. rear 30221st 

Boy Fred. lab. r. 543 W. 12th 

Boyac Rosanna C. wid. Francis, washerwoman, r. W 
al. bet. White and Whitnev. Pine and Rush *| 
Boyance Durk, mason, r. 102 W. 18th 
Boyce Andrew, tinner, r. 167 Adams at 

Bovce A. W. r. 183 Walnut 

Boyce Frank, broker, r. 1131 State 

Boyce Henry, driver, r. SB Whiting 
Bovce James, carpenter, r. 899 Clark 
Boyce Joseph, machinist, r. rear 216 Wentworth av. ^ 
Bovce Loui.-a. r. 14 14th 

Boyce Margaret, wid. Martin, r. rear 110 Gurley ^ 
Bovd Charles, lab. r. 235 S. Canal 

n6YI> CHARLES 1.,. coaldealer. 38 Clark. g 
r. es. Hyde Park av. bet. 541 h and 55th 

Boyd Demp'-ey. student, room 6, Reynold's blK. r. . 

ss. Kg:v.i av. nr. Indiana av. 
Boyd Henry A. packer, Brook? & Neemos, r. -i,0 

Boyd Henry W. surgeon, r. 370 Calumet av. ^ 







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Wilmington StaE- Coal Co., C. L,. Bailey, Manager, 

Yarl, O5 \V. 12th St. ? General Office, 151 Monroe St. 







Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


I Celebrated Wilmington Goalj 

f Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 








Boyd H. W. waiter, r. 114thav. 

Boyd Isaac, carpenter, r. 225 S. Peoria 

Boyd Jane, r. 117 W. Taylor 

Boyd John (Boyd & Wisner), r. Lake View 

Boyd John, carpenter, r. 317 Mohawk 

Boyd John, janitor, Scammon School, r. 103 S. San- 

John W. painter, r. 233 N. Market 
Boyd Joseph, carpenter, r. 455 W. Harrison 
Boyd J. H. (Boyd & Hill), r. 52 Mvrick av. 
Boyd Patrick, porter, r. 31 Cornelia 
Boyd Kobert, bkpr. Biddle & Hunt, r. Orient House 
Boyd Thomas, lab. r. Levee, nr. Post 
Boyd Thomas C. plumber and gasfitter, 45 Dear- 
born, r. 732 Cottage Grove av. 

Boyd , brakesman, r. 295 Michigan 

Boyd , r. 460 W. Randolph 

Boyd & Hill, cofflnmnfrs. Franklin C9r. Tyler 
Boyd & Wisner. real estate, 100 Washington 
Boydell J. ma^on, r. 33 Alexander 
Boyden Daniel, buardinghonse. 99 S. Clinton 
Boyden Daniel, student, Bryant &. Chase's 

Business College 
Boyden P. H. r. 1165 Indiana av. 
Boyden James W. real estate and pension agt. 

137V4 Madison, r. 151 S. Saugamon 
Boyden N. B. jnstjce of the peace, rooms 1 and 2, 

134 Clark, r.131 Calumet av. 
Boyden Samuel, carpenter, r. 221 21st 
Boyden W. r. 1165 Indiana av. 
Boyden A. B. SaJesman, Hamlin, Hale & Co. r. 3 


Boye D. cabinetmkr. Stotz & Woltz 
Boye Henry (Boye & Drum), r. 371 Division 
Boye L. wagonnikr. Peter Schuttler 
Boye & Orum, umbrellamkrs. 371 Division 
Boyence Peter, lumberman, r. 156 Canalport av. 
Boyenton George (Boyenton & Wayman), r. Light 

Boyenton & Wayman, house and sign painters, 38 

W. Adams 

Boyer Alexander, brickmkr. r. 40 Morgan 
Boyer Allen, short hand reporter, 79 and 81 5th av. 

r. 1629 Indiana av. 
Boyer Andrew, tinner, Crear, Adams & Co. r. 167 


Boyer Annie, cigars and tobacco. 304% Clark 
Boyer A. painter, H. Willets, r. 262 S. Park av. 
Boyer Casper, shoemkr. r. 264 Madison 
Boyer Cyrus, hostler, r. 986 Michigan av. 
Boyer David A. fireman, r. 725 State 
Boyer Frank, tailor, r. 772 W. Lake 
Boyer Henry, lab. r. Robey cor. Steele 
Boyer Henry J. teamster, r. 1629 Indiana av. 
Boyer Josiah S. night elk. Anderson's Hotel 
Boyer J. A. (Boyer & Corneau), 
Boyer & Corneau, stonedealers, 205 Grove 
Boyes Charles, student. Bryant &. Chase's 

Business College 

Boyingtou D. J. realestate, 145 Clark, r. 52 S. Green 
Boyington E. E. stockdealer, r. 11 S. Ann 
Boyington H. H. draughtsman, William W. Boy- 

iflgton, r. 51 Calumet av. 

Boyiugton Julia Mrs. nurse, r. 491 Wabash av. 
Boyington L. C. general agt. Am. Bridge Co. r. 1353 

Wabash av. 

Boyington L. R. r. 51 Calumet av. 
Boyington Samuel, restaurant, 1423 State 
Boyington Thomas C. contractor, r. 1349 Wabash av. 
Boyington William W. architect, 85 Washington, r. 

" 51 "Calumet av. 
Boylan A. H. despatches I. C. R. R. r. 313 Wabash 


Boylan George, carpenter, r. S3 Miller 
Boylan John, mason, 25 Vedder 
Boylan John, painter, r. 201 W. Randolph 
Boylan Littie C. Miss, teacher. Franklin School, r. 

91 Oak 
Boylan Michael, shoemkr. 

r. 155 Blue Island av. 

Boyland John, lumber, r. 953 Indiana av. 

Boyland Michael, blliemith. r. 119 W. Kinzie 

Boyle Andrew, sailor, r. 299 W. Indiana 

Boyle A. steamfitter, r. 93 S. Peoria 

Boyle Catherine, wid. John, housekpr. r. 4 Myrick 


Boyle Daniel, painter, r. 131 W. Lake 
Boyle Edward, lab. r. Levee, nr. Post 
Boyle Frank, cook, National Dinine Hall, r. 251 


Boyle Frank, lab.' r. 77 Gardner 
Boyle George, cooper, r. 113 N. Market 
Boyle Henry, porter, r. 49 Frank 
Boyle James, engineer, r. 74 Indiana 
Boyle James, shoemkr. 2 River, r. 7 River 
Boyle John, elk. Oliver B. Green, r. 186 S. Jeffer- 

Boyle John, expressman, r. 54 Wright 
Boyle John, lab. r. 60 Fulton 
Boyle John, lab. r. 201 Douglas pi. 
Boyle John, stonemason, r. 35 Ruble 
Boyle John, weaver, r. 269 W. Randolph 
Boyle Margaret, Mrs. boardinghouse, 186 S. Jeffer- 

Boyle Martin, moulder, r. 186 S. Jefferson 
Boyle Mary, wid. John, r. 14 Better 
Boyle Mary, wid. John. r. 121 Forquer 
Boyle Michael, lab. r. 104 W. Madison 
Boyle Michael, moulder, r. 87 N. Jefferson 
Boyle M. shoemkr. r. 38 N. Market 
Boyle Neil, tailor, r. 109 Franklin 
Boyle Patrick, helper, r. 428 Elston av. 
Boyle Patrick, teamster, r. 394 S. Deeplaines, 
Boyle Peter, elk. r. 121 Forquer 
Boyle Peter, lab. r. 186 S. Jefferson 
Boyle Robert, carriagemkr. r. 155 W. Taylor 
Boyle Thomas, baker, r. al. rear 205 N. Halsted 
Boyle Thomas, elk. Gage Bros. & Co. r. 396 Chicago 

Boyle Thomas, expressman, A. P. C. Bonte, r. 143 

W. Jackson 

Boyle Thomas, lab. r. 382 S. Desplaines 
Boyle Thomas (McGinnis & Boyle) 
Boyle Thomas sailor, r. 299 W. Indiana 
Boyle William M. bartender, William Van Fleet, 
111 and 113 Dearborn 

Boyle , switchman, r. Mason, nr, Wentworth 


Boylen Andrew, lab. r. 116 Market 
Boylen Bernard, teamster, r. 281 Church 
Boyles Charles C. bkpr. Ross & Gossage, r. 182 S. 

" Sangamon 

Boyles Dennis,'lab. r. 25 Coolidge 
Boyles J. E. broom mnfr. 601 Sedgwick 
Boyles Samuel, com. mer. 12 LaSalle, r. 183 Park 

Boyles , machinist, r. 179 Noble 

Boyne Mary, wid. Christopher, r. 228 S. Desplaines 
Boyne Patrick, lab. r. 33 Better 
Boyne Thomas, pedlar, r. Jefferson, nw. cor. Van- 

Boynton A. J. (Boynton & Son), r. 582 State 
Boynton A. P. (Boynton & Son), r. 582 State 
Boynton B. B. (.J. 'B. Boyntou & Co.), r. 130 Park 


Boynton B. B. & Co. whol. teas, 61 Michigan av. 
BOTHTOlf CHARGES A, watchmaker and 

jeweler, 72 N. Clark 

Boynton Charles W. com. mer. r. 770 Sedgwick 
Boynton C. H. lighthousekpr. r. North Pier 
Boynton Dan M. elk. Red Line Transit Co. r. 125 


Boynton David J. realestateagt. r. 62 S. Green 
BoyntoH Edgar S. (Chandler & Boyuton), r. 254 W. 

Boynton Edward (Boynton & Noyes), r. 103 N. 


Boynton George, butcher, 36 Archer av. r. 98 Ar- 

Yale Locks 



OS Dearborn Street. 

BACKERS' SAFES made at Harris' 


6O and O2 South Canal Street. 





Boynton George, conductor, C.,B. & Q. R. R. r. 559 

W. Washington 

Boynton .1. II. engineer, r. 41 O'Brien 
Boynton Moses, carpenter, r. 135 W. Kinzie 
Boynton Warren, carriagemkr. Bradley & Smith, 

r. 30 W. Madison 
Boynton T William, draughtsman, A. J. Kinney, r. 

1,35 W. Kinzie 
Boynton W. W. with H. Jackman & Co. r. Matteson 

Boynton & Noyes, harness and saddle mnfrs. 91 


Boynton & Son. watchmkrs. 582 State 
Boysce Michael, lab. r. 174 Barber 
Boysen Paul N. sailor, r. 155 W. Erie 
Boyter Ada, wid. John, r. 21 N. Carpenter 
Boyter Robert, invoice elk. Hibbard & Spencer, r. 

21 N. Carpenter 

Boyton George, packer, r. 1131 Prairie av. 
Bozzola Lonis B. lith. Floto, Kurz & Co. r. W. Ran- 
dolph cor. Clinton 
Braam Peter, painter, r. 193 Sebor 
Braane John, mb. r. 432 Bnrnside 
Braane Thomas, lab. r. 432 Burnside 
Braasch Charles, elk. r. 187 W. 12th 
Braasch Henry, miller, r. 187 W. 12tb 
Braband August, cabinetmkr. r. 574 Indiana 
Braband Edward, shoemkr. r. rear 199 3d av. 
Brabant August, lab. r. 198 N. Desplaines 
Brabaz Joseph, tailor Joseph Maleika. r. % W, Polk 
Brabits Peter, shoemkr. r. rear 107 Mather 
Brabon William B. carpenter, r. 146 W. Adams 
Brabook J. F. druggist, ICO W. Harrison, r. May- 
Brabrook Joseph F. agt. Home Ins. Co. r. Foster 

sw. cor. Harrison 
Brace A. stonemason, r. 22 Gold 
Brace James Augustus, teamster, r. 666 W. Madi- 
Brace J. F. bkpr. Smith & Duncan, r. 20 Dole's 


Brace Nathan, stonemason, r. 22 Gold 
Brach Joseph, musician, r. 510 Sedgwick 
Brach Teser, tailor, r. 23 Elston av. 
Bracha John, tailor, r. 18 Bunker 
Bracher Jacob, teamster, r. 129 Cornell 
Bracher Johann, manager Turner Hall, r. 1 and 3 3d 
Brachly Charles, lab. r. 30 Linden 
Brachtendorf Anton, r. 341 North av. 
Brachtendorf Frank, cooper, r. 65 Hurlbnt 
Brachvogel Charles, mouldings, pictures and frames 

141 Lake, r. 88 Warren av, 
Brachvogel Frederic, guilder, r. rear 2-20 S. Jefter- 


Brachvogel F. wks. Sammons, Clark & Co. 
BrachVogel Louis W. cigavmkr. r. 154 Ohio 
Brack August, barber, P Scravesande, r. 381 W. 

' lith 

Brack William A. painter, r. 184 Ewing 
Bracka M. Mrs. r. 191 8. Jefferson 
Brackbill F. carpenter, r. 273 31st 
Brackebush A. B. biickmnfr. r. 79 Maple 
Bracken Joseph, r. ws. Wood bet. Iowa and Chi- 
cago av. 
Bracken Lawrence R. bartender, J. Stevenson, r. 98 

Bracken Michael, blksmith, H. G. Binder, r. 75 W. 


Bracken Peter Mra. r. 125 Coolidge 
Bracken Tom, mechanic, r. 325 N. Franklin 
Bracken William (Robbins & Bracken), r. 261 Kin 


Brackendorf Frank, lab. Lathrop & Walley 
Bracket John, sawyer, r. 152 W. 12th 
Bracket William F". trav. salesman, Sibley & Endi- 


Brackett Arthur B. physician, 278 Milwaukee av. 
Brackett Charles E. letter carrier, r. 183 S. Morgan 
Brackett E. H. letter carrier, r. 183 S. Morgan 


Gas Fitting, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 


Oftlie City of Chicago. 

CAPITAL, ... $1OO,OOO. 84 

JACOB R. SHIPHERD, Prcs't, Lotris WAHL, V. Pres't, W 

CHAS.B.SHEDD, Treas., HOU.I.G.WILSON, Counsel. (X 

Exclusively a SAVINGS Bank No commercial account! received M 
t-Pays six per cent, upon Depoeita Money lo loan on Rial Estate. ) 

Banking House 164 Twenty-Second St. H 







Brackett L. C. watchman, Massasoit House 
Brackett William (Brackett & Waite), r. Colfax av. 

n. of Douglas pi. 
Brackett William S. elk. Brackett & Waite, r. 206 

Colfax av. 

Brackett & Waite, lawyers. 89 and 40, 161 LaSalle 
Brackley Robert, switchman, r. til DoKoven 
Brackly B. lab. r. 57 McHenrv, w 15 
Brada Charles, moulder, Collins & Burgie, r. Ew- 

ine, bet. Desplaines and Flalsted 
Bradbrough Bernard, shoemkr. 8914 N. Wells 
Bradbury Edgar H. bkpr. E. L. Gowen, r. 109 N. 


Bradbury G. painter, r. 661 State 
Bradbury James, s'teamfitter, r. 2 Ohio 
Bradbury John, engineer, r. 283 Burnside 
Bradbury L. roofer, r. 55 W. Pearson 
Braddler Charles, blksmith, r. 168 Ewing 
Braddford Henry, saloon, r. 139 Fourth av. 
Braddock John, iron moulder, r. 193 Henry 
Brademeyer Frans, bartender, H. Herrmann, r. 135 

N. Wells 

Bradenbeck John, gunsmith, r. 3fi5 Hubbard 
Bradenoch Joseph, blksmith, r. 49 N. Desplaines 
Brader Jacob, elk. r. 4-14 N. Clark 
Brader James, lab. r. 170 Ewing 
Bradfteld F. W. bkpr. O. D. Orvis & Co. r. 66 3d av. 
Bradford A. J. (E. W. Fobes & Co.), r. 699 Cottage 

Grove av. 
Bradford Charles, driver, Wright Bros.Jr. 246 N. 


Bradford John, millwright, r. 68 N. Union 
Bradford J. W. student, Bryant & Chase's 

litisinos College 

Bradford William A. agt. Hamilton blk. room 38 
Bradish A. artist studio, r. 1(56 Adams 
Bradish A. G. salesman, Ketchum & Martin, r. 65 

Park av. 

Bradish G. D. elk. r. 65 Park av. 
Bradish L. C. tailor, r. 2 Washington 
Bradish William, paperhanger, r. 7 Hubbard & 

Bradley Alexander, carpenter, r. 352 S. Park av. ^ 
Bradley Ambrose A. polisher, Feeny & Burkhardt, jf2 

r. 125 Ashland av. 

Brariley Andrew, calsominer, r. 228 Clark 
Bradley Ann. wid. Joseph, r. 52 Joseph 
Bradley Asa F. civil engineer, r. 373 Wabansia av. w 
Bradley A. H. trav.agt. Glazer, Fiflcld & Co. r. City n 


Bradley Byron, agriculturalist, r. 42 S. Morgan (1 
Bradley B. C. foreman, Fnrst & Bradley JfJ 

Bradley Catherine Mrs. r. 20 Sampson i 

Bradley Charles, com. mer. room 13, Pope's blk. r. 

Lake Forest *! 

Bradley Charles H. elk. Sheriff's Office, r. Lake ta 

View <v| 

Bradley Corintha 8. Mrs. physician, r. 126 Warren 

av. fet 

Bradley David (Furst <fc Bradley), r. 44 8. Morgan ^ 
Bradley David C. (Rhodes & Bradley), r. 109 S. 

Wood * 

Bradley Edward (Pillsbury, Bradley & Co.), r. 1242 ^ 

Michigan av. * 

Bradley Edward L. drygoods, r. 990 Michigan av. 
Bradley Edwin R. mail agt. r. Pierce av. ur. N. Ro- ^ 


Bradley Ellen, wid. James, r. 81 29th 
Bradley E. salesman, Barnum Bros. r. 150 Michigan 


Bradley E. plasterer, r. 297 State 
Bradley E. M. laundress, r. 531 State 
Bradley E. L. elk. Buchanan, Carpenter & Co. r. 182 


Bradley E. L. elk. r. 990 Michigan av. 
Bradley Francis (Baird R Bradley), r. Evancton 
Bradley Frederick E. (Bradley, Sheppard & 

Smith), r. 6>3 Michigan av. 
Bradley F. G. (Jenks <fc Bradley), r. 999 W. Jackson 



Mead & Coe, Real Estate and Loan Agents 154 Washington St., 

Any information in relation to Chicago Real Estate freely given. 




Wilmington Coal. 

^JJ Better by 33 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

j~J Better than itvst Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal sold in this market, 
{gf and as ynm\ us the best for nil ordinary purposes. i2^~Free of Slate 
_^ and gulp nir. 

Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co., 

No. 2 West Van Buren Street, Chic.igo. 


i Bradley George., contractor, r. 168 North av. 

Bradley Georsre F. entry elk. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 

Howard House 

Bradley G. L. (Bradley & Smith) r. 151 Warren av. 
rj Bradley G. L. printer, r, 327 N. Franklin 

> Bradley Henry C. hkpr. r. Lake View 
i Bradley Hugh, barber, r. 686 Archer av. 
Bradley H. Union Elevator, r. 485 S. Union 
E Bradley James, expressman, r. 139 Wright 
' Bradley James, grocer, 349 W. Harrison 
9 Bradley James, lab. r. 13 Ramsey 
> Bradley James, painter, r. 303 W. Madison 
| Bradley James, shoemkr, r. 188 Illinois 
5 Bradley James, watchm. C. & N. W. Ry. 
? Bradley James W. (Pillsbury, Bradley & Co.) r. 
\ 1246 Michigan av. 

j Bradley John, conductor, r. 894 Warren av. 
t Bradley John, plumber, r. 117 Michigan 
Bradley John, sailor, r. 32 Lime 

Bradley John, salesman, r. 747 Michigan av. 

} Bradley John, wks. Hall & Winch, r. al. rear Hall 

& Winch's sash factory 

[ Bradley John, r. Ill S. Wood 

'^ Bradley John G. ship elk. Curtiss & Carter, r. 747 

k Michigan av. 

' Bradley John H. chf. accountant A. M. U. Ex. Co. 

? r. 1490 Prairie av. 

t Bradley John H. lab. r. 346 W. Polk 

r^ Bradley Joseph, elk. r. 24 17th 

. Bradley Joseph H. wks. Murray & Baker 

i Bradley J. r. 723 W. Lake 

Bradley S. A. carpenter, r. 40 Franklin 

Bradley J. F. pres. Piute S.ilver Mining Co. room 3 

Maior blk. r. Desplaines 

I Bradley J. H. (Bradley & Banks), r. 42 S. Morgan 
Bradley J. W. student, Bryant &. Chase's 

Business College 

Bradley Lorring, painter, r. 90 Michigan av. 
Bradley Lucien, patentee copper lightening rods, 

r. 126 Warren av. 

Bradley L. S. foreman, Bigelow Bros. r. 79 26th 
Bradley Margaret, wid. Patrick, r. 32 Mather 
Bradley Miles C. livery stable, 215 State, r. 145 Cot- 
tage Grove av. 

Bradley M. wid. Patrick, r. 81 Miller 
Bradley Patrick, brickmason, r. 20 Sampson 
Bradley Patrick, sailor, r. 32 Lime 
Bradley P. B. (Bradley & Sibley), oil dealer, r. Clar- 
endon House 

Bradley R. S. (Bradley & Co.), r. 109 Adams 
Bradley Samuel J. elk. H. Hayden, r. 1011 State 
Bradley. Sheppard <fc Smith, lumber merchants, 
I O!ark, cor. 16th 
Bradley Simon, r. 18 Better 
Bradley S. stationer, I. C. R. R. 58 Michigan av. 

r. 192 W. Washington 

Bradley S. E. bailiff, circuit court, r. Evanston 
Bradley Thomas, r. 81 Miller 
Bradley T. M. sheriff Cook county, r. Lake View 
Bradley William, teamster, r. North Pier 
Bradley William C. bkpr. Bliss & Brown, r. 723 W. 

Bradley William H. (Pillsbury, Bradley & Co.), r. 

1244 Michigan av. 
Bradley William H. pres. Chicago W. Div. Ry. aiid 

elk. U. S. Dift. Court, r. 5 Washinsrton pi. 
Bradley W. elk. r. 18 Eldridge ct, 
Bradley W. student, Bryant &- Chase's Busi- 
ness College 

Bradley W. F. salesman, Allen & Mackey 
Bradley W. H. physician. 182ClarK 

Bradley . tobacconist, r. 109 Adams 

Bradley & Banks, agricultural implements, 40 and 

48 W. Lake 

Bradley & Co sample room. Calhorm pi. 
Bradley & Sibley, managers. Galena Oil Co. 91 S. 


Bradley <fc Smith, carriage mufrs. and dlrs. 195 and 
197 State 

Bradly Cephas, elk. r. 159 Brown 

Bradly M. lab. r 37 N. Market 

Bradly Richard, genl. agt. Metal Works and 

Stevens Flux Co. r. 238"Dearborn 
Bradly Samuel, switchman, r. 669 S. Halsted 
Bradn'er, Charnley & Co. lumber, Qu'irry, cor. Co- 
logne, office, 16 Franklin 
Bradner Lester, jr. (Bradnur, Charnley & Co.), r. 

Hyde Park 
BRADNER SMITH <fc CO. mnfrs. and dlrs. 

in paper, lip and 112 Madison 
Bradshaw Edwin D. carpenter, r 141 '4 N. Wells 
, Bradshaw Hugh, cisternbuilder, 209 W. Lake, r. 15 

N. Green 

Bradshaw Ira, lab. L. S. & M. S. frgt. depot 
Bradshaw James, painter, r. 618 N. Clark 
Bradshaw John, board injrhouse. r. 235 Burnside 
Bradshaw J. H. mnfr. of truit syrups, 210 Illinois, r. 

Revere House 

Bradshaw Lewis, builder, r. 8 14th 
Bradfh&W Mary Mrs. nurse, r. 264 Indiana 
Bradshaw Patrick, lab. r. 492 Hnbbard 
Bradshaw Thomas, r. 264 Indiana 
Bradshaw Wentford Mrs. r. 235 Burnsidc 
Bradshaw William D. bkpr. Am. Ins. Co. r. 46 War- 
ren av. 

Bradshaw W S. elk. r. 17 Van Buren 
Bradsprach Charles, musicteacher, r. 98 Elm 
TILE AGENCY, 34 Dearborn, John M. 
Keese. supt. 
Bradwell James B. (Bradwell & Beveridge), r. Wa- 

bashav. nw. cor. Madison 

Bradwell & Beveridge, lawyers. 80 Washington 
Brady Andrew, drayman, J. W. Doane & Co. r. 231 


Brady Angelina, tailoress. r. 100 W. Jackson 
Brady Ann Mrs. washerwoman, r. 215 Van Buren, 
Brady Anne, wid. James, washerwomau, r. 20 


Brady A. M. Miss, ins. agt. r. 59 Henry 
Brady Barnard B. carpenter, r. 400 S. May 
Brady Bridget, wid. James, boardinghouse, 64 N. 

Wells . 

Brady B. plasterer, r. 91 Blue Island av. 
Brady Catherine, wid. Mark, r. 400 S. May 
Brady Charles, shipping elk. r. 910 W. Lake 
Brady Cornelius, boardinghouse, 820 Clark, 
Brady David, baker, 11 Aberdeen 
Brady D. C. Mrs, physician, r. 194 W. Madison 
Brady Francis, teamster, r. 563 Kinzie 
Brady George^S. agt, Brady's: Family Bitters, 20T 

Washington, r. 350 W. Madison 
Brady Gilbert A. agt. r. 910 W. Lake 
Brady Henry, baker, r. 11 Aberdeen 
Brady Henry, teamster, r. 107 Butter-field 
Brady Hugh, boardinghonse, 818 State 
Brady Huch, teamster, r. 602 W. Lake 
Brady Jacob, elk. r. 11 Aberdeen 
Brady James, elk. r. 326 N. Water 
Brady James, lab. Am. Bridge Co. 
Brady James, lab. r. 87 McHenry 
Brady James, lab. r. 160 W. Van Buren 
Brady James, lab, r. 830 S. Halsted 
Brady James E. bkpr. comptroller's office, r. 143 S- 


Brady Jeremiah, teamster, r. 480 N. State 
Brady John, carpenter, r. 91 Blue Island av. p 
Brady John, carpenter, r. 12 Scott 
Brady John, blksmith. r. rear 148 W. Madison 
Brady John, com. mer. r. 36 F 
Brady John, framemkr. r. 517 N. Franklin 
Brady John, lab. r. 51 McHenry 
Brady John, lab. r. ws. Wealand, nr. Schiller 
Brady John, livery and boarding stable, 602 W. 

Brady John, porter, Hurlbut & Edsall, r. 437 Went- 

Brady John, teamster, r. 326 N. Water 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O3 Dearborn Street. 

"* Bank Vaults made at Harris' Safe Factory, 


\V.TI. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone c\vcr PH>e, 




Brady John, r. 75 Cottage Grove av. 

Bradv John M. bakery, 4d \V. Madison, r. 202 W. 


F.rady J. cigarmkr. P. Wenzer. r. 330 Clybourn av. 
S.radv J. L. salesman, r. 26 N. Wells 
Brady J. P. bkpr. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 348 W. 


Brady Lewis, crockery r. 5.58 Stale 
Brady Luke, r. 239 8. Halsted 
i'.rauy L. D. pres. Aurora Fire Ins. Co. r. Aurora 
Brady Mack S. elk. Third Nat. Bank, r. 482 N. 


Mary. \vld. John. r. 82 Nebraska 
Brady Matilda. wid. Terrence. r. 241 S. Jefferson 
Brady Matthew P. lawyer, room 8, 184 Dearborn, r. 

321 Chicago av. 

Brady Michael, boarding house, 38 Walnut 
Brady Oscar (Brady & Scott), r. 702 W. Lake 
Brady Owen, lab. r. 476 Eleton av. 
Brady Owen, lab. r. Wallace, bet. Murray and Trnm- 


Brady Patrick, cattledealer, r. Kmerald av. nr. 38th, 
Brady Patrick, com. nier. r. 36 F, 
Brady Patrick, lab. Loomis & Davis 
Brady Patrick, lab. r. 14 Erie 
Brady Patrick, lab. r. 25 Erie 
Brady Patrick, lab. r. 110 Brown 
Brady Peter A. grocer, 439 W. Taylor 
Brady Philip, lab. r. 23 Huron 
Brady Rosanah, wid. Peter, seamstress, r. ws. But- 

terfleld, bet. 37th and 38th 
Brady Thomas, barber, r. 864V& State 
Brady Thomas, joiner, r 239 S. Halsted 
Brady Thomas, lab. r. 102 Bremer 
Brady Thomas, lab. r. 106 N. Paulina 
Brady Timothy, lab. r. 68 Fry 
Brady William, drayman, J. W. Doane & Co. r. 231 


Brady William, foreman carpenter, Bent & Goward 
Brady William, helper, r. 68 Wabansia av. 
Brady William, hostler, r. 357 Superior 
Brady William, lab. r. 804 Archer av. 
Brady William, physician, r. 76 Foster 
Brady W. heater. U. R. Mill Co. 
Brady W. P. elk. P. Ft. W. &. C. R. R. r. 348 W. 


Brady , lawyer, r. 284 Illinois 

Brady & Scott, bakery, 702 W. Lake 

Braedk Lewis, lab. r. 81 Fuller 

Braem^r A. glove and mittenmnlr. 186 Lake, r. 233 


Braentigam August, barber, 97 Kinzie 
Brafka Matthias, lab. r. 127 Ruble 
Bragg Charles M. bkpr. Hall & Winch, r. 805 W. 

Brasre Edward S. (Bragg & Lombard), r. Fon du Lac, 


Bragg P. A. (F. A. Brag? & Co.), r. 38th bet. Cot- 
tage Grove av. and Langley 
Braeg F. A. & Co. real estate, 131 Dearborn 
Bragg & Lombard, lawyers, rooms 23 and 24, Boone 


Braginton Henry, puddler, r. 93 Blackhawk 
BrahamisonJ. A. cabinetmkr. r. 418 Indiana av. 
Brahm Adam, cabinetmkr. r 197 Blue Island av. 
Brahm Jacob, teamster, r. 235 Henry 
Brahm John B. elk. r. 224 Cass 
Brahm Louis, lab. r. 945 W. Lake 
Braidwood John, wall paper, 678 W. Lake 
Brailey E. Z. law reporter. Ely.Barnham & Bartlett 
Brain Anthony, lab. r. 50 Wright a 

Brain A. F. agt. r. 38th bet. Cottage Grove av, and 


Brain John, lab. r. 50 Wright 
Brain William, lab. r. Ashland av. nr. 22d 
Brainard Albert S. nightclk. City Hotel 
Braluard Benjamin II. r. 97 S. Robey 
Brainard Benjamin W. shoefitter, r. 177 W. Van 




No. 158 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, 
ffVEliOPES, CAItimOAllI>, &,c., &.c. 

Cleveland Paper Company, 



Brainnrd Ella, teacher. Foster School, r 177 W. Van 

Brainard Free Dispensary, 9V W. Randolph 

Brainard George D. brassflnisher. r. 75 Sedgwick 

Brainard H. J. ins. agt. r. 117 S. Hoyne 

Brainard La Gei, lawyer,143 Clark. r.453S.Parkav. 

Brainard Lewis, butcher, r. 620 Burnside 

Brainard Nathan, wooldlr. r. 620 Bnrnside 

Brainard Orin, watchmkr. r. 58 S. Halsted 

Brainard William M. 2d vice pres. Board of Trade 

Brainer Frank, wks. Palmer, Fuller & Co. 

Brainerd E. L. (Brainerd & Calkins), r. ws. Wood- 
lawn av. bet. 47th and 4Mb 

Brainerd Wesley (Soper, Brainerd & Co.), r. Evans- 

Brainerd & Calkins, lawyers, rooms 28 and 29, 143 

Brairhartz Patrick, lab. r. 82 Nebraska 

Braisted E. W. messenger, F. McVeagh 

Brakamer Tise. lab. r. 326 Brown 

Brakeman Charles, teamster, r. 383 Loomis 

Braken John, drover, r. 168 Sampson 

Brakenridge William grocer, 443 S. Canal 

Braley Daniel W. lumber, r. 1246 Michigan av. 

Bramadge L. engineer. Bent & Goward 

Bramar John, lab. r. 59 N. Punlina 

Bramb George, r. St. Caroline'* ct. 

Bramer C. W. stonecutter, r. 121 25th 

Brainer Ludwig, bricklayer, r. 466 Milwaukee av. 

Bramhall G. R. asst. supt. Public Works, r. 499 
La Salle 

Bramhall Martin L. carpenter, r. 863 Fulton 

Bramm Henry, elk. F. tUlnklng, r. 210 Randolph 

Brammer . tanner, r. 148 Larrabee 

Brampede John B. bkpr. C. E. Mun<*er& Co. 

Branakar A. boot and shocmkr. 90H Blue Island 
av. r. 147 Blue Island av. 

Branake, Fred, shoemkr. r. 147 Blue Island av. 

Branbaugh John, r. 232 Augusta, w 15 

Branch, B. A. bill cik. U. S. Ex. Co., r. 361 Supe- 

BBA1VCH, CBOOKES &> CO. St. Louis Saw 
Works, 214 Lake 

Branch Horace, piano tuner, r. 131 Park av. 

Branch Joseph W. (Branch Crooke* & Co.),r. St. 

Branch Lawrence, carpenter, r. rear 46 Pearson 

Branch Mrs. r. 699 Milwaukee av. 

Branch P. O. janitor, Swedish Baptist Church, r. 
10 W. Oak 

Branch Temperance, wid. Joseph, washing, r. 262 

Brand Alfred, carpenter, r. rear 266 South Park av. 

Brand Andrew P. carpenter, r. rear 266 South Park 

Brand Anton, hostler, Thomas J. West & Co. r. 513 
S. Halsted 

Brand Anton, lab. C. B. Brown & Co. 

Brand August, carpenter, r. rear 266 South Park 

Brand'Charles A. carpenter, r. 266 South Park av. 

Brand E. L. photographer, 28 Washington, r. 471 
Michigan av. 

Brand Frederick, porter, r. 233 Rush 

Brand George, painter, r. 103 W. Erie 

Brand Herman, lumberyaad foreman, r. 364 W. In- 

Brand Henry, icedealer r. Mendell. nr. Elston av. 

Brand H. jeweler. 47 Clark, r. 730 N. Wells 

Brand Joseph, barber, 473 Larrabee 

I'.raiul L. P. carpenter, r. rear 2I>6 South Park av. 

Brand Matthias, painter, r. 155 Hiirlbut 

Brand Michael (Bunch & Brand), r. 30 Cedar 

Brand Rudolph, foreman, Husdut I'.rand. r.2'.i OB- 

Brand Sltea, painter, r. 103 W. Krie 
Brandaire Louis, engineer, r. JO Kramer 

Brandecker Francis X. publisher, Catholic 
47LaSalle. r. 648 Bedgwick 











MEAD & COE, Real Estate Agents, 

154 Washington St. 

Taxes paid for TVon-Residents. 




Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Office and Yard, No. 2 "W. VanBuren St, 





Brandenburch John. lab. r. ns Augusta, bet. Rum- 
sey and Ashland av. 

Brandenburg Adam. lab. r. 241 Townsend 

Brandenburg Carl, tailor, 219 N. Sangamou 

Brandenburg Christian, bartender John Hopp, r. 
301 Sedgwick 

Brandenburg Gustave (Martin & Brandenburg), r. 
22 Sherman 

Branflenburg John, lab. r. 242 Augusta 

Brandenburg John, lab. r. 311 2d 

Brandenburg Naomi, wid. Nathaniel, r. 29 Meridian, 

Brandeuburger Mathias, cooper, r. 14 Larrabee 

Brandenburger W. fireman, r. 212 Mitchell 

Brander Joseph, carpenter, r. 307 Church 

Brandhuber Robert, baker, 299 S. Jefferson 

Brandimoure Henry (Riley <fe Brandimoure), r. 83 
N. Wells 

Brandis Elizabeth, wid. David, r. 69 Fry 

Brandis Herman, painter, r rear 69 Fry 

Brandis Ludwig, carriage painter, r. 55 Fry 

Brandle Frank, elk. r. 73 W. Kinzie 

Brandle F. J. student. Bryant &. Chase's Bus- 
iness College. 

Brandon I>. F. r. 278 W. Madison 

Brandon Frank B. teacher, Dearborn School, r. 
room 38, Major blk, 

Brandon Frederick, coremkr. Am. Bridge Co. 

Brandon J. W. waiter, r. 11 4th av. 

Brandon William, lab. r. 25. Barber 

Brandt August, grocer. 84 N. Peoria, r. 82 N. Peoria 

Brandt A. bkpr. T. B. Weber & Co. r. 626 N. Clark 

Brandt Bertha, r. 237 Randolph 

Brandt Charles, cabinetmkr. r. 220 1st 

Brandt C. physician, 162 N. Union 

Brandt David, painter, r. 162 N. Union 

Brandt David, r. 29 Sophia 

Brandt Eden, shoemkr. r. 223^ N. Wells 

Brandt Ernst, r. 133 Milwaukee av. 

Brandt Francis (Brandt & Neef), r. 62 Sherman 

Brandt Frederick, carpenter, r. 611 Mitchell 

Brandt Fred, elk. r. 333 Rush 

Brandt Fred, tinner, r. 410 N. Wells 

Brandt George W. attorney, room 10, 87 Washing- 
ton, r. 270 Wabash av. 

Brandt Heinrich, bkpr. r. 160 Milwaukee av. 

Brandt Henry, blksmith. r. 20 Twomey 

Brandt Heury, cooper, r. 551 W. Taylor 

Brandt Henry, policeman, 3d prect. r. 106 Linden 

Brandt Jacob, lab. r. 48 Howe 

Brandt Margaret Mrs. r. 48 Howe 

Brandt Nick, blksmith. Rossow Bros. & Co. r. 32 

Brandt Otto, saloon, 667 W. Madison 

Brandt William, r. 29 Sophia 

Brandt William, r. 62 Sherman 

Brandt , com. mer. r. 206 N Dearborn 

Brandt & Neef, boardinghouse. 62 Sherman 

Branfoord Adams George, cabinetmkr. r. 116 Sedg- 

Brangan John, drayman. C. C. Wallin & Son 

Branick Charles, lab. r. 319 2d 

Branick Edward, engineer, C. & N. W. Ry. 

Branick Julia, wid. Robert, r. 190 S. Jefferson 

Branigan Fi ster, lab. r. 250 Lowe av. 

Branisran H. mer. tailor, 244 E. Madison 

Branigan William, lab. r. 91 Indiana 

Braniss W. H. elk. r. 68 Sampson 

Brann William, painter. Novelty Carriage Works, 
r.97 W. Qnincy 

Braunan Catherine Mis. r. 77 W. Erie 

Brannan Hauora Mrs. r. 25 Rush 

Brannan James, grocer, r. 213 W. 12th 

Braunan John, carpenter, r. 25 Rush 

Brannan Michael, lab. r. 204 Sebor 

Brannan Michael, policeman, r. 236 N. Market 

Brannau Patrick, broker, r. 478 4th 

Brannan Thomas, lab. r. 46 Waller 

Brannau Thomas, sashmkr. r. 25 Rush 

Branneu John, bartender, Matteson House 

Brannen Michael, shoemkr. r. 172 Pacific av. 

Brann en Patrick, shoemkr. r. 172 Pacific av. 

Bramiick John, driver, r. 238 Adams 

Branuick John J. driver, r. 238 Adams 

Branning C. G. (Schaedel & Branning), r. 803 W. 

Braunock Patrick, r. 589 W. Monroe 

Brannock Patrick, jr. cattledlr. r. 589 W. Monroe 

Brannock Thomas, policeman, Central Station, r. 52 

Brannon Martin, lab. r. 58 Superior 

Brannon Mary Mrs. grocer. 58 Superior 

Brannock Michael, student, Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Braunschweig L. (Shoeiifeld Bros.), r. 248 Ohio 

Bransfeld John, lab, r. 21 Sauger 

Branson B. porter, r. 447 Burnside 

Branson J. L. sec. Branson Knitter Co. r. 429 War- 
ren av. 

Branson Knitter Co. J. L. Branson, sec. 8 Custom 
House pi. 

Branson Rasmus, lab. r. rear 169 N. Union 

Branstad L. carpenter, r. 162 N. Sangamon 

Branston Ann, r. 360 Hubbard 

Branston John, lettercarrier, r. 221 W. Randolph 

Branston Richard, elk. McCanu, Fitch & Converse, 
r. 360 W. Hubbard 

Branston Robert W. elk. watertax collector's office, 
r. 360 Hubbard 

Brant D. R.(D. R. Brant & Co.), r. Palmer House 

Brant D. R. & Co. liquor dealers, 147 S. Water 

Brant George. basgngeman, r. 82 Pacific av. 

Brant John, lab. r. 23 Bonfield 

Brant John, jr. cooper, r. 24 Bonfield 

Brant Joseph, plasterer, r. 19 Sampson 

Brant O. com. mer. r. 945 W. Lake 

Brant Peter, lab. r. 945 W. Lake 

Brant Peter, stonecutter, r. 515 S. Union 

Brant William, cigaraikr. B. Degitz, r. 14S South 
Park av. 

Branton William, lab. C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

Brantzkow Chiirles, elk. J. A. Lind, r. 219 Division 

Branum Joseph, lab. r. 123 4th av. 

Braoedls Theodore, sailor, r. rear 18 Evans 

Braou Frank, confectioner, r. 379 Clyboumav. 

Braotikan John, agent, r. 301 23d 

Brarm Henry, r. 259 26th 

Brasanen John, lab. r. 281 N. Market 

Brasanen Mary Mrs. r. 281 N. Market 

Brasard Narcis, lab. r. ns. 22d, bet Throop and 

Erase William, saloon, 293 5lh. av. 

Brasen August, carpenter, r. 132 Cornelia 

Brasenehan David, carpenter, r. 48 Cornell 

Brasenehan Jeremiah, machinist, r. 48 Cornell 

Brashack James, lab. r. 12 Blair 

Brasher Albert, bkpr. r. 78 Adams 

Brasher Alfred A. baker, S. L. Jones, r. 665 Wash- 
ington av. 

Brasher John, sailor, r. rear 53 N. Market 

Brasnehan Michael, wks. P. C. & St. L. R. R. 

Brass R. J. supt. dressgoods, dept. J. V. Farwell & 
Co. r. 67 Cass 

Brassel James, lab. r. 141 Mitchell 

Brassell John, lab. r. 28 W. Erie 

Brasser George, pedlar, rear 76 Orchard 

Brassill Michael, lab. r. 93 Mulligan 

Brassill Thos. student Bryant <fc Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Brassoli Edward, lab. r. 120 N. Jefferson 

Brastek Joseph, lab. r. 79 Barber 

Braswell Garrett, lab. Armour & Co. 

Bratfish John, butcher, r. 25 Evans 

Bratkofska Mrs. r. 140 Cornell 

Bratsen Bertel, lab. r. 33 4th 

Bratt John, engineer, r. 209 Clybourn pi. 

Brattan Joseph, upholsterer, 90 16th 

Brattan Julia A. Mrs. dress and cloakmkr, 90 16th 

Brattenstciu Joseph, mason, r. 363 Sedgwick 



Lejuih anil LacUraia Coal; 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

A Large Stock of \ew and Second-hand Safes at 

HARRIS' FACTORY, O and O3 South Canal Street. 


By W>I. M. I>EE. IVo. 1OS Monroe Street. 




Brattsou Jacob, expressman, r. 34 W. Erie 
Braftstrom Charles H. cigars, 15 Kinzie, r. 150 N. 


Brattstrom Mrs. r. 150 N. Desplaines 
Braubach Joseph, machinist, 67 Burline 
Branch Fred. elk. C. Sonne. r. 531 N. Ashland av. 
Branch Jacob, dry goods, 501 Milwaukee av. r. 531 

N. Ashland av. 
Branch William, metal spinner, Dane, Westlake & 

Covert, r. 531 N. Ashland av. 
Brauchle A. upholsterer, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 287 


Brauckman Henry, brickmnfr, r. 237 N. Wells 
Branckmann George, (C. Gehrke <fc Co.), r. Lake 


Brauer H. harnessmkr. r. 48 Blue Island av. 
Brauer William, brickmkr. r. 752 8. Halsted 
Brauhn John, tailor, r. 144 Ontario 
Brauhn John Mrs. midwife, r. 144 Ontario 
Braumoeller Henry, locks-nith, r. 491 8. Union 
Braun Amelia, wid. David, candies, r. 318 W. Chi- 
cago av. 

Braun Andrew, cooper, r. 321 23d 
Braun Benjamin, porter, Hinrides & Sontag, r. 91 


Braun Carl, lab. r. 127 14th 
Braun Charles, stonemason, r. 61 W. Madison 
Braun Charlotte, wid. Frank, washerwoman, r. 55 


Branu David, framemkr. r. H3 Archer av. 
Braun Ernest, lab. r. 264 Blackhawk 
Braun Frank, tailor, r. 166 W. Chicago av 
Braun Fritz, shoemkr. r. 166V4 Indiana 
Braun F. O. emig. agt. r. 73 Rees 
Braun George, shoemkr. r. 61 W. Madison 
Braun George H. barbershop, 274 Clark,, r. 256 5th 


Braun George P. com. mer. 233 8. Water, r. 168 18th 
Braun Gottfried, turner, Herrmann & Morgenthaler. 

r. W. North av. se. cor. Richville rd. 
Braun Harry, sailor, r. 10 4th 
Braun Henry, carpenter, r. 61 W. Madison 
Braun Henry, conductor, r. 28 W. Erie 
Braun Herman, elk. r. 28 W. Erie 
Braun Herrmann A. cigarmnfr. r. 326 Milwaukee av. 
Brann John, houaemover, r. 19 Granger 
Braun John, lab. r. 122 Cornell 
Braun John, shoemkr. r. 61 W. Madison 
Braun John, jr. cooper, r. 286 W. Chicago av. 
Braun John, jr. shoemkr. r. 61 W.Madison 
Brann John W. cooper, r. 284 W. Chicago av. 
Braun Joseph, baker, 377 Milwaukee av. 
Braun Joseph, carpenter, r. 59 Linden 
Brann Mathew. sisn painter, 240 W. Chicago av. 
Braun Marhias J. (Braun & Burghoffer), r. 240 W. 

Chicago av. 

Braun Mathias, lab. r. 136 Cornell 
Braun Max, carpenter, r. 59 Linden 
Brann Peter, boarding and saloon, HSKinzie 
Braun Thomas.dru!;ist,349 Clark 
Braun William, railroad lab. r. 28 W. Erie 
Braun & Burghoffer, sign painters, 201 Lake 
Brann hold (Information Refused), 319 


Braunholt Louis, stonecutter, r. 100 Ewing 
Braunlng Charles G. (Schalse & Brauning), r. 803 

W. Lake 

Brauns George, teamster, r. 248 Schiller' 
Brauns Leopbldt, (Hewes & Brauns), r. 98 Huron 
Braunstein Herman, r. 7 N. Green 
Braunsiins Abraham, clothier, 108 Archer av. 
Bransch Matthias, moulder, r. 351 Larrabee 
Brausch Peter, milkdlr. r. 457 Division 
Bniuten John. lab. r. ss. 56'b, bet. Hyde Park av. 
Brautigam August, lab. r. Robey, nr. Steeie 
Bran tigam Otto, locksmith, J. F. Wollensak, r. 94 


Bravex Gustav, carpenter, r. 32 W. Indiana 
Braw John, teamster, r. 167 Bunker 

H. M. Wilm-arth & Bro. 


4 Washington Street, < l>i< ao. 



Ea-relopes, Strawboard, Glazed t Plated Papers, 4o. 




107 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

Brawath Joseph, lab. r. 53 Ellis av. 
Brawley F. W. S. (Bailey & Brawley), r. 1004 Mich- 
igan av. 

Bray Edwin, r. 121 Bunker 
Bray James, lab. r. 1 Ruble 
Bray James, moulder, r 107 Jefferson 
Bray Joseph, carpenter, r. 31 --ranger 
Bray Joseph T. carpenter, r, 09 Granger 
Bray Mary, wtd. Henry, r. 31 Granger 
Bray Richard, r. 31 Granger 
Brayley & Patterson, farm machinery. Beach, cor. 


Brayman J. O. r. 78 12th 

Braymer Albert E. trav. salesman, r. 551 W. Wash- 
Braymer A. E. student. Bryant <t Chase's 

Business College 
Braymer F. A. (F. A. Braymer, jr. & Co.). r. 551 W. 

Braymer F. A. jr. (F. A. Braymer, jr. & Co.), r. 551 

W. Washinirton 

Braymer F. A. jr. <ft Co. teas, 14 S. Water 
Braynard, John H. builder, r. 281 Warren av. 
Biayner Frederick, carpenter, r. 146 Fry 
Brayton B. B. civi! engineer, r. Everett House 
Brayton George E. shipper, r. 1727 State 
Brayron George W. (P. T. Ware & Co.), r. 1018 

Michigan av. 
Brayton Gertrude Miss, teacher, Haven School, r. 

1037 Michigan av. 
Brayton Hardind B. (Farson Brayton & Co.), r. 44 

Vinceunes av. 
Brayton T. R. trav. salesman. Knowles, Burdsall & 

Brayton William H. yardmaster, r. Trumbull, nr. 


Braytspraak E. H. r. 152 N. Clark 
Brazee Riley, painter, r. es. Market, nr. Whiting 
Brazelton, Fish & Co. confectionary, 149 22d 
Brazelton W. P. (W. P. Brazelton & Co. and Brazel 

ton, Fish & Co.), r. 273 W. Jackson 
Brazelton W. P. & Co. ice cream and soda water 

mnfrs. 100 Madison and 237 W. Madison 
Brazelton W. & Co. restaurant, 107 Clark 
Brazen August, shipcarpenter. Miller Broa. r. 132 


Brazen Gustav, sailmkr. r. rear 122 Larrabee, 
Brazen liliad, lab. Chicago Plate and Bar Mill Co, 

r. Archer av. cor. Ashland av. 
Brazen Maggie, wid. Daniel, r. rear 122 Larrabee 
Brazen Nicholas, shipcarpenter, Miller Bros. r. 13 


Brazer John, bricklayer, r. 261 Larrabee 
Brazer William, lab. r. 549 S. Halsted 
Brazie James, lab. r. 897 W. Madison 
Brazie Mary M. boarding house. 35 W. Washington 
Brazier Harry, painter, r. 90 Hickory 
Brazier John, logman, r. 53 N. Market 
Brbandararda Gustave. lab. r. 54 Cornelia 
Breacher Nicholas, baker, 40 Canalport av. 
Breakey Benjamin A. (Seeberger & Breakey), r.841 

Michigan av. 

Breaky John, lab. r 124 Wright 
Brean John, lab. r. Kansas, nr. Loomis 
Brean Michael, lab. r. 119 Deering 
Brearley C C. (Brearley & Smith), 252 State mer. 142 LaSallo. r. 211 Warren av. 
Brearley & Smith, hat mnfrs. 98 Washington Bridget, washerwoman, r. 304 8. Hal-ted 
Brebach George, r. 466 N. Wells 
Brcch Louis, boots and 179 18th 
Breche Michael, lab. r. 754 Indiana av. 
Brecher Pascal, engineer, r. Mason, nr. Clark 
Brechter John, saloon. 36? and 370 W. 12th 
Breck J:imes, carpenter, r. 354 Erie 
Breck John, saloon. 258 N. Clnrk 
Breck Thomas, plasterer, r. Trtimbull. nr. Halsted 
Breckbill Jacob, policeman, r. 385 N. Wells 
Breckenridge James, grocer, 132 S. Green 










Commissioner U. S. Court of Claims Washington, D. C., 

See Adv't. PHILIP A. MOTIVE, Cfom House. 



Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


% Celebrated Wilmington Goal 

2" Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren &t. 

Brecker Henry, cooper, J. Liebcrt, r. 10S Vine 
m Breckey Christian, shoemkr. r. 203 N. Carpenter 
Jj Breddberg Jacob Rev. pastor Swedish Nat. Church, 
w r. 96 N. FranKlin 

V Brede David, china and glass ware, 193 Clark 

Brede Henry, printer, Chicago Union, r. 444 N. 


^ Brede Henry, crockery, 318 North av. 
* Bredenbeck John, wks. Blaner&Spery, 
(II Bredenburgh Jacob, showcase mnfr. r. 179 Walnut, 
^ Bredlaw August, painter, r. 70 Bremer 
^, Bredtschneider B. painter, r. 294 W. Division 
^ Breebyke Ingmar V. policeman, 3d prect. 
^S Breech Patrick, blksmith. r. Mason nr. Wentworth 
m av. 

w Breecber P. engineer, C. R. I. & P. R. R. 
S Breed Alexander, elk. American Spice Mills, r. 145 

It? Breed C. J. r. 833 Wabash av. 

. Breed Stanley M. salesman, Armstrong & Co. 
^ Breeland Henry, builder, r. 9^5 Wabash av. 
W Breen Charles, lab. r. 56 Nebraska 

, Breen James, fruit mer. r. 94 Douglas pi. 
bfc Breen James, lab. r. 113 Ewing 

Breen James, lab. r. Columbus nr. Fox 

J* Breen James, teamster, r. rear 259 3d av. 
to Breen James, r. 93 Aberdeen 
y Breen John, lab. r. 222 S. Jefferson 
S, Breen John, lab. r. 335 State 
^ Breen John, plumber, r. 28 Kansas 

^ Breen John, r. 306 Mohawk 

Breen Michael, lab. Chicago Plate and Bar Mill, Co. 
,2 Archer av. cor. Ashland av. 
* Breen Michael, letter carrier, r. 55 Sampson 
A Breen Philip, lab. r. 56 Lake av. 
^ Breen Philip, tailor, r. 97 W. Van Buren 

Breene James, butcher, R. J. Bowes, r. 227 S. Des- 

Breese Alfred, lab. French & Co. r. 270 4th av. 
l_^ Breese Charles, pedlar, r. 65 Barber 
Breese John, barber, H. Woods 

Breese Lee 8. elk. L. S. & M.S. R. R. r.1005 State 
+S Breese R. B. boa'rdlnghouse, r. 273 4th av. 
Tg) Breese , contractor, r. 112 W. Randolph 

Breeze George, jr. (James P. Dalton & Co.), r. 897 
to Michigan av. 
JJ Breeze Robert, carpenter, S. Wilks, r. 1553 Prairie 

gf av - 

J2. Breezer George, lab. r. 183 Forest av. 
W Breezer William, lab. r. 183 Forest av. 
Brega C. W. (Gilbert, Field & Co.). r. 593 Wabash 
2 av. 

m Breh Leopold, baker, r. 281 W. Polk 
m Brehel John. lab. Chicago Plate & Bar Mill Co. 
** Breheny Martin, tailor, r. 118 Clark 
8< Breheny Patrick, tailor, r. 118 Clark 
rt Brehm Charles, stonecutter, r. 47 Erank 
, B.-ehm Frederick, plastertr, r. 47 Frank 

Brehm John, elk. J. Schaaf 

9 Brehm Lars, presser, F. Brown, r. 567 Mitchell 
^ Brehm Molcus, stonecutter, r 569 Mitchell 

Brehser Herman, turner, r. 153 Newberry av. 

Si Breidentein , physician, 208 N . Clark 

Breidert Philip, lab. r. 113 Sampson 

*J Breidorff John, woodsawyer. r. ws. al. bet. Labar 

and Claybourn av. Division and Larrabee, 
^ Breidrich August, joiner, r. 163 Division 
!. Breidt Julius, watchmkr. 31 Randolph, r. 1059 
P Milwaukee av. 
y Breier Jacob, gasfitter. r. 344 Sedgwick 

Breimmoeler Conrad, baggageman, C., A. & St. 
L. R. R. r. 259 W. Tyler 
bO Breiner Anthony, boxmkr. r. 184 Sherman 
Breinig H. A. cutter. Sherman Marble Co. r. 114 

N. Market 
M Breisbarth Frederic, cofflnmkr. r. 256 Maxwell 

Breish Valentine, shoemkr. r. 236 Oak 

Briesley George, carpenter, r. 145 22d 

w Breit A'dam, driver, Jacob Rehm, r. 306 North av. 

Breit Dominie, porter, Lazarus, Silverman & Co. r. 

137 3d av, 

Breit Henry, carpenter, r. 634 Sedgwick 
Breit John, tailor, r. 270 Church 
Breit Margaret, wid. John. r. 034 Sedgwick 
Breit Mathias, policeman, 3d prect. r. 53 Burling 
Breit Nicholas, r. 85 White 
Breitenreiter Frederick, lab. r. I64'ampson 
Breitenreiter'Gustave. stonemason, r. 207 Coolidge 
Breithanpt Jacob, bartender, 197 'Chicago av. 
Breiiher Charles, r. 265 Larrabee 
Breitkraut A. H. moulder, C. McGinnis. 
Breitsprecher Charles, lab. r! 30* W. Chicago av. 
Breitsprecher John. lab. r. 398 W. Chicago 'av. 
Breitsprecher William, baker, r. 27 Cornell 

Breitsprecber , shoemkr. r. 579 N. Halsted 

Breitung William, (Swartz & Breitung) 
Breitzmann Fritz, distiller, r. 191 Bremer 
Broking Ernest, flagman, r. 9 Rnble 
Brekke C. M. shoemkr. r. 203 Carpenter 
Brelsford C. M. manager. American Literary and' 

Lecture Bureau, 148 Madison 
Bremekamp Clements, saloon, 263 N. Green 
Bremer Charles, lab. r. 565 N. Wells 
Bremer Fred, tailor, J. Klein, r. 243 Larrabee 
Bremer Frederick, lab. r. 221 Coolidge 
Bremer Frederick, variety store, 132 N. Wells 
Bremer Henry, lab. r. 113 3d av. 
Bremer Henry, lab. r. 711 S. Morgan 
Bremer Jacob, lab. r. 176 Luke 
Bremer Miss.dressmkr. r. 154 Bremer 
Bremer Otto, baker, r. 139 Wesson 
Bremer Peter, lab. r. 188 Sherman 

Bremer , lab. r. Weed, nr. Hawthorne av. 

Bremmer Daniel, printer, r. 600 Washington av. 
Bremner Alexander, sailmkr. Purington & Scran- 
ton, r. 365 N. Carpenter 
Bremner Bridget, wid. Jane, r. 103 W. Polk 
Bremner Daniel (Bremner & Co.), r. 6'JO Washington 


Bremner David, breadpedlar. r. 76 O'Brien 
Bremner Morris, baker, r. 294 Maxwell 
Bremner Robert, moulder, Eagle Works 
Bremner & Co. lithographer", room 3, 167Lnke 
Brems Cersten, r. 42 Union Park pi. 
Brems John, saloon, 183 W. Randolph 
Brems L. com. mer. 185 W. Randolph, r. 184 W. 


Bren Glover, elk. r. 761 S. May 
Brenall William, lab. J. Proctor, r. ss. Fullerton 

av. bet. South port av and High 
BrenanB. B. driver, r. 115 W. Hanson, 
Brenan Charles H. printer, C. J. Burroughs, r. 999 1 

W. Adams 

Brenan James, plumber. Lane & Rocks 
Brenan Luke, lab. Emerald av. bet. 28th and Egaa 


Brenan Maggie, seamstress, r. 95 N. Wells 
Brenan Patrick, stonecutter, John Gibson, r. 368 

Brenan Thomas, cash. coll. office, r. Metropolitan 


Brenckman Charles, lab. r. 274 Augusta 
Bren'dl* Michael, stonecutter, r. 360 5th av. 
Brenegan John, carpenter, r. 82 Hastings 
Brenen Hugh, lab. r. Douglas pi. bet. Ullman and 

Brenen Pafrick, lab. r. Douglas pi. bet. Ullman and 


Brenetta William, lab. r. 571 Mitchell 
Brenfleck John. lb. r. 1345 S. Halsted 
Brenick Rosina. wid. Edward, r. 310 2d 
Brening Christian, lab. r. ws. N. Ashland nv. bet. 

Milwaukee av. and Bauwan 
Brenker Christian, grocer. 703 N. Wells 
Brenkman August, carpenter, r. 130 Rebecca 
Brenn Edward, lab.r. 304 Catherine 
Brenn Patrick, lab. r. Armitage rd. ne. cor. M. R. 

R. crossing 



Pig Iron and Iron Ores. 


Cor.^Iarket ami Washington Streets. 

. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, 6O and 63 South Canal Street. 

WM. II. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





Brenn William, teamster, r. Armitage rd. ne. cor. 

Mil. Div. C. & N. W. By. 
Brennan Albert, finisher, Oubley & Angell, r. 485 


Brennan Bros, grocers, 502 S. JertVrson 
Brennan Catherine Mrs. r. rear 233 N . Halsted 
Brennan Charles, cooper, r. 191 Main 
Brennan Charles, printer, r. 999 W. Adams 
Brennan Charles W. locksmith, r. 485 Bntterfleld 
Brennan Christopher, sailor, r. Mather, bet. Des- 

plaines and Halsted 

Brennan C. bkpr. MacLachlin, Campbell & Co. 
Brennan C. M. whol. liquors, 357 Clark, and 26 N. 

Wells, r. Adams House 
Brennan Domiuick, tanner, Hammond & Bro. r, 33 


Brennan E. H. salesman, George P. Gore& Co. 
Brennan Francis, lab. r. 13 Meagher 
Brennan Frank, musician, r. 181 19th 
Brennan Henry, elk. H. Kilian, r. 548 N. Wells 
Brennan James, coachman, r. 825 Indiana av. 
Brennan James, driver, H. M. Curtis, r. 12 Clark 
Brennan James, lab. r. 23 Wright 
Brennan James, lab. r. 298 Catherine 
Brennan James, lab. r. 793 S. Halsted 
Brennan James, lab. r. al. bet. Jefferson and Clin- 
ton, Van Buren and Jackson 
Brennan James, painter,r.l Archer av. 
Brennan James, pedlar, r. rear 164 N. Halsted 
Brennan James, policeman, Central Station, r. 30 


Brennan James, waiter, Clifton House 
Brennan James R. gilder, Jenkinson & Keitz, r. 167 

Wabash av. 

Brennan John, blksmith, r. 101 W. Adams 
Brennan John, blksmith, r. 160 W. VanBnren 
Brennan John, butcher, r. 207 Archer av. 
Brennan John, coalofflce, 1407 State, r. 298 30th 
Brennan John, cooper, r. 64 Meridian 
Brennan John, lab. r. 21 Keeley 
Brennan John, lab. r. 141 N. Elizabeth 
Brennan John, wood and coal. r. 293 30th 
Brennan John, wks. Gillet, McCulloch & Co. r. 129 


Brennan John B. locksmith,r.485 Butterfield 
Brennan John L. elk. r. 138 W. Adams 
Brennan Joseph, lab. r. 309 Aberdeen 
Brennan J. L. salesman, F. Cahn, r. 138 W. Adams 
Brennan Lawrence, machinist, r. 72 W.Lake 
Brennan Martin (Brennan Bros.), r. 99 Wilson 
Brennan Martin, lab. r. Halsted, se. cor. Egan av. 
Brennan Mary, wid. James, r. 391 S. Jefferson 
Brennan Mary, wid. Patrick, washing, r. 168 

Pacific av. 

Brennan Matthew, switchman, r. 50 Dassold 
Brennan Michael, bartender, Mrs. F. Cahill, r. 178 


Brennan Michael, bricklayer, r. 39 Hope 
Brennan Michael, foreman, Genung & Henderson, 

r. 172 Pacific av. 

Brennan Michael, lab. r. 168 VanBuren 
Brennan Michael, lab. r. Lake Shore nr. 42d 
Brennan Michael, liquors, 39 5th av. 
Brennan Michael, policeman 3d prect. r, 236 N. 


Brennan Michael, stair builder, r. 433 Bnrnside 
Brennan Michael L. carpenter and builder, r. 138 

W. Adams 

Brennan Mrs. r. 193 S. Jefferson 
Brennan M. teamster, r. 2 Sheffield av. 
Brennan M. B. lab. r. 793 S. Halsted 
Brennan M. J. boots and shoes. 539 S. Canal 
Brennan Patrick, barber, r. 22 S. L'nion 
Prennan Patrick, lab. r. 67fi Centre av. 
Brennan Patrick, Inb. r. Douglas pi. bet. Laurel and 


Brennan Patrick, mason, r. 137 Lytle 
Brennan Patrick, stonecutter, r. 38 W. Polk 
Erennan Patrick, teamster, r. 231 Michigan 



JVo. 158 State Street. 


Of the City of Chicago. 

CAPITAL, ... $100,000. 

JACOB R. SHTPHEBD, Pres't, Lotns WAHL, V. Pres't, 
CHAS.B.SUEDD, Treas., Hon. I. G.WILSON, Counsel. 

Exclusively a S A VIXGS Bnnk No eomnwrcml ncennnu r, ceived 
Pays six per rent, upon Depoaiu Moiu-y lo loan ou liviil Li 

Banking House 164 Twenty-Second St. 

Brennan Peter, lab. r. 17 McGlashen 

Brennan Peter, lab. r. al. bet. Jefferson and Clinton, 

Jackson and Van Buren 
Brennan P. grocer, 322 W. 12th 
Brennan Thomas, lab. r. 42 Waller 
Brennan Thomas, lab. r. 91 White 
Brennan Thomas, r. 181 19th 
Brennan Thomas J. cash. City Collector's office, r. 

Metropolitan Hotel 
Brennan Thomas, jr. grocer, 181 19th 
Brennan T. T. (Brennan Bros.), r. 99 Wilson 
Brennan William, farmer, r. 209 Deering 
Brennan William, lab. r. 183 Deering 
Brennan William, lab. r. 191 W Indiana 
Brennard Charles, cigarmkr. r. 99 Willow 
Brennauer Mary, wid. Louis, r. 602 Sedgwick 
Brennen George, physician, r, 1174 Prairie av. 
Brennen Thomas, plasterer, r. 133 Sampson 
Brennen William, carpenter, r. rear 24 Hunt 
Brennen William, saloon 38 N. Franklin 
Brenner August, carpenter, C. Hahn. r. 86 How . 
Brenner George, carpenter 76 N. LaSalle, r. 165 


Brenner John. lab. r. 83 Garibald 
Brenner Phillip, blksmith, 149 N. Water, r. 480 N. 

Brenner William, saddler, D. Horton & Co. r. 190 


Brennlck Kenedy. r 301 W. Madison 
Brenninger George F. carpenter, r. 46 Wentworth 


Brennock James, carpenter, r. 114 Gnrley 
Brennon William, wks. F. Parmelee & Co. r. 67 

Brennwald Jasper (Brennwald & Sigg), r. 245 


Brennwald & Sigg. flour and feed 176 Chicago av. 
Brenock John, speculator, r. 374 S. Halsted 
Brent Louis, lab. r. 58 John 

Brenzell Jacob, carpenter, C. <fe N. W. Ry. r. 12 4th 
Bresar. Joseph, lab. r. 183 Foster 
Brescalt John, lab. r. 89 Cassel 
Bresch Rudolph, confectioner, r. 488 State 
Bresen August, carriagemkr. r. 440; S. Jefferson 
Bresen John, potter, r. 163 Clybonra av. 
Bresland Barnard, lab. r 41 Kansas 
Breslin Thomas, lab. r. 37 Kansas 
Bresman Thomas J. bartender.r 208 W, Madison 
Bresnahan Daniel, expressman, r 278 N. Market 
Bresnahan Michael, watchman, r. 71 Indiana 
Bresnan Michael tanner, r. 178 N. Ashland av. 
Bresnan William, tanner, r. 178 N Ashland av. 
Bressen John, blksmith. r. 92 N. Jefferson 
Bressid Napoleon, burnisher. Crerar, Adams & Co. 

. 109N.W(l's 

Bressler Bernhard. elk. ElishaEldred 
Bressler Jacob, wines, liquors tand cigars, 866 


Bressnnhan Thomas, lab. r. Paulina, nr. North av. 
Bresso Frederick, lab. r. 13 Orchard 
Bresst Philip, lab. r. 110 Canalport av. 
Bretchsperger Christian, lab. r. 9 Henschen 
Breten Matthias, machinist, r. 265 Blackhawk 
Bretenetz Henry H. fireman, H. & L. No. 4, r. 4 

Brethauer G. W. watches, jewelry, and silverplated 

ware, 105 Lake 

Bretherton William, carpenter, r. 332 3d nv. 
Brelsbraker Louis, lab. r. Evans, nr. Robey 
Bretschneider John, meat market, 458 S. Canal 
Bretschneider Peter, butcher. 103 DeKoven 
Brett Ann, wid. Patrick, r. 62 Ullman 
Brett Charles, shoemkr. r. rear 328 S. Desplaines 
Brett Frank, fileinkr. r. 22 Dcpuvster 
Brett G. W. student. Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Brett Hiram, r. 1H45 N. Clark 
Brett James, plasterer, r. 401 Mitchell 





TIIE INTERIOR, W. S. Mills, Publisher, 

Office, Itooni 6, Monroe Building, Chicago, 111. 

Mead & Coe, Real Estate and Loan Agents 154 Washington <t , 

Money loaned on approved real estate security without expense to the lender. 



N* Wilmington Coal. 

f. Better by 32 per cent than any other 
*, Illinois Coal. 

^t Better thnn mnst Oh-o and Petmsylrania Cnal sold in thi- market 
M and an good aa toe iat lor all ordinary purpoavs. ISTFree of blub 

Chicago and Wilminrjton Coul Co., 

<30^ No. 2 Weal Van Buren Street, Chicago 

Brett Pierce, lab. r. 62 Lake av. 

Brett T. F. salesman, Bowen, Hunt & Winslow, r 

150 Michigan av. 

Brett William H. cabinetmkr. r. 220 Centre av. 
Brettan Peter, butcher, 226 Madison 
Bretten John, public works, r. 148 Bremer 
Bretthaur Henry, waiter, Ibach & Schick, r. Ho- 
tel Garni 

Brettner Mathew, carpenter, r. 241 Mohawk 
Brettschneider Ferdinand, gold and silverplater, 5 
s Clark, r. 433 Milwaukee av. 
Bretz Augustus, hardware, 306 5th av. 
Bretz Matthias, lab. r. 262 21st 
Bretz Peter, lab. r. W. 16th, bet. Throop and Cen- 
ter av. 

i Bretzfelder Silas, canvasser, G. Cook, r. 146 Clark 
s Breuer A. cigars and tobacco, 7 Rush 
Breuer Charles, cigarmkr. A. Brener, r. Lake 

Breuer Jacob, machinist, S. Wilks, r. 344 Seds- 


1 Breunig John, pedlar, r. 75 Coolidge 
Breusch Charles, elk. L. Gould & Co. 
Breveltz Ludwick, machinist, r. 165 1ST. Desplaines 
Brevets Gustavus, carpenter, H. Bradshaw, r. cor. 

Desplaines and Indiana 
Brevoort House, G. Farnam propr. 5th av. cor. 

Brew Michael, printer, Religio Philosophical Pub. 


Brew William, bkpr, Chicago Iron Co. 
Brew William, elk. r. 669 Archer av. 
Brewer B. B. capt. r. 381 Hubbard 
Brewer Charles, elk. Gage Bros. & Co. r. 460 W. 

Brewer C. B. (R. Smith & Co,) r. 533 Washington 

Brewer Frank B. agt. r. 424 Cottage Grove av. 
Brewer Harriet M. milliner, 4 Washington. 
Brewer John S. (Charles S. Munn & Co.) r. 251 


Brewer Peter, painter, r. 103 Erie 
Brewer Richard H. capt. r 417 Hubbard 
Brewer Thomas, livery and boarding stable, 46 

Harmon ct. 

Brewester B. agt. r. 1157 Prairie av. 
Brewner Henry, grainer, r. 309 Clark 
Brewster Benjamin, elk. Taylor & Hurlbut, r. 1200 

Prairie av. 

Brewster Charles, r. 416 W. Madison 
Brewster Charles H. trav. agt. Hall's Safe & Lock 

Co. r. Anderson's Hotel. 
Brewster C. F. (Dunlop, Reade & Brewster,) r. 


Brewster Edward, r. 134 3d av. 
Brewster Edward, banker, r. 45 18th 
Brewster Edward L. (Farrington, Brewster & Co.), 

r. 335 N. LaSalle 

Brewster Edward W. r. 418 W. Madison 
Brewster Edwin, r. 178 Pacific av. 
Brewster E. A. elk. Damon, Temple & Co. r. 233 


Brewster Frank W. bkpr. 340 Wabash av. 
Brewster George, elk. r. 178 Pacific av. 
Brewster George H. bkpr. Whitman, Lowell & Co. 

Brewster H. L. packer, R. B. Appleby, r. 178 

Pacific av. 
Brewster James, driver, J. R. Stanford & Co. r. 

Girard House 

Brewster James H. engineer, r. 216 Fulton 
Brewster James P. hat, caps and furs, 62 ClarK, r 

1200 Prairie av. 

Brewster John, drayman, r. 261 S. May 
Brewster O. r. 134 3d av. 
Brewster Stanford A. printer, Jameson & Morse, r. 

233 Monroe 
Brewsrer William S. agt. Red Line Transit Co. 54 

Clark, r. 328 N. LaSalle 

Brewster W. A. butter depot, 595 State 

Brewster W. F. ins. agt. Jroom 7, 184 Dearborn,r. 540 

Wabash av. 
Breyer Christian G. (Albrand & Breyer), r. 454 N. 


Breyer Conrad, grocer, Washinston av. cor. Wood 
Breyl Daniel, policeman, 1st prect, r. 423 State 
Breytspraak E. Henry, cash. Shortall & Hoard, r. 

Clarenden House 

Brezel Anthony, shoemkr. 681 Milwaukee ar. 
Brezel Thomas, tinner, r. Attica, nr. Auburn 
Brham Emanuel, cigarmkr, G. Harris, r. 51 Hub- 
bard ct. 
Brhem Rose, teacher, St. Joseph's School, r. 341 

Chicago av. 

Brhuner Christopher, candies, 587 S. Jefferson 
Brian Charles, sailor, r. 311 Stewart av. 
Brian James, carpenter, r. 535 S. Canal 
Brian William H. r. 118} Indiana av. 
Brian , foreman livery stable, r. 548 Wabash 


Briard B. physician, 213 Clark, r. 154th av. 
Brice E. M:. mail elk The Advance, r. 446 N. State 
Brice Henry, elk. Reynolds & Brooks, r. ws. Hyde 

Park av. nr. 52d 

Brice Henry, grocery, 614 S. Halsted 
Brice Patrick, lab. r. 278 Blue Island av. 
Brice Patrick, lab. r. 62 John 
Brice Thomas, lab. r. 62 John 
Brich William, baker, 167 W. Polk 
Brichal Jacob, teamster, r. 129 Cornell 
Bricham Charles, piledriver, r. 612 S. Union 
Bricham Frederick, piledriver, r. 612 S. Union 
Brick Catharine, wid. John, r. 527 N. Franklin 
Brick Christina, wid. Henry, r. 303 Rush 
Brick E S. painter, r. Barnes House 
Brick Frank, tinsmith, r. 303 Rush 
Brick John, engraver. R. Kieserling, r. 303 Rush 
Brick John, teamster, r. 527 N. Franklin 
Brick Joseph, shoemkr. r. Union hotel 
Brick S. M. cigarmkr, r. 334 Blue Island 
Brickett Charles, carpenter, r. 195 Augusta 
Brickett Hazen K. machinist, r. 971 W. Indiana 
Brickley Amos, conductor, r. 299 W. Jacksou 
Brickley Samuel, 185 Church 
Brickmann Fred, carpenter, r. 110 Mitchell 
Brickmann Michael, lab. r. 66 Liberty 
Brickmeyer, John. lab. 107 Mitchell 
Brickner John, lab. r. 30 Barber 
Brickwood Albert, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 

Brickwood William, mason, r. 99 Whitney 
Briddle Isaac, blksmith, 747 Hubbard 
Briddle Owen blksmith. 747 Hubbard 
Bride Frank, carpenter, r. rear 195 Meagher 
Briden Frank, hostler, J. Ellis. 353 N. LaSalle 
Briden John S. malster. r. 23 Oakwood 
Bridenbosh Francis, policeman, r. 323 W. 12th 
Bridert Gottlieb, carpenter, r. 22! Evans 
Brideson Ann, wid. Thomas, r. 517 W. Kinzie . 
Bridewell, Wells, n~w". cor. Polk 
Bridge George, moulder, r. 98 Ontario 
Bridge L. M. Miss, dressmkr. 269 W. Monroe 
Bridge Norman, physician, 229 W. Madison 
Bridge R. W. lawyer, 86 Washington, r. Congress 

Bridge & Foster, physicians, Madison, nw. cor. 


Bridgeman Henry, elk. R. H. Countiss, r. 857 State 
iridgeman James, carpenter, r. 403 W. Polk 
Jndgeman Samuel, r. 979 State 
Bridges Charles L. shoemkr. Farnum, Flagg & Co. 

r. 190 Wentworth av. 
Bridges Francis, supt. Chicago Cement Pipe Co. r. 

41 Winchester av. 

Bridges Lyman. ready made houses and building 
materials, Washington av. cor. Sangamon. office, 
34 and 35 Chamber of Commerce, "r. Austin 
bridges S. contractor, r. 466 W. Randolph 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Safes Repaired and Exchanged at Harris' 

SAFJi: FACTORY, GO and OS South Canal Street. 

WI. II. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 

2Vo. 1O5 MO.Mtoi; STREET. 




Bridges T. B. r. 22 N. Carpenter 
Bridges Wilson H. (Bridges & Co.), r. 78 Aberdeen, 
Bridges & Co. hardware and stoves, 104 W. Madison 
Bridgman J. W. (N. King & Co.), r. 762 W. Wash- 
Brien Alonzo, waiter, Palmer House, r. 51 Hnbbard 


BriensteinHenrig, baker, r. 728 S. Halsted 
Brierley George P. planotuner, r. 65 Hui on 
Brierton Nicholas, lab. r. rear 29 Waller 
Brietz John, cooper, r. 47 Kansas 
Brigdaie James, expressman, r. 25 Vine 
Brigger J. soapmkr. r. 388 Clybonrn aT. 
Briggs Aaron carpenter, r. 541 Wentworth av. 
Briggs Albert, elk. S. S. Burke & Co. r. 191 Madi- 
Brisrgs A. D. carpenter, r. 155 W. Madison 
Brisrgs A. H. carpenter, r. 256 S. Desplaines 
Briggs A. J. elk. Empire Freight Line 
Brings A. R. bkpr. J. H. Dunham 
Briggs A. R. merchandise broker, 6 State, r. 1117 

Indiana av. 
Briggs A. W. elk. J. Forsyth & Co. r. 3 Groveland 

Briggs Carl, bkpr. r. 486 Fulton 

Briggs Clinton (Clinton Briggs & Heerraan), pres, 
lAfc Association of America, r. 1427 
W abash av. 

Brigge Clinton & Heerman. proprs. Star and Cres- 
cent Mills, 2 and 4 W. Randolph 

Briggs Friend H. bkpr. Gould, Briggs & Co. r. 56 
Park av. 

Briggs F. P. (Briggs & McDermid), r. 208 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Briggs George G. carpenter, r. 375 Division 

Briggs George W. depot porter, C., R. I. & P. and 
L. S. & M. S. R. Rds. r. 504 State 

Briggs Harry, elk. r. 64 W. Lake 

Briggs Harvey D. elk. I. C. R. R. r. 1072 Prairie av. 

Briggs Henry, carpenter, r. a Gore 

Briggs House, Went worth,Woolworth & Co. proprs. 
Randolph, cor. 5th av. 

Brigge H. B. salesman, Stettauer & Wineman, 18 
Belden pi. 

Briggs James W. carpenter, r. 137 16th 

Briggs John D. carpenter-r. 375 Division 

Briggs J. machinist, r. 69 W. Monroe 

Briggs J. B. (Gould, Briggs & Co.), r. 444 W. Wash- 

Briggs J. L. com. mer. 140 S. Water, r. 97 Hill 

Briggs J. W. bkpr. C. B. Dupee & Co. r. 217 Illinois 

Briggs Louis, carpenter, r. 46 S. Morgan 

Briggs Mary M. wid. David, r. 61 N. May 

Briggs MN. (Briggs & Wilson), r. 71 W. 16th 

Briggs Nancy, wid. John, r. 387 Fulton 

Briggs Orlando P. carpenter, r. 225 W. Monroe 

Briggs Oscar, saloon. 127 Van Buren 

Briggs Peter, lab. r. 337 4th av. 

Briggs Peter, tailor, r. 2 Gere 

Briggs Richard, physician, r. 561 Parkav. 

Briggs S. carpenter, r. 100 37th 

Briggs S. A. vice pres. Reale state Loan and Trust 

Briggs Theophilns, buyer, Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 217 

Briggs Walter E. stairbnilder, r. 76 14th 

Briggs W. C. elk. I. C. R. R. r. 61 31st 

Briggs W N. carpenter, r. 375 Division 

Briggs & McDermid, grocers, 223 Milwaukee av. 

Briggs & Wilson, lumber inspectors, room 13, 242 
S. Water 

Brigham Charles B. elk. E. G. Stiles, r. Western av. 
head Walnut 

Brigham George F. (Brigham & Jones), r. 213 W. 

Brigham Henry, salooukpr. r. 434 Cottage Grove av. 

Brigham K. A. dentist, 27 Washington, r. 230 W. 

Brigham P. S. teller. Mchts. Savings Loan and Trust 
Co. r. 134 W. 12th 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

16? & 169 LAKE STREET. 



At 137 & 139 State Street. 

Brigham Williard, elk. r. Lake House \ >i &> JONES, saddlery hardware 
mnfrs.187 Lake 

Bright James, painter, r. 387 W. Lake 

Bright Julius, watchmkr. r. 1059 Milwaukee av. 

Bright O. S. prin. Foster school, r. 44 S. Sangamon 

Bright Richard, lab. r. 171 Johnson 

Brightfleld Louis E. porter, Marston & Peck Bros, 
r. 188 Indian 

Brightly A. A. engraver, W. D. Baker, r. 42 S. 

Brighton House, John L. Baker propr. Western 
av. cor. Archer av. 

Brightonkreight Gustavus, moulder, r. 68 W. Mon- 

Brightwell John W. publisher, r. 156 S. Halsted 

Brigley John, lab. r. 229 20th 

Brigmann John, carpenter, r. 110 Mitchell 

Briguardello Antone, restaurant and saloon, 128 
Van Bnren 

Brikett Rosa, r. rear 185 Monroe 

Briley Jacob, painter, r. 110 Butterfleld 

Brill Henry, carpenter, r. 563 W. 12th 

Brill John, machinist, r. 38 Kinzie 

Brily George F. tuner, r. 69 Huron 

Brimhall Elmore, printer. Lakeside Pub. Co. r. ns. 
42d, bet. Cottage Grove and Evans avs. 

Brimhall S. r. ns. 42d, bet. Cottage Grove and Ev- 
ans avs. 

Brimmer Alfred A. watchmkr. Nat. Elgin Watch Co. 
r. Metropolitan Hotel 

Brimmer William, carpenter, L. B. Walker & Co. 
r. 12 Sebor 

Brinard Knud, carpenter, r. 81 W. Erie 

Brinard Louis, carpenter, r. rear 83 W. Erie 

Brindle John, lab. r. 49 Kramer 

Brindmore C. candymkr. M. E. Page & Co. r. 95 

Brine George J. com. mer. 21 Chamber of Com- 
merce, r. 84 S. Ashland av. 

Brine John F. elk. J. K. Fisher & Co. r. 84 S. Ash- 
land av. 

Brine William, r. 91 S. Sangamon 

Brine W. W. elk. Williams & Anderson, r. 84 S. Ash- 
land av. 

Brinen Luke, lab. r. 78 Oilman 

Briner Anton, boxmkr. G. L. Hagen, r. 184 Sher- 

Brinerhoff P. foreman, r. W. 22d, nr. Paulina 

Bringer Martin, locksmith, r. 298 N. Wells 

Bringmann William F (William F. Bringmann & 
Co.), r. 163 W. Randolph 

Brinermann William F. & Co. wines and liquors, 
164 W. Randolph 

Brinison Nels, lab. r. 23 Ashley 

Brink Charles, bartender, r. 135 Illinois 

Brink C. H. lab. Hays Med. In*t. r. 189 W abash aT. 

Brink Frederick, lab. r. Harbine, se. cor. Wood 

Brink Fritz, r. 152 Chicago av. 

Brink John, emigrant agt. 

Brink William, upholsterer, E. F. Hollister&Co. r. 
Washington House 

Brink W. P. (Brink & Stiles), r. 62 Whiting 

Brink & Stiles, proprs. Brink's City Express, 37 

Brinker John, lab. r. 24 Fisk 

Brinker William, carpenter, r. 262 Coolidge 

Brinkerhoff A. com. mer. 117 S. Water, r. Stanton 
av. nr. 37th 

Brinkhioff Ganott, carpontcr,r. 574 W. Erie 

Brinkman August, nxprcsMiian, r. 539 S. Halsted 

Brinkman Christian, carpenter, r. 264 W. Chicago 

Brinkman Christian, expressman, r. 652 S. Jeffer- 

Brinkman Christian, lab. r. SB. Clayton, bet. wood 
and Lincoln 

Brinkman Fred, teamster, r. 15 Howe 

Brinkman Henry, barber, r. 223 H Van Bnren 










THE INTERIOR Newspaper, 

Organ of the Re-united Presbyterian CHnrcn. 

Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L. Bailey, Jttaiiagcr, 

Yard, O5 W. 12tli St. ? General Office, 151 Monroe St. 




cs Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


2 Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 

Office and Yard. No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

Brinkman Henry, carpenter, r. 242 W T entworth av. 
Brinkman Henry, expressman, r. 67 Coolidge 
Brinbmann Anna,wid. Edward, r. 1553 Prairie av. 
Brinkmaun Charles, lab. r. 66 liberty 
Brinkmann Frederick, r. 728 S. Halsted 
Brinkmeier C. saloon, r. 305 N. Wells 
Briukwater Daniel, printer, Floto, Kurz <fc Co. r. 300 

N. Well* 

Brinkworth Geonre, butcher, r. 345 Milwauke av. 
Brinkworth Henry (Brinkworth & Leopold), r. 73 


Brinkworth & Leopold, packers, 73 Monroe 
Brinner William, harnessmkr. r. 190 Sedgwick 
Bnnnick Martin, cattledlr. r. 56 Smith 
Brinordillo Andrew, saloon, 61 N. Clark 
Brintnall George S. elk. Brintnall, Terry & Belden, 

r. 194 Ashland av. 
Brintnall Solva (Brintnall, Terry & Belden), r. 194 

Ashland av. 

Brintnall William H. bkpr. Brintnall, Terry & Bel- 
den), r. 194 Ashland av. 
Brintnall, Terry & Belden, hardware, whol. 175 


Brinton William, shoemkr. r. 368 Sedgwick 
Brinzler Frederick, engineer, r. 127 Sampson 
Briody John, cooper, r. 88 Kansas 
Brioley Patrick, cooper,, Albert E. Neely & Co, 
Brig Christian, saloon, r. 16 Chicago av. 
Brisbin J. J. manager, E. Ball & Co. r. 1319 Indiana 


Brisceti Moses, safemkr. r. 690 Indiana av. 
Brisco Mrs. millinery, 498 S. Halsted 
Brisco Nathan A. sergt. police, r. 498 S. Halsted 
Briscoe John, teamster, r. 229 Michigan 
Brisington Thomas, lab. r. 87 Franklin 
Brislan Patrick, engineer, r. rear 49 Newberry av. 
Brislin John, plumber, Baggot & Almy 
Brislin Mary Mrs. r. 276 5th 
Brisnech August, r. 395 North av. 
Brisnech Charles, meat market, 395 North av. 
Brisner C. F. machinist, Crosby & Messer 
Brison Patrick, moulder, r. 358 Centre av. 
Brisseden Francis, dressmkr. r. 94 Archer av. 
Brissett Moses, safemk. r. 687 Indiana av. 
Brissenden Walter, machinist, 94 Archer av. 
Bristoe Albert M. springbed mnfr. r. 607 W. L'ike 
Bristol Charles (Turner, Bristol & Ray), r. 308 W. 

Bristol Elwarcl 8. shippingclk. Bradley & Banks, 

r. 22 Throop 

Bristol F. J. elk. r. 195 W. Monroe 
Bristol George, r. 44 W. Adams 
Bristol George, teamste'r, r. 186 N. Dearborn 
Bristol G. S.agt. r. 10 Eldridge ct. 
Bristol H. L. engineer, Board Public Works, r. 1149 

Michigan av. 

Bristol Jacob, ( J. Bristol & Co.). r. Ill 8. Paulina 
Bristol M. G. brakeman, r. 10 Eldridge ct. 
Bristol William, bkpr. r. 1351 Wabash av. 
Bristol Willis, elk. Sprague, Warner & Co. r. 42 


Bristol J. & Co. hat bleachery, 72 State 
Bristolwars Anthony, poiisner, Sherman Marble 

Co. r. 439 N. Canal 

Bristow Josiah, carpenter, r. 78 Superior 
Britain Calvin, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Britain C. Miss, r. 370 W. Randolph 
Britell Sylvester, machinist, r. 346 Burnside 
Briter Peter, carpenter, r. 53 Ruble 
Brithegam Heinrich, milkdeiler, r. 93 Front 
Britney Mrs. dressmkr. r. 271 Cottage Grove av. 
Britt Bryan, blksmith, r. 14 Currier 
Britt Frank, filecutter, Chicago File Works, r. 22 


Britt James, lab. r. 35 Kneer 
Britt James, lab. r. 133 Coventry 
Britt Patrick, engineer, P. F. W. & C. R. R. r. 444 

Britt P. machinist, r. 604 Went worth av. 

Britt William, tanner, r. 11 Cornell 

Brittan A. N. salesman, Giles, Brother & Co. 

Brittan C. H. teacher of music, 14 Crosby Opera 
House, r. 15 Van Buren 

Brittels S. machinist, I. C. R. R. 

Britten Michael, butcher. 125 12th 

Britrian Michael, teamster, r. 200 Sampson 

Britlin Lewis, bign painter, 244 W. Randolph, r. 50 
N. Morgan 

Brittner Earnhardt, janitor, Stock Yard Exchange . 
r. Trumbull nr. S. Halsted 

Britton Frank F. lab. r. 527 Polk 

Britton John, teamster, r. 104 Whitney* 

Britton Joseph, carpenter, r. 154 South Park av. 

Britton W. B. (Hornick, Kimball & Co.), r. Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Britz Charles, elk. J. Kirchoff Bros, & Co. r. 32 

Britz Chajles, cooper, r. 32 Sigel 

Britz John, lab: r. 10 Starr 

Britz Peter, boilermkr. r. 132 Mohawk 

Britzky Henry, lithograph printer, Edward Mendel, 
r. 217 Randolph 

Brix George, bartender, H. Klare, r. 51 N. LaSalle 

Brizh Frauk, furnituremkr. C. Bayer, r. 666-8. Hal- 

Brizsell John, lab. r. 81 Fuller 

Brtzzolora Simmone, candy store, 115 l /& N. Clark 

Brmner Robert, carpenter, r. Emily, ne. cor. Pau- 

Broad E. H. elk. A. O. Slaughter, r. Hyde Park 

Broadbent Frank, moulder, r. 5 26th 

Broadbent John, machinist, I. C..R. R. r. 103 Wade 

Broadie Coleman. calsominer, r.-132 Pacific av. 

Broaderick Dennis, lab. r. 59 Wright 

Broadway Bros. & Treyser, bill posters, 58 Dear- 

Broadway C. T. meatmarket, 49 Adams, r. 233 State 

Broadway D. D. meatmarket, 49 Adams, r. 208 State 

Broadway E. A. elk. C. T. Broadway, r. 208 25th 

Broadway J. H. (Broadway Bros. & Treyser), r. 439 
8. Halsted 

Broadway M. D. (Broadway Bros. & Treyser), r. 82 

Broadway Market, State, ne. cor. 22d 

Broady Lewis, porter, r. 196 4th av. 

Broaskie F. lab. r. 200 Brown 

Brobets John, lab. r. 78 DeKoven 

Brobston Dan. painter, r. 132 N. Union 

Brobston George, r. 743 Fulton 

Brobston William, Rev. r. 743 Fulton 

Broch Harry, Chicago pass. agt. C.&N.W. Ry. r. 
California House 

Brochel J. toymkr. r. 1121 State 

Brochschert Frederick, lab. r. 63 N. Noble 

Brock Alexander B. carpenter, r. 519 Arnold 

Brock D. T. printer, r. 117 W Monroe 

Brock George, sailor, r. 519 Arnold 

BROCK GEO. WAULE1V, manager, R. G. 
Dun & Co. r. Iremont House 

Brock Hansen H. C. druggist, 49 Chicago av. 

Brock John, carpenter, r. 151 4th av. 

Brock John. lab. r. 232 S. Canal 

Brock John, sawmkr. r. 283 S. Canal 

Brock William, papercarrier, r. rear 433 Milwaukee 

Brockbanks John, driver, r. 234 5th av. 

Brockbunks Robert, express, r. 234 5th av. 

Brockelmann Ernst, barber, A. Gleuibowiecki. r. 
69 W. North av. 

Brockenheimer Charles, locksmith, *. 64 Liudea 

Brockenheimer Mary Mrs. r. 64 Linden 

Brocker August, carpenter, r. 65 Bissell 

Brocker Christopher, drayman, r. 5% S. Halsted 

Brockett J. painter, r. 70 Van Buren 
Brockhagen Henry, carpenter, r. 260 W. Chicago av. 
Brockhaus Henry (Suliseu & Brockhaus), r. 606 N. 

Diebold < XSienzle'* 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O3 Dearborn Street. 

Allan Pinkenoii keeps the Records of his Ofiu-e 

In Six Large Harris' Safes, Factory, GO and O2 Soutli Canal St. 

M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone SCAVCF Pipe, 




Brockis Charles, soapmkr. W. Arthur 
Brockman Dora Mrs. r. 208 N. Dearborn 
Brockman Henry (Rossow Bros*. & Co.), r. 93 Hn- 


Brockman John, tailor, r. 24 Luke 
Brockman William-, carpenter, r. 383 S. May 

'Brockman , r. 14 Eldridsre ct. 

Brockmann Henry, cook, r. 663 Erie 
Brockmann John. lab. r. 151 Sheffield av. 
Brockmann Wilhelm, lab. r. 10 Luke 
Brockmyer Michael, r. 73 N. Union 
Brock^chmidt H. carpenter, r. 147 Illinois 
Brockschmidt William, cooper, r. 137 Illinois 
Brocksen Benjamin, lab. r. 33 4th 
Brocksma Harry, lab. r. rear 13 Fisk 
Brockway George (Callahan & Co.V r. 415 State 
Brock way James W., U. S. asst. Assessor, 10 Lom- 
bard blk. r. Comorn Station, C.. R. I. & P. R. R. 
Brockway Jerome, auctioneer, r. 420 Milwaukee av. 
Brockway J. F. principal Stock Yards Public 

Brockway J. F. school teacher, r. es. Shurtliff av. 

bet. 31st and 32d 
Brockway P. H. trav. agt. Sweet, Dempster & Co. 

r. 25254 Indiana 
Brockway William, salesman Weage, Kirtland, & 

Ordway, r. Rockford 

Brod Ceaales. barber.J.Beckwith,r.4th av. nr.Polk 
Brodard Joseph, saloon, 53 Kinzie 
'Brodarick Thomas, tailor, r. 122 Wright 
Brodback \Villiam.cotlector. r. 381 5th av. 
Brodde August, trimmer, H. A. Kohn & Bros. r. 

200 Sherman 
Erode Charles, porter, Oglesby, Barnitz& Co. r. 641 


Broder Jacob, lab. r. 62 Nebraska 
Broderick Charles, teamster. Field, Letter & Co. r. 

136 3d av. 

Broaerick David, elk. r. 253 Mitchell 
Broderick John, collector, r. 902 Sebor 
Broderick John, lab. r. 14 Wright 
Broderick John, tailor, r. 102 Adams 
Broderick Margaret, wid. Thomas, dressmkr. r. 388 

Blue Island av. 

Broderick Michael, carnenter, r. 52 Alexander 
Broderick Michael, tailor, r. 192 Adams 
Broderick Patrick, lab. r. 99 Maxwell 
Uroderick Patrick, lab. r. 174 Wright 
Broderick Patrick, teamster, r. 202 Sebor 
"Broderick Phillip, gafltter. r. 52 Alexander 
Broderick Richard, lab. r. 105 Sebo.i 
Brodeur Rosa Miss, dressmkr. 9 Gnrley 
Broderick Thomas tailor, r. 132 Wright 
Brodey William, lab. r. 43 Meridian 
Brodgeak Louis, elk. David Adams, r, 136 N. Hal- 

Brodick Richard, lab. Soper. Brainerd & Co. 
Brodie Charles, elk. r. 460 N. Dearborn 
Brodie Edward, carpenter, r. 882 Clark 
Brodie James N. elk. auditor, C. B. & Q. R. R. r. 

21 S. Desplaines 

Brodie John, Jr. elk, r. 4RO N. Dearborn 
Brodie Laura A. Mrs. teacher. Franklin School, r. 

4W) N. Dearborn 

Brodie Sarah, wid. David, notions. 110 2d 
Brodie Thomas, salesman, Hamlin, Hale & Co. r. 

291 Michignn 

Brodin John M. mason, r. rear 10 Bremer 
BrodrickB. lab. r. lOOStewart av. 
Brodrick J. M. engineer, E. Mensden & Co. r. 105 


Brodrick Patrick, saloon. 97 W. 16th 
Brodsn Louis, upholsterer, r. 176 N. Green 
Brodt. A. P. elk. C. A. & St. L. R. R. r. 88 S. Hal 


Brody John, moulder. Phoenix Iron Works 
Btody Joseph, capmkr. 63 N. Clark, r. 72 N. 

Broe Carl J. r, 154 Wesson 

Jacob R Shipherd & Co., 



. 158 State Street. 

New York, ... 24 Pine Street. 

Chicago, - 155 <fc 157 LaSulle Street. 

And Twenty-Second St. U-.nk. 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large 
investments of Eastern caprtal. 

Broe Narsiss, teamster, r. 663 Archer av. 
Broecker Christopher, teamster. Burley & Tyrrell 
Broecleman Frederick, blksmith. r. 19 N. Clinton 
Broener August, carpenter, r. 86 Howe 
Broener Ertmaudel Mrs. dressmkr. r. 84 Howe 
Broenn , machinist, r. 38 Kinzie 
Brofey Andrew, lab. r. 126 W. Polk 
Brofhy William, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College. 

Brogan Bernard, drayman, r. 121 Wentworth av. 
Brogan Bridget, wid. Nicholas, r. rear 409 


Brogan Dennis, shoemkr. r. 787 W. Kinzie < 

Brogan Patrick, bricklayer, r. 437 4th 
Brogan William, hostler, Michael Hayes, r. 641 


Brogonsky Charles, clerk, r. 30 Mark av. 
Brohm Aaron L. planing mill, r. 172 S. Peoria 
Brohm Reuben L. elk. r. 172 S. Peoria 
Broich Harry, pass. agt. r. Union Hotel 
Brokagan Henry, carpenter, C. & N, W. Ry. Co. 
Brokaska James, lab, r. 26 Burlington 
Brokasko Thomas, woodsawyer, r. rear 45 Elston 


Brokeman Wm. tailor, r. 211 2d 
Brokenbourgh S. P. waiter, r. 228 Clark 
Brokenshire'Mary, Mrs. r. 1245 Indiana av. 
Broker William, carpenter, r. 63 Polk 
Brokey Charles, lab. r. 189 W. Tavlor 
Brokmann Charles, mason, r. 52 Rees 
Brokoska Frank, lab. r. 28 Burlington 
Brolnson Arevgel, carpenter, r. 130 W. Indiana 
Broman Andrew, sailor, r. 418 22d 
Broman Frank, waiter, Tremont House 
Bromer Frederick, sailor, r. 198 S. Canal 
Bromer Orson, mechanic, Fullam & Lashuer 
Bromfleld James, sec. Lill's Chicago Brewing Co. 

r. 134 Pine 
Bromilow Edward E. (E. E. Bromilow & Co.), r. 476 

W. Van Buren 

Bromilow E. E. & Co. fish, whol. 186 to 14 Wash- 
Bromley Henry A. buffalo robes, furs, etc. 199 Lake, 

r. 61 Park av. 
Bromley L. R. lithographer, 72 Randolph, r. 1363 


Bromley Powner, furrier, r. 61 Park av. 
Bromley Samuel, pressman, Evening Mail, r. 282 

Milwaukee av. 
Bromley T. H. buyer, Henry A. Bromley, r. 61 Park 


Bromm Henry, elk. r. 210 Randolph 
Bromwell H. H. salesman, J. A. Smith & Co. r. 47 


Bromwell H. H. salesman, r. St. James Hotel 
Broil Peter, painter, r. 147 Lytle 
Brondert Frederick, wagonmkr. 15388. Halsted, r. 

1540 S. Halsted 

Brondis Herman, painter, Jacob Press, r. 69 Fry 
Brondt John, mason, r. 120 Sherman 
BronerOlof, elk. recorder's office, r. Erie, cor. Mar- 

Bronkema Tonnis, lab. r. 85 Fry 
Bronold II. druggist, 408 N. Clark, r. 244 Huron 
Brons William, tailor, r. 1.35 Sampson 
Bronshe John, lab. r. 37 Sloan 
Bronson Bernt, watchmkr. A. H. Miller, r. 132 N. 

Bronson Charles, bkpr. C. L. Rice & Co. r. Cottage 

pi. bet. 29th and 30th 
Bronson C. B. mer. r. 123 Parkav. 
Bronson George, whitewasher, r. 26 Sherman 
Bronson J. G. office 13 Chamber of Commerce, r. 

Clifton House 

Bronson M. A. elk. J. B. Shay, r. 143 Rumsey 
Bronson Robert T. builder, r. 40* W. Jackson 
Broockman Christian, r. 241 Fulton 
Brook A. F. artist, r. 469 Butterfteld 
Brook John, carpenter, r. 592 Mitchell 



Mead & Coe, Real Estate Broker, 154 Washington St., 

Have a large list of first-class business property for sale. 




^ Wilmington Coal. 

Better by :I2 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

) Belter than m^st Oh <> and rennsylvnnia Coal sold in thi^ market, 
r and as jrood ns the best lor ull ordinary purposes. tg"Fi ee of Sl.*te 

Chicayo and Wilniinfrtnn Coal Co., 

No. 2 West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 





Brooke C. R. Chicago B!dg. Society, 145 LaSalle, r. 

22 Aberdeen 

Brooker George, lab. r. 56 Hastings 
Brooker Michael moulder, r. Eagle, bet. Union and 


Brookes Emma, wid. Mark, dressmkr. r. 27 Miller 
Brookes F. W. (S. & P. W. Brookes), r. es. Hyde 

Park av. nr. 46th, 

Brookes Henry, realestate. 55 Clark, r 244 Lake av. 
Brookes Samuel (S. & F. W. Brookes), r. es. Hyde 

Park av. nr. 46th 
Brookes S. & F. W. florists, es. Hyde Park av. nr. 


Brookes William Y. architect, r. 27 Miller 
Brookfelt Joseph (Fross & Brookfelt), r. 136 4th 
Brookholtz Albert, elk. r. 475 W. 12th 
Brooking Margaret Miss, teacher, Kinzie School 
Brooklngs Harry, salesman, C. L. Woodman, r. 229 

W. Washington 
Brookinss W. H. wid. William, boardinghouse, r. 

22!) W. Washington 

Brooking D. H. (W. A. Doggett <fe Co.),r. 113 22d 

J. R. Dewey, manager,room 6. 156 Washington 
Brookman Adolph r lab. r. 141 Henry 
Brookman Andrew (Brookman & Deschauer), r. 181 


Brookman Henry, cook. Palmer Honse 
Brookman Joseph, jeweler, Brookman & Daschauer, 

r. 181 Erie 
Brookman J. R. (Brookman & Skinner), r. 164 N. 

Brookman Michael, salesman, Brookman & Des- 

chauer. r. 181 Erie 

Brookman & Deschauer, lapidaries, 55 Clark 
Brookman & Skinner, livery stables, 47 and 49 Wa- 

bash av. 

Brooks Adelia L. wid. Charles, r. 474 W. Lake 
Brooks, Albert P. r. 288 Calumet av. 
Brooks Andrew, r. 1108 Prairie av. 
Brooks A. elk. McGuire & BrooKs 
Brooks A. C. janitor, r. 879 W. Kinzie 
Brooks A. W. bkpr. Bui ley & Tyrell, r. 857 Wabash 


Brooks Charles, car driver, r. 48 Coolidge 
Brooks Charles, mason, bds. 781 State 
Brooks Charles J. (C. J. & M. G. Brooks), r. 279 

W. Randolph 
Brooks C. J. & M. G. plumbers and gasfitters, 279 

W. Randolph 

Brooks C. W. (McGnire & Brooks), r. 163 Madison 
Brooks Hatns C. publisher, the Chicago Railway 

Review, r. 1603 Prairie av. 
Brooks Edward, carpetweaver, r. 158 Pacific av. 
Brooks Edward A. lab. r. 173 Maxwell 
Brooks Elizabeth, wid. John H. nurse, 237 Monro 
Brooks E. Ann Mrs. boardinghouse, 305 W. Lake 
Brooks E. W. (Ford River Lumber Co.),r. 174 Michi- 
gan av. 
Brooks Franklin, doortender, McVicker's Theatre, 

r. 237 Monroe 

Brooks Franklin, physician, 187 Clark 
Brooks George, porter, Bittinc:er& Bro. r. % Brown 
Brooke George, saloon. 181 Monroe, r. 6V Sherman 
Brooks G. H. (Brooks & Neemes), r. 356 W. Mon- 

Brooks G. W. conductor, r. 96 Brown 
Brooks Hermanns V. S. wood and coal, 799 State, r. 

a37 Wabash av. 

Brooks Harrv, elk. r. 17 Van Buren 
Brooks H. elk. F. D. Cossitt & Co. 
Brooks H. D. collarmkr. Ortmayer, Lewis & Co. r. 

291 Michigan 

Brooks H. W. (Reynolds & Brooks), r. es. Jeffer- 
son, bet. 52d and 53d 
Brooks Jacob, janitor Lombard blk. 
Brooks James, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Brooks James ('.(Mears.Bates & Co.), r.369Octario 

Brooks John, coachman, r. 162 S. Peoria 

Brooks John, lab. r. 7 W. Whiting 

Brooks John, blksmith, E. F. Flood 

Brooks Jonathan W.. jr. cashier, r. 857 Wabash av. 

Brooks Joseph, carp'enter, r. 251 W. Polk 

Brooks Joseph, carpenter, r. 632 Sedjrwick 

BROOKS JOSEPH P. capitalist, 24 Clark, r. 
47 Van Buren 

Brooks Joseph W.railroadcondnctor, r. 165 S. Green 

Brooks J. S. painter, 306 Clark 

Brooks J. W. physician. 55 Clark, r. 857 Wabash av. 

Brooks M. G. (C. J. & M. G. Brooks), r. 279 W. 

Brooks M. K. laundry, 129 Dearborn, r. 228 Madi- 

Brooks N. W. bkpr. L. Gould & Co. r. 80 Lincoln 

Brooks R. K., U. S. Cavalry, 188 Randolph, r. 40 

Brooks Sarah A. Miss, teacher, Haven School, r. 857 
Wabash av. 

Brooks Sidney H. carpenter, r. 553 Bnrnside 

Brooks Simon, teamster, r. 251 W. Polk 

Brooks Stephen, coachman, William Wheeler 

Brooks William (Greenlee Bros. & Co.), n 106 S. 

Brooks William Mrs. seamstress, r. rear 193 De- 

Brooks William C. stockman, J. V. Farwell & Co- 
r. 857 Wabash av. 

Brooks William E. barber, Orient House, r. Howard 

Brooks W. H. r. room 38, 77 Dearborn 

Brooks W. H. jr. (Lewis Brooks & Co.), r. Engle- 

BROOKS fc NEEMES, mnfg. confectioners, 
and nuts and cigars, whol 38 Randolph 

Brooksbank George, carriage painter, r. 263 Bum- 

Brooksby James, agt. r. 50 S. May 

Broome "T. Mrs. boardinghouse, 140 W. Washing- 

Broomell George D. teacher. High School, r. 349 
Warren av. 

Broomell James M. prin. Cottage Grove School, r. 
107 Vincennes av. 

Broomfield John, bookbinder, r. 387 N. Clark 

Broomhead William D. druggist, 56 W. Randolph 

Broph Mary, wid. Thomas, pawnbroker, 89 5th av. 

Brophey James, waiter, Tremont House 

Brophy Andrew, marblepolisher, r. 144 W. Harrison 

Brophy C. wid. Michael, r. 537 Division 

Brophy John, lab. r. Springer av. nr. Ullman 

Brophy Luke, lab r. 12'2 Sebor 

Brophy Michael, sewerbuilder, r. 142 S. Halsted 

Brophy Philip, sewerbuilder, r. 142 S. Halsted 

Brophy T. W. dentist, 30 Washington, r. Matteson 

Brophy Vv illiam, elk. Stark & Allen, r. 537 Division 

Brophy William, cooper, r. 846 Clark 

Brophy , r. 99 Johnson 

Broren Norman, carrepairer. r. 75 Hnrlbut 

Brosahn Catherine, wid. John, washwoman, r. 243 
N. Market 

Brosan Michael, lab. r. 285 Michigan 

Brosan Patrick, shoemkr. r. 113 N. Desplaines 

Brosch Charles, engineer, r. 555 Clark 

Brose Charles, watchman, r. ns. Evans, bet. Robey 
and Campbell 

Brose H. elk. r. 141 N. Clark 

Brose John, lab. r. 32 Willow 

Brosen John, plasterer, r. 624 W. Madison 

Brosh Frank, carpenter, r. 101 DeKoven 

Broshck Frank, lab. r. 16 Dussold 

Brosius Georse, teacher of gymnastics, r. 256 Mil- 
waukee av. 

Brosnahan Jeiemiah, lab. r. 825 Clark 

Brosnau Bros, boots and shoes, 18 Milwaukee av. 

Brosnan Edward, himberinsp. Sinclair & McMul- 
lam, r. 177 W. Taylor 



Willow Bank Coal ; 


Cor. Market and Washington Streets. 

The City Clerk of Chicago Uses a Five Ton Safe, 

Made at Harris' Safe Factory, 6O and 62 Couth Canal Stt 

WIJI. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 





Brosnan Michael, lab. r. 190 N. Peoria 

Brosnan Patrick (Brosnan Bros.), r. 113 N. Des- 


Brosnan Timothy, teamster, r. 190 N. Peoria 
Brosnan T. r. 56 Bremer 
Brosnan William W. (Brosnan Bros.)* r. 113 N. 


Brosnihan Jeremiah, painter, r. 668 State 
Bross A. Mrs. dressmkr. 178 X. Clark 
Bross Ira B. N. gen. bkpr. Mnfrs. Nat. Bank 
Bross John, saddler, r. 31 Veder 
Bross Margaret T. Mrs. r. 422 Cottage Grove av. 
Bross Mark, teamster, r. 141 Curtis 
Bross William, lab. r. 335Hurlbut 
Bross William, pres. Tribune Company, r. 202 

Michigan av. 

Bross Willie, elk. r. 422 Cottage Grove av. 
Brosseau Theodore, hatmkr. Geo. Willard & Co. r. 

556 Butterfield 

Brosseau Z. P. r. 458 N. Dearborn 
Brosser Terris, wid. George, r. 665 N. Halsted 
Brossmann Wilhelm, teamster, r. 160 Milwaukee 


Brogson Jane, wid. Theodore, r. 66 Polk 
Broseon Louis, bartender, L. Roedemeyer 
Brost Peter, housemover, r. 188 Mohawk 
Brostkropf Charles, porter, r. 367 Larrabee 
Brothers J. F. elk. r. Everett House 
Brothers John T. wks. F. Parmelee & Co. r. 191 


Brotten Jensen, cabinetmkr. r. 202 Union 
Broudie Charles, bkpr. National Loan and Trust 

Co. r, 460 N. Dearborn 
Brougham J. r. 275 W. Monroe 
Brougham Patrick, elk. Gray Bros. r. 201 4th av. 
Brougham Patrick, bartender James O'Neill, r. 423 

5fh av. 

Broughton C. M. books and stationery, 608 State 
Broukle Joseph, lab. r. 112 Mohawk 
Broullet Joseph E. hairdresser, 118 W. Randolph 
Broullet J. E. barber 161 Michigan, r. 150 Illinois 
Brouse J. A. Rev. 11 Major bilk. r. 61 Langley 
Bronse Olin R. lawyer, 11 blk. r. 61 Langley 
Brovongo Frank, painter, r. 133 N. Curtis 
Brow John F. tinner, r. 285 Clark 
Brow Thomas, lab. r. 31 Sheridan pi. 
Broward Charles, painter, Garrett Otto, r. 499 W. 


Brower Charles H, artist, r. 149 21st 
Bro'wer C. I. drover, r. 528 Butterfleld 
Brower C. R. elk. E. Hunt & Sons, r. 182 W. Wash- 

Brower Frederick, lab. r. ss.Kossnth, bet. Stewart 

av. and Buddan 

Browhaski Frank, lab. r. 211 Johnson 
Brown Aaron V. coal and wood 844 W. Lake, r. 1 

N. Ashland av. 

Brown Abram, waiter, r. 269 3d av. 
Brown Adaline N. Miss, millinery, 520 W. Indiana 
Brown Adelbert E. dentist, 769 Wabash av. r. 802 

Wabash av 
Brown Adolph, elk. Francis C. Brown, r. 69 N. La 


Brown Adolph, machinist, r. 377 North av. 
Brown Albert H. printer, r. 288 State 
Brown Albert L. elk. r. 18 Hinsdale 
Brown Albert N. clK. P. A. Stuart 
Brown Alexander, flour and feed, 161 W. Randolph 
Brown Alexander, lab. r. 50 Coolidge 
Brown Alexander, lab. r. 106 W. Taylor 
Brown Alexander, waiter, r. 793 W. Kinzie 
Brown Alexander, wiih Continental Lii'u Ins. Co. of 

N. Y. 

Brown Alfred, fishmarket, 368 Clark 
Brown Alfred, painter, r. 169 W. Madison 
Brown Alice Miss, r. 216 LaSalle 
BROWitf AjVI>REW, beef and pork packer, 

office 101 S. Water, r. 3-211 Michigan av. 
Brown Andrew, lab, r. 137 Cornell 



16r <C 169 Lake Street. 


Catalogue and Samples sent on Application. g3 


O4 Washington Street Chicago- 

Brown Andrew, woodcarver, 143 Ontario 

Brown Andrew M. sash, door and blind mnfr. r. 180 

Brown Angeline, washerwoman, r. ISOShennan 

Brown Ann Mrs. r. 18 Hinsdale 

Brown Anna Mrs. washing. 18 LaSalle 

Brown Anna, wid. C. pedlar, r. 566 Archer av. 

Brown Anna, wid. James, washerwoman, r. 15 Sulli- 

Brown Annetta Mrs. dressmkr. r. 199 Madison 

Brown Annie, wid. John, r. 733 Vernon av. 

Brown Arza Mrs. r. 153 W. Indiana 

Brown August, carpenter, r. 175 Maxwell 

Brown Angust.lab. r. 247.N.Wells 

Brown A. expressman, r. 287 N. Market 

Brown A. B. vice pres. Hocking Valley Coal Min- 
ing Co. r. 1 N. Ashland av. 

Brown A. C. (Brown & Harsha), r. 534 W. Lake 

Brown A. E. driver, Finney & Lyon, r. 45 
W. White 

Brown A. F. police, r. 89 Douglas pi. 

Brown A. F. carpenter, r. 135 Meagher 

Brown A. H. elk. Vorce House 

Brown A. J. student, Bryant &/ Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Brown A. J. attorney, 116 LaLalle, r. Evanston 

Brown A. L. planing mill, Van Buren, cor. Frank- 
lin, r. 172 S. Peoria 

Brown A. L. packer,Ingraham,Corbin & May 

Brown A. L. shipping elk. A, Kidder, r. 1022 W. 

Brown Bartholomew, lab. r. rear 293 N. Halsted 

Brown Benjamin, lab. r. 100 Lake av. 

Brown Benjamin, lab. Wrisley Bros, r 47 N. Dear- 

Brown Bros, sidewalk light mnfrs. 224 and 226 

Brown B. A. waiter. Congress Hall 

Brown B. F. policeman, r.436 State 

Brown B. F. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r 115 
Michigan av. 

Brown B. F. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 436 State 

Brown Catherine Mrs. r. 127 Southwestern av. 

Brown Catherine, wid. William, washerwoman, r. 
182 Sherman 

Brown Charles, r. es. Hyde Park av. 

Brown Charles, r. 101 16th 

Brown Charles, r. Everett House 

Brown Charles, lab. r. 65 Hastings 

Brown Charles Mrs. r. 15 Penn 

Brown Charles, billiardhall, 29 Chicago av. 

Brown Charles, boaydinghouse, 31 Chicago av. 

Brown Charles, carpenter, r. 124 W. Erie 

Brown Charles.carpenter, r. 670 State 

Brown Charles, inspector, r. 10 Gano 

Brown Charles, junkstore, r. 323 S. May 

Brown Charles, lab. r. 127 14th, 

Brown Charles, lab. r. 335 4th av. 

Brown Charles, lab. r. 146 Arnold 

Brown Charles, painter, r. 66 Dickson 

Brown Charles, sailor, r. 102 Hastings 

Brown Charles, sailor.*r.205 Townsend 

Brown Charles, shoemkr. r. 388 W. Polk 

Brown Charles, tailor, 139 Blue Island av. 

Brown Charles, tailor, r. 721 W. Jackson 

Brown Charles H. lab. John H. Footer 

Brown CharlrsH. machinist, r. 868 Hnbbard 

Brown Charlie II. student, Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Brown Charles R. cook, r. 599 Archer av. 
Brown Charles S. salesman. H. Scovil 

Brown Charles T. foreman, R. A. Williams, No. 17, 
r. 80 W. Lake 

Brown Christ, cooper, r. rear 251 State 
Brown Christian, teamster, r. 90 Rees 

Brown Christian, woodturner, r. 263 Blue Island av. 

Brown Christopher, r. 84 Sampson 

Brown C. A. elk. Lord. Smith & Co. r. 43 Monroe 

Brown C. B. (C. B. Brown & Co.), r. 879 Indiana av. 








THE INTERIOR, Rev. A. Swazey, D.D., 

Editor-in-Chief, Office, Corner Clark and Monroe Sts. 


See Adv't. 




- Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 



Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co, 


Celebrated Mliwlon Goa 

BKOWUf C. B. & CO. ninfrs. thimble skeins, 

sad irons, etc. 28 Kingsbury 
Brown C. D. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 304 W. 


Brown C. E. elk. B. Fuller, r. 573 Burnside 
Brown C. F. sand, r. 199 W. Adams 
Brown C. R. Miss, seamstress, r. 284 Clark 
Brown C. 8. (B. T. Smith & Co.). r. 492 Burnside 
Brown C. Walter (Bliss & Brown), r. 618 W. Wash- 
Brown C. W. dentist, 18 and 19 Lombard blk. r. 19^i 


Brown C. W. elk. r. 760 W. Washington 
Brown Daniel, lab. r. 335 S. Canal 
Brown Daniel H. (D. H. Brown <fc Co.). r. 94 Wilson 
Brown Daniel H. & Co. (lour and feed, 58 W. Adams 
Brown David, architect, r. 736 W. Lake 
Brown David, brassflnisher. r. 116 Archer av. 
Brown David, lab. r. 2->2 W. Polk 
Brown David P. hats, caps and furs, 3, 5 and 7 Lake, 

r. 190 Wabash av. 

Brown De Wift Clinton, painter, r. 133 N. La Salle 
Brown Dora Miss, dressmkr. 319 Clark 
Brown D. A. wool. r. 543 Archer av. 
Brown D. C. elk. Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency, 

r. Lombard blk. 
Brown D. G. provision broker 64 Pope's blk. r. 570 

Michigan av. 
Brown. D. P. jr. student Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Brown Edmund, porter, r. 168 3d av. 
Brown Edward, okpr. Comptroller's Office, r. 451 

North av. 

Brown Edward, lab. r. rear 204 Cass 
Brown Edward, lab. r. rear 113 Kossurh 
Rrown Edward H. salesman, r. 178 W. Randolph 
Brown Edwin, bkpr. r. 503d av. 
Brown Edwin, salesman Hamlin, Hale & Co. r. 1117 

Prairie av. 

B;->wn Edwin H. real estate, 149 Clark, r. 253 Madi- 

Brown Edwin L. (Brown Bros.), r. Evanston 
Brown Edwin R. agt. r. 247 Warren av. 
Brown Eliza Mrs. "boardinghouse 99 N. Union 
Brown Eliza, wid. Thomas, ironer, r. 195 Madison 
Brown Elizabeth, wid. Richard, r. 116 Rush 
BrownJEllenJIdressmkr. Mary Fitz.r. 40 W. Monroe 
Brown Ellen, wid. John, r, 210 Jackson 
Brown Enos (Enos Brown & Co. and Reynolds, 

Brown & Co.), r. 116 Rush 
Brown Enos & Co. cotton and woolen mill supplies 

27 and 29 Randolph 

Brown Ephraim. alsoniinin<r, r. rear 112 Pacific av. 
Brown E. (E. Brown & Co.), r. 183 K. Clark 
Brown E. C. elk. r. 14 Laffin 
Brown E. C. paperhanger, r. fiT W. Erie 
Brown E. C. salesman, Ira P. Bowen & Co. r. 10 

Brown E. F. physician and surgeon, rooms 5 and 8, 

38 and 40 LaSalle 
Brown E. O. ship master, r. 45th, bet. Evans av. 

and Langley 

Brown E. S. elk. r. 247 Indiana 
Brown E. S. elk. C., B. & Q.R. R. r. S. Halsted, nr. 


Brown E. S. aart. D. M. Osborne & Co. r. Hyde Park 
Brown E. W. wines and liquors, 88 Washington, r. 

639 N. Clark 

Brown E. & Co engravers. 123 Lake 
Brown Francis B. slairbuilder, r. 247 Warren av. 
Brown Francis C. broommkr. r. 101 Sigel 
Brown Francis C. agt Inmaj Line Steamships, 36 

Clark, r. 187 Waoasli av. 
B^own Frank, agt. r. 294 State 
Brown Frank (H. H. Cash & Co.), r. 48 S. Des- 

Brown Frank, jeweler, Cnbley & Ana:ell, r. 333 

Brown Frank, lab. r. 59 Catharine 

Brown Frank, r. 209 Michigan av. 

Brown Frank C. machinist, r. 366 W. Lake 

Brown Frank N. bkpr. Davenport & YanDuser, r. 
189 Walnut. 

Brown Frank W. r. 195 Randolph 

Brown Franklin H. civil engineer, r. 247 Warren 

Brown Fred, bartender, r. 613 Washington av. 

Brown Bred. elk. r. 18'> Walnut 

Brown Fred, crockerymufr. 145 W. Liberty, r. 143 
W. Liberty 

Brown Frederick, fireman, r. 552 Michigan av. 

Brown Frederick, teamster, r. 367 Ohio 

Brown Frederick, painter. 442 Larrabee 

Brown Frederick O. emigrant a<reut, r. 73 Rees 

Brown F. lab. Goss & Phillips Mufg Co. 

Brown F. B. elk. r. 143 29th 

Brown F. B. (F. B. Brown & Co.). r. 168 N. Halsted 

Brown F. B. & Co. millinery. 73 Lake 

Brown F. C. machinist, r. 275 W. Randolph 

Brown F. J. binder, r. 205 Madison 

Broivn F. R. elk, r. 155Indiana 

Brown George, r. 49 26th 

Brown George, agt H. Scovil, r. 1026 W. Adams 

Brown George, bkpr. r. 101 16th 

Brown George, brass finisher, O. Owens. 

Brown George, drayman. J. A. <fe H. F. Griswold 

Brown George, oilman, Water Works, r. 42 Grand 

Brown George, porter, r. room 69, Rutter'a blk. 

Brown George, shoemkr 191 W. Taylor 

Brown George, stonecutter, r. 364 W. Lake 

Brown George, teamster, r. 16 Liberty 

Brown George, waiter, St. Caroline's Ct. 

Brown George, jr. shoemkr. r. 191 W. Taylor 

Brown George A. barber, r. 256 5th av. 

Brown George B. entry elk. Miller Bros. & Keep, r. 
109 N. Dearborn 

Brown George C. elk. Nat. Bank "of Commerce, r. 
15 N. May 

Brown George C. grocer, r. 766 W. Van Buren 

Brown George E. r. 99 N. Union 

Brown George F. bkpr. Spear & Crofoot, r. 760 W. 

Brown George H. elk. r. 259 Rush 

Brown George S. bkpr. Mitchell, Brown & Thomp- 
son, r. ws. Burnside, nr. Egan av. 

Brown George W. salesman, C. H. Fargo & Co. r. 
874 Michigan av. 

Brown Gilbert, teamster, r. rear 198 S. Jefferson 

Brown Godfrey, turner, r. North av. cor. Pauilna 

Brown G. candymkr. M. E. Page <fc Co. r. 268 S. Jef- 

Brown G. R. Mrs. boardinghouse, es. Jefferson, nr. 

Brown G. W. r. 237 3d av. 

Brown Harmon, milk pedlar, r. 230 W. Taylor 

Brown Harriet, wid. Sewell, r. 247 Warren av. 

Brown Harry, r. 185 Wabasb. av. 

Brown Helmer, musician, r. 150 Erie 

Brown Henry, r. 131 Ruble 

Brown Henry, r. 49 Tedder 

Brown Henry, r. 360 W. Harrison 

Brown Henry, bell call, Adams House 

Brown Henry, cabinetmkr. r. 541 S. Jefferson 

Brown Henry, carpenter, r. 827 S. Halated 

Brown Henry, com. trav. r. 23'.) Michigan 

Brown Henrv, fgt. conductor, Mil.Div.C.& N.W.Ry. 
r. 99 N. Union 

Brown Henry, grocer, 413 Archer av. 

Brown Henry, lab. r. 115 Banker 

Brown Henry, lab. r. 43 Shin-ties' av. 

Brown Henry Rev. r. 205 3d av. 

Brown Henry, sailor, r. 81 N. Noble ' 

Brown Henry, saloon. 512 Archer av. 

Brown Henry, shoemkr, llti Adams, r. 21 N. Union 

Brown Henry, tanner. North Branch Tannery 

Brown Henry C. elk. Chase Bros. & Co. r. 177 W. 

Yale Locks 

D. 3. COVERT, 


O3 Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Harris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, OO and O2 South Canal Street. 

W3I. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 

HTo. 105 >10.\ltOK STREET. 



Brown Henry E. salesman, C. W. & E. Pardridge & 

Co. r. 932 Indiana av. 
BROWN HENRY H. (Avars & Co.), and gen. 

ins. agt. 90 LaSalle, r. 90 Ashland av. 
Brown Henry S. bkpr. Nat. Life Ins. Co. r. 20 Tan 

Brown Henry T. bkpr. Knowles, Burdsall & Bacon, 

r. 776 ,W. Madison 
Brown Henry W. salesman, Haywood, Cartledge & 


Brown Honora, wid. Timothy, r. rear 219 Jackson 
Brown Hubbard, plasterer, 299 Went worth av. 
Brown Hubert S. (Eaton & Brown), r. 16 Congress 
Brown Hugh, plasterer, r. SOSbolto 
Brown H. E. (Granger, Brown & Co.), r. 75 N. Mor- 

. Brown H. 6. bkpr. r. 370 N. Wells 
Brown H. H. barber, J. Becker 
Brown H. L. furniture, 330 Division, r. 362 Division 
Brown H. S. lab. r. rear 231 W. 12th 
Brown H. W. foundry, r. 253 S. Clinton 
Brown H. W. gasbuilder, r. 287 Michigan av. 
Brown H. W. trar. salesman, W. M. Hovt & Co. 
Brown Ira,realestate, 69 Dearborn,r. 40 Union Park 


Brown Isaiah, coachman, r. 183 Michigan av. 
Brown I. drayman, Fairbanks, Greeriieaf & Co. r. 

54 N.Market 
Brown I. G. r. 215 Huron 
Brown Jacob, teamster, r. 90Rces 
Brown Jacob D. saloon, 700 W. Lake, r. 613 Wash- 
ington av. 

Brown James, carpenter, r. 18 3d av. 
Brown James, elk. Hotel Garni 
Brown James, com. mer. r. 185 Wabash av. 
Brown James, drayman, r. 54 N. Market 
Brown James, heater, r. HI Wabansia av. 
Brown James, ironttjiisher, r. 127 Southwestern av. 
Brown James, lab. r. 385 S. Canal 
Brown James, lab. r. 678 Indiana av. 
Brown James, mason, r. 225 McGregor 
Brown James, miller, r. 425 Cottage Grove av. 
Brown James, patternmakr. r. 28 Gold 
Brown James, plumber, r. 221 Rumsey 
Brown James, shoemkr. r. 194 Ewing 
Brown James, tobacconist, r. rear 219 Jackson 
Brown 'James D. elk. Ross & Gossage, r. 365 Catha- 

Brown James E. broommkr. r. 60 Granger 
Brown James 49 Major blk. 
Brown James G. gasbuilder, r. 287 Michigan av. 
Brown James J. grocer, r. 420 S. Halsted 
Brown James N. (Brown & Colbert), r. 135 Marsh- 
field av. 

Brown John, r. 10 Gano 
Brown John, baker, James Cobain, r. 592 Cottage 

Grove av. 

Brown John, baker, r. 357 State 
Brown John, bartender, Briggs House 
Brown John, blksmith. Novelty Carriage Works, 

r. 45 Canalport av. 

Brown John, brassflnisher, r. 172 W. Polk 
Brrfwn John, carpenter, r. 110 W. Quincy 
Brown John, carpenter, r. 368 Mitchell 
Brown John, cigarmkr. r. 500 Butterfteld 
Brown John, cigarmkr. r. 325 5th av. 
Brown John, elk. r. 230 Burnaide 
Brown John, elk. r. 991 State 
Brown John, engineer, r. 133 Mitchell 
Brown John, engineer, r. M N. Union 
Brown John, fireman, water works, r. 236 Oak 
Brown John, foreman, livery stable, r. 705 State 
Brown John, foreman, r. 793 State 
Brown John, foreman, r. 31 Pierce 
Brown John, grocer, 66 Bremer 
Brown John, lab. r. 21 Sllmau 
Brown John, lab. r 152^ Clark 
Brown John, lab. r. 257 W. Kinzie 
Brown John, lab. r. 18U Wright 



Wo. 158 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, B 

ENVELOPES, CARDBOARD, &c., fcc. 0fl 

Cleveland Paper Company, H 



?rown John, lab. r. 195 S. Canal 

$rown John, lab. r. Levee, nr. Ashland av. 

Jrown John, lab. r. al. bet. White and Whiting, 

Pine and Rush t 

Jrown John, lab. r. 19 Dickson 

Jrown John, machinist, r. 257 W. Kinzie Q 

Jrown John, miller, r. 50 Michigan A 

*rown John, pnintnr. r. rear 52 Bremer 
Srown John, painter, r. 72 Dickson 
Jrown John, cabinet mkr. r. 121 Canal 
Jrown John, policeman. 1st prect. r. 34 N. Canal W" 
irown John, sailor, r. 237 W. Taylor 
irown John, saloon, r. 287 Superior r^ 

irown John, sash, door and blind mnfr. 180 W. 

Randolph W 

?rown John, student. F. D. Clarke, r. 174 Clark 
3rown John, tanner, r. 19 Will ^ 

Brown John, teamster, r. 356 S. Clinton 
Brown John, trunkmkr. r. 19 Granger 
Brown John, waiter, r,'121 3d av. 
Brown John, watchman, Rock Island R. R. r. 105 B 


Brown John A. mechanic, r. 296 30th 

Brown John D. cigarmkr. 155 Archer av. r. 199 Madi- J 

son Q 

Brown John G. variety store, 389 Elston av. r. 319 rm 

Elston av. 

Brown John H. carpenter, r. 230 Centre av. 
Brown John H. Rev. r. 1 Forest av. A 

Brown John James, moulder, R. M. Eddy 
Brown John J.(T. G. Atwood& Co.), r. 403 Lumber ^ 
Brown John J. r. 474 W. 12th 
Brown John L. elk. gladden & Crane, r. Hamilton A 

blk. w 

Brown John Medbury, bkpr. Stewart, Aldrich & 

Co. r. 50 Calumet av. 

Brown John M. trav. agt. Boal, Andrews & Cook, j 

r. 36 Union Park pi. 

Brown John M. photographer, r. 683 Hubbard 
Brawn John N. engineer, Downer & Co. r. 97 

Town send 
Brown John R. tobacconist, 260 Madison, r. Ill <!J 

Market A 

Brown John S. elk. r. 108 N. Wells ** 

Brown John S. distiller, r. 320 W. Van Bnren 
Brown JohnS. r. rear 111 Indiana 
Brown John S. jr. elk. r. rear 111 Indiana JT 

Brown Joseph, bkpr. r. 74 S. Peoria ^ 

Brown Joseph, carpenter, r. 380 Noble fl 

Brown Joseph, elk. William Blair & Co. r. 241 W. rr 


Brown Joseph, in?, surveyor, r. 59 Aberdeen 
Brown Joseph, lab. r. 18'/4 Frv -* 

Brown Joseph, lab. r, ws. Laflin, bet. 12th and Cool- 


B rown Joseph, lab. r. 15 Fig 
Brown Joseph, lumb. insp. 256 S. Water, r. 253 For- | 


Brown Joseph, pedlar, r. Brevoort House &* 

Brown Joseph, physician, r. 3S5 Wnbash av. 
Brown Joseph, porter. Joseph T. Ryerson, r. Laflin, 

bet. Coolidge and 12th 
Brown Joseph, surveyor, M. Harty, jr. r. Brown, JM 

cor. Maxwell jg 

Br>wn Joseph, teamster, r. 25 Starr 
Brown Joseph E. surveyor, Chicago Firemen s Ins. A 

Co. r. 59 Aberdeen ^ 

Brown J. r. 8!) Donglns pi. 

Brown J. lab. r. 14 ( .l Nort h av. ^ 

Brown J. lab. r. 149 North av. 
Brown J. A. carpenter, r. 287 N. Market 
Brown J. A. elk. Ross & Gossage, room 45 116 g 
LaSalle W- 

Brown J. B. physician, r. 315 N. W"lls 
Brown J. B. Mrs. intelligence office, 239 VV . Ran- Q| 
dolph j_ 

Brown J. D. cook. r. 363 State 

Brown J. D. salesman C. T. Raynolds & Co., r. Wau- 

Subscribe for THE INTERIOR. 


Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. I>. Bailey. !tt;inager, 

Yard, O5 W. 13th St. General Office, 151 Monroe St. 







Wilmington Coal. 

Better by 32 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. , 

Better thnn most Oh n and Pennsylvania Coal sold in thi- market, 
and aa (food as the be.-t for nil ordinary purposes. l3?~Free of SLite 
aad Sulp-Mir 

Chicago and Wiltnintjton Coal Co., 

No. 2 West Van Buren Street, Chicago. 

Brown J. E. broker, 150 Washington, r. 119 21st 

Brown J. I. bkpr. r. 161 Adams 

Brown J. J. livery stable. 4-22 and 424 W. Madison, 

r. Washington, cor. Halsted 
Brown J. J. (Beal & Brown) r. 144 W. Madison 
Brown J. M. manager, Charles P. Coggeshall, r. 683 


Brown J. N. waiter. St. James Hotel 
Brown J. P. confectionery, 141^ W. Madison, r. 268 

S. Jefferson 
Brown J Q. whol, liquors, 82 S. Water, r. 320 Van 

Brown J. S. real estate, 158 Washington, r. 769 Wa- 

bash av. 

Brown Lenhart, lab. r. ss.White bet. Pine and Rush 
Brown Leroy, sash and blinds, r. 208 S. Green 
Brown Levrett, R. R. contractor,^ 233 Warren av. 
Brown Lewis A. (Warren, Friesleben & Co.), r. 237 


Brown Luke S. mason, r. 284 Huron 
Brown Lyman, elk. J. H. Clonch & Co. r. 190 20th 
Brown L. elk. Marcnse & Roman, r. 108 Case 
Brown L. M. hardware, r. 598 Burnside 
Brown Margaret, wid. Charles, r. 23 Granger 
Brown Martin, lab. r. 158 Michigan 
Brown Martin, cook, r. rear 239 3d av. 
Brown Mary, washerwoman, r. 1005 N. Halsted 
Brown Mary Misc, boardinghouse, 135 Michigan 
Brown Mary Mrs. r. 327 State 
Brown Mary, wid. George, r. 14 Laflin 
Brown Mary, wid. Nicholas, r. 548 S. Halsted 
Brown Mary, wid. John, laundress r. 275 Clark 
Brown Mary Miss, asst. teacher, Rush St. Schoel, 

r. 116 Rush 

Brown Mary D. wid. David P. r. 62 Ellis av. 
Brown Maurice, lab. Ashland av. 
Brown May Mrs. boardinghouse, 52 S. Desplaines 
Brown Merrit P. dep. elk. Superior Court, r. 461 

W. Jackson 
Brown Merritt J. bkpr. Thomas H. Brown, r. 162 S. 


Brown Michael, blksmith, r. 171 W. Lake 
Brown Michael, blksmith, Bohanon & Purington, 

r. 434 W. Erie, w 15, b Germany 
Brown Michael, lab. r. Ferdinand, bet. Oakley and 


Brown Michael, lab. r. 219 Jackson 
Brown Michael, saloon, 31 Archer av. 
Brown Milly Mrs. r. 123 Huron 
Brown Minnie, r. 22 Kramer 
Brown Minnie Miss, laundry, r. 14 N. Green 
Brown Morris painter, r. 165 4th av. 
Brown Mrs. r. 189 Walnut 
Brown M. painter, r. 329 W. 12th 
Brown M. D. lawyer, 126 Dearborn, r. 214 Park av 
Brown M. E. Mrs. shirtmkr. r. 291 State 
Brown M. E. printer, Jameson & Morse, 110 


Brown M. H. wid. Rev. Arza, r. 153 W. Indiana 
Brown M. M. liverystable, r. 37 Pine 
Brown M. P. sec, Foremanizing Co. r. 234 Dear- 

Brown M. V. com. mer. r. 94 N. Leavitt 
Brown Nathan H. (W. H. Brown & Bro.), r. 22 Ash- 
land av. 

Brown Nathaniel, shoemkr. r. 663 W. Lake 
Brown Neill e-asfitter, r. 144 W. 12th 
Brown Nicholas, bartender, H. Merrill, r. 18 N. 


Brown N. R. printer, r. 29 W. Randolph, 
Brown Ohlsen, teamster, Phelps, Dodge & Palmer, 

r. 15 Dobyn 

Brown Oscar, cicrarmnfr. r. Sfi N. Wells 
Brown Otto, packer, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 288 


Brown Owen, lab. E. L. Gowen 
Brown Owen, stonecutter, r. 372 5th av. 
Brown O. D. r. 253 26th 
Brown O. J. lumber insp. r. 543 Archer av. 

Brown Patrick, lab. r. 310 Cathcrin 

Brown Peter (Brown & Wilson), r. 280 W. Lake, 

Brown Peter, mason, r. 25 Starr 

Brown Peter, sailmkr. Purington & Scranton, r. 114 


Brown Peter, tanner, r. 140 Desplaiues 
Brown Peter E. tailor, r. 116 29th 
Brown Phillip, blksmith, r. 810 Archer at. 
Brown Philip, helper, r. 141 Wabansia av. 
Brown Philip, lab. Chicago Plate and Bar Mills, r.. 

Archer av. 

Brown Primary School, Warren nr. Wood 
Brown P. A. real estate, room 2, 182 Dearborn r. 

279 Calumet av. 

Brown Rasmus, lab. r. 202 W. Erie 
B own Reuben, elk. r. 105 12th 
Brown Richard, driver, r. 137 Adams 
Brown Richard, typemkr. r. 351 W. Harrison 
Brown Robert, baker, r. 166 W. Harrison 
Brown Robert, carpenter, r. 181 W. Lake, 
Brown Robert, carpenter, r. Plum, nr. Laflin 
Brown Robert, finisher, r. 289 W. Lake 
Brown Robert, helper, r. 3% Elston av. 
Brown Robert, lab. r. 28 N. Canal 
Brown Robert, lab. r. 105 Ewing 
Brown Robert, salesman, Lovejoy & Foster, r. 161 

N. Dearborn 
Brown Robert, ship. elk. Young & Milner, r. 29 W. 

Brown Robert, waiter, Thomson's restaurant, r. 76 


Brown Robert B. broommkr. r. 553 Fulton 
Brown Robert S. engineer, r. 569 Burnside 
Brown Rockwood, realestate, r. 150 Michigan av. 
Brown Royal, stoves and tinware, r. 874 Fulton 
Brown R. elk. r. 46 4th av. 
Brown R. B. r. 46 N. Ann 
Brown R. F. (Manning & Brown), r. 783 Fulton 
Brown R. H. cigars and tobacco, r. 306 State 
Brown R. S. ship. elk. Culver, Page, Hoyne & Co, 

r. 172 S. Peoria 

Brown Sam (Brown & Prior), r. Clifton House, 
Brown Samuel, bell boy, Sherman House 
Brown Samuel, coachman, r. 92 Park av. 
Brown Samuel, salesman, D. P. Brown, r. 1 Hon- 

Brown Samuel, student, Bryant <fc Chase's 

Business College 
Brown Samuel, jr. bkpr. David P. Brown, r. 1 Hon- 


Brown Samuel H. bkpr. Adams House 
Brown Sarah Mrs. laundry, 368 W. Randolph 
Brown Sarah, wid. John, r. 361 S. Morgan 
Brown School, John K. Merril, prin. ns. Warren 

av. bet. Wood and Page 
Brown Simeon H. foreman, r.291 W. Taylor, 
Brown Squier, coachman, r. 198 4th av. 
Brown Stephen, sailor, r. 101 W. 12th 
Brown Stephen F. (Brown & Ricketts), r. 871 Wa- 

bash av. 

Brown S. coachman, J. S. Sharp, r. 612 Wabash av. 
Brown S. engineer. P., F. W. & C. R. R. r. 133 
Brown S. B. (S. B. Brown <fc Co.), r. 101 16th 
Brown S.B. & Co. metallic car roofing, 238 Dear- 

Brown S. K. speculator, r. 1018 Wabash av. 
Brown S.R. druggist, r. 350 N. Wells 
Brown Theo. F. (C. B. Brown & Co.), r. 113 S. Park 


Brown Theodore, storekpr. r. 158 Milwaukee av. 
Brown. Thomas, carpenter, r. 165 W. Chicago av. 
Brown Thomas, jr. (St. John & Brown), r. 55 Lake 
i av. 

Brown Thomas, hostler, r. 94 N. Wood 
Brown Thomas, lab. r. 76 Hubbard 
Brown Thomas, lab. r. 547 (Hark 
Brown Thomas, lab. r. 18 Clayton 
Brown Thomas, lab. r. 4<i3 W. 12th 
Brown Thomas, machinist, r. 15 N. Clinton 

Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Bank Vaults made at Harris' Safe Factory, 







Brown Thomas, porter, Joseph T. Ryerson 
Brown Thomas, rec. elk. Union Stock Yard Oflice- 

r. 199 31st 

Brown Thomas, lake capt. r. 76 S. Morgan 
Brown Thomas, tobacconist, r. rear 219 Jackson 
Brown Thomas B. pres. Board of Police, r. 265 Park 


Brown Thomas H. asst. G. Acton, r. 190 5th av. 
Brown Thomas H. propr. Novelty Carriage Works, 

44 Adams, r. 162 South Peoria 
Brown Thomas M. deputy sheriff, r. 231 W. Erie 
Brown Thomas 8. butcher, r. 96 Sedgwick 
Brown T. slmmkr. r. 663 W. Lake 
Brown T. B. agt. r. es. Ellis av. bet. Oakwood av. 
Brown T. C. S. printer, Rounds & Kane, r. 211 Ran- 

Brown T. E. waiter, St. Caroline's Ct. 
Brown T. H. jr. (.Culver, Page, Hoyne & Co.), r. 198 

S. Green 
Brown T. H. elk. Hut. Life Ins. Co. Chicago, r. 167 


Brown T. M. elk. r. 231 W. Erie 
Brown T. S. steward, r. 96 Sedgwick 
Brown Vespecian, coachman, r."39 Florimond 
Brown Walter, r. 360 W. Harrison 
Brown Walter, elk. r. 546 Union 
Brown Walter, gardener, r. 572 Washington av. 
Brown Willet L. druggist, 447 N. Clark, r. 448 N. 


Brown William, blksmith, r. 31321st 
Brown William, boottreer, r. 508 Hubbard 
Brown William, bricklayer, r. 343 Blue Island av. 
Brown William, com. mer. 237 Lake, r. 17 Bryant 


Brown William, cook, r. 135 N. Clark, w 20 
Brown William, cook, r. rear 192 LaSalle 
Brown William, engineer, r. 329 W. Lake 
Brown William, expressman, r. 143 W. 12th 
Brown William, grocer, 292 Clark 
Brown William, lab. r. 189 Michigan 
Brown William, lab. r. Gordon, cor. Wallac 
Brown William, lab. r. rear 459 W. Kinzie 
Brown William, lab. r. 45 Main 
Brown William, sailor, r. 162 N. Sangamon 
Brown William, tailor, r. 292 W. Indiana 
Brown Wyiiam, tailor, r. rear 1% S. Desplaines 
Brown William, teamster, r. 267 Cottage Grove av. 
Brown William, wagoumkr. W. Wharton & Co. 
Brown William, waiter, Chas. Kern, r. 192 LaSalle 
Brown William A. showcasemkr. Eckerson & 

Worthing, r. 276 W. Harrison 
Brown William F. (Mitchell, Brown & Thomp- 
son), r. 1476 Indiana av. 
Brown William G. r. 329 Park av. 
Brown William H. elk. Parkhurst & Wilkinson, r. 

879 Indiana av. 
Brown William J. carriagemkr. r. rear 215 S. Hal- 


Brown William P. artist, r. 606 Washington av. 
Brown W. barber, r. 517 S. Jefferson 
Brown W. Mrs. notions and cigars, 517 S. Jeffer- 

Brown W. C. plumber, r. 303 W. Madison 
Brown W. F. contractor, r. rear 198 S. Jefferson 
Brown W. H. elk. r. 224 DeKoven. 
Brown W. H. elk. Graham & Wallace, r. 566 S. Jef- 
Brown W. H. (W. H. Brown & Bro.), r. 22 Ashland 


Brown W. H. <fc Bro. boots and shoes, 77 Lake 
Brown W. J. grocer, 49 Vedder 
Brown W. J. repairer fire alarm telegraph 
Brown W.L. (A.B.Meeker & Co.), r.896 Indiana av. 
Brown W. M. painter, Heath & Milligan 
Brown W. P. r. 92 W. Madison 
Browu W. Q. (J. P. Fo?g, Son & Brown), r. 340 N. 


Brown W. S. messenger, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 269 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 


At 137 & 139 State Street, 

Browu W. S. salesman. I. C. Constant & Co. r. 45 
Van Buren 

Brown W. S. student, Bryant & Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Brown W. Watson, bkpr. r. 16 N. Ada 

Brown & Colbert, printers, 141 Monroe 

Brown & Harsha, rubber mouldings and wire f oods, 

117 Clark 

Brown & Prior, furnishing goods, 93 Wabash av 
Brown <fc Ricketts, lawyers, room 8, Metropolitan 


Brown & Wilson, shoemkrs. 494 W. Madison 
Browne Charles E. realestate, 102 Washington, r. 

Browne C. O. lake capt. r. ss. 45th, bet. Evans 

and Langley avs. 

Browne Nelson, elk. r. 129 Indiana 
Browne Edward, bkpr. W. B. Bhillips, r. 253 For- 

Browne Frank F. (Reed, Browne & Co.), r. 855 W. 


Browne G. W. carpenter, 481 14 Clark, r. 117 3d av. 
Browne Henry H, barber, r. 126 Sigel 
Browne James, plumber, r. 349 Division 
Browne John, coachman, r. 409 W. Madison 
Browne John, porter, H. Merrell 
Browne John F. lab. r. 412 Elston av. 
Browne J. S. (Browne & Hoyt), r. 144 Warren av. 
Browne Lizzie A. wid. Daniel, cook, r. rear 205 


Browne Lizzie R. Miss, teacher, Franklin School 
Browne Samuel A. (Phillips & Browne). r.Michigan 
Browne Samuel J. bkpr. r. 129 Indiana 
Browne T. B. salesman. Hall, Kimbark <fc Co. 
Browne Walter H. elk. The Co-operative Medicine 

Co. r. 99 N. Wells 
Browne William, elk. W. B. Phillips, r. 253 For- 


Browne William, plumber, r. 349 Division 
Browne William H. eonl. agt. Seymour, Morgan 
& Allen. 95 W. Lak>, r. 441 W. Washington 
Browne & Hoyt, com. mers. 154 Washington 
Brownell C. (Smith, Jordan & Brownell), r. 947 W. 


Brownell C. 8. com. mer. 163 8. Water, r. 1163 Prai- 
rie av. 
Brownell C. B. elk. John C. Partridge & Co. r. 95 

Douglas pi. 

Brownell C. J. elk. Robert M. Woods, r. 24 Adams, 
Brownell J. conductor, I. U. R. R. r. 68 W. Ran- 

Brownell Egbert , teamster, r. 315 22d 
Brownhill Charles, lawyer, r. 947 W. Mndison 
Browuhold George, stonecutter, r. 176 Forquer 
Browning George, W. carbuilder, r. 490 Burn- 

Browning John, coachbuilder, r. 490 Burnside 
Browning Samuel, builder, r. 95 S. Jefferson 
Brownlee Anna, wid. Mungo, boardinghouse, 168 

S. Halsted 

Brownly James, blksmith, r. 517 N. Halsted 
Brownly James, jr. student, r. 517 N. Halsted 
Brownson Charles B. (Brownson, Hayden & Co.), 

r. 1S3 Park av. 
Brownson, Havden & Co. genta' furnishing goods, 

34and3ti Washington 
Brownson William H. (Brownson, Hayden & Co.), 

r. St James Hotel 

Broz Aloy, moulder. W. Kautsky, r. 163 Van Buren, 
Broz Franz, framemkr. W. Kautsky r. 444 Clinton, 
Brubach George, machinist, r. 466 N.Weils 
Bruce Benjamin, jr. general western agt. Perkins, 

Stern & Co. r. 545 Michigan av. 
Bruce Catherine, wid. Joseph, r. 106 Monroe 
Bruce Charles, salesman, P. Harkms.r. 106 W. Ran- 

Bruce Ephralm. lab. 234 Maxwell 
Bruce E. A. (Bruce & Wachsmuth), r. 782 W. Madi- 







31 cad & Coe, Loan and Real Estate Agents 154 Washington t ., 

Money Loaned on Real Estate for a term of years* 












Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Celebrated Wilmington Goal; 

Office and Yard, No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 


Bruce E. B. salesman, Perkins, Stern & Co. r. 199 

Michigan av. 
BRFCE E. K. com. mer. and gen. insurance 

agt. 120 La Salle, r. Sherman House 
Bruce F. M. elk. E. K. Bruce, r. St. Carolines Ct. 
Bruce G. tailor, K. B. Olsen 
Bruce Henry, tailor, r. 185 S. Halsted 
Bruce J. wid. Harry, dressmkr. r. 100 Brown 
Bruce Michael, r. 323 S. Parkav. 
Bruce Nils, tailor, r. 9 Olis 
Bruce Robert, .elk. E. K. Bruce, r. 252 Michigan 


Bruce Robert, shipcarpenter, r. 507 Mitehell . 
Bruce Winslow L. bkpr. Simeon Cobb, r. 12 S. 


Bruce W. A. blksmith, Moser & Hass, r. 602 State, 
Bruce W. G. switchman, r. 231 Mitchell 
Bruce & Wachsmuth, grain brokers, 63 Pope's blk. 
Bruch Christian, wagonmkr. 313 Noble 
Bruch Frank, lab. r." rear 46 Burlington 
Bruchek Joseph, lab. r. ns. 25th, bet. Wentworth 

av. and Buddan, 
Brncher Joseph, wks. Palmer, Fuller & Co. r. 309 

4th av. 
Brncher Margaret, wid. John,' boardinghouse, 428 

Brucher Thomas, wks. Palmer, Fuller & Co. r. 309 

North av. 

Brack Jacob, varnisher. r. 97 White 
Brack Peter, lab. r. 20 W. I7th 
Brack Valentine, coppersmith, r. 349 Milwaukee 

Brucklacher, Louis, umbrellas and parasols, 10> 

N. Clark 

Bruckman Christopher, painter, r. 89 S. Jefferson 
Bruckmann Ernst, butcher, r. 355 Milwaukee av. 
Brnder August, finisher, J. Green, r. 47 W. Ran- 

Brnder William, lab. r. 133 Sheffield av. 
Brudigam Charles (Teigeler&Brudigam),r.8 Mark 
Brudigam Charles, milk, r. 180 N. Green 
Brudnell John, r. 93 Whitney 
Brae Thomas, lab. r. 550 S. Morgan 
Brueck Fritz, lab. r. 15 Langdon 
Brueckncr L. hackman, r. 210 3d av. 
Bruedigam Charles, wagonmkr. r. 8 Mark 
Braen Albert Julian, elk. 85 N. Clark 
Bruenning Frank, hostler, Union Hotel 
Bruggbacher Frank, gilder, Charles Brachvogel, r. 

977 W. Lake 

Bruggemann Carl, elk. r. 294 Milwaukee av. 
Brugger John L. lime and cement. 56N. Desplaines 
Bruggimann William, r. Uhlich House 
Brugmann Frederick, carpenter, r. 359 Blue Island 

Brucrmann Henry, elk. William Blair & Co. r. 357 

Blue Island av. 

Brnhlmann J. tailor, r. 38(i Clybourn av. 
Brahms William, painter, r. 261 W. 16th 
Bruhn Albert, lab. r. 1761st 
Bruhn Albert, pedlar, r. 298 N. Ashland av. 
Bruhn Annie, Mrs. r. 77 Ohio 
Bruhn Anthony, cook, Mrs. C. Bruhn 
Bruhn C. Mrs. restaurant, 167 Madison 
Bruhn Mary A. Mrs. r. 115 W. Madison 
Bruhn Morquard, carpenter, r. M Cornell 
Brnhne Fritz, carpenter, r. 101 Bushmill 
Bnihns Henry, carpenter, r. 77 Clybourn av. 
Bruhns John,' grocer, 1492 S. Halsted 
Bruka Joseph, lab. r. 35 Burlington 
Brum Frederick, housemover, r. ]01 Hurlburt 
Eminent Alexander, painter, r. 121 '/z Quincy 
Brumfield A. L. signwriter. (Mil W. Lake 
Brummel Henry (Brnmmel& Jolinsen), r. 88 Canal- 
port av. 

Brummcl Frederick carpenter, r. 72 Canalport av. 
Brummel & Johnson, srrocers. 88 Canalport av. 
Brummer Carl, teamster, r. 115 Front 
Brummitt George, bartender, r. 130 VanBuren 

Brumswick John E. printer, r. 411 W.Madison 
Brun A. H. blksmith. r. rear 97 Bremer 
Brun P. saloon, 124 W. Randolph 
Briuidage S. V. fireman, r. 677 S. Halsted 
Brunder John, lab. r. 21 Alexander 
Brune Albert, pedlar, r. 2911 N. Ashlnnd av. 
Brune E. F. miller, r. 628 S. Union 
Brunei! Constant, patternmkr. r. 260 21st 
Brnnell James, stonecutter, r. 76 W. Monroe 
Brunei 1 Moses, machinist, r. 127 W. Madison 
Brunell M. grinder and polisher, 17 S. Canal, f. 57 

W. Randolph 

Brunelle F G. printer, r. Reynold's blk 
Brunnemann B. driver, r. 86 4th av. 
Bruneng Charles, lab.r. ss. A, 3 w. of Southportav. 
Bruner Edward, cigarmker. r. 549 Hnrlbut 
Brunei' George, wagonmkr. r. 50 N. Halted 
Bruner Rosanna. wid. Michael, r. 549Hurlbnt 
Bruuet Madam, dressnikr. 393 Clark 
Brunet Moses, shoemkr. r. ws. Madison, bet. 55th 

and 56th 

Brunk John, carpenter, r. 471 Larrabee 
Brunka Hermann, carpenter, r. 27 Sampson 
Brunka William, carpenter, r. 575 W. 12rh 
Brunn Nicholas (Brunn & Burt), r, 282 W. Indiana- 
Brunn & Burt, druggists, 282 W. Indiana 
Brunneman Gabriel, elk. H. A. Kohn & Bros. r. 86' 

4th av. 
Brunner Charles, cigarmkr. C. F. Maurer, r. 99 


Brunner Mary Mrs. grocer Arnold, cor. 30th 
Brunner Victor, cigarmkr. Ruhel Bros. 
Brunnerman George,student,Bryant <fc Chase's 

Business College 
Brnnning Benjamin, agt. Moses Warren, r. 886 


Brunns Henry, tailor, 4 Lisle 
Brunow John, tailor, r. es. Burnside, bet. 37th and 


Bruns Frank, agt. Wilkins & Co. r. 362 Archer av. 
Bruns Frederick, saloon, 165 Randolph 
Bruns Frederick, r. rear 827 S. Halsted 
Bruns Henry, lab. r. 20 English 
Bruns H. F. draughtsman, Lewis L. Colburn, r. 381 

W. 12th, 

Bruns J. H. grocery, 392 N. Wells 
Bruns Louis^H. watchmkr. S. A. Deschaur, r. 102 

Milwaukee av. 

Bruns Wilhelmina Mrs. r. 180 W. Randolph 
Bruns William, H. drygoods, 102 Milwaukee av. 
Brunsmer Henry, lab. r. 63 Dickson 
Branson Anderson, carpenter, J.S. Bast, r.Larrabee, 
Branson James M. ruler, r. 52 W. Pearson 
Brunswick E. billiardtable mnfr. 13 La Salle, r. 

Congress Hall 
Brunswick Joseph ( J. M. Brunswick & Bro.), r. 876^ 

Indiana av. 

Brunswick J. M. (J. M. Brunswick & Bro.), r. Cin- 
cinnati. Ohio 
BRITJVSWICK J. M. &, BHO. billiard table 

mnfrs. 47 and 49 State, billiard hall, 122 and 124 


Brunt Richard, lab. r. 205 Clybourn pi 
Bruntburg William, lab. r. 212 Mitchell 
Brunze Martin, lab. r. 35 Blair 
BrurnsChristian,carpenter, J. M. Brunswick & Bro. 

r. 5 Warren 

Brus Christian, wagonmkr. r. 313 Noble 
Brusar William, wagonmkr. r. 183 Forest av. 
Brnsch Clara Miss, r. 308 Larrabee 
Brusch Michael, r. 19 Starr 
Bruse Charles F. bkpr. A. F. Dwight & Co. r. 181 

W. Randolph 

Bruse Neils, tailor, r. 9 Otis 
Bruse Peter, foreman, r. 258 W. Tyler 
Brusee Erastns. expressman, r. 1438 State 
Brusewiiz H. B. bkpr. r. 55 Sedgwick 
Brush David T. foreman, Munn & Scott, r. Barnes 



Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

93 Dearborn Street. 


SAFES made at Harris' 

SAFE FACTORY, 6O and O3 South Canal Street. 


















Bru:-h H. (Brush & Co.X r. 306 Calumet av. 

Brush H. R. clk.Union Elevator.r. 650 S. Canal 

Brush John, hoilermkr. r. 49 Heins 

Brush John, carpenter, r. 36H&Mlngl 

Brush John, lab. R. P. Barber & Co. r. 262 Whiting 

Brush Joseph, carpenter, r. 53 Catharine 

Brush Vatclof. painter, r. 81 Ewing 

B-ush William M. agt. r. 1104 Indiana av. 

finish & Co. com. mers. 130 S. Water 

Brushaet Man in, tinsmith, r. 268 S. Clinton 

Bruski Ignarz. lab. r. 64 George 

Brusnahan John, lab. r. 62 Wright 

Brusnahan Cornelius, carpenter, r. 298 1st 

Bruson H. C. physician and chemist, 145 LaSalle, r. 


Brusquine ' Harold, porter, Orient House 
Bmsshnver William, lab. r. 31 Penn 
Brust E. ins. r. 20!) Wabash av. 
Bruet Peter, lab. r. 6 loth 
Brust M.r. 378 N.Clark 
Bruszmann Charles, teamster, r. 245 Rncker 

Brnther , machinist, r. 382 Collage Grove av. 

Brutou Laurence, lab. r. 175 N. Water 

Bruz Peter, painter, r. ns. Webster av. bet. Racine 

av. and Fabins 

Bruzelius Andrew, machinist, r. 319 24th 
Bryan Alexander B. druggist, 80 W. Madison, r. 389 

" W. Madison 
Bryan Block, Monroe, nw. cor. LaSalle, Patrick 

Murray, janitor 
Bryan Bridget, r. 55 St. Clair 
Bryan Brodie, elk. Tolman & King, r. 389 W. Madi- 

Bryan Clarence, r. 389 W. Madison 
Bryan Dean, elk. r. 389 W. Madison 
Bryan F. A. drugsrist, 33 Dearborn, r. 1 Bryan pi. 
Bryan F. W. elk. TE. Burnham & Son, r. 1 Bryan 

Bryan H. S. machinist, M. S. & L. S. R. R. r. 661 

' Burnside 

Bryan John L. G. pressman, r. 286 W. Madison, 
Bryan, J. C. druggist, 33 Dearborn, r. 1 Bryan pi. 
Bryan J. H. engineer, Stettauer & Wineman, r. 366 


Bryan N. O. lab. r. 129 W. Randolph 
Bryan Patrick, r. 48 Sherman 
Bryan Thomas B. pros. Fidelity Safe Depository, 

143 Randolph, r. Elmhurst 
Bryan T. W. druggist, r. 1 Bryan pi. 
Bryan William H. exp. messn<rr. r. 252 Fulton 
Bryan W. A. elk. r. 197 W. Monroe 
Bryant Addison, elk. W. G. Wing & Co. r. Barnes 

" House 
Bryant Albert W. pass. agt. ErieR. R. 66 Clark, r. 

231 Wabash av. 

Bryant Alexander, railroadman, r. 40 4th av. 
Bryant A. elk. r. Central House 
Bryant A. driver, r. 127 3d av. 
Bryant Channcey A. ;clk. Clark, Abbott & Co. r. 

1351 Wabash av. 

Bryant Elisha, moulder, r. 57 Washington av. 
Bryant George, bkpr. r. 591 ^ 8. Canal 
Bryant George, priuterjr. 170 Monroe 
Bryant George, moulder, r. 65Oakwood 
Bryant George, carpenter, r. 802 Washington av. 
Bryant George E. trav. salesman Harmon, Messer & 

Bryant G. H. printer, Spalding & LaMonte, r. 114 


Bryant Heury Mrs. r. 509 Bnlterfleld 
BRYA]VT'JOH:V J. gen. agt. Elliptic sewing 

machine. 121 Wabash av. r. 50(5 Wabash av. 
Bryant Joseph O. manager The Howe Sewing Ma- 
chine Co. 107 State, r. 506 Wabash av. 
Bryant J. engineer, r. 63 Wilson 
Bryant T. H. realestate agt. r. 220 Park av. 
Bryant William, r. 131 W. Washington 
Bryant William, foreman, r. 879 Fnlton 
Bryant William, lab. r. 1 W. Hinsdale 



No. 158 State Street. 

W. C. CLA22Z, Haiajer. 0. E. 203E2TS AJEL- 


Itfo. O4 Washington Street, Chicago. 



Bryant William H mastermechauic, P. Ft. W. & C. 

R. R. r. & Wilson 
Bryant -.. r. 185 W. Monroe 

LEGE, Clark cor. Washington, opp. Court 


Brvce James, ticketagt. 2 Lake, r. 278 Michigan av. 
Bryce Michael, lab. r. 129 Wright 
Bryce Thomas, plumber, S. H. Kcndrick, r. 320 


Bryce William, painter, r. 169 W. Madison 
Bryde Charles F. cooper, r. 115 W. Kinzie 
Bryden Allen, carpenter, r. ]26 W. Harrison 
Bryer J. R. carpenter, r. 827 State 
Bryer Thomas M. carpenter, J. Goodman, r. 827 


Bryerton Joseph, carpenter, r. 124 Bnrnside 
Bryerton William, sash and door mnfr. 772 State 
Bryman James O. asst. editor Standard, r. 7812th 
Brynaldsen B. entry elk. Frank Stnrges & Co. r. 

370 Indiana 

Brynaldson Osmand, sailor, r. 370 W. Indiana 
Bryne Joseph, boarding house. 661 State 
Brynes Charles, pa .ker, r. rear 72 Canalport av. 
Brynes John, packer, 38 String 
Bryon William, perfumer, r. rear 15 Lonergan 
Bryon William (William Bryon & Co.), r. Price pi. 
Bryon William & Co. perfumery nrtifrs. 189 5th av. 
Bryson Charles, merchant tailor. 212 W. Randolph, 

r. 134 Coolidge 

Bryson Frank, porter, Bent & Goward, r. 91 In- 

Bryson George G. stationer, r. 48 Sheldon 
Bryson James, trav. agt. Sladden & Crane, r. Briggs 


Bryson Nichols, carpenter, r. 13 Keith 
Bryson William, civil engineer, 190 Randolph, r. 48 

S. Sheldon 

Bryson William J. civil engineer, r. 48 S. Sheldon 
Bnaghe Ulic, lab. r. 76 Seward 
Buansack Christopher, lab. r. 488 Larrabee 
Buaschen Martin, shoemkr. r. Berlin, nr. Willow 
Bubbeck Frederick, showcase mkr. r. 272 31st 
Bubmann George, painter, r. 178 North 
Buch August, saloon, 226 18th 
Buch Charles, cabinetmkr. r. 417 May 
Buch Herman, lab. r. 93 Elston av. 
Bnch I. P. elk. Shoeufeld Bros. r. 197 Michigan 
Buch Louis, lithographer, Nelke, Black & Co. r. 172 


Bnchane Patrick, barkeeper, U. S. Hotel 
Buchanan Aaron, drayman, Bowen, Hunt & 

Winslow, r. 190 3d av. 
Buchanan A. foreman, Bent & Goward, r. 17 S. 


Buchanan B. G. elk. M. J. Richardson, r. 526 State 
Buchanan, Carpenter & Co. coach and saddlery 

hardware, 202 Lake 

Buchanan Charles H. student, r. 530 Fulton 
Buchanan Denis, Inb. r. rear 343 W. 12th 
Buchanan D. woodwkr. H. A. Pitts 1 Sons 
Buchanan Edward P. elk. r. 530 Fulton 
Buchanan Eliza Mrs. r. 466 W. Randolph 
Buchanan E. P. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Buchanan F. R. ast. r. 254 Calumet av. 
Buchanan H. B. elk. Buchanan, Carpenter & Co. r. 

532 W. Monroe 

Buchanan Isaac, r. 567 Wabash av. 
Bnch'iman James (.lames & J. R. Buchanan), r. 789 

W. Madison 
Buchanan James Nelson, contractor, 131 Clark, r. 

530 Fulton 

Buchanan James & J. R. L'rocers. Vrfi W. Madison 
Buchanan Jerry, com. mer. r. 240 W. Randolph 
Buchanan -John', t.niv. a;:!. Phelps, Dodge <fc Palm- 
er, r. 254 Calnmel av. 
Buchanan John R. salesman, Markley, Ailing <E 

Co. r. 307 W. Monroe 



Mead & Coe, Real Estate and Loan Agents, 154 Washington St., 

We Invite correspondence on any matters connected, with Chicago ICeal Estate. 




|J Wilmington Coal. 

QU) Better by 32 per cent than any other 

Illinois Coal. 

Jj Better than mot Ohio and Pennsylmnia Coal sold in thi* market, 

79 mnd as i^ood as the bat for nil ordinary purposes. t3Tre of Slate 

g and Sulpnur. 

Chicago and Wilminr/ton Coal Co., 

No. 2 Weat Van Burea Street, Chicago. 






Buchanan John 8. (Buchanan. Carpenter & Co.), r. 
.532 W. Monroe 

Buchanan Joseph O. bkpr. James & J. R. Bu- 
chanan, r. 789 W. Madison 

Buchanan J. clfe. F. H. May & Co. r. Central 

Buchanan J. printer, r. 47 Depuyster 

Buchanan J. R.(Jaines & J.R. Buchanan), r. 781 W. 

Buchanan J. W. com. mer. r. Central House 

Buchanan Malcolm, sailmkr. Purington & Scran- 
ton, r. 83 George 

Buchanan Margaret F. associate editor Evening 
Post. r. Convent of Sacred Heart 

BUCHANAN M. . cashr. Com. Nat. Bank and 
vice pres. Com. Loan Co. r. 102 8. Ashland av. 

Buchanan Nelson Mrs. r. 530 Fulton 

Buchanan Richard, bkpr. r. 536 W. Monroe 

Buchanan Robert F. com. mer. r. 240 W. Randolph 

Buchanan Samuel R. salesmaii, Buchanan, Car- 
penter & Co. r. 532 W. Monroe 

Buchanan Walter, elk. r. 187 W. Madison 

Buchanan William H. elk. r. f32 W. Monroe 

Buchbiuder Jacob (Buchbiuder & Diamol), r. 105 
Milwaukee av. 

Buchbinder Morris, crockery, 115 Milwaukee av. 

Buchbinder & Diamol, flour and feed, 105 Milwau- 
kee av. 

Buche Jacob, blksmth. 385 Archer av. 

Buchel J G. lab. r. 44 W. 22d 

Buchely John, milk depot, 134 Schiller 

Bucher Alexander, groceries. 309 North av. 

Bucher Fidel, cabinetmkr. Schultz & Gobel, r. 261 

Bncher M. P., U. S. ganger, r. 975 N. Clark 

Bnchert John, pedlar, r. 31 Clarinda 

Bnchert J. lab. r. 29 Clarinda 

Bnchhauser Andrew, wagonmkr. r. 538 Larrabee 

Buchholdt Henry, carpenter, r. 19 Emma 

Buchholz Christ, wagonmkr. r. 392Clybourn av. 

Buchholz Frederick, 'grocer, r. 249 1st 

Buchholz Johan, lab. r. 172 Fry 

Bnchka James, lab. r. 385 W. 16th 

Buchley Joseph, carpenter, r. 1421 Prairie av. 

Bach man Henry, elk. VMMf4MMMMMpM. r. 

Buchman Walter, blksmmT, r. 803 Clark 
Buchmann Arnold (A. Buchmanu & Co.), r. 185 W. 

Chicago av. 
Buchmann A. & Co. California wines, 52 and 54 La 


B.ichmann Fredrick, shoemkr. 142 Chicago av. 
Buchmann Henry, r. 752 8. Halsted 
Buchner Frank, lab. E. H. & J. S. Turner 
Buchner T. barber, r. 87 4th av. 
Buchner Maurice, elk. R. Kleemann <fc Co. r. 123 


Bucholtz August, lab. r. 73 Hurlbut 
Bucholtz Frederick, lab. Chicago Terre Cotta Co. 

r. 152 Hastings 

Bucholtz John, honsemover, r. 173 Clybourn av. 
Bucholz Christian, lab. r. 104 Cornell 
Bucholz Ferdinand, shoemkr. r. 307 W. Madison 
Buchwald Frederick, coachman, r. 180 Michigan av. 
Buchward L. mason, r. 181 Burling 
Buchwinckler Frederick, wagonmkr. r. 52 Mo- 

Buck Albert, saloon. 561 N. Wells 
Buck Anthony, coachman, r. 455 W. Washington 
Buck August, lab. r. 677 S. May 
Buck B. W. com. mer. room 28 Bryan blk. 
Back Charles, lab. r. 35 Bauwaus 
F. ick Charles, plasterer, r. 278 Augusta 
Buck C. M. elk. A. NorgtT. r. 236 N: Carpenter 
Buck C. T. P. trav. salesman, Stewart, Aldrich & I 

Co. r. Aurora, Ills. 
Buck Dudley, organist, r. 39 Cass 
Buck D. C. salesman, Simpson, Norwell & Co. r. 

149 Randolph 

Buck Frank, lab, r. 31 Fisk 

Buck Fred, lab. r. 656 N. Ashland av. 

Buck Frederick, lab. r. 31 Fisk 

Buck Frederick, lab. r. 654 N. Ashland av. 

Buck George (Buck & Rayner). r. 159 Calumet av. 

Buck Henry, painter, r. 352 Centre av. 

Buck John, carpenter, r. 77 String 

Buck John, tinsmith, r. 656 N. Ashland av. 

Buck John, packer, r. 53 Linden 

Buck John H. carpenter, r. 192Townsend 

Buck Karl, carpenter, r. 677 S. May 

Buck Louis, lab. r. 677 S. May 

Buck Peter, packer, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 53 Lin- 

Buck Peter, sailor, r. 236 N. Carpenter 

Buck Philip H. (Buck, Stow& Co.), r. 171 W. Madi- 

Buck, Stow & Co. com. mers. 185 S. Water 

Buck Thomas, barber, J. H. Weekly, r. 181 5th av. 

Buck William, barber, r. rear 188 Monroe 

Buck William, coppersmith, r. 39 Kinzie 

Buck William, lab. r. Logan sw. cor. Hickory 

Buck , r. W. 17th. 

BUCK <fc RAYIVER, druggists. State aw. cor. 
Madison and 93 S. Clark 

Buckbee J. C. elk. S. C. Griggs & Co. r. 204 Michi- 
gan av. 

Buckdeutchel John, sashmkr. N. Side Planing Mill 

Buckdeutchel Leonard, sashmkr.North Side Planing 
Mill Co. 

Bucker Peter, shoemkr. r. 28 Hunt 

Buckhard Catharine, wid. David, r. 70 Linden 

Buckhardt Charles, painter, r. 75! Clark 

Buckhnrdt Frederick, tailor, r. 533 Sedgwlck 

Buckholt F. potter, r. 152 Hastings 

Buckholtz Albert, porter, biddle & Hunt, r. 475 
w 12th 

Buchholtz John, expressman, r. 161 Hastings 

Buckie John, jr. (Webster,Buckie &Co.), r. 152 N. 

Buckingham Charles, r. 575 Fullerton av. 

Buckingham Chirles, carpenter, r. 1050 W. Adams 

Buckingham C. P. supt. J. & E. Buckingham, r. 
575 Fullerton av. 

Buckingham Ebeuezer (J.& E. Buckingham), r. 
383 Huron 

Buckingham Edward H. r. 575 Fullerton av. 

Buckingham Francis W. 53 Dearborn, r. 698 Wa- 
bash av. 

Buckingham John, jr. elk. Landis & Co. r. 575 Ful- 
lerton av. 

Buckingham J. (J. & E. Buckingham), r. Wethers- 
field, Conn 

Buckingham J. machinist, r. 207 Division 

Buckingham J. & E. proprs. Central Elevators, foot 
S. Water 

Buckingham O. coal agt. 296 State 

Buckingham Robert, jr. printer, Oakley & Son, r. 10 
Lawrence pi. 

Buckingham Robert II. shoemkr. Nash & Burke, 
r. 16 Lawrence pi. 

Buckingham W. teller. Union Stock Yard Nat. 
Bank, r. Revere House 

Buckingham W. M. druggist, r. 114 -2d 
Bucklaud William O. (Buckland & Co.), r. 389 N. 

Buckland & Co. mnfrs. Japan blacking and water 

proof composition, 209 Washington 
Buckleman John, shoemkr. r. 122 W. Polk 
Bucklemann Henry, basketmkr. r. 81 Cornell 
Buckler Laurence, blksmith, r. 118 W. Van Buren 
Bncklery Patrick, grocer, 371 Loomis 
Buckley Anna Miss, r. 127 Townsend 
Buckley A. E. student. Bryant fc Chase's 

Business College 
Buckley Benjamin, driver, r. 877 SJate 
Buckley Bros, groce's. 251 Taylor 
Buckley Charles, banker, r. 1229 Prairie av. 

Diebold c& Hienzle's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

A Large Stock of New and Second-hand Safes at 

HARRIS' FACTORY, CO and O2 South Canal Street. 



By WM. M. DEE, ]Vo. 1O Itlouroe Street. 




Buckley Charles, draughtsman. r. 79!) Wabash av. 
Buckley Charles, student Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Buckley Clarence, tailor, J. S. McFarland, r. 174 In- 


Buckley Daniel, policeman, r. 210 Bnniiide 
Buckley Daniel, teamster, r. 584 W. Indiana 
Buckley Daniel, foundrymau, Holmes, Pyatt&Co, 

r. 98 4th 

Buckley Dennis, lab. r. 17<i S. Clinton 
Buckley Dennis, printer, r. 15 Nebraska 
Buckley D, P. (Buckley & Nabroth), r. 181 S. Leav- 


Buckley Eliza Mrs. r. 6S8 N. Wels 
Buckley E. G. r. 224 N. Clark 
Buckley E. G. (E. G. & S. S. Buckley), r. Barnes 


Buckley E. O. & S. S. Saloon. Barnes House 
Bucklcv Frank, teamster, W. P, Brazelton & Co, r. 

877 Slate 

Buckley G. D. elk. P. O. r. 690 W. Washington 
Buckley Henry, paperhanger, B.F. Chase & Walker, 

r. 4!) Hubbard ct. 
Buckley H. T. trav. salesman, C. O. Thompson & 

Co. r. 682 W. Jackson 

Buckley James, drayman, r. 161 Townseud 
Buckley James, lab. r. 225 1st 
Buckley James, lab. r. 123 Sedgwick 
Buckley Jeremiah, lab. r. 42 Augusta 
Buckley Jeremiah, tailor, r. 703 Clark 
Buckley Jerry, porter, r 210 Burnside 
Buckley John, carpenter, f. 88 Houston 
Buckley John, elk. <Jt. West. Despatch depot 

r. 3883d av. 

Buckley John, coachman, r. 1021 Wabash av. 
Buckley John, hardware, 184 W. Madison, r. 197 W. 


Buckley Jdhn, lab. r. 100 Lake av. 
Buckley Johu, Jab. r. 455 W. Kinzic 
Buckley John, printer, Rounds & Kane, r. 638 N. 


Buckley John, tailor, r. rear 4!13 S. Morgan 
Buckley John, tinner, bds. 167 Washington 
Buckley Jolin, r. 210 Burnside 
Buckley John. r. 14 Cherry 
Buckley John B. packer, A. Booth, r. 167 Washing- 

Buckley John F. ins. agt. 1 Trilxine bid-?, r. 9)4 De 


Buckle'y John, jr. blksmth. r. 2JO Burnside 
Buckley J. inaon, r. 455 W. Kinzie 
Buckley Kate, r. 456 State 
Buckley Lawrence, tailor, r. 274 Indiana 
BncKley Mary, wid. Morris, grocer, 368 W. Indiana 
Buckley Maurice, saloon, 292 Morgan 
Buckley Michael, l*b. r. H3 Swing 
Buckley Michael, lab. Elisha Eldred, r. 31 Arthur 
Buckley Michael, tailor, r. rear 307 S. Jefl'erson 
Buckley Michael, milkman, r. 325 Centre 
Buckley M. grocer, 6 Gurley 
Buckley Patrick, lab. r. 21 Chapin 
Buckley Peter, lab. r. 810 Archer av. 
Buckley Richnrd (Buckley Bros.), r. 251 W. Taylor 
Buckley Robert, lawyer, r. 481 W. Madison 
BuckleytS. S. (E. G.& S. 8. Buckley), r. 992 Michi- 

gan av. 
Buckley Thomas (Thomas J. West & Co.), r. 462 

W. Taylor 

Buckley Thomas, brassflnisher, r. 75 N. Union 
Buckley Thomas, confectioner, 101 W. 12th 
Buckley Timothy, lab. r. 161 Canalport av. 
Buckley Viney, wid. Michael, dressmkr. 280 Blue 

Island av." 
Buckley William, sergt. police, Armory, r. 189 3d 


Buckley Winifred, wid. Andrew, r. 105 Michigan 
Buckley <fc Nabroth. machine works, Calhoun pi. 

bet. Clark and Dearborn, Washington and Mad- 


H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

167 & 109 LAKE STREET. 


Catalogue and Samples sent, on Application. 


O4 Washington Street Chicago. 

Buckman ATbin. lal). r. 35* North v. TV 
j Buckman Patrick, bkpr. r. 243 Sedgwick 
! Ruckminster H. oyster and dining rooms,176 State 
1 Bucknor Thomas, coachman, r. 86 Park av, 
Buckstahler Martin, lab. r. 17 W. Li le 
Budach Gottlieb, tailor, A. D. Titsworth & Co. r. 

634 S. Union 

Bndd Benjamin, carver, r. 85 4th 
Budd Kate Mrs. r, 109 Forqaer 
Budd S. B. (King & Badd), r.708 W. Madison 
Budde F. W. woodcarver, r. 47 Union 
Budcle William, who), liquors. 474 S. Halsted 
Budejafsky John, baker, r. 543 S. Canal 
Burten Hans E. elk. r. 5(5 Bremer 
Buden Nicholas, painter, r. 56 Bremer 
Buderbach William, musician r. 51(7 N. LaSalle 
Buciinper John, lab. r. rear 265 Kossnth 
Budinger Peter, carpenter, r. 175 Arnold 
Budlik Frank, lab. r. 48 Fisk 
Budlong Bros, proprs. Rose Hill Market Garden and 

Pickle Factory. 140 S. Water 
Budlonsr J. A. (Budlong Bros.), r. Bowmanville, 

Cook Co. 
Budlong J. E. elk. American Ins. Co. r. 291 W. 


Budlong L. A. scavenger, office 127 Clark, r. Bow- 
man ville. Cook Co. 

Budnick Martin, lab. r. rear 77 Division 
Budorf Dietrich, joiner, r. 26 W. Oak 
Buechel Charles, confectionery, 355 Clark 
Buechel Joseph, doonnkr. r. 171 W. Madison 
Bnechner H. C. druggist. 319 Milwaukee av. 
Bueford John, carpenter, r. 438 Butteifteld 
Buegel Christopher, lab. r. 148 Hurlbnt 
Buehlan C. jappnner. r. 676 S. Jefferson 
Buehler Edward, bookseller, 117 Monroe 
Buebler Jacob, butcher. 470 Hurlbnt 
Bu'-hler Jacob, helper, tinshop, r. 231 North av. 
BUEHI^ER JOHN, alderman l:>th Ward 
and agt. Union Ins. & Trust Co. Bank, 
r. 334 Milwaukee av. 
Buehler John, teamster, r. es. Robert, bet. Chicago 

av. and Superior 

Buehler Job* G. butcher. 604 N. Wells 
Buehler Michael, agt. r. 425 W. Indiana 
Buehler William, cook. 38 LaSalle 
Buehrle George, exp. messenger, r. 112 N. Wells 
Buckler William, lab. r. 18 English 
I Buel David (David Buel & Co.), r. 322 W. Van 


Bnel David & Co. com. mers. room 31, 124 Wash- 
in vrt on 
Buel H. K. salesman, T. B. Weber & Co. r. 714 Wa- 

ba*h av. 

Buel James M. boardingbouse. 527 State 
Buel James W. salesman, Field. Leiter & Co. r. 527 


Buel Mary, Mrs. r. 125 N. Green 
Buel Theodore, turner, r. 194 Newberry av. 
Buel W. A. carpenter, r. 138 N. Elizabeth 
Bueler Fredrick, lab. r, ss. Clayton, bet. Wood and 


Buell C. H. elk. Life- Boat office, r. 249 Indiana 
Buell C. H. student, Bryant &> Chase's 

Business College 
Buell Edward, actor, r. 84 N. LaSnlle 
Buell Henry, tinsmith, r. H5 W. Erie 
Buell H. M. It. Mrs. r. 736 Michigan av. 
Buell Ira W. attorney, rooms 15 and 1C, 16(i Wash- 
ington, r. 1118 Indiana av. 
Bu.'ll James M.. Board of Health. r. 868 State 
Buell J. C. saloon, r. al. rear 214 Forquer 
Buell L. E. salesman, G. B. Green, r. li'l W. Yan- 


Buell Seth, photographer, r. 2 C <) X. state 
Buell William E. "painter, r. 191 W. VanBuren 
Buelow John. lab. r. 3:t Gardner 
Buclow Sophia, wid. Fred. r. 3: Gardner 
Bueuger Theodore, teacher, r. 427 May 



Commissioner of Deeds for all the States and Territories, 

See Adv't. PIIirX,IP A. HOY3TE, Custom House 




Wilmington Coal. 


Better l>y 32 i>er cent ttiaii any other 
Illinois Coal. 

IVtter fhnn nKst Oh o ami l>nnir!imniii ConI <> in ihi* market, 
nd as u-n.Kl ,a the bet lor till ordinary purposes. U?~Fiee of Slate 
na balfp'iir 

Chicago and Wilntinrjtnn Cnnl Co., 

No. -1 West Van Burcn Street, Chicago. 




Buen/,ow Fred, lab. r. 287 Division 

Buerger Charles, express, r. 204 Wentworth av. 

Buerger Rudolph, lab. Beck & Wirth, r. 2fiO Larra- 


Bucruell Hermann, carpenter, r. 281 Arnold 
Bucsiu Mathias, carpenter, 181 Mohawk 
Buefsing Henry, carpenter, r. 524 Milwaukee av. 
Buest Frederick, groom, A. M. Ex. Co. r. 143 W. 


Bnegt Gotlieb, shoemkr. J. Hesser, r. 315 Clark 
Bueter Charles H. bkpr. D. Herfurth & Guth, r. 53 


Bueter Louisa, wid. John. r. 670 Sedgwick 
Buettger Charles (Kopf&Co.), r. 357 Blue Island 

Bnettner Daniel (D. Buettner & Son,) r. 199 N. 


Buettner Daniel, jr. barber, 190 N. Wells 
Buettner D. & Son. harnessmnfrs. 199 N. Clark 
Buettner Louis (D. Bnettner & Son), r. 189 N.Clark 
Buetzin Peter, painter, r. 187 Mohawk 
Buetzow Christoph, tailor, r. rear 243 Division 
Buexier Robert, einnnkr. r. 405 N. Clark 

Buffalo, N. Y., E. K. Bruce, agt. 120 LaSalle 
Bufflnton Is. M. snpt. Protection Life Ins Co. r. 227 

Bnffum A. Mrs. editor, Seliaio Politico Party, room 

11. 194 Clark 

Buffum Matilda Mrs. r. 962 W. Jackson 
Buffum Stephen, bkkpr. r. 843 S. Halsted 
Buffum Whittier (Whittier Buffum & Co.), r. 194 


Buffnm Whiltier & Co. billposters, 194 Clark 
Buford N. B. r. 81 S. Morgan 
Bufton Edward, plumber, r. 125 W. Harrison 
Bngbee A. F. machinist, r, 195 W. Taylor 
Bugbee A. W. commissary Pullman Palace Car Co. 
Buybee Edmund, painter, Fletcher & Lazear, r. 32 

W. Madison 
Bugbee George, trader, 133 N. Jefferson, r. Diinton, 

Bugel Henry, blksmith, Peter Wolf & Son, r 386 


Buger Gottlieb, lab. 'r 81 Evans 
Buggie Jane Mrs. r. 699 S. Canal 
Buggy Pitrick, plasterer, r. 704 State 
Hugh C. elk. r. 197 Michigan 
Bugie Joseph P. printer, 194 Clark 
Buhel Cyrus H. painter, r. 190 Bine Island av. 
Buhl William E.(F. B. Brown & Co.), r. 168 N. Hal- 

Buhler George, engineer, F. S. Hanson, r. 262 W. 


Buhmnnn Theodore, newsdepot, 830 Larrabee 
Bnhn Charles, cutter, r. 91 Hastings 
Buhnan William, lab. r. 40 Kansas 
Bnhotts Fritz, lab. r. 652 Cenere av. 
Bnhrele Franz, lab. r. 166 North av. 
Buhrele Mattbens, tanner, r. 166 North av. 
Buhrer Jacob, r. 45 English 
Rubs William, lab. r. 210 20th 
Btiicker Henry, meatmarket, 198 S. Halsted 
Buider Charles, expressman, r. 29 Loewe 
Bnilar Andrew, lab. r. 50 Coolidge 
Builder'* Room. 124 LaSalle 
Bnjac Johan. lab. r. 39 Chapin 
Bujorson Alexander, varnisher, H. & M. Neuber- 

i:er. r. 90 W. Erie 

Buker John. elk. P. O. r. 165 Adams 
Buklnildt Henry, cabinetmkr. r. 130 Rebecca 
Bnklund Johanne, wid. John. r. 126 Bremer 
Bulbeck Mathuis, lab. r. 34 Elgin 
Bulchi-r Christian, lab. r. 755 S. May 
Biilck John, baker. 378 Centre av. 
Buldt Charles, wazonmkr. r. 266 Augusta 
Bulsar John, confectioner, r. 70 Washington av. 
Buker Edward, lab. r. 56 Hinsdale 
Bulger Edward, restaurant, 310 W. 22d 

Bulirer Hugh, carpenter, r. 510 S. Morgan 

Bulger James, lab. r. 56 Hinsdale 

Bulger James, teamster, r. 345 S. May 

Bulger Joseph, painter, r. 77 5th av. 

Bulger Martin, grocer, 173 N. Dearborn 

Bulger Mathew. teamster, r. 345 S. May 

Bugler Richard, porJer, Mead & Biggins, r. 56 

Bulger Thomas, lab. r. 239 Monroe 

Bulger Thomas, teamster, r. 391 W. Polk 

Buliceh Frank, lab. Joseph Ullman, r. 40 Era- 

Bulicek r skoemkr. D. Kahn, r.152 Mitchell 

Bulk Joseph, lab. r. 550 Division 

Bulkeley Charles T. real estate, r. 869 Michigan 

Bnlkeley C. F. undertaker, 599 W. Lake, r. 8S5 W. 

Bnlkeley Edward H. with C. F. Bulkeley, r. 835 W. 

Bulkley A. real estate, r. 483 W. Madison 

Bnlkley Robert H. (T. S. Fitch & Co.), r. 481 W. 

Bull A. r.501 State. 

Ball Charles M. piano tuner, r. 275 1st 

Bull Emily, wid. Samttel. r. 1176 Slate 

Bull F. D. sec. Zinc Roofing and Ornamenting Co. 
r. Nevada Hotel 

Brfll John, lab. r. 47 Nutt 

Bull J. H. engineer, Barnes House 

Bull J. V. (Markley, Ailing & Co.), r. 155 Warren 

Bull Louis, sailor, r. Union Hotel 

Bull L. J. sailor, r. 497 S. Halsted 

Bullnrd Charles, salesman, Wigbt & Stevens, r, 80> 

Bullard Charles E. elk, Hewes & Presoott 

Bullard Charles W. salesman, r. 311 Sedgwick 

Bullard C. W. engineer, r. 208 W. Taylor 

Bullard Edgar H. bkpr. Joel Bnllard, r. 225 On- 

Bollard Edward D. bkpr. Howe & McMullen, r. 
room 5. 106 Clark 

Bnllard E. bkpr. G. Whitaker & Co. 

Bullard Frank E. elk. L. C. Keeler, r. 139 N. Dear- 

Bnllard G. W.Jclk. Larrabee & North, r. 311 Sedg- 

Bullard H. L. millinery, r. Matteson House 

Bullard Joel, builder and manfr. sash, doors and 
blinds, Indiana, se. cor. Kingsbury, r. 225 On- 

Bnllard John O. cashier Union Steamboat Co. r. 651 
W. Washington 

Bullard Hufus. printer, Railroad Gazette, r. 74 

Bnllard Washington, agt. Union Steamboat Co. r. 
651 W. Washington 

Bullardna Frantz, lab. r. 43 Bnrlinsrton 

Bnllbach Charles, shoemkr. r. 817 N. Halsted, 

Bnlle Augustus, r. 439 Division 

Bullen Peter, cabinetmkr. r. 197 Bine Island av. 

Bullen Robert, student, r. 336 Calumet av. 

Bullen W. H. (Irish, Bullen & Co.), r. 998 Indiana 

Buller Charles C. polisher, J. Baner & Co. r, 675 W. 

Bnllerdieck F. H. cigars, r. 338 Sedgwick 

Bullerman William, machinist, r. es. Adams bet. 
55th and 57th, 

Bullermann William, teamster, C. Gehrke & Co. 
r. 124 Ohio 

Bullermen Henry, teamster, r. 572 W. 12th 

Bulleywinkle Benjamin B. driver fire marshal's 
wagon, r. 168% Madison 

Bullinger T. packer, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 132 

Bnllingham Charles, lab. Sherman House, r. 81 
Washington av. 

Bullis Robert, r. 248 W. Monroe 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

O3 Jrurbom Street. 

manulaclurer 01 *'<re su.a 

PUOOF SAFES, 6O aud G3 South Canal Street. 




, 7Jo. 105 Monroe Street. 




Bullis W. F. trav. agt. Wm. F. Foster & Co. r. Ne- 

vndfi House 

Bullman W. Charles, carpenter, r. 11 Hart 
Bullnkeimcr Christian. brewer, Lill's Chicago Brew- 
in? Co. r. al. rear 137 Pearson 
Bulloch James, costumer. 178 W. Madison 
BTTJLr,qCH WAI/TER H. optical and math- 
ematical instrument maker. 179 Madison 
Bullock Albert, giassstainer, George A. Misch & 

Bro. r. 40 Meridian 
Bullock Bros, boots and shoes wholesale and retail, 

86 Lake 
Bullock Francis, exp. messenger r. 192 W. Chicago 


Bullock George, teamster, r. 589 Wabash av. 
Bullock G.8. (Bullock Bros.) r. 53 Pine 
Bullock H. E. elk. N. W. Mnfg. Co. r. 24 3d av. 
Bullock J. C. (Bullock Bros.) r. 409 N. Dearborn 
Bullock Leo. cigarmkr. r. 174 W. Randolph 
Bullock L. E. (Bullock Bros.) r. Clifton House 
Bullock Ralph, lab. r. 824 N. Carpenter 
Bullock William, giassstainer. r. 40 Meridian 
Bullock W. E. elk: N. W. Mnfg. Co. r. 24 3d av. 
Bullow Frederick, lab. r. 651 8. Morgan 
Bulman Antony, lab. r. 544 Arnold 
Bulman Robert, grocer, r. 381 Larrabee 
Bulman Thomas, r. 194 N. Desplaines 
Bulmar John, lab. r. 124 Sedgwick 
Bulow Frederick, blksmith. r- 217 18th 
Bnlow F. W. cigarmkr. Louis Kuhardt, r. 335 5th 


Buloy G. lab. r. 321 W. Chicago av. 
Bnlpin Kate, booksewer. r. 189 McGregor 
Bult Louis, teamster, r. 73(5 Clybourn av. 
Bnlthaus Bonne, lab. r. 86 Fry 
Bultje Martin, carpenter, r. rear 53 Fry 
Bulwan Edward, jeweler, Theodore Schrader, r. 218 

Bui wart z J. upholsterer, Gilbert & Sampson, r. 89 

W. George 

Bulz Anthony, teamster, r. 123 Chicago av. 
Buma John, r. 545 Milwaukee av. 
Buman August, r. 691 S. Ashland av. 
Bnman Frederick, lab. r. 691 S. Ashland av. 
Bnman H. lab. Goss & Phillips Mfg. Co. 
Bumann Lars, sailor, r. 155 Division 
Bumcoton Frederick, lab. r. 352 S. Desplaines 
Bumes Charles, brakesman, r. 82 Pacific av. 
Bumes D. brakesman, r. 82 Pacific av. 
Bumhardt F. sashmkr. North Side Planing Mill Co. 
Bnmla John, cooper, r. 132 Catharine 
Bummer Charles, lab. r. 54 Hawthorne av. 
Bumstead Thomas, engineer, Crerar, Adams & Co. 

r. 71 Cornelia. 

Bumsteen Henry, tailor, r. 215 W. Indiana 
Bumster John, lab. r. 218 Aberdeen 
Bun J. lab. Goss & Phillips Mfg. Co. 
Bunbnrv Patrick, grocer, 1540 S. Halcted 
Bunce Joseph A. accountant, I. C. R. R. r. 2% 

Wabash av. 

Bunch Elizabeth Mrs. r. 281 State 
Bunch Frank, barber, r. 307 Clark 
Bunder John, gardener, r. 1146 Milwaukee av. 
Bundy Adolph, butcher, r. 1(13 DeKoven 
Bundy Arthur, foreman, W. B. Farrell, r. ws. 

Lake av. nr. 42d 

Bnndy A. com. mer. stock, r. 55 Forest av. 
Bundy Henry, tailor, r. 112 Coolidge 
Bnndy John, foreman, r. es. Hyde Park av. nr. 

Bundy John C. (Jones & Bundy). r. St. Charles, 

Bundy Ludwig, milkman, r. es. Butterfleld, bet. 

Egan av. and 38th 
Bundy M. elk, r. 55 Forest av. 
Bundy N. S. student, Bryant &, Chase's 

Business College 
Bnndy Thomas, r. 112 Coolidge 
Buneson Martin, lab. C. & N. W. Ry. 



No. 158 State Street. 




At 137 & 139 Plate Street. 

Bnnford William, elk. Vickery & Forbes, r 2 Indi- 
ana av. 

Bunge C. flour and feed, 69* W. Lake 

Bunge Theodore, packer, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 69 
S. Jefferson 

Bnnke August, carpenter, r. 176 North av. 

Bunker Charles, elk. O. W. Barrett & Co. r. Mon- 
roe, cor. Sangamon 

Bunker Charles H. mason, r. rear 446 Clark 

Bunker D. wid. Daniel, r. 817 W. Lake 

Bunker Eli, pedlar, r. 217 State 

Bunker E. H. salesman, S. Dingeefc Bro. 

Bunker James, shipcarpenter, r. 157 Calumet av. 

Bunker James, teamster, r. 217 State 

Bunker John, lab. ss. W. 18th, bet. Stnart av. and 

Bunker John, jr. wks. Duffleld Ham and Provision 

Bunker M. boardinghonse, 817 W. Lake 

Bunker Rufns, lab. r. rear 446 Clark 

Bunker William, lab. r. 446 Clark 

Bunker William H. com. mer. r. !)7 S. Sangamon 

Bunn Carl, bkpr John Fenn. r. 100 Townsend 

Bunnan J. Goss & Phillips Mnf. Co. 

Bunnel Reuben, pipeman, F. B. Brown No. 12, r. 
899 Fnlton 

Bunnell Charles, gardener, r. 936 W. Lake 

Bnnnell George W. (A. Thomas & Co.), r. 863 
Michigan av. 

Bunnell Henry J. grain dealer, r. 349 Division 

Bnnnell R. J. (Bunuell.Upham & McGlauchlin), r. 
34<t Division 

Bunnell, Upham & McGlauchlin. tanners and deal- 
ers in bides and leather. 131 Kinzie 

Bunner A. artist, 506 Wabash av. 

Bunner Joseph, teamster, Jacob Ulrich, r. 356 S. 

Bnnse William, carpenter, r. 618 Larrabee 

Bunting Emanuel. lab. Chicago av. nr. 1st 

Bunting James, tinner, Erinden & Co. r. 174 S. 

Bunting William, bill poster, Broadway Bros. & 
Treyser. r. 5 N Halsted 

Bunting William, chemist, r. 174 S. Clinton 

Bunting William, saloon, 1001 Milwaukee av. 

Bunting William, tinsmith, r. 174 8. Clinton 

Buntline John, lab. Spanlding & Merrick 

Bunyan Matthew, elk. McKindley, Gtlchrist <fc Co. 
r. 13 State 

Bunzow Bogislaw, lab. r. 21 Willow 

Bunzow Charles, lab. r. 21 Willow 

Bunzow Frederick, lab. Board of Public Works, r. 
287 Division 

Buop Louis, pedlar, r. 154 Superior 

Bupp Andrew, carpenter, r. 29 Hastings 

Bura John. lab. r. Ullman. nr. Springer av. w 6 m 1 

Buranck Frank, lab. r. ^5 DeKoven 

Bnrbach George A. r. 73 Cottage Grove av. 

Burbach Jacob J. elk. 2d Nat. Bank, r. 148 Sophia, 

Burbach John, mechanic, r. 239 4th av. 

Bnrbnch John, r. 148 Sophia 

Burbach Martin, grocer, 239 4th av. 

Burbach Werner, N. barber, John Andres, r. 239 

Bnrback J. J. bkpr. r. 20 S. Ada 

Burbnnk Alfred P. prin. Dearborn School, r, 133 
W. Monroe 

Burbnnk Charles, student, r. 40 W. Monroe, 

Burbank Edward A. r. 903d av. 

Burbank George W. moulder, r. 24 S. Desplaines 

Burhank Otts, lab. Let/. & Co. 

Burbank Tracy W. r. 390 W. Indiana 

Bnrbank William B. (Grav & Bnrbank), r. 00 3d av. 

Bnrbcck John. elk. r. 9 S. Curtis 

Bnrbock J. P". elk, r.407 W. Randolph 

Bin-bridge Albert, carpenter, D. Cocy, r. 787 State 

Burch Ann D. wid. Stephen, r. 95 Kinzie 

Burch Charles B. tcl. op. W. U. Tel. Co. r. Clifton 










THE INTERIOR, W. S. Mills, Publisher, 

Office, Room 6, .Monroe Building, Chicago, 111. 

Mead & Coe, Real Estate Agents, 154 Washington St., 

Property Kentecl and Rents Collected. 




f. Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co, 


I Celebrated Wilmington Goal 

mf Office and Yard, "So. 2 W. VanBuren St, 

Burch George W. tinner, J. P.Dalton, r. 142 S. Hal 
*2 sted 

CM Burch Harvey, seaman, r. 13 Brown 

{$ Burch John A. genl. east. pass. agt. L. S. & M. S 
y R. R r. Buffalo. N. Y. 

w Burchard George W. jr. (Mnnn & Bnrchard), r. 84 


Q Burchard W. H. bkpr. Doggett, Bassett & Hills, r 
V 868 State 
{JU Burchell Joseph, painter, 76 N. La Salle. r. 121 Illi 

^ Burchell J. E. (J. E. Burchell & Co.), r. es. Ellis 

av. bet. Onkwood and Brook avs. 

** BTJRCHEIX, J. E. <fc CO. real estate dealers 
fit 122 Washington 

Burchell Thomas, carpenter, 76 N. La Salle, r. 121 
3 Illinois 
_, Bnrchell Thomas, policeman, 1st prect. r. 192 Went 

worth av. 

Bnrchers Herman, elk. r. 349 W. Harrison 
, i Burchett. F. R. machinist, I. C. R. R. 
Burchett Mary. wid. John, sewing, r. 16 Case 
Burchett William, physician, r. 210 Randolph 
^ Burckardt Charles, marblecutter, R. Smith, r. 17th, 
ne. cor. Burnside 

Burcky Christian, elk. Frederick Bnrcky, r. 86 5th 


P Buroky David, collector, Town of Lake, 78 La 

y Salle 

f Burcky Frederick, bakery and coffeehouse, 84 and 
pEf 86 "5th av. 
,. Burda Caspar, lab. 141 Forquer 

<f. Bnrdell Charles, sergt. police, r. 205 W Randolph 
*< Burdell Elizabeth, wid. John. r. Cornell 

f Burdell Nelson, coachman, r, 167 S. Sangamon 
9 Burdens Daniel, lab r. rear 124 Townsend 
, Burder Michael, r. 288 Centre 

H Burdett Fred. J. organmkr. r. 113 Chicago av. 
Burdett George C. (Burdett, Smith & Co.), r. Troy, 
. N. Y. 
J^ Burdett Riley (R. Burdett & Co.), r. 71 Maple 

Burdett R. & Co., organ mnfrs. 77, 79 and 81 Sedg 
i? wick 

2J Burdett, Smith <fc Co. whol. stoves and hollow 
^* W3F6, 46 rivGr 
5; Burdick D. J. r. 147 Huron, w 20 
M Burdick Frank, lab. Bennett, Fuller & Co. 
*J Burdick I. D. trav. salesman, Tolman & King, r. 

383 Wabash av. 
X Burdick J. M. ins. agt. r. 346 Walnut 

Burdick Otis S. printer, Bureau Printing Co. r. rear 
R 215 Erie 

tail Burdick Rodman S. carpenter, r. 346 Walnut 

Burdick Samuel, builder, r. 120 S. Halsted 
GO Burdick Samuel, carpenter, r. 34 W. Madison 
M Bnrdick S. S. printer, r. 867 Arnold 
4 Burdick Thomas L. bkpr. r. 202 S. Water 
Burdick William, cashier, r. 147 Huron 

T Burdick William R. (Burdick & Mead), r. 5S4Mich- 
igan av. 

\ Bnrdick & Mead, lumber, 179 Grove 
** Burdmeister Henrv, baker, 364 Larrabee 

Burdon William W. bkpr. N. W. (Babcock) Fire Es 

tincrnisher Co. r. Winetka 

8 Burflsal C. S. jr. bkpr. Ludington, Wells & Van- 

.j Burdsall Edward H. (Smith & Burdsall), T. Ar.rora 
y Burdsall John W. (Knowles, Burdsall <fe Bacon), r. 

66 24th, 

Burdt August, painter, r. 358 W. Chicago av, 
W Bureau Joseph, lab, r. rear 14 17th 
A Bureau Printing Co. publishers. 104 State 
5* Burebc John, distiller, r. 40 Blue Island av. 
y Burelbach M. grocer. 230 Wentworth av. 
o Burelbach Peter, grocer, r. 254 21s: 
V Burg Albert, pedlar, r. 382 Wentworth av. 
J Burg Duvid. chinaware 395 Milwaukee av. 
S Burg Edward, shoemkr. Christian Steller, 41 Hunt 
^ Burg Frank, cigar mnfr. 13 Kroger 

Burg Henry, expressman, r. 81 Pratt 

Burg Jacob, coooer. O. Rounsavell, r. 13 Mohawk 

Bnnr Jacob, shoemkr. r. 5PO S. Jefferson 

Kurtran Henry, blksmith. C., R. I. & P. R. R. 

Burgar Frank, rolling mill, r. es. Pitney av. 

BargaringCbarlea, blksmith, r. 304 South Park av. 

Burge Charlie, boot and shoemkr. 15i> W. Lake 

Burge George H. boardinghouse, r. 44 N. Halsted 

Burge O wood worker, H. A. Pitt's Sons 

Burgen Patrick, lab. r. 81 Kossuth 

Burgeois Oscar, salesman, Field, Leiter& Co. r. 51 

Blue Island av. 

Burger Alexander, carpenter, r. 497 Arnold 
Burner Frederick, carpenter, rear 159 Adams 
Burger Henry, lab. r. 157 Eagle 
Burger Louis, r. 530 State 

Burger L. cigarmkr. G. F. Schmidt, r. 530 State 
Burger John", elk. r. 593 State 
Burger John, elk. Grommes & Ulrich 
Burger Peter, lab. r. 780 Archer av. 
Burger T B. bkpr. S. Cummings & Co. r. 167 Schil- 

Burger S. B. (S. B. Burger & Co.), r. 176 Schiller 
Burger S. B. & Co. worsteds and embroideries, ret. 
Ii7 Wabash av. 

Burger . lab. r. rear 263 4th av. 

Burgerson Samnel. sawyer, Thomas Gooodwillie 

Burge s Peter, candymkr. r. 95 Kinzie 

Surges S. John, collector, r. 805 Washington av. 

Burgeson A. O. Rev. r. 1072 Prairie av. 

Burgess Albert F. carriagemkr. r. 808 W. Lake 

Burgess Alden. lab. r. 74 Polk 

Burgess Alonzo, guns and pistols, 101 Lake, r. 185 

S. Morsan, 

Burgess Charles, mailclk, r. 226 W. Randolph 
Bnrgess Chas. A. student Bryant A, Chase's 

Business College 
Burgess Charles E. salesman West. News Co. r. 

181 W. Erie 

Burgess C. watchman, Stephens & Emery 
Burgess Dow, grocer, r. 331 Washington av. 
Burgess Eli, newsdealer. 1750 S. Halsted 
Bnrgess Frances E. Miss, r. 202 Colfax av. 
Burgess Henry, newspaper folder and mailer, 84 

Washington, r. 22> W. Randolph 
Burgess H. E. salesman. C. O. Thompson & Co. 
Burgoss James, lab. r. 39 Wentworth av. 
Burgess John. r. 74 Polk 
Burgess John F. mechanic, r. 320 Hobbard 
Burgess Louis, salesman, McKindley, Gilchrist <fc 

Co. r. Salem, Wis. 

Burgess Mary, washerwoman, r. rear 353 W. 12th 
Burgess Peter, carrepaier, C. & N. W. Ry. 
Burgess Rnss, elk. r. 147 N. Wells 
Burgess Thomas (Atkins & Burgess), r. Barnes 


Burgess William, flagman, r. 54 Alexander 
Burgess William, mailclk. r. 226 W. Randolph 
Burgess William T. lawyer, 92 Dearborn, r. 101 


Burggrof Martin, cabinetmkr. r. 117 W. Indiana 
Burgh C. doormkr. Will & Roberts 
Burgh David, carpenter, C. & N. W. Ky. 
Burgh N. shoemkr, 202 W. Madison, r. 208 and 

210 W. Lake 

Burghdiug John, carcleaner, r. 192 Wesson 
Bnrgheim~Caspar. clothing, 314 Milwaukee av. 
Burgheim H. clothing, 137 Chicago av. 
Surgher T O. Mrs. boardinghouse, 215 Clark 
Burghoff G. wks. Palmer, Fuller & Co. r. 90 S. 

Burghoff R. wks. Palmer, Fuller & Co. r. 90 S. 


Jurghoffer Emil, mechanic. Dewey, Jones & San- 
ders, r. 246 N. May 
Burshoffer John, carpenter, 225 W. Madison, r. 246 


Burghoffer J. J. G. (Braun & Bnrghoffer), r. 73 

Diebold <& ZSienzle's 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

93 X>carborn Street. 

Safes Repaired and Exchanged at Harris* 



By WM. JM. I>EE, IVo. 1O5 Monroe Street. 




BurgtB Henry C. (Collins & Burgle), r. 68r Michi- 
gan nv. 

Burgin D. M. carpenter, r. 1458 State 

Burgis Joseph, lab. r. 25 Wright 

Bursis , r. 12!) S. Halsted 

BurgoffD. \vks. Palmer. Fuller <fe Co. 

Bnrgoyne Henry, coachman, r. 259 Indiana 

Bnrgoyne Henry, waiter, r. 108 Pacific av. 

Burgson Charles, moulder, Phcenix Iron Works 

Burgwood Carl, car repairer, C. & N. W. Ry. 
Bnrhop Henry, upholsterer, Chapman & Son, r. 18 

Burhring Ernest, bridgetender, r. 128 W. Liberty 

Buri Ann Mrs. sr. rear 261 3d av, 

Burian Anton, ehoemkr. r. 59 Augusta 

Burien John, lab. r. Van Horn, bet. Robey and 
Campbell av. 

Buril Thomas, engineer, r. 735 S. Union 

Bnrilsh W. harnessmkr. r. 227 Kinzie 

Burk Anelia, wid. David, r. 83 W. Van Buren 

Burk Alexander, lab. r. 57 Wright 

Burk Andrew, lab. r. 106 Newberry av. 

Bnrk Bridget, wid. Martin, r. 45 Ontario 

Bnrk David, brakeman, r. 83 W. Van Buren 

Burk David, lab. r. 564 8. Jefferson 

Burk Frank, car finisher, r. 187 McGregor 

Burk Frantz. lab. r. 18 Kroger 

Burk G. machinist, r. 124 Townsend 

Burk Henry, carpenter, r. 1325 S. Halsted 

Burk James, r. 86 N. LaSalle 

Bnrk James, lab. r. 444 S. Canal 

Burk James, lab. r. Douglas pi. bet. Laurel and 

Burk James, lab. r. as. North av. bet. Wood and 

Burk John, bartender, T. E. Muldowny, r. 204 Il- 

Burk John, captain, 314 W. Tyler 

Burk John. lab. F. B. Gardner & Co. r. 15 Wright 

Bnrk John, lab. r. 83 W. Van Buren 

Burk John, machinist, r. 138 Brown 

Burk John, mason, r. 512 Arnold 

Burk John, moulder, r. 86 N. LaSalle 

Burk John, tanner, r. 742 State 

Burk J. wks. Chicago Gaslight & Coke Co. 

Burk Lewis, carpenter, r. 288 Maxwell 

Burk Margaret, wid. John, grocery, 480 4th 

Burk Margaret, wid. Timothy, boardinghouse, 138 

S. Clinton 

Burk Martin, lab. r. 93 Garibaldi 
Burk Martin, lab. r. 138 Brown 
Burk Michael, lab. r. 12 Hope 
Burk Michael, lab. r. 66 Ashley 
Burk Patrick, lab. C. A N. W.'Ry. 
Burk Patrick, carpenter, r. 509 W. Chicago av. 
Burk P. car repairer, r. 20 17th, 
Burk Redmond, porter Sibley <S Endicott 
Bnrk Richard, shoemkr. W. Goodyear, r. 12 Sey- 

Bnrk Theodore, lab. r. 29 Ontario 
Burk Thomas Rev. pastor St. Columba Church, r. 

r>19 W. Indiana 

Burk Thomas, lab. r. 29 Liberty 
Burk Timothy, waiter. Adams House 
Burk Wilhelin, boardinghonse. 198 W. Chicagoav. 
Burk Wi Ilium, expressman, r. 10 Nutt 
Burk William, lab. r. 156 Brown 
Burk William, surgical instrumentmkr. C. Degen- 
hardt, r. 129 Fulton 

Burk , cattledealer, r. 648 State 

Burkard Christopf. drygoods. 503 Larrabee 
Burkardt Peter, shoemkr. Farnum, Flagg & Co. 

r44 Fry 

Burkat Henry, bricklayer, r. 23 Strong 
Burke Albert, carpenter, r. 199 Sedgwick 
Burke Augustus, brassfini -her, r. 14 Pratt 
Burke Catharine Mrs. dressmkr. r. 210 N. Dearborn 
Burke Catherine, wid.. John, washing, r. rear 53 On- 

H. M. Wilmaxth. & Bro. 

Cas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET. 

Jacob R ShiphercT & Co., 

lVe\v York, 24 Pine Street. 

Chicago, - 155 & 157 LaSalle Street. 
And Twenty-Second St. Bank. 

Do a regular Banking business, and make large 
investments of Eastern capital. 

Burke Cornelius, lab. r. 38 W. Pearson 

Burke Daniel P. blksmith, r. 967 Blue Island av. 

Bnrke David, r. 37 Ullman 

Burke David, hostler, Jacob Gross, r.627W. Madi- 

Burke Delia Mrs. r. 142 Michigan 

Bnrke Dennis, butcher, r. 384 23d 

Bnrke Dominick, lab. r. 399 S. Desplaines 

Burke Edmund (C. M. Henderson & Co.), r. Sher- 
man House 

Burke Edmund, lab. r. 505 Elston av. 

Burke Kdmund, lab. r. 44 Mather 

Burke Edmund, lab. r. 90 Foster 

Burke Edmund, cutter, r, 28 Sampson 

Burke Edward, butcher, r. 349 5th av. 

Burke Rdward, stonecutter, r, 112 String 

Burke Edward, teamster, r. 313 4th av. 

Fmke Edward, r. 28 Sampson 

Burke Elizabeth, r. 42 W. Monroe 

Bnrke Ellen, M<8. r. 14 Pratt 

Burke Euphemia. wid. Edward, r. 650 State 

Burke E. drayman, Ingraham, Corbin & May, r. 
395 Hubbard 

Bnrke E. P. city reporter, R. G. Dun & Co. 

Bnrke E. R. trav. agt. A. M. Wright 

Burke Francis, boilermkr. r. 24 Cleaver 

Burke Frank, porter, C. H. Roberts 

Burke Franklin, elk. r. 136 Huron 

Burke George, lab. r. 68 Washington av. 

Burke George, sailor, r. 36 N. Franklin 

Burke Geo. W. jr. bkpr. Asbury Life Ins. Co. r. 119 

Burke Gotelieb, lab. Samuel, bet. Cornelia 
and Augusta 

Burke Hanorah, wid. Michael, washerwoman, r. al. 
bet. White and Whitney. Pine and Rush 

Burke Henry, lab. r. 193 Sheffield 

Bnrke H. elk. r. 350 Wabash av. 

Burke James, baker, r. 439 N. Wells 

"Burke James, bartender, r. 206 Washington 

Burke -lames, cabinetmkr. A. J,Neuberger & Bros. 
r. 86 School 

Burke James, elk. r. 128 Michigan 

Burke James, cutter. Sherman, Marsh & Co. r. 
Hovey, ne. cor. Seelev 

Burke Jaines, foreman. Murray & Mason 

Bnrke James, gilder, R. B. Appleby, r. 571 S. Mor- 

e James, grain trimmer, r. 27 Bremer 

Tiurke James, housemover, r. rear 183 W. Monroe 

Burke James, lab. r. 704 Indiana ay. 

Burke James, lab. r. Transit House 

Burke James, lab. r. 97% Sherman 

Bnrke James, lab. r. 26 Better 

Bnrke James, lab. r.lSODeKoven 

Burke James, lab. r. 710 Indiana av. 

Burke James, machinist. L, B. Walker & Co. 

Bnrke James, saloon, r. rear 517 Clark 

Burke James, student, Bryant & Chase's 
Business College 

Burke James, teamster, r. 158 W. VanBnren 

Bnrke James, upholsterer, r. 407 Hnbbard 

Burke James M. saloon, 311 W. Indiana 

Burke Jerry, grocer, r. 184 23d < 

Burke John, r. 112 String 

Bnrke John, butch- r, r. 189 Sebor 

Burke John, carpenter, r. 302 S. Desplaines 

Burke John, elk. Field. Leiter& Ce. r. 164 Butter- 

Burke John, coachman, r. 428 W. Washington 

Burke John, cutter, Sherman Marble Co. r. Selah 
cor Hobble 

Burke John, drayman, r. Northwestern av. bet. 
Ridgevllle rd. and Ashland av. 

Burke John grocer, 554 Mitchell 

Burke John. lab. r. 137 Mitchell 

Burke John, lab. Ills. Central R, R. 

Bnrke John, lab. r. 247 S. Clinton 

Burke John, lab. r. 11 Grace 











THE INTERIOR Newspaper, 

Organ of the Re-united Presbyterian Church. 


Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L,. "Bailey, Manager, 

Yard, O \V. 12th St. j General Office, 1J51 Monroe St. 





Wilmington. Coal. 

Better by 32 per cent than any other 
Illinois Coal. 

Better thnn mot Oh ; o and Pennsylvania Coal old in thi- mnrket, 
and ai goixt us the beat for nil ordinary purposes. OTFree of Slitte 

Chicago and Wilmington Cnnl Co., 

No. i West Van Huivn Street, Chicago. 





Eu-ke John, lab. r. Egan av. nr. Stewart av. 

Burke John, lab. r. 66 Cherry 

Burke John, lab. r. 371 3d av. 

Burke John, lab. r. 82 Sholto 

Burke John, lab. r. ws. Robey, nr. North ay. 

Burke John B. lab. r. rear 227 Monroe 

Burke John, lab. r. 716 Indiana av. 

Burke John, lab. Pond& Soper, r. IS Coolidge 

Burke John, machinist , r. 14 Pratt 

Burke John, nightwatchmau, A. M. U. Ex. Co. 


Burke John, porter, r. 78 Sherman 
Burke John, shoemkr. Doggett, Bassett & Hills, r. 

113 N. Market 

Burke John, teamster, L. P. Wright, r. 142 Michi- 

Burke John, waiter, St. James Hotel 
Burke John jr, stonecutter, r. 112 String 
Burke John A. stonecutter, r. 199 Van Buren 
Burke John S. r. 710 Indiana av. 
Burke Joseph, upholsterer, r. 48 Oak 
Burke J. H. ntudent, Bryant &, Chase's 

Business College 
Burke Kanady, tailor, r. 51 Indiana 
Burke Lawrence, lab. r, 76 Nebraska 
Burke Lawrence, lab. r. Wabansia av. cor. N. 


Burke Louisia, wid. Joseph, r. 7 Brown 
Burke Luke, sewerbuilder, r. 131 Bremer 
Burke Martin, tailor, McLean & Debus, r. 439 N. 

Burke Mary. teacher,North Branch Primary School, 

r. 56 W. Hinsdale 

Burke Mary Mrs. washerwoman, r. 92 White 
Burke Mary, wid. Jerry, r. 90 Foster 
Burke Matthew, saloon, r. 965 W. Madison 
Burke Matthew, hackdriver, r. 280 W. 12th 
Burke Michael (Adams & Burke), r. 439 N. 


Burke Michael, drayman, r. 575 S. Morgan 
Burke Michael, expressman, r. 94 Coolidge 
Burke Michael, grocer, 164Bntterfleld 
Burke Michael, lab. r. 1% W. Harrison 
Burke Michael, lab. r. 190 Monroe 
Burke Michael, lab., bet. Wood and Lincoln 
Burke Michael, lab. r. Kedner, nr. Wallace 
Burke Michael prop. Burke's European Hotel, 140 

and 142 Madison 

Burke Michael, tailor, R. J. Walshe, r. 42 Adams 
Burke Michael, teamster, r. 395 Hubbard 
Burke Michael, teamster, Hale, Ayer & Co. r, 174 

S. Clinton 

Burke Michael stonecutter, r. 112 String 
Burke Michael, waiter. Matteson House 
Burke M. painter, r. 65 Burling 
Burke Newton, lawyer, room 6 153 Madison, r. 162 


Burke Nicholas, lab. r. 23 Church pi. 
Burke Patrick, blksmith. r. 72 W.Indiana 
Burke Patrick, elk. Burke's European Hotel 
Burke Patrick, janitor Wentworth av. School, r. 49 

Wentworth av. 

Burke Patrick, lab. r. 795 Archer av. 
Burke Patrick, lab. r. 26 Better 
Burke Patrick, lab. r. 333 4th av. 
Burke Patrick, lab. r. es. N. Branch, nr. Hal- 

Burke Patrick, lab. r. Ashland av. 4 south of Archer 


Burke Patrick, lab. r. 95 Hinsdale 
Burke Patrick, lab, r. 15 W. 17th 
Burke Patrick lab. r. 18 Coolidge 
Burke Patrick, watchman, r. 377 Kinzie 
Burke Patrick, jr lab. r. 333 4th av. 
Burke Paul, driver, r. 175 21st 
Burke Peter, lab. r. 3EO 23d 
Burke Peter, lab. r. 290 23d 
Burke Richard, lab. L. S. <fc M. S. frgt. depot. 
Burke Richard, lab. r. 9 Grace 

Burke Richard A. (Nash & Burke), r. 427 W. 


Burke Richard H. elk. r. 267 N. Market 
Burke Richard M. saloon, Washington, ne. cor. 

Market, r. 369 Division 
Burke R. S. salesman A. G. Downs & Co. 
Rurke Simon, lab. r. 313 4th av. 
Burke S. S. (S. S. Burke & Co.), r. 121 Walnut 
Burke S. S. r. 142 W. Lake 
Burke S. S. <fc Co. grocers, 194 W. Lake 
Burke Thomas, blksmith. r. 142 Michigan 
Burke Thomas bricklayer, r. 10 Coolidge 
Burke T. cabinetmkr. A. J. Newberger & Bros. 
Burke T. coac-hman, 526 Wabash av. 
Burke Thomas, gasfltter, P. Meany, r. 235 Burnside 
Burke Thomas, lab. A. T. Spencer 
Burke Thomas, lab. r. 76 Nebraska 
Burke Thomas, lab. r. 142 Bushnell 
Burke Thomas, lab. r. 561 S. Morgan 
Burke Thomas, lab. C.. R. I. & P. R. R. 
Burke Thomas, machinist, Excelsior Machine 


Burke Thomas, shoemkr, 60 S. Halsted 
Burke Thomas, upholsterer, r. 48 Oak 
Burke Thomas, r. 358 W. Polk 
Burke Timothy, lab. A. Brown, r. 228 Maxwell 
Burke Timothy, soapmkr. J. Hayes & Co. 
Burke Walter, maltsman, Sands Ale Brewing Co. 

r. 103 Hinsdale 

Burke Walter, porter, Clifton House 
Burke Walter, tailor, r. 181 N. Union 
Burke William, blksmith, r. 94 Ontario 
Burke William, blksmith, r. 221 Jackson 
Burke William, gasfltter, P. Meany, r. 235 Burn- 

Burke William, grocer, r. 124 Jefferson 
Burke William, lab. r. 100 Bunker 
Burke William, lab. r. 26 Wright 
Burk William, lab. r. 100 Washington av. 
Burke William, lab. r. 285 Michigan, w 20 
Burke William, lab. r. 26 Better 
Burke William, porter, C. H. Roberts 
Burke William, sailor, r. 358 Mitchell 
Burke William, tailor, r. 225 Jackson 

Burke . stonecutter, r. 341 5th av.1 

Burke's European Hotel, Michael Burke, propr. 

140 and 142 Madison 
Burker Fred. lab. r. 200 Mitchell 
Burket Christian, lab. r. 119 Milwaukee av. 
Burkey Betsey, wid. John, r. 170 N. Dearborn 
Burkfleld H. W. plasterer, r. 411 Mitchell 
Bnrkhalder Silas P. elk. Otis Lana-ley & Son 
Burkhard John, lab. r. 377 Sedgwick' 
Burkhard Joseph, moulder, r. 212 Wentworth av. 
Bnrkhard Louis, blksmith, Pennoyer & Co. r. 675 

Archer av. 

Bnrkhardt Augustus, blksmith. r. 194 3d av. 
Burkhardt Christian, upholsterer, A. L. Hale & 

Burkhardt Edward (Feeny & Burkhardt), r. 940 N. 


Burkhardt Edward, lab. r. 198 S. Canal 
Burkhardt Friedrich, teamster, r. 135 4th 
Burkhardt John, grocer, 367 5th av. 
Burkhardt John W. cigarmnfr. 33 Milwaukee av. 
Burkhardt Joseph, pipeman, J. B. Rice engine, r. 

1943d av. 

Burkhardt Martin, tanner. North Branch Tannery 
Burkhardt Mathias. lab. r. 113 Cornelia 
Bnrkhardt Rudolph, lithographer, r. 190 Larrabee 
Burkhardt T. F. foreman, P. Schoenhofen, r. 41 


Burkhart Alexander, lab. Evans & Co. 
Bnrkhart A. marMecntter. r. 148 17th 
Burkhart Christina, wid. Lewis, Yankee notions, r. 

675 Archer av. 
Burkhart Frederick, agt. Excelsior Machine Works, 

Beach cor. Sebor. r. 172 W. 12th 
Burkhart William, musician, r. 148 Sedgwick 



Gannel Coal; 


Cor. Market ami Washington Streets. 

Allan Piiikerton Keeps the Records of liis Office 

In Six Large Harris' Safes, Factory, GO and O2 Soitth Canal St. 



By \VM. M. EE, IVo. 1O5 Monroe Street. 








Burkhartemeir Jacob, lab. r. 108 Cornell 
BurkhoMer Charles, elk. Gage Bros, t Co. r. 66 


Burkina Thomas, machinist, r. 123 Gnrley 
Bnrkitt Joseph R. collector, r. 316 W. Harrison 
Burkitt J. R. Mrs. dressmkr. r. 316 W Harrison 
Burkftt Thomas M. (Burkitt & Button), 46S. Sanga- 


Burkitt. Wilson, r. 125 4th av. 
Bnrkitt & Sutton, hosiery, 19 and 21 Randolph 
Burklnnd Ole, carpenter, r. 242 W. Indiana 
Burkley Richard, biksmith. r. rear 63 Wesson 
Burkley Thomas, r. 63 Wesson 
Burkman Peter, lab. r. rear 377 Washington av. 
Bnrkman William, pnnter, r. rear 377 Washington 


Burknshaw Charles, builder, r. 180 S. Clinton 
Burlck Charles, mason, r. 7 Stone 
Burlin Mary Mrs. r. 77V4 N. Saneamon 
Burleson William, elk. r. 64DeKoven 
Barley Arthur G. (Burley & Tyrrell), r. 567 Wa- 

bash av. 
Burley A. H. snpt. and treas. Lincoln Park, 62 N. 

Cl*rk, r. 254 N. Dearborn 
Burley Charles, storeclk. Anderson's European 

Hotel, r. 116 Monroe 

Burley C. A. student, r. 254 N. Dearborn 
Burley Frank E. elk. Burley & Tyrrell, r. 698 Wa- 

bash av. 
Burley John, lab. r. McHenry, bet. W. North av. 

and Rawson 

Bnrley J. D porter, P. O'Neill, r.?89W.Lake 
Bnrley Luther, boardtnghouse, 489 W. Lake 
Burley & Tyrrell, crockery, china and glass, 46 and 

47 Lake 

Burling Augustus, r. 661 Clark 
Burling Edward (E. Burling & Co.), r. 333;N. La- 


Burling E. & Co. architects, room 28, 116 LaSalle 
Burling 1 John, engineer, r. 683 Clark 
Burling John E. wks. Hall & Winch, r. B61 Clark 
Burling Joseph, upholsterer, r. 177^-4 Adams 
Burliner Peter, carpenter, r. ws. Hyde Park av. n. 

of 57th 
BnriingUM A. A. foreman, Mills & Cook, r. 381 


Burlingame Edward, engineer, r. 10 W. Randolph 
Bnrlingame George B. salesman, r 47 W. Adams 
Bnrlingaine Henry, lab. r. 139 N. Desplaines 
Burlingame Hiram, teamster. L. P. Wright 
Burlingame H. ins. agt. r. 47 W. Adams 
Burlingame, H. student, Bryant &- Chase'* 

Business College 
BnrHngame S. A. Mrs. r. 47 W. Adams 
Burlingim I. (Feltman & Burlingim), r. Metropol- 
itan Hotel 

Burlington Elevators, river, nr. W. 16th 
Burlington Hall, State, cor. 16th 
Burlington House, L. Pritchard, propr. Canal, cor. 

Burlington Warehouse, H. G. Bird, supt. 16th, nw. 

cor. State 

Burlison Nellie Miss, eloakcntter. r. 8 Rush 
Bnrlthaus Henry, lab. r. 536 W. 16th 
Bnraaister Lonis, upholsterer, Rudolph & Tho- 
rn al en 

Burman John, tailor, J. Cohn. r. 16 Wesson 
Bnrmann Ernst, tanner, r. 25 Wade 
Burwastcn Charles, plasterer, r. 283 N. Ashland av. 
Burmeister Albert, lab. Westerman & Shoemun- 

ger, r. lOSBissel 

BnrmeisterCari, tanner, r. 154 Bremer 
Burineister Cecelia, wid. Henry, r. 4ft Cornell 
Burmcister Charles, joiner, H. Riekc, r. 154 Bre- 
Burmeister Frederick, varnisher, r. 46 Cornell 

W. 0. CLAESZ, Ifcraager. C. E. SOBEETS Agent, 


IVo. O4 Washington Street, Chicago. 



Burmeister Henry, bricklayer, r. 145 Schiller 
Burmeister Henry, tailor, r. 363 Larrabee 
Burmeister John, lab. r. 605 Elston av. 
Burmester Fred, teamster, r. IGth, bet. Throop 

and Centre av. 

Burmcster John, hardware. 334 Blue Island av. 
Burmister William, coppersmith, r. 288 Sedgwick 
Burmister W.M. salesman, Keith Bros.r. 473 Prauie 


Burn Edward, biksmith, r. 102 Bunker 
Burn James, plasterer, r. 159 W. 12th 
Burn M. machinist, r. 53 N. Market 
Burn Patrick, lab. r. 61 I'llman j^ 

Burnam Ambrose Mrs. r. 16 Itith 
Burnam Arthur, elk. Reid, Murdoch & Fischer, r. M 

16 16th 
Burnam Frank, entryclk. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 16 ^J 

Banmm Lisle, entryclk. J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 16 H 


Burnam Lorin, carpenter, r. 190 S. Desplaines B 
Bnrne Charles, lab. r. 207 Hickory 
Burne Luke, hatter, r. 23.3 Townsend 
Burnell David, bartender, Michael Daly, r. 397 5th 


Burner Robert, wireworker, r. 892 Milwaukee av. 
Burns Barney, teamster, r. rear 177 Bunker 
Bui-nes Bridget, wid. r. 136 S. Loomis 
Burnes B. lab. r. 139 Bunker 
Burnvs ''haries, brushmnfr. r. 539 N. Ashland 


Burnes Frank, r. 167 Adams 
Bnrnes Henry, lakecaptain, r. 79 Wilson 
Burnes James, lab. Seeberger & Breakey, r. 208 W. 


Burnes James, painter, r. 113 Adams 
Burnes James, sailor, r. 272 N. Union 
Burnes James, sailor, r. rear 153 Bunker 
Burnes John Mrs. washerwoman, r. 220 DeKoven 
Burnes Luie, lab. r. 6 Cologne 
Burnes Mathew, policeman, r. 19 N. Clinton 
Burnes Patrick, lab. r. 1503 S. Halsted 
Burnes Richard C. gasntter, 130 22d 
Burnes Thomas, painter, r. 113 Adams 
Burnes Thomas, scalemaster, r. 851 Indiana 
Burnes Thomas, teamster, r. rear 177 Bunker 
Burnes William, lab. r. rear 51 Ontario 
Bnrnes William H. lab. r. rear 153 Bunker 

Burnes , lab. r. al. rear 288 5th av. 

Burnet Richard, engineer, r. Mendell, nr. Elston 


Burnet Robert, painter, r. 159 N. Dearborn 
Burnet William H. bkpr. Fairbank, Peck & Co. r -' 

Calumet av. cor. 33a ta 

Burnett Arnold, printing ink mnfr. r. 48 N. Hal- T 


Burnett Benziger, barber, D. Ansrelo. r. 93 White % 
Burnett Edward, drover, r. 40 S. May 
Burnett Evan, moulder, r. 625 W. Indiana fe 

Burnett Henry, tinsmith, r. 22 Miller 
Burnett H. waiter. Adams House 
Burnett Isaac, pedlar, r. rear 232 4th av. 
Burnett James, expressman, r. 995 State n 

Burnett J. G. salesman, Hotchkiss, Eddy & Co. r. tf 

1166 Wabash av. 
Burnett Richard, gusfitter, r. 995 State 

r. 104 N. LaSalle 
Burmeister Henrv, bakery,97 Cornell 

Bnrmeister Henry (Boehringer, Burmeister&Co.), I Burnett William, elk. Moran & Smith, r. 1805th av. 

Burnett , elk. r. 13 Adams 

Bnrnetz Frank, lab. r. 155 DeKoven 

Hurnham Austin A. cash. A. Farrar& Co. r. 101 N- 


Burnham Charles, painter, r. 11 8. Cannl 
Burnham ChanningN. printer, r. ,%6 Walnut 
Burnham Daniel Hi (Laureau & Burnham), r. 215 S. 

Burnham Dy<-r N. lawyer, r 1274 Indiana av. 



No. 158 State Street. 

Burnham Edward, jeweller, M. Campbell 
Bnrnham Edwin (E. 

Burnham & Son), r. 215 S. 



Mead & Cue, Real Estate Agen:s, 154 Washington St., 

Particular attention given to property of lYnii-llesitlents. 





t Chicago and Wilmington Coal Go. 


* Office and Yard, No. 2 "W. VanBuren St. 

? Bnrnham Edwin R. (E. Burnhani & Son), r. 201 S. 
H Peoria. 

M Bnrnham E. & Son. whol. drugs, 19 Market 
jj Bnrnham Frank, student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 

^* Bnrnham Frank J. lawyer, 80 Dearborn, r. 330 W. 
. Monroe 

U Burnham Frank P. draughtsman, 84 LaSallc, r. 204 
rf) I'urnham F. H. la\v reporter, r. 52 Vincennes av. 

Bnrnham George E. expressman, r. 366 Walnut, 
.^ Burnham Hugh, shoemkr. r. 92 Indiana 
2 1 Burnham H. A. Mrs. r. 366 Walnut 
fS Bnrnham dames H. butcher, r. 334 State 
ft Burnhara John P. foreman, Hutt <fc John so n,r. 204 

Bnrnliiiui Lewis T. elk, r. 215 S. Sangamon 

^5 Bnrnhnm Oliver G. carpenter, r. 333 Butterfield 
S Burnhain Paul, carpenter. r.204 2tkh 
H Burnham P. bkpr. J. Reid, r. 801118136 cor. 


JE Bnrnhnm S. W. (Ely, Burnham * Bartlett), r. 52 

Vinncennes av. 

^ Buruham Telford, lawyer. 73 Clark, r. Riverside 
Burnham TtiQraas, with Sloeum Bros. r. 52 Lake 
Burnham Walter, lawyer, room 15 Portland blk. 

r. 45 Jackson 

<*> Burham W. carpenter, r. 203 Ewing 
j^ Burnish Benjamin, tray. agt. r. 20 S. Clinton 
* Buruo Lorenzo, photographer, r. 357 Division, 
4 Burns Alexander, boilermkr, I. C. R. R. r, 164 3d 


jP Burns Andrew, mason, r. 509 S. Canal 
< Burns Andrew, steam fitter, r. 119 Huron 

Burns Ann, wld. James, r. 318 Indiana 
Q Burns Ann, wid. John, r. 35 Ruble 

Burns Augustus, paperhanger, J. J. McGrath, r. 77 
r-J W. Adams 
pW Burns Benjamin, wks. F. Parmelee & Co. r. Ev- 

erett House 

^| Burns Bridget, seamstress, r. Market sq. nr. Mul- 

* Burns Bridget wid. Peter, boarding house 668 State, 
^J* Burns Catherine, laundry, r. 2 14th 

QKt Burns Charles lab. r Market, sq j)r. Mulligan 
Burns Charles, lab. Boyd & Bill, r.539 N. Ashland 

ay - 

M Burns Charles, lab. r. 18 Fry 

85 Burns Charles, sboemkr, r. 209 S. Clinton 

jJQ Burns Condy, pedlar, r. 33 Dobyns 

Burns Cornelius, imp. Irish and Scotch linens, 

08 252 5th av. 

J Burns C. J. driver, r. 62 Kinzie 

m Burns Daniel, policeman, 3d prect. r. 110 White 

(JQ Burns Dennis, bricklayer, r. 125 S. Desplaines 

A) Bums Dennis, cooper, r. 282 Coolidige 

2 Burns D. driver. Grossman & Co. r. 384 W. Lake 

* Burns D. r. 454 W. Randolph, w 13 

f Burns Edward, blk^mith, r. rear 251 State 

Q Burns Edward, butcher, r. 147 Hickory 

.-? Burns Edward, elk. Phelps, Dodge & Palmer, r. 49 
w Ontario 

. Burns Edward, coachman, S. W. Allerton 

* Bums Edward, driver, Q. Stark, r. 1339 State 
gj Burns Edward, flagman, r. 202 22d 

ftt Burns Edward, graintrimmer, r. 183 N. Water 

Burns Edward, lab. r. 454 Arnold 
y Burns Edward, lab. r. 80 Williams 
** Burns Edward, lab. r. 295 3d av. 
t Burns Edward, lab. r. 29 W. Whiting 
W Burns Garret, butcher, r. 421 Cottag-e Grove av. 
ft Burns George C. carpenter, r. 7 Ons 
' Burns G. pressman, r. 331 Indiana 
CD Burns Bngh. puddler, r. 28 Vi Coventry 
CS Burns James, elk. r. Market sq. nr. Mulligan 
Q Burns James, horsedcaler, r. 34 Sholto 
* Burns James, lab. r. 120 W. Polk 
JSi Burns James, lab. r. 560 S. Jetterson 
( Burns James, lab. r. Murray, bet. Gordon and Mason 

Burns James, lab-, r. 2!) W. Whiting 

Burns J;>mes, lab. r. 053 Washington 

Burns James, Jab. r. 90 Forquer 

Burns James, lab. Collins & Burgie, F. 153 Cool- 


Burns James, lakecaptain, r. W. 22d, nr. Paulina 
Burns James, machinist, r. 7U2 Indiana av. 
Burns James, machinist, r. 158 W. Adams 
Burns James, mason, r. rear 80 Damen 
Burns James, plumber, Harry Byrne 
Burns James, sailor, r. rear 35 Ruble 
Burns James, saloon, 47 N State 
Burns James, shoemkr. Farnuin, Flagg A Co. r. 

23 Waller 
Burns James, stoaecuttes p Cumnainga & Hagan, 

r. 333 5th av. 

Bums Jnmc, ieamstcr, r.. 34 Ruckor 
Burns James, r. 19 University pi. 
Burns James N. painter, r. 776 Soclgvick 
Burns John, bkpr. C. Burns, r. 252 Sth'av. 
Bums John, coacbnau, r. 879. Indiana av. 
Burns John, crockery store. 320 W. Madison 
Burns John* cutter, r. 51 Hope 
Burns John, drayman, r. W. 12th, bet. Throop and 


Burns John, lab. r. 509 S. Canal 
Burns John, !ab. People's G. L.& C. Co. 
Burns John, lab. r. 74 Barber 
Burns John, lab. r. 670 Centre v. 
Burns John-, lab. P. 10 Liberty 
Burns John, lab. r. 588 Centre ar. 
Burns John, machinist, r. 836.Clark 
Burns John savior, r. 257 S. Canal 
Burns John, stonecutter, Henry Furst, r. 23 Charles 


Burns John, tailor, r. 346 3dav. 
Burns John. wk*. Sammon&, Clark & Co. 
Burns John, jr. lab. r. 346 3d av. 
Burns John A. pnperdlr. ?. 28 Van Buren 
Burns Joseph, decorator, r. 148 South Park ar. 
Barns Joeeph, sailor, r. 486- Centre ar. 
Burns J. carpenter, r. 148 Sonth Part av. 
Burns J. H. supt. Bmp. S. M. Co. r. 258 W. Division 
Burns Loufsa Mrs. r. 204 W. Lake 
Burns Margaret, r. 25 Goethe 
Burns Margaret Miss, r. 2%S. Canal 
Burns Margaret, wid. James, r. 194 N.May 
Burns Mary Mrs. washerwoman, r. 147 W. Jackson 
Burns Martin, lab. r. 53 McHenry 
Burns Matthew, lab r. rear 251 State 
Burns Michael, blksmith, F. Lester, r. 535 S. Canal 
Burns Michael, expressman, r. 21st sw. cor. Wood 
Burns Michael, foreman Ray & Whitney, r. 208 W. 


Burns Michael, lab. r. 199 Tan Buren 
Burns Michael, laTV. r. 113 Kossuth 
Burns Michael, lab. r. 25 Goethe 
Burns Michael, mason, r. 509 8. Canal 
Burns Michael, porter Sible-y & Endiwrtt 
Burns Michael, teamster, r_520 S. Uuin 
Burns- Michael, teamster, r. 3.12 21st 
Burns Michael, yardman Adams Housft 
Burns Morgan," blksmith, r. Hyde Park av. nr. 


Burns Moses, lab. r. 14 Natt 
Burns Ned, lab. r. 80 Williams 
Burns Nicholas, carpenter, r. 1554 S. Halsted 
Burns Owen, gasman, r. 216 Monroe- 
Bums Owen, )ab. r. 47 Oafcwood 
Burns Owen, lab.r. ss. Clayton, bet Ashland atv 

and Pawlina 

Burns Patrick, blksmith, r. 94 N. Jefferson 
Burns Patrick, carpenter, r. SaRay av. 
Burns Patrick, carpenter, r. 336 S. DespJaines 
Burns Patrick, contractor, r. 260 S. Jefferson 
Burns Patrick, foreman, r. 278 Burnside 
Bums Patrick, lab. r. 797 Hnbbard 
Burns Patrick, lab. r. 194 W. 12th 
Burns Patrick, lab. r. 770 Indiana av. 

D. &, COVERT, 

93 Dearborn Street. 

The City Clerk of Chicago Uses a Five Ton Safe, 

Made at Harris' Safe FaeCory, ttO and 2 S<mtH Canal St. 


By WM. M. J>EK, IVo. 1O5 Xonroe Street. 




Burns Patrick, lab. r. 33 Wontworth av. 
Burns Patrick, tailor, C. Schwitsser, r. !W Wilsoii 
Burns Patrick, upholsterer, rl 72 S. Desplaincs 
Burns Patrick, wagonmkr* 259 Cottage Grove av. r. 

148 South Park av. 
Burns Patrick, r. 105 Seward 
Burns Peter, blksmith, r. Wallace, bet. Mary and 


Burns Peter, lab. r. 23 Hickory 
Burns Peter, teamster, r. 863 S. Halsted 
Burns Peter, lab. r. 162 VunBuren 
Burns Peter, stonemason, r. 54 W. VanBuren 
Burns P. lab. I. C. R. R. 
Burns P. J. confectioner, 172 N. Clark 
Burns Richard, lab. r. 4 Brown 
Burns R. R. lab. 157 18th 
Burns Samuel, bartender, M. Evans, r. 2% S. 


Burns Simon, blksmith. r. 90 8. Clinton 
Burns Simon, brakeman, r.2% S. Canal 
Burns Stephen, heater, r. 151 Wanbansia av. 
Bums S. boilermkr. Eagle Works Manfg. Co. 
Burns S. E. Mrs. nurse, r. 215 State 
Burns Thomas (Welch & Burns), r. 256 S. Frank- 

Burns Thomas, blksmith. r. rear 258 Franklin 
Burns Thomas, brakeman, C. B. & Q. R. R. r. 252 

5th av. 

Burns Thomas, elk. r. 101 Kinzie 
Burns Thomas, coachman, G. H. Roset, r. 124 Rush 
Burns Thomas, currier, r. 162 N. Peoria 
Burns Thomas, hostler, Wabash av. Omnibus sta- 
bles, r. 631 Arnold 
Burns Thomas, lab. r. 199 Jackson 
Burns Thomas, lab. r. 57 McHenry 
Burns Thomas, lab. r. 631 Arnold 
Burns Thomas, lab. r. 133 W. Kinzie 
Burns Thomas, lab. r. Mendell, nr: El8ton av/. 
Burns Thomas, lab. Wrisley Bros. r. 194 Kinzie 
Butns Thomas, lab. r. 147 Bremer 
Burns Thomas, painter, r. 704 State 
Burns Thomas, shoemkr. r. rear 36 Dobyns 
Burns Thomas, teamster, r. 542 W. Erie 
Burns Thomas, r. Palmer House 
Burns Timothy, switchman, r. 121 Meagher 
Burns William, blksmith. r. Mason nr. Wentworth av. 
Burns William, carpenter, r. 30 Otis 
Burns William, elk. r. 564 S. Morgan 
Burns William, lab. 53 Washington av. 
Burns William, lamplighter, r. 265 N. Market 
Burns William, roofer, r. 151 Wright 
Burns William, tinner, r. 320 Mohawk 
Burns William A. wood engraver, r. 26 Van Buren 
Burns William H. r. 216 Walnut. 
Burns William R. painter, r. 219 N. State 
Burns W. H. Rev.pastor St. Paul's M. E. Church, r. 

520 S. Halsted 

Burns , printer, r. 139 N. Dearborn 

Burnstein Haddus, furniture, 360% Clark, 
Btiroes John, engineer, Munn & Scott's elevator, r. 

50 Wilson 
Buroes Thomas, engineer, Munn & Scott's elevator. 

r. 34 Lumber 
Burpee C. L. Irav. agt. Greensfelder, Rosenthal & 


Burpee, E. W. (Hatch & Burpee), r. 171 Warren av. 
Burphy Charles H. sec. Chicago Dock Co. r. 150 S. 


Burr Aaron, saloon, 1484 S. Halsted 
Burr Chapel, E. Dickinson, pastor, 389 3d av. 
Burr Charles A. elk. M. Nelson & Co. r. 644 Wabash 

Burr C. A. designer Republican job printing office. 

r. 528 Michigan av. 
Burr David, trav. salesman, Wrisley Bros. r. 596 

Wabash av. 

Burr Frank Rev. r. 230 W. Randolph 
Burr Geo. W. bookbinder,Cameron, Amberg & Hofl- 

man, r. 74 Jackson 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET, 


At 137 & 139 State Street. 

Burr Industrial School, Miss Dell Austin, teacher, 

389 3d av. 
Burr James, saloon, Halsted, nr. P. Ft. W. & C R 


Burr Wilber, bookbinder, r. 74 Jackson 
Burr William A. elk. A. E. Kent & Co. r. 65 Park 


Burrau Thomas, waiter, Tremont House 
Burras A. G. (Seecombe & Burras) 
Burras Marv A. wid. J. r. 903 Wabash av, 
Burrell Andrew, railroad, r. 808 Clark 
Burrell Frank, machinist, r. 179 N. Paulina 
Burrell H. (H. Burrell & Co.), r. Morris, Ills. 
Burrell H. & Co. coaldealers, 448 Clark 
Burrell James. portcr,J. B. Shay, r. Victoria 

Hubbardct. and Peck ct. 
Burrell L. F. (Culver, Page, Hoyne & Co.), r. 28 

Warren av. 
Burrell Thomas, engineer, C. Fitzsimons, r. Union 

cor. English 

Burreson A'ndrew, painter, r. 201 N. Union 
Burreson Martin, teamster, r. 215 W. Erie 
Burritt F. Mrs. physician, r. 9929lh 
Burrmeister John, teamster, r. 145 Augusta 
Burro Charles, hatter, r. 88 W. Erie 
Burroughs Abner T. supt. Thomas Hollhan & Co. 

r. 650 W. Washington 

Burroughs Benjamin, hotel, r. 368 S. Halsted 
Burroughs Charles H. (P. Burroughs <fc Son), r. 500 

W. Madison 
Burroughs Charles J. jobprinter, 145 Madison, r. 

107 Diller 
Burroughs Clara Miss, student, Bryant &. 

Chase's Business College 
Burroughs David, elk. r. rear 238 W. Taylor 
Burroughs Eugene P. bkpr. r. 60 Frederick pi. 
Burroughs Frank M. elk. r. 368 S. Halsted 
Burroughs George T. (Thomas Holihan & Co.) r. 

650 W. Washington 

Burroughs Henry, drayman, r. al. rear 238 W. Tay- 
Burroughs H. K. elk. T. Holihan & Co. r. 650 W. 


Burroughs John, foreman, r. 43 Butterfleld 
Burroughs John C.Rev. pres. University of Chica- 
go, r. 1 Ellis av. 
Burroughs Kale Miss, student, Bryant & 

Chase's Business College 
Burroughs Mary Mrs. r. 169 Adams 
Burroughs Philip (P. Burroughs fc Son), r. 544 W. 


Burroughs P. & Son, painters, 500 W. Madison 
Burroughs R. J. N. gasfltter, H. Wilmarth & Bro. r. 

149 Hubbard 
Burrows Charles S. manager, J. B. Lippincott & 

Co. r. 317 Aberdeen 
Burrows David, examiner, Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 

549 W. Erie 

Burrows Edward, lab. r. 137 W. 22d 
Burrows Frederick, trav. salesman, r. room 9, 189 


Burrows F. B. r. 1082 Michigan av. 
Burrows George, carpenter, r. 811 Clark 
Burrows Henry, carpenter, r. 84 Monroe 
Burrows John," elk, r. room 0, 189 Clark 
Burrows Joseph M. (Preutiss & Burrows), r. 684 

Burrows J. A. D. billinau, J. V. Farwell & Co. r. 

18!) Clark 

Burrows Robert (Burrows & Fitts), r. 1032 Michi- 
gan av. 
Burrows Samuel, with Carson, Pirie & Co. r. 540 

.W. Erie 
Burrows Samuel, jr. cash. Carson, Pirie & Co. r, 

549 \V. Eiie 

Burrows & Fitts, com. mers. 188 S. Water 
Barry George, lawyer. 14S Clark, r. 22 Van Buren 
Burr.v James, student, Bryant and Chase's 

Business College 

THE INTERIOR, Rvv. A. Swazey, D.I>., 

Kdltor-tn- Chief, Office, Corner Clark and Monroe Sts. 



Custom House. 




Wilmington Coal. 

dQ Better by :S2 per cent than any other 
> Illinois Coal. 

Better than mst Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal sold in thU market, 
5*5 nnd 08 good us the beot for nil ordinary purposes. t&~Free of Slato 
g^ iniil Sulphur. 

Chicago and Wilnilnfiton Coal Co., 

W No. 2 West Vau Buren Street, Chicago. 




Burst John, lab. r. 633 S. May 

Burstrom Irick G. blksmith. r. 17 Penn 

Burt A. S. (B. P. Hutchinsou & Co.), r. 921 Wabash 

Burt Cynthia, wid. Francis, r. 151 N. Paulina 

Burt Edwin (Brunn & Bnrt), r. 151 N. Paulina 

Burt Frederick, painter, r. 31 N. Ashland av. 

Bart H. elk. Ross & Gossage, r. 235 W. Madison 

Burt John, teamster, r. 82 N. Market 

Burt J. r. 522 Wabash av. 

Bart Mary A. teacher, Mitchell Street Public School 
r. 485 S. Union 

Bu:t Patrick, hostler, r.71 Parkav. 

Burt Randolph, manager, International Life and 
Trust Ins. Co. ol N. J. r. 165 Park av. 

Burt Sanderson, meatpacker, r. 921 Wabash av. 

Burt William, coachman, B. Bage, r. 370 N. Dear- 

Burt William, whol. grocer, r. 267 Illinois 

Burtar Gustave. waiter, r. 172 Indiana 

Burten Allison B. wood mer. r. 421 May 

Burtis James K. sec. and treas. Chicago Gas Light 
and Coke Co. r. 796 Wabash av. 

Burtis P. T. engineer, r. 540 W. Washington 

Burtis , r. 136 N. State 

Burton Abraham, pedlar, r. 153 4th av. 

Burton Alice Mrs. nurse, r. 184 Clark 

Burton Allen, collector, r. 290 2d 

Barton Benjamin (Burton & Morris), r. 568 N. Dear- 

Barton Charles, driver, U. 8. Ex. Co. r. 180 State 

Burton C. L. (Burton & Pierce) r. 136 31st 

Burton George, elk. r. 356 W. Randolph 

Burton Henry, porter, R. Hazilrigg, r. 146 Indiana 

Burton Henry R. carpenter, r. 441 4th 

Burton Horace (Burton, Stevers & Co.), r. Wau- 

Burton Israel, pedlar, r. 215 4th av. 

Burton James (Burton & Cook) r. W. Lake, nr. G. 
E. R. R. track 

Burton James A. cardwriter, Briggs House, r. 166 
W. Jackson 

Burton James W. painter, William Barton, r. 596 
Cottage Grove av. 

Burton John, elk. Twin Brothers' Yeast Co. r. 14 
Eldridge ct. 

Burton Mrs. r. 788 Fulton 

Burton M. S. elk. Goodrich's Trans. Co. r. 228 W, 

Burton, Stevers & Co. com. mers. 190 and 192 N. 

Burton Styles, r, 229 Michigan av. 

Burton Sydney, carpenter, r. 196 Walnut 

Burton Thomas, com. mers. 172 Washington, r. 568 
N. Dearborn 

Burton Thomas S. (Burton & Adams), r. 356 W. 

Burton William, lab. r. foot Erie 

Burton William J. painter, 596 Cottage Grove av. 

Burton & Adams, coin. mers. 138 and 140 N. Jeffer- 

Burton & Cook, galvanizing works, 183 and 185 
Washington av. 

Burton & Morris, furriers and hatters, 99 Wash- 

Burton & Pierce, whol. grocers, 50 and 52 Michigan 

Burtrand Alfred, painter, r. 77 Flournoy 

BurtsD.M broom mufr. r. es. Langley, bet. 45th 
and 46th 

Bnrtsher Auguste, barber, 262 Archer av. 

Burtt John, teamster, r. 160 Rumsey 

Burnrtz Frederick, lab. r. 330 N. Ashland av. 

Burwell Henry (Comstock & Burwell), r. 907 Michi- 
gan av 

Burwell William B. copper, tin and sheet-iron 
worker, 47 5th av. r. 541 X. Clark 

Bury Joseph, bartender, r.254 Randolph 

Bus Henry, lab. r. 34 String 

Bus L. lab. r. 34 String 

Busa John, lab. r. Evans nr. Robey 

Busack Charles, lab. r. 71 Vedder 

Busack Christian, (Busack & Co.), r. 472 Mitchell 

Busack Christian & Co. furniture mnfrs. 470 and 472 


Busack C. (F. Wilke & Busack), r. 513 Mitchell 
Busby C. builder, r. 493 Wabash av. 
Busby W. builder, r. 493 Wabash av. 
Busch, Carl, cutter, Tuttle, Thompson & Wetmore, 

r. 145 W. Eagle 

Busch Charley, (Busch & Simmons) r. 417 S. May 
Busch Constantine, r. 666 S. Halsted 
Busch Ernst, butcher, r. 681 S. Halsted 
Busch Frank, carpenter, r. 245 Townsend 
Busck Frank, lab. r. 13 Laugdon 
Bnsch Frank, moulder, r. 29 Barber 
Busch Frank, wagonmkr. r. 32 Depuyster 
Busch George V. harnessmkr. r. 530 Bnrnside 
Busch Henry, blksmith, C. Heuser, r. 4 Bissell 
Busch Henry, r. 16 W. 17th 
Busch Jacob, engineer, r. 188 Wesson 
Busch John, painter, r. 219 Cottage Grove av. 
Busch John P. (Busch & Bntzow), r. 245 S. Jeffer- 
Busch Joseph, shoemkr, r. Cottage Grove av. ur. 

Bnsch Julia, wid. John, washerwoman, r. rear 68 

Busch Julius, vice pres. International Mut . Trust 

Co. and trustee I<We Association of 

America, r. Tremont House 
Busch Otto, agt. L. Sues, r. 137 W. Lake 
Busch Peter, carpenter, Westerman & Shoenmgir, 

r. 183 Wesson 

Busch Peter J. painter, r. 606 N. Wells 
Busch Philip, ecrollsawyer, r. 183 Wesson 
Busch Ulrich (Moeller & Bnsch), director Life 

Association of America, r. 499 N. Dear- 

Busch Valentine (Busch & Brand), r. Lake View 
Bnsch V. lab. r. 131 Dekoven 
Busch W. W. painter, r. 1336 State 
Busch & Brand, brewers, 29 and 31 Cedar 
Busch & Butzow. clothes cleaners, 70 Washington 
Busch & Simmons, cabinetmkrs, 64, 66 and 68 W. 


Buschbaum Albert, tailor, 204 Adams 
Buschberger Miss, music teacher, r. room 43, 182 


Busche Otto, liquor agt. r. 273 Carpenter 
Buschenbauer John, apprentice Levy & Lederer, r. 

64 Catharine 
BUSCHICK AFGTJST F. pres. Chicago 

Steam Boiler Mnfg Co., r. 507 Hurl hurt 
Buschie Napoleon, moulder. Phoenix Iron Works 
Buschik James, lab. r. 389 W. 16th 
Buschler Peter, lab. r. 521 Victoria av. 
Buschman William, grocer, 1103 State 
Buschmeyer Henry, foreman, Sngg & Biersdorf 
Buschwah Jacob, cabinetmkr. r. 146 Eugenie 
Buschwah John, carpenter, r. 144 Eugenie 
Buschwah Mary, wid. Nicholas, r. 146 Eusrenie 
Buschwah Mathew, jr.. scrollsawyer. r. 146 Eugenic 
Buschwah Nicholas, elk. Comptroller's office, r. 142 


Buschwah Peter, carpenter, r. 146 Eugenie 
Buschwah W. cabinet maker, Stotz & Woltz 
Buseckert Frederick, watchmaker, Wendell & 

Busen Frederick, baker, H. Burmeister, r. 97 


Bush Abigail Mrs. r. 380 Clark 
Bush Carl, lab. r. Belden av. nr. cor. N. Clark 
Bush Charles, tailor, r. Eagle bet. Union and Des- 


Bush Charles D. ice dealer, r. 389 Srdav. 
Bush D. C. upholsterer, Spear & Crofoot, r. 183 


Diebold & Kienzle's 



D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent, 

O3 Dearborn Street. 

S. H. Ittirris, manufacturer of Fire and Burglar 

PROOF SAFES, GO and 63 South Canal Street. 



By WM. M. WEE, No. 1O5 Monroe Street. 




Bush Edward J. stonecutter, Cummings & Hagan, 
r 1(10 Porquer 

Bush Francis A. real estate, r. 215 W. Adams 

Bush Fnink, engineer, r. 242 N. Franklin 

Bush Frank, wagonmkr, r. 73 Depuyster 

Bush Frederick, lab. r. 203 Buddan 

Bush Henry, plasterer, r. 202 Aberdeen 

Buslt, Hill & Johnston, com. mcrs. -'46 8. Water 

Bush II. L. bkpr, Walker, Oakley & Co. 

Bush H. S. druggist, 8. G. Israel, r. 152 Dearborn 

Bush I. H. carpenter, r. 103 Ellis av. 

Bush Jacob, elk. J. W. Goodspeed & Co. r. 45 Da- 

Bush John, carpenter, r. 339 Stewart av. 

Bush John, elk. r. 367Larrabee 

Bush John, lab. r. 240 3d av. 

Bush Julius, banker, r. 115 4th av. 

Bush J. T. (R. T. Bush & Co.). r. 281 Lake 

Bush J. T. S. steward, H. M. Kinsley 
. Bush Lewis, tailor. 381 Loomis 

Bush Louis, shadehanger, Allen & Mackey 

Bush Louis, upholsterer, r. 304 Sedgwick 

Bush Lovina, milliner, r. 168 S. Halsted 

Bush L. dentist, 165 Wabash av. r. Hinsdale, 111. 

Bush Martin, roofer, r. 572 S. Canal 

Bnsh Mary, wid. James, r. 339 Stewart av. 

Bush Oliver, machinist, r. 74 Canalport av. 

Bush Patrick, carpenter, r. 339 Stewart av. 

Bnsh Runney Mrs. r. 572 S. Canal 

Bush R. T. (R. T. Bush <fc Co.), r. Brooklyn 

Bush R. T. & Co. wire imprs. and dlrs. 16 Dearborn 

Buh Welcome, ice dealer, r. 389 3d av. 

Bush William, lawyer, 149 Clark, r. 467 Wabash 

Bush William H. (Bush, Hill & Johnston), r. 121 

Bush William H. salesman, King Bros. & Co. r. 131 
Michigan av. 

Bush , elk. r. 159 Michigan av. 

Bnhe Patrick, lab. r. 159 Butterfleld 

Bushee J. N. salesman, Field, Leiter & Co. r. 20 

Bushelle William, salesman, Carson, Pirie & Co. 
r. 442 Mitchell 

Busher Edward, carver, r. 423 May 

Busher H. machinist, r. 34 N. Market 

Busher H. N. carpenter, r. 368 W. Taylor 

Busher Mina, saloon. 26 and 28 N. Canal 

BueherN. R. carpenter, rear 242 Madison, r. 271 

Bushman Charles, gilder, r. 165 Adams 

Bushman Harmon, cigarmkr. r. 394 Clybourn av. 

Bnshmeyer Henry, cabinetmkr. r. 200 W. 12th 

Bnshnell Anson. r. 8 N. Ada 

Bushnell C. realestate broker, room 1, 154 Madison, 

Bushnell G. r. 236 Burnside 

Bushnell H. (Bushnell & Annin), r. 201 Michigan 

Bushnell J. W. trav. agt. Gillet, McCulloch & 

Bnshnell Lemuel M. (D. H. Wells & Co.\ r. 606 W. 

Bushnell Lewis, bkpr. J. J. Brown, r. 439 W. Ran- 

Bnshnell Luke, painter, r. 218 Bushnoll 

Bushnell N. W. painter. C. Hull. r. 318 Bushnell 

Bushnell O. lawyer, room 4, 70 LaSalle, r. Everett 

Bushtiell Richard W. maetermechanic C. & N. W. 
Ry. r. 692 Fulton 

Bushnell Sarah, wid. John, r. 140 N. Clark 

Bushnell S. S. r. 606 W. Washington 

Bushnell, Walworth & Reed, lumber, office 232 8. 
Water, yard. 562 Lnnvber 

Bushnell Winslow (Busbnell <fc Reed and Bush- 
nell. Walworth & Reed), r. 967 Indiana av. 

Bushnell & Annin, flue groceries. 151 22d 

Bushnell & Reed, lumber 232 S. Water 

Bushner C. r. 13 Andrews bide:. 


No. 158 State Street. 



Glazed and Plated Papers, < 

<TVEr,OPES, CARIBOAKI>, &c., <fcc. 

Cleveland Paper Company, 


Busin John, brick mnfr.Robey, cor. Steele 

Busing H. L. druggist, r. 609 S. Canal 

Busing Maurice, lab. r. 403 2d 

Busk Louisa, servant, r. 299 N. Paulina 

Busky Charles, sailor, r. 89 N. Wells 

Busley John, sailor, r. 7 N. Rucker 

Bnsme John, engineer, r. rear 288 4th 

Buspeck , mer. r. Huber House v 

Buss Duka, painter, r. 139 Clybourn av. 

Buss Frederick (Busack & Co.), r. 83 Hastings 

Buss Frederick, teamster, r. 146 Canalport av. 1 

Buss F. teamster, r. Mitchell nr Blue Island av. 

Buss F. B. bkpr. James C. Simm. r. 158 Ellis av. 

Buss John, furnituredlr. 227 Maxwell , 

Buss J. J. cabinetmkr. 2fi6 W. Madison 

Buss Nelson A. trav. salesman, r. 342 Hubbard 

Buss Peter, carriage painter, 139 Clybonrne av. 

Bussa Henry, lab. r. 285 Rumsey 

Bnsse C. lab. r. 179 North av. 

Busse Frederick, expressman, r. 41 Hope 

Busse Frederick, grocer, 180 N. Clark 

Busse Frederick, saloon, 197 Chicago av. 

BITSSE . A. alderman 20th Ward, and grocer, 

170 N. Clark 

Busse Henry, elk. D. R. Seedorf, r. 822 Clark 
Busse Henry, lab. r. 145 W. 22d 
Busse Henry, tobaccocutter, Heartt, Wait & Dodge 
Busse John, grocer, r. 268 1st 
Busse Magdalene, wid. John H. r. 695 N. Clark 
Busse William, locksmith, r. 71 Rees 
Bnssell Henry, tinner, r. 27554 W. Randolph 
Bussell James, carpenter, r. 121 W. Lake 
Bussel John, carpenter, r 121 W. Lake 
Busser Christian, brickmason, r. 65 Hastings 
Bussey Esek (Bnssey.McLeod f Co.), r. Troy.N.Y. 
Bussey H. cooper. r."34 N. Market 
Bussey James, lab. r. Blue Island av. nr. Steele 
Bussey, McLeod & Co. mnfr. stoves, 88 Michigan 

Bussey T. Henry, pelt and wool broker, 163 Kin- 

zie. r. e. side Lincoln pi. bet. Webster av. and 


Bnssi Henry, lab. r. 178 Barber 
Bussian Henry, lab. 91 White 
Bussoh Frank, tailor, r. 144 Henry 
Bussoll Henry, elk. r. 128 W Lake 
Bussy Henry, teamster, r. 75 Ruble 
Busted John, engineer, r. 307 W. 16th 
Busteed Thomas, r. watchman Fox, Howard & 

Walker, r. Ashland av. nr. I & M. canal 
Bustein John, lab. r. 41 Loewe 
Bnstenum John, blksmith, r. 104 N. Desplaines 
Bustin E. S. druggist. 52d. ne. cor. Hyde Park av. 
Bntcen Joseph, moulder, r. 259 Blackhawk 
Butcen Walter, blksmith, r. 59 Blackhawk 
Butch George, bartender, W. McGuire & Co. r. 85 

Butchart William, tea and coffee dealer, r. ns. 

Plum nr. Laflin 

Butcher Charles, baker, r. 21 Penn 
Butcher Frederick, cabinetmkr. Anton Matuska, r. 

347 S. Canal 

Butcher John, blksmith. r. 351 S. Canal 
Butcher John, elk. r. 332 Sedgwick 
Butcher John, grocer, 358 Sedgwick 
Butcher John, provision broker, 15 Chamber of 

Commerce, r. 825 Indiana av. 
Butcher John, express, r. 69 Purple 
Butcher Louis, liverv stable, r. 145 N. Halsted 
Butcher Maria, wid. Thomas, r. 93 Vedder 
Butcher Peter, housemover. r, 461 Division 
Butcher William, lab. r. 263 Huron 
Butcher William, lab. r. 554 N. Halsted 
Butcberah Joseph, lab. r. 58 Burlington 
Bute J. W. r. 597 W. Lake 
Butenschon I. D. carpenter, r. 590 S. Canal 
Buthe August, foreman, r. rear 57 Emma 
Buther Fred, student, Bryant dt Chase's Bus- 
iness College 

Subscribe for THE INTERIOR, 


Wilmington Star Coal Co., C. L,. Bailey, Manager, 

Yard, O5 W. 12tH St. General Office , I. -VI Monroe St. 



i: Chicago and Wilmington Coal Co. 


Office and Yard. No. 2 W. VanBuren St. 

Buthcr John, lab. r. we. al. bet. Larrabee and Or- 
chard. North av. and Blackhawk* 
Buther. Wm. P. student, Bryant fc Chase's 

llusisn-ss College 

Buthschers Gustav, lab. r. 101 Milwaukee av. 
Butkar Frank, music teacher, r. 468 S. Union 
Butler Albert G. gunmkr. J. Butler, r. 24vi W. Mon- 

Butler A. C. elk. Illinois Stone Co. 
Bntler A. F. engineer, r. 1256 Prairie av. 
Butler A. L. commercial agt. r. 519 N. LaSnlle 
Butler A. O. com. mer. 14 Exchange pi. r. Harlem 
Butler Benjamin, city inspector, r. 301 N. Wells 
Butler B. Franklin, r. 278 Erie 
Butler Catherine Mrs. r. 44 Pierce 
Butler Charles, stonecutter, r. 170 Monroe 
Bntler Charles L. teamster, r. 545 S. Halsted 
Butler Charles W. bkpr. Murray & Mason, r. 287 

South Park av. 
Butler Charles W. with Bradner, Smith & Co. r. 282 

Wabash av. 
Butler Chester M. student, Bryant & Chase's 

Business College 
Bntler David, whitewashes r. 164 Harrison 
Butler D. C. com. mer. 11 Dearborn, r. 486 N. Clark 
Butler Edmund, lab. r. 347 Catherine 
Butler Edward, janitor. Hahneman Medical College, 

r. 287 and 2S9 Cottage Grove av. 
BUTTER, FREEMAIV <fc CO. com. mers. 

roomie, 134 La Salle 
Butler F. A ..r. 378 N. Clark 
Butler F. S. towboat. r. 2(53 N. Wells 
Butler George H. salesman, H. Scovil 
Butler George S. ins. agt. r. 53!) Hurlbut 
Bntler G. A. r. St. Caroline's Ct. 
Butler Hannah, wid. Michael, r. rear 202 Adams 
Butler Henry, blksmith, r. 148 2d 
Butler H. F. printer, r. 211 and 213 Randolph 
Butler James, plumber, r. 137 Lytle 
Butler James, elk. D. C. Butler, r. 318 State 
Bntler James, lab. r. 113 Forquer 
Bntler James, switchman. 758 State 
Butler James F. salesman, J. H.|Perry & Co. r. 76 

Butler James H. trimmer Bohanon & Purington, r. 

44 W. Adams 
Butler Johannah Mrs. tailoress, r. 118 W. Van Bu- 


Butler John, carpenter, r. 320 Catherine 
Butler John H. carpenter, r. 612 Washington av. 
Butler John H. bootmkr. M. D. Wells & Co. r. 22d 

nr State 

Bntler John, elk. r. Ill Mather 
Butler John, coachman S. E. Loring, r. 678 N. La- 


Butler John, lab. r. 186 N. Dearborn 
Butler John, lab. r. 221 3d av. 
Bntler John, lab. r. 421 W. Harrison 
Bntler John, lab. r. 44 Pearce 
Butler John, policeman, r. 137 Lytle 
Butler John, policeman, r. 346 Wentworth av. 
Butler John, safemkr. r. Slate nr. 13th 
Butler John, teamster, r. rear 207 Forquer 
Butler John, teamster, r. 8 Bunker 
Butler John, waiter, r. 112 Harrison 
Butler John, waiter, r. 5514 4th av. 
Butler Joseph, restaurant, 126 and 128 22d 
Butler Joseph, gun and pistol mnfr. 130 Clark, r. 

249 W.Monroe 
Butler Joseph H. salesman Knowles, Cloyes & Co. 

r. S. Hoyne 
Butler Josiah R. (Butler, Freeman & Co.), r. 132 S. 


Butler J. B. elk. r. 545 S. Canal 
Butler J. W. ( J. W. Butler & Co.), r. 118 Park av. 
BUTLER J. \V. &CO. whol. paper, 164 and 166 

Monroe, and 227 and 229 S. Water. 
Butler Lawrence, blksmith, r. 118 W. Van Buren 
Butler Lucius L. confectionary, r. 545 S. Halsted 

Butler Lucy, wid. Timothy, r 18(i S. Peoria 

Butler Mary. wid. Jesse, r. 108 Sherman 

Butler Matthew, watchman, r. rear 84 Erie 

Butler Michael, teamster, r. 5f>9 Morgan 

Butler Michael, teamster, r. 19 Sholto 

Butler Minnie, Miss, fancy goods, r. 732 Cottage 
Grove av. 

Butler Morgan, waiter, Thompson's Restaurant, r. 

Butler Nathan, elk. es. Hyde'.Park av. 

Butler Nelly, wid. Harry, washerwoman, r. 108 

Butler Nicholas, porter, r. 418 S. Jefferson 

Bntler O. M. (J. W. Bntler <fe Co.), r. 164 Warren av. 

Buller Patrick, gasfltter, r. al. rear 207Forqner 

Butler Patrick, lab r. nl. rear 228 DeKoven 

Butler Patrick, lab. r. Edward, nr. Webster av. 

Butler Patrick, wks. Hall & Winch 

Butler P. T. pastor, Immaculate Conception 
Church, r. 497 N. Franklin 

Butler Robert, gasfltter. r. 295 S. May 

Butler R. F. grocer, 174 Luke 

Butler Sarah, wid. Joseph, boardinghouse, 253 
Archer av. 

Butler Seley, carpenter, r. 9 Cottage pi. 

Butler Stephen D. conductor, r. Lake, sw. cor. Pe- 

Butler S. H. prodncebroker, 134 LaSalle, r. 909 In- 
diana av. 

Butler Thomas, bartender, Thomas O'Brien, r. 4 

Butler Thomas, drayman, r. 98 Sholto 

Butler Thomas, engineer, r. 25 Kramer 

Butler Thomas, foreman, r. 137 Brown 

Butler Thomas housemover, r. 120 Forquer 

Butler Thomas, porter, W. R. Sampson, r. Gar- 
ret t blk. 

Butler Thomas, teamster, r. rear 740 Indiana av. 

Butler Thomas, waiter, Matteson House 

Bntler Walter, lab. r. 105 Brown 

Bntler W Her L. r. 73 Cass 

Bntler William, elk. P. O. r. 78 Jackson 

Butler William engineer, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. r. 
225 Maxwell 

Butler William, moulder, r. 194 W. 12th 

Buller William, surgeon, r. 362 W. Madison 

Butler William, r. 387 N. Clark 

Butler William A. teamster, Knowles, Cloyes &' 

Bntler William C. messenger, A. M. U. Ex. Co. r. 

Bntler William H. r. 73 Cass 

Butler William M. r. 249 Washington av. 

Butler William T. lawyer, 85 Washington, r. 741 
W. Lake 

Bntler W. K. moulder, r. 194 W. 12th 

Bntler W. P. elk. r. 301 N. Wells 

Butler , elk. r. 265 Wabash av. 

Bntler , elk. r. Hyde Park av. ne. cor. 54th 

Butler , r. 207 Michigan av. 

Butler, see also Buttler 

Butlin Thomas G. supt. Goodrich Trans. Co. r. Mil- 

Butman Edwin E. (Bartlett, Butman & Parker), r. 
Boston, Mass. 

Butonschoen Christian,bricklayer, r.1167 Milwaukee 

Butow Frederick, teamster, r. 41 Kroger 

Bnts M. butcher, 274 Cottage Grove av. 

Bntsback Sebastian, policeman, r. 52 Van Buren 

Butt Charles, lab. r Elstonav. nw. cor.Armitage av. 

Butt Charles, physician, r. 197 Madison 

Butt. Fritz, lab. r. 635 N. Ashland av. 

Butt Rebecca, seamstress, r. 220 Coolidge 

Butt William, dravman. r. 237 Larrabee 

Buttcker Christian, drayman, Sherman, Hall & 
Cook. r. 615 N. Wells 

Butter Adam, cook,Sherrnan House 


Safes and Bank Locks 

D. S. COVERT, Gen'l Agent. 

93 Dearborn Street. 

Bank Vaults made at Harris' Safe Factory, 


WJI. M. DEE, Agent for Jackson Stone Sewer Pipe, 

NO. 105 




Butter G. Mrs, r. rear 238 3d av. 

Butterfleld A. Miss, teacher, Douglas School r . 97 

Forest av. 
Bntterfield C. W. bkpr. Fourth National Bank, r. 

208 Illinois 

Butterfleld F. H. bartender, r. 1727 State 
Butterfleld H, driver, Adams' Express Co. r. 114 W. 


Bntterfleld John, carpenter, r. 229 S. Peorla 
Butterfleld J. Bacon, bkpr. E. D. Terry, r. 347 In- 
Butterfleld J. S. salesman, Charles P. Kellogg & 

Co. r. 347 Indiana 
Butterfleld S. W. salesman, E. D. Terry, r. 170 

Butterfleld William, elk. Manufacturers Nat. 

Bank. r. 208 Illinois 
Butterfleld W. P. grocer, 120 W.Adams 
Butterick E. (E. Butterick & Co.), r. N. Y. 
Bntterick E. L. agt. Chicago Granite Roofing Co.r. 

Clifton House 
Bntterick E. & Co. fashion reporters and pattern 

mnfrs. 85 State, 

Butters Adam, cook, r. 180 Huron 
Butters Charles, engineer, Wm. M. Hoyt & Co. 
Butters C. Fred. (William A. Butters* Co.), r. 1204 

Indiana av. 

Batters Henry, auctioneer, r. Clifton House 
Butters Martin, tinsmith, r. rear 138 W. Madison 
Butters William A. (William A. Butters & Co.), r. 

1201 Indiana av. 
Butters William A. & Co. auction and com. mers. 

5 to 11 Randolph 
Butters William H. (William A. Butters & Co.), r. 

Clifton House 
Bntterworth B. S. foreman, Union Screw & Bolt Co. 

r. 29 Crossing 
Butterworth Thomas, nielter, r. rear Wcntworth av. 

ne. cor. 33d, 

Buttervvorth T. cupola tender. Am. Bridge Co. 
Buttgen Anton, expressman, r. 07 Cornelia 
ButtFer Dennis, printer, r. 218 Sedgwick 
Buttler Dick, lab. r. 797 Hubbard 
Bnttler .lames, waiter, r. 55'4 4th av. 
Buttler John, teanvtcr. r. 223 21st 
Buttler J. H. innfr. gasm achines, 105 Madison, r. 

S81 Wabash av. 

Buttler Mack wks. N. W. Horse Nail Co. r. 108 Sher- 

Bnttler Michael, lab. r. rear 1% W. Taylor 
Buttler Patrick, lab. 559 Clark 
Buttler W. A. expressman, r. 224 S. Hoyne 

Buttler . machinist, r. 023 State 

Buttles M. R. shoestore, 311 W. Madison 
Buttles Samuel R. artist, r. 311 W. Madison 
Buttner W. O. salesman, Farrington, Brewster & 

Co. r. 108 N. Wells 

Buttolph John W. bkpr. r. Howard House 
Buttolph Mary Mrs. r. 206 Wabash av. 
Button Charles, barber, 133 W. Randolph 
Button E. L. bkpr. Watt & Johnson, r. 156 Chicago 


Button George, lab. r. 714 S. Union 
Button L. carpenter, r. 333 W. Indiana 
Button Peter, mason, r. 13!) Centre av. 
Button Richard, boardinghouse, 1 57 S. Jefferson 
Button Robert, N. plaste'rer, r. ss. Hastings, bet. 

Ashland av. and Paulina 
Button Thomas, carpenter, r. 301 Fulton 

Button , student, r 148 South Park av. 

Buttonag John, lab. r. 723 N. Halsted 
Bnttrev, wid. John, r. 279 4ih av. 
Butts A. (O. W. Bulls & Bro.), r. 70 N. May . 
Butts Clark C. com. mer. r. 004 N. Clark 
Butts C. C. com mer. r. 256 Michigan av. 
Butts Do wit C. r. 25(> Michi-_'an av. 
13ut;s Owen W. (O. W. Butts" & Bro.), r. 43 N. ban- 
gam on 
Butts O. W. & Bro. com. mers. 2*3 S. Water, 

H. M. Wilmarth & Bro. 

Gas Fixtures, 


01 Hi < City of Chicago. 

CAPITAL, - - - $100,000. 

JACOB R. SirtpwERi). Pres't. LOTUS WAIFL, V. Prcs't. 
CHAS.U.SIIEDD. Trcns., Hon. l.U. WILSON, Counsel. 

Py six IIIT ivnt. upon Depoiits Money lo loa:i en Kciil ttaie. 

Banking House IQi Twenty-Second St. 

167 & 169 LAKE STREET, 

Butts Wallace, rooter, r. 324 Clark 

Buty J. blacksmith, Peter Shuttler 

Butz C. (C. But/ & Co.), r. 127 N. La Salle 

Butz C. & Co. brewers' supplies, 211 Kinzie 

Butz Frank, mason, r. 7o'/4 Bremer 

Butzbach Christian, blksmith, r. 88 Fry 

Butzie Frederick, carpenter, 437 S. Halsted 

Butzmark C. blksmith. Clark, Raffen & Co. 

Butzow Christian, cabinetmkr. 80 Brown 

Butzow C.H. (Busch & Bntzow), r. 243 Division 

Butzow Joel, cabinetmkr. 26 Brown 

Buuhler Jacob, metal spinner, Dane, Westlake & 

Covert, r. 234 North av. 

Buxa , carpenter, Hall & Frost 

Bnxall Theodore, blksmith. 385 Archerav. 
Buxton Lawson, teamster, r. 236 Townsend, cor. 

Buxton Volney I. wood and coal, 415 N. Clark, r. 

609 N. Clark 
Buye Charles, tender Madison st. bridge, r. 40 N. 


Buyrns Edward, shoemakr. r. 98 Sampson 
Bnz , lab. r. es. and Ful- 

lerton av 

Buz/a F. engineer, J. Laner, r. 197 North av. 
Buzanbanz Agnes, wid. John, washerwoman, r. 

rear218U 5th av. 

Bnzzell M. H. bkpr. D. S. Covert, r. 88 S. Halsted 
Bye Christian, cabinetmkr. Bent & Goward, r. 147 

W. Indiana, 
Bye F. W. (Sisson, Wallace & Co.), bds. Matteson 


Bye Peter O. tailor, 244 4th, r. 235 N. Halsted 
Byer A. Miss, dressmkr. 20 Hastings 
Byer Henry, framcmkr. r. 25Depuyster 
Byer S. agt. 27Langley 
Byer William, r. 140 Washington av. 

Byer , bkpr. r. 67 Adams 

Byers James, coachman, J. N. Wheeler, r. 974 Wa- 
bash av. 
Byers J. E. bkpr. Adams & Eldredge, r. 1406 Wa- 

Byers J. H.'clk. Wm. T. Foster & Co. r. 99 Whit- 

Byers , bookbinder, r. 126 Indiana 

Byford William W. H. Hwyer, room 13 Methodist 
Church blk. r. 194 Michigan av. 

Byford W. H. physician, 62 State, r. 194 Michigan 

Byhele Peter, r. 274 Division 

Byinsrton Charles E. cigardlr. 273 Madison, r. 44 
W. Adams 

Bylngton H. H. trav. agt. Blake, Wheeler & Co. r. 
465 W. Jackson 

Byin<*ton Joseph, elk. r. 128 W. Lake 

Byineton Sidney S. real estate, r. Sll W. Washing- 

Byne Herman, machinist, r. 65 W. Indiana 

Byra Joseph, tailor, r. 171 Ewing 

Byrd Georue V. real estate 88 Washington 

Byrd Thomas, lab. r. 49 Meagher 

Byrkit 8. painter, r. 10 W. Randolph 

Byrn Edward, lab. r. 2953d av. 

Byrn James, lab. r. 387 Maxwell 

Byrn John, shoemkr. r. Hawthorne av. cor. Short 

Byrn Thomas P. r. European Hotel 

Byrna Mary Mrs. sewing, r. 302 South Park av. 

Byrne Anna Miss, teacher Franklin School, r. 

91 Oak 
Byrne Bridget Mrs. washerwoman, r. al. rear Mather 

bet. Halsted and Desplaines 
Byrne Catharine, wid. Luke, r. 478 W. 12th 
Byrne Charles stonecutter, r. 191 S. Jefferson 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, r. 133 14th 
Byrne Edward, elk. C. R. I & P. K. R. frgt. office, 

r. 7 Waller 

Byrne E. Miss, d-tessmkr. r. 227 Clark 
Byrne George J. com. mer. r. 84 Ashland av. 











Ulead & Coe, Real Estate Brokcr, 154 Washington St., 

Invite attention to their list of Iteal Estate. 



Wilmington Coal. 

Better l>y !J2 p<-r cent than any other 

Ilii.iioi.-* Coal. 

Better iivst Oh onnd rvnnsylvnnin COH! xolrt in thi- market, 
and ns an ,,l us thu be..t lr ull onliimry purposes. 1ST Free ofSL.te 
and Snip nr 

Clticayo an<t Wilmlnrrton C<>"1 Co., 

No. -2 West Vail Bun-n -Street, Chicago. 

Byrne Harry, plumber 204 Washington, r. Wabasb 

av. cor. 23d, 

Byrne Henry, saloon. 127 8. Canal 
Byrne James, carpenter. 338 S. Morgan 
Byrne James, expressman, r. 299 S. May 
Byrne James, helper, r. 412 Elston av. 
Byrne, James, millwright, r. 34 Brown 
Byrne Jameg, painter, r. 95 Sampson 
Byrne James, plasterer, r. 159 W. 12th 
Byrne James, shoemkr. r.7 Waller 
Byrne James, stonecutter, r. 315 5th av. 
Byrne James, tailor, r. 302 Hurlbnt 
Byrne James J. (James J. Byrne & Co.), r. 87 Wash- 
ington av. 
Byrne James J. & Co. grocers, 12 Milwaukee av. and 

99 Kinzie 

Byrne Jiimes V. elk. James Rogers, r 1 Puller 
Byrne John, boardinghouse. 74 Indiana 
Byrne John, bricklayer, r. 278 Catherine 
Byrne John, harnessmkr, 252 Randolph, r. 243 For- 

Byrne John, lawyer, Spafford, McDaid & Wilson. 

r. Englewood, b His. 
Byrne John, policeman, 1st prect. r. armory police 

Byrne John H. druggist, 233 W. Randolph, r. 239 S. 


Byrne John J. painter, r. 258 Division 
Byrne John M. com. mer. r. 84 Ashland av. 
Byrne J. J. stonecutter, r. 118 Wright 
Byrne Lawrence, carpenter, r. 95 Sampson 
Byrne L. hat. mnfr. 109 Madison, r 233 Elm 
Byrne Mark T. carpenter, r. 118 N. Elizabeth 
Byrne Mary Miss, elk. r. 124 S. Clinton 
Byrne Mary, wid. James, janitress Volk's bldg 
Byrne Mary, wid. James, r. 7 Wallernd 
Byrne Michael, plasterer, 160 State, r. 49 Miller 
Byrne Michael, porter, r. 553 N. Franklin 
Byrne Michael, soda mnfr. r. Ferdinand bet. Leav- 

itt and Hoyne 

Byrne Murthe, lab. r. 239 N. Market 
Byrne Nicholas, teamster, r. 10 Hunt 
Byrne Owen, carpenter, r. 7 Waller 
Byrne Patrick, lab. r. 293 S. May 
Byrne Peter, carpenter, r. 338 S. Morgan 
Byrne Peter, machinist, r. 127 S. Canal 
Byrne Peter, plasterer, r. 486 Arnold 
Byrne Peter, police, r. 82 W. Adams 
Byrne Peter, waiter Tremont House 
Byrne Pierce, lab. r. al. rear Mather bet. Halsted 

and Desplaines 
Byrnes P. M. blksmith. M. W. Whelan, r. 818 


Byrne Richard, lab. r. 95 Sampson 
Byrne Terrence, sboemkr. 210VS Adams 
Byrne Thomas, boilermkr. r. 48 Nebraska 
Byrne Thomas, fireman hose elevator No. 2, r. 289 

Byrne Thomas, lab. r. al. rear Mather bet. Halsted 

and Desplaines 

Byrne Thomas, machinist, r. 7 Waller 
Byrne Thomas, painter, r. 113 Adams 
Byrne Thomas, steamfltter, O'Keefe & Clark, r. 34 


Byrne Thomas, tinner, Ills. Pneumatic Ga8 Co. 
Byrne Timothy, flagman, r. 75 Johnson 
Byrne Walter W. saloon, r. 472 Arnold 
Byrne William, bricklayer, r. 90 Wright 
Byrne William, teamster, r. 142 Ontario 
Byrnes Anthony, grocer, 74 N. LaSalle 
Byrnes Charles, blksmith. r. 22 Fay 
Byrnes Dennis, lab. r. 22 Fay 
Byrnes E. bartender, Brunswick's Billiard Hall, r. 

ws. Wabash Madison and Monroe 
Byrnes G. J. machinist. Prince Hotel 
Byrnes John (Byrnes & Madden), r. 211 N. Dear- 
Byrnes Matthew J. plumber, Baggot & Almy, r. 225 

S. Morgan 

Byrnes Thomas S. painter, William Reason, r. 704 

Byrnes Thomas, scalesman, Ills. Central R. R. r. In- 
diana, nr. Pine 

Byrnes & Madden, saloon, 140 S. Water and 204 

Byrns Eliza, dressmkr. r. 124 S. Clinton 

Byrns James, lab. r. 309 W. Indiana 

Byrns Patrick, blksmith, r. 535 S. Canal 

Byron Mary, wid. Thomas, washerwoman, r. rear 
191 Mather 

Byronton George, moulder, r. 335 Bntterfleld 

Byronton Thomas, moulder, r. 335 Butterfield 

Byrud O. engineer, r. 33 W. Indiana 

Bywaters Samuel, painter, r. 58 3d av. 

Byxbee Charles B. millwright, r. 113 S Jefferson 

Bzerk Henry, sailor, r. 67 Hurlbut 

CABBIN W. teamster Walker's Tannery, r. Mo- 
hawk nr. Noble 

Cabbinger Hubert, lab. r. 107 Johnson 
Cabeek Joseph, lab. r. 168 W. Chicago av. 
Cabeen W. S. student Bryant & Chase'a 

Business College 

Cabeker Joseph, pedlar, r. 106 Pacific av. 
Cabel Frank, lab. r. 116 Catherine 
Cabel Ludwisr, butcher, 425 Milwaukee av. 
CABEBEY H. B. mnfr. masonic and odd 

fellows' regalia, etc. 60 State, r. 1275 Indiana av. 
Cabin Archibald, horseshoer, r. 223 Van Buren 
Cabiss Martin, lab. res. 75 Kramer 
Cable H. D. correspondent A. S. Barnes <fc Co. r. 

216 W. Washington 

Cables George, patternmkr. r. 182 Fulton 
Cables John, pedlar, r. 182 Fulton 
Cach Theodore, lettercarrier, r. 314 Mohawk 
Cadd John, painter,H. Willett, r. 223 21st 
Cadde'y Henry, heater, r. 471 Elston av. 
Caddick Isaac, bricklayer, r. 38 Goethe 
Caddoe Thomas, lab. r. 50 Coventry 
Cade Samuel T. tinner, r. 1629 Prairie av. 
Caden Anthony, lab. r. 142 Wesson 
Cadey Mark, tinsmith. Barker & Illsley, r. 449State 
Cadick Thomas, bricklayer, r. 795 Archer av. 
Cadieux Caroline, wid. Pbelix, r. 212 W. Polk 
Cadigan Daniel, grocer, 310 South Park av. 
Cadlick David, coachman, r. 196 3d av. 
Cadman Andrew, baker. 111 W Kinzie 
Cadman William S. (Cadman & Vrooman), r. 20 S. 

Cadman & Vrooman, lawyers, rooms 15 and 16, 80 

La Salle 

Cadre ttt Charles, barber, 12 S. Water 
Cadreatt Joseph, barber, r. 528. Union 
Cadroshi Simon, lab. r. 26 W. 5th 
Cadwaladcr J. Rev. r. 15 Silver 
Cadwallader A. H. salesman, D. W. & A. Keith & 

Co. r. 155 Wabash av. 

Cadwallader David, coachman, r. 1192 Indiana av. 
Cadwell Came Miss. r. 489 Webster av. 
Cadwell David, Am. M. U. Ex. r.197 Fulton 
Cadwell David, jr. bookbinder, r. 197 Fulton 
Cadwell E.Eugene(Smitn & Cadwell),r. Fulton, nr. 

Western av. 

Cadwell George, carpenter, r. 45 N. Peoria 
Cadwell Horace, r. 489 Webster av. 
Cadwell S. W. r. 28 Oakwood av. 
Cady A. C. bkpr. A. T. Spencer, r. 20 Seminary av. 
Cady Charity, wid. Lyman, r. 455 S. Clinton 
Cady C. M. (Root & Cady), r. Lake av. nr. 47th 
Cady Edward, elk. r. 21 Eldridge ct. 
Cady F. W. Adams Ex. r. 174 Clark 
Cady .George, carpenter, r. 670 State